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Where everyone with an ounce of jew blood and traitors are public toilets
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How to survive (((tech))) Anonymous 06/26/2021 (Sat) 11:11:33 Id: 3a6568 [Preview] No. 84904
Imagine a degenerate wasting 4 hours a day watching youtube, what a waste, a controlled creature of instinct and hedonism. I was this creature years ago and I come to tell you it wasn't nice.
If you browse image boards for half an hour a day, don't own a smartphone, and understand the degeneracy of modern entertainment, this guide may have a little good information, but it won't change your life.


>What do I do?
* Stop using a smart-phone, this is critical.
* Stop using social media, or minimize their use.
* Avoid FAGMANS: Facebook, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Netflix, Samsung.
* Only use secure, encrypted, foss, chat apps for communication. Email is not secure.
* Get rid of smart-watches, and smart-tvs, etcetera. If it has an internet connection, it is evil.
* Get rid of supermarket discount cards and membership cards of any kind.
* Don't get a genetic test.
* Use uBlock origin to mitigate tracking.

>What is the problem?
* You are being data-mined.
* Your smartphone, smart tv, and smart dildo are all data gatherers.
* Social media, and cookies are the same. Social media is surveillance, and cookies are trackers. This is re-branding.
* This data is being used much like weather stations, enough data and a model can be set up that predicts human behavior, this information is in the worst possible hands.
* This system can also be used to entrap or spy on you.
* Internet of Things is mass surveillance extended into other appliances.
* Tech is made addictive on purpose. This includes gaming, porn, etcetera.

>QUI is behind this?
* (((Same as always)))
* Logistics and specifics are implemented through FAGMANS. There are others.
* The US feds, through the pentagon, and alphabet agencies, mostly NSA.
* The CCP has Xiaomi and other companies that do mass surveillance.

>This is difficult weh weh I'm a faggot!
* Apply /SIG/ principles.
* Take one thing off of this list, stop watching youtube videos all the time and read instead.
* Next week, Stop using facebook.
* Next week after that, replace your smartphone with a dumb phone.
* Since you still may want to use messaging apps, use them on BlueStacks.
* Slowly but surely, release yourself of these chains.

>But I like tech! Is there any virtuous use of technology?
* Yes, this guide is for people who have a problem with tech.
* Halfchan's /pol/ is tech, and accidentally redpilled a generation of people, social media allowed for unprecedented spontaneous organization, this was accidental of course, we were never meant to be free to speak.

In all seriousness, if you do not intend to stop using your smartphone, stop reading and kill yourself.

Social media is meant to be an adiction, so is your phone, porn, games, and tv. Anonymous 06/26/2021 (Sat) 11:16:08 Id: 3a6568 [Preview] No.84905 del
(62.64 KB 1024x683 oh_hi_mark.jpg)
(14.14 KB 474x321 sundar.jpg)
(53.69 KB 1140x700 susan.jpg)
"Social media" is a re-branding of "mass surveillance". In the same way "Cookies" are "Trackers".
Facebook, may in fact be, a US gov surveillance project straight out of the pentagon.

Social media is designed to be addictive and to keep you using it:
Facebook feeds you outrageous news in your feed because rage keeps you glued to the screen.
Gab functions in exactly the same way, it is a nest of republicans seething about the last bad thing democrats have done.
Youtube had a star system, this was a fairly good and useful rating system. This was replaced with a numberical system of likes and dislikes, the dislikes are rumoured to have their days numbered.
With facebook, there is no opposite of the like; There is only "like" and "this makes me angry".
Most social media sues an infinite scroll feed of information, you keep scrolling down looking for one bit of dopamine, surrounded by uninteresting drivel. This is more effective than to constantly serve you quality, as it would burn out your dopamine receptors.

This addictivenes is by design in both social media and entertainment in general.
In entertainment the examples are clearer.
In porn, Pornhub quite readily admits that they are feeding your porn addiction.
In gaming, lootboxes are designed around the same principles of casinos. Android games are even worse, as they are designed from the ground up around perpetual play and revenue streams.
Old games are cool tho.

This addictivenes serves a purpose, after all, it makes no sense to build walls around cattle you don't intend to milk and slaughter.
The walls are detailed above, they are your own instincts.
The profit however, is huge.
It is the knowledge of human group behavior.

