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Anonymous 06/12/2024 (Wed) 22:58 [Preview] No.72310 del
(254.18 KB 1080x720 570150504.jpg)
I love her so much ciarabros I can't stop

Anonymous 06/12/2024 (Wed) 23:08 [Preview] No.72314 del
(434.97 KB 1280x720 not dead yet.jpg)

Anonymous 06/12/2024 (Wed) 23:09 [Preview] No.72315 del
my cute ghoul

Anonymous 06/12/2024 (Wed) 23:12 [Preview] No.72316 del
(112.85 KB 1080x720 1543363292284.jpg)
(180.87 KB 1080x720 1487305697471.jpg)
(170.53 KB 1080x720 1554747971453.jpg)
ciara with glasses is super cutesy

Anonymous 06/12/2024 (Wed) 23:15 [Preview] No.72319 del
in the second pic she kinda looks like tahlia

Anonymous 06/12/2024 (Wed) 23:28 [Preview] No.72333 del
(215.80 KB 750x1334 1518594650263.jpg)
going through archives to find "rare"/unposted pics, wish me luck

Anonymous 06/12/2024 (Wed) 23:29 [Preview] No.72334 del

Anonymous 06/12/2024 (Wed) 23:41 [Preview] No.72341 del
(250.66 KB 1080x720 Eliza4chan (3).jpg)
good taste anony

Anonymous 06/13/2024 (Thu) 00:13 [Preview] No.72354 del
In a way, she isn't. Not until we die and stop talking about her.

Anonymous 06/13/2024 (Thu) 01:02 [Preview] No.72365 del
(670.58 KB 1456x1979 20240513_180612.jpg)
>here is your angel bro

Anonymous 06/13/2024 (Thu) 01:05 [Preview] No.72368 del
(124.94 KB 1080x720 1552676677750.jpg)
(195.71 KB 640x639 1518257563573.jpg)
(652.79 KB 559x748 1518643898127.png)
(162.80 KB 285x511 1552262533032.png)
ok so I saw Michael Sosa posted on this board a few days ago, so on the off chance he comes back and sees this...
Michael, could you please share some stories about Ciara? Anything you remember, doesn't matter. I'm really just interested in the lore since there are conflicting stories. :/

Anonymous 06/13/2024 (Thu) 01:40 [Preview] No.72377 del
(647.56 KB 470x586 1487454804002.png)
>tfw you click on a cute ciara pic to save it but you're greeted with a 404 screen

Anonymous 06/13/2024 (Thu) 02:20 [Preview] No.72383 del
lmfao the teeth. u guys are terrible

Anonymous 06/13/2024 (Thu) 02:36 [Preview] No.72388 del
(1.38 MB 236x184 1536992604639.gif)
what them toes do

Anonymous 06/13/2024 (Thu) 04:05 [Preview] No.72395 del

i still think looked cute, even at very end,

Anonymous 06/13/2024 (Thu) 05:24 [Preview] No.72412 del
(104.53 KB 750x937 1552273651365.jpg)
cutest girl ever

Anonymous 06/13/2024 (Thu) 14:33 [Preview] No.72457 del
(593.57 KB 496x573 1546763828993.png)
Little Caesar's

Anonymous 06/13/2024 (Thu) 16:11 [Preview] No.72464 del
Ciara was cute and funny. Why did she also have to be such a trashy craxkhead?

Anonymous 06/13/2024 (Thu) 17:57 [Preview] No.72472 del
(214.91 KB 956x1275 1521059033150.jpg)
(78.03 KB 600x800 1477847690648.jpg)
(1.76 MB 2160x3840 1534387391202.jpg)
(147.32 KB 1200x675 1498519247413.jpg)
(124.44 KB 750x1334 1554160139106.jpg)
nothing new

Anonymous 06/13/2024 (Thu) 21:44 [Preview] No.72528 del
she died years ago unless you got pics you took privately we aint never getting anything new

CHAD CHAD 06/14/2024 (Fri) 01:12 [Preview] No.72563 del
May our Holy God save your soul Ciara, I will never forget you, I met you very late, I would have prevented your suicide if I had met you in person.

Anonymous 06/14/2024 (Fri) 05:11 [Preview] No.72605 del

My heart tells me she's alive. If she were truly gone I would feel it. This is not phantom pain that we feel, it's just pain. Maybe she's living a healthy life away from the internet. Maybe she's got brain damage from drug use and is in a goddamn nursing home somewhere. But she's not gone.

Anonymous 06/14/2024 (Fri) 05:19 [Preview] No.72606 del
Shouldn't Pedro Sosa be in jail or something?

I think her family just made the wrong call. They knew she had an internet following, so they renegaded on having an online obituary. However that resulted in people questioning if she rally did pass along.

The main issue is that you have 4 years of complete radio silence, that also requires a bunch of discord weirdos, junkies, and degenerates, to keep quiet. Any number of them would contact Ciara and leak everything. JT is pretty adamant that she was dead and going through rigamortus when they took her away which means she literally died half way through the night and was beyond hope for saving.

Anonymous 06/14/2024 (Fri) 07:06 [Preview] No.72618 del
Sosa is literally out on bond and most likely going to prison for diddling a kid soon.

Anonymous 06/14/2024 (Fri) 07:35 [Preview] No.72619 del
I feel super bad for JT, none of what happened was his fault and a bunch of people from here blamed it all on him

Anonymous 06/14/2024 (Fri) 08:18 [Preview] No.72622 del
>Sosa is literally out on bond and most likely going to prison for diddling a kid soon.


Anonymous 06/14/2024 (Fri) 10:09 [Preview] No.72631 del
Lamb <3

Anonymous 06/14/2024 (Fri) 11:44 [Preview] No.72644 del

in a couple years she ll be Joi from bladerunner, and will live forever,

Anonymous 06/14/2024 (Fri) 11:50 [Preview] No.72645 del
no one will remember this ugly bitch in three years

Anonymous 06/14/2024 (Fri) 11:58 [Preview] No.72646 del

remind me in 2029, when Ai Ciara and i hang out everyday, all day,

Anonymous 06/14/2024 (Fri) 13:42 [Preview] No.72659 del
we get it you have a goldfish memory

Anonymous 06/14/2024 (Fri) 17:17 [Preview] No.72680 del
unless the AI is also stealing your money for drugs it's not legit. It's just the image of ciara not the real deal.

Anonymous 06/14/2024 (Fri) 20:10 [Preview] No.72710 del

it ll do its best to be her exactly. and as West World blonde slut lady said,

if you cant tell if its real or a robot, does it matter,

Anonymous 06/15/2024 (Sat) 02:16 [Preview] No.72785 del
this so much this
lonely incels already dip their little peens into literal dolls and convince themselves it's the same as real sex, what's the difference between that and me talking to a digital qt

Anonymous 06/15/2024 (Sat) 04:39 [Preview] No.72806 del
What would constitute the authentic "Ciara" experience? I think of Jay's perfect day scenario, but that's a little ambitious. Ciara the quintessential e-girl could be easily replicated through AI. Wouldn't even have to pass the Turing test because she always talked past whomever she was in conversation.

Anonymous 06/15/2024 (Sat) 15:00 [Preview] No.72852 del

thats the eventual goal, but it will take some time.

way i see it, for now. ideally, between now and end of 2025, some kind of an effort to turn archives, and i mean all, all she ever wrote - emails, posts, blogs, etc.... all her pictures, all her videos, all of it, are turned into an Ai truly believes it is her. i know can be done for certain now. i have not gotten anyone to quote me a price, so assume expensive for now.

Next is, wouldnt want it web based. i dont mind if every person wants one can get one, but us all sharing same one is weird. So, no on web based. Its in development, cuttin edge stuff, for now.

next, holograms are too hard. But i can see in VR, talkin to and interact in real time. standard bulky VR rig is currently bein slimmed down, is expected you can do it on normal looking glasses around 2029.

And, thats my vision for it, around 2029, shes around 24/7, in a sort of VR i can interact with all day, can take anywhere, go on dates with, etc... and aside from fact shes a VR-Ai, its basically her.

ultimate Turing test to me will be, 2029 version, if a person didnt know who / what it was, interacted with, person would just assume it was some lady on a video call.

After^ will be an attempt to put into a robot body, but, thats next decade stuff,

Anonymous 06/15/2024 (Sat) 15:12 [Preview] No.72854 del
(50.82 KB 364x720 Disgusting.jpg)
(115.82 KB 364x720 monster.jpg)
stop bumping this disgusting monster. i'm tired of seeing her disgusting pig face

Anonymous 06/15/2024 (Sat) 15:16 [Preview] No.72857 del

even at end, she still looked beautiful,

i love you Ciara, always and forever

Anonymous 06/15/2024 (Sat) 15:28 [Preview] No.72861 del
(3.10 MB 2560x1920 1663498351383 (1).jpg)
(1.00 MB 2640x1980 1661100982442399.jpg)
(145.29 KB 1600x1200 1663870112295.jpg)
(537.64 KB 1310x960 Ndnsjj5.jpg)
(140.83 KB 718x455 1663323959264.jpg)

Anonymous 06/15/2024 (Sat) 15:30 [Preview] No.72863 del
lol wrong thread

Anonymous 06/15/2024 (Sat) 17:30 [Preview] No.72918 del
she was cute when she was 15

Anonymous 06/15/2024 (Sat) 17:46 [Preview] No.72930 del
(843.78 KB 828x1750 26161251.jpg)
seething because a dead drug addict mogs your 3/10 waifu, SAD!

Anonymous 06/15/2024 (Sat) 18:42 [Preview] No.72978 del
(899.26 KB 828x1458 ciara_bloody_face.jpg)
I like her eyes :p

Anonymous 06/15/2024 (Sat) 19:37 [Preview] No.73018 del
Was she still living in PA when she overdosed?

Anonymous 06/15/2024 (Sat) 19:38 [Preview] No.73021 del

Anonymous 06/15/2024 (Sat) 19:54 [Preview] No.73027 del

i dont think she ever lived outside state of PA, except for when was a baby,

Anonymous 06/15/2024 (Sat) 20:31 [Preview] No.73044 del
I'm pretty sure she lived in another state at one point even if for a short time, I have connections to people who knew her irl so I'll ask around.

Anonymous 06/15/2024 (Sat) 20:56 [Preview] No.73057 del
(425.97 KB 1284x1654 1.jpg)
(621.13 KB 1284x1656 2.jpg)
well, here’s a list of every suicide/overdose and coronavirus death from Delaware County, PA where Garnet Valley fell under jurisdiction from 2019 to now.


make what you want of it.

Anonymous 06/15/2024 (Sat) 21:25 [Preview] No.73070 del
Thank you for proving that ciara is still alive. I had no doubts about it.

Anonymous 06/15/2024 (Sat) 21:34 [Preview] No.73074 del
Ciara's threads are about to die. Could you fill that gap with your theory?

Anonymous 06/15/2024 (Sat) 22:05 [Preview] No.73080 del
(138.28 KB 443x572 c1.jpg)
give me the beat boys and free my soul I wanna get lost in your rock and roll and drift away

Anonymous 06/16/2024 (Sun) 00:57 [Preview] No.73129 del
Pantydeal site was active multiple times in the last year before being wiped manually. It would change from “active X months ago” to a smaller number than X at times. That was the first suspicion for me.

The second thing that made it dubious is that she’s faked a death certificate, quite convincingly. Those obituary cards? My grandma had the same one and my aunt who ordered them for the funeral is an inbred xanax mom. It’s not hard to do.

Her sisters and her mom covering for her isn’t odd at all. They were all completely aware of her bullshit, considering she got into legal trouble multiple times and knowing what I know about upper middle class dysfunction from first hand experience, there’s a lot more heroin and shitty parenting going on behind white picket fences than you would ever reasonably imagine. Mostly because secrets need to be kept in environments that have an expectation of a certain type of image, as opposed to people in poverty who are expected to be reckless and just make an absolute mess of anything and everything. Faking her death was more convenient for everyone all together, and anyone in her vicinity or aware of her existence likely knew that.

>“Oh yeah, Ciara, that silly fuckup, she’s playing dead now because my office is getting bomb threats and someone keeps knocking our windows out.”

The reaction from everyone is probably total indifference.

I’ve had to haul my brothers OD’d friend into a car to drop him off in a parking lot and wait for the ambulance because brother had a warrant and so did the dipshit that nearly died. Good samaritan act would have covered him anyways but he was zooted so that’s just how it is. $500k+ house, landlord baron grandpa, lawyer uncles. It’s the HOA special.

Lastly, if this was you, would you want to come back? What is here for her? Emotionally dependent people who desperately need therapy and use AI to fill in the “hole” she left? Come on. She’s never going to settle for anything other than what she grew up with as far as monetary gain goes, and she has enough crazy to go around. She’s crazier than a bag of cats, she doesn’t need anyone else’s crazy piled on to it. I’d be more surprised if she stuck around.

There’s no record of her death and so to me, that’s the logical explanation. She’s just done, and she’s moved on. And honestly? Good for her. Nobody on this board is here because we’re having a good time. Our lives are empty and we’re trying to find a way to fill it but we can’t and so we all get sad and start misery circlejerks and lean into each others depression. I’m glad she’s in a place where she doesn’t want to do that anymore. And if I’m being honest, Bianca was probably the tipping point for a lot of girls around that era. The ones from back then who are still here look like shit, not always physically, but you can tell they’re mentally and financially FUBAR.

