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How to test CSS on the current page you're on


1. Hold Ctrl + Shift + I
2. Click Style Editor
3. Scroll to the bottom of the editor
4. Paste your CSS at the bottom


1. Hold Ctrl + Shift + I
2. In Elements text editor, right-click the line <head>...</head> and click Edit as HTML
3. At the bottom, right before </head>, type <style>, then paste your CSS, then type </style>

The Chrome text editor is often glitchy and scrolls to the top while you're typing so you can't see what you're typing, just try to ignore it and keep typing. It's dumb but it works.

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Yotsuba B for Endchan v1.1

This stylesheet was made for Endchan as an attempt to mimic the popular Yotsuba B theme used in other imageboards like 4chan and 8chan.

Please note that LynxChan (the engine Endchan runs on) is a work-in-progress, and this stylesheet uses many "hacks" to modify HTML elements that currently lack unique IDs or classes. Eventually this stylesheet will need to be modified or rewritten to reflect forthcoming changes to the software Endchan uses.

Hopefully OdiliTime will just make this the default theme for Endchan.

This stylesheet has been tested only on Firefox and Chrome. This has been made for Endchan but should theoretically work in other instances of LynxChan.

Please post in this thread for any glitches you come across and any improvements that could be made.

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