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We Need You
Okay people listen up we are looking for global janitors.

We need:
>Your username on the site.
>The times you're available (please include time zone).
>What will make you a good janitor.

Email your application at

EDIT: to update email

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Why were people so fanatic about Toradora? Even now there are still a lot of them, and I don't think it was that amazing. The only thing that saved it from being another run of the mill school love comedy with a love triangle was Rie Kugumiya's voice.

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Anime music sharing thread

Will share anime vocals from my new playlist. Starting with gen urobutcher's Aldnoah Zero.

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Pedo Jokes

There's a teacher, lawyer, and priest on a plane with three children. The plane begins to go down and there are only three parachutes. The teacher screams "Save the children!" The lawyer yells "Fuck the children!" The priest asks softly, "Do we have time?"

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Dropping like flies

>uboachan down
>hikichan down
>freech down
is this only for me or is this real? any news?

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News alternative

I'm going to start posting news articles in this thread sometimes for as long to avoid posting under a BO that has censored my threads before. For starters New York wants to remove a piece of art from a museum because you can barely see a girl's underwear. Americans are stupid puritans that don't mind glorifying violence but freak out if you ever show boob on TV.

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English Grammar

"I will see you at Christmas."

Do any Americans say that? Grammar book sounds like bullshit, maybe ita a Britiah thing. Americans use on for everything right?

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Do you like drugs?
I just ordered 6 bottles of cough pills on Amazon. We truly are living in the future.

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nintendo Labo, a ~sensible~ discussion thread


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cheese foam tea

Have you tried the latest innovation/fad in tea technology? It's a salted slightly sweet cream at the top of your tea. Before that we had bubble boba with sweet juice inside. What will those money grubbing asian entrepreneurs think of next?

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Where is a good place to study? Lately I have started going to Starbucks as it is easier to study with fewer distractions. I do not like Starbucks much, but I can sit there for 3 hours and get a little work done, unlike if I am at home, and the library has no music.

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We're there any pharaohs who weren't egomaniacal? Every single one I have heard of tries to build a tomb and bury it with the nation's gold, usually including slave labor and often burying some of the carpenter's with it. Each of them was guided by the principal of building bigger monuments devoted mainly to themselves. I am glad their oppressive and selfish civilization died.

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Are you more likely to get sick in rural areas or the city? Cities are packed with people who cough and spread germs, but rural areas have mice, fleas, ticks, parasites, pesticides, and no doctors.

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Fire and Fury

Have you read the bestselling book Trump tries to send a C and D/gag order to block? It is sold out all over the country, but tommorow I want to check some libraries to see if I can read it since Richard Dawkins said he is enjoying reading it.

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Any one have any raspdere pics?

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Filipino American here. I'm going to the Philippines soon, any Pinoys here? Ask me anything.

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Wall Street worships Bael.

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cherry blossoms in Washington DC. Japan has tried to introduce the best of Japanese civilization to the capital of the barbarians.

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Found a good thread

Read what shadozcreep wrote, and ignore Jemini who a moron. I think shadowzcreep has articulated how if society keeps advancing, capitalism will give way to communism or anarcho-socialism. He makes the case that money is the root of many of our current problems.

I wish I grew up in Oregon or Washington so I could have regularly talked to the leftists in the bottom left corner of the political compass who hold ideas such as this. I have no interest in hearing more about the familiar position of justice democrats, center liberals, or anyone to the right of them.

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Анимублядский WebM-тред
для приличных анимублядей и прочих аутистов.
Безграмотное быдло с дубляжом, войсовером, порнографией и котиками, советы мерзких мокрописечников, вниманиебляди всех видов и прочее непотребство отправляется в порнотред
Для поиска сoуса видео сохраняем кадр (правый клик по видео) и ищем его на
Для воспроизведения WebM с 10-битным цветом нужно установить плагин vlc ( ) и отключить встроенный в браузер плеер (media.webm.enabled=false в firefox).
О кодировании WebM
Доступные кодеки — VP8 и VP9 для видео, Vorbis и Opus для звука, максимальный размер файла — 20480КБ всех файлов в посте — 20480КБ (40960КБ с пасскодом).
Делать WebM можно научиться в вики треда:
Там находится подробная информация о выборе и настройке кодеков на примерах использования консольных утилит ffmpeg, vpxenc и mkvmerge.
Неочевидные моменты
— libvorbis при указании битрейта (-b:a) работает в режиме CBR (постоянный битрейт), и это портит качество звука; для режима VBR вместо битрейта надо указывать качество (-q:a); параметр -vbr on работает только для Opus'а;
— в webm'ки не нужно включать софтсаб в формате webvtt (FFmpeg это делает по умолчанию при наличии сабов в контейнере, отключается параметром -sn): во-первых, это бесполезно (для его отображения на странице должен быть специальный код), а во-вторых, от этого ролики не воспроизводятся в firefox.
Программы и их документация
Фронтенды к ffmpeg для кодирования вебмок
CLI, бидон:
CLI, zsh:
CLI, дотнет:
GUI, дотнет:

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Hi endchan I'm rozelli

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This is Serena being sexually tortured. Say something nice about her so she doesn't feel humiliated

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3 years left tow make America great again.

