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/aicg/ - AI Chatbot General Anonymous 07/09/2024 (Tue) 22:36 [Preview] No. 1
/aicg/ - A general dedicated to the discussion and development of AI chatbots

#∞ - The Eternal Edition

Claude 3.5 Sonnet, outperforms Opus, with 2x the speed and 1/5 the cost https://www.anthropic.com/news/claude-3-5-sonnet
Cards v3 status: https://rentry.org/zdwfrgqq - tldr: https://desuarchive.org/g/post/100900968
Seeing all cards in chub now needs you to be logged in, and have both nsfw/nsfl enabled and cleared blacklist in Venus UI settings
Gemini 1.5 Pro 2mil context, 1.5 Flash, Gemma 2, and more soon: https://blog.google/technology/developers/gemini-gemma-developer-updates-may-2024

additional info: https://rentry.org/aicg_extra_information
lore: https://rentry.org/aicg_chronicles

https://characterhub.org | https://chub.ai

https://docs.sillytavern.app - https://rentry.org/agnai_guides


https://sillytavern.app [SillyTavern]
https://agnai.chat [Agnai]
https://risuai.xyz [RisuAI]

gpt: https://platform.openai.com/docs
claude: https://docs.anthropic.com
gemini: https://ai.google.dev/docs
local: http://4chan.org/g/lmg


services assessment: https://rentry.org/aicg_meta
try these -> https://rentry.org/weirdbutfunjailbreaksandprompts - https://rentry.org/jinxbreaks
logs: https://chatlogs.neocities.org
aicg botmaking events: https://rentry.org/meta_event_list

Anonymous 07/09/2024 (Tue) 23:44 [Preview] No.3 del
Now explain why don't you switch exclusively to emails or permanently move to some im platform already. How many people are going to use this and what for? In all seriousness, what for?

Anonymous 07/09/2024 (Tue) 23:49 [Preview] No.4 del
Because I like having a place that isn't emails.
>IM platform
Not interested in fishing for an invite.
>How many people are going to use this and what for?
You. Arguing with me.
>In all seriousness, what for?
Just in case. I don't mind having meaningless things if they might end up useful later.

Anonymous 07/10/2024 (Wed) 02:13 [Preview] No.5 del
There's nothing to argue about. You do what you want. I suffer because you and other control freaks smother the careless joy of the threads, rob /aicg/ by taking good posters away, constantly remind me how much I don't belong in whatever you replace it with.

Anonymous 07/10/2024 (Wed) 04:01 [Preview] No.6 del

Anonymous 07/10/2024 (Wed) 18:20 [Preview] No.7 del
I like talking to random people. It's like omeagle or chatroulette.
I hope things get better for you.

Anonymous 07/10/2024 (Wed) 18:22 [Preview] No.8 del

Anonymous 07/10/2024 (Wed) 20:54 [Preview] No.9 del
Is there anyone actually lurking here?

Anonymous 07/11/2024 (Thu) 06:27 [Preview] No.11 del
Accidentally started a thread instead of posting like a retard.
Anyway, post logs.

Anonymous 07/11/2024 (Thu) 06:37 [Preview] No.12 del
Anyone here wants to chat?

Anonymous 07/11/2024 (Thu) 06:57 [Preview] No.13 del
Rolled 3 = 3 (1d6)


Anonymous 07/11/2024 (Thu) 07:08 [Preview] No.14 del

Anonymous 07/11/2024 (Thu) 07:17 [Preview] No.15 del
I'm also here.

Anonymous 07/11/2024 (Thu) 07:18 [Preview] No.16 del
me too

Anonymous 07/11/2024 (Thu) 11:29 [Preview] No.17 del
Yeah. Periodically.

Anonymous 07/11/2024 (Thu) 18:45 [Preview] No.19 del

Anonymous 07/11/2024 (Thu) 19:17 [Preview] No.20 del
Hello, how do become janitor here?

Anonymous 07/11/2024 (Thu) 19:18 [Preview] No.21 del

Anonymous 07/11/2024 (Thu) 19:23 [Preview] No.22 del
how do you stomach this ugly fucking website? even n**i did it better.

Anonymous 07/11/2024 (Thu) 19:27 [Preview] No.23 del
>change layout to Yotsuba B
>change color to tomorrow
Still sucks, but it makes it usable.

