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Moscow Warns Russian Citizens Not To Travel To United States Due To Rascism & Manhunts Against Russians Reader 02/03/2018 (Sat) 19:30:19 Id: c0c67e [Preview] No. 6063 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
The Russian Foreign Ministry released a statement on Thursday warning its citizens to be careful if they travel abroad because the United States is “hunting” for Russians to arrest.

The Foreign Ministry warned Russians of the “threat of being detained or arrested at the request of U.S. law enforcement and intelligence services in third countries.”

“Despite our calls to improve cooperation between the relevant U.S. and Russian authorities … U.S. special services have effectively continued ‘a hunt’ for Russians around the world,” the statement asserted. “Considering these circumstances, we strongly insist that Russian citizens carefully weigh up all the risks when planning trips abroad.”

In other words, the Foreign Ministry is telling Russian citizens they might be arrested by third countries and extradited to the United States.

The UK Independent notes that the great Russian hunt carried out by the predatory U.S. government consists of arresting seven Russians in 2017 instead of the normal average of two per year, and the Russian Foreign Ministry itself admits that most of them were accused cyber-criminals.

Moscow does not make much of a case that any of these people were arrested randomly or unjustly. For example, one of the Russians arrested early in 2017 was Stanislav Lisov, who is charged with creating a trojan-horse virus that inflicted an estimated $5 million in damage on financial institutions across the world. Lisov was under investigation for the better part of three years before he was arrested by Spain and held for eleven months before his extradition to the U.S. was finally approved. That is difficult to square with the Russian Foreign Ministry’s alarmist portrait of American agents randomly scooping up innocent Russian travelers and hauling them back to Washington for show trials.

Moscow also complained about what it portrayed as the American kidnapping of Roman Seleznev from the Maldives in 2014. Under investigation since 2011 for his activities as a hacker-for-hire, Seleznev was frolicking in the Maldives precisely because the Russian cybercrime underground was convinced Western law enforcement could not touch them there.

3 posts omitted.

Reader 02/04/2018 (Sun) 14:29:27 Id: 5a6828 [Preview] No.6076 del
>Like the great economist Jim Willie has pointed out "you can win a war against 2/3rds of the globe!"

I hate my fucking typos. Sorry, correction:

"you can NOT win a war against 2/3rds of the globe!"

Reader 02/04/2018 (Sun) 17:24:45 Id: ab29ec [Preview] No.6087 del
This kike in the video is the typical "oy vey muh family, the death camps you evil goyim". No wonder the next anon easily debunked him.

Reader 02/06/2018 (Tue) 00:04:42 Id: ecf339 [Preview] No.6102 del
Fucking retard making such trivial mistakes, you are no better than a nigger.

Reader 02/06/2018 (Tue) 00:45:58 Id: eadb8b [Preview] No.6105 del
Not everyone is a keyboard warrior like you. Not everyone has the time to inspect every keystroke they make in real time. Believe it or not I keep pretty busy with other things and make mistakes once in a while. Big fucking deal.

Reader 02/06/2018 (Tue) 04:26:24 Id: ab29ec [Preview] No.6115 del
You replied to a stupid kid who still holds trolling in high regard. Now he's furiously masturbating over that fact. Congratulations.

Wew! Adam Schiff Thinks Anyone Who Supports America's 2nd Amendment Right To Bear Arms Must Be A Russian! Reader 02/05/2018 (Mon) 05:09:37 Id: e9b40f [Preview] No. 6097 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]

The Second Amendment (Amendment II) to the United States Constitution protects the right of the people to keep and bear arms... and, as The Duran's Alex Christoforou writes, according to California Congressman Adam Schiff, those pesky Russians are using bots to promote the second amendment with an ultimate goal of having Americans ‘kill each other.’

Once again, another brilliant plan hatched by Putin... good thing Schiff caught on to it and can now begin seizing American’s guns so as to thwart Russia’s evil plan.

On Thursday Democrat Schiff spoke to a crowd at the University of Pennsylvania, where the TDS – ‘Russia hysteria virus’ infected Schiff told the crowd Russian ads promoted the Second Amendment during the 2016 election “so we will kill each other.”

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) said Thursday that Russia promoted content that supported the Second Amendment on social media during the 2016 election because they wanted Americans to kill one another.

“You had the content that was clearly anti-Hillary, and you had the content that was very pro-Trump. But even the bigger quantity of content that was being pushed through social media was just content designed to pit us against each other,” Schiff said while speaking at the University of Pennsylvania.

Which is false!

Facebook executive Colin Stretch told the US Senate Judiciary Committee in November that the total number of those illegitimate ads are a drop in the ocean — less than 0.004 percent of all content — or about 1 in 23,000 news feed items.

Russia didn’t flip the election.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Reader 02/05/2018 (Mon) 11:40:35 Id: ded5ab [Preview] No.6101 del
I wonder how long this new age red scare continues. I guess we better start teaching real history in schools again.