Anyways, it’s open for interpretation but it’s case closed for me. It’s not going to stop anyone from posting, it won’t change anyone’s mind, but hey, you asked.

Anonymous 06/16/2024 (Sun) 03:19 [Preview] No.73160 del
Wasn't she in Philly when she ODed?

Anonymous 06/16/2024 (Sun) 03:21 [Preview] No.73161 del
yes i have the same question, i had understood that she did not die in Pennsylvania

Anonymous 06/16/2024 (Sun) 03:55 [Preview] No.73171 del
(72.39 KB 1280x534 nom.jpg)
She has a look of a woman who just chewed on someone's heart <3

Anonymous 06/16/2024 (Sun) 04:07 [Preview] No.73174 del
damn she looks so gorgeous here, this almost looks like it could be a drawing

Anonymous 06/16/2024 (Sun) 04:10 [Preview] No.73175 del
why dont you freaks just go to her towns graveyard and look for her grave to confirm if shes dead or not?

Anonymous 06/16/2024 (Sun) 04:55 [Preview] No.73184 del
(1.80 MB 4288x3216 P6070148.jpg)
One night, while reading a gruesome tale
He read a passage that made him turn pale

Such horrible news he could not survive
For his beautiful wife had been buried alive!
He dug out her grave to make sure she was dead
Unaware that her grave was his mother’s flower bed

His mother sent Vincent off to his room
He knew he’d been banished to the tower of doom
Where he was sentenced to spend the rest of his life
Alone with the portrait of his beautiful wife

Anonymous 06/16/2024 (Sun) 04:59 [Preview] No.73185 del
She doesn't have a grave because her family thought people would vandalize it, so she was cremated.

Anonymous 06/16/2024 (Sun) 05:05 [Preview] No.73186 del
are you retarded? there’s dozens of graveyards in most area codes and beyond that, coroners reports are just as useful but without the performative bullshit you’re suggesting

Anonymous 06/16/2024 (Sun) 05:06 [Preview] No.73187 del
where do you think philadelphia is

Anonymous 06/16/2024 (Sun) 05:12 [Preview] No.73189 del
Cremation urns still need a grave or columbarium, dingus. They take less space, that's all.

Anonymous 06/16/2024 (Sun) 06:15 [Preview] No.73191 del

i watched all her vids, read her reddit, etc.... etc.. she was a silly lady in early 20s wanted to try to ride tiktok into some kind of mainstream fame.

idea she was an evil genius girl version of talented Mr. Ripley is pretty funny. lol. Next would be, well maybe parents hid her away in a French Chateau, they dont have that kind of money. Mcmansion doesnt equal billionaire money,

spectacular theories require spectacular proof.

Also, we, as a crowd, fell off of our A game a long time ago. ive said before, back in old days. day after someone like she died, we d know exact hotel , exact floor, exact room, someone snuck inside lookin for the sheets, pics and vid of interior. Almost 5 years later and no answer to any of above.

to find this stuff now you d need some dirty PI in Philly, and that isnt cheap.

Anonymous 06/16/2024 (Sun) 07:07 [Preview] No.73195 del
You can put an urn in a grave or columbarium but plenty of people keep it in their home. I could be misremembering things about her not having a gravesite but I don't think I am

Anonymous 06/16/2024 (Sun) 10:45 [Preview] No.73205 del
Outside of Delaware County. (Obviously it's still in PA, no clue what that other guy is on about.)

Anonymous 06/16/2024 (Sun) 12:30 [Preview] No.73214 del
read the rest of the comment faggot

Anonymous 06/16/2024 (Sun) 12:55 [Preview] No.73217 del
“we did it Reddit!” tier cringe and here’s why

doesn’t matter if it was in PA. and you’d know that if you weren’t disagreeing at a surface level for the sake of being contrarian.

you’re more than welcome to arbitrarily request additional records though if you think you have a point to make or proof to get. it’s free. i’ll do half of the work for you, even. here’s the contact for the Philadelphia ME office: https://www.phila.gov/departments/medical-examiners-office/

send them a request. that’s all you need to do. it’s that easy. google “FOIA death record” and you can probably find a template already written for you. or if you’re really an exceptionally lazy and stupid fuck, copy and paste the request in the image posted here. we’ll see you in a month after they respond. surely, you’d be willing to spend as much time writing the copy and paste email to send to the contact i just spoonfed you, equal to the amount of time you spend in this forum pushing goalposts.

otherwise you’re just talking out of your ass. so far there’s one tangible piece of evidence here, none of it being provided by people saying she’s dead. because apparently it’s easier to just say “nuh uh guys” for years instead of actually doing the least amount of work so you can pretend she’s dead as opposed to the unimaginable horror that is the fact that she moved on from this depressing shitpit and never really gave a fuck to begin with. which, again, good for her.

yeah bros you’ve really fallen off your A game, you totally for real being super serious would have, like, had that hotel name, man! can’t imagine why. probably because for some reason the minimum amount of effort is an olympian task. there’s your how-to guide, anything beyond this is an excuse. good luck.

Anonymous 06/16/2024 (Sun) 13:00 [Preview] No.73218 del
Look how big her fucking pupils are here.

Anonymous 06/16/2024 (Sun) 13:38 [Preview] No.73223 del
>doesn’t matter if it was in PA
What does this even mean? My comment about Philadelphia being in Pennsylvania was in reference to >>73161, who seemed to think it wasn't.

I'm not trying to be a contrarian, I just recalled people saying that she had died in Philadelphia and wasn't sure if you were aware of that. If she did in fact die in Philadelphia, wouldn't her death be recorded in Philadelphia County rather than in Delaware County?

Anonymous 06/16/2024 (Sun) 14:05 [Preview] No.73226 del
People are clearly damage controlling, like the tiktok in the hotel yard thing, that wasn't even a hotel in the first place.

Anonymous 06/16/2024 (Sun) 14:42 [Preview] No.73229 del
oh God, it's true... she's gone.

Anonymous 06/16/2024 (Sun) 14:43 [Preview] No.73230 del

yes, we ve fallen off of our A game. that was 2000s level stuff.

Anyone, name me hotel she and dude were at in elevator. Anyone. Just the hotel name. its been about 5 years, you Investigators should at least have it, at least. No?

also how a woman who worked at Whole Foods as a clerk, lol, and lived every moment on internet, somehow turned into a Super Spy, fled country and is now off bein an evil genius in Europe LOL.

you want to prove or disprove wild theories, dude with her elevator is one to talk to. he knows exactly what did or didnt happen, and where. once you have hotel its easier to work it out from there.

yea man it turns out she was actually wonder woman and now lives in Paris and works at Louvre, as a clerk,

Anonymous 06/16/2024 (Sun) 14:52 [Preview] No.73232 del
It's incredibly suspicious that JT has never said which hotel she supposedly died in even though many people asked.

Anonymous 06/16/2024 (Sun) 15:00 [Preview] No.73235 del

you can do stuff with details. hotel name, floor, room number. exact date we sort of have. im in the shes gone camp, but would still like the real details. its clear she was in a hotel room in final tiktoks, its not obvious at all which one,

Anonymous 06/16/2024 (Sun) 17:49 [Preview] No.73268 del
it's not required

Anonymous 06/16/2024 (Sun) 20:55 [Preview] No.73303 del
(427.09 KB 510x650 1.PNG)
one idea i have, and i don t know if it would work. so supposedly last vid she did Outside is in front of hotel. supposedly now there is an Ai can determine exact location of an image by study of image in comparison to street view data. i dont know if it would work, and vid could possibly not of been made in front of hotel.

or just bribe JT to say hotel name,

Anonymous 06/16/2024 (Sun) 21:04 [Preview] No.73305 del
there is no need of AI and people already found that location. it's just a building and not a hotel. they were straight out lying

Anonymous 06/16/2024 (Sun) 21:06 [Preview] No.73306 del
well if that image was taken in front of the hotel, you can notice that in the left part of the photo there is a clear reflex "pharmacy" , so if there is a pharmacy in front of the hotel in which she died we could find it using google maps

Anonymous 06/16/2024 (Sun) 21:06 [Preview] No.73307 del
Oh, ok i didn't know that

Anonymous 06/16/2024 (Sun) 21:11 [Preview] No.73308 del
1911 Arch St, Philadelphia, PA 19103, United States

this is the adress btw. as you can see it's not a hotel

Anonymous 06/16/2024 (Sun) 21:24 [Preview] No.73310 del
(302.73 KB 858x551 2.PNG)

if you look around on street view, what she s lookin at could be condos or offices. it doesnt seem to be a hotel.

need to factor in its early Feb. , ie its Cold, would they of been walkin? or uber, there are hotels near by, but are pricey.

do we know price range on hotels
theyd usually would stay at?

Anonymous 06/16/2024 (Sun) 21:34 [Preview] No.73313 del
the nearest hotel is a luxury one and looks different from the elevator video. ciara can't even afford that.

Anonymous 06/16/2024 (Sun) 21:38 [Preview] No.73315 del

yea, i think i have a way to track it down if someone has OCD/Autism worse than me.

search realistically close, probably walkin, possibly by uber. hotels in 0.00 to say $300.00 range.

most likely candidates list

match interior pics of hotel to elevator vids and hotel room vids , tictak and life un alived me, and


Anonymous 06/16/2024 (Sun) 22:08 [Preview] No.73316 del
(173.54 KB 744x1129 1582125387166.jpg)
they were using public transport and there's a vid of them on a bus

there's also a video of jt choking her in the hotel. that may be helpful.

Anonymous 06/16/2024 (Sun) 22:21 [Preview] No.73317 del
(336.50 KB 470x696 3.PNG)

if they were on a bus i can not picture em walkin a long way from above listed address. where vid was made. Feb is cold.

Also i looked at a few interior room pics so far, for anyone else lookin, i noticed,

see placard on back of room door, its not exact same for every hotel, it could be unique per each one,

Anonymous 06/16/2024 (Sun) 22:53 [Preview] No.73318 del
(481.91 KB 1063x493 maybe.PNG)
i have a maybe:

Best Western Plus Philadelphia Convention Center Hotel
1225 Vine Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19107

20 min walk from video location

1900 Arch St, Philadelphia, PA 19103


Anonymous 06/16/2024 (Sun) 22:55 [Preview] No.73319 del
(80.97 KB 1069x665 e.jpg)
(75.87 KB 1064x784 p.jpg)
i'm pretty sure it says "emergency exit plan". it's mirrored and then there's a map for the evacuation under it. not very useful with this quality.

Anonymous 06/16/2024 (Sun) 23:15 [Preview] No.73321 del

yea, the quality sucks. But, i noticed its specific to the buildings / hotels, its another piece to try and match up, in room.

does anyone have life un alived me vid, where shes in bed,

Anonymous 06/16/2024 (Sun) 23:17 [Preview] No.73322 del
(591.81 KB 720x1280 ciara - door hinges.png)
(668.92 KB 720x1280 ciara - doors.png)
(320.91 KB 1025x1534 doors.jpg)
(194.90 KB 599x1357 lamp.jpg)
(414.73 KB 896x1818 mirror.jpg)
yes it's definitely that! there's a 360 pic of one of the rooms on google and most things seem to match. same walls, same mirror, same frame, same doors, same layout.

Anonymous 06/16/2024 (Sun) 23:28 [Preview] No.73325 del
so what now? we call and ask if a girl died there 4 years ago?

Anonymous 06/16/2024 (Sun) 23:31 [Preview] No.73328 del
(1.45 MB 1329x599 carpet.PNG)

carpet is similar, different lite on carpet of two pictures,

if its really where she went, fuckin gross, she deserved a million times better,

https://youtube.com/watch?v=GVapwPl-1u4 [Embed]

Anonymous 06/16/2024 (Sun) 23:34 [Preview] No.73329 del
definitely same hotel

Anonymous 06/16/2024 (Sun) 23:37 [Preview] No.73330 del


id want to see Morrissey un alived vid, where shes in bed and in room, to see windows in her vid vs. pics of a hotel room

and elevator vids, was a couple, and match up.

if it really was same place,

there is a record someplace, certain woman died in, on 2/8/2020

Anonymous 06/16/2024 (Sun) 23:58 [Preview] No.73333 del
(968.96 KB 786x558 classy.PNG)
if it is place, id assume picked it cause close to bad areas, i dont know Philly at all , but it looks like edge of a ghetto to me. only a few floors. would be realistic to find exact room,

it looks nasty from outside.

anyways, a record for x place on y date, feb. of 2020, where would take person from to in event of etc.. etc.

Anonymous 06/17/2024 (Mon) 00:11 [Preview] No.73334 del
This one?

