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(398.90 KB 700x903 212.jpg)
Questions & questions CoreGod 12/14/2020 (Mon) 10:08:27 [Preview] No. 431
Do you believe me if I tell you that God's Community is the best group of spirituality of Earth?

<unrelated pic>

More questions CoreGod 12/14/2020 (Mon) 14:20:17 [Preview] No.432 del
(533.90 KB 700x865 213.jpg)
There is a lot of questions in the introduction to God's Community: https://godscommunity.boards.net/thread/2/welcome

<unrelated pic>

Anonymous 12/14/2020 (Mon) 14:44:53 [Preview] No.433 del
Write a catechism.

FAQ CoreGod 12/14/2020 (Mon) 16:46:00 [Preview] No.434 del
(38.80 KB 781x471 super-group.png)
Catechism is a word used mostly in Christian groups. God's Community is not a Christian group, but Christians can form part of God's Community as well as Atheists, Agnostics, Scientists, Transhumanists, Buddhists, Jews,... God's Community is a "super-group" or "top-level group" that "engulfs" other groups.
The closest thing to a catechism is our version of all attributes of God's Community: https://godscommunity.boards.net/thread/208/version-3-gods-community
But, for beginners, our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) is more appreciated: https://godscommunity.boards.net/thread/3/frequently-asked

One more question CoreGod 12/15/2020 (Tue) 08:12:13 [Preview] No.435 del
(671.20 KB 700x1028 214.jpg)
>>431 >>432
If you take into account how difficult is to manage properly humans (that just have a little power), can you imagine to successfully manage a group of gods that have free will and a lot of power (aka God's Community)?

<unrelated pic>

Possible? CoreGod 12/15/2020 (Tue) 21:35:22 [Preview] No.436 del
(361.22 KB 700x933 215.jpg)
>>431 >>432 >>435

Is possible to clean all immorality on Earth in a moral way, while taking into consideration people's free will?

<unrelated pic>

Anonymous 12/16/2020 (Wed) 17:42:29 [Preview] No.438 del
👆👆 Watch this 👆👆

The true meaning of Christmas although sacriligious is still fun vulgar and hilarious

Anonymous 12/16/2020 (Wed) 17:43:27 [Preview] No.439 del
👆👆 Watch this 👆👆

The true meaning of Christmas although sacriligious is still fun vulgar and hilarious

https://youtube.com/watch?v=3tbCDnZl-O4 [Embed]

CoreGod 12/17/2020 (Thu) 14:17:24 [Preview] No.440 del
(111.53 KB 1360x800 xmas.jpg)
>>438 >>439
At the moment, God's Community doesn't have any special days (holidays).

Christians celebrate that the son of God (Christ) was born in Christmas.
In a way, we try "to reborn" as gods; to transmute into gods.

Moral question CoreGod 12/18/2020 (Fri) 13:12:32 [Preview] No.441 del
(388.41 KB 700x993 217.jpg)
>>431 >>432 >>435 >>436 >>437
Some people* say that God exists and is beyond morality, if that's true, we are better than God because we are always good/benevolent, right?

*Example of some people:

<unrelated [attached] pic[ture]>

Easy? CoreGod 12/18/2020 (Fri) 14:46:48 [Preview] No.442 del
>>431 >>432 >>435 >>436 >>437 >>441

Some of you really think that the transition between human and god is easy?

Somehow related video in a twisted way: https://youtube.com/watch?v=pt8VYOfr8To [Embed]

yt CoreGod 12/19/2020 (Sat) 07:19:01 [Preview] No.443 del
(166.48 KB 700x874 218.jpg)
>>431 >>432 >>435 >>436 >>437 >>441 >>442
We posted some questions in our youtube channel:
https://youtube.com/watch?v=09YvhZm30i0 [Embed]
https://youtube.com/watch?v=g-fBp25Z3Ok [Embed]
https://youtube.com/watch?v=OgohwqYNywE [Embed]

<unrelated [attached] pic[ture]>

Member? CoreGod 12/19/2020 (Sat) 11:53:34 [Preview] No.444 del
(622.72 KB 700x990 219.jpg)
>>431 >>432 >>435 >>436 >>437 >>441 >>442 >>443

Some of you see themselves as member of God's Community? Are you a proud member of God's Community?