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So what did I think of it? Well, I found myself a little disoriented for most of the first half. The synopsis didn’t reveal much either, so I spent the first few minutes trying to work out what was going on. That’s probably the intended effect, though – you’re shoved into this story in medias res and expected to find your feet by yourself, all while admiring how beautiful the animation is for the tea Violet drank or the seawater in the port. That led to quite a few surprises on my part, including the fact that Violet is actually a war veteran who had horrifically lost both of her arms. What I did find useful, if you haven’t done so already, was to go back to this first half and watch it again in light of what you later learned from having watched the rest of the episode. Doing that makes it uncomfortably apparent, from the way Hodgins reacts awkwardly to literally everything Violet says when they first reunite, that Gilbert is probably dead. In fact, it looked like he was about to take out something from his pocket which might or might not have been the missing brooch, but then realised that she might not take the news of Gilbert’s death too well given how dependent his existence was (and clearly still is) to her very unhealthy mental state. So he held onto it in the end, all while feeling unsettled at how emotionally stunted this girl seems to be and not really being sure of how to deal with her. Hodgins really dodged a bullet in that first scene, I think. Violet conveniently interpreted his words (about Gilbert having asked him to take care of her) as being a confirmation that Gilbert is still alive, when in reality Hodgins has said no such thing. I suppose it’s possible that he’s still alive, as Violet should really have died too from the blood loss she sustained, but it wasn’t too clear exactly what sort of injuries he had.

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Endchan need more random shit

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Why did my ex choose another girl over me?

At first my ex boyfriend's roommate/friend was alright then it seemed like when my ex and I argued, he would get in the middle of it. One night the roommate was very drunk with his friend and I was upset cause the friend was hitting on me and kissed me on my head. My ex boyfriend's roommate told him his friend never did that and that he didn't see it. The other guy said it didn't happen either when it did. I felt completely ganged up on and hurt that I was being made to look like a liar. Plus the first time the guy hit on me, my ex wasn't even mad and said I should take it "as a compliment", he didn't do anything about it. My ex didn't even stick up for me and said he doesn't take sides, even though it was clear that he did. I felt like the roommate had this sense of control over him and was trying to make him be who he wanted him to be. He was always trying to invite him to random parties or clubs even though my ex said no several times. I think he wanted my ex to get away from me. Apparently he didn't like my ex's previous two gfs either and he thought I was a drama queen. Not saying I'm perfect, but maybe you should stay out of it?

He was always trying to make me look bad. They almost went at it that same night he was really drunk and once my ex walked away so we could talk, he's trying to pull him back in with supposed text messages that said I was checking him out when my ex would be working, which wasn't true. Why did he have a toxic friend like this?

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Fappening 2017

There are new leaks

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What do?

Hey /b/.

If you suddenly grew huge breasts (details such as lactation, size and stuff like this is up to you), what would you do?

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Anime defense

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I hate when this happens. I swear, raping people unless they're already ugly to begin with should be made illegal.

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Do you play Osu?

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That's right, Ima say it, someone's gotta say it. It's BULLSHIT most if not all of the time, and I'm pretty certain it's a modern day scam that specifically targets concerned parents' of youth who often classify as the 'unpopular kids.' It became concerning to me (honestly) ever since I had to complete an essay on the condition(s) <[just out of curiosity] for a psychology course last semester, there is NO WAY IN HELL so many people should be diagnosed with aspergers/autism when in fact they're literally just either;

(a) Independent thinkers
(b) escapists
(c) introverts
- or [the most common]-
(d) flat out going through the fucking motions of growing up.

^That's what these 'diagnosis' mainly target and then next thing you know the kids/teens in question are prescribed a bunch of mind-altering prescription drugs that could potentially create a mental issue they wouldn't have otherwise acquired. The reason I say it's 95% and not full on 100% BS is because a small fraction of people do legitimately have this 'condition' (these are often the cases classified as low functioners' - whereas 'high functioners' are essentially normal fucking people) that causes them to have really poor speech patterns, no grip on reality, banging their heads against walls and shit, etc. But for the majority of cases these are normal people who've been tricked into believing they're what is known as a 'high functioning' autistic/aspergers.

You can look at the symptoms and tell that it's BS:

1) A failure to act properly for social norms ie; displaying selective mutism, speaking not at all to most people and excessively to specific people. Some may choose only to talk to people they like.

^ THIS IS LITERALLY EVERY FUCKING PERSON ON THE PLANET. People as a species are naturally programmed to be this way, dealing with friends, family, co-workers (people whom we've developed a relationship with) 99% of the time are the MAIN people we talk to and socialize with. We are pack animals in a way. As a social standard we acknowledge strangers with a 'hi' or 'hello' out of courtesy but it is NOT unusual for strangers to go 'mute' around people they don't know and/or have zero interest in. Especially those who have a low class v.s. high class mentality (ex; the rich girl at Starbucks who deliberately ignores everyone unless necessary because 'they're not on her level')

2) May analyze and distill their observations of social interaction into rigid behavioral guidelines. Sometimes resulting in the desire for companionship becoming numbed through failed encounters.

^ First off following 'rigid behavioral guidelines' is something virtually everyone does. There's a reason you talk differently amongst your friends than you do with your parents or boss. If you don't adopt (observe) the set social guidelines society has placed on us, you will find yourself in more awkward situations than need be. There's of course room to be yourself but only when the situation applies. In childhood everyone has 'training ground' for social networking in the outside world, yes, sometimes after so many failed attempts humans tend to get anxiety and quit. This isn't a isolated trait of any condition. It's called you grew up in a environment where people weren't very kind/open to you - because honestly when your that young once a similar interest is established (barbies, Pokemon,fart jokes, etc) making friends is a cake walk. This is often what creates introverts; they didn't get the lovey-dovey friendship experience and end up learning how to entertain themselves. NOT a psychological disorder as some would like to claim.

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>kitchen SNK

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hold up

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Is she a cutie?

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DO it!

