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Hate them.

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E-celeb/Offtopic Megathread: 8chan is Down and I'm Bored Edition

Just post whatever, man

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The Turner Diaries

I just finished this novel, and holy fuck is it a good read. The problem being is that it's also a big fat black pill.

Quick tl;dr SPOILERS:
Race war now! White insurgency starts out slowly and an uphill battle, many difficulties. After years they gain territory in California. They deport all the niggers and spics. "Day of the Rope" is when they hang all the race traitors in their territory. They eventually win the race war, turn Israel into glass, scorch Asia, and save the white race.


But revolutionaries were able to organize and any deterents the System was planning to put into place, they defeated before they were implemented.
In the real world those systems are already in place. National ID, ID being required for big purchases and hotels, a cashless society so every purchase is linked to the person. There is no "Organization" because any organization is a fucking honeypot.
That's the reason why it's a big fat black pill. There's really no fucking hope for us. Pence and Trump are proclaiming on national television that anti-zionism is anti-semitic and will not be tolerated.

There is no saving us....

Or is there?
what is the plan from here!

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Mercedes Carrera Court Case Thread

Bringing this one back

Next court date is august 8 2019 lets see how they try to sneak out of this one

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/ggrevolt/ is always right

I felt bad when everyone was turning their back on the cripplekike, but I guess the users here were right.

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Sorry, forgot to log in for too long

Someone who posted here wanted to clean up their old posts and they nuked the whole board, so oops.

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There's another /ggrevolt/ out there???

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Mark of 8/v/ was getting paid by Jim Watkins?

Ain't that some bullshit.

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Cole Lamberson, Epic Fuck Up

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The great dox of 2019 esa leaks over 2000 from e3 (gamergate approved)

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Esports commentator wants guns banned

He is using his public image to have new gun reform and have guns banned.