Global moderation

Any account have a numeric global role assigned to it. If this role is lesser than 4, it means the user is in the global staff.
Root: 0
Admin: 1
Volunteer: 2
Janitor: 3
Anything above 3 or undefined is considered a regular user. Janitors are able to delete any post or thread on the site and to close global reports.
Volunteers are able able to lift and issue any kind of global ban.
Admins are able to add or remove volunteers and janitors, to delete and transfer boards. They are also able to create boards when board creation is disabled.
Roots are able to assign admins.
The first admin or root will have to have it's role set using the terminal arguments. Consult the readme.md on src/be for instructions on that. Any role have all the powers of the less privileged roles. When your account has access to the global staff tools, a link on your account page will be displayed.

Board moderation

A board have it's board owner and board volunteers. Board volunteers are added by the board owner and are able to delete content on the board, lock, pin, make threads cyclic, close board reports and apply bans for the board.
Board owners are able to do that, plus they are able to transfer or delete their own boards, add board banners, filters, custom css and rules and change the board settings.
Capcode information here

Custom CSS

Board owners can add a css file to their boards, just using the upload form on the board management page. To delete the custom css file, click the upload button without entering any files.


Any non-banned user is able to report content, as long as said content haven't been reported yet.
Open reports will be displayed on the main moderation page with a link to the reported content and a button to close the report.
Closed reports are not deleted and they are available on the closed reports page.

Deleting content

As long as you are logged in, your global role and board role will be verified when you try to delete content AS LONG AS YOU DON'T INPUT A PASSWORD.
If you input a password, your account will not be validated and the system will try to use the deletion password you provided.

Acessing moderation tools

When you open a thread, there will be a link that will lead you to the moderation page for that board and thread, with all the moderation tools for that thread.

Thread settings

Threads have 3 settings: pin, lock and cyclic.
Pin will make a thread be listed above all others, no matter how long it was it's last bump.
Lock will prevent anyone from posting on a thread.
Cyclic will make the thread never get into auto-sage. Instead it will delete old posts when it hits the post limit that would trigger auto-sage.


To apply bans, select the checkboxes on the left top corner of postings and write an expiration for the ban. The format used is the following:
y: amount of years.
M: amount of months.
d: amount of days.
h: amount of hours.
m: amount of minutes.
So if you write "2d 1h" it will create a 49 hour ban. The order of amounts and spacing doesn`t matter. The same could be "1h 2d".

Bans can be lifted from the bans page that can be accessed from the moderation pages.
Optionally, you can enter the ban reason and message. The ban message will be displayed on the post itself instead of the default ban message set in the site configurations. Global staff with the power to apply bans can select the checkbox to apply a global ban.
The ban reason will appear for both the user and on the bans list.

Range bans

It is also possible to ban entire IP ranges based on the first two parts of it. Notice that the range of the poster's ip can be seen on the moderation page for threads. Enter this range on the box in the range bans page and select to apply it.

Hash bans

Files can also be banned, keeping anyone from posting them. Copy the md5 of the file shown in the thread moderation page and input it on the hash bans page.

Board settings

There are many ways to customize how a board works in general.
Disable captcha will disable captcha for the board completely. Keep in mind that will expose the board to flood, since there are no anti-flood tools in place yet.
Force anonymity will disable the name field completely. Role signature can still be used for an user to identify himself to some extent.
By default, users can be identified inside threads by an unique id that will use the user's ip. This behavior can be disabled by checking the option to disable thread-wise ids.
If the site owner enables archiving, the thread pages are archived if the board option to archive content is enabled.
The [code] tag allows for posts to transform text in this tag into a non-formated text that is best used to display code.
The name used for anonymous posters, board name and description can also be changed.
Board message will be displayed above the posting form and accepts any most of posting markdown plus custom links using [displayed text](address).


Filters change a term for another term.


One can add customized banners for a board, they will be displayed randomly for users.


Rules can be written and will be made visible on the rules.html page of the board.