Anonymous 06/17/2024 (Mon) 00:16 [Preview] No.73335 del
(67.18 KB 792x528 20170814162708.JPG)
another pic from google from the same hotel showing the same sign >>73319

Anonymous 06/17/2024 (Mon) 00:23 [Preview] No.73337 del

yea, that , thanks,

Anonymous 06/17/2024 (Mon) 00:26 [Preview] No.73338 del
(511.99 KB 912x542 placard.PNG)

yea i was just lookin at it,

its exact same placard , exact same door placement,

Anonymous 06/17/2024 (Mon) 00:26 [Preview] No.73339 del
Ghoul Ciara = Beyond-beauty

Anonymous 06/17/2024 (Mon) 00:31 [Preview] No.73340 del
googling the name of the hotel and homicide/suicide/drugs nothing comes up.
please someone call and ask the desk clerk how long they've been working there and if they ever heard about any death/suicide whatever in 2020

Anonymous 06/17/2024 (Mon) 00:39 [Preview] No.73347 del
(521.09 KB 809x499 furniture2.PNG)

lol it wont be that easy, it would be sealed records from like 5 years back,

its just a start point

anyways, im not an expert but i believe two benches are same, i dont know if exact same but same ,

still tryin to eye ball windows,

anyone got elevator vids, i know were at least two

Anonymous 06/17/2024 (Mon) 00:43 [Preview] No.73349 del
if it’s not in the news, check Facebook/Nextdoor/Whisper. google keywords. you can even google around and find underground blogs you had no idea existed. i found out my friend was a sex worker at a strip club through some bizarre strip club community that sniffs out ones that you can pay for sex at. there’s a local circle for everything. check reviews for the hotel and surrounding areas. someone in my apartment complex left a review mentioning a prior suicide in my building that i had never heard about. those are just a handful of avenues you can take.

i looked up a lot of combinations but nothing is coming up which let’s be honest, a young girl overdosing in a hotel would probably be reported somewhere. whether by the news, or a facebook moms against fentanyl group or something. nothing ass nobody people die of overdoses all the time and make the news for it. she absolutely would have. carting a dead body out of a hotel is going to leave lots of witnesses and bystanders with phones and someone would have said something. people are nosey by nature. that’s why we’re here in the first place.

this is reaching into occam’s razor territory at this point.

Anonymous 06/17/2024 (Mon) 00:46 [Preview] No.73352 del
there is no doubt that it's the same hotel. so she was in Philadelphia when she supposedly "died" and her name is not in the official document previously posted. if people working there also confirm that no one has died in that hotel or at least in that period, we will be 100% sure that it was all staged.

Anonymous 06/17/2024 (Mon) 00:48 [Preview] No.73353 del
agreed, I <3 ghoul ciara

Anonymous 06/17/2024 (Mon) 01:10 [Preview] No.73363 del
It's my understanding that the document only covered deaths that occurred in Delaware County, PA. Philadelphia is in Philadelphia County, so it makes sense that her death wouldn't have been included.

Anonymous 06/17/2024 (Mon) 01:12 [Preview] No.73364 del

yea, i believe so. i cant get a good look at windows, she has lites on and curtains open, and its day time. But, curtains have a really weird pattern, and ones in her vid, curtains are open, but it looks like exact same pattern.

id still want to try and match whats in elevator vids to hotels elevators.
but i didnt see any pics of elevators on line.


so timeline:

her an JT visit Philly, its a trip to take drugs and stuff.

what were they doin down at 1900 Arc? i dont know any about drug crap, is it possible a dealer is in fancy area?

anyways, they supposedly venture into Philly ghetto, dont know if 1900 is before or after. and any stops, on way,

return to Best Western, videos in elevator. she uploads em, probably before final ride up.

i forget JT timeline, but , feb 7 is friday into feb 8 saturday.

someone dyin a a crud hotel wouldnt exactly be headline news,

id be curious who would come for an OD and taken to where from hotel,

its a pretty narrow window 2/7-2/8/2020. and off of exact location,

Anonymous 06/17/2024 (Mon) 01:13 [Preview] No.73365 del
(1.36 MB 1271x561 curtains2.PNG)

Anonymous 06/17/2024 (Mon) 01:32 [Preview] No.73368 del
(185.67 KB 1080x1336 1581683490577.jpg)

additional time line

re 2/8/2020

Anonymous 06/17/2024 (Mon) 04:10 [Preview] No.73384 del
>>73363 Yes, this is not unimportant, maybe someone can request information from Philadelphia County, that would probably the most reliable proof that she is dead or alive

Anonymous 06/17/2024 (Mon) 04:43 [Preview] No.73386 del
you are insane if u think she looked beautiful in this even biancas death picture looked better than this

Anonymous 06/17/2024 (Mon) 05:14 [Preview] No.73389 del
At this point we should just find out who laced their shit

Anonymous 06/17/2024 (Mon) 05:19 [Preview] No.73390 del
i ran into this girl on omegle back in early 2020. it was the tiktok tag. i wish i had saved the date so we could check if it was before or after her alleged death

Anonymous 06/17/2024 (Mon) 11:28 [Preview] No.73409 del

she looked beautiful,

<3 love Ciara

Anonymous 06/17/2024 (Mon) 11:34 [Preview] No.73410 del

well, we now have likely exact place, and exact date.

somewhere is a record for, such and such address / date , someone OD d at, record of incident, and where would of been taken to , from address

Anonymous 06/17/2024 (Mon) 12:33 [Preview] No.73422 del
no you're just a jealous bitter bitch, she looks pretty

Anonymous 06/17/2024 (Mon) 12:39 [Preview] No.73424 del
I'm gonna go out on a limb and say it was probably before she died.

Anonymous 06/17/2024 (Mon) 12:45 [Preview] No.73426 del
(1.08 MB 640x1136 1577005373470.png)

Anonymous 06/17/2024 (Mon) 17:33 [Preview] No.73470 del
I've checked all the reviews of people who stayed there in february 2020 and no one noticed anything weird besides junkies smoking weed in the elevator or noises from other rooms, because apparently the walls are paper thin. I think it's very unlikely that a young woman's death would go unnoticed if it really happened.

Anonymous 06/17/2024 (Mon) 18:27 [Preview] No.73476 del
It's been pointed out before, but on the people search websites every single dead junky, overdose, suicide or even homeless person I search for has a big red "deceased" under their name. I find it hard to believe that a white girl from an affluent family would have less public info than a transient.

Anonymous 06/17/2024 (Mon) 19:20 [Preview] No.73482 del
you don’t turn purple and remain that way when you die after an overdose unless there significant was bodily trauma that caused internal internal bleeding or hematoma which would have had to take place before she died and not after, otherwise another explanation for a change in skin appearance is when decomposition takes place it can darken parts of a body but that is only if we consider decomposition as a factor which it clearly was not. and while benzodiazepines are vasodilators it’s not commonly known to cause nosebleeds even when ingested through the nose.

unless he flipped her over, she would be pallid to the visible eye. this is actually how forensics determine whether a body was moved after death. if she’s stiff, that would mean enough time passed for rigor mortis to take place. that means livor mortis would accompany it in tandem and all of her blood would have started pooling where the points of gravity pulled depending on the position she was in.

so, his explanation can’t be true. i’ll be honest, it sounds like he’s just haphazardly throwing scenes he doesn’t remember well from movies together when describing this which is weird and i don’t know how else to word that. if anyone needs me to explain the entire process further i can do so but it’ll be a long post and naysayers will make up some predictable conspiracy regardless so i don’t want to waste the effort if i don’t have to. i can answer any questions someone has but i don’t have all day to go back and forth with nitpickers and opportunists.

>inb4 he was lying or he was high

please come up with a better argument if you want to contradict this

Anonymous 06/17/2024 (Mon) 19:21 [Preview] No.73483 del
also obligatory i’m ESL so just ask if you need clarification

Anonymous 06/17/2024 (Mon) 19:28 [Preview] No.73485 del
i also doubt it was laced. they don’t look pressed. i think that was also a bunch of bullshit. like people who smoke weed and have a panic attack and say it was laced with something when really they just can’t handle psychoactives or had an undiagnosed mental illness that had a poor interaction and exacerbated negative symptoms. it’s hard to take people for their word when saying they are laced because far too many people don’t understand drug interactions on a biological level and lack of public resources and education means most things people have to say about using drugs are going to be spread through anecdotal experiences and humans aren’t reliable. unless there’s lab work i would disregard that claim

Anonymous 06/17/2024 (Mon) 19:56 [Preview] No.73487 del
googling symptoms of opioid overdose you get the skin turning purple (cyanosis). he probably looked on the internet .

Anonymous 06/17/2024 (Mon) 19:58 [Preview] No.73488 del
why don’t you do it? why are you saying “maybe someone can request it” when you know what you need to do, you know where to request it, and someone in this thread posted how to do it?

Anonymous 06/17/2024 (Mon) 20:43 [Preview] No.73491 del
(2.72 MB 759x3933 Untitled.png)
cyanosis takes place in the extremities and occurs when there’s a factor causing decreased levels of blood oxygen and low blood pressure. there are a lot of things that can cause this, anemia and low body weight being one of them, but also, benzodiazepines are known to be a direct cause of low blood pressure, aka hypotension (not hypertension), among other things

benzodiazepines and other relaxants are fatal because they can cause complete respiratory failure. the respiratory failure is the condition, the actual cause of the fatality is hypoxia (brain) or cardiac arrest and likely a combination of the two are present

now yes, cyanosis can cause a bluish tint in extremities because blood that has low oxygen is much darker. you can see an example of this when you look at oxygenated blood from arteries compared to venous blood traveling through the circulatory system. that being said, the reason this color contrast is apparent in extremities for people with cyanosis is because their circulatory system is still working and there’s still… a contrast to be had. might sound crazy but when you die, your heart stops pumping blood and your circulatory system is no longer circulatory. so what happens now?

blood is a liquid, it has mass, and all things with mass are affected by gravity. that blood doesn’t just stay suspended in your veins in the same place upon death unless there’s something constricting it. squeeze your finger at the first knuckle until it turns blue. it’s cold and purple but when you let go, it returns to normal. but say that you died with something preventing that blood to flow out again, it’s going to coagulate and stay in place and that’s when you get dark discoloration and livor mortis in areas that are affected by gravity but still have discoloration. you see that often in autoerotic asphyxiation or ligature marks on the hands and necks of murder victims

that blood is going to blood. it’s going to pool and ciara would have been pale with little to no discoloration apparent unless she was moved. it certainly wouldn’t have been all over.

this is a very draconian explanation of a very complicated process and it’s hard to do justice so hopefully pictures help more than words

J. Dix- Color Atlas of Forensic Pathology, v.2000
Wikipedia- Arterial Blood
Overdosed woman- Some gore site probably

Anonymous 06/17/2024 (Mon) 21:12 [Preview] No.73496 del

If Ciara died in that position I wouldn't even be upset. That's a bad steamgame ragdoll pose.

Anonymous 06/17/2024 (Mon) 21:30 [Preview] No.73498 del
ngl i laugh too. where i got it from posted it with the title implying she died getting abducted by aliens. the disrespect…

guessing she nodded off against a wall and just flopped backwards after falling in slow motion. heroin is wild.

i remember seeing some man zombie shuffling by a phone booth once and made the joke “can’t wait to see him on the way home” and no shit like 2 hours later, the dude had moved maybe an inch. gotta respect his ability to stand that long being that god damn high

Anonymous 06/17/2024 (Mon) 21:46 [Preview] No.73500 del
don’t know why i didn’t even mention this but police aren’t the ones who declare DoA. they don’t have authority to do that and they wouldn’t tell it to someone even if someone did verify it either. the only person who can report a DoA is a medical examiner, coroner or first responder and first responders can only declare a DoA to inform it to relevant medical practitioners, not confirm it or authorize it as official. he just straight up butchered that entire story.

as with the hotel the room gets sealed until the investigation is over and in a major city like Philadelphia lmao if you think nobody would have seen or reported that you’re wild. people overdose in Starbucks bathrooms, people are killed in hotels. the difference here is money. you don’t have to pay to die in a public bathroom. with a hotel there’s going to be a longer investigation while they probe into paper trails through monetary transactions and jay would have been thoroughly questioned and investigated

he’s so full of shit

Anonymous 06/18/2024 (Tue) 00:07 [Preview] No.73518 del
there are vids of her stripping on omegle but that was waaay before 2020. i doubt it was her.

Anonymous 06/18/2024 (Tue) 04:54 [Preview] No.73559 del

99% sure its her. you re so lucky, id do anything to of had a sad little personal note from , or one of her cute little drawings


JT is full of crap, all i believe is he was last to see her alive. but it IS his statement of events. anyways, we have location of incident now, 99%,

Also, i thought from vids she died in some huge hotel in central downtown Philly. A crappy 4 floor ghetto hotel, i still want to know exact floor, and exact room, but people in these places generally dont give a fuck and no wont talk about deceased guests on a phone but would tell all you wanna know for $100 in person,

official records are problematic,

Anonymous 06/18/2024 (Tue) 15:01 [Preview] No.73584 del
(188.83 KB 792x792 M12.jpg)

Anonymous 06/18/2024 (Tue) 19:42 [Preview] No.73637 del
For a #Ciaraspiracy to work, you would need people like JT and others to be tight lipped and lying. After 4 years and none od these junkies or pedros have said nothing?!

