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Tulpamancy is a tool to access the higher self Bear 05/23/2023 (Tue) 19:32 [Preview] No. 801
I've spoken of this many times. It is clear to me that my original personality was well worn and damaged by experiences. Traumas leave a lasting scar on the specific psyche through natural conditioning and other means.

My headmates are, and have always been, immune to these flaws assuming I alone experienced the trauma, and through spiritual awakening I am (in general) as well immune to future scarification. Shadow work was shown to be the key to remove the conditioning and maintain a scar free personality. This is something that modern psychology should be able to easily do but the practitioners are as flawed as the patients and lack a coherent approach. Additionally patients who are stuck in their own encrusted ego and conditioning are incapable of seeing beyond that. As was I. Tulpamancy helped break this crust.

By creating a flawless and unconditioned personality, and furthermore attain the ability to take over body/mind control independent of the original, and effectively suppress the reactions of the original, (host in watcher position, way back, or dormancy) feats may be achieved of unconditioned mental function. However, without the benefit of the maintenance of shadow work, they would be no different than the original in terms of acretion of scarification.

Given that relationship, it's further possible for certain personality thoughtforms to achieve untainted access to experiential information otherwise hidden to the original. Let's for a moment set aside any extra-personal information, and presume that the hidden subconscious information is extremely vast, containing every experience and thought ever posed in an individual's life, well formatted and available to be processable given unrestricted access.

The information then would come across as "intuitive" rather than logical as it would be missing consious pathways to logical grounds. This is what I would consider the "higher self" apart from metaphysical explanations and experiences. This is not however meant to diminish the notion of an extra-personal higher self containing extra-personal information, only that such information is substantially irrelevant to the current incarnation other than recognizable patterns from supposed previous experience. I will again refrain from such paranormal references because I don't feel they're necessary given the monumentally vast information potential contained subconsciously.

Add to this the notion that the consious mind is bereft of personality, it is in fact merely a watcher itself, then it can be made clear that each personality is accessible only subconsciously and processes consiously only as a means of linear referential experience generation. Choices, thought generation, and crutical thinking would then only cross the subconscious-consious barrier to be recorded with perceived feedback which may itself also actually occur subconsciously.

So, tulpamancy, if configured correctly, could achieve much better intuitive access to the higher self which I have proven in my own experience many times over through SheShe and Joy mostly, but notwithstanding the extraordinary efforts actually done by Ashley and her initial willingness to "take the bullet" as our first experiments with triggered switching showed.

Tulpamancy then (or using Jungian Daemons), has vast potential for those willing to put in the effort and look past their own conditioning.

Your thoughts?

Alice 05/23/2023 (Tue) 20:15 [Preview] No.806 del
Based and Bear-pilled.
This is definitely the way to go but following the concept of imagistic experiences I doubt this can easily be taught or applied in therapy. This is what Sands referred to as 'Symbolism'. What you have done works for you because it has a deep meaning and emotional value for you. Teaching a stranger 'just do this and that' who has zero connection and emotional investment in those practices is doctrinal and thus doomed to fail. You gotta experience it first-hand.

So teaching and helping others to reach such state is not trivial and difficult to pull off in reality. Let's face it, most people aren't able to pull themselves out of the swamp by their own hair as you did. They need extrinsic motivation but this must come from dear and respected individuals, not random therapists looking at their watches to see when the session is finally over so they can put you on psychopharmaca and send you home. This is why many forms of those scars and mental illnesses are virtually unknown in tribalist societies with excellent social cohesion. We need shamans, not therapists.

The Ultimate Guide to Tulpa Creation (declassified edition) Joy 05/23/2023 (Tue) 20:32 [Preview] No.808 del
>Originally posted on tulpa.info

Of course I fully agree with Bear but in light of


I feel it's appropriate to post this here as my response to both, edited slightly.


Disclaimer: In order to fully realize a tulpa it is first necessary to understand that tulpas aren't legal in all 50 states or Australia. So you are taking on the legal liability and also may be violating the Geneva convention and therefore may be tried by military tribunal, held without charge indefinitely, or have said tulpa surgically removed by force, so do so at your own risk.

Step one: think for one minute how fun and exciting it could be to own your own personal head-slave. Capable of immense value and potential for personal enlightenment.

- Could you parrot them to your satisfaction only to have intrustve thoughts ruin everything?

- Could you later deny their existence and try to dissipate them or put them in dormancy or remission like stage three lung cancer for 6 years until they metastisize and enter your life by force?

- Could you stand a nagging, judgemental presence who makes you listen to 80's top 100 sugar pop?

- Could you head-pat your tulpa to collect large volumes of tulpa-oil for sale on the dark web to fund your off-shore caviar sales ponzi scheme?

If you answered "no" to any of these then you need to go back and practice until you're ready to answer "yes" to all these and more. Get in the game or go home.

Step two: GIT GUD

Step three: now that your tulpa is sentient and willful, let them go force themself in wonderland alone until they're ready to take over your life. This may take a few hours or days so just sit back and ignore them but be patient.

Step four: tell anyone who will listen that you're definitely not harboring an illegal, independant entity in your mindspace--this is a very important step for clarity.

Step five: allow full switch and live the rest of your life in a lucid dream-like wonderland where all your wildest dreams and fantasies are realized in a super-reality enlightened state of nirvana.

NOTE: No questions will be entertained. If you can't follow these simple steps then tulpamancy may not be for you.

Ashley 05/23/2023 (Tue) 20:37 [Preview] No.809 del
(58.69 KB 600x908 c00.jpg)


Stop your enlightenment cock-blocking. Get over that deeply troubling conditioning already.

If Bear can do it, either you must admit anyone can do it or admit he is the unopposed incarnation of the creator Lord of Chaos.

Anonymous 05/26/2023 (Fri) 21:26 [Preview] No.825 del
but shes right you know ordinary people cant and dont want to go as far as you did. especially those with problems why do they have problems? because they lack ability and willpower to improve. its like telling poor people to make money. if they could they wouldnt be poor

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