Human beings are influenced by their environment and guided by their genetics.
We don't comprehend how exactly this process unfolds...
But tech giants have cracked a definite and reliable way of predicting the outcomes of these processes.

You should ask, why is every corporation looking into AI and Big Data?
On the surface, the answer seems to be that it is a corporate meme.
Most of it is, as it is implemented by brainless webdevs and pajeets who can't program for shit.
But as we've seen, much of it isn't.
Further still, how is it that target can tell that a woman is pregnant before she knows it?
How can it be that Amazon knows what you want before you tell them?

Try to remember: Was there any instance in which after mentioning an activity while talking with your friends, google showed store results with that item, and Amazon did too?
This is because all your online presence and FAGMANS accounts are linked to exploit you.
How this happens behind the doors is quite elaborate:

Firstly, you are more interesting as your demographic than as an individual.

Secondly, what websites you visit, and what links you click, what products you move your mouse over (and keep it there) are all recorded and associated.

Thirdly, this information is analyzed. Chiefly, what is a common behavior displayed by this demographic, and is there a relation to time or seasons, etc. This function has a job description: Big Data Analyst, or AI specialist.

Lastly, this information is sold to the highest bidder. This information is sold as a subscription because trends change.

How is data harvested? Anonymous 06/26/2021 (Sat) 11:32:02 Id: 3a6568 [Preview] No.84906 del
(494.31 KB 1200x400 facebook kikery.png)
One concept that you have to understand is that all FAGMANS accounts are linked, there is no difference to the interested agents between your Facebook, and Amazon account, they are all linked to you.
Most social media and other apps, services etc, require your phone number or email. Have you used a different one for each?

The first step is the identification of demographics.
>Pic related
about a campaign Signal led on facbeook and Instagram (facebook owned) where they showed people directed ads based on facebook's cathegorization.
Countrary to what people believe, these ads do not find out information about you.
The ads are created and sent for a specific target. Facebook knows you are a pregnant woman with an interest in fitness, but the advertiser merely sends out an ad to pregnant women who have an interest in fitness.

How this is done is dependent on the site.
Facebook has groups. What those groups are about is reported by the users through tags, in the interest of being found by people who want to be a part of a sports group.
Then, you go and join those groups. Depending on your interest, which is calculated based on your constancy of participation, your interest is ranked.
You have a set of interests derivated likely from group belonging, as well as likes and other mechanisms.
Instagram does this mostly through your likes.
youtube obviously keeps tracks of what videos you watch. These videos have tags.
You can make a weighted accumulation of all tags you've consumed:
Take the amount of time you watched a video, and assign that as a weight to a tag, then add those tags together and you get: [ "puppies": 3.6, "metal": 2.4, "republican": 1.2, "democrat": -0.6, ... ]
This is known as a profile. These tags are incredibly useful to categorize you. More so if they are weighted. They quite literally are worth their bits in gold.

It is unknown to me how other social media do it, but every single one without exception does this.
There are no arbitrary elements in a social media webpage.

>With smartphones
the issue is darker, and much more crude.
Smartphones can tell where you are through GPS or telephone signal towers triangulation.
Smartphones never turn off, most have a BIOS battery, meaning removing the battery does nothing for a while.
Most don't even have removable batteries.
All have bluetooth, which is an absurdly insecure technology.
Smartphones are almost always connected to the internet.

If you install LineageOS with NO google services, you will notice a two week battery life, or one week maybe.
This is because (((google services))) are surveillance.
Most apps will behave badly and some will stop working.
(((Banking))) apps refuse to work on rooted devices or those without google services installed.

are the logical next step and are worse.
They know how many steps you've taken.
Your heartbeat.
What notifications you care about and which you won't even open.

They could predict illnesses.

are less of a menace, as they do two things, provide mind-numbing entertainment, and are aware of what entertainment you watch.
Some have cameras though. Most have microphones on the controller. Those are always on.

In short, a meta-account is created for you out of all accounts and devices you use, including those without an account.
Facebook calls them shadow-accounts, for people mentioned on their platform, but who haven't created an account yet.
And then, information is linked to it, collected, as if milking a cow. Because you are cattle to them.

