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Twitter Bans Chinese Dissidents Days Before Anniversary Of Tiananmen Square Massacre Reader 06/02/2019 (Sun) 13:12:38 Id: 76d03a [Preview] No. 14814 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Not satisfied with silencing Trump supporters because it was Her Turn, Twitter last week banned hundreds, and by some reports thousands of Chinese dissidents from the platform - three days before the 30th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre.

It hit human rights lawyers, activists, college students and nationalists, who use workarounds to get access to Twitter, which is banned in China. Just about every part of the raucous, if small, Chinese language Twitter world was affected.

The accounts began rapidly disappearing just days before the 30th anniversary of the crackdown on a student-led pro-democracy demonstration in Tiananmen Square in Beijing. Many online assumed the worst: a coordinated attack by Beijing to project its suffocating internet censorship outside its own digital borders. -New York Times

Put another way, the San Francisco-based, very liberal Twitter stripped a small minority of mostly powerless Chinese people of the ability to criticize their monolithic, human rights-violating government - on the anniversary of said government murdering hundreds, if not thousands of dissidents.

Twitter said in a statement that they had 'inadvertently gone after a number of legitimate Chinese-language accounts' as part of routine efforts to stop spam and inauthentic behavior.

Of note, Chinese censors blocked access to Twitter in 2009, two days before the 20th anniversary of the crackdown. And given the social media giant's documented record of censoring large groups of people for political purposes, people aren't buying Twitter's explanation.

One human rights lawyer, whose account had been taken down, said that in protest he tweeted an image of Twitter’s bird mascot colored red with five yellow stars to evoke the Chinese flag.

The routine action set off real fears. In China, the June 4 anniversary of Tiananmen brings an extra dose of censorship to one of the world’s most controlled corners of the internet. Tools that help users jump the Great Firewall to get access to the broader online world often sputter inexplicably.

Within China, Twitter users have faced escalating pressures. At the end of 2018, China’s Ministry of Public Security began to target Chinese Twitter users. Although Twitter is blocked, many use virtual-private network software that enables access.

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Edward Snowden: If We Keep Blindly Consuming Smart Tech, We'll Lose All Personal Privacy Reader 06/02/2019 (Sun) 13:11:12 Id: 37d47c [Preview] No. 14813 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden said Thursday that people in systems of power have exploited the human desire to connect in order to create systems of mass surveillance.

Snowden appeared at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia via livestream from Moscow to give a keynote address for the Canadian university's Open Dialogue Series.

Right now, he said, humanity is in a sort of "atomic moment" in the field of computer science. "We're in the midst of the greatest redistribution of power since the Industrial Revolution, and this is happening because technology has provided a new capability," Snowden said.

"It's related to influence that reaches everyone in every place," he said. "It has no regard for borders. Its reach is unlimited, if you will, but its safeguards are not." Without such defenses, technology is able to affect human behavior.

Institutions can "monitor and record private activities of people on a scale that's broad enough that we can say it's close to all-powerful," said Snowden. They do this through "new platforms and algorithms," through which "they're able to shift our behavior. In some cases they're able to predict our decisions—and also nudge them—to different outcomes. And they do this by exploiting the human need for belonging."

"We don't sign up for this," he added, dismissing the notion that people know exactly what they are getting into with social media platforms like Facebook.

"How many of you who have a Facebook account actually read the terms of service?" Snowden asked. "Everything has hundreds and hundreds of pages of legal jargon that we're not qualified to read and assess—and yet they're considered to be binding upon us."

"It is through this sort of unholy connection of technology and sort of an unusual interpretation of contract law," he continued, "that these institutions have been able to transform this greatest virtue of humanity—which is this desire to interact and to connect and to cooperate and to share—to transform all of that into a weakness."

"And now," he added, "these institutions, which are both commercial and governmental, have built upon that and... have structuralized that and entrenched it to where it has become now the most effective means of social control in the history of our species."

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Trump Declares Trade War On India, Imposes New Tariffs Reader 06/02/2019 (Sun) 13:10:10 Id: fb66c7 [Preview] No. 14812 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
President Trump has a victory present for newly re-elected Prime Minister Narendra Modi - and it's the economic equivalent of a flaming bag of feces left on India's doorstep.

In his latest act of protectionist aggression in what has already been an action-packed week, Trump late Friday announced that his administration was terminating India's designation as a developing nation under a trade program that allowed Indian exporters to ship 2,000 products into the US duty free. The decision to revoke India's preferential trade status, which mirrors Trump's decision to revoke Turkey's status under the program a few weeks back, comes one day after Modi was sworn in for a second term.

