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Time to go.

Our new home at is ready.

This bunker board will go back to being inactive but owned and our threads will be cleaned up shortly. If goes down, Endchan remains our fallback location.

Thank you to Endchan for hosting our bunker for all these years. Without Endchan we would have had nowhere to go back to.

See you at the new place, Anonymous!

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Welcome to the former /cuckquean/ bunker

This was the backup bunker for until 01 September 2019. It is no longer in use. Please see the evacuation thread for details.

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Anyone there?

I can't take a full day of 8ch bein down. Anyone out there?

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This is available as a secondary bunker in case there is any problems re-activating end-chan.

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Fan art

I have no idea when or if 8chan will return so we may as well use this board. Post any cuckquean fan art (of any cartoons, comics, video games, whatever) in this thread. Star cuck posting seems to be experiencing a bit of a resurgence since a recent AMA indicated Marco consented to getting creeped on by Janna. Here's a couple of new pictures a drawfag did, one with Janna and one with Britta.

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Curse you Harem Autist

I haven't been able to stop reading Three Square meals, I'm missing sleep and had plans for this week and I can't help myself because I'm having entirely too much fun binge reading through this massive story. Just finished the Tashana arc and that was amazing. (As were the Nexus and Dragon March arcs)

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Cuckquean Hentai Manga/Eromanga, Doujinshi

Because Next is currently fucking up, I'm going to try dumping dirty manga here instead.

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This is the FORMER 8chan /cuckquean/ bunker.
It is still owned by the same management as 8chan's /cuckquean/.
It is no longer in use.

2019/08/05 0344+0000 UTC: I am unable to access moderation controls and captcha solving on 8chan, and so cannot post an announcement there. This board was registered back in 2016 during a past threat to 8chan. As I have advised in the meta thread in the past, it is a very good idea to personally archive as much as you can in case the board should one day disappear. I add to this now: If it becomes necessary to do so, please repost it here in the bunker. I have requested a board backup from 8chan's management using the address provided in my administration panel, but there is no guarantee the backup will be made or distributed.

2019/08/05 2155+0000 UTC: 8chan remains down. It seems that their attempt to switch DDoS protection to BitMitigate from CloudFlare has lead to BitMitigate being deplatformed as their Internet peers withdraw connectivity. 8chan's administration has announced that they are considering alternatives that include simply running without DDoS protection.

Should 8chan return, I recommend that you save comprehensive personal archives by expanding the images in threads, allowing them to load completely, and then saving the complete web page. The Wayback machine at*/ also has a partial archive of /cuckquean/ and its threads but does not include many images, thumbnails, or videos - especially those that include adult content. This archive is not permanent. The Wayback machine has a takedown process and all history related to 8chan is likely to be scrubbed in the near future.

2019/08/06 1443+0000 UTC: 8chan remains inaccessible via its domain name at It may be accessed insecurely using its IP address at (inadvisable unless done via a VPN you absolutely trust) or via Tor at http://oxwugzccvk3dk6tj.onion. If you wish to save text-only versions of threads, now is the time to do it.

2019/08/09 1600+0000 UTC: 8chan remains down. The situation surrounding 8chan and the loose network of bunkers that has sprung up in its absence is becoming more complicated. Several entries in the known bunker list will be removed in respect for the wishes of their occupants.

2019/08/31 1350+0000 UTC: Welcome back. Endchan suffered a prolonged period of downtime after a shooter's manifesto was posted to end/pol/. 8chan's owner - Jim - is scheduled to testify before the US Congress soon. 8chan's DDoS protection status remains uncertain. Given these facts it is doubtful that 8chan will return to a usable state. As such, I have organized for /cuckquean/ to find a new home. More news soon. Should Endchan go down again, further news will be distributed in smug/a/'s cafe and/or meta threads.

2019/09/01 0415+0000 UTC: Our new home is ready. See the evacuation thread for details. I'm unstickying and locking this thread.

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2D, 3D, text, picture, WebM, original, ripped, whatever.

I'll start by dumping whatever I have from 8/cuckquean/ plus whatever else I find lying around.

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>come back to /cuckqean/ after a couple months
>90% of the best threads are archived and the max original thread count is 10
>tfw I have to bump threads to make sure I'm not killing ones with any content
This blows. Post your favorite material from the lost threads.
Star VS, monstergirls, and cuckqueans in media are just a few off the top of my head.

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Can't post on 8chan

Welp, the CAPTCHA is dead. Let's post queany pictures and talk, I guess.

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Cuckquean-tan Thread

A thread for our adorable board-tan!

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The url for 8ch cq redirects me to other boards now, what's up with that? April fool's joke?

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So how do I become the ideal /cuckquean/ stud?

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A message is mandatory.

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8/cuckquean/ is completely fucked now, every post attempt 404s.

Anyone here...?

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OC Archive

A thread for backing up the OC generated on 8/cuckquean/

Cuckquean-tan goes in >>3 instead.

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Chastity Thread, Ready for Action Edition

Discuss chastity play, equipment, being in chastity, thinking about being in chastity, mixing chastity play with your cuckqueaning and so on.

Or just post cute belts!

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Cuckqueaning Terminology

Continuation of the terminology discussion thread. Vixen a best, cuckcake a shit.