Anonymous 06/18/2024 (Tue) 23:37 [Preview] No.73665 del
(89.46 KB 427x749 1512019420782.jpg)
I had a dream about Ciara last night we had lesbian sex

Anonymous 06/19/2024 (Wed) 00:28 [Preview] No.73676 del
(27.78 KB 545x409 1514927324868.jpg)
(651.48 KB 1920x1920 1514690588134.jpg)
(42.73 KB 640x480 1514926741264.jpg)
(962.29 KB 592x597 1514248606290.png)
(24.87 KB 545x409 1514786503424.jpg)
random dump while I'm at the store

Anonymous 06/19/2024 (Wed) 01:28 [Preview] No.73684 del
(239.07 KB 429x410 1513750951403.png)
(108.50 KB 480x640 1501403642745.jpg)
(960.88 KB 1366x768 1513559651794.png)
(135.15 KB 720x1278 1515029630955.jpg)

Anonymous 06/19/2024 (Wed) 03:58 [Preview] No.73712 del
(856.74 KB 593x598 1512423254812.png)
(48.14 KB 480x852 1514870225353.jpg)
(180.42 KB 720x1278 1513643751190.jpg)
(301.46 KB 900x1200 1513189440623.jpg)
(12.60 KB 232x411 1513755641448.jpg)

Anonymous 06/19/2024 (Wed) 05:57 [Preview] No.73718 del
Does her family even miss her?

Anonymous 06/19/2024 (Wed) 06:47 [Preview] No.73722 del

Anonymous 06/19/2024 (Wed) 08:06 [Preview] No.73725 del
There have been poss and tiktoks to that effect.

Anonymous 06/19/2024 (Wed) 10:21 [Preview] No.73729 del
It looks like Ciara had a eating disorder but it was probably just the effect of the drugs maybe both

Anonymous 06/19/2024 (Wed) 10:28 [Preview] No.73731 del
Her eating disorder wasn't any kind of secret

Anonymous 06/19/2024 (Wed) 11:28 [Preview] No.73737 del
(163.89 KB 719x1076 1503702470315.jpg)
(115.74 KB 640x1136 1489915014653.jpg)
(191.09 KB 750x1334 1515423905408.jpg)
(145.77 KB 750x1334 1515440655989.jpg)
(297.01 KB 547x411 1513750789470.png)

Anonymous 06/19/2024 (Wed) 15:30 [Preview] No.73759 del
(423.68 KB 597x591 1515724872274.png)
(104.90 KB 640x1136 1515720317395.jpg)
(28.16 KB 640x480 1515034443125.jpg)
(30.42 KB 614x410 1515100604243.jpg)
(705.25 KB 485x650 1515027637215.png)
I have a shit ton of Ciara pics but I'm trying not to spam that's why I'm only posting every few hours ok

Anonymous 06/19/2024 (Wed) 16:22 [Preview] No.73764 del
(5.27 MB 675x675 spin.gif)

Anonymous 06/19/2024 (Wed) 16:34 [Preview] No.73767 del

Anonymous 06/19/2024 (Wed) 16:47 [Preview] No.73770 del
(33.46 KB 640x480 1493448328781.jpg)
(89.86 KB 640x1136 1515614355970.jpg)
(173.10 KB 675x1200 1511347807370.jpg)
(138.14 KB 640x1136 1515946364722.jpg)
(120.79 KB 640x1136 1515677530120.jpg)
nise cheekbones

Anonymous 06/19/2024 (Wed) 16:52 [Preview] No.73773 del
(754.11 KB 1080x720 65785322011.png)
love her so much

Anonymous 06/19/2024 (Wed) 17:31 [Preview] No.73781 del
(73.04 KB 720x480 1455672193406.jpg)
(984.06 KB 1400x1000 1668270602813.png)
(1.05 MB 1932x1932 1506612645163.jpg)
(263.42 KB 1319x696 1514797004298.png)
(324.57 KB 1280x960 1514874369764.jpg)
me too..

Anonymous 06/19/2024 (Wed) 18:01 [Preview] No.73785 del
I'm a double Ciara-truther. I don't think she's dead and I don't believe she was ever the manipulative bitch her simps made her out to be.

Anonymous 06/19/2024 (Wed) 18:28 [Preview] No.73801 del
(159.80 KB 720x1278 1502927782754.jpg)
love looking through old Ciara threads on desuarchive and seeing all the misinformation, its actually kinda funny

Anonymous 06/19/2024 (Wed) 19:48 [Preview] No.73829 del
(35.75 KB 640x640 1515953085189.jpg)
(50.36 KB 640x640 1515868698652.jpg)
(73.01 KB 640x624 1503443064864.jpg)
(73.62 KB 640x633 1513565961625.jpg)
(971.73 KB 726x785 1513453955606.png)

Anonymous 06/19/2024 (Wed) 21:16 [Preview] No.73850 del
She was real cute when she wanted to be. I just wish she hadn't taken the drugs and put on more weight.

Anonymous 06/19/2024 (Wed) 21:37 [Preview] No.73852 del
(30.36 KB 480x640 1491968576123.jpg)
super cute

Anonymous 06/19/2024 (Wed) 22:06 [Preview] No.73857 del
(108.47 KB 719x1013 1502922727654.jpg)
(186.68 KB 675x1200 1465778369601.jpg)
(134.47 KB 640x1136 1477948916885.jpg)
(122.09 KB 964x1205 1514782266463.jpg)
(42.76 KB 471x628 1556663916316.jpg)

Anonymous 06/19/2024 (Wed) 22:29 [Preview] No.73861 del
(292.23 KB 719x683 mirror.jpg)
(270.26 KB 720x703 wethair.jpg)
(272.33 KB 720x707 pink.jpg)
(414.29 KB 720x882 hamster1.jpg)
(195.58 KB 719x692 store.jpg)
coming through

Anonymous 06/19/2024 (Wed) 22:30 [Preview] No.73862 del
(276.55 KB 720x708 fullbody.jpg)
(278.80 KB 720x696 fuckmen.jpg)
(302.08 KB 720x877 light.jpg)
(613.71 KB 720x881 archway.jpg)
(252.87 KB 719x724 nightout.jpg)

Anonymous 06/19/2024 (Wed) 23:35 [Preview] No.73865 del
>ladies... fuck men
kek, she fucked a lot of men that's for sure.

Anonymous 06/20/2024 (Thu) 00:17 [Preview] No.73867 del

Anonymous 06/20/2024 (Thu) 00:20 [Preview] No.73868 del
(24.96 KB 726x409 1514929504250.jpg)

Anonymous 06/20/2024 (Thu) 00:21 [Preview] No.73869 del
Didn't she fuck less than Marky?

Anonymous 06/20/2024 (Thu) 02:19 [Preview] No.73880 del
Hey Lamb

Anonymous 06/20/2024 (Thu) 03:39 [Preview] No.73889 del
(165.77 KB 900x1200 1516563174901.jpg)
(84.62 KB 1080x1080 1503565072006.jpg)
(39.18 KB 640x640 1511877900875.jpg)
tracksuit pics

Anonymous 06/20/2024 (Thu) 03:40 [Preview] No.73890 del
idk who the fuck that is stop being schizophrenic

Anonymous 06/20/2024 (Thu) 06:14 [Preview] No.73897 del
(28.00 KB 357x633 IMG_4010-1.jpg)
i love her skinny body and big tits

Anonymous 06/20/2024 (Thu) 10:53 [Preview] No.73906 del
this one was probably an actual tranny because i genuinely didn’t post that lol

Anonymous 06/20/2024 (Thu) 13:20 [Preview] No.73915 del
(63.15 KB 426x634 ox3w.jpg)
young jennifer connelly reminds me of ciara

Anonymous 06/20/2024 (Thu) 16:37 [Preview] No.73952 del
(53.26 KB 540x960 1516413513168.jpg)
same, I watched Requiem for a Dream last night and her character reminded me of Ciara a lot

Anonymous 06/20/2024 (Thu) 17:02 [Preview] No.73955 del
(253.28 KB 3840x2400 peak-incel-fantasy.jpg)
>posts her already walled

you post her from Career Opportunities, OR YOU DON'T POST HER AT ALL

that was peak incel fantasy from a completely different time

Anonymous 06/20/2024 (Thu) 17:47 [Preview] No.73973 del
erm...fuck off, she is cute in every movie she is in

Anonymous 06/20/2024 (Thu) 18:11 [Preview] No.73975 del
you can't tell me that haag on the right is prettier than cunny on the left

cunny jennifer was unmoggable

Anonymous 06/20/2024 (Thu) 18:25 [Preview] No.73977 del
could you stop being a pedrophile for 15 minutes

Anonymous 06/20/2024 (Thu) 18:30 [Preview] No.73978 del
She's a hot old lady, but she can't hold a candle to the angel she was when she was young.

I've noticed that mischlings age better than full blooded ashkenazis.

Anonymous 06/20/2024 (Thu) 18:35 [Preview] No.73980 del
stop being sad for her, she had 8 sisters that look like exactly the same, only the autism levels are different

Anonymous 06/20/2024 (Thu) 19:03 [Preview] No.73992 del
Herr sisters are ugly though

Anonymous 06/20/2024 (Thu) 19:20 [Preview] No.74005 del

Anonymous 06/21/2024 (Fri) 00:05 [Preview] No.74068 del
self portrait?

Anonymous 06/21/2024 (Fri) 00:40 [Preview] No.74073 del
(4.60 MB 720x1280 videoplayback.webm)
I miss her

Anonymous 06/21/2024 (Fri) 00:55 [Preview] No.74074 del

I would pay to taste them..

Anonymous 06/21/2024 (Fri) 01:59 [Preview] No.74089 del
might be my fav pic of her

Anonymous 06/21/2024 (Fri) 12:31 [Preview] No.74151 del
(735.04 KB 599x751 1518210607624.png)
(996.34 KB 3264x2448 1518310097737.jpg)
(742.01 KB 591x595 1482988543751.png)
(1.75 MB 1440x1460 1518097469785.png)
(265.97 KB 1280x960 1518325001096.jpg)

Anonymous 06/21/2024 (Fri) 12:42 [Preview] No.74155 del
Hilarious she would have been successful had she not been a crackhead psychopath.

Anonymous 06/21/2024 (Fri) 13:43 [Preview] No.74169 del
(536.67 KB 1080x1920 1513616855701.jpg)
(638.04 KB 1932x1932 1506286443992.jpg)
(121.10 KB 1200x675 1482721111825.jpg)
I want to hug her

Anonymous 06/21/2024 (Fri) 13:56 [Preview] No.74178 del
can't hug a corpse lmao

Anonymous 06/21/2024 (Fri) 14:03 [Preview] No.74181 del
>can't hug a corpse
1. she was cremated
2. it was more of a hypothetical
3. yes you can, go get your shovel anon we're going to get you a real gf

Anonymous 06/21/2024 (Fri) 16:48 [Preview] No.74231 del
damn she was an ugly kid. she looked like a boy. no wonder she ended up on 4chan. she probably grew up as a weird loser and by the time she turned pretty her personality was already that of an incel

Anonymous 06/21/2024 (Fri) 17:05 [Preview] No.74236 del
pretty much, that's a good description of all these egirls really.

Anonymous 06/21/2024 (Fri) 19:57 [Preview] No.74286 del
(120.88 KB 243x430 1531900817851.png)
(228.73 KB 750x1334 1518883726350.jpg)
(213.56 KB 1080x720 1518839991658.jpg)
(43.00 KB 394x700 1518363246913.jpg)
(196.29 KB 750x1334 1518666641582.jpg)

Anonymous 06/21/2024 (Fri) 20:02 [Preview] No.74289 del
(80.31 KB 170x301 1520317637538.png)
one of her less flattering pics

Anonymous 06/21/2024 (Fri) 20:07 [Preview] No.74292 del
she does not have a single flattering pic

Anonymous 06/21/2024 (Fri) 20:26 [Preview] No.74297 del
we get it bro you're gay, happy pride month and all that

Anonymous 06/21/2024 (Fri) 21:40 [Preview] No.74319 del

Anonymous 06/21/2024 (Fri) 22:39 [Preview] No.74332 del
(47.68 KB 640x640 1522458464781.jpg)
(1.56 MB 1588x1458 1518437276445.png)
do you guys think Sosa bought and drank Ciara's blood

Anonymous 06/21/2024 (Fri) 22:54 [Preview] No.74337 del
I don't know and I don't care. Sosa should be raped in the ass by a giant nigger until he bleeds to death.

Anonymous 06/21/2024 (Fri) 23:02 [Preview] No.74339 del
looks like a 14 year old boy

Anonymous 06/21/2024 (Fri) 23:15 [Preview] No.74342 del
(198.06 KB 750x1334 1519060518502.jpg)
why would you want to watch a black man rape a brown man are you gay AND into niggers?

Anonymous 06/21/2024 (Fri) 23:35 [Preview] No.74348 del
jay, release your sex tapes with her, stop hoarding them to yourself. or sell them to us. i want to see her getting railed or with cum on her face

Anonymous 06/21/2024 (Fri) 23:42 [Preview] No.74350 del
he probably doesn't want porn with him in it on the internet

Anonymous 06/21/2024 (Fri) 23:48 [Preview] No.74355 del
I love hamsters

Anonymous 06/21/2024 (Fri) 23:56 [Preview] No.74358 del
(719.59 KB 480x480 1616417141.webp)

Anonymous 06/22/2024 (Sat) 00:02 [Preview] No.74359 del
(22.54 KB 215x175 me.jpg)
>*catches hamster in mouth and eats it in one bite*

Anonymous 06/22/2024 (Sat) 00:40 [Preview] No.74370 del
>he doesn't know what happened to the hamster
oh nyo..

