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Russia Reveals Where Terrorists Were Trained, Training Camps Are Being Destroyed Reader 03/26/2024 (Tue) 00:21 Id: cf1ab2 [Preview] No. 22398
Russia Reveals Where Terrorists Were Trained, Training Camps Are Being Destroyed

The Moscow Concert Hall terrorists were trained in Istanbul for two months.

“All four terrorists were trained in one of the camps in Turkey. The preparation [for two months] took place in Istanbul."

Today, both Russia and the government of Turkey are destroying those camps.

The recruitment of assassins for the terrorist attack in Moscow's Crocus City Hall Concert venue was organized through the Embassy of Ukraine in Tajikistan, according to a military expert, ex-special services officer, retired Colonel Bakhtiyer Rakhmonov.

A few weeks before the terrorist attack, information appeared on the website of the Ukrainian diplomatic mission about inviting foreigners to join the so-called "International Legion," he noted. The message was later removed.

"The ambassador of the Ukrainian embassy in Dushanbe is the ex-head of the foreign intelligence service, and the consulate itself was looking for perpetrators a few weeks before the terrorist attack, publishing an order to hire assassins openly on the page of the Embassy of Ukraine in Tajikistan," he said, adding that it provided all the contacts - a potential terrorist could only write or call.

Rakhmonov constantly monitors such messages on the website of the Ukrainian embassy. Since 2014, Ukrainian diplomats have posted similar announcements several times, only to have them removed.

"The work on recruiting foreigners was led by Ambassador Extraordinary of Ukraine Valery Evdokimov, former head of the foreign intelligence service under Zelensky," the expert said.

Evdokimov was the head of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine from September 2019 to June 2020.


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