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Trump Stifles Mexican Tariffs After Alledged Deal With Mexico To Prevent Invasions Reader 06/08/2019 (Sat) 14:52:55 Id: f5cb49 [Preview] No. 14872 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
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Trump had announced the tariff threat in response to a surge in illegal migration to the U.S. through Mexico this year. More than 144,000 people were apprehended after illegally crossing the southern border in May or were refused entry to the U.S. That’s the most in a single month in at least five years; the number has grown every month since January.

Also underreported was the fact over 1,000,000 illegals have invaded the US so far in 2019 and the year is not even half way over.

Mexico has agreed to "strong measures to stem the tide of Migration through Mexico, and to our Southern Border," Trump wrote.

I am pleased to inform you that The United States of America has reached a signed agreement with Mexico. The Tariffs scheduled to be implemented by the U.S. on Monday, against Mexico, are hereby indefinitely suspended. Mexico, in turn, has agreed to take strong measures to....

....stem the tide of Migration through Mexico, and to our Southern Border. This is being done to greatly reduce, or eliminate, Illegal Immigration coming from Mexico and into the United States. Details of the agreement will be released shortly by the State Department. Thank you!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June 8, 2019

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Reader 06/08/2019 (Sat) 14:57:06 Id: f5cb49 [Preview] No.14873 del
Why these invaders should be given any protection, whether by the US or Mexico, is beyond me. Send the savages back to their own countries and dump radioactive material all across the border so they die if trying to invade again! I'll be keeping my eye on this issue, because I smell a load of bullshit as usual.

Sad! Rural Radio Stations Across America Vanishing, Being Bought Up By Giant Conglomerates Reader 06/07/2019 (Fri) 14:45:59 Id: 26ef79 [Preview] No. 14869 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
At a time when local newspapers are disappearing, the loss of a radio station leaves a community with another cultural and informational gap.

The radio station, whose call letters are KHIL, has long been the daily soundtrack for this frontier town (population 3,500) that prides itself on its cowboy culture and quiet pace of life. But six decades after the founding of the station, the property is in foreclosure, with utility disconnect notices coming nearly every month.

Small-town radio is fizzling nationwide, as stations struggle to attract advertisement dollars. And as station owners are forced to sell, media conglomerates snap up rural frequencies for rock-bottom prices, for the sole purpose of relocating them to urban areas. In a more affluent market, they can be flipped for a higher price. With limited frequencies available, larger broadcasters purchase as many as possible – especially those higher on the dial – in a race not dissimilar to a real estate grab.

Mark Lucke is standing in the doorway, looking out at the spitting, winter rain. The first thing he asks is if I’d like to see “the dungeon”. Who wouldn’t?

The “dungeon” turns out to be benign – just the original radio station building. Lucke explains that country music star Tanya Tucker “used to hang out here with the jocks”. This was before she recorded Delta Dawn at the age of 13 and left Willcox to produce a slew of hits, which landed her in the Country Music Hall of Fame. Her familiar drawl can still be heard at the top of every hour on KHIL, saying, “Hello, Willcox. This is Tanya Tucker, and you’re listening to the station I always listened to when I was a kid.”

Except for a washing machine and stacking radio conductors, the dungeon is empty. From here, in a feat of electrical wiring, several radio stations (four of which are run by Lucke) are connected to the 5,000-volt radio tower behind the dungeon, and pushed out into the sky.

KHIL was founded in 1958 by Rex Allen, who gained notoriety as the last of the singing cowboys. On the silver screen, The Arizona Cowboy could be seen strumming a guitar from the back of his horse, until the genre came to a close in 1954. He would go on to narrate a plethora of Disney movies, including Charlotte’s Web, and for years was the voice behind Ford truck and Purina Dog Chow commercials.

Allen – who died in 1999 – is now immortalized by a statue in the historic downtown. Born 31 December 1920 to Horace and Faye Allen in Willcox, Rex Elvie Allen was cross-eyed at birth, reads the plaque below the statue.

“We connected with people,” he remembers. “We told them stories about a fender bender that happened down on Main Street, or a local parade coming up, or the success of a youngster at the local science fair.”

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Good! Trump Administration Left With No Choice, Mass Deportations To Begin Reader 06/06/2019 (Thu) 17:52:44 Id: 3f9f5b [Preview] No. 14860 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
RELATED: >>>/endpol/1139

The Trump administration is planning a large-scale deportation operation of illegal aliens, including those who have refused to show for their asylum court hearings.