Reader 02/06/2018 (Tue) 02:37:59 Id: d00e42 [Preview] No.6112 del

>Adam Schiff is an owned hatchet man of Ukrainian arms dealer Igor Pasternak.
>Schiff’s anti-Russian narrative is carefully orchestrated by his Ukrainian handlers
>Soros-tied Ukraninan Arms Dealer Igor Pasternak held a fundraiser for Adam Schiff

Good! DOJ Shuts Down Govt Project That Funded Soros Open-Borders Groups With Taxpayer Money Reader 02/06/2018 (Tue) 00:53:44 Id: 34ecfe [Preview] No. 6107 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
The Department of Justice (DOJ) has “quietly” put an end to most work at the Office for Access to Justice (ATJ), one of the lesser initiatives of the Eric Holder era, according to a Thursday New York Times report.

The tiny ATJ was founded in 2010 under then-Attorney General Eric Holder. Its last published organization chart, from 2015, shows only three appointees and their support staff. ATJ distributed grants and drafted “statements of interest” aimed at supporting the right to competent legal representation for the poor and indigent secured by the U.S. Constitution and the Supreme Court’s famous 1963 decision in Gideon v. Wainwright.

In 2014, however, ATJ also provided $1.8 million to left-wing open-borders groups like the Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition, the George Soros-funded Equal Justice Works, and the New York Immigration Coalition to provide lawyers for so-called “unaccompanied children” who surged across the southern border that year in their immigration hearings. This week, even the notoriously liberal U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit rejected the idea that the Constitution requires the government to pay for lawyers for these child aliens.

The Civil Rights Division leaders of the Obama administration are dejected at the news ATJ was being all but shut down. “Sessions’ shutting down the Access to Justice Initiative sadly speaks for itself,” Vanita Gupta, President Barack Obama’s Civil Rights Division chief, told the Times.


Big Pharma Company Has License Suspended As Vaccine Sterilized 500,000 Girls Reader 02/04/2018 (Sun) 16:22:33 Id: d53fac [Preview] No. 6083 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
RELATED: >>>/news/5468 ; >>>/news/5551 ; >>>/news/5672 ; >>>/news/5674 ; >>>/news/5690 ; >>>/news/5731 ; >>>/news/5865 ; >>>/news/5970 ; >>>/news/5880

A Big Pharma company who manufactured a vaccine allowing for a state-sponsored forced sterilization of over 500,000 girls in Africa has had its licence revoked.

According to Kenya’s opposition leader, Raila Odinga, half-a-million young girls are now infertile following a tetanus vaccine administered by the government in 2014 and 2015.

Thefreethoughtproject.com reports: The controversy began coming to a head in 2016 when Agriq-Quest Ltd, a Nairobi-based pharmaceutical company got in a dispute with Kenya’s Ministry of Health over their tetanus and polio vaccinations. A group of Catholic doctors originally made the accusations claiming that the vaccines may contain a hormone that is dangerous to young women and can cause potential sterilization.

As the Agence de Presse Africaine reported:

Odinga said girls and women aged between 14 and 49 from the fastest growing populations in the country will not have children, because of a state-sponsored sterilization exercise that was sold to the country as a tetanus vaccination.

The Catholic Church was ignored when it mounted a strong but lonely campaign against the mass tetanus vaccination, after it raised concerns about the safety of the vaccine that was being used, he said.

At the time, the Catholic Church in Kenya claimed that the tetanus vaccine used by the government of Kenya and UN agencies was contaminated with a hormone (hCG) that can cause miscarriages and render some women sterile.

“The Church’s position was informed by what had happened in Mexico, Nicaragua and Philippines, where the various governments together with WHO/UNICEF had conducted similar campaigns using tetanus toxoid impregnated with beta human chorionic gonadotropin (BhCG) that causes permanent infertility among girls and women,” Odinga continued.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

1 post omitted.

Reader 02/04/2018 (Sun) 16:23:57 Id: d53fac [Preview] No.6085 del
Inb4 the big pharma shills run wild. Yes, fascists, they are sterilizing white people too. Wake up! They want YOU dead or crippled too!

Reader 02/04/2018 (Sun) 17:23:01 Id: e637c1 [Preview] No.6086 del
>"all who hate the kikes follow Mussolini"

Reader 02/04/2018 (Sun) 19:48:26 Id: 56a854 [Preview] No.6090 del
Of course goyim, anyone who doesn't support our (((greatest ally))) is a nazi. Now go and refuse the vaccines that cure polio while we force the worthless flu vaccine on your children at school.

Reader 02/05/2018 (Mon) 11:38:08 Id: d42f6f [Preview] No.6100 del
>vaccine sterilizes thousands of girls in Africa
>sterilization of girls in Africa
Why do I not see a problem with this?

Reader 02/06/2018 (Tue) 00:49:20 Id: 859c71 [Preview] No.6106 del
Because they lace the same toxins in our vaccines and white girls get forcibly sterilized unknowingly too. One could call it bad karma, I prefer the term war crimes.

