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You will learn to lick it, and never forget her name.

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(398.74 KB 2048x2048 christmas_tree.jpg)
NEET General #777 - Christmas Tree Edition NEET 12/22/2023 (Fri) 20:51 [Preview] No. 791260
Do you have a Christmas tree this year neets, or just childhood memories of one?

OLD: >>790257

NEET 12/22/2023 (Fri) 21:04 [Preview] No.791262 del

NEET 12/22/2023 (Fri) 21:57 [Preview] No.791267 del
Over 100 posts left.
Too soon.

NEET 12/22/2023 (Fri) 23:26 [Preview] No.791280 del

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 03:42 [Preview] No.791367 del
Way too soon. Stop being a fucking retard.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 03:44 [Preview] No.791368 del

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 05:51 [Preview] No.791407 del
(97.59 KB 612x491 query.png)
If both nuro and iga are banned, why does iga keep posting complaining that nuro is posting?

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 05:51 [Preview] No.791408 del
I'm wondering if monk deleted lots of posts and that threw off my post counter.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 06:09 [Preview] No.791432 del
(336.76 KB 655x873 xmas_tree.png)
Ok neets, ausneets is getting a Christmas tree this year. I'd like you all to put a present under it - post an image of the present you're giving, and optionally the neet giving it to, and I will put it under tree.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 06:22 [Preview] No.791442 del
(60.62 KB 584x327 gremlinsshort.webp)
(124.32 KB 1200x675 Bad-Santa.jpg)
(62.46 KB 1280x720 blue_eye_samurai2.jpg)
No womboflix movie tonight. Tomorrow night will be Gremlins (1984),about a young man who inadvertently breaks three important rules concerning his new pet and unleashes a horde of malevolently mischievous monsters on a small town.

On Christmas we have Bad Santa (2003), about an alcoholic santa/professional thief.

Then on Wednesday, we will be showing the highly rated animated revenge series Blue Eye Samurai (2023) - this is not anime.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 06:25 [Preview] No.791443 del
(1.43 MB 2025x1065 negress fleshlight.png)
Buying this for Cruisey
From: all the boys

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 06:26 [Preview] No.791444 del
Because IGA is sucking Monks cock and Monk has dead alcoholic brother monk did nothing to save.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 06:27 [Preview] No.791445 del
Monk is deleting many posts. He has gone full chickenigger (who is still likely a vol)

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 06:28 [Preview] No.791446 del
IGA is bearable when Nuro isn't around. I barely even notice him


NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 06:28 [Preview] No.791447 del
Someone else should get him a voucher for a remedial massage.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 06:28 [Preview] No.791448 del
It shouldn't be noticeable at all.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 06:29 [Preview] No.791449 del
(514.85 KB 600x866 1645361359223.png)
I'm gonna shit under the tree and drink all the goon presents then throw the tree in the fire.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 06:31 [Preview] No.791450 del

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 06:32 [Preview] No.791451 del
Bull fucking shit. IGA rained a storm of shit on imissfather and his made his life hell for like two years and caused him retire board ownership. Now he is getting a free pass cause monk has some silly beef with nuro. Never ever forget what IGA did to this board.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 06:35 [Preview] No.791452 del

See >>791367
>Stop being a fucking retard

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 06:36 [Preview] No.791453 del
(2.04 MB 360x640 1642085713035.webm)
I see you baby, shakin that ass, shakin that ass, shakin that ass,
I see you baby, shakin that ass, shakin that ass, shakin that ass.
Alright, don't touch me
I see you baby, shakin that ass, shakin that ass, shakin that ass,
I see you baby, shakin that ass, shakin that ass, shakin that ass.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 06:36 [Preview] No.791454 del
I'm working on the first day of christmas and on the new year eve
so no

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 06:37 [Preview] No.791455 del
I'm not working there unless I get bored

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 06:42 [Preview] No.791456 del
>Bad Santa (2003)
The woman there is Lauren Graham. She plays Lorelai Gilmore in Gilmore Girls.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 06:43 [Preview] No.791457 del
>No womboflix moofie tonight.
I got Saltburn to get me through tonight.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 06:43 [Preview] No.791458 del
Literally my body type. She looks like that monster from the monsters film.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 06:44 [Preview] No.791459 del
That moofie is on tomorrow night.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 06:44 [Preview] No.791460 del
Do you have Christmas on the 25th or something different due to Orthodoxy?