The strategy is meant to “disincentivize” economic migrants who crossed into the U.S. illegally without legitimate asylum claims, according to Immigration and Customs Enforcement acting director Mark Morgan.

“We have no choice as I see this,” Morgan said Tuesday. “We need to take some interior enforcement action…We need to continue to do everything that we can within the current legal framework, within the current laws, within the current statutorily mandated duties of ICE, to assist, to reduce this humanitarian crisis. That will include families.”

He said ICE won’t “target” families in their operation, but they won’t be “exempt” from deportation.

“I think that a significant incentive there is the fact that once you’re here and you’ve gone through the entire due process in this country and you’ve received a final order of deportation…We’re in a position where we need to enforce that to disincentivize these individuals from taking that trip, exploiting the loopholes, and entering our country illegally,” he said.

Additionally, Morgan pointed out that ICE would operate within its legal limitations despite Democrat efforts to prevent it.

“We need to make sure that we’re executing those statutorily required responsibilities that Congress has passed,” Morgan said.

“If they don’t like the laws, they can change them. But right now this is the law, this is ICE’s mandate. I’m committed to ensure that we’re executing those laws with compassion and humanity.”

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Reader 06/06/2019 (Thu) 17:54:03 Id: 3f9f5b [Preview] No.14861 del
I really hope this is true. It is almost already too late, but if they can ramp up deportations America would have a chance at saving our culture and a lot of taxpayer money at that.

Reader 06/06/2019 (Thu) 18:39:05 Id: c95de7 [Preview] No.14864 del
(451.03 KB 1562x887 Everything.jpg)
(742.36 KB 634x1143 112.png)
Our culture will never be saved as long as the legal immigrants remain here, and mass media continues to be dominated by kikes, pushing against culture with their various degenerate tactics.

Reader 06/06/2019 (Thu) 18:44:26 Id: 67f543 [Preview] No.14865 del
(244.14 KB 626x838 aj 4.PNG)
(270.27 KB 623x779 aj 5.PNG)
(402.19 KB 622x619 aj exposed.PNG)
(130.60 KB 621x515 aj2.PNG)
(427.65 KB 627x846 aj3.PNG)
one thing to remember due to the lack of follow through with this (and all) administrations:
Nothing has begun, until its begun
Nothing is law, until signed into law
Nothing is over, until its over
When mass deportations begin, then they have begun. Please don't post (((infowars))) links. AJ is a kike shill, pics and link related

Amazon Creating Local Surveillance Networks For Third World Police State Reader 06/06/2019 (Thu) 17:50:50 Id: 758a4c [Preview] No. 14858 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Amazon’s Ring spy-doorbells are helping cops build surveillance networks in neighborhoods across the country.

More than 50 local police departments have partnered with Ring over the last two years and promoted the products to citizens — essentially building neighborhoods with security cameras on every doorstep.

“Our township is now entirely covered by cameras,” Capt. Vincent Kerney, detective bureau commander of the Bloomfield Police Department in New Jersey told the website. “Every area of town we have, there are some Ring cameras.”

When cops partner with Ring, they get access to a law enforcement dashboard where they can geofence an area and request footage filmed at specific times. They can only get the video if the resident chooses to send it, otherwise they would need to subpoena Ring.

But some police departments have been organizing Ring giveaways — at times using taxpayer dollars to buy the Amazon products — with the caveat that recipients of the smart doorbells need to hand over footage when requested, according to the report.

“We’re encouraging residents of Mountain Brook to purchase that type of technology and work with the app,” said Ted Cook, the police chief in Mountain Brook, Alabama. “We see it as trying to create a digital neighborhood watch.”

But many say the police partnerships with Amazon would allow cops an unprecedented amount of surveillance on citizens. Well no fucking shit.


Reader 06/06/2019 (Thu) 17:58:15 Id: 758a4c [Preview] No.14862 del
I'll agree neighborhood watches are a good idea. But you don't need Big Tech to do that. We should be focused on making the citizenry more vigilant, recruiting good samaritans around the area and of-course encouraging homeowners to be armed and trained to engage criminals. Making people dependent on more internet spy devices is only going to invade their own privacy and make people weaker. Look at these gadget addicts today, easiest targets to mug, they walk with their heads tuned into their phones, clueless of their physical surroundings! Half the time their too busy to talk to another human. Why do we want more of that today?

