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FILE SUPPORT THREAD odilitime Board owner 01/23/2016 (Sat) 08:43:14 [Preview] No. 1017 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
What file types do we don't support that you would like us to add?

Making an official thread to keep on top of this better. Most of these are relatively easy to add.

I'm not quite sure why LynxChan has a filter on these. It maybe easy to start a list of what we don't want.


Here's the current list:

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Edited last time by odilitime on 06/05/2016 (Sun) 10:44:34.
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Anonymous 08/14/2017 (Mon) 23:27:16 [Preview] No. 6922 del
Hmm. Maybe the link by itself? Pretty sure on /pol/ it separates the link.
https://youtube.com/watch?v=bHzFN6U8sX8 [Embed]

Anonymous 08/14/2017 (Mon) 23:29:53 [Preview] No. 6923 del
Yeah, this is what I'm talking about. It's not embedding the video onto the thread like it would with a webm or mp4. Click on it, it directs you there. External linking.

Anonymous 08/22/2017 (Tue) 20:20:11 [Preview] No. 6954 del
Works for me. Must be browser thing.

Anonymous 08/23/2017 (Wed) 16:29:35 [Preview] No. 6992 del
Works for me now too. /endrequest

Anonymous 09/12/2017 (Tue) 07:11:39 [Preview] No. 7069 del
Please add PostScript (.ps) uploading:


And, if it wasn't already added subsequent to previous requests, please add DjVu (.djvu) uploading:


PSA: Block bypass has been enabled for some IPs Balrog Board volunteer 05/17/2016 (Tue) 14:23:15 [Preview] No. 4154 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
I found where that spam full of random garbage is coming from. It doesn't have any discernable pattern so we can't use the autoban addon to remove it, but it's all coming from the same /24 range of IPs in Russia so we can just rangeban it. The problem is that Lynxchan currently only does /16 rangebans, which would result in substantial collateral damage. To counter this I'm enabling the block bypass function.

If you are rangebanned, you can use the block bypass function to solve a CAPTCHA and bypass the rangeban. This requires your browser to store a "bypass" cookie. No CAPTCHA will be required to post if your IP has not been subject to a rangeban. Block bypasses last for 24 hours or 50 posts.

I've already asked StephenLynx about adding a second, smaller rangeban level.
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Anonymous 08/14/2017 (Mon) 19:18:52 [Preview] No. 6920 del
I've just gotten a block bypass on my VPN for the first time, does this affect all IPs or just some?

Anonymous 08/23/2017 (Wed) 01:52:01 [Preview] No. 6975 del
It's not to prevent spam itself, but moreso to prevent the damage caused by the spam.

odilitime Board volunteer 08/23/2017 (Wed) 23:15:02 [Preview] No. 7000 del
only IPs on the stopspam blocklist.

Anonymous 08/27/2017 (Sun) 01:31:52 [Preview] No. 7005 del
Post linking seems broken and there's a redirect every time I post. Also, no captcha's showing up as it was before, so I have to click on the 'No cookies?'. (Didn't think this needed a separate thread)

Anonymous 08/27/2017 (Sun) 03:51:03 [Preview] No. 7006 del
Hey odil /sp/ is getting hit with spam right now, probly enough to effect the site

(1.02 MB 1740x1240 afsfffffffasf.png)
(14.83 KB 606x80 safawgasggwgasg.jpg)
/pol/ chess #sj7DAl 09/19/2017 (Tue) 02:35:18 [Preview] No. 7089 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
(((ocolette))) resigned and appointed kike_icon as new BO.

the future of endchan lies within G_C's hands

Anonymous 09/19/2017 (Tue) 08:47:58 [Preview] No. 7090 del
Did you just call george_costanza a kike? Oh right, you called him a kike because the actor as well as the character in Seinfeld was a kike.

(23.30 KB hello.txt)
Anonymous 09/16/2017 (Sat) 17:39:06 [Preview] No. 7086 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
When you edit a thread, can we have the ability to edit the subject also?

Anonymous 09/17/2017 (Sun) 17:47:33 [Preview] No. 7088 del
Implemented on the upcoming 1.9 version.

(7.57 KB 200x171 serveimage.png)
Anonymous 09/05/2017 (Tue) 20:06:44 [Preview] No. 7026 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Upvotes please. At least as an optional toggle or a board option.
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Anonymous 09/14/2017 (Thu) 02:37:44 [Preview] No. 7078 del
Nigger, just fuck off to reddit if you want upvotes and all the shilling and ecochambers that come with it.

Anonymous 09/14/2017 (Thu) 03:11:38 [Preview] No. 7079 del
Who cares. Memes always prevail.

Just go back to /pol/ if you don't want upvotes.

Anonymous 09/14/2017 (Thu) 14:34:20 [Preview] No. 7080 del
๐Ÿ‘ NOW or ๐Ÿˆchan will take their talents to bronnen

Anonymous 09/14/2017 (Thu) 14:44:51 [Preview] No. 7081 del
The world will be a better place with that like button. Just make it an option that way everyone who hates fun doesn't have to have fun. Once you hit the enable button then the thumbs up come out.

