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Russia Announces Counter-measures Against Ukraine With 14 New Divisions, 16 New Brigades Reader 03/22/2024 (Fri) 13:45 Id: a32e3b [Preview] No. 22386
Russia Announces Counter-measures Against Ukraine With 14 New Divisions, 16 New Brigades
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With his re-election accomplished, Russian President Vladimir Putin is now getting serious about the harm being done to Russia by the petulant and crazed collective West. Defense Minister Shoigu has announced the creation of two new ARMIES for Russia, including fourteen (14) New Divisions of 10,000-15,000 troops EACH, and sixteen (16) new divisions of 3,000-5,000 troops EACH.

To put these two new armies in perspective, what Russia is now creating - above and beyond its present armed forces - is larger than the armies of: Germany, Britain (UK), France, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Czech Republic, Croatia, Finland, Sweden COMBINED.

The big question now is whether or not Russia will resort to Conscription.

The other big question now is will the collective West resort to insanity and try to engage Russia, risking escalation and the loss of life for Western troops.

Let us hope both answers are "NO" but we'll see.


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