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Senate Neo-cons Side With Biden Regime, Neo-cons Want TOTAL OPEN BORDERS Reader 02/05/2024 (Mon) 18:48 Id: 2dc29c [Preview] No. 22057
Senate Neo-cons Side With Biden Regime, Neo-cons Want TOTAL OPEN BORDERS

This bill is insane. Does anyone think asylum officers need a pay raise?

Humiliating border patrol agents further.
Giving work permits away like candy.
Institutionalizing catch and release thru non detention.
Maintains parole standard of case by case basis which Mayorkas has blown wide open.
New word salad for asylum which won't change anything.
Puts far left DC district court in charge.
Here we go. Chamber of Commerce give aways.
Locking in future admins into the give aways.
Very obviously not a border bill at this point.
You will pay for lawyers of illegal aliens.
New standard of acceptable illegal immigrants set at 5k/day (around 2 million a year).
Payday for pro illegal immigration NGOs.

And worse: https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1754290662868984067.html

Fortunately, House Republicans are saying it is DEAD ON ARRIVAL:


Reader 02/06/2024 (Tue) 08:39 Id: 0f0011 [Preview] No.22060 del
(14.39 MB 1920x1080 WELCOME TO MY HELL.webm)
Alejandro Mayorkas was born in Havana, Cuba. I'm not surprised. This is what happens when biased foreign nationals are put in charge by a traitorous Senate.

Reader 02/06/2024 (Tue) 23:51 Id: bca420 [Preview] No.22064 del
It got too much publicity and backlash, it failed to pass the Senate today. :)

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