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(13.21 KB 220x298 Anderson_Cooper.jpg)
Anderson Cooper Anonymous 10/23/2019 (Wed) 22:52:48 [Preview] No. 22268
Anderson Cooper

Anderson Hays Cooper (born June 3, 1967)[1] is an American journalist, television personality, and author. He is the primary anchor of the CNN news show Anderson Cooper 360°. The program is usually broadcast live from a New York City studio; however, Cooper often broadcasts live from CNN's studios in Washington, D.C., or on location for breaking news stories. In addition, he is a correspondent for 60 Minutes.

From September 2011 to May 2013, he also served as host of his own eponymous syndicated daytime talk show, Anderson Live.[2]


Anonymous 10/23/2019 (Wed) 22:55:40 [Preview] No.22269 del
Anderson Cooper
Anchor [CNN]

are they for god or gold?
where is their love?
who are their friends
early life and career
their romances
their religion(s)

federal connections
royalty connections
vendor connections
Language connections
Country Connections
companies invested

who is their contributors sponsors
whats their stand on issues [ethics]
whats their fails (vids encouraged)
who put him in power?
what has he done with that power?
any past ethics violations?
any past criminal affiliations?

connected to fb, twitter, netflix, youtube, google...
connected to fake news media, Which channels?
connected celebrities
children, what do they do?
any connections to other "them" kids via companies?

How long have the worked in gov?
Who put them their?
where did they begin?
who did they follow?
what Foundations do they have?
What policies did they change/implement?
What People have they helped?

Anonymous 10/23/2019 (Wed) 23:02:36 [Preview] No.22272 del
(481.32 KB 760x496 Vanderbilt_Mausoleum.jpg)
Anderson Cooper was a featured star of the "Hope for Haiti" cult fund raiser.

>So far, more than $58 million has been raised -- and this figure is expected to grow since corporate donations and iTunes purchases have yet to be tallied. Hosted by actor George Clooney in Los Angeles, musician Wyclef Jean in New York City, and journalist anderson cooper in Haiti, the two-hour telethon included performances by Justin Timberlake, Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Coldplay, Jennifer Hudson, Shakira, Mary J. Blige, Madonna, Bono, and others. Check out the moving performance below of Mary J. Blige singing Hard Times Come Again No More:

https://youtube.com/watch?v=OCdJrMy23iA [Embed] [Embed]

Then Marionette K Blob did a moving performance red cross disaster relief for hurricane Sandy too...

https://youtube.com/watch?v=7dYvi4Fmxps [Embed] [Embed]

Marionette K Bilge is a vrai disaster cow.
We've no time for manatees now, we are focused like a laser, on CNN's Anderson Cooper.
Cooper likes to recreate "where the pedovores roam:"

>Rancho Pacifico was right for anderson cooper, Sheryl Crow and Al Gore. Is Rancho Pacifico right for you?

>Rancho Pacifico is a relaxed place - modern in appearance, but a bit old-fashioned in its ways. We purposely do not have TV's or phones in the rooms (we do have good cellular coverage and free Wi-Fi throughout the property). Most of the property is designed in an open-air concept without air conditioning (with the exception of our Luxury Suites and the bedroom in our Villa Romantica). At nearly 2,000 feet above sea level, the cool breezes keep us comfortable year-round.


Anderson Cooper is really into this helpin' Haiti thing and he hooked up with a Hollywood junkie, pedovore, the miserable Sean Penn which surprised Anderson, according to himself.

>LOS ANGELES (AP) - When anderson cooper first met Sean Penn after the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, the CNN anchor was initially skeptical of the actor's intentions to help the recovery efforts in the ravaged country.

>In time, Penn won Cooper over.

>"I'm not sure how Sean got to Port-au-Prince, Haiti. It certainly was not easy. I'm not sure how much of a plan he had when he got there. But he didn't just come by himself, he came with a team," Cooper told a star-studded crowd Saturday night at Penn's ninth annual benefit for the J/P Haitian Relief Organization.