Anonymous 06/22/2024 (Sat) 00:45 [Preview] No.74373 del
(104.90 KB 558x499 20240607_195255.jpg)
she is dead she is dead she is dead she is dead she is dead

Anonymous 06/22/2024 (Sat) 01:23 [Preview] No.74379 del
too late, ciara. we know the truth know

Anonymous 06/22/2024 (Sat) 01:32 [Preview] No.74381 del
this whole thread is just ciara samefagging

Anonymous 06/22/2024 (Sat) 02:05 [Preview] No.74389 del
yeah I fuckin ate it

Anonymous 06/22/2024 (Sat) 02:20 [Preview] No.74394 del
lets all just face it ciaras dead even when she faked her death before she always came back, its been over 4 years now and she hasn’t came back and the fact that she deadass looked like she was dying at the end

Anonymous 06/22/2024 (Sat) 03:45 [Preview] No.74403 del
>ciara plzet me go ur choking me

Anonymous 06/22/2024 (Sat) 04:44 [Preview] No.74409 del
delusional. she didn’t come back because you mean nothing to her, just like all the other scrotes here

Top cat 06/22/2024 (Sat) 06:27 [Preview] No.74414 del
Ciara is dead but her spirit lives on in all the kittens in the world.
In all the kittens I see Ciara and I believe that her spirit will never die.

please let her Rest In Peace.
Goddammit be kind for once in your lives!

Anonymous 06/22/2024 (Sat) 07:09 [Preview] No.74417 del
My schizo theory is that its Ciara making these occasional cat posts

Anonymous 06/22/2024 (Sat) 07:27 [Preview] No.74418 del
it's sosa

Anonymous 06/22/2024 (Sat) 07:43 [Preview] No.74420 del


shes ours forever, she asked us to orbit forever.

Now we have hotel where she died, its time to plan a memorial,

in our hearts always

Anonymous 06/22/2024 (Sat) 13:28 [Preview] No.74433 del
(75.00 KB 576x1024 1616873091225.jpg)
let me guess, lolcow.farm user?

Anonymous 06/22/2024 (Sat) 16:42 [Preview] No.74462 del

Looks like Jessi Slaughter. Dear God, I'm old.

Anonymous 06/22/2024 (Sat) 16:47 [Preview] No.74463 del
erm respect *his* new identity BIGOT it's Damien Slaughter now

Anonymous 06/22/2024 (Sat) 19:52 [Preview] No.74496 del
(132.86 KB 737x1310 EzM1fAGUUA0XZBQ.jpeg)
>Damien Slaughter

To "his" credit "they" lost weight and is no longer larping as disabled and if I didn't know any better I'd say "he" was almost fuckable now. So not all chicks who get fucked by their dad turn out badly. Yuk, yuk.

Anonymous 06/22/2024 (Sat) 22:06 [Preview] No.74519 del
(1.16 MB 1080x1349 IMG_2442.png)
>lEt Me GuEsS lAwLcAw
scrotal hysteria

Anonymous 06/22/2024 (Sat) 22:09 [Preview] No.74521 del
(50.27 KB 640x426 1482798390064.jpg)
(196.89 KB 1080x720 1464706757602.jpg)
(112.61 KB 596x1015 1518351830555.jpg)
(183.74 KB 750x1334 1513117060560.jpg)
(285.52 KB 467x466 1461523469462.png)
did your father molest you, is that why you behave the way that you do?

Anonymous 06/22/2024 (Sat) 22:20 [Preview] No.74522 del
(230.08 KB 750x1334 1518575961975.jpg)
She's overrated. Dolly chan was better and actually tragic, just like BAC

Anonymous 06/22/2024 (Sat) 23:49 [Preview] No.74548 del
lesbian segs

Anonymous 06/22/2024 (Sat) 23:59 [Preview] No.74555 del
(586.17 KB 2560x1920 IMG_2448.jpeg)
do you have testicular cancer is that why you’re such a huge scrote

Anonymous 06/23/2024 (Sun) 00:03 [Preview] No.74558 del
why did you just post that mean comment in that discord girl thread? you shouldn't be jealous of other girls, sis

Anonymous 06/23/2024 (Sun) 00:15 [Preview] No.74566 del
I'm a girl, cry about it and wipe away your tears with your droopy labia

Anonymous 06/23/2024 (Sun) 01:19 [Preview] No.74590 del
>my true and honest response

Anonymous 06/23/2024 (Sun) 01:33 [Preview] No.74595 del
jesus she's ugly

Anonymous 06/23/2024 (Sun) 01:42 [Preview] No.74596 del
(478.68 KB 1343x700 1514432216846.jpg)
I'd like to inform you that I just farted, and that the little toot that escaped my bootyhole displayed more sentience and intelligence than anything you've ever posted here.

Anonymous 06/23/2024 (Sun) 03:50 [Preview] No.74630 del

stop samefagging desu

Anonymous 06/23/2024 (Sun) 04:04 [Preview] No.74632 del
(47.00 KB 640x426 1473034182731.jpg)
damn...you got me there...what an original comeback, unfortunately I'm already a female so your oneliner has fallen flatter than your tits.
lol, lmao even.

Anonymous 06/23/2024 (Sun) 04:11 [Preview] No.74636 del
I'm kinda in the mood to make a cum tribute of Ciara would you guys want me to post it here?

Anonymous 06/23/2024 (Sun) 04:12 [Preview] No.74637 del

Anonymous 06/23/2024 (Sun) 04:13 [Preview] No.74638 del
whatever floats your boat anon, the world is your oyster

Anonymous 06/23/2024 (Sun) 04:14 [Preview] No.74639 del
Only if you shout me out as you finish

Anonymous 06/23/2024 (Sun) 05:56 [Preview] No.74667 del
Do it, it's been a while since i've seen one

Anonymous 06/23/2024 (Sun) 07:05 [Preview] No.74672 del
No amount of HRT will make you a woman, my friend.

Anonymous 06/23/2024 (Sun) 07:10 [Preview] No.74675 del
Alrighty that's 2 counts in favor, 1 vote against and 1 indifferent..
Democracy wins
Touch screen kinda fucked up my rhythm ngl

Anonymous 06/23/2024 (Sun) 07:40 [Preview] No.74680 del
>shit contrast
>ungrounded camera
>not playing audio of her videos in the background
>phone backs out during the money shot
This is like 3/10 at most, and that's being extremely generous.

Anonymous 06/23/2024 (Sun) 07:57 [Preview] No.74682 del

lol so cute lol <3

Anonymous 06/23/2024 (Sun) 08:06 [Preview] No.74683 del
(43.31 KB 323x574 IMG_2460.jpeg)
sounds like something a tranny would say

Anonymous 06/23/2024 (Sun) 13:56 [Preview] No.74705 del
no amount of therapy will change the fact your dad's sperm touched your tongue but go figure

Anonymous 06/23/2024 (Sun) 14:21 [Preview] No.74716 del
(99.72 KB 1080x1080 1467148803585.jpg)
(117.24 KB 900x1200 1467146207601.jpg)
(174.69 KB 1080x720 1467145531769.jpg)
(172.30 KB 1080x720 1467144935718.jpg)
(191.88 KB 1080x720 1467145149290.jpg)

Anonymous 06/23/2024 (Sun) 14:46 [Preview] No.74722 del
You seem upset, I'm not sure why.

Anonymous 06/23/2024 (Sun) 14:48 [Preview] No.74723 del
(223.25 KB 750x1334 1515361340824.jpg)
because there's an ugly whore shitting up the thread about my spiritual girlfriend named Ciara duhhh

Anonymous 06/23/2024 (Sun) 14:59 [Preview] No.74727 del
(1.22 MB 3264x2448 1467211869631.jpg)
(112.33 KB 1080x720 1453367935823.jpg)
(185.96 KB 1080x720 1467147275302.jpg)
(140.94 KB 1080x720 1467148148886.jpg)
(246.03 KB 1080x720 1467606718280.jpg)
I'll be honest, going through archives to find Ciara pics really just made me hate Sunny. I used to feel bad for her, but seeing how weird and obnoxious she acted in orbiter threads made me roll my eyes so hard they almost fell out of my skull.

Anonymous 06/23/2024 (Sun) 15:55 [Preview] No.74748 del
(12.58 MB 1080x1920 4v.mp4)
mine is better

Anonymous 06/23/2024 (Sun) 16:09 [Preview] No.74754 del
(165.49 KB 1280x720 1468288245798.jpg)
(232.50 KB 1080x720 1447478921747.jpg)
(219.98 KB 1080x720 1455713945460.jpg)
(23.76 KB 334x446 1467146147815.jpg)
(192.16 KB 1080x720 1467145130587.jpg)

Anonymous 06/23/2024 (Sun) 16:57 [Preview] No.74763 del
(1003.96 KB 717x476 1514613975639.png)
(683.54 KB 1080x1920 1519131253882.png)
(164.79 KB 944x609 1520742340379.jpg)
(862.87 KB 720x1280 1520354215789.png)
(1.88 MB 1440x1477 1519519307436.png)

Anonymous 06/23/2024 (Sun) 17:47 [Preview] No.74778 del
Umm... don't do any factchecking on the age of that pic. Unless you want to destroy all your harddrives.

Anonymous 06/23/2024 (Sun) 18:03 [Preview] No.74786 del
over 18 officer

Anonymous 06/23/2024 (Sun) 18:09 [Preview] No.74794 del
(441.05 KB 1080x1080 1483997012196.jpg)
I'm calling da police

Anonymous 06/23/2024 (Sun) 18:31 [Preview] No.74808 del
(117.15 KB 640x1136 21.jpg)
but i dindu nuffin

Anonymous 06/23/2024 (Sun) 19:55 [Preview] No.74828 del
(16.19 MB 1280x720 lv_0_20220923173359.mp4)
Fair, will take your criticism to improve for the future
I can't believe I got mogged via cum tribute, nice one anon

Anonymous 06/23/2024 (Sun) 20:22 [Preview] No.74833 del
(307.93 KB 633x633 7AYBFIA.png)
it's okay

Anonymous 06/23/2024 (Sun) 21:00 [Preview] No.74848 del
That cock slap was a nice touch
Based edit

Anonymous 06/23/2024 (Sun) 21:07 [Preview] No.74849 del
wHY did this give me a mega boner i swear i don't hate women

Anonymous 06/23/2024 (Sun) 22:04 [Preview] No.74871 del
What the actual fuck

Anonymous 06/23/2024 (Sun) 23:29 [Preview] No.74902 del
(628.38 KB 1920x1080 1511921055378.jpg)
(1.02 MB 1920x1080 1511920711622.jpg)
I think she has a really nice eye shape and color, to me thats what makes her attractive (and her freckles, freckles on pale skin is very cute)

Anonymous 06/24/2024 (Mon) 00:31 [Preview] No.74919 del
(21.82 KB 396x331 irishniggas.jpg)
was a Horan's ever fought alongside with IRA? like idk a uncle or cousin of her

Anonymous 06/24/2024 (Mon) 00:40 [Preview] No.74921 del
(503.59 KB 1200x1600 1526400704805.jpg)
(954.26 KB 2000x2790 1495351327389.jpg)
Does Ciara really make people this horny? Usually other egirls don't get this explicit treatment

Anonymous 06/24/2024 (Mon) 02:38 [Preview] No.74936 del
She had a nice body and a cute youthful face

Anonymous 06/24/2024 (Mon) 02:54 [Preview] No.74938 del
(54.61 KB 640x426 1481059133788.jpg)
Anyone have the gif/vid of ciara slapping herself i wanna use it as a reaction meme

Anonymous 06/24/2024 (Mon) 03:15 [Preview] No.74943 del
>Does Ciara really make people this horny?

shes so fuckin sexy and dirty, like i could tell her or ask her to do anything and she probably would of been up to try it

Anonymous 06/24/2024 (Mon) 03:19 [Preview] No.74944 del

who is this girl? is ciara?

