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(1.61 MB 3496x4961 03.jpg)
Gender Bender/ TSFLGBTTQQIAAP+BLM manga anonymous 05/13/2018 (Sun) 06:41:15 [Preview] No. 1230 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
For sharing gender bender, TSF, TS, TG, transexual fantasy, transgendered, and TSFLGBTTQQIAAP+BLM&KKK or whatever they're calling the genre now. It's a general thread for when you don't feel like starting a new thread.
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anonymous 06/03/2018 (Sun) 23:02:02 [Preview] No.1280 del
(119.07 KB 500x710 DecegxRV4AEInZK.jpg)
(30.64 KB 400x280 DeceifMVAAAxXzF.jpg)
(99.50 KB 500x710 DecehRQVQAAvuS-.jpg)
(103.72 KB 500x710 Deceh1dVwAAUmUe.jpg)
Summary from Seiji:
>Lancelot's Noble Phantasm (unique skill), For Someone's Glory, allows him to disguise himself as (effectively take on the aspect of) other Heroic Spirits. Lancelot summoned as a Berserker (in the case of his Fate/Zero counterpart) has a degraded version of this Noble Phantasm due to his Mad Enhancement (it only manifests itself as a black mist that surrounds Berserker and blocks attempts at divinating his identity and status), and the true version can only be invoked via a Command Spell (the seals on the Master's hand), albeit the disguised aspect still appears to be under Mad Enhancement.

>In this short comic, Lancelot's Master (Fate/Grand Order protagonist, nicknamed "Gudao" and afterwards given the name Ritsuka Fujimaru in the anime adaptation) uses a Command Spell to order Lancelot to take on the form of servant Tamamo no Mae. He then proceeds to, uh, do what he did. Albeit to be honest, if the comic were more accurate Gudao would definitely need to use an extra Command Spell to keep Lancelot from brutally murdering him before he even gets to do anything with him (a Berserker is usually an extremely unstable servant and is only moderately loyal to his Master, plus even if driven insane by the summoning ritual they do not completely lose awareness).

Btw I used to play Fate GO and I rolled and got Tatamae no Mae. But it got boring grinding so I sold my account to a man who wanted her for about $70 without putting a dollar into the game, just like a chad.

anonymous 06/14/2018 (Thu) 19:20:39 [Preview] No.1325 del
(224.96 KB 700x1000 1528039340988.png)
(278.29 KB 1000x750 1528039384074.png)
(179.88 KB 700x500 1528039429548.png)
(230.18 KB 900x800 1528039480341.png)
Page 1.

[Before the swap.]

Loli: "Buy it!" "Hey mama, buy it!!"
Mother: "No. I bought you another one."
Loli: "Mama!" "BUY IT!"
Office lady: "Ahh, so noisy."

>Page 2

[After the swap.]
Loli: "S-stop it! Don't cry while in my body! I'll buy what you want!"
Mother: "Hey...! Who is that person?! It's dangerous, come here!"
Loli: "A-actually... there's an explanation for this..."
Mother: "!?"

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anonymous 06/23/2018 (Sat) 00:06:57 [Preview] No.1327 del

anonymous 06/24/2018 (Sun) 00:43:18 [Preview] No.1328 del
There's this one too:

Is there any difference between these two? I noticed that this gallery has a slightly larger size.

anonymous 06/24/2018 (Sun) 03:32:25 [Preview] No.1329 del
He probably downloaded the uncompressed raws. This is why you should message me first, so I can reserve bounties for you. (But at least it's only 4 pages so not much time was wasted doing it twice, and bigger is always better except with cute lolis.)

(814.86 KB 2237x1600 page 178-179 E .jpg)
What is this manga name ? anonymous 06/11/2018 (Mon) 06:35:45 [Preview] No. 1322 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
What is this manga name ?

anonymous 06/12/2018 (Tue) 13:49:44 [Preview] No.1324 del
It's an old one that was never fully translated. I think it was called "Matsuri girl," or something.

Anonymous 06/18/2018 (Mon) 10:10:05 [Preview] No.1326 del
Any other clue ?

(396.06 KB 899x480 Umineko Stupidity.png)
TSF Reposts anonymous 06/07/2018 (Thu) 05:56:44 [Preview] No. 1282 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
This thread should be mostly for sharing things that have already been shared.
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anonymous 06/08/2018 (Fri) 00:14:55 [Preview] No.1289 del
Rocking chair hero videos.

anonymous 06/08/2018 (Fri) 00:29:25 [Preview] No.1292 del
That was all from Kimi no Na Wa. This one is from Wandering Son/Hōrō Musuko

anonymous 06/10/2018 (Sun) 03:50:12 [Preview] No.1295 del
(814.86 KB 2237x1600 page 178-179 E .jpg)

anonymous 06/12/2018 (Tue) 13:46:38 [Preview] No.1323 del
"Turned into a Fembot" by Lisa Change. (I got this from the Amazon marketplace, and it's in English.)