Under the decades-old program - known as the Generalized System of Preferences - Indian companies were able to avoid some $5.7 billion in duties back in 2017.

The new standards will take effect June 5.

"I have determined that India has not assured the United States that India will provide equitable and reasonable access to its markets," Trump said in a proclamation on Friday evening. "Accordingly, it is appropriate to terminate India’s designation as a beneficiary developing country effective June 5, 2019."

The decision isn't unexpected: The White House warned back in March that it could end India's preferential treatment if India didn't agree to certain reforms, but it decided to hold off so as to not hurt Modi politically during the run up to the election. According to Bloomberg, Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer has become increasingly frustrated with India’s trade barriers and practices. The trade rep has taken issue with the country’s self-designation as a developing nation at the World Trade Organization.

The White House's Friday proclamation also imposes tariffs on solar cells and washing machines from India and Turkey. Those tariffs had been imposed by Trump in 2018, but India and Turkey had been exempt because of their status as developing nations under the GSP.

One critic of Trump's decision warned that ending the designation for India would cost American businesses hundreds of millions of dollars a year.

Dan Anthony, executive director of the Coalition for GSP, a trade group, said that the decision "will cost American businesses over $300 million in additional tariffs every year."

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Amazon Plans To Bug Apartments With 'Smart' Speakers, Find Them And Rip Them Out! Reader 06/02/2019 (Sun) 13:08:14 Id: 002fbf [Preview] No. 14811 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
When tenants first walk into their new apartment at the Brandon Place complex in Oklahoma City, they are going to pissed as hell storming out! Digital spy 'locks' allowing hackers and spooks to break into your apartment!? Fuck that! Spy thermostats with LCD touch screens with cameras and mics!? Fuck that! During their hostile fits of rage, they’re going to be told the unit’s 'smart systems' can be operated from Amazon via the CIA-powered Alexa glowworm spyware gadgets. Fuck that!

Amazon, you and your shills can take all this spy crap and shove it up your fucking assholes! No wonder people are fleeing these shithole leftist cities!

While Alphabet Inc.’s Google and Apple Inc. are striving to grow their user base by luring mindless consumers into their honeypot botnets, Amazon has figured out a way to break into millions of homes without mindless consumers ever choosing its hardware and services in the first place. Thats what they think! Fuck you Amazon! I'd rip all that shit right out of the fucking walls you fucking cunts!

Amazon’s Alexa Smart Properties team, a little known part of its Alexa division, is working on partnerships with homebuilders, property managers and hoteliers to push millions of Alexa smart speakers into domiciles all across the US.

Amazon is hoping to find a new way to build market share by shilling discounted spyware, customized botnets and new hacking tools for property managers to harvest and steal personal data.

Alert consumers! You are going to have to look out before you rent or mortgage any new homes! Check for this spyware and mandate it be ripped out, or look elsewhere!! Or, you could do as I would and rip all the spyware shit out of it afterwards, no questions asked!!!


Dear Students, Here's A Plan To Solve Your Debt Problem Reader 06/01/2019 (Sat) 16:54:11 Id: 52fe9f [Preview] No. 14809 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
So, you’re a barista with a problem – you took out $200K student loans to get that master’s degree from Gumbo State in “LGBTQ2#v& Experiences as Reflected in 17th Century Bolivian Folk Songs” and now you can’t find an uncaffeinated career.

Worse, those fascist monsters who you took money from based on your agreement to pay it back with interest now expect you to pay the money back with interest despite the fact that you really don’t feel like it anymore.

Well, I have a fresh solution to this crisis. It’s an innovative strategy that totally and permanently resolves this problem in a new and exciting way.

How about you pay your own student debt?

See, a lot of Democrat politicians are promising “free college,” but what they really mean is “free for you.” Someone has to pay, and that someone is me, and I need to level with you.

I am not interested in paying for your college.

Now, some may call me “greedy” or “selfish” for not wishing to work and then have the money I earned taken from me to provide things to you that you want but did not pay for instead of being able to spend it – the “it” being the money I earned – on things that I want. I am okay with that. I would much prefer having people who fundamentally misunderstand the concepts of greed and selfishness call me “greedy” and “selfish” than subsidize their educations, educations that evidently did not include learning about basic concepts like greed and selfishness.

I certainly understand that academia is a scam and that the government allows lending to people who foolishly undertake debts that they cannot pay. I would stop it all – no government participation in the student loan industry and full bankruptcy dischargeability for student debts. Of course, this would mean many less people taking loans, and therefore fewer college students. No lose to society there. This means many colleges would actually start having to compete for students, and even – gasp – lower prices. Sounds good to me, though they would scream bloody murder – colleges have gotten fat off of loan money and many schools would go under without this pot of suckers’ cash. Oh well.