Anonymous 09/16/2017 (Sat) 20:22:37 [Preview] No. 7087 del
Everything I do I do it big. Especially when I smash that mother fuking like button.
https://youtube.com/watch?v=UePtoxDhJSw [Embed]

(97.82 KB 213x416 mazino.png)
Last 50 Anonymous 01/23/2017 (Mon) 06:27:18 [Preview] No. 5621 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Anyway to implement a last 50 feature for threads? Particularly longer general threads with a lot of files Lynxchan loads them rather weird and makes the thread hard to navigate as it keeps pushin shit around idk enuff bout dat internet tho maybe.
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odilitime Board volunteer 09/08/2017 (Fri) 18:15:54 [Preview] No. 7043 del
patched up something with JavaScript for now.

Anonymous 09/08/2017 (Fri) 20:22:24 [Preview] No. 7046 del
thank you
>your group of users that don't have doesn't exist.
I'll try turning off JS for endchan.

Anonymous 09/11/2017 (Mon) 02:48:15 [Preview] No. 7063 del
I was talking about users without compression, odili failed @ reading comprehension during that convo.

Anonymous 09/14/2017 (Thu) 19:54:22 [Preview] No. 7082 del
How does compression help noJS users again for last 50?

Anonymous 09/15/2017 (Fri) 15:49:05 [Preview] No. 7085 del
It doesn't, I was referring to people who do have js.

This site is too fucking slow Anonymous 09/15/2017 (Fri) 00:34:46 [Preview] No. 7083 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
fix it

Anonymous 09/15/2017 (Fri) 00:38:12 [Preview] No. 7084 del
by slow I mean no ones using it

(248.96 KB 1261x822 asxffffffffffasfas.jpg)
(61.42 KB 1892x701 afsfasfasfasfwf.png)
AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH #sj7DAl 09/01/2017 (Fri) 09:48:38 [Preview] No. 7015 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
>muh flood
>i snatched /sp/ to look for muh IP 'n' shiiiiieeeeeeet
>why is no one posting on /poo anymore
>everyone is leaving muh board like rats the sinking ship on fire


>uff tuff tuff tufff
>ufff tufff tuff tuff tuff

oooooooooooodili, why are making such strange noises? and why do you crawl on your knees with your face covered in mud? or is that poo?

it looks like there is something broken - inside of you
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Anonymous 09/04/2017 (Mon) 19:04:04 [Preview] No. 7022 del
>weird endchan spammer is trying to take on /sp/ now
>he doesn't realize /sp/ has always been a single schizophrenic autistic
lmao good luck kiddo

Anonymous 09/05/2017 (Tue) 13:23:21 [Preview] No. 7023 del
(39.86 KB 400x281 12442789727.jpg)
He's after Odilitime now. This faggot used to successfully point out past /pol/ Vols. Then he overstepped his reach. This is like ratting out employees, but then going after the manager, and after that you go after the business owner.

Anonymous 09/05/2017 (Tue) 13:46:40 [Preview] No. 7024 del
Can you stop giving him attention

#sj7DAl 09/08/2017 (Fri) 23:37:38 [Preview] No. 7048 del
(42.00 KB 1310x749 asfasfwfasf.png)

>t. 12

btw someone said odili has a desire for daily pictures feces?
odili, if you want poo so much, you should have told us right away. i will share so much merciful content with you and other few remaining board members E V E R Y D A Y

Anonymous 09/09/2017 (Sat) 21:19:14 [Preview] No. 7056 del
being completely insane seems fun.

Anonymous 05/02/2017 (Tue) 04:20:23 [Preview] No. 6241 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
has been hit hard by cp spam bots. I'm not going to go through and global report every post of it but its needing a nuke dropped. Might have hit some of the other low activity boards too, didn't check them all.
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Anonymous 08/11/2017 (Fri) 08:26:34 [Preview] No. 6916 del
Use the global report form. It should quicker than posting here. I'm not an expert but it doesn't look like children to me, which might be why no one reported it.

It might be worth deleting unclaimed boards after a certain number of months? Boards should have their own staff to take care of this.

Anonymous 08/11/2017 (Fri) 08:58:16 [Preview] No. 6917 del
Actually, they did get deleted but 2 new ones have been posted. One of which doesn't look like cp but the other one does.

Anonymous 08/14/2017 (Mon) 23:35:32 [Preview] No. 6924 del
Someone's been spamming the child porn links with not always actual CP (but sometimes) and file names like asdadasdas. I know who this is. The same faggot who fucked with /pol/ constantly, and uses VPN to hop around as he's banned. When you report, make sure to tick the Global box and pay attention whether the reporting system doesn't say you're "spamming" the report. Otherwise it probably won't go through.

Anonymous 09/09/2017 (Sat) 13:36:43 [Preview] No. 7054 del
>click on Art
>still sees 3D lolis
no wonder /draw/ is still dead. Do something!

odilitime Board volunteer 09/09/2017 (Sat) 14:19:42 [Preview] No. 7055 del
cleaned again.

Anonymous 09/08/2017 (Fri) 19:03:42 [Preview] No. 7044 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
where can I find a live instance of Infinity Next my fams?

Anonymous 09/08/2017 (Fri) 19:07:17 [Preview] No. 7045 del
there are none

Anonymous 09/08/2017 (Fri) 21:08:22 [Preview] No. 7047 del
Nextchan is on blazechan. That was the one and only one that existed after 16chan. It doesn't exist anywhere.

Anonymous 09/09/2017 (Sat) 00:01:04 [Preview] No. 7050 del
aww, I'm trying to set up an instance of my own but it seems that there are JS and CSS files missing, does anyone know how to do a proper install, fix the issues, or contact Josh himself?