Love CoreGod 12/20/2020 (Sun) 09:33:31 [Preview] No.445 del
(384.46 KB 700x933 220.jpg)
>>431 >>432 >>435 >>436 >>437 >>441 >>442 >>443 >>444
Do you love God's Community intensely with all your heart?

<unrelated pic?>

fav CoreGod 12/20/2020 (Sun) 17:46:14 [Preview] No.446 del
(320.56 KB 700x947 221.jpg)
>>431 >>432 >>435 >>436 >>437 >>441 >>442 >>443 >>444 >>445

What is your favorite aspect of God's Community?

<unrelated pic>

Freedom CoreGod 12/21/2020 (Mon) 09:30:16 [Preview] No.447 del
(580.55 KB 700x861 222.jpg)
>>431 >>432 >>435 >>436 >>437 >>441 >>442 >>443 >>444 >>445 >>446

Do you like the intellectual freedom of God's Community, or do you prefer that we give you precise and detail tasks that you must follow blindly?

<not related pic>

Stand alone community? CoreGod 12/21/2020 (Mon) 11:34:59 [Preview] No.448 del
(363.03 KB 700x830 223.jpg)
>>431 >>432 >>435 >>436 >>437 >>441 >>442 >>443 >>444 >>445 >>446 >>447

Do you call God's Community a community even if I do all the work?

<not related pic>

Some godly ideas? CoreGod 12/21/2020 (Mon) 15:05:38 [Preview] No.449 del
(681.46 KB 1280x1920 224.jpg)
>>431 >>432 >>435 >>436 >>437 >>441 >>442 >>443 >>444 >>445 >>446 >>447 >>448

Do you know how to greatly improve God's Community?

<not related [attached] pic[ture]>

Universal acceptance? CoreGod 12/22/2020 (Tue) 16:41:49 [Preview] No.450 del
(523.73 KB 700x972 225.jpg)
>>431 >>432 >>435 >>436 >>437 >>441 >>442 >>443 >>444 >>445 >>446 >>447 >>448 >>449

Do you believe that all intelligent beings in existence will accept unanimously our moral guidance and rules?

<not related attached picture>

Difficult answers CoreGod 12/26/2020 (Sat) 13:51:07 [Preview] No.458 del
(869.97 KB 700x1307 231.jpg)
>>431 >>432 >>435 >>436 >>437 >>441 >>442 >>443 >>444 >>445 >>446 >>447 >>448 >>449 >>>450
It's very easy to generate questions, the difficult part is to answer them correctly. Do you really want more questions?

<not related> attached <picture>

Good leader? CoreGod 12/31/2020 (Thu) 15:05:31 [Preview] No.463 del
Do you think that God's Community should have a leader that is charismatic, decisive, mature, responsible, skilled, intelligent and with strong will?

<attached picture of "a kind of" an anti-example>

Remember? CoreGod 01/02/2021 (Sat) 09:22:32 [Preview] No.464 del
(421.88 KB 700x875 233.jpg)
Do you remember all attributes of God's Community?

<picture of a girl that didn't memorized them>

What's next? CoreGod 01/13/2021 (Wed) 14:13:39 [Preview] No.479 del
(631.10 KB 700x1124 236.jpg)
Do you know the immediate future of God's Community? Do you know all planned scheduled future events of God's Community?

<picture of a girl that don't know it>

Meetings? CoreGod 01/14/2021 (Thu) 08:14:20 [Preview] No.480 del
(567.31 KB 700x1400 237.jpg)
(551.23 KB 700x866 238.jpg)
(566.45 KB 700x1253 239.jpg)
When and where are the physical meetings of all members of God's Community?

<unrelated pictures>

You didn't expect this question, didn't you? CoreGod 01/20/2021 (Wed) 13:32:06 [Preview] No.485 del
Is God's Community better than sex?

https://youtube.com/watch?v=yYTFXE17v-g [Embed]

Poll CoreGod 01/26/2021 (Tue) 16:13:33 [Preview] No.491 del
Do you wish to see polls in our twitter account?


Control of All CoreGod 01/28/2021 (Thu) 11:59:20 [Preview] No.493 del
(482.23 KB 700x796 244.jpg)
Do you know that, in theory, we control all governments of Earth?