Sure, academia is a grift, but you did sign on the line that is dotted. You took the money. And I say that you pay it back instead of me.

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Long Overdue! DOJ Finally Preparing Antitrust Investigation of Google Abuse Reader 06/01/2019 (Sat) 15:33:52 Id: 9fd082 [Preview] No. 14808 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
The Justice Department is gearing up for an antitrust investigation of Alphabet Inc.’s Google, a move that could present a major new layer of regulatory scrutiny for the search giant, according to people familiar with the matter.

The department’s antitrust division in recent weeks has been laying the groundwork for the probe, the people said. The Federal Trade Commission, which shares antitrust authority with the department, previously conducted a broad investigation of Google but closed it in 2013 without taking action.

That was a different regulatory agency during the administration of President Barack Obama, which was considered relatively cozy with Google. The current White House has been openly critical of Google, largely over the fact tech companies unfairly suppress conservative voices online.

With turf now settled, the department is preparing to closely examine Google’s business practices related to its search and other businesses, the people said.

It couldn’t immediately be learned whether Google has been contacted by the department. Third-party critics of the search giant, however, already have been in contact with Justice Department officials, some of the people familiar with the matter said.

A Justice Department spokesman declined to comment, as did an FTC spokeswoman. Google didn’t immediately respond to requests for comment.


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British Government Caught Staging Pro-Muslim Propaganda After Islamic Terror Attacks Reader 06/01/2019 (Sat) 15:29:52 Id: 442042 [Preview] No. 14807 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
The British government staged the "Muslim" response to the 2017 Islamic London Bridge terrorist attack all the way down to the hashtags pushed on social media so that the public would focus on a "sense of unity with strangers" rather than "reacting with violence or anger," according to a bombshell new report from the London-based Middle East Eye.

After the 2017 attack at the London Bridge, video went viral showing police guiding a group of Muslims before the media's TV cameras as they presented slick signs saying "#TurnToLove," "#LoveWillWin," "#ISISWillLose," and so on.

Most people thought it was evidence CNN staged the incident. In fact, it turns out it was staged by the UK government itself -- and it wasn't the first time.

Watch Ian Cobain of the Middle East Eye explain how the scam is run: https://youtube.com/watch?v=Ax2FWS4qYVw [Embed]

From the Middle East Eye, Ian Cobain, 22 May 2019, Mind control: The secret UK government blueprints shaping post-terror planning":

The British government has prepared for terrorist incidents by pre-planning social media campaigns that are designed to appear to be a spontaneous public response to attacks, Middle East Eye has learned.

Hashtags are carefully tested before attacks happen, Instagram images selected, and “impromptu” street posters are printed.

In operations that contingency planners term “controlled spontaneity”, politicians’ statements, vigils and inter-faith events are also negotiated and planned in readiness for any terrorist attack.

The campaigns have been deployed during every terrorist incident in recent years including the 2017 London Bridge attack and the Finsbury Park mosque attack.

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Americana Making A Comeback? CrossFit Inc. First US Company To Say NO To Govt-Tech Industry Reader 06/01/2019 (Sat) 15:29:08 Id: 00b608 [Preview] No. 14806 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
In a show of solidarity for all who have been shadow-banned, de-platformed, or otherwise axed from social media by the “gods” of Big Tech, CrossFit Inc. has officially blasted the shot heard ’round the world by announcing that the company and its affiliates will no longer be using Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp.

After one of its own community pages was arbitrarily removed from Facebook for no apparent reason, CrossFit leapt into the conversation about social media censorship by openly proclaiming that it will have no further involvement with the Mark Zuckerberg mafia, which continues to trample free speech and the First Amendment.

“Facebook’s action should give any serious person reason to pause, especially those of us engaged in activities contrary to prevailing opinion,” reads a portion of an official statement issued by CrossFit about why the company is basically cutting ties with Silicon Valley.

CrossFit went on to explain that the way decisions are made at Facebook lacks “transparency” and “due process,” adding that simply holding viewpoints or beliefs that someone at Facebook doesn’t agree with or finds “offensive” is enough to get a user or company banned from the platform – which, for those whose livelihoods are married to social media, will mean the bitterest of divorce proceedings.

Conservative commentator Laura Loomer learned this the hard way, as most of her income stream has apparently been wiped away following her removal from Facebook.

