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(848.19 KB 1140x760 CPI-FAKE-GOVT-FRAUD.png)
US Government Caught FAKING The CPI: Real Price Inflation Up 21.5% Per Year Reader 06/27/2024 (Thu) 22:46 Id: 5febe7 [Preview] No. 22668
US Government Caught FAKING The CPI: Real Price Inflation Up 21.5% Per Year

A young fellow posted a video to Tik Toc showing he bought a month's worth of food from Walmart in the year 2022 which cost him $126. By clicking Re-Order, he found the exact same order costs $414 today! The FedGov's Consumer Price Index numbers are all fraudulent.

Here is the minute or so video that lays it out: https://halturnerradioshow.com/index.php/news-selections/world-news/fedgov-cpi-numbers-fake-guy-ordered-from-walmart-in-2022-paid-126-same-order-today

Worse, if he followed through with the order and received it, he'd discover that there would be some items that not only cost more per unit, but that there would be LESS product inside.

These price increases are not exclusively a Walmart problem. This is across the board.

It’s even worse than that. Hundreds of items have been completely discontinued in all major grocery store chains across the country.

Slowly but surely, we’re being forced to buy from an increasingly shrinking selection of items.

Moreover, BEEF has skyrocketed everywhere. Even tough, low grade cuts are radically overpriced (and cut thinner). Even Deli meats are $14 a pound now.

Another person reports "I just went back to an order I placed on January 22, 2023. 19 items for $110, hit the re-order button and it’s now $264.20. WTF?"

A separate, third person reports: "I just looked up the earliest order I had from Walmart. It was in April, 2022. The total was $169. When I hit reorder, the total is now $241. That is 21.5% REAL INFLATION, per year."

Government lying about inflation is not new. What is new is the intensity of the lie. I have never seen anything like this. America has become a third world country. Get prepared if you still can manage to afford doing so.


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