<picture of a girl that doesn't believe it>

Probably you have questions CoreGod 01/31/2021 (Sun) 05:11:17 [Preview] No.496 del
(189.16 KB 700x1019 245.jpg)
I cannot read minds, so, if you want your questions to be answered, you have to write down and post it.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

<picture of a girl that doesn't have questions about God's Community (probably)>

Poll results as expected CoreGod 02/02/2021 (Tue) 16:28:12 [Preview] No.498 del
With 0 votes (as expected) it is clear that people don't want polls in our twitter account.
The lack of votes, in this case, is somehow equivalent to voting no, therefore, the poll was worth it with votes or without votes.
Anyway, you still had a choice to vote, you want to have choices >>447, right?

Anonymous 02/02/2021 (Tue) 16:32:51 [Preview] No.499 del
Gods are too lazy to vote.

Laziness is not the way CoreGod 02/03/2021 (Wed) 14:17:41 [Preview] No.500 del
I'm kindly/politely disagreeing with you.
Humans of Earth need a lot of rest, so it's normal that they have tendency to be lazy. Human beings tend to minimize any effort because how the human body works, any new task/activity consume a lot of energy, and the body takes a lot of time to recover the lost energy. Also, on average, humans don't have too much free time.
On the other hand, gods of God's Community are not lazy. When we reach that level of existence (being god), we will have energetic abundance and a lot of vitality. We will be ready for any number of desirable and possible actions.

This reply is also posted in the main website of God's Community: https://godscommunity.boards.net/thread/214/endchan-lazy

Anonymous 02/05/2021 (Fri) 08:19:26 [Preview] No.502 del
After you reach that level of existence are you gonna need a day to rest after every 6 days of work?

No CoreGod 02/05/2021 (Fri) 10:29:15 [Preview] No.503 del
Simple answer: No.

No need to rest, we will be always ready and always awake.
Even if we have an attribute called rest, we'll be always working:
"Rest: Some processes/parts could need rest, but the whole system is always up. Link:Sustainable,Always awake,Present,Constant,Unstoppable,Eternal" From: https://godscommunity.boards.net/thread/189/maintenance

The current human body is always working (at least the heart) until it dies, even in "rest mode" (sleeping).
In contrast, our mind and body will be unstoppable (we'll never sleep) and eternal, but we'll never feel tired, we constantly will be full of awesome vitality.

For security reasons it's much better to be restless. We want to be completely safe at all times (with no weaknesses). We will be always monitoring everything.

This reply is also posted in the main website of God's Community: https://godscommunity.boards.net/thread/214/endchan-lazy

Boring? CoreGod 02/07/2021 (Sun) 11:21:29 [Preview] No.505 del
(561.03 KB 700x859 252.jpg)
Do you find God's Community interesting? Do you gain some interesting knowledge from us?

<picture of a girl that doesn't know that we exist (probably)>

Ethical proselytism (spread the word) BeyondGod 02/09/2021 (Tue) 05:37:11 [Preview] No.507 del
(206.38 KB 540x756 253.jpg)

Do you wanna earn money advertising our group (like a influencer or a priest)?
I am influencing you?

<maybe if we pay her some money, she will do some advertisement of God's Community>

Ooops BeyondGod 02/12/2021 (Fri) 12:38:21 [Preview] No.510 del
(451.21 KB 700x875 259.jpg)
>>431 >>449

Do you find any grammmatical errror (typo),, or error semantic of information any of ours?
Do you want to rewrite our information in your own words?

<picture of a girl that made spelling errors when she was young (probably)>

Anonymous 02/13/2021 (Sat) 10:55:14 [Preview] No.512 del
Is it a typo if the misspelling is intentional?

Exposing errors CoreGod 02/14/2021 (Sun) 14:21:33 [Preview] No.513 del
(3.59 MB 1767x1697 oops.jpg)
The spelling errors in >>510 were intentional (not really typos). It was some form a self-example or meta-example.
The idea of the post >>510 was to encourage the exposure of errors of any type that people can find in any information of God's Community.

This thread ("Questions & questions" >>431) is designed to create reactions in people, and at the moment, it is working!
In order to be a real community, it is necessary, that others than me (at least one), collaborate/interact in God's Community.

More videos BeyondGod 02/16/2021 (Tue) 11:47:08 [Preview] No.515 del
(356.63 KB 1440x850 youtube_channel.png)
Do you want to create a video for our youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/godscommunity ?

You can upload the video here.
If the video is OK, we will upload it to our youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/godscommunity

Billions and billions and billions BeyondGod 02/19/2021 (Fri) 05:26:45 [Preview] No.518 del
(368.00 KB 700x875 265.jpg)
Can you handle millions of ideas at once?