Many services promise anonymity, by telling you your data is anonymized.
There exist paid services where data is cross-linked automatically and de-anonymized.
Your data may be linked to an anonymous number, but it is still identifying data.
After all, there is only one person in this planet with your exact behaviour patterns.

So, to stop most of the damage, stop using your smartphone for any nu-necessary tasks, stop engaging social media.

Big data Anonymous 06/26/2021 (Sat) 11:44:08 Id: 3a6568 [Preview] No.84907 del
(19.79 KB 474x237 (((big data))).jpg)
>pic related
In case you were wondering.

This data is analized through AI, and Big Data. Go look up a tutorial on python for how to do this.
The tutorials will speak about means, correlations, and patterns.
This is a very complex field, so to be short, I will give you its applications instead of how it is done.
Also, to be frank, I don't understand half of it myself.

The best example is weather prediction models, because of how open the whole affair is:
Firstly, data is gathered by hundreds of weather stations, many maintained by hobbyists, and students at universities.
These gather humidity, air pressure, wind direction and speed data, and many others.
This data can be visualized, for wind data in spain: (spain has a lot of wind activity and very interesting as well.)
Wind data can be correlated with seasons, elevation, and the other factors such as pressure. It could also have to do with how much greenery exists in an area.
Then along comes a Big Data analyst. with a computer, takes all of this data, and spends weeks trying to find correlations.
Such correlations as temperature and presence of trees. Trees keep the area slightly cooler.
So from this correlation we can derive that cities should plant trees on walkways, this is better for people!
This data can also be used to create a model.
>At any instance in which "this and that" happens, this other thing will also happen 90% of the time.
When a cold front is observed, certain winds and rains can be predicted in it's wake.
Tornadoes are predicted like this as well.

So how do we jump to predicting the purchase habits of most pregnant women who like fitness?

Enter the silicon revolution.
Your smartphone alone is more powerful than the entirety of computational power of the NASA in the 70s.
Dates back in the 90s were stored as a series of numbers. To save space, the year used 2 numbers alone instead of 4.
Today, I can store dates in their whole string format and nobody gives a shit; such as "The first of October of the year two thousand and thirty-nine".
It would be a stupid idea but I could do it, and if I did go this stupid route, I could parse and use this information with minimal impact to my app.
This is because computers are comically overpowered. Most people subestimate how absurdly powerful computers are, it isn't even funny.

So, couple this capacity to store arbitrary amounts of data, with asburd processing power.
Social media harvests lots of data, even the arbitrary kind, and then people with the job description of Big Data anlists come in and tell the executives, "here, I found a pattern, now gibs me the reward."
This data is analized real time, packaged, and sold to whoever pays more for it under a convenient subscription model.
Imagine as a company that sells shoes, that you know what trends are in vogue, and how many people you can expect to enter your store based on who you appeal to.
Or even better yet, who buys the most shoes!

Apparently, it is this mythical pregnant woman who likes crossfit, for some inane reason.
Nobody knows why, they just know that is how it is. The numbers do not lie.

And AI is a step forwards in this same direction.

What do I do then? Anonymous 06/26/2021 (Sat) 12:17:01 Id: 3a6568 [Preview] No.84908 del
Isn't tech good though?
There is a virtue to using technology.
Technology is indeed freedom, if used right.
You can network with fellow /pol/lacks, and create online communities that investigate globopedo together through the power of internet autism.
You can also video-conference with your grandmother from across the world. I've never seen them so happy other than when I was personally there.

The purpose is to use technology, while not letting tech giants use you through technology.

>But isn't this fight hopeless?
>It's better to be done with 80% than to never deliver 100%.
Mark Zuckerberg said it himself.
Tech is curious, in that computers are very straightforwards, they only do what you tell them to.
So it is very complicated and difficult to get them to do everything with perfect adaptability. However, it is easy to get them to solve most of your problem.
Inversely, it is impossible to escape ALL surveillance. You will eventually have to do something that involves what we tech people lovingly call the "botnet".
But, it is relatively easy to fight the majority of the battle.
What's more, fighting most of the battle will make you invisible, because most people don't fight; and because the data harvesters can only ever conduct surveillance on most people, and only on those who are compliant and collaborative.
There is very little if any monetary gain in surveillance of someone who doesn't use social media.