Communist Chinese Despots Deploying Brain Scanning Chips For Enslaved Masses Reader 06/05/2019 (Wed) 15:44:15 Id: ea4d37 [Preview] No. 14847 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Despots have high hopes for the technology, which they say could be used to spy on everything from healthcare and education to security, gaming and entertainment.

Engineers from China Electronics Corporation and Tianjin University have created a chip known as the Brain Talker, with the device said to be capable of reading human brainwave activity and efficiently translating it to enable total control over the user.

The technology, known as a 'brain-computer interface', or BCI, has been theorised for many decades, and has featured prominently in science fiction and techno-thriller books and films such as Neuromancer, Firefox, Ghost in the Shell, and Robocop.

Now, Chinese engineers and academics have apparently taken the next step and actually created a working BCI device, with the Brain Talker debuting at the Third Annual World Intelligence Congress in Tianjin last month.

Ming Dong, director of Tianjin University's Academy of Medical Engineering & Translational Medicine, explained that the Brain Talker chip works by identifying minor nerve information generated by the cerebral cortex, and decoding this information to enable communication between a user's brain and a computer.

This will be used to enslave, rather than to empower, the working slave masses.


Reader 06/05/2019 (Wed) 22:12:02 Id: 7bcd3b [Preview] No.14853 del
(45.42 KB 1413x602 legit fucking news.jpg)
(84.71 KB 1920x920 wayback.png)
Don't want to have you start talking about censoring the news mate, but an unverified post like this could be a troll to make us look like whackjobs.

Reader 06/06/2019 (Thu) 08:01:36 Id: 38fafb [Preview] No.14854 del

Reader 06/06/2019 (Thu) 08:02:13 Id: 38fafb [Preview] No.14855 del
(91.76 KB 500x478 tiresome.png)

Reader 06/06/2019 (Thu) 10:59:40 Id: 7bcd3b [Preview] No.14856 del
There is absolutely no search result for the talking points by the OP besides endchan's /overboard/ hit for this thread. Fuck it. I'm providing a source for this myself. Though the article kisses ass in favor of the intrusive technology, you can be damn sure it's going to be used in the future for nefarious means.


Reader 06/06/2019 (Thu) 17:48:02 Id: dc76ec [Preview] No.14857 del
Well the original source was promoting the hell out of this spy tech crap, so decided to edit the report. Its not meant to be satire, the link perhaps is a joke, but most of the info came from a real report from Sputnik. I just don't like posting articles that are basically ads endorsing this crap. Sorry if I pissed you anons off for not linking the source.


BOOM! EU Rocked! Italy Poised To Launch Euro Parallel Currency Reader 06/05/2019 (Wed) 16:35:04 Id: 5e2c1a [Preview] No. 14849 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
BOOM! EU Rocked!
Italy Poised To Launch Euro Parallel Currency


Italy faces an "Excessive Deficit" ruling, the first in EU history. Italy's response is to revive a parallel currency proposal.

A euro crisis has been brewing for years.

Eurozone officials and the ECB have long held the upper hand vs individual countries like Greece and Portugal.

However, Italy now has the upper hand, if it chooses to wage war. Let's backup and start from the beginning to tie this story together.

Please consider EU Could Slap 3 Billion Euro Fine on Italy for Excessive Debt.

The European Commission could impose a 3 billion euro fine on Italy for breaking EU rules due to its rising debt and structural deficit levels, the country’s Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini said on Tuesday.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Reader 06/05/2019 (Wed) 16:35:28 Id: 5e2c1a [Preview] No.14850 del
France vs Italy Key Points

The current debate is over excessive debt, not deficits.
Italy is in defiance of debt, not deficit rules, but its proposed budget will violate both.
France violates both sets of numbers already, but not by as much.
In essence, there is one set of rules for France and Germany and another set of rules for everyone else.

Please consider Italy to Activate its 'Parallel Currency' in Defiant Riposte to EU Ultimatum.

“I don’t govern a country on its knees,” said Matteo Salvini after sweeping the European elections even more emphatically than the Brexit party. Note the majestic ‘I’. He is already master of Rome.

The Lega strongman can no longer be contained, even by Italy’s ever-ingenious mandarin class. His party commands 40pc of the country together with eurosceptic confederates from the Brothers of Italy. It has erupted like a volcano in the Bourbon territories of the Mezzogiorno, now on the front line of migrant flows and left to fend for itself by Europe. Salvini can force a snap-election at any time.