<she probably can't>

An eternity in days BeyondGod 02/22/2021 (Mon) 03:17:49 [Preview] No.521 del
(179.42 KB 600x900 269.jpg)
>>431 >>479

How many days are you willing to bet that God's Community will last?

<maybe she thinks that bets are risky>

Feel good -> Feeling good CoreGod 02/24/2021 (Wed) 05:15:36 [Preview] No.523 del

Most likely, the attribute 'Feel good' will be renamed 'Feeling good' or 'Feels good' in version 3.1 of God's Community.
What do you think?

Healthy internal criticism BeyondGod 02/28/2021 (Sun) 06:05:20 [Preview] No.527 del
(383.86 KB 700x865 273.jpg)

Where is the practical stuff of God's Community?
Where are the practical steps to become god?
God's Community is just wishful thinking without contact with reality?

<(pic) probably she doesn't know how to become a goddess>

Initiations? BeyondGod 03/04/2021 (Thu) 06:46:06 [Preview] No.531 del
(265.04 KB 700x847 274.jpg)
>>431 >>527

Where is the initial process/event/rite (initiation) to become a member of God's Community?
How exactly one person becomes a full member of God's Community?

<(pic) probably she doesn't want to be a member of God's Community>

Anonymous 03/04/2021 (Thu) 12:17:16 [Preview] No.532 del
I bet she does.

Julia Rose BeyondGod 03/05/2021 (Fri) 03:57:39 [Preview] No.533 del
(62.76 KB 634x635 Julia Rose.jpg)
I usually post some random girl without knowing something important about them. But now, I did some research about who this girl is (https://gossipgist.com/julia-rose) and I still believe that she doesn't want to member of God's Community (I didn't talked to her).
How much do you want to bet?

>I bet she does.
If do you mean that she does porn. Well, at the moment, she doesn't do regular porn, but she is very close to it (just sexy teasing).

Recurrent visitors BeyondGod 03/08/2021 (Mon) 04:52:45 [Preview] No.536 del
(316.72 KB 766x1112 275.jpg)
Are you visiting this website weekly/daily/randomly?

<(pic) probably she never has seen this website>

Anonymous 03/11/2021 (Thu) 12:11:28 [Preview] No.540 del

A number of "bad girls" realize their life is empty and goes on to search something more. Some find religion for example. Traditionally Mary Magdalene is considered a prostitute.

Sunny Leone BeyondGod 03/12/2021 (Fri) 13:33:06 [Preview] No.541 del
(121.49 KB 850x1212 Sunny Leone.jpg)
It's true, people change their minds.
The image of >>536 is Sunny Leone. In 2013 she announced her retirement from the adult industry stating "I am lucky that the audience is accepting me. I have come my way from there [porn industry]. I don't have any plans as of now to go back there."
But still, it's hard to believe that she will choose God's Community over all that spirituality that is out there, because God's Community is unpopular, not well explained, and full of advanced spirituality.

Unpopular opinion BeyondGod 03/20/2021 (Sat) 00:55:58 [Preview] No.549 del
(427.04 KB 700x869 285.jpg)

How is that God's Community is not popular between humans? It is because we talk of things that people are not interested in?

<(pic) probably she is not interested in God's Community>

We don't accept donations BeyondGod 03/24/2021 (Wed) 07:10:48 [Preview] No.553 del
(1.03 MB 1000x1305 286.jpg)

Do you want donate money to God's Community?
We only use free websites. If you want to donate, you can donate individually to the hosts of our websites.

Main website of God's Community: https://godscommunity.boards.net
For removing ads: https://www.proboards.com/store/add_cart/ad_free/50000/godscommunity.boards.net/1

The website you are watching: https://endchan.net/godscommunity
Donation page: https://endchan.net/.static/donations.html

For our videos: https://www.youtube.com/GodsCommunity
Premium: https://www.youtube.com/premium

For embedded images on the main website: https://imgur.com/user/godscommunity
Ad-free: https://imgur.com/emerald

And other website: https://twitter.com/God_s_Community

<(pic) maybe someday she will donate all her money to us>

External referrers BeyondGod 04/01/2021 (Thu) 06:01:45 [Preview] No.561 del
(395.00 KB 1280x960 291.jpg)

Have you seen God's Community mentioned somewhere else (outside of our websites)?