Unless you're labelled a dangerous element to the state. But that's not what we want to do, we want to get rid of the nasty harvesting done off of our backs.

>How do I get rid of Zuck's cucking?
Firstly, adopt a liefstyle approach to no-tech.
If you throw your smartphone into a lake, tomorrow you'll be back to using it.
Simply put, take baby steps, and then take bigger steps.
Purge any negatives of technology while keeping the positives.
If you use social media for activism, remember not to lurk, post actively.
Lurking on social media is what "leaks" your likes and information.

Here's an unexhaustive list:
* Smartphone
* Smart *: watch, tv, fucking fridges for gods sake what the fuck.
* IoT, devices which have no need to connect to the internet, but do anyways.
* Social media: one at a time.
* Send EU GDPR request to delete accounts on social media. Contact support directly.
* Same for online games, your blizzard or steam account.
* Swirch to linux.
* Have a separate windows machine with epic games store, blizzard, steam and game on it, nothing else.
* Alternatively, stop gaming and lift.
* Switch from Chrome to Ungoogled-Chromium: https://github.com/Eloston/ungoogled-chromium#downloads
* Switch from firefox to Librewolf
* Use uBlock origin, (never disable the google analitics filter).
* Stop storing cookies on your browser, delete history on exit: https://www.tipsdotcom.com/chrome-delete-history-on-exit.html
* This means you will have to log in to your accounts every time, so use a password manager: https://keepassxc.org/
* Replace your software with foss and or decentralized options: https://www.linuxjournal.com/content/foss-software-alternatives-popular-proprietary-software
There are many more.
You could also plant a garden, it will make you more independant, ground you on what is real, instead of the addictive nature of social media and smartphones.

Whatever you do, remember that drastic changes are difficult to hold on to.
Take tiny steps and move your emails to tutanota this week, that is a good first step.
Then next week, walk further.

Anonymous 06/27/2021 (Sun) 06:40:08 Id: ffc57f [Preview] No.84909 del
Getting off the internet is most important.

Anonymous 06/27/2021 (Sun) 12:57:09 Id: 6c24ee [Preview] No.84911 del
(382.00 KB 1684x1039 social media.jpg)
(71.47 KB 963x639 645.jpg)
Now, this is the most suspicious post ITT. First, you're being hypocritical by posting on the internet. That part is painfully obvious to anyone. Second, you're here on a National Socialist board trying to convince people here to stop using the internet instead of any of these kike platforms. It makes you seem like another in a long line of actors who have tried to subvert in the past.

Anonymous 06/29/2021 (Tue) 06:03:48 Id: cb941f [Preview] No.84920 del
(241.17 KB 1019x703 valve_big_data.jpg)
OP, those are a lot of good advises and great info. It'll be a nice walk for those willing to step out of the social media nets and it's worth it, they must realize it ended up becoming an addiction, and the fuckers running the show know it, and don't want users to drop it. About that gaming thing, users are being farmed too, biggest companies in that industry are Sony, Microsoft, Tencent, Nintendo, Activision, Valve Corporation. And what do you think they do? pic related is a position in valve's psychology team, but I doubt anons here play much, so just remember to tell others how shitty that industry is. Make sure you create small communities with people that you know in real life and do your best to take your friends and families out of the social media nets, try to implement your own services, it can be done, it's not easy, but I bet you have a friend or two who are willing to help you out.

Anonymous 07/04/2021 (Sun) 03:52:54 Id: f2ed9f [Preview] No.84935 del
>get off the internet
>thinks you can't use a smartphone without using the internet
>thinks anons on a board as remote as this need telling not to use facefuck
op is a fucking faggot

Anonymous 07/08/2021 (Thu) 17:21:25 Id: 04e78f [Preview] No.84959 del
Op, watching youtube is fine. I watch tutorial vids and interests. It's part of education. Unless you're watching political shit, and history, it's absolute shit, yes I think we agree. Do not insult us by calling someone a hedonist because they watch car repair tutorials, computer programming, athletic work outs, the list goes on and on.

Sounds like you just discovered nothing is private and secure anymore. But you're not all wrong. It's good to be aware and up to date with the basics of tech.

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