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 06:44 [Preview] No.791461 del
that's very thoughtful of you neet, I wonder what it would be like unwrapping that in front of your parents

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 06:45 [Preview] No.791462 del
Wondering what the ratio of negress to white sex dolls sold is

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 06:45 [Preview] No.791463 del
No, Mike Wazowski.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 06:46 [Preview] No.791464 del
It was.

Get out.

You look good, NEET.

I had a big sleep. Motherbat woke me for tendie boigs.

Slightly used.


NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 06:47 [Preview] No.791465 del
>Slightly used.
We wouldn't want him to be disappointed by a defective product after all.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 06:47 [Preview] No.791466 del
>Slightly used.
Pre-loved - all of the neets had to try it out before we gave it to cruisey, to make sure it was worthy of him. It'll be ok so long as he remembers to wash it.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 06:48 [Preview] No.791467 del
>Motherbat woke me for tendie boigs.
Lucky NEET.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 06:48 [Preview] No.791468 del
My parents spent all our present money on crack and would spend christmas day cleaning the house and breaking things.
Then we would watch some other family eat dinner through their window since all the food money went towards crack too.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 06:50 [Preview] No.791469 del
I bet it helped keep you slim

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 06:51 [Preview] No.791470 del
>Then we would watch some other family eat dinner
Which meal is your favourite?

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 06:53 [Preview] No.791471 del
They called me boney bob at school

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 06:55 [Preview] No.791472 del
One time I saw a family eat turkey with gravy and strawberry cake but my dad started banging on the window with his cock when the wife got up from her chair and we had to run away before they called the police.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 06:55 [Preview] No.791473 del
>we had to run away before they called the police.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 06:56 [Preview] No.791474 del
It's the memories we treasure, long after the food is gone.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 06:56 [Preview] No.791475 del
Well bantered NEET.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 06:58 [Preview] No.791476 del
AI sucks

Weber the red-nosed man,
Had a nose that shone so bright.
With a glow that lit up the land,
And guided travelers through the night.

All of the other men,
Used to laugh and call him names.
They never let poor Weber join in,
On any of their manly games.

Then one foggy Christmas Eve,
Santa came to say,
'Weber with your nose so bright,
Won't you guide my sleigh tonight?'

Then all the men were amazed,
As Weber took the lead.
His nose cut through the foggy haze,
And Santa's sleigh picked up speed.

From that day on, Weber was known,
As the man with a special glow.
No longer an outcast, but a hero,
His nose a symbol of Christmas' show.

So here's to Weber, the red-nosed man,
Whose light shines so bright.
He may not be a reindeer,
But he guides us through the night.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 07:00 [Preview] No.791477 del
>AI sucks
You have to make the prompts appear so they are not at all negative.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 07:00 [Preview] No.791478 del
That's not what happened at all.
He got us lost and we had to eat most of the other neets to survive until we could find our way back and nobody got presents that year.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 07:01 [Preview] No.791479 del
>we had to eat most of the other neets
>nobody got presents that year.
Are you sure the NEETs weren't the presents?

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 07:03 [Preview] No.791480 del
No problemo Weber I'll be watching the rest of that shitty Transformers moofie tonight anyway. Because even that'll be better than putting up with yet another of its tantrums.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 07:03 [Preview] No.791481 del
Weber had always been a mischievous elf. He loved playing pranks and causing a little chaos in the North Pole. But this year, his antics went too far and caused a disaster that would change Christmas forever.

It all started on a cold winter night, just a few days before Christmas. Weber was on his usual route, delivering presents to the good children of the world. But instead of following the map and directions given by Santa, Weber decided to take a shortcut. He thought it would be fun to explore a new path and maybe find some hidden treasures along the way.

