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no /cumg/ on 4cuck anymore

/cumg/ is now forbidden on 4cuck /g/.
Most recent thread was deleted with only OP and two posts

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pe-do c-p files 2024.

forced to lick a dog's ass.

real lolita rapes.


site with links.

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What happened to Sturdychan?

It's been like this for what feels like a week.
Is it permanently dead?

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/hyg/ - Hydrus Network General

/hyg/ - Hydrus Network General

Unofficial Hydrus Network general for /cumg/.
If you wish to view the official Hydrus Network board, visit:

Official Hydrus Website:
Official Hydrus Github:
Official Hydrus Documentation: Wiki Hydrus Tips and Tricks -

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/sg/ - Scripting General

Share and discuss cooming-related scripts. This thread is for those who appreciate small-scale programming. Shell scripts as well as browser userscripts are welcome.

Tips & Tricks:

>Bash Scripting Resources
Bash Hackers Wiki:
Bash Cheat Sheet:
Bash Reference Sheet:
Bash Programming:
Bash Guide:
Advanced Bash Scripting Guide:
Pure Bash Bible:
Official Bash Manual:
Bash Cheat Sheet:

>UserScript Resources
How To Write A UserScript:

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/ig/ - Ideas General

Share various ideas you may have, that you may not able to achieve due to funds, time, lack of technical knowledge, whatever may be..
These can be software ideas, script ideas, modeling ideas, anything goes.

The point of this is to spread your ideas, in hopes that someone may like it and be able to work on it for the community.

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I have a 4.3 inch penis
And a former friend of mine told me that this size is too small, what do you think?

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It's over


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Q&A Thread

General questions and answers that don't need their own thread can go here.

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What happened to

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Touch Grass

Touch Grass

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/jrg/ - JAV Recommendations General

Recommend and ask for recommendations for JAV films, this does not have to be limited to JAV, however has to be Chinese, Japanese, or Korean. This can be amateur, studio, whatever.

You can also give suggestions, or request just idols names, they do not have to be films. This will allow users to find new cute idols they like.

When Suggesting:
>Please provide title names, or ID's.
>Provide a related picture or screenshot.

When Requesting:
>Provide a few fetishes.
>If you have favorites idols, provide a few of your favorite idols. This will help others find a girl you will like.
>Feel free to use pictures to help show what you like.

Other Notes:
This is not a general for 2D, or western porn.
Western idols are allowed, IF this is in the context of Asian porn. For example Melody Marks in JAV is okay, however Melody Marks in Western Porn does not belong in this thread.

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/fsg/ - File Sharing General

Share files over decentralized and distributed platforms.
Decentralization and distribution help provide resiliency to the content being shared.

Posting Rules:
>Post a picture of the content, or a picture related to the content (screenshot of a video, picture of a model, etc.)

>Avoid centralized sources and file upload hosts (such as mega, google drive, etc.) as these actively get moderated and files taken down, and are nowhere near as resistant.
>Sites wrapped with IPFS such as are okay to use.
>Highly prefer using torrents, or IPFS.

>Please seed/redistribute as much as possible. Don't let stuff die.

What Type of Content:
>Any content is fine, as long as it's NSFW or technology related
>Porn and Hentai image/video rips are fine, NSFW 3D print models are fine,
>Prefer to post complete rips or larger folders, not just 2 images.
>Prefer to have the folder structure organized.

Other Info:
These rules may change, also be sure to write stuff down or post elsewhere as well, as this thread/board could still be deleted anytime making it hard to find the content.

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Welcome To /cumg/

Welcome to /cumg/,
we discuss technology and cooming here.
Hentai and 3DPG is allowed here.

We have an official wiki here:
As to why this board exists:

Keep it sane, feel free to discuss whatever as long as it is related to technology and cooming. Keep a look out for existing threads before posting about the same topic.

The same rules for other hentai and porn boards go here, no illegal content, cp is a permanent ban fuck off with that shit. This should all go without saying.

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/3dpg/ - 3D Printing General