Im like really bored so like send my college address legit anything you want! Hell send me gorilla shit for all I care! PS Ive already gotten sum pretty weird shit!
Kurt Bruggeman
1175 Lincoln Dr N
DeKalb, IL 60115
New Hall West 109B1

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Talking to myself about leaving home

I don't need a pair of boobs, or love, I need a new country. I know Japan isn't a paradise, but for me with my personality and obsessive hobbies, it's the best place I could possibly be. Tokyo or Itomori would both be Nirvana for me because I grew up inside of a heartless environment where unchecked capitalism has destroyed everything that is meaningful. Tokyo may be driven by consumers, but it still has a heart. There are festivals to mark the time and there is Akihabara, but there are neither artists nor a sense of community where I live. Capitalism without empathy destroys the world.

My life is also a bit of a mess. I was born with enough money and the promise that if everyone around me dies, I still won't die of starvation if I work a few hours a day. I'm a socialist, and I hate my country and my family because they have the money and time to help other people, but they are greedy and only care about living with luxury. One of my family members earns over $100,000 a year, and spends it on capitalist junk that isn't needed. The house that I will most likely inherit has several empty bedrooms, except they're buried in old electronics, extra furniture, and mountains of unusued or once worn clothing. Every dollar they save goes toward themselves, or toward other affluent family members so they can feel good about themselves.

They give nothing to the poor, only to their family who are already reasonably wealthy. They blame the poor for not being able to pick themselves up, and are dead-opposed to raising taxes, and instead support cutting taxes. They do not contribute a single dime or ten minutes of their time every week to strangers or the poor. They don't deserve it, and I don't deserve what I've received. I'm not rich enough to personally give up the money I have inherited, but I would vote against my class interests to help other people by increasing taxes and the minimum wage, and supporting the programs that would give the lower class more time and more time to think or get educated.

My family also oppose gay marriage, and haven't lost their religion. I am torn between hiding my own feelings so I can get an inheritance like a sociopath, and cutting them off. The emotional toll is real and I do slip up sometimes. I can't ever transition because this house might be my lifeline if I wind up as a cashier for life and never get promoted, and then get sick and am forced into an early retirement. Though I am fortunate enough to have a financial headstart beyond most people, I still can't burn the bridge. I'm trapped by the money. If I don't collect the inheritance, it will go to religious relatives who I know are much bigger sociopaths than me.

If I ever get Japanese citizenship, I'll be free to stop caring about whether I get an inheritance. I think I can make just enough money to survive in Japan, and then die in a lousy apartment complex. I'd enjoy making friends there, but if I die alone, that would be fine too, because by then I'll be fluent in Japanese and living in the land with the best waifus and love subsitutes.

My biggest obstacle now is that I'm kind of depressed. I feel so stuck where I am. Every time I have ran away from my family and spent my inheritance in another country, I have felt so free, so liberated, and so at peace with myself, but then I had no choice but to come back. I know I need to get another set of credentials to get away from here, but I'm just so depressed and insecure that it's hard to do it.

"What's the point if companies don't hire me and give me a reasonable salary, if I can't get fluent in Japanese, and I don't ultimately get a Japanese citizenship?" Those questions paralyze me.

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Dead fucking board LOL

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Watch live flights
This is a cool website, you can see where most of the commercial jets are in the world, live.

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post moon man
but don't be racist this time you cun
i forbid you

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Is odilitime getting paid for doing this chan stuffs???

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looking at those spanking new 5G intel iPhones

message is mandatory

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Would you be willing to trade your aspiration-driven life, for a pointless life of sex and comfort as nothing more than a sexual play toy?

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If you had a third breast why would you remove it? Seems like a waste. I think the best place for a third breast would be in the middle of the chest.

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禁欲Wo 延びる

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Rose Marie Ded


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Did 8chan finally make due on Jim's promise and ban tor posting? Because I can't ever seem to log into their .onion when I click on the onion link on their page or copy the link into my Tor browser.

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Autism defined as: "A developmental disability that can cause significant social, communication and behavioral challenges." from (This is the most widely accepted definition of autism, and is therefore the most logical). With this in mind, it is observed that autistic individuals tend to possess higher-than-average intelligence (Intelligence defined as as ones total memorial knowledge and the ability to apply said knowledge, problem-solving capabilities, and the ability to adapt to environmental changes). Could it be possible that an individual diagnosed with autism could be intelligent enough that they would be able to assimilate within social groups and converse similar to the typical human based off of mere observations of social interactions while still possessing the psychological properties that resulted in their autism diagnosis, only now masked by their improved social skills due to their intelligence? At this point would they still be considered to have autism? Is this what "high-functioning-autism" is?
Further research into this would require a better understanding of what results in the diagnosis of autism and if the human body possesses the ability to correct the initial problem that caused the autism, resulting in it appearing to be absent later in life.

In conclusion: We still have a faint grasp on what exactly results in autism, and until we finally put the puzzle pieces together to form the big picture, concerned mothers will still claim that vaccines resulted in their child's autism without any undeniable proof.

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thoughts on

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Cool videos that aren't on youtube anymore

I'll upload some cool stuff I saved that have been taken down from youtube years ago, usually by copyright holders in Japan. Starting with Mike and Intel's first hit that made him go viral on youtube for the first time. (It was taken down after over a million views because the music was copyrighted.)

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This year's Christmas party

Since it's almost December, last year's special was comfy as fuck and the other attempts to have a streamparty this year ate shit due to poor planning, let's start talking about what to watch this year.

As with last year, the floor is open to suggestions for what videos we should watch, but unlike last year I don't have a real schedule in mind for what I absolutely want to show. The main guidelines here are that whatever gets picked should be Christmas-related, amusing, or otherwise pleasing to imageboard sensibilities.

