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NSA Bush - Obama Treason Gate Exposed Anonymous 03/04/2018 (Sun) 03:11:41 [Preview] No. 250
NSA Bush - Obama Treason Gate Exposed

UNITED States of America - It can now be reported that the U.S. Military tribunals with the assistance of European INTERPOL have now reconstructed over 5,000 illegal FISA applications reference warrantless wiretapping of American citizens during the period of October of 2001 to January of 2017.

This NAZI gestapo-style of warrantless wiretapping of American citizens using the phony the ‘war on terror’ as a disguise took place under the illegitimate rule of both Nazi junior George W. Bush FRAUD (never elected by the American People) and Barack Hussein Obama-Soetoro FRAUD (born in Kenya,never eligible to even run for president).

The Nazi junior Bush FRAUD spying was directly enabled by his alleged Vice President Dick Cheney while the Obama - Soetoro FRAUD spying was enabled by his National Security Advisor Susan Rice, his stooge vice President Joseph Biden and U.S. diplomat in Ireland Samantha Powers as well as lesbian Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton, former U.S. Secretary of State ‘Skull and Bonesman’ and junior George W. Bush FRAUD’s 3rd cousin John Kerry Cohen.

We can also divulge that the junior Bush FRAUD administration and the Obama FRAUD administration continued to share data illegally gathered on their political opponents with the middlemen being Hillary Clinton advisor Sydney Blumenthal and noted Republican Party Bush Crime Family hack Haley Barber.

It can now be revealed that Nazi junior George W. Bush FRAUD continued to illegally spy on former U.S. Vice President, year 2000 DULY ELECTED President of the United States of America, Albert Gore Jr. and his family for over six (6) years of junior Bush FRAUD’s illegal occupation of the White House.

Obama FRAUD and Hillary made their #1 target as none other than former Democratic Senator of North Carolina John Edwards who was immediately scandalized and politically neutralized soon after Obama FRAUD began his illegal occupation of the White House.

P.S. We can now report that the U.S. government shut down is a contrived, scripted event with current U.S. President Donald J. Trump and Senate Democrat Minority Leader Charles Schumer operating in concert to use the government shutdown hoax as:

① In an attempt to cover up the NAZI NSA gestapo espionage spy scandal.

Prevent the final implementation of the Wanta – Reagan - Mitterrand Protocols, which would return over $113 TRILLION to both the U.S. and French Treasuries.

It should be remembered that the THEFT of the U.S. and French Treasury funds began in 1989 when then alleged U.S. President George Herbert Walker Bush aka Scherff flew to California and told former President Ronald Reagan that Reagan's Executive Order 12333 would not be honored and that Bush himself, the CIA and the Bank of England, would take control of the Treasury funds.

It should also be noted that it was then Vice President Al Gore in 1997 that save Leo Wanta's life when the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Cartel tried to have him murdered while Wanta was being illegally imprisoned in Sayre, Oklahoma.

It is evident why the year 2000 presidential election was stolen as DULY ELECTED President Albert Gore Jr. was prepared to return the STOLEN funds to the U.S. and French Treasuries.

③ Shut down the NASA, which effectively gives the rogue CIA and NSA the ability to target the American People with alien technology aka Lockheed Martin directed energy weapons, D.E.W. and Athena, using the 49th parallel as their energy zone for their spotters.


Anonymous 03/04/2018 (Sun) 03:14:21 [Preview] No.251 del
In closing, we can report that both Bill and Hillary Clinton, as well as Huma Abedin and NSA whistle blower Edward Snowden, were in Hawaii at the time of the false flag missile alert that was triggered over one week ago.

Note: Evidence now exists from NORAD that it was an Israeli submarine that fired the nuclear missile at the United States aka the state of Hawaii hoping that Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard was in Hawaii at the time. She was not.

The Israeli missile was actually shot down out of the air by the French using their nuclear satellite.

Democratic Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard is now calling for the direct arrest of both Clintons should they ever again set their foot on Hawaiian soil.

In closing, we can also divulge that the U.S. Military tribunals have ordered that Republican Congressman Trey Gowdy of South Carolina be arrested and taken to Guantanamo Bay for engaging in massive capital HIGH TREASON in regards to his attempt to destroy records leaking the Nazi German Bush Family aka Scherffs to not only massive illegal spying against the American People but also the crimes of 9/11 and the year 2000 election coup d'état which involved the use of NSA satellites and the roles of both the United Kingdom and Israel in the blatant hacking and overthrow Albert Gore Jr.’s election as U.S. President in the year 2000, a victory was not even close, with Gore amassing over 4.5 million popular vote majority and 324 Electoral College votes.

