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WARNING BIG BLUE MARKET HANDING OVER DB TO LEA Anonymous 04/09/2021 (Fri) 21:16:11 [Preview] No. 166
Taken from dread forums.
Big Blue's Final Announcement
by /u/Blue_PR Manager • 5 hours ago in /d/BigBlueMarket
Hello all. I just wanted to state that Big Blue admin has left the building as the blue admin. Big Blue has stopped all operations since yesterday, given how our other markets are listed and got banners on dread and passed threw un-detected by the gate keepers of this whole industry ( /u/hugbunter ,/u/paris ,/u/darkdotfail ,/u/darknetlive ) Big blue is no longer needed.. its just a pile of evidence at this point. Given the sheer amount of abuse we have received, due to being overtly vocal on the power structure that currently rules this industry and saying the quite part out loud. Blowing the whistle on how the (dread , ddf, darknetlive ) takes a percentage of an exit scam's in order to push the market visibility. You can see why blue marching to the beat of our own drum has made many enemies.. its affects how the top makes there money.

Some users where able to make withdrawals yesterday , If they met certain conditions.
Conditions are as follows. If you have a dread account that corresponds user/vendor account you where disqualified from from a withdrawal. Also if you vend on monopoly market and also have a blue account .. that money is gone you where disqualified. So only a handful where able to get there money back, the rest have to take there lumps along with the other hundreds and thousands of people that lost there money due to using dread, this is no different if a dread market was to exit scam (Olympus , pax romana , invictus , imypaira , soon darkn0de ) these are just recent examples. If they can do it so can we.

I understand there will be a few smiles on there faces because of this message , so i want to just leave one more thing. I just want to drive home one more lesson bout this game and sticking it dread and the rest. I have taken the liberty to unencrypt the whole db including pass's ,convos ,tracking address, etc etc . In 12 hours time we are going to shoot this db to the 3 letter agency's for maximum damage to the dread community. Maybe this should be a lesson to Hb and paris that they just cant treat people like shit. If they cared , they could buy the db from us ..but don't hold your breath, they are very hardheaded. Anyways Just wanted to put this out let everyone know

See ya on the next market


Members of the dread community have already begun tracing this loose in order to zap him out of existance.

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