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Biden Regime Proclaims This Year’s Easter a Tranny Day Reader 03/30/2024 (Sat) 20:06 Id: 08d6b4 [Preview] No. 22402
The Biden regime back in 2021 proclaimed tomorrow which this year is Easter Sunday as a day to celebrate trannies. They’re calling it a “Transgender Day of Visibility.” This was highlighted again by the Biden regime. This is such a bullshit proclamation. The fact that this is being highlighted is obviously meant as a purposeful Jewish attack against Christianity. Easter is the most important holiday for Christians.

We certainly don’t need trannies to be visible nor should there be a day promoting their visibility. They should be made invisible. We can do this either by putting them in mental institutions or by taking the more conservative approach and curing their mental illness via execution.

OP note: I work with a "transgender". The bitch thinks her voice is the reason she doesn't pass and gets upset when all patients refer to her as "mam". Pees sitting down in the men's bathroom. Bossing around like douchebag is the only male archetype as she's consistently told to shut the fuck up by everyone. On top of that, spouts seething hate against "cis-gender white males" and demands we all cut off our genitals. Trans people are psychopaths and the author of this is 100% correct.


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