If anyone's interested we might try to keep the stream part short and do some video game shit. The usual caveats with trying to get anons to play shit apply here, it needs to be free, simple to start and playable on a toaster. I figure a shortlist would be Zandronum (either making a server on Painkiller or crashing some other bozo's Christmas server) or /vr/ netplay on FightCade, Mednafen or RetroArch.

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Encyclopedia Dramatica gets sued by angry millionaire

Hes mad they photoshopped him in a pedobear costume. If you got the money support their legal defense!

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the most masculine man ever alive

I can't find my previous thread or the relevant channel, but somebody else is also using the Janusz Korwin-Mikke doll for Youtube material.

not very often though.

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dump futas i need to fap

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The Abortion debate

So I'm arguing with a Christard on another forum. He insists a fetus can feel pain. I've told him that the scientific consensus is the baby doesn't even begin to develop the necessary brain structures to feel pain until 24 weeks. To counter me, he keeps linking me to a Christian pro-life propaganda websites, one of which cited President Ronald Regan as telling a group of his religious base that a fetus could feel pain. Then he called me a horrible Nazi that shouldn't be part of our civilization, because I support abortion.

He also appealed to his knowledge as a medical professional, right after saying that he was just an EMT-A in training who wasn't allowed to move up to being a EMT-B, and that he now works at Sam's Club. He also has a genetic disease, "and I was smart; I turned out well!" so that's why he's so invested in the debate.

The whole debate has become hilarious and it's hard not to just troll him. These religious morons don't have a clue about how to be objective, or how to rigorously back up their claims. Right now he's attacking me for being biased for not taking his Christian pro-life "sources" seriously.

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Are there any Americans here who can read manga in the language of Japanese? I have some manga I'm done reading, but I don't want to donate it to the library because they'll just throw them away or give them away for $1.

Post your mailing address and I might mail you some shounen shit since its Christmas.

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source rec

what song is this based on? a british children's singalong?

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Is there any reason to learn this language at all?

I hate religion and its all over in the language. I really see no reason to learn Arabic so I can better talk to sand niggers about their pedophille warlord.

R: 3 / I: 2 / P: 7

Why is there a lit up Christmas tree with decoration and far from civilization? Who does this?

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dream oooon

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>a nuclear bomb is headed toward your city
do you even know where your closest fallout shelter is?

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Nihilists are idiots

Defining nihilism as "A belief that your existence has no meaning, purpose, or value", nihilists are very quick to make assumptions, and similar to other religious fools, they don't accept that reality that we know very little about our reality and have no idea how we got here or why we are here. Science is an effort to understand reality and it's facets, and the most logical explanation is that we evolved from simple organisms over the span of millions (potentially billions) of years based on evidence we have complied and observations/experiments, and anti-science individuals are essentially anti-factualism (I couldn't find a suitable word for this, so define factualism as objective truths) who fall victim to delusion and lies.

Atheists, Christians, Nihilists, and other depressed fools all fall into the same group. It is also wise to be skeptical of any "supernatural" or "divine" activities or sights that may very well be advanced technology, don't allow your eyes to deceive you, although it would be quite difficult to differentiate an individual with the power to manipulate matter and effortlessly kill others from a biblical god.

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new webm thread?

old thread

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The American Museum of Natural History

>Slavery was introduced to africa by Europeans and implicitly NON-AFRICAN ARABS
>Before that there was only humane serfdom (unlike European inhumane serfdom?)
>after that benign African plantation owners were good masters to their jolly houseniggers
>up until European money invented greed

Holy shit. Just fuck my life. Are you aware of this? This is among the top museums in the world. This is what is actively being taught to children as fact.

>inb4 "yes goy, of course they are insane, this is just like believing in the holocaust and please tell everybody that you're denying holocaust and african progressivism, good goy, such as myself"
just please don't

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Be honest, how many of you are unemployed? I did a large amount of seasonal work this summer and now am down to a few days a week with a builder doing mixes and shit. I definitely need more money but there aren't a lot of jobs going around me. I started a blog to sell products to boomers but it's not taking off as I'd hoped, I don't think boomers like spending money nor, especially on others.

R: 13 / I: 6 / P: 8

welcome to the new board: holy atheism

Richard Dawkins is a heretic and Sam Harris is a wingnut bigot. We can only trust in Dennis Dennett now to free our minds.

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dox that bitch dox this bitch insulted online someone i love , he rapes kids and says indians fuck goats and rapes kids.... ya i know now you kids will comment " can't say i don't agree with him pretty much!" well fuck you , cut this bs and get down to job. facebook is for fags, i told him many times not to go; boy doesn't listens. :/ i will avoid providing any screenshot to avoid attention.

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A Second Chance
For many pedophiles, it’s impossible to make ends meet. These sex criminals are often shunned both socially and professionally, making it extremely difficult for them to find any sort of gainful employment. But now a group called the GOP is trying to change all that: This amazing organization helps disgraced pedophiles rebuild their lives by getting them elected to political office.

If that doesn’t lift your spirits, we don’t know what will.

While most Americans are openly disgusted by pedophiles, the bighearted people over at the GOP seek to help them find decent, well-paying jobs where they can shape national policy. You only need to look at the amazing work the GOP is doing with pedophile Roy Moore in the special U.S. Senate election in Alabama to know that this organization is looking out for the people society tries to put in the margins.

“Men like Roy Moore are left without many options for getting back on their feet,” said Paul Ryan, one of the senior leaders over at the GOP. “A lot of people want nothing to do with him just because he routinely preyed on teenage girls at shopping malls and other public places, but at the GOP, we believe he deserves the basic dignity of being elected to an incredibly powerful national office.”

