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Alice approved.

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(29.65 KB 520x318 nuclear_1024x627.jpg)
Anonymous 03/08/2017 (Wed) 04:01:56 [Preview] No. 325
Holy shitsake I didn't know you doods had pdf of classic 2600 issues, you sly dogs@!

Anonymous 03/08/2017 (Wed) 04:12:14 [Preview] No. 326 del
(26.16 KB 500x360 Green10.jpg)
I feel all the time like we will go back to NT 3.51 and Novell days. So many great times. Glad to see the board here, I would claim it if I felt qualified, but I most certainly am not. Even basic voltage levels in POTS phones is a chore for me but I find that, workspace n terms of soldering and electronics, has a lot to do with this.

I am also not the best solderist as my gear is the clumsy 110 one-temperature design. I have had several nice irons but moving and so forth, and always it seems I wish I could magnify or improve the frame in which I am soldering. For example my gal's kindle fire had the designed power usb port problem. I busted that chunk open and resoldered the power jack in a totally shitty manner. Truly a mess of glob. But guess what, that damned kindle fired up and has worked for year +. turns out the fine engineering was all for show. A glob of solder and their design flaw is trumped. Hah! Solder is power my friends! Bring this board to the fore , for the goblins are massing.

Anonymous 07/10/2022 (Sun) 04:56:45 [Preview] No.327 del
(769.11 KB 600x1000 123123141212.png)

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