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Anonymous 03/03/2021 (Wed) 14:50:58 [Preview] No. 77
As we all know, Tor relies on volunteers to make the system work.
That is why, today we announce a small foundation to host nodes for the network.

* What will we do? *
We, as /d/council intend to help the Tor Network grow by hosting relays. The vendors and onion service providers are the ones suffering the most from a weak network connectivity. Therefore we decided to give them the opportunity to invest into the very infrastructure that their livelyhood depends upon.

The moment you see a professional darknet user moan about a bad connectivity, they no longer have an excuse to blame others. You may point them to our foundation as an option to help the Tor Network outgrow the ever increasing attacks.

We are a solution. Let us unite in the face of our plenty adversaries. Let's build a truly anarchist open source society and enable everyone to be part of this amazing free culture that we are building here.

* How can you help? *

You can help us by donating to:


* Transparency *

As soon as we reach enough money to host a relay for an entire year, we will create one. These relays can be a bridge, a Guard relay, or an exit relay, depending on what is needed at the time.

Since we still are on the darknet, we sadly can not reveal the identity of all the relays we will be hosting. We will however, give all necessary information to a trusted third party,/u/YosemiteGhostWrite, So that he can confirm everything, and make sure we are actually hosting these relays.

Want to host a relay yourself? here are some sources i think are pretty good:

list of VPS providers that allow tor:

How to run a tor relay:

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