But as he ventured deeper into the unknown territory, Weber realized he was lost. He had no idea where he was or how to get back to the North Pole. Panic started to set in as he realized he had strayed too far and there was no way he could make it back in time for Christmas.

Feeling guilty and scared, Weber remembered the survival skills he had learned from the other elves. He knew that food and shelter were the most important things in a situation like this. So, he started looking for a place to stay for the night and some food to eat.

After wandering for hours, Weber came across a group of NEETs (Not Employed, in Education, or Training) who were also lost in the same area. They were a motley crew of misfits who had run away from their homes and were trying to survive in the wilderness.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 07:03 [Preview] No.791482 del
Weber, being a resourceful elf, convinced the NEETs to join forces with him. He promised them food and shelter in exchange for their help in finding their way back to the North Pole. The NEETs, being hungry and cold, agreed to the deal.

As they searched for food, the group stumbled upon a herd of reindeer. Weber, being a skilled hunter, managed to catch one of them and the group cooked it for their dinner. However, they soon realized that the reindeer would not be enough to feed all of them for long.

Desperate to survive, Weber came up with a chilling solution – they would have to eat the other NEETs. At first, the group was horrified by the idea, but as days went by and food became scarce, they had no choice but to turn on each other.

Meanwhile, back at the North Pole, Santa and the other elves were frantically searching for Weber. But it wasn't until detective Detergent Jones arrived on the scene that they realized something was seriously wrong.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 07:03 [Preview] No.791483 del
very good

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 07:04 [Preview] No.791484 del
Jones was an expert detective who had solved countless mysteries in the North Pole. He quickly pieced together the clues and realized that Weber had gone missing and was most likely the cause of the chaos.

With the help of his trusty reindeer, Jones set out to find Weber and the missing NEETs. After days of searching, they finally found them, but it was too late. The NEETs had already been consumed and Weber was on the brink of starvation.

Jones managed to bring Weber back to the North Pole, where he was scolded by Santa and the other elves for his foolish actions. As a punishment, Weber was banned from participating in Christmas activities and was tasked with helping Jones solve the mystery behind the missing NEETs.

In the end, Jones discovered the truth and Weber was forced to face the consequences of his actions. Christmas was saved, but the North Pole was left with a dark stain on its reputation. From that day on, Weber learned to be more responsible and think before he acted. And as for the NEETs, they were never seen or heard from again, leaving the North Pole and its inhabitants to wonder what had truly happened to them.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 07:04 [Preview] No.791485 del

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 07:07 [Preview] No.791486 del
came twice

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 07:07 [Preview] No.791487 del
Nothing gets past detective Jones.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 07:08 [Preview] No.791488 del
That's nice dear.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 07:10 [Preview] No.791490 del
Longneck acquired. Angry. Upset about some family drama.
Hope this long neck quenches my desire to goon, don't wanna be at gook ladies later, God forbid I'm taxed tomorrow. Feeling restless though.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 07:11 [Preview] No.791491 del
Are you having Christmas with your two Mummybots?

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 07:12 [Preview] No.791492 del
>don't wanna be at gook ladies later
Say it quickly.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 07:12 [Preview] No.791493 del

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 07:13 [Preview] No.791494 del
(((They))) would tell you it's a lot more than what it really is.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 07:14 [Preview] No.791495 del
No, but I will text my Mum on the day
Haven't spoken to her in a few months

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 07:14 [Preview] No.791496 del
>Haven't spoken to her in a few months

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 07:14 [Preview] No.791497 del
Detective Detergent Jones was known throughout the city as the best detective around. His sharp wit and keen eye for detail always led to solving even the most complex of cases. His catchphrase, 'Nothing gets past detective Jones,' had become a household saying, as everyone knew that if anyone could solve a mystery, it was him.
One day, a strange case fell onto Detergent's desk. The owner of a local diner had called in a panic, claiming that someone had pooped in their frying pan. The diner owner, Mr. Smith, was beside himself, unable to understand who would do such a disgusting thing.
Detergent arrived at the diner and was immediately hit with the foul smell of feces. He approached Mr. Smith, who was looking pale and nauseous. 'What happened here, Mr. Smith?' Detergent asked, trying not to let the smell get to him.
'I have no idea, detective. I closed up the diner last night and everything was clean. When I came in this morning, I found the poop in the frying pan. I don't understand who would do such a thing,' Mr. Smith explained, still looking green.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 07:15 [Preview] No.791498 del