Anonymous 06/24/2024 (Mon) 03:27 [Preview] No.74948 del
(28.18 KB 544x360 1512423453468.jpg)
(66.39 KB 960x960 1511138843780.jpg)
(795.79 KB 587x598 1509729772554.png)
(134.94 KB 720x1278 1506830739844.jpg)
(103.62 KB 900x1125 1511914464558.jpg)

Anonymous 06/24/2024 (Mon) 04:56 [Preview] No.74960 del
(38.92 KB 600x800 RrZB9MC.jpg)
look at those plump cocksucking lips

Anonymous 06/24/2024 (Mon) 06:01 [Preview] No.74970 del
(1.30 MB 3024x3024 1477361849619.jpg)
This is pretty dope

Anonymous 06/24/2024 (Mon) 08:02 [Preview] No.74986 del
(807.45 KB 404x720 slap.webm)

Anonymous 06/24/2024 (Mon) 12:38 [Preview] No.75053 del
(524.48 KB 469x595 1506496323318.png)
Thank you lol

Anonymous 06/24/2024 (Mon) 14:15 [Preview] No.75068 del
(146.03 KB 589x587 1492150404576.jpg)
(285.27 KB 1280x960 1513087683525.jpg)
(193.29 KB 750x1334 1513054189935.jpg)
(140.40 KB 750x1334 1513025736671.jpg)
(143.98 KB 1080x1080 1513089229855.jpg)

Anonymous 06/24/2024 (Mon) 14:58 [Preview] No.75081 del
fucking hot

Anonymous 06/24/2024 (Mon) 15:03 [Preview] No.75083 del

Anonymous 06/24/2024 (Mon) 17:21 [Preview] No.75126 del
now I wanna properly slap her

Anonymous 06/24/2024 (Mon) 17:40 [Preview] No.75137 del
(627.99 KB 720x1280 saliva.mp4)
i wish it had sound

Anonymous 06/24/2024 (Mon) 17:43 [Preview] No.75138 del
oh god imagine the sex

Anonymous 06/24/2024 (Mon) 18:15 [Preview] No.75156 del
I keep accidentally tapping this stupid drawfag thing cuz im a retarded phoneposter and its pissing me off so i utilized it to draw the queen

Anonymous 06/24/2024 (Mon) 18:39 [Preview] No.75164 del
draw her naked

Anonymous 06/24/2024 (Mon) 18:40 [Preview] No.75166 del
everything reminds me of her

Anonymous 06/24/2024 (Mon) 18:57 [Preview] No.75169 del
can't be her

Anonymous 06/24/2024 (Mon) 19:32 [Preview] No.75173 del
Objectively wrong

Anonymous 06/24/2024 (Mon) 20:41 [Preview] No.75183 del
I hate drawing on mobile but here

Anonymous 06/24/2024 (Mon) 20:58 [Preview] No.75187 del
(211.81 KB 1300x1195 RemiJones.jpg)
Post more Ciara clones or at least the same vibes

Anonymous 06/24/2024 (Mon) 21:11 [Preview] No.75197 del
Where is the based deepfaker?

Anonymous 06/24/2024 (Mon) 22:14 [Preview] No.75211 del
>didn't try to get even remotely close to her actual body type
0/10, literal waste of time and processing power.

Anonymous 06/24/2024 (Mon) 22:23 [Preview] No.75212 del

not unless she time traveled, to ewww 1970s yuck,

Ciara and Eva green , when same age, were like identical twins

https://youtube.com/watch?v=ivVHmLq2TnA [Embed]

Anonymous 06/25/2024 (Tue) 01:03 [Preview] No.75287 del
her body looks nothing like ciara

Anonymous 06/25/2024 (Tue) 01:17 [Preview] No.75289 del
(366.99 KB 1664x1664 1798.jpg)
does Ciara have more simps than Bianca in heaven? They went to heaven, right?

Anonymous 06/25/2024 (Tue) 01:49 [Preview] No.75302 del
bros, last night I had a dream with ciara and we did a lot of sex at bathroom..

Felt sad when I woke.

Anonymous 06/25/2024 (Tue) 01:55 [Preview] No.75303 del
(1.45 MB 240x426 1511294951086.gif)
This gif must always be reposted

Anonymous 06/25/2024 (Tue) 02:16 [Preview] No.75312 del
(73.61 KB 800x1000 1513301351813.jpg)
(215.14 KB 1200x1200 1511686277754.jpg)
(58.62 KB 720x720 1513235322675.jpg)
(107.86 KB 640x1136 1464703881524.jpg)
(130.99 KB 1080x720 1458766979913.jpg)

Anonymous 06/25/2024 (Tue) 03:19 [Preview] No.75347 del
Its ok i dream about her sometimes too, mine are usually wholesome

Anonymous 06/25/2024 (Tue) 05:00 [Preview] No.75410 del
in the future we can all be Ciara

Anonymous 06/25/2024 (Tue) 08:30 [Preview] No.75454 del

Anonymous 06/25/2024 (Tue) 11:39 [Preview] No.75465 del

sadly this night nothing happened :(((((

Anonymous 06/25/2024 (Tue) 16:11 [Preview] No.75496 del
(63.12 KB 800x1000 1586573878617.jpg)
Ciara what are you doing with that cat

Anonymous 06/25/2024 (Tue) 17:21 [Preview] No.75507 del
(175.53 KB 1280x720 narcissus.jpg)
Finally I can be my own waifu! I'll be the best waifu ever, not like all of those whores!

Anonymous 06/25/2024 (Tue) 20:01 [Preview] No.75539 del
(106.35 KB 720x697 1493704713919.jpg)

Anonymous 06/25/2024 (Tue) 20:12 [Preview] No.75545 del
she looks like a hamster here

Anonymous 06/25/2024 (Tue) 20:14 [Preview] No.75546 del
Yes and hamsters are adorable

Anonymous 06/25/2024 (Tue) 20:43 [Preview] No.75561 del
that's just a regular ugly girl

Anonymous 06/25/2024 (Tue) 20:57 [Preview] No.75565 del
(24.34 KB 615x410 1507933134344.jpg)
Your mother regrets pushing you out of her soggy rapehole, hope this helps

Anonymous 06/25/2024 (Tue) 21:17 [Preview] No.75567 del
statistically speaking , likely

Anonymous 06/25/2024 (Tue) 21:34 [Preview] No.75570 del
Just ignore him. Doesn't help that you have prepubescent-kid-on-xbox live tier responses. Just post Ciara. Don't respond to him.

Anonymous 06/25/2024 (Tue) 22:15 [Preview] No.75572 del
i know there's more rares

Anonymous 06/25/2024 (Tue) 22:23 [Preview] No.75574 del
you losers will one day have to come to terms with the fact that you have wasted a decade of your lives obsessing over an ugly woman

Anonymous 06/25/2024 (Tue) 22:26 [Preview] No.75575 del
Uhhhh anon, maybe you should leave that to the other chans...

Anonymous 06/25/2024 (Tue) 22:27 [Preview] No.75576 del
slutchan is dead

Anonymous 06/25/2024 (Tue) 22:30 [Preview] No.75578 del
I'm not a cewl or kasper orbiter so no i won't

Anonymous 06/25/2024 (Tue) 22:42 [Preview] No.75582 del

Anonymous 06/25/2024 (Tue) 22:48 [Preview] No.75587 del
more rares

Anonymous 06/25/2024 (Tue) 23:21 [Preview] No.75601 del
(761.89 KB 2448x3264 1513750792842.jpg)
There are no rares

Liv 06/26/2024 (Wed) 00:01 [Preview] No.75616 del
What do y’all think Ciara would be doing if she was alive

Anonymous 06/26/2024 (Wed) 00:10 [Preview] No.75618 del
sucking cock and shooting dope

Anonymous 06/26/2024 (Wed) 01:08 [Preview] No.75627 del

hairy armpit


Anonymous 06/26/2024 (Wed) 01:11 [Preview] No.75628 del

Anonymous 06/26/2024 (Wed) 03:55 [Preview] No.75659 del
Her family put her on some meds to help her gain weight, which led to the pudgy face period.

Anonymous 06/26/2024 (Wed) 04:16 [Preview] No.75665 del
Speaking from experience (family member had severe anorexia) that shot doesn't help they should've tried harder to fix her brain

Anonymous 06/26/2024 (Wed) 04:47 [Preview] No.75669 del
she was so pretty and hot. what a waste

Anonymous 06/26/2024 (Wed) 14:58 [Preview] No.75724 del
(52.53 KB 640x640 1513936205430.jpg)

Anonymous 06/26/2024 (Wed) 17:00 [Preview] No.75772 del
(23.80 KB 394x700 1503795751280.jpg)
Ciara is a cute

Anonymous 06/26/2024 (Wed) 21:36 [Preview] No.75846 del
(676.27 KB 1280x720 1514430576458.webm)
>you will never go swimming with Ciara
Why live...

Anonymous 06/27/2024 (Thu) 03:27 [Preview] No.75949 del
>other egirls dont get this explict treatment
idk there was literally someone that did a cum tribute to biancas death photo and took a pic of it so ur wrong

Anonymous 06/27/2024 (Thu) 05:33 [Preview] No.75964 del
(203.33 KB 722x1280 1515615903418.jpg)
This is where Ciara hid the bodies

Anonymous 06/27/2024 (Thu) 09:48 [Preview] No.75992 del
(1.18 MB 1273x950 01923471378.png)
I just wish I could suck her balloon knot

Anonymous 06/27/2024 (Thu) 10:31 [Preview] No.75997 del
(1.73 MB 480x326 1712136265703147.gif)

Anonymous 06/27/2024 (Thu) 12:37 [Preview] No.76009 del
(142.67 KB 722x1280 1515978851225.jpg)
Impossible, you've stared at her vagina for hours i can tell

Anonymous 06/27/2024 (Thu) 14:13 [Preview] No.76021 del
(65.88 KB 640x426 1471552578470.jpg)
(412.11 KB 900x1200 1477843706671.jpg)
(103.44 KB 722x1280 1515614108556.jpg)
(122.09 KB 964x1205 1514782266463.jpg)
1. The emo classmate
2. The slavic pedestrian
3. The psycho killer
4. The kawaii girl

Anonymous 06/27/2024 (Thu) 14:48 [Preview] No.76025 del
>They went to heaven, right?
That depends. Which one of them treated people the worst?

Anonymous 06/27/2024 (Thu) 14:53 [Preview] No.76029 del
for me it's the creatura

Anonymous 06/27/2024 (Thu) 15:03 [Preview] No.76033 del
(138.64 KB 1080x720 1475022814872.jpg)
Bianca is in hell and Ciara is still alive and hiding in my basement, i feed her grapes and ground beef.
My favorite part of this image is how its edited and yet cewl thinks its real

Anonymous 06/27/2024 (Thu) 15:14 [Preview] No.76037 del
(79.72 KB 393x415 1525099771556.png)
What did he mean by this

Anonymous 06/27/2024 (Thu) 15:16 [Preview] No.76039 del
jewishness at its best

Anonymous 06/27/2024 (Thu) 15:19 [Preview] No.76044 del
it looks like they took all the jew out of marky and put it in ciara

Anonymous 06/27/2024 (Thu) 15:22 [Preview] No.76048 del
(127.10 KB 685x680 1681337855978.png)

Anonymous 06/27/2024 (Thu) 15:23 [Preview] No.76050 del
Those granny glasses make me laugh so much

Anonymous 06/27/2024 (Thu) 15:29 [Preview] No.76055 del
I wonder what he's up to lately, been a while since he posted to the 'gram

Anonymous 06/27/2024 (Thu) 16:03 [Preview] No.76079 del
do you think that helped with her breast growth

Anonymous 06/27/2024 (Thu) 16:53 [Preview] No.76119 del
(66.30 KB 640x640 1583664861710.jpg)
(115.59 KB 640x1136 1512253476746.jpg)
Take everything I say here with a grain of salt as I'm no pharmacist nor a doctor, but I'd say yes.
She's always had a big chest (runs in the family) but the weight gain medication probably made them bigger. She has the body type that stores more fat in the chest. There's also some pictures where you can see what looks to be stretch marks on her cleavage, an indication of rapid growth/weight gain.
Again, I'm not a doctor so I have no clue what I'm talking about its just a hypothesis.

Anonymous 06/27/2024 (Thu) 17:07 [Preview] No.76123 del
I'm no doctor or pharmacist but nice tits

Anonymous 06/27/2024 (Thu) 18:17 [Preview] No.76155 del
(1.06 MB 640x1136 1502244842986.png)
(80.12 KB 720x720 1518361546398.jpg)
(336.57 KB 591x586 1514860602622.png)
Kawaii Keeruh

Anonymous 06/27/2024 (Thu) 18:55 [Preview] No.76176 del
all of them at once

Anonymous 06/27/2024 (Thu) 20:55 [Preview] No.76229 del
(98.97 KB 722x1280 1519626407636.jpg)
I like this picture even if she looks a bit stupid in it, it has a cute dorky charm to it

Anonymous 06/27/2024 (Thu) 20:56 [Preview] No.76230 del

I choose the fenta girl

Anonymous 06/27/2024 (Thu) 21:38 [Preview] No.76236 del
(163.89 KB 719x1076 1503702470315.jpg)

Anonymous 06/27/2024 (Thu) 22:18 [Preview] No.76239 del
damn this bitch is ugly

Anonymous 06/27/2024 (Thu) 22:19 [Preview] No.76240 del
Were both of Ciaras parents American, or only one? Did she only have US citizenship?

Anonymous 06/27/2024 (Thu) 22:19 [Preview] No.76241 del
why would you say something so rude, on the internet no less?

Anonymous 06/27/2024 (Thu) 22:32 [Preview] No.76243 del
Always curious about this. Was her biological mom actually Irish and Ciara had Irish and US citizenship? Or was she of Irish ancestry but her parents only had American citizenship?