Obama Appointed Judge Raided By FBI For Collusion Against The United States Reader 02/05/2018 (Mon) 04:03:37 Id: 4cbfbf [Preview] No. 6095 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
A Texan judge, appointed by Barack Obama, has been raided by the FBI and arrested on the orders of President Trump, just one day after the controversial FISA abuse memo was declassified and released to the public, exposing high-level judicial corruption.

Democrats were desperate to stop the release of the memo, and there is now massive panic from everyone exposed by explosive information in the declassified document. They know that with their corruption and secrets made public, Trump will hold them accountable.

That seems to be the case now for a judge not named in the FISA document but initimately associated with it through his corrupt involvement with Barack Obama.

It’s been clear for years that Obama used judges and the system to his advantage, even outside the FISA court. Since Trump has been president, defiant Obama appointed judges have come out of the woodwork and constantly blocked and overturned the duly elected president’s policies.

Now, one justice in Texas has been raided and arrested. Looks like the judge finally had justice served to him.

Ildefonso Ortiz and Brandon Darby joint reported for Breitbart:

Federal authorities arrested a Democrat Texas state judge after a series of raids on his courtroom and his home. Information on the charges and other details of the investigation remain sealed. The judge is expected to be presented in federal court on Monday.

This week, agents with the Federal Bureau of Investigations conducted “law enforcement activity” at the 93rd State District Court, FBI Spokeswoman Michelle Lee revealed to Breitbart Texas. While she could not disclose the details of the operation or its purpose, Lee confirmed the FBI made one arrest. The identity of the person arrested and the charges could not be released until Monday, Lee said.

Hidalgo County Sheriff Eddie Guerra confirmed the raids to local media shortly after they began. The sheriff posted a message on social media about the presence of FBI agents at the Hidalgo County Courthouse in the 93rd State District Court. Federal agents, as well as state and local authorities, were reportedly present at the judge’s home in Edinburg.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Reader 02/05/2018 (Mon) 08:06:20 Id: 509e76 [Preview] No.6098 del
(5.04 KB 200x200 bean-shits.jpg)
>Hidalgo County Sheriff Eddie Guerra
>Judge Rudy Delgado
>McAllen Attorney Al Alvarez
>Ildefonso Ortiz of Breitbart frequently reports on Texas and Mexico most of the time in spanish
Why have non-Texans on this board consistently insisted that it's not too late for that border wall again? Joints like these are every few blocks. Every public restroom is occupied with a mexican shrieking "AY YIAY YIAY YIAY", and seeing another white person is like witnessing a unicorn.

German BBs and Flare Gun Ownership Soars 85% In Under 2 Years Reader 02/03/2018 (Sat) 18:46:46 Id: 993bfb [Preview] No. 6055 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Two years after your chancellor decides to admit over 1 million undocumented middle-eastern immigrants to "boost the economy" and instead gets a series of terrorist attacks in return, this is the outcome: "Germans are taking up arms of angst."

According to Handelsblatt, demand in Germany for non-lethal weapons, including gas pistols, flare and stun guns, as well as pepper spray is on the rise. While in the US, the German magazine notes, every mass shooting is followed by yet another heated gun debate. In Germany gun-related crime is comparatively rare, but the issue of guns is increasingly in the forefront of political discussions.

That's because sales of freely available arms are booming. The number of applications for small arms permits has set new records. In 2017, 557,560 people obtained such a license. In January 2016, only 300,949 people had a permit. This means ownership soared by a staggering 85% in just under two years.

Following the Paris terror attacks in 2015 and the sexual assaults on women on New Year’s Eve in Cologne the following month, demand for deterrent devices has taken off. “After the attacks in Paris on the Bataclan music venue in November 2015, a wave of uncertainty spilled over to Germany,” said Ingo Meinhard, director of the German association of gunsmiths and gun dealers.

Why the scramble for self-defense? "The fact that Germans are arming themselves might be rooted in a sense of deteriorating safety" Handelsblatt philosophically observes.

There is a growing feeling that the state cannot sufficiently protect its citizens and therefore they must protect themselves. Recent cuts to the police force contributed to the problem.

And, of course, there is the refugee problem. Some see the influx of refugees and migrants to Germany since 2015 as a trigger to a worsening security situation. The number of crime suspects classed as immigrants – including asylum seekers, refugees and illegal immigrants – rose to 174,438 in 2016, an increase of 52.7 percent from the previous year. Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière said.

"This can’t be sugar-coated."

Others are blaming, what else, "fake news."

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

13 posts and 1 image omitted.