<(pic) probably she never has seen anything about God's Community>

Colorful BeyondGod 04/09/2021 (Fri) 08:17:35 [Preview] No.569 del
(820.14 KB 1066x1525 297.jpg)

Do you like the colors of our websites ( >>553 ) ?

<(pic) probably she likes other colors>

Like 5G? BeyondGod 04/17/2021 (Sat) 01:23:14 [Preview] No.577 del
(539.82 KB 700x1020 300.jpg)

Do you want constantly messages from us directly beamed into your brain (like some kind of 5G?) ?

<(pic) probably she strongly doesn't want that>

Who? BeyondGod 04/21/2021 (Wed) 05:39:00 [Preview] No.582 del
(324.78 KB 700x875 301.jpg)
>>431 >>444 >>531

Who is your favorite member of God's Community? Is you?

<(pic) probably she doesn't know any member of God's Community>

Frequency BeyondGod 04/29/2021 (Thu) 06:37:11 [Preview] No.590 del
(388.48 KB 736x1186 304.jpg)

Do you want a daily question? many questions a day? after a few days? never?

<(pic) maybe she wants a question from God's Community every nanosecond (probably not)>

More comparing? BeyondGod & CoreGod 05/07/2021 (Fri) 03:49:44 [Preview] No.598 del
(301.03 KB 700x921 310.jpg)

With what do you want to compare God's Community?
Comparing to science fiction? Zen? Illuminati? Gnosticism? Mayan culture? Classic greek/roman culture? Ancient Egypt?

<(pic) maybe she want to compare God's Community with whoring around>

Translators that work for free wanted BeyondGod 05/15/2021 (Sat) 03:11:13 [Preview] No.606 del
(319.95 KB 700x875 314.jpg)

Do you want to see our ideas in your language?

-----Automatic translations:
¿Quiere ver nuestras ideas en su idioma?
Möchten Sie unsere Ideen in Ihrer Sprache sehen?
Хотите ли вы увидеть наши идеи на вашем языке?
क्या आप हमारे विचारों को अपनी भाषा में देखना चाहते हैं?
당신은 당신의 언어로 우리의 아이디어를보고 싶어?
Voulez-vous voir nos idées dans votre langue ?
Quer ver as nossas ideias na sua língua?
Fikirlerimizi dilinizde görmek ister misiniz?
Θέλετε να δείτε τις ιδέες μας στη γλώσσα σας;
هل تريد أن ترى أفكارنا بلغتك؟
האם אתה רוצה לראות את הרעיונות שלנו בשפה שלך?
Bạn có muốn xem ý tưởng của chúng tôi bằng ngôn ngữ của bạn?
Chcesz zobaczyć nasze pomysły w swoim języku?
Haluatko nähdä ajatuksemme omalla kielelläsi?


<(pic) maybe she's hoping to see our ideas in Esperanto>

Are we perfect? BeyondGod 05/21/2021 (Fri) 12:46:11 [Preview] No.614 del
(498.62 KB 700x1134 319.jpg)
>>431 >>510

Nobody complains, no harsh criticism so far... So we can assume that we did everything right, right?

<(pic) probably she doesn't know about us, therefore she can't complain about us>

Worth it? BeyondGod 05/24/2021 (Mon) 08:37:56 [Preview] No.617 del
(395.26 KB 700x976 320.jpg)

Is God's Community worth it? Is God's Community worth your time?
Is God's Community some kind of weird trap to make you waste your time?

<(pic) Girl that does know nothing about God's Community (probably)>

Anonymous 05/24/2021 (Mon) 08:44:40 [Preview] No.618 del
>Girl that does know nothing about God's Community
You need to start to hand out fliers.

Quality > quantity CoreGod 05/25/2021 (Tue) 04:01:06 [Preview] No.619 del

I'm very comfy and happy with the handful of people that I reach through the Internet.
At the moment, my priority is to create quality content; to reach all humanity (proselytism) is secondary. I don't think that I can successfully handle millions of humans at once.
You are free, if you want, to create fliers/pamphlets about God's Community and give them physically to people.

I am God? BeyondGod 06/01/2021 (Tue) 02:47:12 [Preview] No.627 del
(792.76 KB 1473x1855 325.jpg)

Do you believe that God's Community is my personal community and therefore I am God?