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 07:15 [Preview] No.791499 del
Detergent surveyed the scene, taking note of any possible clues. He noticed that the back door was slightly ajar, and there were muddy footprints leading from the door to the frying pan. Detergent's detective instincts kicked in, and he knew he had to follow the footprints.
The footprints led Detergent to a nearby park, where he found a homeless man sleeping on a bench. He woke the man up and asked him if he knew anything about the poop in the frying pan. The homeless man denied any involvement, but Detergent noticed a small piece of paper sticking out of the man's pocket.
He pulled out the paper and discovered it was a receipt from the diner, with a note scribbled on the back that read, 'Thanks for the dinner, Smith.' Detergent knew he had found his culprit.
He brought the homeless man back to the diner and confronted him. The man, whose name was Charlie, confessed to the crime. He explained that he had been hungry and saw the back door of the diner was unlocked. He snuck in and cooked himself a meal, but before leaving, he had to use the bathroom and saw the frying pan.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 07:15 [Preview] No.791500 del
Detergent couldn't believe it. He had solved the mystery of who pooped in the frying pan. Mr. Smith was relieved to have an answer and thanked Detergent for his quick thinking and detective skills.
As Detergent was leaving the diner, Mr. Smith asked him, 'How did you know it was him, detective?'
Detergent smiled and replied, 'Nothing gets past detective Jones.'
From that day on, the case of the pooped frying pan was known as one of Detergent Jones' greatest and most bizarre cases. And his catchphrase became even more famous throughout the city.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 07:16 [Preview] No.791501 del
A NEET was barely noticed once.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 07:20 [Preview] No.791502 del
(117.26 KB 956x1123 image.jpg)

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 07:20 [Preview] No.791503 del
(286.67 KB 1909x265 wew.png)

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 07:20 [Preview] No.791504 del

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 07:22 [Preview] No.791505 del
Cruising at 22mb/s. I've never seen it go this fast. It normally tops out at around half that.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 07:23 [Preview] No.791506 del
You're giving me a desire. Can you still play steam games offline? I wonder if paradox has some gay login/check thing. My PC has no wifi card.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 07:29 [Preview] No.791508 del
Did he catch much?

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 07:30 [Preview] No.791509 del
(37.97 KB 551x570 bulletproof.jpg)
Good survival tactic

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 07:31 [Preview] No.791510 del
I name you cruise neet!

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 07:31 [Preview] No.791511 del
People flocked to his show to win ballpoint pens and 3 star holidays he didn't need to catch anyone.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 07:33 [Preview] No.791513 del
>ballpoint pens
I hope you get a nice one for Christmas NEET. I will put one under the Christmas tree >>791432
From: The Gen.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 07:34 [Preview] No.791514 del
I caught a ferry to Taronga Zoo with him in 1997.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 07:34 [Preview] No.791515 del
You have to post an image or SantaNEET isn't putting it under the tree

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 07:34 [Preview] No.791516 del
Yeah, obviously offline is SP only but you can play it.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 07:35 [Preview] No.791517 del
(27.22 KB 1225x554 pencil.jpg)
For >>791511
From: The Gen.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 07:36 [Preview] No.791518 del
(463.13 KB 1620x1080 4j72dn.jpg)

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 07:38 [Preview] No.791519 del
The Anne Frank special

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 07:38 [Preview] No.791520 del
I picked it up for a bargain too.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 07:42 [Preview] No.791521 del
I'm not putting that under the tree neet, she'll eat all the kfc

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 07:43 [Preview] No.791522 del

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 07:45 [Preview] No.791523 del

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 07:46 [Preview] No.791524 del