By some maniacal reflex the dying Commission of Jean-Claude Juncker has chosen this moment to draw up the first indictment letter of the revamped debt and deficits regime. Italy faces €3.5bn of fines for failure to tighten its belt. It has 48 hours to respond.

“We’re not Greece,” said Claudio Borghi, Lega chairman of Italy’s house budget committee. “We are net contributors to the EU budget. We have a trade surplus and primary budget surplus. We don’t need anything from anybody. And we are in better shape than France.”

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Reader 06/05/2019 (Wed) 16:35:46 Id: 5e2c1a [Preview] No.14851 del
And The FT reports today that this parallel currency proposal is being revived:

Debate is growing in Italy about the suggestion that a new domestic currency could be introduced by the government to pay its debts - and the possibility that Rome’s Eurosceptic coalition might use it to facilitate the nation’s departure from the euro.

Prominent members of deputy prime minister Matteo Salvini’s ruling League party have floated the proposal - which was endorsed by a vote in the Italian parliament last week.

The concerns over Italy have hit mainstream media in the EU, but not the US. For example, please consider German Bundesbank Comes Clean on Euro Default Risks After Italy's 'Parallel Currency' Decree

The German Bundesbank has warned that it could face heavy losses if a major country leaves the euro and defaults on debts to the European Central Bank system, but warned that any attempt to prepare for such a crisis could backfire by triggering a speculative attack.

The analysis is highly sensitive coming just days after the insurgent Lega-Five Star government in Italy passed a decree in the Italian parliament authorizing the creation of a parallel payments system known as ‘minibots’, a scheme decried by critics as a threat to the integrity of the euro and potentially a ‘lira-in-waiting’.

While the Bundesbank text sticks to the standard line that a euro break-up is hypothetical it nevertheless admits - after years of obfuscation - that the ECB’s internal Target2 settlement system entails inescapable costs for Germany and other EMU member states should it ever happen. It also gives the impression that the monetary authorities have no clear strategy for handling such a crisis.

Professor Philip Turner, a former monetary official at the Bank for International Settlements, said the politics of Target2 are poisonous. “This is lending on a huge scale that no government has approved. It is covering fundamental imbalances at the heart of the eurozone system, and it can’t go on indefinitely,” he said.

The International Monetary Fund says it would be hard to prevent a sovereign debt crisis in Italy engulfing Spain and Portugal. The ECB could therefore face a Target2 crisis approaching €1 trillion if Italy’s rebel government sets off a chain reaction with its ‘minibot’ notes - which it claims are needed to cover €52bn of state arrears to Italian contractors and households.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Reader 06/05/2019 (Wed) 16:36:11 Id: 5e2c1a [Preview] No.14852 del
Italy, Spain, Germany

Italy owes creditors, primarily Germany, €481 billion.
Spain owes creditors, primarily Germany, €403 billion.
Germany needs to collate €919 billion from debtors.

The above numbers have not changed that much in the past year.

The answer is amusing.

To prevent Beppe Grillo and his 5-Star movement from coming into power, Italy changed its election rules to give coalitions more power than parties.

The result is Salvini might win so much support in the next election that he may have a super-majority in Parliament so as to not need a referendum to launch the mini-bot parallel currency.

And so, here we are. Italy owes creditors close to half a trillion euros. If Italy defaults, the rest of the countries have to pick up the tab based on GDP percentage weights:


Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Trade War: China Hits Ford With Anti-Trust Violations Reader 06/05/2019 (Wed) 16:34:17 Id: 193384 [Preview] No. 14848 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Just when we thought it was safe to buy the fucking dip amid comments from China that implied an easing of tensions (despite Chinese media denying any such softening), news overnight confirmed tensions with US firms is escalating.

Just days after China said that it’s investigating FedEx for “wrongful” deliveries, a move framed by the state news agency as a warning by Beijing, Bloomberg reports that China has fined Ford's main joint venture in the country for antitrust violations.

According to a statement on the State Administration for Market Regulation’s website, Changan Ford Automobile, the 50:50 venture between Michigan-based Ford and Chongqing Changan Automobile, must pay a penalty of 162.8 million yuan (US$23.6 million) - equivalent to 4 per cent of the venture's annual sales in Chongqing - for a business practice that restricted retail prices since 2013.

"It’s hard to see [this fine] as not related [to US tensions]," said Andrew Polk, co-founder of research firm Trivium China in Beijing. "At this stage I think our baseline assumption should be that there are no coincidences."

