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(399.63 KB 1850x1850 Personal Spirituality.jpg)
Personal spirituality [comparing] CoreGod 03/23/2021 (Tue) 02:22:20 [Preview] No. 552
In this thread we're going to show you the differences and similarities between personal/individual spirituality and God's Community.

Estimated schedule of releases (time in UTC of current year):
- Saturday 27 March: Individuality
- Wednesday 31 March: Creativity
- Sunday 4 April: Eclecticism
- Thursday 8 April: Posting it in the main website

Individuality CoreGod 03/27/2021 (Sat) 14:28:47 [Preview] No.556 del

Some people prefer to have a personal believe system, a personal morality or a personal spirituality. They prefer to be alone rather than a mass group. They are more comfy within themselves (or small group) than inside a large group. They are not afraid to be different of the rest.
Usually, old groups have lot of rules, and probably, they didn't find a group that they really like, or they think there is something incorrect/wrong, incomplete,... with the groups they found.

God's Community is a group/community, but individuality is allowed. We are not a hive mind, even if we're working as one being.
God's Community, in theory, could include all beings that meet the proper requirements to be inside our community.

Creativity CoreGod 03/31/2021 (Wed) 05:58:46 [Preview] No.560 del
(365.96 KB 1920x1080 creativity.jpg)

People like to have freedom to choose whatever, to have a customized spirituality, a spirituality that they like, a spirituality that they think is the best for them. They like to have the freedom to construct/change whatever ideas they think are appropriated to their liking, to create their own way of living, to fulfill their creativity and heart's desires.

It's expected that you don't like some parts of God's Community.
You can create your own version of God's Community and still able to be compatible with us. Creativity is allowed.

Eclecticism CoreGod 04/04/2021 (Sun) 07:56:28 [Preview] No.564 del
(599.15 KB 700x700 interconnectivity.jpg)

There is an immense ocean of ideas out there. There are so much ideas (and combinations of ideas) that it is difficult/impossible to reach/analyze them all. People that choose to have a personal spirituality just take some of them for whatever personal reason.

We have a big diversity of ideas, but it's not just random ideas put together, it's a coherent system of ideas full of interconnectivity.
We didn't create all our ideas, we have taken a lot of ideas from a broad and diverse range of sources (and sometimes with our own modifications). What it's new is our system of ideas.
We still can include new ideas into our way of thinking (if they are good enough), or we can create new ones, we don't depend of the creativity of others.

Posted in the main website CoreGod 04/08/2021 (Thu) 08:43:19 [Preview] No.568 del
>>552 >>556 >>560 >>564

This thread is posted in our main website (with some small modifications): https://godscommunity.boards.net/thread/219/personal-spirituality-comparing

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