“The smiles on pedophiles’ faces when they’re elected with the help of our financial resources, public relations know-how, and endorsements are one of my greatest joys,” added Ryan.

The GOP also offers one-on-one mentorship and the legitimacy a candidate needs to make it to Capitol Hill, all at no cost to the pedophile. With the GOP behind them, pedophiles have a strong chance at becoming representatives, senators, and even speaker of the House, as was the case with noted pedophile Dennis Hastert, who served in Congress for over 20 years.

The GOP’s boundless support of pedophiles’ campaigns seems like it should be impossible to sustain, but the fact that it somehow has done so day in and day out is truly amazing. So thank you, GOP, for the empathy and compassion you show these pedophiles. Keep up the great work!

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What is nemesis ransomware

i seen this site: fgb45ft3pqamyji7.onion
but i don't know what is it. How can i get a id?

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lonely Japanese die alone

One person died alone in her apartment and no one found the body for 3 years when her rent stopped being automatically deducted from her savings account which had run out. This is a mist read article.

I know a Japanese guy in America who died in his house and had lived all alone ever since he was laid odf. No one knew for one month until neigh it's noticed the smell. He had basically no friends except a coworksr or 2 and was estranged with his mother because she used to be a hostess/prostitute.

I also visited Japan and met an old guy who let me sleep at his crummy apartment in a strange town one night for free. Now that I've read the story I understand maybe he wasnet just being unusually hospitable but was just lonely. He was retired and his apartment was so covered in trash and old food that there was only a path leading to his futon and he had to brush aside more trash so I could have a place to sleep.

This lonely epidemic will come to America. Kids dont want to have their old Trump loving and everyone hating parents live with them. Prepare yourself for when you must die alone.

R: 4 / I: 0 / P: 8

help me i need a deviantart password hack

R: 7 / I: 0 / P: 8

The obscure parts of the political compass

I am not exposed to libertarian-socialists, but what are the problems with their philosophy? They seem to be anarchists who hate Ayn Rand because they want to cooperate and vote on things. I can see how their philosophy could become viable in 100 years once religion and most violence are gone. I still do fear anarchists as being anti-civilization, harboring fear I wouldn't have access to new technology or that they would enforce a tyranny of the idiot majority though.

R: 7 / I: 3 / P: 8
There's a woman in Japan who thinks she knows the day when people will die and wants help because she doesn't want to know the day when people will die.

She sounds lonely. Why don't you be her friend?

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 8

hey, I'm sorry were you trying to store papers or something? oh yea? because I noticed that what you're using doesn't even have storage hooks. You're not some sort of punk are you? because, I wouldn't want anyone seeing me try to use some half-ass excuse for a binder, like some 3-ring d-ring shit, lookin' like a bitch, no storage hook havin ass bitch all my papers fallin on, chafin on the holes and what not.
Here, I'll just leave this here for you, save you a trip to Staples guy. Enjoy.

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 9

Neural Networks [Embed]
I think artists are going to become increasingly obsolete pretty soon. Computers will be used to do all the detailing.

R: 3 / I: 1 / P: 9


How do you feel about lying and white lies?

I met someone who said she didn't believe in arguing on the internet (because written communication lacks verbal and non-verbal cues, and doing doing it on Facebook destroys relationships), and I asked her what the right avenue was for arguing she said face to face. I told her there are certain kinds of arguments that can only be had on anonymous image boards. [Embed]

R: 4 / I: 0 / P: 9
Why do you think men are becoming less fertile in the west with 50 percent less sperm? Its not porn and masturbation right?

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 9

Is this site a maid prostitution escort service in Japan? TEMPTING.

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 9

Laptop vending machines

What do you think of these? A lot of libraries are starting to offer these things with about 16 laptops per vending machine. [Embed]

R: 15 / I: 4 / P: 9

Why doesn't 4chan allow nude lolis? Why do people who call themselves real weebs accept that status quo? They are pussies and only real otaku like lolis because its an aquired taste from years of watching anime.

R: 2 / I: 1 / P: 9


How do you anons strive to be efficient? I carry around a notebook to document anything in my surroundings that intrigues me. I also use maps to write down the quickest path to a destination that I desire to travel to.

R: 2 / I: 2 / P: 9

[B]Анимублядский WebM-тред[/B]
для приличных анимублядей и прочих аутистов.
Безграмотное быдло с дубляжом, войсовером, порнографией и котиками, советы мерзких мокрописечников, вниманиебляди всех видов и прочее непотребство отправляется в порнотред
Для поиска сoуса видео сохраняем кадр (правый клик по видео) и ищем его на
Для воспроизведения [B]WebM с 10-битным цветом[/B] нужно установить плагин vlc ( ) и отключить встроенный в браузер плеер (media.webm.enabled=false в firefox).
[B]О кодировании WebM[/B]
Доступные кодеки — VP8 и VP9 для видео, Vorbis и Opus для звука, [B]максимальный размер файла — 20480КБ[/B] всех файлов в посте — 20480КБ (40960КБ с пасскодом).
[B]Делать WebM[/B] можно научиться в вики треда:
Там находится подробная информация о выборе и настройке кодеков на примерах использования консольных утилит ffmpeg, vpxenc и mkvmerge.
[B]Неочевидные моменты[/B]
— libvorbis при указании битрейта (-b:a) работает в режиме CBR (постоянный битрейт), и это портит качество звука; для режима VBR вместо битрейта надо указывать качество (-q:a); параметр -vbr on работает только для Opus'а;
— в webm'ки не нужно включать софтсаб в формате webvtt (FFmpeg это делает по умолчанию при наличии сабов в контейнере, отключается параметром -[B]sn[/B]): во-первых, это бесполезно (для его отображения на странице должен быть специальный код), а во-вторых, от этого ролики не воспроизводятся в firefox.
[B]Программы и их документация[/B]
[B]Фронтенды к ffmpeg для кодирования вебмок[/B]
CLI, бидон:
CLI, zsh:
CLI, дотнет:
GUI, дотнет:

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 9

best random weeds


R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 9


R: 40 / I: 16 / P: 10

Post Mellenial Culture

What impact will YouTube and similar social media websites have on the next generation? The one that comes after the millennial, the ones raised on this?