Anonymous 03/04/2018 (Sun) 03:15:58 [Preview] No.252 del

Read your history book. Remember what took place with J. C. Calhoun? Ask Andrew Jackson.

Gowdy is also a shadow government shill, exposed.


Wall Street puppet, Donald J. Trump, just signed re-authorization of the Nazi gestapo warrantless NSA spying legislation. His Nazi U.S. Attorney General, Bush-Clinton Crime Cartel puppet, Jeff Sessions, just conducted a raid in the state of Oklahoma in which an attempt to arrest an alleged marijuana user resulted in the murder of a 72-year old grandmother.


As of this hour


NSA fake apology exposed. Anonymous 03/04/2018 (Sun) 03:19:28 [Preview] No.254 del
Since 2007, the NSA has been under court orders to preserve data about some of its surveillance efforts. | Getty Images


NSA deleted surveillance data it pledged to preserve
NSA trying to cover-up it´s crimes!

The agency tells a federal judge that it is investigating and 'sincerely regrets its failure.'


01/19/2018 07:39 PM EST

The National Security Agency destroyed surveillance data it pledged to preserve in connection with pending lawsuits and apparently never took some of the steps it told a federal court it had taken to make sure the information wasn’t destroyed, according to recent court filings.

Word of the NSA’s foul-up is emerging just as Congress has extended for six years the legal authority the agency uses for much of its surveillance work conducted through U.S. internet providers and tech firms. President Donald Trump signed that measure into law Friday.

Since 2007, the NSA has been under court orders to preserve data about certain of its surveillance efforts that came under legal attack following disclosures that President George W. Bush ordered warrantless wiretapping of international communications after the 2001 terrorist attacks on the U.S. In addition, the agency has made a series of representations in court over the years about how it is complying with its duties.

However, the NSA told U.S. District Court Judge Jeffrey White in a filing on Thursday night and another little-noticed submission last year that the agency did not preserve the content of internet communications intercepted between 2001 and 2007 under the program Bush ordered. To make matters worse, backup tapes that might have mitigated the failure were erased in 2009, 2011 and 2016, the NSA said.

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The NSA sincerely regrets its failure to prevent the deletion of this data,” NSA’s deputy director of capabilities, identified publicly as “Elizabeth B.,” wrote in a declaration filed in October. “NSA senior management is fully aware of this failure, and the Agency is committed to taking swift action to respond to the loss of this data.

In the update Thursday, another NSA official said the data were deleted during a broad, housecleaning effort aimed at making space for incoming information.

The NSA’s review to date reveals that this [Presidential Surveillance Program] Internet content data was not specifically targeted for deletion,” wrote the official, identified as “Dr. Mark O,” “but rather the PSP Internet content data matched criteria that were broadly used to delete data of a certain type … in response to mission requirements to free-up space and improve performance of the [redacted] back-up system. The NSA is still investigating how these deletions came about given the preservation obligations extant at the time. The NSA, however, has no reason to believe at this time that PSP Internet content data was specifically targeted for deletion.

An NSA spokesman declined to comment on Friday.


Anonymous 03/04/2018 (Sun) 03:20:30 [Preview] No.255 del
Defiance of a court order can result in civil or criminal contempt charges, as well as sanctions against the party responsible. So far, no one involved appears to have asked White to impose any punishment or sanction on the NSA over the newly disclosed episodes, although the details of what happened are still emerging.

It’s really disappointing,” said David Greene, an attorney with the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which has been leading the prolonged litigation over the program in federal court in San Francisco. “The obligation’s been in place for a really long time now. … We had a major dust-up about it just a few years ago. This is definitely something that should’ve been found sooner.

The last legal showdown over the issue may have actually compounded the NSA’s problems. In May 2014, an NSA official known as “Miriam P.” assured the court that the data were safe.

The NSA is preserving magnetic/digital tapes of the Internet content intercepted under the [PSP] since the inception of the program,” she wrote, adding that “the NSA has stored these tapes in the offices of its General Counsel.

The agency now says, regrettably, that the statement may have been only partially accurate when made.

The latest NSA filing says the ongoing investigation indicates that officials did a physical inspection in 2014 to confirm the tapes’ presence in the counsel’s office storage space. However, “those tapes largely concerned metadata,” not the content of communications the NSA intercepted.


Anonymous 06/17/2018 (Sun) 21:49:54 [Preview] No.562 del

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