Reader 02/04/2018 (Sun) 21:53:36 Id: 47a709 [Preview] No.6091 del
>No kind of legislation is going to prevent dumbasses from continuing their epic stupidity...
Yes it will, it's the only thing that will, and it already has which you have your entire life to thank for. We wouldn't have society unless we controlled snide wiseasses from the bottom up, and you're not on top of everything. You don't sound like being on top of all that many things, frankly.

https://youtube.com/watch?v=cU2T793tNqk [Embed]

Reader 02/04/2018 (Sun) 22:21:31 Id: 47a709 [Preview] No.6092 del
>And as far as criminals? They'll keep getting those guns on the already-illegal black market like they always have.
If they're smart and sociable around the streets. Not only do they get armed anyway, now you want the idiots to walk into stores and get armed so they can start a shootout that doesn't even benefit themselves, and civilians to fumble into the mix and see if they can shoot themselves in the foot.

Here's an idea, promote TNT for self-defense, because it can only misfire once and lighters are legal as shit already.

Reader 02/05/2018 (Mon) 03:34:51 Id: b4958c [Preview] No.6093 del
You must be mistaking common sense laws (which we have always had) with over bloated bureaucracy (which is plaguing many nations today. Again, NO, non-lethal arms (which I might add a baseball bat or a switch blade could qualify as such) should NOT be required by permit to own. Give me a break. What next? You want to regulate knives used for cooking?

Fuck off with this nanny state BULLSHIT.

Reader 02/05/2018 (Mon) 03:38:45 Id: b4958c [Preview] No.6094 del
TNT used to be legal. Not kidding. I remember the days I could go into an average firework shop and buy M-80s and quarter sticks to celebrate 4th of July.

Now in many states like Cucknois and Commiefornia you can't even buy a fucking sparkler!

So yah... fuck the nanny state. PS: I just buy my M-80s on the black market today because I know the right people. Regs didn't stop me! Hahahahaha!

Reader 02/05/2018 (Mon) 04:20:41 Id: 9ed2ba [Preview] No.6096 del
>now you want the idiots to walk into stores and get armed so they can start a shootout

More disinfo. Non-lethal weapons may be legal in the US for anyone to buy, but actual firearms (which are lethal weapons) require federal background checks to purchase, in every state. Except commiefornia which has banned firearms completely. No one in America can just walk into a shop and buy a gun no-questions-asked. Liberals like to pretend this is the case, but they lie or are are pissing themselves over a lie they didn't question.

Communist Police State and Parental Pampering Are Making Kids Too Safe To Succeed! Reader 02/03/2018 (Sat) 22:20:30 Id: 2eb0ea [Preview] No. 6065 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]

One day last year, a citizen on a prairie path in the Chicago suburb of Elmhurst came upon a teen boy chopping wood. Not a body. Just some already-fallen branches. Nonetheless, the onlooker called the cops.

Officers interrogated the boy, who said he was trying to build a fort for himself and his friends. A local news site reports the police then “took the tools for safekeeping to be returned to the boy’s parents.”

Elsewhere in America, preschoolers at the Learning Collaborative in Charlotte, North Carolina, were thrilled to receive a set of gently used playground equipment. But the kids soon found out they would not be allowed to use it, because it was resting on grass, not wood chips. “It’s a safety issue,” explained a day care spokeswoman. Playing on grass is against local regulations.

And then there was the query that ran in Parents magazine a few years back: “Your child’s old enough to stay home briefly, and often does. But is it okay to leave her and her playmate home while you dash to the dry cleaner?” Absolutely not, the magazine averred: “Take the kids with you, or save your errand for another time.” After all, “you want to make sure that no one’s feelings get too hurt if there’s a squabble.”

The principle here is simple: This generation of kids must be protected like none other. They can’t use tools, they can’t play on grass, and they certainly can’t be expected to work through a spat with a friend.

And this, it could be argued, is why we have “safe spaces” on college campuses and millennials missing adult milestones today. We told a generation of kids that they can never be too safe—and they believed us.

We’ve had the best of intentions, of course. But efforts to protect our children may be backfiring. When we raise kids unaccustomed to facing anything on their own, including risk, failure, and hurt feelings, our society and even our economy are threatened. Yet modern child-rearing practices and laws seem all but designed to cultivate this lack of preparedness. There’s the fear that everything children see, do, eat, hear, and lick could hurt them. And there’s a newer belief that has been spreading through higher education that words and ideas themselves can be traumatizing.

How did we come to think a generation of kids can’t handle the basic challenges of growing up?

Reader 02/03/2018 (Sat) 22:21:12 Id: 2eb0ea [Preview] No.6066 del
Beginning in the 1980s, American childhood changed. For a variety of reasons—including shifts in parenting norms, new academic expectations, increased regulation, technological advances, and especially a heightened fear of abduction (missing kids on milk cartons made it feel as if this exceedingly rare crime was rampant)—children largely lost the experience of having large swaths of unsupervised time to play, explore, and resolve conflicts on their own. This has left them more fragile, more easily offended, and more reliant on others. They have been taught to seek authority figures to solve their problems and shield them from discomfort, a condition sociologists call “moral dependency.”