> 18 Million subscribers
> 10 Million views

R: 6 / I: 1 / P: 10

have a good thanksgiving non aboriginal americans in the United States and hope yours was/is good Canadians. Everyone else have a nice harvest or whatever fuck you do. This is called a hand turkey and we did it in elementary school last week to celebrate.
Pilgrims and shit.

R: 13 / I: 6 / P: 10

a good thread

there are no good threads
so i decided to make one
this is a good thread

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 10


Does anyone know what happened to nntpchan?
Onion links are down and clearnet portal is gone???

R: 4 / I: 1 / P: 10

>you will never get to experience true orgasmic pleasure of a woman being gang raped by vibrators.

Why live?

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 10

the revolution

Next Time on Lonny was a fucking great independent webisode show, then Ben Stiller bought it out and now it's offline since over a year ago. Same time fucking Jimmy Faggot is trending on youtube.

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 10

How often do you buy a new tv?

I live in a consumerist bubble and no one waits for them to break these days. And if one breaks, it's to the store for a new one (the old one goes to the dump rather than a repair shop.)

Every two years on average basically every neighbor around me has a new TV for the holidays in their living room. I feel sorry for the poor who have to fix their old TV's, God I don't know how they do that. Even the poor have just about given up CRTs tho, and if you haven't you must be from Fiji.

The rift is no different. I'm not buying one because I know in 4 years there will be a newer model that has 27K resolution with 6 color LED pixels or something. Gonna wait for my useless 3D TV to break first before I buy another substitute.

R: 1 / I: 1 / P: 10

(from 4chon)

>I'm going to hold some details back, because I'm pretty sure what I'm doing is at least a little illegal.

>I'm a femanon who has always had a interest in public use.

>I live in a large 4-bed place that is ~3 minutes walk from a college. I've long since graduated, and have a good job and make good money, but I live here because I can find young guy roommates very easily. I provide free housing, often to 6 guys, but right now only 5, and insist on them being attractive and clean. I make it very clear to them that if I'm in the common area, I'm dtf. They don't need to ask, or use protection, just go to work. If I've got a pink bracelet, anal is okay.

>I've lived the last 3 years as a communal fleshlight, and its great.

Free rent, free sex, stable job, "fuck me whenever you want however toy like without attachments." Am intrigued. Where can I get find another girl like her?

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 10

join for cancer


R: 2 / I: 1 / P: 10


R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 11

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 11

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 11

Japanese shorthand

you know that mystery kanji in the 3rd line?
it says 邪魔くさい

You wouod think Japs would use shorthand more often. Writing 魔法使い for sorcerer is a pain in the ass. I never learned this until now because they hardly use shorthand when they type.

R: 3 / I: 0 / P: 11

ego so evil haha

jst gt rlesed from jail fck dat shit!! bck on m shit agn
fuck da opps
so haha im gnna shoot up le mall in montreal
dey dnt tink im gnna do it cuz dey tink smnone els ws impersntin me tbh
bt ya contining da fuckery
fllw me on twit @egomackey
gnna fnsh what i was talm bout

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 11

/b/ [Embed]

R: 8 / I: 8 / P: 11

approachable hardware

>"you can now use just a single feature to occupy them all!"
Fuck you Steve Jobs, I'm glad you're dead and too bad it wasn't sooner.
Happy 10th anniversary to iPhone.

R: 13 / I: 2 / P: 11

Just got Tor

Recommend me some onion links pls.

R: 4 / I: 1 / P: 11

Is Anonymous Dead?

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 11

contemporary epistemology thread

brother makes a good point

R: 2 / I: 1 / P: 11

Louis CKed

They will never stop. Get REKT breeders.

They are coming after every rich and powerful man that gets in the way. Hide your dicks the feminist reign of power is here.

Every woman you have been the least intimate with is a ticking time bomb to destroy your life.

R: 5 / I: 1 / P: 12

Imageboard administrators always end up being shit...

Have any of you anons observed and studied this strange phenomena?

R: 7 / I: 1 / P: 12

Sam's Club Membership Card is a fasuian deal

I wish people would stop supporting Sam's club. They're owned by mother fucking Walmart, the company that can't pay their employees, and that poisons the third world, and that destroys hundreds of small towns and downtowns in America while causing countless Americans to kill themselves. The older generation are always tempted to buy a membership card because they're more greedy than they are ethical.

Support Costco at least. They pay their employees well above average and give them stock options and rewards for doing good service or for being loyal. They have a recycling program that's superior to most American companies, and they're basically a more progressive company as far as economics go.

With Walmart you're literally supporting the richest of the white Jews in this country. Their family is the richest in the world, and doesn't care about anyone, or anything except becoming even richer. Don't get a membership card with the devil.

