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Mar 6th White Chocolate Spartan 03/06/2018 (Tue) 22:42:05 [Preview] No. 231901 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Detroit at Boston
7:00 PM ET
DET 26-29-10 (13-16-2 V)
BOS 40-15-8 (22-7-4 H)
Prob. Goalies: Howard (DET) | Khudobin (BOS)
Montreal at New Jersey
7:00 PM ET
MON 25-29-11 (9-19-3 V)
NJ 33-25-8 (17-13-3 H)
Prob. Goalies: Niemi (MON) | Schneider (NJ)
Vegas at Columbus
7:00 PM ET
VEG 42-18-5 (18-11-3 V)
CLB 33-28-5 (19-11-2 H)
Prob. Goalies: Fleury (VEG) | Bobrovsky (CLB)
Winnipeg at NY Rangers

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Spartan 03/07/2018 (Wed) 07:42:37 [Preview] No.232201 del
oh shit this fits one of my HS friends to a T I didn't know there was a term for it.

Spartan 03/07/2018 (Wed) 07:47:45 [Preview] No.232203 del
its an array of personality disorders. things they all seem to have in common is impulsiveness, manipulativeness, and just generally causing destruction and mayhem for whoever they ensnare
mine was histrionic. idk what >>232200 anons was

Spartan 03/07/2018 (Wed) 07:53:46 [Preview] No.232206 del
idk, dude definitely had a lot of the characteristics from the various categories. I fucked him up pretty bad once tbh

Spartan 03/07/2018 (Wed) 08:02:37 [Preview] No.232208 del
gnit budys
everywun stay safe

Spartan 03/07/2018 (Wed) 08:13:00 [Preview] No.232210 del
idk what >>232200 (you) anons was
Narcissistic personality disorder

r nip infomercials a sport? Spartan 02/26/2018 (Mon) 05:26:13 [Preview] No. 227147 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
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Spartan 03/06/2018 (Tue) 15:44:16 [Preview] No.231844 del
>tfw no semi retarded qt k-pop gf

Spartan 03/07/2018 (Wed) 07:44:06 [Preview] No.232202 del

Spartan 03/07/2018 (Wed) 07:52:02 [Preview] No.232205 del
too skinny
need to meredith her up

Spartan 03/07/2018 (Wed) 07:56:22 [Preview] No.232207 del
she's all over the place weight wise. was on a HS golf team with some of the olympic hockey grills though I guess.

god morneng budy Spartan 01/26/2018 (Fri) 06:37:43 [Preview] No. 199703 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
<The Internet Is Filling Up Because Indians Are Sending Millions of ‘Good Morning!’ Texts
>The country, newly online, has become obsessed with sending cheery greetings from smartphones, causing head scratching in Silicon Valley

>Google researchers in Silicon Valley were trying to figure out why so many smartphones were freezing up half a world away. One in three smartphone users in India run out of space on their phones daily. The answer? Two words. “Good Morning!”

>The glitch, Google discovered, was an overabundance of sun-dappled flowers, adorable toddlers, birds and sunsets sent along with a cheery message. Millions of Indians are getting online for the first time—and they are filling up the internet. Many like nothing better than to begin the day by sending greetings from their phones. Starting before sunrise and reaching a crescendo before 8 a.m., internet newbies post millions of good-morning images to friends, family and strangers.

>All that good cheer is driving a 10-fold increase in the number of Google searches for “Good Morning images” over the past five years. Pinterest, the San Francisco visual-search platform, added a new section to display images with quotes. It saw a ninefold increase over the past year in the number of people in India downloading such pictures. Facebook Inc.’s WhatsApp messaging service—which has 200 million monthly active users in India, making the country its biggest market—added a status message last year so users could say good morning to all of their contacts at once.


>Perhaps India’s most famous morning-message enthusiast is Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He gets up at 5 a.m. to practice yoga and is known to fire off good-morning messages as the sun is rising. Last year, he admonished a group of lawmakers for not responding to his greetings.