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 07:47 [Preview] No.791525 del
Those don't strike me as nuro posts at all.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 07:47 [Preview] No.791526 del
It's barely noticeable.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 07:48 [Preview] No.791527 del
Any recommendations for a bottle of red ~$20-30? It will be a Christmas gift. I don't know anything more specific about the recipient.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 07:50 [Preview] No.791528 del
The first one even used an apostrophe - that can't be a nuro post.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 07:50 [Preview] No.791529 del
19 Crimes, the one with snoop dogg

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 07:52 [Preview] No.791531 del
Wish I was back in the 2000s

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 07:52 [Preview] No.791532 del

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 07:53 [Preview] No.791533 del
Finished my long neck.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 07:54 [Preview] No.791534 del
>19 Crimes tells the true story of rulebreakers who beat the odds, overcame adversity and went on to become folk heroes in their society.
>This spirit lives on today through innovators and culture creators ...A leader in contemporary pop culture

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 07:58 [Preview] No.791536 del
Hmmm, she'd be offended by there being a black man on the bottle.
Cheers mate.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 08:02 [Preview] No.791537 del
Endchan X-mas Special marathon all day on 26th. Not sure when it starts yet, have to organize crap.
Might add Toys and Satans Little Helper to the usual stuff (such as Fat Al Kwanzaa, Al Bundy, Die Hard...).

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 08:02 [Preview] No.791538 del
She is the kfc.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 08:05 [Preview] No.791539 del
came thrice

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 08:05 [Preview] No.791540 del
Your 26th or our 26th? I can move our Wednesday tv to avoid clashing with the marathon.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 08:07 [Preview] No.791541 del
That's enough.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 08:09 [Preview] No.791542 del
It isn't, but retards gonna retard.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 08:09 [Preview] No.791543 del
Yep, I'm not even feeling up for a fourth though I've managed as many as six.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 08:10 [Preview] No.791544 del
Wednesday is 27th evening for you. It's 27th morning for me. Not yet know when the marathon ends.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 08:12 [Preview] No.791545 del
You keep posting the same shit.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 08:13 [Preview] No.791546 del
Then who could it be?
I have been assured that no other poster was causing trouble.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 08:17 [Preview] No.791547 del

Do you believe in life after love?

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 08:18 [Preview] No.791548 del
This is IGA: >>791547

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 08:18 [Preview] No.791549 del
Keeping it for themselves/friends or selling on teh black market I wonder.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 08:20 [Preview] No.791550 del
still 25th

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 08:21 [Preview] No.791552 del

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 08:22 [Preview] No.791553 del
Going in to see Dr Dan.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 08:22 [Preview] No.791554 del
>causing trouble
Fuck off retard

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 08:22 [Preview] No.791555 del
she can have all my meat, if you know what I mean

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 08:23 [Preview] No.791556 del
grab a bottle of absinthe for me

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 08:24 [Preview] No.791557 del
You're not worth my time.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 08:25 [Preview] No.791558 del
garn do some late night shopping neets, you want anything?

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 08:28 [Preview] No.791559 del
(115.87 KB 433x643 huh.jpg)

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 08:29 [Preview] No.791560 del
Where is mongk?

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 08:30 [Preview] No.791561 del
Just acquired 15
Laughing for no reason

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 08:31 [Preview] No.791562 del
How can I help?

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 08:31 [Preview] No.791563 del
One qt thanks.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 08:32 [Preview] No.791564 del
I want you to post the haul just to spite this SOAB >>791426

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 08:34 [Preview] No.791565 del
Consumed a ginger beer.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 08:34 [Preview] No.791566 del
https://youtube.com/watch?v=DpUOb3kfW3A [Embed]

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 08:40 [Preview] No.791567 del
Monk? No!