CrossFit’s leadership is fully aware of this. They would seem to recognize that, much like how Loomer’s political views are “incorrect” according to the powers that be, CrossFit’s philosophies on health and fitness in many ways contradict the official government narrative on such matters – which means CrossFit could be arbitrarily banned from social media at any time.

“CrossFit is a contrarian physiological and nutrition prescription for improving fitness and health,” the company admits. “It is contrarian because prevailing views of fitness, health, and nutrition are wrong and have unleashed a tsunami of chronic disease upon our friends, family, and communities.”

For more about online censorship, be sure to check out Censorship.news


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Governments May Be Torturing Julian Assange, Showing Symptoms Intense Psychological Trauma Reader 06/01/2019 (Sat) 15:28:08 Id: a35418 [Preview] No. 14805 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is suffering from "intense psychological trauma" in a British prison and should not be extradited to the United Sates to face a "politicized show trial," according to a UN human rights investigator.

UN torture expert Nils Melzer visited Assange in a high-security London prison on May 9 along with two medical experts, only to find the journalist under severe stress, agitated, and unable to cope with his complex legal case amid chronic anxiety, according to Reuters.

"Our finding was that Mr. Assange shows all the symptoms of a person who has been exposed to psychological torture for a prolonged period of time. The psychiatrist who accompanied my mission said that his state of health was critical," he told Reuters in an interview in Geneva, adding "But my understanding is that he has now been hospitalized and that he is not able to stand trial."

Melzer's comments come after Assange's attorney said he was unwell when he failed to show up for a London court hearing Thursday regarding his extradition battle. The 47-year-old is currently serving a 50-week sentence in the UK's Belmarsh jail for skipping bail. According to WikiLeaks he has been moved to the prison's health ward.

"Mr. Assange has been deliberately exposed, for a period of several years, to progressively severe forms of cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, the cumulative effects of which can only be described as psychological torture," said Melzer.

Melzer, a Swiss law professor, did not say which judges or senior politicians had been defaming Assange, but that "dozens if not hundreds of individuals” had expressed themselves inappropriately."

"Here we are not speaking of prosecution but of persecution. That means that judicial power, institutions and proceedings are being deliberately abused for ulterior motives," he added.

Assange was charged by the United States last week with 18 new counts related to conspiring to obtain and disclose classified information, endangering national security. He has been accused of unlawfully publishing the names of classified sources, and conspiring and with ex-Army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning to obtain the classified information. He faces decades in prison if convicted.


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Debt Insolvency: USA No Longer World's Most Competitive Economy Reader 06/01/2019 (Sat) 15:27:23 Id: 809712 [Preview] No. 14804 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
The United States no longer has the most competitive economy in the world, according to annual rankings compiled by the Switzerland-based business school IMD.

To determine the results, the study incorporated 235 indicators from each of the ranked 63 economies, taking into account statistics like unemployment, GDP and government spending on health and education, as well as issues like social cohesion, corruption and globalization.

The Asia-Pacific region emerged as a contender for competitiveness, with 11 out of 14 economies either improving or holding their ground, led by Hong Kong and Singapore. Indonesia leaped 11 spots to 32nd -- the biggest improvement in the region, thanks to increased more efficiency in the government sector and improved infrastructure.

Of-course, what the mainstream media will always leave out is the problem with the ever-increasing amount of insolvent debts, whether national debt or governmental debt. You cannot create a whole economy based on endless debt, and rely on more and more debt to keep the whole system afloat forever. That is considered, by most educated economists, to be failed third world economic ponzi schemes and has never ended well for any nation on planet Earth who has adopted this third world policy! Perhaps one day Americans will finally point their fingers at the real problem? The corrupt insolvent ever-growing government and the central banking system? Only time will tell.


Faced with crushing student loans and little ability to repay them, some Americans have taken to fleeing the country in order to escape their debt, according to CNBC's Annie Nova.

"It’s kind of like, if a tree falls in the woods and no one hears it, does it really exist?" said 29-year-old Chad Haag, who relocated from Colorado to a jungle in India to avoid paying his $20,000 loan balance. "I've put America behind me," said Haag - 9,000 miles away from home.

Today he lives in a concrete house in the village of Uchakkada for $50 a month. His backyard is filled with coconut trees and chickens. “I saw four elephants just yesterday,” he said, adding that he hopes never to set foot in a Walmart again. - CNBC

That said, it hasn't all been smooth sailing - including finding acceptable loos to poo in. "Some toilets here are holes in the ground you squat over," said Hagg, who added that he recently ate spoiled goat meat at a local restaurant, landing him in the emergency room. Still, he insists "I have a higher standard of living in a Third World country than I would in America, because of my student loans."

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