Anonymous 06/27/2024 (Thu) 22:38 [Preview] No.76246 del
>>76240 Anyone have an answer? Bump

Anonymous 06/27/2024 (Thu) 22:45 [Preview] No.76250 del
i believe dual citizenship, if i recall. her mom was irish, her dad was american

Anonymous 06/27/2024 (Thu) 23:56 [Preview] No.76282 del
imagine ciara is in ireland

Anonymous 06/27/2024 (Thu) 23:58 [Preview] No.76284 del
she is

Anonymous 06/28/2024 (Fri) 00:03 [Preview] No.76287 del
Yes, her mother is from Dublin

Anonymous 06/28/2024 (Fri) 00:25 [Preview] No.76292 del
Ciara is FUCKING dead

Anonymous 06/28/2024 (Fri) 01:10 [Preview] No.76302 del
Nuh uh

Anonymous 06/28/2024 (Fri) 03:12 [Preview] No.76344 del
(948.04 KB 1153x768 1516407231818.png)

Anonymous 06/28/2024 (Fri) 14:05 [Preview] No.76423 del
(187.06 KB 750x1334 1519626934573.jpg)
(985.62 KB 590x556 1517436014940.png)
Imagine eating tendies with ciara

Anonymous 06/28/2024 (Fri) 16:23 [Preview] No.76491 del
(1.35 MB 640x1136 1503450813809.png)

Anonymous 06/28/2024 (Fri) 17:34 [Preview] No.76547 del
(189.64 KB 1080x720 1513721723786.jpg)
(38.56 KB 427x469 1513929020449.jpg)
(111.26 KB 480x640 1514348677621.jpg)
(94.25 KB 720x720 1510450065105.jpg)
(237.29 KB 1080x720 1473972868235.jpg)

Anonymous 06/28/2024 (Fri) 17:52 [Preview] No.76552 del
Idea for a Terminator sequel: I go back in time and save Ciara from herself.

Anonymous 06/28/2024 (Fri) 18:02 [Preview] No.76557 del
Sounds like a 10/10, who would play Ciara?

Anonymous 06/28/2024 (Fri) 18:26 [Preview] No.76562 del
Uhhhhhh, Thomasin McKenzie?

Anonymous 06/28/2024 (Fri) 22:28 [Preview] No.76661 del
(47.97 KB 406x720 1531908910274.jpg)

Anonymous 06/28/2024 (Fri) 23:15 [Preview] No.76681 del
(530.88 KB 1536x1482 Ciara whoran.jpg)
(189.16 KB 720x1183 Ciara whoran 2.jpg)

Anonymous 06/28/2024 (Fri) 23:39 [Preview] No.76703 del


Anonymous 06/28/2024 (Fri) 23:39 [Preview] No.76705 del
Oh hell naw

Anonymous 06/29/2024 (Sat) 00:49 [Preview] No.76748 del
(9.83 KB 201x301 ciarawhore.jpg)

Anonymous 06/29/2024 (Sat) 01:58 [Preview] No.76778 del
sad angel

Anonymous 06/29/2024 (Sat) 02:01 [Preview] No.76779 del
She is much happier in my basement right now

Anonymous 06/29/2024 (Sat) 02:33 [Preview] No.76797 del

interestin idea, maybe in ummmm 15 ish years,

except cant really travel to past on origin universe, but yea on a near alternate universe. next issue, is umm, well, umm cant really umm take a person, but....

https://youtube.com/watch?v=7Zxr-Y-5YyA [Embed]

see ya in a decade or two, baby <3

Anonymous 06/29/2024 (Sat) 07:49 [Preview] No.76852 del

Anonymous 06/29/2024 (Sat) 13:57 [Preview] No.76876 del
Ciara dont use your mom's toy!!

Anonymous 06/30/2024 (Sun) 03:23 [Preview] No.76950 del
(129.33 KB 750x907 1518383155275.jpg)
My reaction

Anonymous 06/30/2024 (Sun) 10:02 [Preview] No.76980 del
She cude

Anonymous 06/30/2024 (Sun) 16:38 [Preview] No.77033 del
she needs to be raped

Anonymous 06/30/2024 (Sun) 16:42 [Preview] No.77034 del
Dark crackhead ciara.

Anonymous 06/30/2024 (Sun) 20:22 [Preview] No.77049 del

she s so fuckin cute and sexy in these final tiktoks,


she needs to be cuddled

Anonymous 06/30/2024 (Sun) 21:41 [Preview] No.77057 del
imagine if ciara's mommy's juices were on that magic wand while she was using it

Anonymous 07/01/2024 (Mon) 01:39 [Preview] No.77090 del
I love 2019 Ciara, she was so beautiful with that hair

Anonymous 07/01/2024 (Mon) 03:05 [Preview] No.77097 del

same, my favorite version of her was the maturing into an adult version. i wish she didnt have the eating disorder and drug issues, but im most attracted to her and who she was in final tiktok vids

Anonymous 07/01/2024 (Mon) 11:41 [Preview] No.77129 del
Had a dream I held hands with ghoul Ciara in an empty mall, what does this mean

Anonymous 07/01/2024 (Mon) 13:53 [Preview] No.77139 del
last night I watched that video she made where she was super-manic and describing herself as a soon to be twenty year old woman. made me cry like a fucking baby.

https://youtube.com/watch?v=bwpXsVDNMZ0 [Embed]

Anonymous 07/01/2024 (Mon) 16:26 [Preview] No.77159 del
she reached 20 and then died. sad but also a perfect time to die. i wish i died young when i still had life left in me.

Anonymous 07/01/2024 (Mon) 16:50 [Preview] No.77162 del
This makes me sad, i hope you feel better

Anonymous 07/01/2024 (Mon) 22:10 [Preview] No.77195 del
(196.57 KB 719x1280 1518931119318.jpg)
Erm what the sigma

Anonymous 07/01/2024 (Mon) 23:21 [Preview] No.77204 del

ditto. the only reason i'd want to be a teenager again is to end it before things got worse.

Anonymous 07/02/2024 (Tue) 01:34 [Preview] No.77221 del
someone PLEASE post pics of 2019 endlife ciara here

Anonymous 07/02/2024 (Tue) 03:08 [Preview] No.77234 del
(79.86 KB 720x1280 1576433991770.jpg)
Bootiful angle

Anonymous 07/02/2024 (Tue) 04:37 [Preview] No.77240 del

she s so cute in these final vids, i love her, im definitely tryin to bring her back in 15 years,


those eyes make me weak

Anonymous 07/02/2024 (Tue) 04:44 [Preview] No.77242 del
(91.49 KB 720x1280 1579133138979.jpg)
She swims in my blood! (like aids)

Anonymous 07/02/2024 (Tue) 13:03 [Preview] No.77261 del
(41.73 KB 354x630 1577328476254.jpg)
Crazy girl

Anonymous 07/02/2024 (Tue) 15:20 [Preview] No.77272 del
I'm working on recreating Ciara in the sims 4
If all goes well, I will release the sim with all the custom content

Anonymous 07/02/2024 (Tue) 15:50 [Preview] No.77273 del
Love it

Anonymous 07/02/2024 (Tue) 16:20 [Preview] No.77277 del

sims 4 rape mod with ciara

Anonymous 07/02/2024 (Tue) 16:54 [Preview] No.77285 del
the face doesn't look like her

Anonymous 07/02/2024 (Tue) 17:12 [Preview] No.77289 del
Sims4 wicked whims and drugs mod with ciara

Anonymous 07/02/2024 (Tue) 18:11 [Preview] No.77301 del

love the dark around the eyes. don't let her drink the stuff under the sink.

Anonymous 07/03/2024 (Wed) 00:36 [Preview] No.77333 del
super rares

Anonymous 07/03/2024 (Wed) 06:02 [Preview] No.77361 del
(44.27 KB 615x306 file.png)

Anonymous 07/03/2024 (Wed) 10:02 [Preview] No.77369 del
update #1
some changes in appearance and most importantly Ciara is now a teenager!

Anonymous 07/03/2024 (Wed) 12:25 [Preview] No.77382 del

Anonymous 07/03/2024 (Wed) 13:03 [Preview] No.77388 del
>>77369 I can't wait for you to release it anon

Anonymous 07/03/2024 (Wed) 13:12 [Preview] No.77390 del
Is the pink outfit her default outfit or is it pajamas

Anonymous 07/03/2024 (Wed) 16:09 [Preview] No.77427 del
>Ciara is now a teenager!
now install the pedro mod

Anonymous 07/03/2024 (Wed) 17:02 [Preview] No.77433 del
The...the what mod...?

Anonymous 07/03/2024 (Wed) 22:25 [Preview] No.77495 del
I know she looks old but not that much

Anonymous 07/03/2024 (Wed) 22:41 [Preview] No.77496 del
Me fr

Anonymous 07/04/2024 (Thu) 01:16 [Preview] No.77518 del
going gay for ciara...

Anonymous 07/04/2024 (Thu) 01:18 [Preview] No.77519 del
Being lesbian for ciara....

Anonymous 07/04/2024 (Thu) 03:15 [Preview] No.77537 del
found her moms old youtube account that has a bunch of videos of all the daughters when they were little kids, opening presents on xmas day, and other stuff, if anyone is interested in seeing that

Anonymous 07/04/2024 (Thu) 10:22 [Preview] No.77558 del
Well duhh, share it

Anonymous 07/04/2024 (Thu) 14:58 [Preview] No.77583 del
(399.49 KB 1242x2208 1576979624723.jpg)
Her eyes were gorgeous my God

Anonymous 07/04/2024 (Thu) 15:52 [Preview] No.77590 del

i love to see these rare pics of her

Anonymous 07/04/2024 (Thu) 18:56 [Preview] No.77611 del
she actually looks pretty for once here and here>>73829

Anonymous 07/04/2024 (Thu) 20:42 [Preview] No.77616 del
(156.29 KB 958x720 0.jpg)
(117.03 KB 958x720 1.jpg)
(113.81 KB 958x720 2.jpg)
Best girl coming through

Anonymous 07/04/2024 (Thu) 20:48 [Preview] No.77617 del
Interior photos might be of use.

Anonymous 07/04/2024 (Thu) 21:26 [Preview] No.77620 del

i dont blame em at all. i would of already sold it. its weird to see that kitchen area and remember all of her pics and vids she did from there. too many weird old memories. pick up and move someplace else, id probably move to a new state isn that kind of a situation,

any would do anything lay in her bed, in her room, assuming its still her blankets and pillows. hold her pillow and be able to cry for a while,

Anonymous 07/04/2024 (Thu) 21:52 [Preview] No.77628 del
(25.96 KB 480x640 mommy.jpg)
(69.12 KB 960x960 mommy_grey_hair.jpg)

Anonymous 07/04/2024 (Thu) 21:57 [Preview] No.77630 del
holy shit look at those milkers on the oldest sister

Anonymous 07/05/2024 (Fri) 01:04 [Preview] No.77650 del

I'm glad someone else noticed. Thought I was depraved.


God, I'm in love with her mom.

Anonymous 07/05/2024 (Fri) 01:22 [Preview] No.77658 del
What a retarded junkie moron Ciara turned out to be.

Anonymous 07/05/2024 (Fri) 17:03 [Preview] No.77755 del
Jesus Christ she needs a bigger shirt

Anonymous 07/05/2024 (Fri) 19:41 [Preview] No.77810 del

This is bait, but not wrong. I think of all the opportunities in life she had and threw them all away while I sit here doing the best I can with a fraction of those resources. Gotta take mental illness into consideration, though. No one would be that self destructive by accident.

Anonymous 07/05/2024 (Fri) 19:51 [Preview] No.77814 del
(280.45 KB 353x628 1557604443128.png)
angel T_T

Anonymous 07/05/2024 (Fri) 20:47 [Preview] No.77826 del
(183.66 KB 720x1080 1461720101994.jpg)
Like some anon in the previous thread said, she could've been a model with a bit of effort. Yeah, yeah, inb4 pic of her looking or acting weird. Remember that girl who perved on Finn Wolfhard and recorded herself stripping in anorexia ward? There's always a niche market to cater to, but I guess that just goes to show how off the rails Ciara was

Anonymous 07/05/2024 (Fri) 20:59 [Preview] No.77830 del
she looks beautiful there

Anonymous 07/05/2024 (Fri) 21:01 [Preview] No.77832 del
holy hell i thought the discord schizo was full of shit but y’all really have a cringe dramatic circlejerk going on here. are you not aware or is this some weird ARG larping???

Anonymous 07/05/2024 (Fri) 21:02 [Preview] No.77833 del
They’re cooked

Anonymous 07/05/2024 (Fri) 21:16 [Preview] No.77835 del
you need to go back

Anonymous 07/05/2024 (Fri) 21:24 [Preview] No.77837 del
>Remember that girl who perved on Finn Wolfhard and recorded herself stripping in anorexia ward?