R: 6 / I: 6 / P: 12

Remake of a really old thread

>Has the political arena become liberals vs libertarians? Specifically regarding sexual liberation? As someone who passively followed Gamergate back in 2015, and finally coming to my own conclusions on the matter, it just seems so odd that both the left and right argue for the same points and yet none of them realize it. What specifically bothers me is how both sides are sexually deviant and yet neither realizes this as well. I hate the fact that you have supposed "facists" and "National Socialists" on both 8chan and 4chan promoting sexual imagery (i.e. Anime girls) just to "get back at the SJWS". To me it seems as if the vast majority are simply ex liberals and libertarians masquerading as National Socialists and so forth. These people along with skinheads and white nationalists further dilute the message and tenets of National Socialism and make those who devote themselves to the ideology look like a joke. And when you point out their hypocrisy they rebut with "go home /leftpol/" or "you're an sjw". Is it even possible to salvage these people?

I would say of course not, because only a liberal larper would even wish to "salvage" anyone with this poor of an understanding on national socialism. The content of the insult is entirely ineffective towards national socialism, because social justice and making a stand for it is already part of the NS agenda, it's nothing more than an even less effective slander towards the ideology than "nazi", because it's the exact same insult but said with lesser backbone put into it. Using it is just an embarrassing capitulation to ideologies against national socialism, that paints you basically the right-wing equivalent of a cuck feminist "ally" without the presence even to call yourself a legitimate proponent. Such people are like oil that only makes a point out of how impossible it is for it to mix with the water of national socialism.

R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 12

Try some tasty North Korean food

It's cornmeal mixed with water, miners like it because it requires no baking.

R: 12 / I: 2 / P: 12

>Minimum wage in Australia is $18.29.
>Minimum wage in USA is $7.25 per hour.
>Conservatives have fought a wage increase for years, and say the economy would explode if you increased it to $15 an hour.

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 12

Join my discord
Join the Border Patrol today

R: 3 / I: 0 / P: 12


R: 4 / I: 1 / P: 12

pls respond

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 12

Asuka a shit and also a pee

R: 6 / I: 0 / P: 12

Absolutely despicable.

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 13

AJ Mendez Audiobook

Anyone got a download link for her audiobook "Crazy is my superpower"? please, thanks

R: 4 / I: 0 / P: 13

Better Writing For All!

Are you a lonely debt-ridden college student who thinks that they have a passion for writing or your teacher has given you a fifty page essay to write that is due tomorrow? Grammarly is the application just for you!

We all know that most people make writing mistakes here and there, and this is perfectly normal, not a sign of incompetence! Grammarly helps you by observing what you write and corrects misspelled words or improperly used statements, so your teacher can give you those five extra points after throwing your essay into the trash after looking at it for five seconds because he doesn't get paid enough to read your bullshit! Grammarly also collects personal information and data related to your writing to improve our services to help you in the future (Please consult paragraph 832 of our Terms Of Service for further information)!

R: 15 / I: 6 / P: 13

Women Donate, Men Receive: The Lopsided Truth About Organ Donations

R: 9 / I: 2 / P: 13

movies and shit

Freddy and Jason fit together so well I'm kind of hoping they would be combined with a couple of other characters into a new IP that's something like the expanded Stephen King universe. Not as an event like Freddy vs. Jason or The Monster Squad but just rob the graves of these characters and build a bit of an unifying mythos and consistent rules around their powers.

The thing is don't really give that much of a shit about seeing the next events of this or that character, I just find the world building interesting if ever a company bothers to actually build any of it. Kinda mediocre movies like Underworld or Pacific Rim go for a long way just because they're at least a bit more of a story than an excuse to string together a few cool looking action scenes. Yeah I guess what I mean is that if they can build upon werewolves and vampires like in Underworld, I could find it interesting if they built upon weird, pseudo-real-but-pseudo-dreamlike conceptual slasher monsters that aren't as run-of-the-mill as just... vaaampires all over again for the millionth time.

I guess that's the cahrm of Resident Evil movies, that they actaully did something around the idea of zombies instead of just the same old outbreak. For all the shit they get for being untrue to the source material, the fact is I already played the games, and you'd expect if you make a movie you make it for the movie audience and not for the game audience.

R: 17 / I: 3 / P: 13


I'm in Washington state visiting poor religious nutcases and I'm already bored talking to them. What else should I see? Going to Seattle later, heard the gay and black neighborhoods are being driven out by white programmers from Amazon and so I might visit the liberal capital district while it still exists. Heard they have a club with glory holes. Other than that I have a week free for the shitposting.

R: 3 / I: 0 / P: 13



R: 5 / I: 1 / P: 13

R: 12 / I: 3 / P: 13

Africa has the best culture!

>African food is traditionally eaten with the hands. You must take fermented dough balls, make a hole in the dough, and dip them in soup to eat the soup because they never invented eating utensils like the Chinese or Europeans. Everyone dips their hands in the same soup and then licks their hands clean.

>Africans have determined the custom of not using sanitized eating utensils has let Africans develop stronger resistance to bacteria so they can be healthier and live longer than the white men. (We have so much to learn from this noble and advanced culture.)

>Africans have resisted the calls to use eating utensials, because they value tradition and know sanitation is a Trojan horse that would lead to colonial imperialism destroying another part of their African heritage.

Have you even eaten African? You can't call yourself a refined gentleman until you have got your hands dirty in African soup.

More of these people keep coming and we have to make them feel welcome. So from now on I'm going to start eating all food with my hands, from pasta to ice cream because I Don't want to be closed-minded.

R: 19 / I: 12 / P: 13

onahole discussion

I have to have to use soft ones because I was circumcised by Jew lovers. harder ones are uncomfortable right before the orgasm and I have to slow down my thrusts or stop moving stirring ejaculation, unlike with soft ones.

which onaholes do you use?