>When Google researchers peeked into Indian consumers’ phones, they found thousands of “good morning” images gumming up their storage. One in three smartphone users in India run out of space daily, according to a survey by data-storage firm Western Digital Corp. , compared with one in 10 in the U.S. Google’s solution: a new app called Files Go that highlights files for possible deletion—with a special feature to search out and delete all good-morning messages at once.

>The company used its giant image database and artificial-intelligence tools to train the app to weed out good-morning messages. The key to spotting them was looking for a certain size and type of image file, said Josh Woodward, the Google product manager in Mountain View, Calif., who led the effort. “We were trying to deconstruct what is the DNA of a good morning message for months,” he said. “It’s been a lot of hard work to get it right." Early versions were picking out photos of children wearing T-shirts with words on them. Google unveiled the app in December in New Delhi. The morning-message deleting function prompted the crowd of media and government officials to break out in applause. The app has more than 10 million downloads so far, with more users in India than any other country. It has cleared up on average more than 1 gigabyte of data per user, Google said.

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Spartan 03/07/2018 (Wed) 01:47:06 [Preview] No.231994 del

Spartan 03/07/2018 (Wed) 01:59:12 [Preview] No.232003 del
good mornung budy

Spartan 03/07/2018 (Wed) 02:00:54 [Preview] No.232007 del
is 730 ams budy

Spartan 03/07/2018 (Wed) 04:18:34 [Preview] No.232107 del
this is objectively false. it is 8:18PM

Spartan 03/07/2018 (Wed) 04:52:57 [Preview] No.232130 del

Boxing Home Workout Boxing Home Workout 03/06/2018 (Tue) 13:18:58 [Preview] No. 231831 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
GLOBALFIGHT.com Boxing Home Workout friends ... see more of these hunky guys wrestling , boxing and gym pics plus video webcam at GlobalFight.com in the personals area. You can also EMAIL THEM on their gallery page.

Spartan 03/06/2018 (Tue) 19:10:33 [Preview] No.231871 del
mmmmmmm I wish I had a nice hungwrestler muscledaddy

(6.87 MB 4500x2999 WIEW.jpg)
Spartan 03/04/2018 (Sun) 18:01:08 [Preview] No. 230641 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
She's back
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Spartan 03/06/2018 (Tue) 06:45:33 [Preview] No.231759 del
don't be mean

Spartan 03/06/2018 (Tue) 06:57:53 [Preview] No.231766 del
new/old janny vidpost >>231756

Spartan 03/06/2018 (Tue) 07:08:09 [Preview] No.231772 del

Spartan 03/06/2018 (Tue) 07:10:35 [Preview] No.231773 del
(14.68 KB 240x240 blush-emoji.png)

Spartan 03/06/2018 (Tue) 07:15:34 [Preview] No.231776 del

Spartan 03/06/2018 (Tue) 05:00:18 [Preview] No. 231692 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
>oh-three-nine to county
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Spartan 03/06/2018 (Tue) 06:08:27 [Preview] No.231741 del

Spartan 03/06/2018 (Tue) 06:10:53 [Preview] No.231743 del
that's not how jihad works fwend

Spartan 03/06/2018 (Tue) 06:11:26 [Preview] No.231744 del
(46.67 KB 640x480 first look.jpg)
(45.81 KB 640x480 silly.jpg)
(50.01 KB 640x480 glance.jpg)
(46.41 KB 640x480 first attack.jpg)
CR is a tactical genuis. His rapid assassment is one that deserves merit. It starts before he gets to the stand off situation we find him in. As you see from the first image, he quickly glances over. This allows him to estimate the distance he has to work with in relation to the wall and the general build of the coon on the left. CR knows that it would suicide to attack the left coon. It would leave him no room for a quick retreat, allow him to get surrounded and in an outnumbered fight that is a big nono. He then performs a series of silly gestures and movements as to try and get the two coons attention. It works. He notices that the coon on the left is the much more veteran of the two. He lazily looks over before returning to his normal gaurd position. This solidifies his first thought that the coon on the right is his first target. There is no way he could get the jump on the left coon. So he takes one final glance to the right and notices something. The right coon hasn't looked away from him. CR knows he can use this to his advantage. He has the coon rattled. So CR makes his first move; by doing nothing. The madman. As tention builds the coon on the right gets increasily fidgety. It's working. CR has to wait a little while longer before it happens. The coon on the right attacks first! He fell perfectly into the quick trap CR had set in the mere seconds he had to prepare. There is no doubting that CR dispatched of his two targets and moved on.