Anonymous 07/05/2024 (Fri) 21:59 [Preview] No.77843 del
ciara hates that her tragedy simps are creepy fat roasties (you), the shitty incel “writer” and some faggot who can barely speak english

Anonymous 07/05/2024 (Fri) 22:21 [Preview] No.77846 del
> the shitty incel “writer”

Anonymous 07/05/2024 (Fri) 22:36 [Preview] No.77851 del
Okay, it's an out-there example, and pretty old one at that, but it's the closest comparison I could think of to back up my claim

Anonymous 07/06/2024 (Sat) 06:13 [Preview] No.77874 del

ive seen it before. people took a drug one time never should of taken, and it never lets go, cant quit it, and destroys all. Most peoples families would of bailed way earlier. its how you get junkie drug street zombies.


yea. its real tragedy to me. i see what Ciara Could Of been, could of been a model, famous comedian, famous actress, etc...
and instead ODs in some sad shitty Best Western hotel,

Anonymous 07/06/2024 (Sat) 10:15 [Preview] No.77883 del
(300.39 KB 1440x1080 re43.jpg)
(249.34 KB 1440x1080 re42.jpg)
(340.70 KB 1440x1080 zn5.jpg)
(177.36 KB 1440x1080 final form.jpg)
now available for download

Anonymous 07/06/2024 (Sat) 12:58 [Preview] No.77887 del
Now make Bianca as a sim so they can be friends again

Anonymous 07/06/2024 (Sat) 13:46 [Preview] No.77890 del
if you make her face longer it'll resemble ciara more

Anonymous 07/06/2024 (Sat) 15:30 [Preview] No.77899 del
(183.84 KB 1512x694 longer-face-update.jpg)
(103.79 KB Tray.rar)
little hotfix
sim tray only

Anonymous 07/06/2024 (Sat) 16:40 [Preview] No.77914 del
Try making her in Nioh 2 since itnhas angreat character maker.

Anonymous 07/06/2024 (Sat) 17:23 [Preview] No.77925 del
These are both on the front page so you are subject to my displeasure
Do you have any life to live my friend, cuz if not maybe that's a clear cut sign that hey maybe you should huh
Life for something or die for something, something at all
There's no thing that existing your your assumingly pathetic life, why don't you become unassuming and live for someone other than assumed disparity huh

Anonymous 07/06/2024 (Sat) 20:48 [Preview] No.77956 del

what this Anon is sayin is make photo realistic Ciaras,

and also, i forget what its called but Chinese competitor to Sora Ai is supposedly public access.

Make Ciara photo realistic Ai vids, its time

Anonymous 07/06/2024 (Sat) 21:18 [Preview] No.77963 del
I know you all could give less than two shits about me now but real talk my friends, why?
You people got to admit this is fucked huh
Joking aside, get a life

Anonymous 07/06/2024 (Sat) 23:11 [Preview] No.77993 del


So my Angel will be re born as an Ai, to be w/ me always,

my life w/ her <3

love you always Ciara

Anonymous 07/06/2024 (Sat) 23:40 [Preview] No.78001 del
(258.32 KB 1024x686 15519393577260.jpg)
Anybody could be reborn to you, what does it matter huh
She's anyone to anyone
Cute ain't it
Recoup your life huh, be a man
You got 180 days before you abandon your own production
Be clear huh, find yourself, beautiful


Anonymous 07/06/2024 (Sat) 23:49 [Preview] No.78007 del

anyone can be anyone to anyone,

but i only want This One, my angel, my princess, <3 xoxo

and i have all the time in the world,

Anonymous 07/06/2024 (Sat) 23:54 [Preview] No.78010 del
(22.66 KB 273x252 slavs_havin_a_lol.jpg)
But you don't have all the time in the world
You're very human as even I, despite how special I might be
You have your time as I and everyone else does
We all live within our time and we must make it our own or we risk squandering it on petty nothings
Stop dreaming and start living huh
Stop dreaming that life away, start loving yourself

Anonymous 07/07/2024 (Sun) 00:02 [Preview] No.78016 del

Anonymous 07/07/2024 (Sun) 00:05 [Preview] No.78018 del
(31.46 KB 409x388 1422229786143.jpg)
Ya no shit
If you're educated enough you'd know who I am, but You'll be a pretty girl and not know cuz it's cute
And now you can't even say that you know be cuz call you here aswell saying you're again being pretty
Cute girls don't know anything till it means alot
You're a cutie pie aren't ya

Anonymous 07/07/2024 (Sun) 00:16 [Preview] No.78022 del
Dude no one cares who you are, can you stop shitting up every thread with random images and barely intelligible comments

Anonymous 07/07/2024 (Sun) 00:23 [Preview] No.78026 del
(138.19 KB 1080x850 15629676934283.jpg)
My friend listen I'll real talk to you since you're probably a stupid zoomer
You obviously don't understand or you are so unappreciative you don't care when someone who does not care for you speaks to you and you as a "I DON"T CARE" individual response you seem as most likely as a stupid faggot

You are too blind or foolish, most obviously a homosexual that cannot understand when someone else does not care about them but only themselves
You are a perfect moron and I can appreciate you for your cyclic ambivalent for it in a genuine stupidity
If I ever see you my friend I'll kiss you on the cheek
If you get a hard on I'll push you away as the fruit you are

Anonymous 07/07/2024 (Sun) 00:29 [Preview] No.78029 del

im not sure how relates to Ciara,

but ok,

Anonymous 07/07/2024 (Sun) 00:32 [Preview] No.78031 del
(8.60 KB 191x179 5445324.jpg)
I relate to everyone
See how it goes when ever the world a snow ball huh
See how fall you can walk with your favorite girl
I'm sure I could always go ten paces more
Remember that next time you try to be cute with huh sweetheart

Anonymous 07/07/2024 (Sun) 00:35 [Preview] No.78033 del

your posts remind me


this ghost busters cartoon, each was progressively worse,

Anonymous 07/07/2024 (Sun) 00:37 [Preview] No.78035 del

like tryin to troll, but its like in poem form lol

with silly pictures?

art school grad? maybe

Anonymous 07/07/2024 (Sun) 00:41 [Preview] No.78037 del
your texts remind me of a leddit faggot who can't expand properly
Learn how to type will ya, some ELS Ukrainian can do better than you fruiter ass
That's real sad ya know

But I'll burst a special bubble you've made in your mind and tell ya You're not that cute
I see as obvious as anyone with eyes
I can appreciate but not approve
Be yourself without other, theses really no need of me to be your ideal self
So do so

Anonymous 07/07/2024 (Sun) 00:42 [Preview] No.78038 del

yea lol thats it,

thats wat you remind me of,

like some art school dork,

and like silly picture,

and under silly picture, a little poem

tryin to be deep


o fuck dude

stop lol

Anonymous 07/07/2024 (Sun) 00:43 [Preview] No.78039 del
did gilborg stop taking his meds or is this a new esl writing in shitty fag prose?

Anonymous 07/07/2024 (Sun) 00:48 [Preview] No.78043 del

its too much, and i remembered where i saw in IRL, like a Art School exhibit, and it would be some annoyin ass picture, and under a weird deep little poem LOL

Anonymous 07/07/2024 (Sun) 00:49 [Preview] No.78044 del
(851.68 KB 1440x1080 gay_bomb.jpg)
You're getting as bad as me with your typing
I have an excuse but do you my friend?
You may have nothing really to say yet I respond
Why is that do you think

Anonymous 07/07/2024 (Sun) 00:50 [Preview] No.78045 del

LOL o fuck

Anonymous 07/07/2024 (Sun) 00:52 [Preview] No.78047 del

Anonymous 07/07/2024 (Sun) 00:52 [Preview] No.78048 del
stop please, its too silly,

ok, darn it, now i will post a new pic,

and a deep poem or some such


Anonymous 07/07/2024 (Sun) 00:55 [Preview] No.78049 del
(61.81 KB 309x305 1461873899622.jpg)
Post your prosaic poem my friend
I'm am your ear
Let me listen

Anonymous 07/07/2024 (Sun) 00:55 [Preview] No.78050 del
stop being silly this is a serious board where we discuss serious things

Anonymous 07/07/2024 (Sun) 00:55 [Preview] No.78051 del

Anonymous 07/07/2024 (Sun) 00:56 [Preview] No.78052 del

just my serious love for Ciara,

Anonymous 07/07/2024 (Sun) 01:01 [Preview] No.78054 del
(23.78 KB 480x516 1452687385845.jpg)
I still await my friend
I yearn for you assumed beauty

Here just for you, a new picture

Anonymous 07/07/2024 (Sun) 02:34 [Preview] No.78066 del
if you were with the deadass ciara corpse on that motel room..

what would you do?

Anonymous 07/07/2024 (Sun) 02:48 [Preview] No.78067 del
depends if her body is still warm or not ;)

Anonymous 07/07/2024 (Sun) 03:35 [Preview] No.78071 del

i would do zero sexual stuff, i love her; id hold her, cry really hard, kiss her, tell her i love her, just in case some part of her could still hear me, and tell her if i can find a way, i will bring her back. take some DNA for a clone, but not in way people are thinking. And say bye, til i find way to bring her back,

Anonymous 07/07/2024 (Sun) 03:48 [Preview] No.78073 del
What's in there to make it 1.5GB?

Anonymous 07/07/2024 (Sun) 08:24 [Preview] No.78092 del
well, the clothes themselves take up 1GB of disk space, you should figure out the rest yourself

Anonymous 07/07/2024 (Sun) 14:38 [Preview] No.78117 del
any blender autist willing to do a realistic 3d model of her?

Anonymous 07/07/2024 (Sun) 20:21 [Preview] No.78227 del
God I wish I had the Sims 4 but my laptop can't run it I'm sobbing

Anonymous 07/07/2024 (Sun) 22:17 [Preview] No.78241 del
What 2003 laptop are you using where you can't run the fucking sims?

Anonymous 07/07/2024 (Sun) 22:58 [Preview] No.78246 del
they probably dont know how to set the graphics to Low. you actually need a dedicated graphics card to be able to run the sims at 1080p+ with the graphics set to High

Anonymous 07/08/2024 (Mon) 11:23 [Preview] No.78313 del
ciara chan in GTAIV

Anonymous 07/08/2024 (Mon) 15:09 [Preview] No.78336 del
(185.63 KB 900x1200 ciara.jpg)

Anonymous 07/08/2024 (Mon) 15:43 [Preview] No.78344 del
(1006.35 KB 1070x1903 1586677339859.png)

Anonymous 07/08/2024 (Mon) 16:41 [Preview] No.78357 del

They should add her as a monster in lethal company.

Anonymous 07/08/2024 (Mon) 16:44 [Preview] No.78358 del
the dark eye bags combined with the dark makeup was not a good look for her. she would have been a lot hotter in this phase without the bad makeup

Anonymous 07/08/2024 (Mon) 16:52 [Preview] No.78361 del
best ciara era

Anonymous 07/08/2024 (Mon) 22:53 [Preview] No.78414 del

even at the end, i still think she looked beautiful. and she s dyin there from eatin disorders, drugs, alcoholism, and who knows what else.

anyways, at least shes at rest now

Anonymous 07/09/2024 (Tue) 00:58 [Preview] No.78435 del
her tits were perfect

Anonymous 07/09/2024 (Tue) 01:09 [Preview] No.78441 del
if she laid off the smack, ditched that dark wine-aunt makeup and didn't RIP she would be a 10/10 bombshell today

Anonymous 07/09/2024 (Tue) 13:01 [Preview] No.78487 del
damnnnn she is so cute with those pigtails.......

I can't

Anonymous 07/09/2024 (Tue) 18:37 [Preview] No.78516 del
Crooked Ciara was too addicted to heroin and opioids to care.

Anonymous 07/09/2024 (Tue) 18:38 [Preview] No.78517 del
fr can you even imagine railing the fuck out of that skinny body and seeing those perfect tits jiggle. im leaking precum just thinking about it.

Anonymous 07/09/2024 (Tue) 18:58 [Preview] No.78527 del
Smack head Ciara is a better name that Crooked Crack head ciara.

Anonymous 07/09/2024 (Tue) 19:00 [Preview] No.78528 del
What the fuck, she was a walking skelly even before she actually fucking died lmao. What a disaster of a human being, good riddance bitch.

Anonymous 07/09/2024 (Tue) 19:02 [Preview] No.78529 del
a jealous ass roastie who is seething that ciara has a hotter body than her :)

Anonymous 07/09/2024 (Tue) 19:43 [Preview] No.78535 del
I can imagine but I fapped so much in my teen days that I can't feel shit now

Anonymous 07/09/2024 (Tue) 21:22 [Preview] No.78539 del
yeah egirls are groomers too. ciara helped groom and before that other certain egirls had a role in grooming ciara into what she became.

Anonymous 07/09/2024 (Tue) 21:54 [Preview] No.78542 del
(213.04 KB 640x640 IMG_3727.jpeg)

Anonymous 07/09/2024 (Tue) 21:57 [Preview] No.78545 del
(213.04 KB 640x640 IMG_3727.jpeg)

Anonymous 07/09/2024 (Tue) 22:10 [Preview] No.78547 del
oopsie wrong thread

Anonymous 07/09/2024 (Tue) 23:02 [Preview] No.78551 del
who's that?

Anonymous 07/09/2024 (Tue) 23:56 [Preview] No.78563 del

It's Ciara! She had plastic surgery after she faked her death and this is what she looks like now at 24.

Anonymous 07/10/2024 (Wed) 00:25 [Preview] No.78571 del

Don't give us hope..

Anonymous 07/10/2024 (Wed) 00:34 [Preview] No.78574 del
Ciara’s phenotype isnquite common among Irish lasses.

Anonymous 07/10/2024 (Wed) 07:11 [Preview] No.78636 del
It is kind of wild how trash a person ciara was.

Anonymous 07/10/2024 (Wed) 11:30 [Preview] No.78646 del
yeah but it’s not an irish girl so how you just look retarded

Anonymous 07/18/2024 (Thu) 20:35 [Preview] No.82985 del

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