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Pro-Palestinian Protesters Rightly Call Jews Murderous Kikes Reader 03/30/2024 (Sat) 20:13 Id: d3f74a [Preview] No. 22403
Pro-Palestinian protesters used racial slurs towards members of the Jewish race in New York City. This happened outside a Jewish fundraiser event for the Zionist baby-killer Joe Biden. The Jews have been whining about this. These Jews are murderous kikes. Sure, maybe not every single Jew is responsible for what is happening in Israel, but they belong to the race that is committing the genocide in Gaza. This makes the Jews murderous kikes or “fucking murderous kikes” as that one hijab-wearing individual said. I mean, what else did they think was going to happen after Israel did what they did to Gaza? Did they think people would just say that it is totally cool for Jews to mass murder people, bomb hospitals and commit endless amounts of war crimes? Ironically, the people who they lobbied to bring into America via their fucked up immigration policies are the ones who are most angry at them. The Jews really didn’t think about this strategy all that much I guess. They really aren’t very smart. They’re just good at fraud, corruption, blackmail and lies


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