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 08:41 [Preview] No.791568 del
(822.15 KB 600x600 Trev.png)

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 08:49 [Preview] No.791569 del
The Paraguayan will be angry that I'm gooning again. Won't get to see her tits for a while I think.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 08:50 [Preview] No.791570 del
Pretend it didn't happen.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 08:52 [Preview] No.791571 del
A turd in a box for Nuro.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 08:52 [Preview] No.791572 del
Just what I want

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 08:53 [Preview] No.791573 del
I have been told you need to post a picture for it to appear under the tree.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 08:54 [Preview] No.791574 del
You are expecting too much

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 08:57 [Preview] No.791575 del
I don't think you're strong enough

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 08:57 [Preview] No.791576 del
Pink violet crumbles.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 08:58 [Preview] No.791577 del
Rub your tummy

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 08:58 [Preview] No.791578 del
Uruguay is more relaxed.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 08:59 [Preview] No.791579 del
Premium package.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 09:00 [Preview] No.791581 del
A well deserved gift.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 09:02 [Preview] No.791582 del
Hungry but too lazy to cook.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 09:03 [Preview] No.791583 del
Sir is ready to deliver.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 09:03 [Preview] No.791584 del
[mechanical whirring]
[Prime groans]

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 09:04 [Preview] No.791585 del

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 09:05 [Preview] No.791586 del
(1.43 MB 2046x1144 cheers.png)

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 09:07 [Preview] No.791587 del
(315.67 KB 360x640 Tony Pawk.mp4)

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 09:09 [Preview] No.791588 del
I don't give money to sirs.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 09:27 [Preview] No.791590 del
I have put myself back to bed.
Night all.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 09:28 [Preview] No.791591 del
Good night NEET.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 09:28 [Preview] No.791592 del

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 09:41 [Preview] No.791593 del

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 09:52 [Preview] No.791594 del

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 09:53 [Preview] No.791595 del
I desire more.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 09:53 [Preview] No.791596 del
Woed thinking about all the lost opportunities in my life.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 09:53 [Preview] No.791597 del
But I'm scared of the christmas coppers

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 09:55 [Preview] No.791598 del
That boong is 1/16 at most.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 09:56 [Preview] No.791599 del
They can't stop you if you go fast enough.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 09:58 [Preview] No.791600 del
Got hayfever. Too lazy to get up and grab an antihistamine.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 10:03 [Preview] No.791601 del
Got an erection. Considering a fourth wank.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 10:07 [Preview] No.791602 del
Got a shit brewing. Too lazy to transition to torlet

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 10:12 [Preview] No.791603 del
They used to give away parker ballpoint pens on the show.
Some of those pens cost $50

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 10:23 [Preview] No.791604 del

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 10:24 [Preview] No.791605 del
https://youtube.com/watch?v=tmfUr5k5y4I [Embed]

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 10:25 [Preview] No.791606 del
Made it home unscathed. Some lamb and salted peanuts. Had a cop behind me at the lights, nearly shit myself.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 10:26 [Preview] No.791607 del
Lamb is a non-white meat.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 10:29 [Preview] No.791608 del
The peanuts are dinner. Lamb is the wine to pair with.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 10:31 [Preview] No.791609 del
Sounds very nice.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 10:33 [Preview] No.791610 del
https://youtube.com/watch?v=WamhVLdPsdE [Embed]

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 10:35 [Preview] No.791611 del

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 10:38 [Preview] No.791612 del

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 10:41 [Preview] No.791614 del
I can't stand these cringe youtubers.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 10:41 [Preview] No.791615 del
I found that one to not be too bad. He got a little reddit towards the end though.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 10:45 [Preview] No.791616 del
Embarrassed myself at Dan's by not having a membership card.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 10:50 [Preview] No.791617 del

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 10:54 [Preview] No.791618 del
Imagine having a membership card anywhere

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 10:59 [Preview] No.791619 del
Yeah, 2024 is the year of no standards so fuck Dan. I'm not going back after this year.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 10:59 [Preview] No.791620 del
i did a masturbation

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 11:00 [Preview] No.791621 del
>I'm not going back after this year.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 11:06 [Preview] No.791623 del
You won't last a week.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 11:13 [Preview] No.791624 del
Who do you want the card to say it's from?

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 11:16 [Preview] No.791625 del
That's what you said last year

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 11:17 [Preview] No.791626 del
Any more presents for under the christmas tree neets?

