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(8.28 KB 76x100 Sadamsghost.png)
Sucking dick does pay off well, Anonymous 03/31/2021 (Wed) 18:12:01 [Preview] No. 159
Just wanted to give you all a freebie (or you can donate to the addresses below).
Sucking dick does pay off well, specially during the plan-demic. Interesting faqs learned recently during my “Sucking Dick for Crypto” plan-demic limited time tour on the foothills, and hoods of the best state, California. I discovered many people in the San Diego area that would prefer to pay for their dick being sucked by me personally with ETH, BCH, and of course LTC. I was reminded once again that nobody wants to part with their coins that easily, or admit they use the God Tier coin, XMR.
For this I salute you all, tips hat as an ode to the great 9000. Friend, and foe.
XMR and BTC, and LTC donations accepted. Please support ardkore gangstas like me, who do it for the love.

The following donations will also be forwarded to a non profit of my choice securely and anonymously as possible if that helps you sleep better at night.


Feel welcome to use escrow for this also available on drugzlist (http://drugzlisz3nc2cdnyoejpftxqbydlwej3gs4srkj6ep6lu2z5viy4dad.onion/?page=Forums&f=7&ft=711866268456827529)

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