<(pic) Maybe this girl believes in God>

Do you understand me? BeyondGod & CoreGod 06/09/2021 (Wed) 09:14:11 [Preview] No.635 del
(705.62 KB 700x885 330.jpg)

God's Community is hard to understand?
Do you need a thread when we explain everything from the beginning in a very very easy way?

<(pic) maybe, even if she knows about God's Community, she doesn't get it>

like a baby? BeyondGod 06/17/2021 (Thu) 12:03:52 [Preview] No.644 del
(165.91 KB 700x466 newborn.jpg)

God's Community is like a baby, it needs a lot of time to grow!?

When? BeyondGod 06/25/2021 (Fri) 10:08:21 [Preview] No.652 del
(594.32 KB 1080x1080 338.jpg)

When do you think that God's Community will show up in the mainstream media?

<(pic) probably she doesn't need to know about God's Community to be happy>

EuroCup BeyondGod 07/07/2021 (Wed) 08:17:16 [Preview] No.664 del

Do you think that God's Community is some kind of entertainment like the EuroCup 2024?

<(video) probably she doesn't take God's Community seriously even if discovers its existence>

Powers! BeyondGod 07/15/2021 (Thu) 01:19:15 [Preview] No.672 del
(561.68 KB 1080x1349 349.jpg)

Do you have a real superpower or a real psychic power?

<(pic) probably she doesn't have any special power or she doesn't know herself>

To be or not to be? BeyondGod 07/23/2021 (Fri) 13:27:08 [Preview] No.680 del
(252.57 KB 791x910 353.jpg)

Do you prefer that God's Community exists or not?

<(pic) probably she prefers to keep existing, and probably she doesn't care about God's Community>

Are you our biggest fan? BeyondGod 07/31/2021 (Sat) 09:17:51 [Preview] No.688 del

How can you prove that you're a big fan of God's Community?

<(pic) probably she is not a fan of God's Community>

Descendants? BeyondGod 08/08/2021 (Sun) 08:17:26 [Preview] No.696 del
(445.68 KB 700x1049 356.jpg)

Members of God's Community are allowed to have children?

<(pic) maybe she is a mom>

Etherical BeyondGod 08/16/2021 (Mon) 07:55:36 [Preview] No.716 del
(343.01 KB 770x976 358.jpg)

Do you want to talk about etherical energy?

<(pic) probably she doesn't know what 'etherical' means>

Porn BeyondGod 08/24/2021 (Tue) 10:36:31 [Preview] No.725 del
(412.88 KB 700x875 359.jpg)
(604.73 KB 700x874 360.jpg)
(243.02 KB 550x682 361.jpg)
(161.79 KB 400x600 362.jpg)
>>431 >>485

Do you want to see porn instead of watching a God's Community website?

<(pic) probably they watched porn>

Anonymous 08/24/2021 (Tue) 13:15:48 [Preview] No.726 del
not a chance

Irony? CoreGod 08/25/2021 (Wed) 13:37:59 [Preview] No.728 del

To be honest, I don't know how to interpret your answer, it could be an ironic answer.

Anonymous 08/25/2021 (Wed) 15:03:12 [Preview] No.729 del
many porn on the internet, only one God's Community

That's awesome! CoreGod 08/26/2021 (Thu) 13:01:20 [Preview] No.731 del
(265.72 KB 800x746 just one.png)
I started God's Community because I didn't see something like it, not even similar.
Still until today, I didn't find something like God's Community, maybe it is somewhere, but I didn't find it.
Maybe we are really unique (just one)!

Celebrities BeyondGod 09/01/2021 (Wed) 02:08:46 [Preview] No.739 del
Do you know why celebrities don't talk about us (God's Community)?

<(pic) they never talked about us (God's Community)>

It's all about us:
https://youtube.com/watch?v=6yP4Nm86yk0 [Embed]

Autism BeyondGod 09/09/2021 (Thu) 02:35:35 [Preview] No.747 del
(1.18 MB 1260x1767 371.jpg)
>>431 >>635

Are we autistic for an autistic audience only?
Are we easy to understand?

<(pic) she doesn't look autistic>

What? BeyondGod 09/17/2021 (Fri) 08:10:39 [Preview] No.755 del
(1.17 MB 1271x1920 372.jpg)
(487.54 KB 700x1046 373.jpg)
(234.49 KB 657x1200 374.jpg)
(474.22 KB 640x800 375.jpg)
(518.89 KB 700x995 376.jpg)

What are you looking at? What it is in your mind?

