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Welcome to the EXTREME AUTISM limbo fun zone.

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(474.63 KB 888x642 kiked in 3, 2, .....png)
((((they)))are fomenting revolutions again Anonymous 11/20/2019 (Wed) 20:58:37 [Preview] No. 32636
Isreal-chan are taking over the only thing we have left. After this happens the whole entertainment industry is going to be controlled by....(((())). Anime really is the last good medium untouched by jews. I have been worried about this for along time.

Anonymous 11/20/2019 (Wed) 22:43:41 [Preview] No.32638 del
Good thing then that Israelis are too inbred to attain threatening amounts of wealth to invest.

Anonymous 11/21/2019 (Thu) 06:43:35 [Preview] No.32639 del
I remember a couple of years ago there was a ?Iranian ?Saudi "anime".. which was actually pretty decent for a shounen.. It was obviously inspired by Naruto, probably even better because it didn't have the 'sexy girl in the first few episodes bait', and focused on its story, rather than meandering everywhere.

Anonymous 11/21/2019 (Thu) 10:23:28 [Preview] No.32642 del
anime is crap, with crap followers. If jews are getting into it is is simply more of their asskissing of Japanese. But they nuked fukishima, so they will never be forgiven for that.

Anonymous 11/22/2019 (Fri) 19:33:57 [Preview] No.32647 del
(11.17 KB 200x200 israel-chan.jpg)
Le Happy Merchant-chan is up anons.

Anonymous 11/22/2019 (Fri) 21:26:11 [Preview] No.32648 del
Japan has been under control by freemasons since WWII ended, so this should be of no surprise. The surge in isekai-esque productions should be a hint. Many of the anime made popular today contain themes alluding to occult criteria so to captivate the audience via hidden knowledge.

In all honesty, judaism has permeated the core of anime long ago, yet few speak up about the symbology displayed and the reality surrounding it as the viewer becomes entranced in the show's programming. News like this will fly over people's heads, because over in Japan, people are dominated by the power leveraged away from them by appointed members, stripping the essence of Japanese culture off its people. Notice how reproduction rates have fallen. Notice also how immigration is promoted largely by this media. The youth are attracted to it, making it a powerful tool to mold its target population. There will only remain the sparsely few anime (becoming lesser by the day) displaying facts in subliminal fashion, just as anything with a screen typically does.

Anonymous 11/23/2019 (Sat) 00:26:46 [Preview] No.32649 del
(3.67 MB 3000x2000 ZZC 0937 E.png)
It could be interesting if they make their own but leave the Japanese market alone. If it had no impact on Japanese anime then I see no reason why more countries should not try it and see what they can do with the medium.

Anonymous 11/23/2019 (Sat) 02:59:32 [Preview] No.32650 del
Agreed. Nothing's worse than "done in Anime style" western cartoons, which ends up an abortion drawn by DeviantArt submitters.

Anonymous 11/23/2019 (Sat) 05:43:22 [Preview] No.32651 del
>linking directly to Cucktaku
Archive that shit, you homo.

Anonymous 11/23/2019 (Sat) 11:48:41 [Preview] No.32652 del
(125.56 KB 1280x720 a dog passing by.jpg)
so why does every board explicitly need to be /pol/?

Anonymous 11/23/2019 (Sat) 13:40:21 [Preview] No.32653 del
It's a jewish conspiracy.

Anonymous 11/24/2019 (Sun) 00:57:02 [Preview] No.32654 del
(144.69 KB 1280x720 stand clown.jpg)
don't worry about it

Anonymous 11/24/2019 (Sun) 01:37:32 [Preview] No.32655 del
gamergate not pol

Anonymous 01/01/2020 (Wed) 20:09:28 [Preview] No.32756 del
(41.73 KB 550x514 卐mina-san卐.jpg)
It looks like Japan need mein help once again.

Anonymous 01/04/2020 (Sat) 23:31:41 [Preview] No.32773 del
(155.66 KB 1280x720 sieg heil.jpg)

Anonymous 02/24/2020 (Mon) 19:27:42 [Preview] No.32949 del
(76.32 KB 727x451 1546073967268.jpg)
Believe it or not, Jews have already infiltrated the anime industry.

Anonymous 03/01/2020 (Sun) 22:00:47 [Preview] No.33000 del
(1.04 MB 1099x1600 star-of-david.jpg)
nah, It's just your imagination m8.

Anonymous 06/20/2020 (Sat) 08:28:40 [Preview] No.33374 del
>Anime really is the last good medium untouched by jews.
imagine thinking this

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