Cornelius Vanderbilt Anderson Cooper great (great?) granpaw was a "Moravian Christian" code for mystery cult varietal satanismo as practised by old Cornelius Vanderbilt in the gilded era of the 19'th century."The Commodore" is generally held to be the second richest richie in US history. Disagree? Go ask him yourself is you dare.
The vile Commodore and most of the satanist Vanderbilt's can be found jungled up in a mausoleum at New Dorp, Staten Island.


Exec Summary
Anderson is all over helping Haiti in association with known junkie and cartel associated pedovore Senn Penn. We know this was a locus of cultist child stealing activity in the wake of the earthquake.
IDK about HAARP but can't be ruled out after Mayote incident.

https://youtube.com/watch?v=zM2KEr9zKNY [Embed] [Embed]

Anderson Cooper is involved with the trafficking of children from Haiti allegedly these children are especially valued by the cult for the high melanin content of their skin.

He's a bad lad, and if you look at how his face squirms in the gif of the interview it is pretty evident this guy shares his skull with something inhuman.

Anonymous 10/25/2019 (Fri) 00:00:15 [Preview] No.23322 del
(402.86 KB 1156x728 PlannedPedovorefood.jpg)

Anonymous 10/25/2019 (Fri) 22:24:21 [Preview] No.24196 del
>>22171 Anderson Cooper in autism of the past

from QR

Ancient Phoenicians, located in modern day Lebanon, are said to have sacrificed children and animals. Strangely, Epstein has a random cow statue on his island.
Epstein's temple had a statue of a bird, possibly Moloch. Every summer, men in the GOP attend the Cremation of Care in Bohemian Grove. In the ritual, a child sacrifice, allegedly a fake baby, is given to a 40ft statue of an owl resembling Moloch, the pagan god of child sacrifice. An email, published by Wikileaks, on the Hillary Clinton's insecure server stated, "With fingers crossed, the old rabbit's foot out of the box in the attic, I will be sacrificing a chicken in the backyard to Moloch." Tony Podesta owned a piece of artwork that seemed to depict Gloria Vanderbilt's pool. In the artwork, underage girls were hung by ropes against a tile wall. Gloria Vanderbilt, mother of ANDERSON COOPER cooper of CNN, was pictured in her bedroom with her two sons. The artwork above her head depicted a child sacrifice and a man dressed up as a white rabbit. In a different photo, Gloria Vanderbilt wore a necklace with a White Rabbit. Tony Podesta owned a piece of art that seemed to depict a portrait of Stella Schnabel created by Rachel Chandler. Rachel Chandler was a photographer who took rather questionable photos of underage children. Chandler was pictured with Bill Clinton on a plane, possibly the Lolita Express. She posted Epstein's security cams on her Instagram on July 19, 2013. At her wedding, Chandler took a photo of a man dressed up as a white rabbit. Rachel Chandler was pictured with Nat Rothschild and in a different photo was pictured with Paris Hilton, the sister of Nicky Hilton. Nicky Hilton married James Rothschild. Hillary Clinton is friends with Lynn de Rothschild, a lady who is a part of the Bronfman Rothschild company. Clare and Sara Bronfman are both involved with NXIVM. The sisters' uncle, Charles Bronfman, made a joint bid in 1989 with Robert Maxwell to purchase the Jerusalem Post. Robert Maxwell is the father of Ghislaine Maxwell, the woman who recruited underage girls for Jefferey Epstein. Ghislaine Maxwell was pictured with Nat Rothschild, the same man Rachel Chandler was pictured with. Ghislaine Maxwell even attended Chelsea Clinton's wedding. In March of 2015, Bill Maher made a joke about Bill Clinton going to Epstein's island. Bill Maher's production studio is named "Kid Love Productions." Maher is pictured with Anthony Weiner, a pedophile who is the husband of Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton's aide. Maher, Tony Podesta, and Andrew Kauders were pictured together, all of which were wearing red shoes. On July 19, 2013, the same day Chandler took the security cam photo, Bill Maher made a joke about Catholic priests sexually abusing children.

Have a boom with that?

https://youtube.com/watch?v=8yKc21YZU5Y [Embed]

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