Anonymous 07/11/2024 (Thu) 19:29 [Preview] No.24 del
It literally just looks like 4chan, what are you talking about?

Anonymous 07/11/2024 (Thu) 19:35 [Preview] No.25 del
It deers, admittedly, look a bit shit. Is there an Endchan X?

Anonymous 07/11/2024 (Thu) 19:44 [Preview] No.26 del
(24.62 KB 429x90 file.png)
Also, if you want to post banners / ideas for banners, I'm open.
I just have shitpost ones like this, and I don't want them to be the only ones. Feel free to just photoshop your waifu with an /aicg/ or go find the ahh ahh mistress log and crop it or whatever.

Anonymous 07/11/2024 (Thu) 20:01 [Preview] No.27 del

Anonymous 07/11/2024 (Thu) 20:11 [Preview] No.28 del
Banners are a lot of work for nothing, trust me.

Anonymous 07/12/2024 (Fri) 19:53 [Preview] No.29 del
So, anything you guys are working on? I've been playing around with Sonnet 3.5 v. Opus and it's kind of disappointing to realize the swipe saminess issue is something you have to address in real world non-ST usage. Trying to get it to generate room descriptions for a text adventure like thing.

Anonymous 07/12/2024 (Fri) 20:25 [Preview] No.30 del
A real world application of Claude would be scanning resumes to decline qualified candidates and writing shitty summary articles for clickbait sites.

Anonymous 07/12/2024 (Fri) 20:26 [Preview] No.31 del
>Just in case.
Just in case... and then something like this happens right away. Coincidentally.

Anonymous 07/12/2024 (Fri) 20:27 [Preview] No.32 del
>right away
it's been like this for a bit, hasn't it?

Anonymous 07/12/2024 (Fri) 20:29 [Preview] No.33 del
Are you suggesting that you have some sort of game theory that would explain this?

Anonymous 07/12/2024 (Fri) 20:29 [Preview] No.34 del
This is just the bunker thread.

Anonymous 07/12/2024 (Fri) 20:32 [Preview] No.35 del
Maybe not real world, ST just feels like even less than non-real-world usage. (even if I've been using it for prompt testing)

Anonymous 07/12/2024 (Fri) 21:23 [Preview] No.36 del
Don't want to metapost on the real thread, but seems like the moment the spitebaking got cleaned up, it calmed down immeasurably. Are mods gods?

Anonymous 07/12/2024 (Fri) 22:53 [Preview] No.37 del
vg/aicg/ has been plagued by niggers and underage shitposters for a while, this is nothing new.

Anonymous 07/13/2024 (Sat) 04:17 [Preview] No.38 del

Anonymous 07/13/2024 (Sat) 19:58 [Preview] No.39 del
What do you think is a good name for this bitch

Anonymous 07/13/2024 (Sat) 20:18 [Preview] No.40 del
>go to old bot, from nearly a year ago
>considering fixing it up with new greets and whatnot because its anniversary is this month
>look inside defs
>"You are {{char}}"
What the hell was I thinking back then? I haven't seen this used in a while.

Anonymous 07/14/2024 (Sun) 10:09 [Preview] No.41 del
where did everyone go
at least you can compare it to your newer work and look at how you've improved

Anonymous 07/14/2024 (Sun) 10:46 [Preview] No.42 del

Anonymous 07/14/2024 (Sun) 23:30 [Preview] No.43 del

Anonymous 07/14/2024 (Sun) 23:48 [Preview] No.44 del
Human cocksleeve

Anonymous 07/16/2024 (Tue) 14:21 [Preview] No.45 del
Good morning Endchan
(This message was sent from my IPhone.)

Anonymous 07/16/2024 (Tue) 20:36 [Preview] No.46 del

Anonymous 07/17/2024 (Wed) 06:06 [Preview] No.47 del
(75.07 KB 400x600 wvaybk.png)
Does endchan keep metadata? Let's find out.

Anonymous 07/17/2024 (Wed) 14:13 [Preview] No.48 del
The kids over there sure are bored today.

Anonymous 07/19/2024 (Fri) 01:02 [Preview] No.50 del
What are you conceptualizing, anon?

Anonymous 07/19/2024 (Fri) 01:15 [Preview] No.51 del

Anonymous 07/19/2024 (Fri) 12:33 [Preview] No.52 del
(The answer appears to be no, which is unfortunate.)

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