What is this manga name ? Teo 06/11/2018 (Mon) 06:33:53 [Preview] No. 1321 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
What is this manga name ?

(141.79 KB 780x1040 cover page.jpg)
Shinda Kareshi ga Joushikousei ni Natte Kaettekita ("My dead boyfriend came back as a highschool girl") anonymous 06/03/2018 (Sun) 07:15:17 [Preview] No. 1273 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Story: A man has a girlfriend but he dies, and then he possesses a school girl and rushes to meet his girlfriend. (It's still yuri because they're two souls that share one body, and the girl is a fujoshi who is fine with kissing his girlfriend.) It's a cute read.

Tags: fusion female:possession female:schoolgirl yuri age difference

Not sure if I'm gonna translate this but I'll do the beginning. This pic came from his twitter because I don't have a real cover.
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anonymous 06/10/2018 (Sun) 05:15:10 [Preview] No.1314 del
(236.09 KB 1125x1600 17.jpg)
Pg 17:
It should have been obvious if I thought about it

If Kouhei died and his spirit entered another body
Then that body ought to have someone else inside it too

Pan 2:
am "Haruka"

(Right now both Both Kouhei and "this girl"
are inside her)

pan 3:
Our two consciousnesses can take turns, but....

We can't predict when it will happen, so it's a shock whenever we trade places...

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anonymous 06/10/2018 (Sun) 05:26:23 [Preview] No.1315 del
(328.27 KB 1125x1600 18.jpg)
pg 18:


pan 2:

pan 3:
I'm so sorry...

I was about to do it with a girl I just met...!! (And she's underage too!)

Sfx: *oof-oof-oof-oof-oof*
Bottom text: (You must have been disgusted by that kiss too, huh?!)

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anonymous 06/10/2018 (Sun) 05:27:03 [Preview] No.1316 del
(550.58 KB 1125x1600 19.jpg)
pg 19:
....Both of parents are very strict at my house
I have to do whatever they tell me to do or they'll hit me

I was always scared of them, but I did as I was told...

My life was painful
And then 2 months ago Kouhei-kun came into me and changed things for me

pan 6:
(head character:) "parent"

anonymous 06/10/2018 (Sun) 05:28:25 [Preview] No.1318 del
(332.31 KB 1125x1600 20.jpg)
pg 20:
That's why now I'm glad to be able to
meet Kouhei-kun's most precious person

pan 2:
...You're a nice person...

pan 5:
...Since that's how it was
I can't say to Kouhei, "Why didn't you come to see me earlier?"

anonymous 06/10/2018 (Sun) 10:59:15 [Preview] No.1320 del
(389.79 KB 1125x1600 21.jpg)
pg 21 I've been alone and crying for two months since I lost Kouhei

And that whole time Kouhei has always been helping this girl...

pan 3:
...I know! It can't be helped though...! Since this girls is a victim who was dragged into this...

pan 4:
But, but I guess....

I have slightly mixed feelings

Is this really young and cute girl

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Eternal General Meta Thread Sensualaoi 11/13/2016 (Sun) 21:44:02 [Preview] No. 37 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Let's post whenever you come to this board to generate activity.

Respect our constitution!


Since this is my first post I should layout why we badly need this board because some of you don't get it. First of all, Mao Zedong said "Let 100 flowers bloom!" Infinite disagreement should be the mark of a real culture, because it leads to infinite insight.

one of the main goals of http://tgboard.rf.gd/ (before traffic killed it), was for it to be one of several interconnected repositories for tg related material that we just can't share anywhere else. If you shared something there, it would definitely stay online, because the userbase would care enough to make backups. If something was deleted, we would still have a database to list what had been deleted so you could go to other sources. (In fact, I was planning on starting a tg wiki at one point, but I don't have the human power to do it.)

Ideally, there would have been a sekrit club system, with replaceable links that never died, and some of us would move files around every single time there was a complaint similar to the sad panda system. Fighting it would be like chopping a head off the Hydra only to have 2 heads grow back. (Unlike this forum which deletes things for copyright holders.)

[b] Yes, anything excluded elsewhere could be put there. [/b] That also means there would be a creative outlet for hosting the tg lolicon stories that are banned on Fictionamia, because I know thought-crime is the highest crime, and I therefore don't think highly of the opinions of most Canadians or Germans.

A second goal was to bring together a bunch of kinds of communities, and to allow criticism so that readers could decide for themself whether something sucked, and so writers/artists could improve. I see that the misguided "Social Justice Warriors" are indeed running most of the TG sites, building hug boxes, and banning reviews to make people feel unoffended. That saddens my both my creative side, and the part of me that still believes in free enterprise.

