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(124.13 KB 1004x947 346346.png)
Tucker Carlson Spotted In Moscow As Neocons Melt Down Over Potential Putin Interview Reader 02/05/2024 (Mon) 14:37 Id: 558efb [Preview] No. 22053
Tucker Carlson Spotted In Moscow As Neocons Melt Down Over Potential Putin Interview

Russian media outlet "Mash" reports that former Fox News host Tucker Carlson was seen at the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow in recent days. On the social media platform X, there's enormous interest in Carlson's trip and speculation about whether he plans to interview Russian President Vladimir Putin.

As of Sunday morning, "Tucker" was trending on X with over 307,000 posts.

The journalist previously relayed a story about trying to set up a Putin interview, until a Washington, DC source briefed him about how the NSA spied on him:

"The NSA broke into my signal account, which I didn't know they could do," he previously said.

"I got a call from somebody in Washington. This person said: 'Are you gonna come to Washington anytime soon?' Yeah. Actually, I'm gonna be up in a week, meet me Sunday morning."

"So I go, and this person's like: 'Are you planning a trip to go see Putin?' And I was like, 'how would you know that?' I haven't told anybody. I mean anybody. Not my brother. Not my wife, nobody."

"How would you know that? 'Because NSA pulled your text with this other person you were texting.'"

The US government spied on Tucker Carlson to stop him from interviewing Vladamir Putin.

"Uncensored on X. The US deep state and the Biden administration must be in panic mode because Putin (the most censored man in the West) will expose their propaganda and lies," X user Kim Dotcom wrote in a post.

Neocons are going berserk:

"Perhaps we need a total and complete shutdown of Tucker Carlson re-entering the United States until our country's representatives can figure out what is going on," Bill Kristol said.

X user The Redheaded Libertarian responded to Kristol: "Barring a journalist from coming home is some KGB shit, Bill."

Tucker hasn’t even chatted with Putin yet, and the first fights have already broken out on the Internet.

Tucker Carlson will interview Putin and the media is in panic mode. They're losing control of the narrative.

This comes as Elon Musk has freed Twitter from corporate and government control while citizen journalists, armed with keyboards, report the news unbiasedly. In other words, the matrix has glitched.


Reader 02/06/2024 (Tue) 23:57 Id: 558efb [Preview] No.22065 del

It's happening. Mad man is doing it. Political establishment is freaking the hell out over this right now lol.

Reader 02/07/2024 (Wed) 14:47 Id: ad7899 [Preview] No.22066 del
Putin isn't "the white savior" so many pretend or desperately hope he is. Lest we keep forgetting over and over again.

Reader 02/07/2024 (Wed) 16:19 Id: d448cc [Preview] No.22067 del
Putin doesn't care about any of that, all Putin really cares about is keeping Russia a sovereign solvent nation not subjugated or dependent like the EU vassal states are today. He also wants his political party to stay in power like pretty much any other president, prime minister or dictator would. He's not out to save whites, but he is a Russian nationalist who wants to massively industrialize Russia. Is he evil for that? I guess that's up for debate, I certainly wouldn't know.

Reader 02/08/2024 (Thu) 01:45 Id: ec0ee1 [Preview] No.22069 del
I doubt he'll pull it off. Russia's sanctioned to hell due to the US. And he's really unpopular and jails anyone who says a bad thing about him

>Tucker Carlson Spotted In Moscow As Neocons Melt Down Over Potential Putin Interview

And he was also spotted with Netanyahu's son a few years ago there's photos online of them if you search for it. He's won't accomplish much or do any long term change OP

Reader 02/08/2024 (Thu) 03:04 Id: ad7899 [Preview] No.22073 del
Then why were those penalties enforced? Here's what Putin cares for. He didn't want to invade the Ukraine because he gives a damn about Russians. It was to "stop the Nazis". This is the only way he can think even as jew Zelensky is in charge of the Ukraine, because as the pictures have clearly shown, Putin's a kike.

Reader 02/08/2024 (Thu) 16:34 Id: 558efb [Preview] No.22076 del
>I doubt he'll pull it off. Russia's sanctioned to hell due to the US.

Depends. What matters most is Russia's (actual) GDP vs their national debt, and their ability to trade: especially when sanctioned or at war. Currently Russia still has India, China, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and a few other eastern nations that are willing to trade outside the USD (US treasury bonds) and many of them, like the UAE, are dumping their US Treasury bond holdings (albeit very slowly as not to shock their currency valuations which are all pegged to the USD; consider what happened to Japan's market recently when Japan dumped too many US treasury bonds, they fucked their currency's value and inflation went sky high). USD will remain a global reserve currency until enough nations are able to (slowly but surely) stop using US treasures completely in global trade - then and only then - the USD implodes and hyperinflation will result. Meanwhile I'm sure Putin knows this, him having a pHd in global economics, and is working hard to keep the Ruble stable during this massive new economic trade transition.

>And he's really unpopular and jails anyone who says a bad thing about him

True, but consider some of the people that have been banned from Russia too, like that Jew George Soros and his NGOs. Not all of those punished are very good people as you should be aware. Jews do infight over political power, a lot. There are some Jews that only care about making money, then there are others who want money and political power (like Putin), and there are some Jews who are straight up evil who want money, power and desire to enslave populations and kill off any dissent (like Netanyahu). What I believe we are witnessing in Russia is political clashes between two types of Jews (nationalists vs global hegemonists). The nationalists want a multi-polar world. The global hegemonists desire global domination or one world government under their control. The big clash between the "USSA" (what I call modern America) and the Russian Federation is related to that ideological divide. I guess if you choose a side you are picking one evil over another. If you don't pick a side then enjoy the popcorn, sit back and watch the show.

Reader 02/08/2024 (Thu) 16:41 Id: 558efb [Preview] No.22077 del
As you said, Zelensky is also a Jew. If Zelensky cared about Ukrainian citizens he would have negotiated a peace deal with Putin by now, instead of sending more and more of them into a meat grinder. I'm not saying Putin is not of fault too, sure he is, but any rational person would come to the conclusion that this war has to end and the sooner the better. The longer this war continues the more innocents (Russians and Ukrainians) get killed. I believe we need to stop involving ourselves with this, and Zelensky should stop fearing diplomacy with another ideological Jew (Putin). Both could reach reasonable agreements. Perhaps it is time for the UN to weigh options?

Reader 02/08/2024 (Thu) 19:56 Id: ad7899 [Preview] No.22079 del
(96.57 KB 642x523 Russia UN veto.jpg)
(134.83 KB 627x692 Vetoing shits.jpg)
True, but there's not a thing we as individuals can do about it besides refuse to participate. Russia has veto power for any resolutions the U.N. comes up with as much as the U.S. has about Israel's massacres.

Reader 02/09/2024 (Fri) 05:27 Id: 09aaf5 [Preview] No.22084 del
Keep in mind how Ukraine's war is merely designed to shine a bad light over Putin (not that I necessarily care or read into, reason being...) in order to smokescreen and/or memory hole the reality behind who is capitalizing in Ukraine. Obama, Biden, Clinton, affiliated corps and organizations, MIC companies a la biolabs, etc. The longer it draws out, a higher amount of dirt is collected in the meantime to secure these peasants on the TV who hold virtually no power, only acting in part for their benefactors.

Well, that and eradicating a generation of youngsters who have zero clue what genocide is being auctioned to the highest bidder in terms of participation.

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