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Here's why I don't like America First Anonymous 06/11/2022 (Sat) 13:11:27 Id: 914fe2 [Preview] No. 87727
Now as you probably know, America First is this new "alt-right" movement that's slowly dominating the internet. It's the new right wing niche. It's also a show that's livestreamed by the movement's leader Nicholas J. Fuentes. Here's what I don't like about America First:

-Nick Fuentes is literally the product of racemixing, he has a spic father.
-Nick Fuentes has literally said it's "gay" to have sex with women. Yes young zoomer goyim, do not date and have sex with white women and have white babies! That's super gay!
-They glorify nigger culture. They think "lean" (a nigger product) is the shit and all the music they play in intros and in superchats is always hip nigger music. I bet those zoomers have never even heard of Johnny Rebel.
-They are literally afraid to type "nigger" in the chat. It's always "nigga" this and "nigga" that.
-Cozy.tv (the site where Nick Fuentes streams his America First show) has a bunch of nigger streamers. Le based black guys!
-It's a cult. You have to stand 100% behind every thing Nick Fuentes says, you have to stand 100% behind every thing the movement stands for and if you don't you're a "traitor" and a faggot. No individual thoughts allowed.

Those are just some of the problems I have with America First. They pretend to be for the white race, for white people. But instead their leader is a mutt and they glorify niggers and nigger culture. Yeah they call out kikes and kike control, but that's simply not enough.
Now, that being said, sure, it's fun to watch America First every now and then. It's entertaining if you've got some time to kill.
But is it going to be the next huge political movement that's going to save America? Absolutely not.

Anonymous 06/11/2022 (Sat) 18:34:32 Id: 741b5d [Preview] No.87729 del
Doesnt he also have a jewish girlfriend or wife or what was that another controversy of his with his one relationship?

sage sage 06/11/2022 (Sat) 23:30:56 Id: aa5b4d [Preview] No.87731 del
(314.67 KB 637x731 KKK is jewish.png)
You missed when OP said
>"Yeah they call out kikes and kike control, but that's simply not enough."
The same anon who created this thread, >>87728 apparently doesn't think jews are the problem "enough".
>Johnny Rebel
Clifford (((Joseph))) Trahan son of Elizabeth Breaux Taylor who's the daughter of (((Saul))) Breaux and Eve (((Simon))).

Anonymous 06/12/2022 (Sun) 04:47:09 Id: 2bcaf9 [Preview] No.87740 del
(26.64 KB 480x354 bowl.jpeg)
I see this guy posted in every right wing circle on the internet. was only a matter of time for him to show up here

So how do we know he's not just a plant? Like, they send a person like him to infiltrate a movement. Said person has a fuck ton of personal issues that slowly and mysteriously "get leaked" across the internet. Then the entire movement he went into has it and its members gets stigmatized since he's the most outspoken representative inside of it.

Like they did with that guy milo and gamergate. Or trump with Right wing politics in general. good luck having another RW movement in North America after him or glenn beck with the tea party, I think

Anonymous 06/12/2022 (Sun) 04:48:04 Id: 2bcaf9 [Preview] No.87741 del
>They pretend to be for the white race, for white people.
What are you talking about OP? Who uses "white" to identify themselves?

Anonymous 06/12/2022 (Sun) 04:49:02 Id: 2bcaf9 [Preview] No.87742 del
>Johnny Rebel
>Clifford (((Joseph))) Trahan son of Elizabeth Breaux Taylor who's the daughter of (((Saul))) Breaux and Eve (((Simon))).

That guy got posted in 8/pol/ once. Was surprised he got away with so much. But now it makes more sense.

sage sage 06/12/2022 (Sun) 05:42:12 Id: aa5b4d [Preview] No.87744 del
To be clear, the thread referenced there that became deleted was "NIGGERCIDE 2022". It's very obvious OP made that too because he referenced Johnny jew Rebel whom sang these songs: Alabama Nigger, Quit Your Bitchin' Nigger, Nigger Hating Me, In Coon Town, If I Could Be a Nigger for a Day, Some Niggers Never Die, Leroy the Big Lipped Nigger, Move Them Niggers North, Niggers Suck, Who Likes a Nigger and Cowboys And Niggers. That kike was obsessed.

Do not distract from the enemy is rule number one. Driving violent action between "white" and "black" while simultaneously suggesting it's racist not to breed with negroes is jew label bullshit. Kikes brought them over from Africa as slaves, riled up Caucasians against negroes, then pretended to be on their side for now achieved more rights than us as they said jewish slavery was "white man's fault" as every other skin color decided to pin the blame because they're stupid and easily led.

It's a common (North) American label. That type of shit is what every Caucasian child in the United States has to put up with growing up. So it breeds either virtue signaling retards who think they're experiencing "white guilt", people who hate blacks or the third option of realizing exactly (((who))) was behind bringing them over as slaves in the first place. The third option is unfortunately rare. There's a mental disconnect from reality across the world which cause may be less than transparent (because jewish control is very obvious yet masses aren't understanding this).

Anonymous 06/12/2022 (Sun) 10:44:18 Id: 741b5d [Preview] No.87746 del
Then i maybe mistook it with someone else

>To be clear, the thread referenced there that became deleted was "NIGGERCIDE 2022
His idea of niggercide would not work with one simple factor called "humanitarian aid to affected" since unsatified (i mean materially not zog aware) zog subject is the most dangerous for zog

Anonymous 07/19/2022 (Tue) 23:46:21 Id: 9442d1 [Preview] No.87955 del
I thought he was just a memer

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