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 11:18 [Preview] No.791627 del

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 11:19 [Preview] No.791628 del
Sorry, no time for hauls, got important neet business that demands my attention.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 11:19 [Preview] No.791629 del
I wish I had a vampire gf. I find vampirism to be very erotic. I have full on gotten hard watching vampire films just from the biting.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 11:20 [Preview] No.791630 del
(699.72 KB 1280x1707 bb_goth.jpg)
We will get you this sexy goth gf for christmas. As you can see, she has sucked a LOT of blood.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 11:22 [Preview] No.791631 del
One Emily Feld gf for Weber.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 11:26 [Preview] No.791632 del
I don't think she'll fit under there, with the negress there. Do you think webby would mind if we just him her foot, maybe a kneecap?

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 11:33 [Preview] No.791633 del
(168.30 KB 618x1100 11173529.mp4)

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 11:38 [Preview] No.791634 del
Dont worry Davo, I'm with you on no-Dan 2024

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 11:38 [Preview] No.791635 del
Give him a bobbie at least.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 11:39 [Preview] No.791636 del
sure he wouldn't prefer a drumstick?

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 11:41 [Preview] No.791637 del
Moving over to Craig?

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 11:42 [Preview] No.791638 del
Anyway, I'm too tired to do css tonight, I'll finish the theme and the christmas tree tomorrow morning.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 11:46 [Preview] No.791639 del
She can probably be folded up.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 11:47 [Preview] No.791640 del

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 11:49 [Preview] No.791641 del
(1.21 MB 1596x1284 GCBkm64WIAAS4QM.jpeg)

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 11:50 [Preview] No.791642 del
not reading all that

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 11:52 [Preview] No.791643 del
(118.37 KB 255x255 trev.png)

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 11:53 [Preview] No.791644 del
You're not missing much.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 11:53 [Preview] No.791645 del

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 12:00 [Preview] No.791647 del
You keep making that same comment.
NEET, you are gay.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 12:00 [Preview] No.791648 del
that's the first time i made that post, stop posting trash

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 12:03 [Preview] No.791649 del
neet stfu u be trippin fr u made dem posts b4 like i kno u be doin dat

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 12:03 [Preview] No.791650 del
big rape

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 12:03 [Preview] No.791651 del
>keep thinking about my highschool crush from so many years ago

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 12:04 [Preview] No.791652 del
You're getting raped this Christmas.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 12:04 [Preview] No.791653 del
Um no
I'm rapeing

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 12:04 [Preview] No.791654 del
stop that

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 12:04 [Preview] No.791655 del
raped chicken tendies

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 12:06 [Preview] No.791656 del
I do that sometimes. I've mostly gotten over Kate but sometimes get all funny thinking about what could've been.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 12:06 [Preview] No.791657 del
Reading the book of Romans again.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 12:13 [Preview] No.791658 del
Neets getting raped.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 12:13 [Preview] No.791659 del
Do any of you know any Mormons?

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 12:16 [Preview] No.791660 del
I'm about to sperg out on Facebook Messenger

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 12:16 [Preview] No.791661 del
arse gape

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 12:16 [Preview] No.791662 del

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 12:19 [Preview] No.791663 del
I wonder how Bill is going.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 12:20 [Preview] No.791664 del
One of many to cum the night is young

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 12:20 [Preview] No.791665 del
Cruisey getting rawdogged by Weber

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 12:21 [Preview] No.791666 del
I'm on wank three. Probably won't go for four.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 12:22 [Preview] No.791667 del
(4.51 MB 2000x2709 1703310058704429.jpg)
I need a Welsh gf.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 12:24 [Preview] No.791668 del
I heard the welsh are almost as dumb as the irish.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 12:26 [Preview] No.791669 del
Lynn's data usually lumps the Welsh in with the English oddly enough.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 12:35 [Preview] No.791670 del
I'm on one.


NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 12:35 [Preview] No.791671 del
But in a racist way?