This poses a threat to the kind of open-mindedness and flexibility young people need to thrive at college and beyond. If they arrive at school or start careers unaccustomed to frustration and misunderstandings, we can expect them to be hypersensitive. And if they don’t develop the resources to work through obstacles, molehills come to look like mountains.

This magnification of danger and hurt is prevalent on campus today. It no longer matters what a person intended to say, or how a reasonable listener would interpret a statement—what matters is whether any individual feels offended by it. If so, the speaker has committed a “microaggression,” and the offended party’s purely subjective reaction is a sufficient basis for emailing a dean or filing a complaint with the university’s “bias response team.” The net effect is that both professors and students today report that they are walking on eggshells. This interferes with the process of free inquiry and open debate—the active ingredients in a college education.

And if that’s the case already, what of the kids still in grammar school, constantly reminded they might accidentally hurt each other with the wrong words? When today’s 8-year-olds become the 18-year-olds starting college, will they still view free speech as worthy of protecting? As Daniel Shuchman, chairman of the free speech-promoting Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), puts it, “How likely are they to consider the First Amendment essential if they start learning in fifth grade that you’re forbidden to say—or even think—certain things, especially at school?”

Parents, teachers, and professors are talking about the growing fragility they see. It’s hard to avoid the conclusion that the overprotection of children and the hypersensitivity of college students could be two sides of the same coin. By trying so hard to protect our kids, we’re making them too safe to succeed.

Reader 02/03/2018 (Sat) 22:21:33 Id: 2eb0ea [Preview] No.6067 del
If you’re over 40, chances are good that you had scads of free time as a child—after school, on weekends, over the summer. And chances are also good that, if you were asked about it now, you’d go on and on about playing in the woods and riding your bike until the streetlights came on.

Today many kids are raised like veal. Only 13 percent of them even walk to school. Many who take the bus wait at the stop with parents beside them like bodyguards. For a while, Rhode Island was considering a bill that would prohibit children from getting off the bus in the afternoon if there wasn’t an adult waiting to walk them home. This would have applied until seventh grade.

As for summer frolicking, campers don’t just have to take a buddy with them wherever they go, including the bathroom. Some are now required to take two—one to stay with whoever gets hurt, the other to run and get a grown-up. Walking to the john is treated like climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro.

After school, kids no longer come home with a latchkey and roam the neighborhood. Instead, they’re locked into organized, supervised activities. Youth sports are a $15 billion business that has grown by 55 percent since just 2010. Children as young as third grade are joining traveling teams—which means their parents spend a lot of time in the car, too. Or they’re at tutoring. Or they’re at music lessons. And if all else fails, they are in their rooms, online.

Even if parents want to shoo their kids outside—and don’t come home till dinner!—it’s not as easy as it once was. Often, there are no other children around to play with. Even more dishearteningly, adults who believe it’s good for young people to run some errands or play kickball down the street have to think twice about letting them, because busybodies, cops, and social workers are primed to equate “unsupervised” with “neglected and in danger.”

You may remember the story of the Meitivs in Maryland, investigated twice for letting their kids, 10 and 6, walk home together from the park. Or the Debra Harrell case in South Carolina, where a mom was thrown in jail for allowing her 9-year-old to play at the sprinkler playground while she worked at McDonald’s. Or the 8-year-old Ohio boy who was supposed to get on the bus to Sunday school, but snuck off to the Family Dollar store instead. His dad was arrested for child endangerment.

These examples represent a new outlook: the belief that anytime kids are doing anything on their own, they are automatically under threat. But that outlook is wrong. The crime rate in America is back down to what it was in 1963, which means that most of today’s parents grew up playing outside when it was more dangerous than it is today. And it hasn’t gotten safer because we’re hovering over our kids. All violent crime is down, including against adults.

And yet it doesn’t feel safer. A 2010 study found “kidnapping” to be the top parental fear, despite the fact that merely being a passenger in a car is far more dangerous. Nine kids were kidnapped and murdered by strangers in 2011, while 1,140 died in vehicles that same year. While Harvard psychologist Steven Pinker writes in 2011’s The Better Angels of Our Nature that life in most countries is safer today than at any time in human history, the press keeps pushing paranoia. This makes stepping back feel doubly risky: There’s the fear of child kidnappers and the fear of Child Protective Services (both the same, really).

Reader 02/03/2018 (Sat) 22:21:53 Id: 2eb0ea [Preview] No.6068 del
A few years ago, Boston College psychology professor emeritus Peter Gray was invited by the head of counseling services at a major university to a conference on “the decline in resilience among students.”

Not letting your kid climb a tree because he might fall robs him of a classic childhood experience. But being emotionally overprotective takes away something else. “We have raised a generation of young people who have not been given the opportunity to…experience failure and realize they can survive it,” Gray has said. When Lenore’s son came in eighth out of nine teams in a summer camp bowling league, he got an eighth-place trophy. The moral was clear: We don’t think you can cope with the negative emotions of finishing second-to-last.

