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Of course I fully agree with Bear but in light of


I feel it's appropriate to post this here as my response to both, edited slightly.


Disclaimer: In order to fully realize a tulpa it is first necessary to understand that tulpas aren't legal in all 50 states or Australia. So you are taking on the legal liability and also may be violating the Geneva convention and therefore may be tried by military tribunal, held without charge indefinitely, or have said tulpa surgically removed by force, so do so at your own risk.

Step one: think for one minute how fun and exciting it could be to own your own personal head-slave. Capable of immense value and potential for personal enlightenment.

- Could you parrot them to your satisfaction only to have intrustve thoughts ruin everything?

- Could you later deny their existence and try to dissipate them or put them in dormancy or remission like stage three lung cancer for 6 years until they metastisize and enter your life by force?

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