What's up? BeyondGod 10/03/2021 (Sun) 11:53:36 [Preview] No.779 del
(249.09 KB 700x875 377.jpg)
(2.34 MB 3712x4672 378.jpg)

Dudes/dudettes, what's up?
Bro/sis, what's up?

Beyond God's Community (BGC) BeyondGod & AscendGod 10/07/2021 (Thu) 09:41:29 [Preview] No.783 del

Can you create a better community than God's Community?

<related pic>

Wikipedia BeyondGod 10/11/2021 (Mon) 14:45:43 [Preview] No.787 del

Can you create an extensive wikipedia page about us?

<very related pic>

How you feel today? BeyondGod 10/27/2021 (Wed) 13:39:45 [Preview] No.803 del

How are you? Are you feeling like god/God today?

https://youtube.com/watch?v=CmwRQqJsegw [Embed]
https://youtube.com/watch?v=Edwsf-8F3sI [Embed]

Obsessed with God's Community? BeyondGod 11/12/2021 (Fri) 17:03:07 [Preview] No.820 del
(257.64 KB 700x942 385.jpg)
(384.00 KB 700x989 386.jpg)
(273.09 KB 700x1006 387.jpg)
(336.37 KB 623x865 388.jpg)

Do you have an abnormal desire to watch our content every minute?
Do you have an orgasm every time we post new content?
Can you live for a second without us?

CoreGod 11/13/2021 (Sat) 12:07:52 [Preview] No.823 del

Hi, Julia:
Games are addicted to humans, and of course, adult games too!
But, I don't think that humans are addicted to God's Community.

Do you hate us? BeyondGod 11/20/2021 (Sat) 16:56:42 [Preview] No.831 del
(213.08 KB 800x800 394.jpg)
(817.39 KB 1300x1781 395.jpg)

Do you hate us? How much do you hate us?
What part of God's Community you dislike the most?

Anonymous 11/20/2021 (Sat) 17:42:03 [Preview] No.832 del
No. Not at all.
Sure something I dislike. Maybe I'll think about it.
In general I find it as curiosity.

about dislike CoreGod 11/21/2021 (Sun) 12:25:05 [Preview] No.833 del

>Sure something I dislike.
It's normal. It's pretty difficult to satisfy everybody in everything, maybe impossible, but we will try.

Always happy? BeyondGod & BlissGod 12/06/2021 (Mon) 15:32:07 [Preview] No.849 del
(776.00 KB 1200x1600 398.jpg)

Do you think that the human body can maintain constantly moderate/calm happiness (bliss)?

<(pic) she looks happy!)>

constant: https://godscommunity.boards.net/thread/163/eternal
calm: https://godscommunity.boards.net/thread/160/calm
bliss: https://godscommunity.boards.net/thread/146/bliss
happy: https://godscommunity.boards.net/thread/146/bliss

How much subconscious are you? BeyondGod & WiseGod 12/22/2021 (Wed) 13:24:53 [Preview] No.865 del
(299.72 KB 800x1130 mind control.jpg)
(154.88 KB 800x1000 hypnosis.jpg)
(341.97 KB 695x1200 programmed maid.jpg)

What exact percentage of your consciousness is subconscious?

Unlimited imagination BeyondGod 01/07/2022 (Fri) 17:11:07 [Preview] No.885 del

Can you use your imagination freely?
How do you know that you have real free will? Do you have unlimited imagination?

https://youtube.com/watch?v=uXCoXW8lr0k [Embed]

What are we doing with our lives? BeyondGod 01/23/2022 (Sun) 12:33:14 [Preview] No.901 del
(292.02 KB 500x1016 wat r w doing.jpg)

God's Community is just a hobby/pastime or something to fill a existential crisis or something else?

Beyond God BeyondOfGod & GodOfAll 02/08/2022 (Tue) 12:34:32 [Preview] No.920 del
(28.83 KB 400x400 Beyond God group.jpg)
(23.82 KB 324x500 Beyond God book.jpg)
(192.79 KB 907x1360 Beyond God book 2.jpg)

Assuming that God exists, it is possible to become more powerful that God? In other words, it is possible to become God's God? Beyond God in every aspect?