Of course, it’s natural to want to see kids happy. But the real secret to happiness isn’t more high fives; it’s developing emotional resilience. In our mania for physical safety, coupled with our recent tendency to talk about “emotional safety,” we have systematically deprived our children of the thousands of challenging—and sometimes upsetting—experiences that they need in order to learn that resiliency. And in our quest to protect them, we have stolen from children the best resilience training known to man: free play.

All mammals play. It is a drive installed by Mother Nature. Hippos do backflips in the water. Dogs fetch sticks. And gazelles run around, engaging in a game that looks an awful lot like tag.

Why would they do that? They’re wasting valuable calories and exposing themselves to predators. Shouldn’t they just sit quietly next to their mama gazelles, exploring the world through the magic of PBS Kids?

It must be because play is even more important to their long-term survival than simply being “safe.” Gray’s main body of research is on the importance of free play, and he stresses that it has little in common with the “play” we give kids today. In organized activities—Little League, for example—adults run the show. It’s only when the grown-ups aren’t around that the kids get to take over. Play is training for adulthood.

In free play, ideally with kids of mixed ages, the children decide what to do and how to do it. That’s teamwork, literally. The little kids desperately want to be like the bigger kids, so instead of bawling when they strike out during a sandlot baseball game, they work hard to hold themselves together. This is the foundation of maturity.

The older kids, meanwhile, throw the ball more softly to the younger ones. They’re learning empathy. And if someone yells, “Let’s play on just one leg!”—something they couldn’t do at Little League, with championships (and trophies!) on the line—the kids discover what it means to come up with and try out a different way of doing things. In Silicon Valley terms, they “pivot” and adopt a “new business model.” They also learn that they, not just grown-ups, can collectively remake the rules to suit their needs. That’s called participatory democracy.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Reader 02/03/2018 (Sat) 22:22:11 Id: 2eb0ea [Preview] No.6069 del
When parents curtail their kids’ independence, they’re not just depriving the younglings of childhood fun. They are denying themselves the grown-up joy of seeing their kids do something smart, brave, or kind without parental guidance.

It’s the kind of joy described by a Washington Post columnist who answered the phone one day and was shocked to find her 8-year-old son on the other end. He’d accidentally gone home when he was supposed to stay after school. Realizing she wasn’t there, he decided to walk to the store a few blocks away—his first time. The mom raced over, fearing God knows what, and rushed in only to find her son happily helping the shopkeeper stock the shelves with meat. He’d had a snack and done his homework, too. It was an afternoon he’d never forget, and neither would his very proud mother.

When we don’t let our kids do anything on their own, we don’t get to see just how competent they can be—and isn’t that, ultimately, the greatest reward of parenting? We need to make it easier for grown-ups to let go while living in a society that keeps warning them not to. And we need to make sure they won’t get arrested for it.

By trying to keep children safe from all risks, obstacles, hurt feelings, and fears, our culture has taken away the opportunities they need to become successful adults. In treating them as fragile—emotionally, socially, and physically—society actually makes them so.

To combat this problem, we have established a new nonpartisan nonprofit, the Let Grow Foundation. Our goal is to restore resilience by overthrowing the culture of overprotection. We teamed up with Gray, the professor whose research we highlighted above, and FIRE’s Shuchman, a New York investment fund manager who is now our chairman.

We are building an organization that seeks to change the social norms, policies, and laws that pressure and intimidate parents, schools, and towns into coddling their kids. We will research the effects of excessive caution, study the link between independence and success, and launch projects to give kids back some free time and free play. Most of all, the Let Grow Foundation will reject the assumption of fragility and promote intellectual, physical, and emotional resilience.

Children know that their parents had more freedom to roam than they do, and more unscheduled time to read or tinker or explore. They also realize that older generations were trusted to roll with some punches, at school and beyond. We hope kids today will start demanding that same independence and respect for themselves. It’s their freedom that has been chiseled away, after all.


(89.77 KB 1200x675 FISA MEMO RELEASED 1.jpg)
(215.38 KB 1125x831 FISA MEMO RELEASED 2.jpg)
BREAKING: FISA MEMO RELEASED! ALL DETAILS TO BE POSTED HERE! Reader 02/02/2018 (Fri) 17:19:32 Id: 4e5472 [Preview] No. 6011 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
House Intelligence Memo Released: What It Says


Here are some key points:

* The Steele dossier formed an essential part of the intial and all three renewal FISA applications against Carter Page.

* Andrew McCabe confirmed that no FISA warrant would have been sought from the FISA Court without the Steele dossier information.

* The political origins of the Steele dossier were known to senior DOJ and FBI officials, but excluded from the FISA applications.

* DOJ official Bruce Ohr met with Steele beginning in the summer of 2016 and relayed to DOJ information about Steele's bias. Steele told Ohr that he, Steele, was desperate that Donald Trump not get elected president and was passionate about him not becoming president.

It also claims the FBI and DOJ used media reporting to lend credibility to the dossier, while the firm behind the dossier, Fusion GPS, briefed major American news outlets to include New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, New Yorker, Yahoo and Mother Jones.

