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NEVER DO BUSINESS IN NEW YORK! Homeowner Arrested For Locking Home To Prevent Burglary! Reader 03/20/2024 (Wed) 13:17 Id: bc8d61 [Preview] No. 22364
NEVER DO BUSINESS IN NEW YORK! Homeowner Arrested For Locking Home To Prevent Burglary!

A woman who inherited a home in New York City full of people squatting illegally was arrested and led away in handcuffs after she changed the locks.

Adele Andaloro, 47, was placed under arrest at her $1 million home in Flushing, Queens, which she inherited from her parents after they died.

"It’s enraging," Andaloro told the NY Post. "It’s not fair that I, as the homeowner, have to be going through this."

The ordeal erupted when she started the process of trying to sell the home last month but realized squatters had moved in — and brazenly replaced the entire front door and locks.

Fed up, she recently went to her family’s home on 160th Street — with the local TV outlet in tow — and called a locksmith to change the locks for her.

The spat with the squatters, which was caught on camera, rapidly erupted into a verbal altercation until the cops showed up and led Andaloro away - charging her with 'unlawful eviction.' (Despite the fact she is NOT a landlord or even renting her home!)

New York City homeowner gets arrested after changing the locks on *her own home* after it got taken over by squatters. Never do business in New York: https://twitter.com/CollinRugg/status/1770124716294181126

"By the time someone does their investigation, their work, and their job, it will be over 30 days and this man will still be in my home," Andaloro said. "I’m really fearful that these people are going to get away with stealing my home."

Andaloro says she's now been forced to go through the court system to start an eviction filing to settle the landlord-tenant dispute.


Reader 03/20/2024 (Wed) 13:19 Id: bc8d61 [Preview] No.22365 del
What an absolute despotic shithole of a state. Many States in the US you have the right to lethally defend your private property if someone trespasses and refuses to leave after being told to leave, and especially if that criminal poses a threat to you or your family. Those criminals should have been shot when told to leave her home. It's not their apartment or rental home. They were not even renting, they were brazen intruders, breaking and entering, which is a crime.

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