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Pete Buttigeg's DOT Cut Tug Budget Leading To Baltimore Bridge Catastrophe Reader 03/26/2024 (Tue) 16:41 Id: ad6547 [Preview] No. 22400
Pete Buttigeg's DOT Cut Budget Leading To Baltimore Bridge Catastrophe

Insiders in the Maritime Industry are laying the blame for today's cargo ship crash into the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, on Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigeg.

A contact in the field of marine and domestic logistics just told me (verbatum) -- [Foul language warning]:

"They pulled the Tugs off of the Dali and because its not a "major" ship but a 10k ship. They made the decisions to pull the tugs.

Tugs on the ship would have prevented this. Guess who funds the Tugs? Secretary Pete Bootyjuice. The DOT cut the tug budget 40%. The Tugs would have been able to slow, even stop the ship.

He is to blame for this. He effectively just buttfucked (pun intended) that port.


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