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Reader 02/03/2018 (Sat) 16:09:22 Id: 059b14 [Preview] No.6047 del
Hope we actually see some real justice done someday.

Reader 02/03/2018 (Sat) 18:31:20 Id: 533f20 [Preview] No.6053 del
download here

16 Bombshells in the Nunes Memo the Media Do Not Want You to Know About 1 Reader 02/03/2018 (Sat) 19:15:11 Id: 533f20 [Preview] No.6060 del
16 Bombshells in the Nunes Memo the Media Do Not Want You to Know About

In its partisan zeal to protect the ongoing witch hunt against President Trump, our Nixonian media went into hyper-drive last week to ensure that the unethical and un-American behavior of President Obama’s FBI and Justice Department remained covered up from the public.

After this cynical effort failed with the release of the Nunes memo Friday, the media quickly switched tactics and is now working feverishly to muddy the waters about the horror show revealed in the memo.

To begin with, it is obvious that a hysterical talking point about declaring the release of the memo a “Constitutional Crisis” has been spread far and wide… Naturally, the “constitutional crisis” in question is not the wrongdoing committed by federal law enforcement. Instead, because we are now deep within the head of the media’s fabricated reality where wrong is right and up is down, the “constitutional crisis” is that government wrongdoing was uncovered.

One way the media are hoping to shield the federal government from accountability for its indefensible lies, cover-ups, and civil rights violations is to muddy the waters; to distract us with nonsense so that we lose focus on the sins committed by an FBI and Department of Justice (DOJ) that abused its power and public trust in unprecedented ways.

Here are 16 things the media do not want you to know about the Nunes memo:

1. The so-called Russian Dossier, the creation of Fusion GPS and former British spy Christopher Steele, is a political document — namely, opposition research, created for the Democrat National Committee and Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.

2. Using what it knew was opposition research paid for by the Clinton campaign, in October of 2016, the FBI and DOJ obtained a FISA warrant from the secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to install a wiretap to spy on Hillary Clinton’s opponent — the Trump campaign, specifically Carter Page. This spying would last for a year.

3. It should be noted that the FISA court was set up to stop foreign terrorists. The fact that the FBI and DOJ would use this court to not only wiretap an American but to wiretap a presidential campaign belies belief. Why Obama’s FBI and DOJ used this court as opposed to a normal court is obvious. As you will see below, a normal court probably would have denied the wiretap.

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16 Bombshells in the Nunes Memo the Media Do Not Want You to Know About 2 Reader 02/03/2018 (Sat) 19:15:41 Id: 533f20 [Preview] No.6061 del
8. According to the Nunes memo, “Steele told [former FBI official Bruce] Ohr, he ‘was desperate that Donald Trump not get elected and was passionate about him not being president.'”

9. Ohr, who was part of the FBI’s anti-Trump Russian investigation, was not only friendly with Steele, Ohr’s own wife worked with Steele at Fusion GPS doing opposition research (the dossier) against Trump for the Clinton campaign.

10. Despite a) knowing the dossier was opposition research paid for by the Clinton campaign b) knowing the dossier was “salacious and unverified” c) knowing Steele was desperate to destroy Trump d) the breathtaking conflict of interest in having an investigator’s own wife working on the dossier, the FBI still went to the FISA court to obtain permission to spy on Hillary Clinton’s opponent.

11. In order to obtain a warrant to spy on the Trump campaign, all of the conflicts of interest above were withheld from the FISA court — an indefensible (and possibly illegal) lie of omission.

12. Even worse, in order to legitimize a warrant request based on a piece of partisan opposition research they knew was “salacious and unverified,” the FBI and DOJ used a media report to bolster the findings in the phony dossier. The FBI and DOJ told the court that the media report was independent verification of the dossier. But this was not true, and, according to the Nunes memo, the FBI and DOJ knew this was not true. The truth is that the phony dossier was the source of this media report.

13. Also hidden from the FISA court was the fact that the FBI obtained Steele as a source but had to fire him in October of 2016 when, in a bid to use his phony dossier to derail the Trump campaign, he leaked his information to the far-left Mother Jones.

14. Although the FBI and DOJ were willing participants in pushing a “salacious and unverified” narrative against a presidential candidate (primarily through media leaks), this was all hidden from congressional investigators. To begin with, for months, while under oath, Comey said he did not know where the dossier came from — meaning from the Clinton campaign. The Wall Street Journal explains:

We also know the FBI wasn’t straight with Congress, as it hid most of these facts from investigators in a briefing on the dossier in January 2017. The FBI did not tell Congress about Mr. Steele’s connection to the Clinton campaign, and the House had to issue subpoenas for Fusion bank records to discover the truth. Nor did the FBI tell investigators that it continued receiving information from Mr. Steele and Fusion even after it had terminated him. The memo says the bureau’s intermediary was Justice Department official Bruce Ohr, whose wife, incredibly, worked for Fusion.