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anonymous 06/03/2018 (Sun) 06:56:37 [Preview] No.1271 del
(141.79 KB 780x1040 cover page.jpg)
Story: A man has a girlfriend but he dies, and then he possesses a school girl and rushes to meet his girlfriend. (It's still yuri because they're two souls that share one body, and the girl is a fujoshi who is fine with kissing his girlfriend.) I like fusion and this has been a cute read, and I really like it.

I hope people keep sharing the raws! Part of me wants to translate it, but at the same time I'm tired of translating non-h and then having someone else just re-translate the 1st chapter which makes my sacrifices feel like a waste of time. (I don't mind if they don't retranslate it to make a better translation, but when it comes out the exact same way with similar typesetting too it's wasteful. (You know they did it only because they want to say they translated the whole series from the very beginning without skipping a chapter.) Also I don't like committing to a long projects.

anonymous 06/03/2018 (Sun) 12:22:26 [Preview] No.1279 del
(375.11 KB 1916x2048 1435664267785.jpg)
>did some censoring on the tiny loli parts left.

anonymous 06/07/2018 (Thu) 00:48:47 [Preview] No.1281 del
That one is a oneshot, so there aren't more raws.

anonymous 06/08/2018 (Fri) 00:02:21 [Preview] No.1287 del
I wish he would continue it, maybe I should buy it to support him.

anonymous 06/10/2018 (Sun) 04:08:07 [Preview] No.1298 del
I can't get it to download, but someone has already took the Dog Days bounty.

New to Site EVE 06/09/2018 (Sat) 06:53:59 [Preview] No. 1294 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Hey guys I'm new to the site.
Any recommendations for good Body Swap VNs other than Student Transfer and Press Switch?

Is anyone working on translating new Taniguchi-san works? awddaw418 06/01/2018 (Fri) 03:47:39 [Preview] No. 1259 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Love Taniguchi-san's work, but it kind of seems he's been forgotten or something, because there hasn't been an English translation for some of his work for a long time. Is anybody going to translate them? Please?

Untranslated Taniguchi-san:
- Kyou wa Kawari ni "Nakanohito"
- Sono Shiroki Utsuwa ni Odei o Sosogu
- Tamashii INSERT Interlude
- Master ga Kiyohime ni Kigaetara

Not properly translated (Bad grammar):
- HYÔIDE! Okawari (COMIC Unreal 2013-10 Vol. 45)
- Tamashii INSERT 6 Last Update (Zen) (COMIC Unreal 2016-04 Vol. 60)
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Reply awddaw418 06/03/2018 (Sun) 02:48:17 [Preview] No.1267 del
:O That's good news. Where is this Patreon?

Bad grammar is better than nothing. How do you even do machine translations?

anonymous 06/03/2018 (Sun) 04:27:36 [Preview] No.1269 del
Pour the text in japanese into google translate or some other translator and hope it is readable, may need a slight rewrite so the translation isn't a mess

anonymous 06/03/2018 (Sun) 05:56:51 [Preview] No.1270 del
I think if you wait someone will probably translate that because Taniguchi's soul app manga is popular and 6 chapters were translated.

anonymous 06/08/2018 (Fri) 00:04:15 [Preview] No.1288 del
Here's the kiyohime skinsuit one he did. There's a guy who runs a discord group, and maybe you could ask him to translate the skinsuit stuff.

anonymous 06/08/2018 (Fri) 02:32:37 [Preview] No.1293 del
(230.90 KB 717x1012 7b2e0463_11.jpg)
Taniguchi's fantia isnt for eng translations it's just a patreon type thing I beleive.

I actually had the kiyohime one written up a good bit but I've been lazy With the translating I have it cleaned up a good bit and also play fgo enough to get the weirder terminology. Taniguchi is a big fav ot mine also so I feel you OP

anonymous 05/30/2018 (Wed) 22:23:46 [Preview] No. 1258 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Mermaid story frim pixiv was cute. Whoever is the strongest is boss, and if a boss loses his woman he becomes the boss.

Meta & fun thread 2.0 anonymous 05/16/2018 (Wed) 10:28:28 [Preview] No. 1241 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
You can post anything here and it doesn't even have to be related to tsf. Old thread lost its images so we should start over:

anonymous 05/16/2018 (Wed) 10:35:07 [Preview] No.1242 del
(1.01 MB 1311x2224 truck-kun.png)
(1.39 MB 1000x1422 68518553_p0.png)
(137.88 KB 827x1069 meta.jpg)

anonymous 05/16/2018 (Wed) 10:39:34 [Preview] No.1244 del
Yeah memes are okay here.

anonymous 05/16/2018 (Wed) 21:40:30 [Preview] No.1253 del
>I read manga to inappropriate music

anonymous 05/16/2018 (Wed) 22:33:26 [Preview] No.1254 del
GOODBYE HORSES! I'm flying over yoooou...
(If you don't know, that's the ending song from Silence of the Lambs.)