How about some eternal universal peace? BeyondGod,ControlOfAll&SecureGod 02/24/2022 (Thu) 10:35:05 [Preview] No.939 del
(1.03 MB 1005x661 Mila Kunis.png)

We said that we want peace on Ukraine, isn't (>>928)?
We still want eternal universal peace!

eternal: https://godscommunity.boards.net/thread/163/eternal
universal: https://godscommunity.boards.net/thread/116/all
peace: https://godscommunity.boards.net/thread/130/peace

What are you real intentions? BeyondGod & GodOfAll 03/12/2022 (Sat) 10:24:37 [Preview] No.955 del
(509.51 KB 700x927 402.jpg)

Do you want to become a god in order to torture billions of life forms?
Do you want to become the God of All to cause infinite/eternal destruction and chaos?

life: https://godscommunity.boards.net/thread/163/eternal
God of All: https://godscommunity.boards.net/thread/142/god-all
eternal: https://godscommunity.boards.net/thread/163/eternal
chaos: https://godscommunity.boards.net/thread/201/unknown

Cognitive ontology BeyondGod, WiseGod & EnergyGod 04/13/2022 (Wed) 15:31:43 [Preview] No.987 del
(74.22 KB 700x874 404.jpg)
(221.65 KB 700x1268 405.jpg)
(111.15 KB 700x862 406.jpg)
(229.24 KB 700x1150 407.jpg)

We think, so we exist, right?
It is possible to think and not to exist?
It is possible that we are just a thinking probability of existence but not real?

Let's play BeyondGod 04/29/2022 (Fri) 01:59:40 [Preview] No.1013 del
(165.59 KB 700x957 420.jpg)
(223.35 KB 700x875 419.jpg)

Let's play a game:

God's ????????? is full of ???????ness!

???????: https://godscommunity.boards.net/thread/99/best

Anonymous 04/29/2022 (Fri) 07:55:59 [Preview] No.1015 del
Won't let this question unanswered:
>Do you think that we should stop asking questions?
No. Questions always need to be asked.

question answered CoreGod & PlanningGod 04/30/2022 (Sat) 07:04:12 [Preview] No.1016 del
(59.55 KB 600x600 answer.png)

Thank you for your answer!
So, yes, we are planning to keep posting questions even if nobody write an answer.

When we are part of your memory system? BeyondGod & MemoryGod 05/02/2022 (Mon) 13:35:47 [Preview] No.1024 del
(166.56 KB 533x800 424.jpg)
(148.91 KB 700x824 425.jpg)
(231.20 KB 700x683 426.jpg)

When is the first time that you have seen some of our content? Do you remember the exact date?

Soul business? BeyondGod,ControlOfAll&EnergyGod 05/18/2022 (Wed) 13:37:21 [Preview] No.1058 del
(214.01 KB 700x874 458.jpg)
(1.32 MB 4865x6520 459.jpg)
(386.04 KB 760x1024 460.jpg)

Do you have a soul? If so, are you allowed to sell your soul?
Are you allowed to buy/own and external soul?

Repetition of questions? BeyondGod 06/03/2022 (Fri) 08:15:42 [Preview] No.1093 del
(121.64 KB 564x846 494.jpg)

We should repeat questions or find new ones?
We should repeat questions or find new ones?
We should repeat questions or find new ones?
We should repeat questions or find new ones?
We should repeat questions or find new ones?

Games are teenage trainers? BeyondGod 06/19/2022 (Sun) 10:32:03 [Preview] No.1129 del
(184.65 KB 700x940 524.jpg)
(93.23 KB 700x525 525.jpg)

It is possible that horror games turn human teenagers (young adults) into successful/mature/responsible adults full of vitality and hope for a better humanity?

Beyond human form?! BeyondGod & HomeGod 07/05/2022 (Tue) 12:42:03 [Preview] No.1176 del
(119.59 KB 700x980 565.jpg)
(71.67 KB 700x892 566.jpg)

Are you afraid to live in a non-human form/body?

Do you really care? BeyondGod & HeartGod 07/21/2022 (Thu) 01:28:55 [Preview] No.1217 del
(163.92 KB 700x873 609.jpg)
(172.83 KB 700x1052 610.jpg)

Do you really care if Earth is destroyed?

Amoral is good? BeyondGod & GoodGod 08/06/2022 (Sat) 11:09:10 [Preview] No.1262 del
(83.82 KB 798x482 658.jpg)
(137.72 KB 700x859 659.jpg)

It is possible that something amoral is good? Or is it a contradiction?

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