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Reader 02/03/2018 (Sat) 19:59:40 Id: 25651a [Preview] No.6064 del
Well it seems official. The only thing keeping America great: guns and burgers.

Judicial Watch Sues DOJ For Illegally Misleading FISA Court, As Devin Nunes Announces "More To Drop" Reader 02/03/2018 (Sat) 14:42:58 Id: 8fa584 [Preview] No. 6039 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
RELATED: >>>/news/6011

Conservative watchdog Judicial Watch are suing the DOJ for deliberately misleading the FISA court in order to obtain a wiretap.

Following the House Intelligence Committee’s declassification and public release of the FISA memo on Friday, president of Judicial Watch, Tom Fitton, hit the ground running and called out Comey, McCabe, Yates and Rosenstein for lying to the FISA court.

Thegatewaypundit.com reports: Fearless warrior Tom Fitton also hammered dirty cop Mueller’s Russia investigation in an explosive interview with Fox News Friday.

Shortly after Fitton’s interview, conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch announced it filed a FOIA lawsuit against the DOJ for ‘Russian collusion’ FISA documents.

The American people should be able to see for themselves the details of how the Obama administration officials (and Rod Rosenstein of the Trump administration) justified spying on the Trump team. https://t.co/Ot1CSnQOsl

— Tom Fitton (@TomFitton) February 2, 2018

Via Judicial Watch:

Judicial Watch announced today that it filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the Justice Department for FBI documents regarding the FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) warrant application submitted to – and responses from – the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court related to alleged collusion between Russia and Trump campaign associates (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of Justice (No. 1:18-cv-00245)).

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Reader 02/03/2018 (Sat) 14:43:51 Id: 8fa584 [Preview] No.6040 del
House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA) revealed on Friday that there would be more memos released as the committee concluded its investigation into abuse of FISA warrants by the Obama administration – and the State Department is next.

Appearing on Fox News' "Special Report" with host Bret Baier, Nunes said that today's release of the memo on FISA abuse was only the beginning of their investigation.

When asked by Baier if more memos would come out, Nunes responded, "Yes, this completes just the FISA abuse portion of our investigation," adding that the "investigation is ongoing."

"We are in the middle of what I call 'phase two' of our investigation, which involves other departments," Nunes continued. "Specifically, the State Department and some of the involvement they had in this."


#BREAKING: Devin Nunes says this is just the first memo to be released. He says there will be another one dealing specifically with the State Department’s role in everything that happened. pic.twitter.com/kpHVDQ44WX

— Ryan Saavedra (@RealSaavedra) February 3, 2018


Reader 02/03/2018 (Sat) 16:10:44 Id: 4ae361 [Preview] No.6048 del
There has to be more to this memo, I hope we get more details like the emails and texts of these corrupt officials.

Reader 02/03/2018 (Sat) 18:31:35 Id: bfef4f [Preview] No.6054 del
Yes, those are posts. And?

Socialists Plan to Sue Trump Administration Over Tax Cuts Reader 02/03/2018 (Sat) 13:47:48 Id: 8499b1 [Preview] No. 6037 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh revealed on Thursday that he plans to sue President Donald Trump over the recently passed Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

Frosh plans to join officials from New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut to sue the federal government over the tax bill’s reduction on the state and local tax deduction (SALT). The state officials believe that the cap on the SALT deduction is unconstitutional.

Frosh, a Democrat, said in a press release, “By eliminating the SALT deductions, Trump’s tax bill will jack up taxes for more than half a million Marylanders,” Frosh, a Democrat, said in a news release. “It is an attack on state sovereignty and an attempt to cripple our ability to educate our kids, protect the Chesapeake Bay, and build the infrastructure that Maryland needs to be competitive in the world economy.”

Analysts believe that the legal challenge to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will likely fail, pundits argue that the federal government has broad authority taxes on income.

Meanwhile, the economy continues to expand under President Trump.

C. Dean Metropoulos, the Hostess Brands executive chairman, said in a letter to employees:

The recent tax reform changes have given us the opportunity to review our benefit and compensation structure with an eye toward further investing in our workforce — our extraordinary team of employees who have and continue to help make Hostess so successful. As we have done in the past, the company’s management and board take great pleasure in sharing the company’s success with our employees.

UPS Chairman and Chief Executive Officer David Abney said in a statement, “This $12 billion investment program is an outgrowth of the opportunity for tax savings created by the Tax and Jobs Act,” said David Abney, UPS chairman and chief executive. “We will increase network investments and accelerate pension funding to strengthen the company for the long term, so that we maximize the benefit to our global customers, employees and shareowners.”

UPS, Cigna, Hostess, and Lowe’s announced on Thursday that they will give their workers bonuses, increase investment, and give their workers free snacks due to tax reform.

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Reader 02/03/2018 (Sat) 18:30:28 Id: 2ec8f2 [Preview] No.6051 del
Stop with these no effort bumps. Contribute discussion when you come back.