Spartan 03/06/2018 (Tue) 06:12:37 [Preview] No.231745 del

Spartan 03/06/2018 (Tue) 06:17:34 [Preview] No.231747 del
(36.89 KB 400x321 downy-orang.JPG)
i lik tactucal analasis

Mar 5th White Chocolate Spartan 03/05/2018 (Mon) 22:46:05 [Preview] No. 231511 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Calgary at Pittsburgh
7:00 PM ET
CAL 32-25-9 (18-10-5 V)
PIT 37-25-4 (24-8-1 H)
Prob. Goalies: Gillies (CAL) | Jarry (PIT)
Toronto at Buffalo
7:30 PM ET
TOR 39-21-7 (17-13-5 V)
BUF 20-34-11 (9-18-4 H)
Prob. Goalies: Andersen (TOR) | Johnson (BUF)
Ottawa at Dallas
8:30 PM ET
OTT 22-32-10 (8-19-5 V)
DAL 37-23-5 (23-10-2 H)
Prob. Goalies: Anderson (OTT) | Bishop (DAL)
Arizona at Edmonton

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Spartan 03/06/2018 (Tue) 04:59:03 [Preview] No.231690 del
because of this thread? >>231441

i dont understand. its not cleared up?

Spartan 03/06/2018 (Tue) 05:00:17 [Preview] No.231691 del
>being retarded

Spartan 03/06/2018 (Tue) 05:02:34 [Preview] No.231694 del
i just want to post with friends

Spartan 03/06/2018 (Tue) 05:05:39 [Preview] No.231699 del
we're here budy

Spartan 03/06/2018 (Tue) 05:58:47 [Preview] No.231734 del
how much did this fucking ref bet on the blazers

Spartan 03/06/2018 (Tue) 01:36:54 [Preview] No. 231603 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]


Spartan 03/06/2018 (Tue) 01:39:05 [Preview] No.231605 del
>jews trying to test the waters
>it was just a mistake caused by interdepartment miscommunication goys

Spartan 03/06/2018 (Tue) 02:00:34 [Preview] No.231615 del
(13.92 KB 307x164 clock.jpeg)
All Musleems will pay with their lives, for bothering the Internet, which they didn't invent and which does not want them. Yes, kikes that run said muslims also must go. This means you, Sheckleburg. Clockboy is the media hero here in America, but he don't know too much about clocks, nor does he know which hand winds him up.

Spartan 03/06/2018 (Tue) 02:02:09 [Preview] No.231616 del
this is a Moslem board, budy.

Spartan 03/06/2018 (Tue) 03:22:11 [Preview] No.231645 del
super deep brah

(88.29 KB 1135x638 superV.jpg)
Spartan 03/05/2018 (Mon) 15:34:32 [Preview] No. 231409 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Russian refs are qt too!

Spartan 03/05/2018 (Mon) 16:16:08 [Preview] No.231413 del
(141.00 KB 1506x1048 giant.jpg)

Spartan 03/05/2018 (Mon) 19:16:40 [Preview] No.231435 del
where i can send rupee for hors?

(56.94 KB 795x450 PLAYOFFS.jpg)
KHL PLAYOFFS Spartan 03/05/2018 (Mon) 17:56:23 [Preview] No. 231423 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
i thought it started in april because the olympic break ;_;

Spartan 03/05/2018 (Mon) 17:57:40 [Preview] No.231424 del
(27.50 KB 584x180 today.jpg)
today but games still in play

Spartan 03/05/2018 (Mon) 18:15:22 [Preview] No.231426 del
I fucking love science

Spartan 03/05/2018 (Mon) 18:34:48 [Preview] No.231429 del
I fucking hate niggers

Spartan 03/05/2018 (Mon) 19:00:25 [Preview] No.231432 del
niggers r gr8, m8