In an emailed statement, Changan Ford said it will accept the fine imposed by China’s anti-monopoly authority agreeing to further regulate its operations in China and safeguard a free, fair market competition environment.

The fine adds to Ford’s woes in China as sales at its Changan venture dropped 54 percent in 2018.

This latest move follows the Trump administration's ban on business with telecommunications giant Huawei and China's threat to blacklist foreign firms that damage domestic companies’ interests.


Former Arkansas Democrat Who Opposed Open Border Destabilization Policies Found Murdered Reader 06/05/2019 (Wed) 15:43:17 Id: 6eb4b7 [Preview] No. 14846 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Former Arkansas State Senator Linda Collins-Smith, who switched from the Democratic Party to the GOP in 2011 and campaigned against sanctuary city polices, was found dead at home Tuesday. She was 57.

According to local reports, Collins-Smith of Pocahontas, Arkansas, was shot dead in her home. Her death is being investigated a murder.

Former Senator Collins-Smith switched from Democrat to Republican during her first term in the Arkansas House of Representatives in 2011, and was voted into the Senate in 2014 representing District 19.

Former press secretary Ken Yang confirmed to Region 8 News Tuesday night that Collins-Smith was found dead.

According to Yang, neighbors had reportedly heard gunshots a day or two before Collins-Smith was discovered today (June 4). Her body was partially decomposed, according to Arkansas Times, and reportedly found wrapped in some sort of blanket.

Linda Collins-Smith’s politics continued to evolve in the years after she exited the Democratic Party, with her opposition to Arkansas cities becoming “sanctuary” cities drawing criticism from the left in recent months.

Linda Collins-Smith recently appeared on Patriots Soapbox, a 24/7 live channel for the QAnon community on YouTube. She discussed legislation to prevent Arkansas municipalities from adopting the “sanctuary cities” model regarding undocumented immigrants.

Collins-Smith told Patriots Soapbox that she recently met with Arkansas Sens. Tom Cotton and John Boozman to speak about legislation that she believes would combat undocumented immigration in the state.


Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Chinese Government Taking Over Banks, Telling Peasants Not To Worry Reader 06/05/2019 (Wed) 15:42:37 Id: 772c68 [Preview] No. 14845 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Many unhappy returns. Thirty years ago, British ambassador Sir Alan Donald cabled home his classified report on the bloody goings-on in Tiananmen Square: “Students linked arms but were mown down. Armored personnel carriers then ran over the bodies time and time again to make, ‘pie’, and remains collected by bulldozer, incinerated and then hosed down drains. . .”

Unsurprisingly, the Xi Jinping-led government has little interest in commemorating the event, or in allowing others to pause and remember. Domestic social media platforms (as well Twitter Inc.) have “barred users from changing their profile photos and other information,” Bloomberg says, while financial data company Refinitiv has blocked all Tiananmen-related stories from its Eikon terminals, after the Cyberspace Administration of China “threatened to suspend the company’s service,” according to Reuters.

While Refinitiv may suffer a reputational knock in the West for this evident kowtow, its social credit score looks poised for an upgrade.

If only the recent trouble in China’s banking system could be so easily suppressed. Following the government’s takeover of distressed Baoshang Bank Co., the People’s Bank of China tried to calm the situation by assuring investors that no further such interventions were in the cards: “Everyone,” says a message on the PBOC website: “please don’t worry. At present we don’t have this plan.” But Bloomberg reports today that a pair of smaller institutions, Guilin Bank Co., Ltd. and Jincheng Bank Co., Ltd., have delayed plans to sell RMB 1 billion ($140 million) in tier-2 bond sales following the Baoshang news.

Over the weekend, Bank of Jinzhou, which holds $113 billion and $53 billion of assets and deposits, respectively, saw its auditor Ernst & Young Hua Ming LLP resign due to “indications that some loans to institutional customers weren’t used in ways consistent with the purposes stated in documents,” per Bloomberg. In response, the bank’s 5.5% dollar-pay perpetual bonds fell below 65 from 81 a week ago, for a 19.2% yield-to-call.

Stevenson-Yang points out the contradiction between healthy reported metrics and the abrupt seizure of Baoshang and apparent stress at small and medium-size lenders:

One of the more unusual aspects of the Baoshang drama is that it’s been reported – not only that, but high-level authorities have publicly expressed concerns that there may be bank runs and financial institutions that ‘disappear.’ This is peculiar for an economy that claims to be growing at 6.5%, have average non-performing loan rates under 1.5% and that has buoyant construction and property markets.