R: 3 / I: 0 / P: 13

I think my bottle of Listerine was trying to seduce me

R: 4 / I: 1 / P: 14

Dysnomia gave us captcha on 4chan. What do we do now?

R: 3 / I: 0 / P: 14

love [Embed]

R: 5 / I: 1 / P: 14

Roast me

You can't make me cry

R: 8 / I: 2 / P: 14

halloween spirit is gone

>but 5 bags of recess pieces
>waste 2 hours putting out a manequin in a tree with a wig and perfecting the lighting so so it looks like a suicidal ghost has popped out
>also tried to make a bloody leg handing from my car trunk realistic

All of this tradition was lost because Christians decided to send their kids to church on Halloween. Fuck them.

R: 5 / I: 0 / P: 14

Compound words let Germans say things no one else can

Console me, /b/. I'm feeling a foreboding sense of hitlertseinkeinefehlermache, and I'm beside myself on what to do about it.

R: 16 / I: 8 / P: 14

Is there anything more manly than wearing stripped socks, programming, watching anime and using a pink vibrator, all at the same time? Because I don't think there is.

R: 5 / I: 3 / P: 14

I know Nextchan is practically dead now, but if anyone wishes to make an actual /b/ board, feel free to:
(The current one is /B/ because the boards are case-sensitive for some reason)

R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 14

>There can be no restful sleep once you have gazed into the uncanny valley of the kigurumi. Only nights of terrible nightmares await any souls unfortunate enough to meet one of these monsters in the flesh.

R: 5 / I: 3 / P: 14

How hard is it to learn French and remember it? Am thinking about trying it, but nobody speaks French where I live.

R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 14

Retarded corporations and manufacturers market specifically to the idiots who only acknowledge the appearance of a product and how it is to be perceived by others and disregard those savvy individuals who conduct research and acknowledge the fine details of a product before purchasing said product.

This especially applies to:
>Laptops and computers
>Means of Storage (Backpacks, Etcetera)

It is close to fucking impossible to learn about cars unless you are a mechanic. I am going to end up spending months looking for the best car my money can buy to suit my needs because manufacturers don't tell you anything about the alloys/metals used in the engine, the small measurements, positioning of various components that might restrict airflow or result in excessive heat, etcetera.

R: 2 / I: 1 / P: 15

The best women are sluts.

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 15

heinous war crimes

So I read up on backgrounds for Dunkirk for the film and learned that those awful Nazis in a very evil way prolonged the war by offering France and Britain some peace proposals around that time while the Nazis were winning. This caused many deaths and should never be done.

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 15


i dont even know

R: 3 / I: 1 / P: 15

How could anyone get off to the idea of removing a little girl’s clothes and licking her tiny body all over, nibbling her neck and kissing her adorable little nipples? Only a heartless monster would think about her cute girlish mouth and tongue wrapped around a thick cock slick with her saliva, pumping in and out of her mouth until it erupts, the cum more than her little throat can swallow. The idea of thick viscous semen overflowing, dribbling down her chin over her flat chest, her tiny hands scooping it all up and watching her suck it off her fingertips is just horrible. You’re all a bunch of sick perverts, thinking of spreading her smooth slender thighs, cock poised at the entrance to her pure, tight, virginal pussy, and thrusting in deep as a whimper escapes her lips which are slippery with cum, while her small body shudders from having her cherry taken in one quick stroke. I am disgusted at how you’d get even more excited as you lean over her, listening to her quickening breath, her girlish moans and gasps while you hasten your strokes, her sweet pants warm and moist on your face and her flat chest, shiny with a sheen of fresh sweat, rising and falling rapidly to meet yours.It is truly nasty how you’d run your hands all over her tiny body while you violate her, feeling her nipples hardening against your tongue as you lick her chest, her neck and her armpits, savoring the scent of her skin and sweat while she trembles from the stimulation and as she reaches her climax,hearing her cry out softly as she has her first orgasm while that cock is buried impossibly deep inside her,pulsing violently as an intense amount of hot cum spurts forth and floods through her freshly-deflowered pussy for the first time, filling her womb only to spill out of her with a sickening squelch. And as you lie atop her flushed body, she murmurs breathlessly,“You came so much inside of me”, then her fingers dig into your back as she feels your cock hardening inside again.

R: 4 / I: 2 / P: 15

Operating hours

I'm in a small city and all the restraints and shops close st 5 PM even if they opened at 7 AM. How can they be this retarded? Change your operating hours to 8 PM, or even 6 PM so we have a chance to buy your stuff when we the entire working world gets off at 5. It's like they don't want to make a lot more money.

Bakery was closed five mins before 5, and even some of the hotels close at 8 PM for some reason. Are they communists?

R: 3 / I: 0 / P: 15

a grand goof

Is it possible to seek permits to a bunch of rallies, publicize each of them widely but separately and then discreetly cancel at the last minute, so there's only going to be Antifa there peacefully protesting events that already aren't taking place?

R: 13 / I: 7 / P: 15

Продолжаем вскрывать заговор педофилов на гойтубе.

Продолжаем вскрывать заговор педофилов на гойтубе.

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 15

wheres >>>13333

R: 23 / I: 14 / P: 15

banned from cuckchan

We all know most of the anons here were banned from cuckchan, greentext what you did.
>finds CP on google
>asks 4chans /b of opinions if it is cp
>doesn't provide source just how to find
>great discussion
>banned for posting CP

R: 20 / I: 3 / P: 15

Why does everyone hate free speech? Why are the people that love free speech at such a huge minority?
Fuck this gay earth