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 12:39 [Preview] No.791672 del
https://youtube.com/watch?v=ALV-QtDFpSw [Embed]

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 12:44 [Preview] No.791673 del
I don't know the right word for keeping a harem of racially inferior white worshipping bitches

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 12:49 [Preview] No.791674 del
I wish Christmas was tomorrow instead of overmorrow.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 12:57 [Preview] No.791675 del
Goodnight noots.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 13:04 [Preview] No.791676 del
(33.40 KB 768x576 tiVsOH3TTyfNr7gw.jpeg)

I keep forgetting that some of you are a day ahead.
So here is a Christmas Pepe Gift for all the NEETs who have been good.
Merry Christmas 🎄🎁 NEETs!
From; American NEET

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 13:11 [Preview] No.791677 del
Its Christmas eve sweetie. Google it xoxo.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 13:24 [Preview] No.791678 del
Are any of you into Ray Peat?

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 13:29 [Preview] No.791679 del
Economy class

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 13:48 [Preview] No.791680 del
I know.
It will be Christmas Eve here tomorrow in the US.
Have a good one!

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 14:23 [Preview] No.791681 del
Bolivian was unimpressed.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 17:14 [Preview] No.791682 del
Thanks NEET.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 17:15 [Preview] No.791683 del
Sleep tight NEET.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 19:09 [Preview] No.791684 del

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 19:11 [Preview] No.791685 del
Motherbat has more boxes and bags of presents and shit than will probably fit in the car.
I suspect we're going to have a couple of fights this morning.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 19:14 [Preview] No.791686 del
Good morning NEET.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 19:16 [Preview] No.791687 del
Is possible to hire a trailer one way for the day?
Some petrol stations offer this service.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 19:16 [Preview] No.791688 del
henlo good mording to you too

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 19:17 [Preview] No.791689 del
It would be, but I would have to drive 2 to my house with it, then 2 hours back to return the trailer, and then 2 hours home again.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 19:23 [Preview] No.791690 del
morning bros

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 19:28 [Preview] No.791693 del
mording brosef

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 19:28 [Preview] No.791694 del
Some trailer rental services offer a way service to pick it up and drop it off. Might be a little more but for a day rental not much.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 19:30 [Preview] No.791695 del
I'll make it all fit.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 19:37 [Preview] No.791696 del
Good luck TetrisNEET.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 19:47 [Preview] No.791697 del
pajeet has struck again - after I put the recycle bins out and they got emptied, pajeets have filled up two of them to overflowing while the bins, while still leaving them out on the nature strip. I know which pajeets did this because I saw them bringing in boxes of stuff from the shops. I should be grateful that these are upper class pajeets, and don't simply throw their garbage on the street like low class pajeets do.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 20:13 [Preview] No.791698 del
Report them if you have a licence plate.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 21:26 [Preview] No.791699 del
rape morning

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 21:49 [Preview] No.791700 del
gape morning

NEET Admin 12/23/2023 (Sat) 22:14 [Preview] No.791701 del
(1.52 MB 2880x1800 2023-invite2.jpg)
Okay, fellas, here's your invite!
The featured list can be found here: >>>/operate/18938

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 22:24 [Preview] No.791702 del
they live in the same building as me

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 22:25 [Preview] No.791703 del
thanks, will be there

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 22:28 [Preview] No.791704 del
went to the bakery, got a massive foccacia with pizza topping that must have been the size of a family pizza, for breakfast, and a loaf of banana bread that's as heavy as a birthday cake

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 22:28 [Preview] No.791705 del
What show?

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 22:31 [Preview] No.791706 del
Possum and Weber

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 22:36 [Preview] No.791707 del
Stupid bitch

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 22:37 [Preview] No.791708 del
Spooky digit arrangement.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 22:53 [Preview] No.791709 del
The comments are retarded.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 22:54 [Preview] No.791710 del
I looked Katie up the other day.
She's still a lawyer.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 22:55 [Preview] No.791711 del
Bloated and squeezing out stubborn farts.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 22:56 [Preview] No.791712 del
Go on.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 22:57 [Preview] No.791713 del
I think wheel of fortune were giving away the pens can't remember what crap burgo gave away.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 22:57 [Preview] No.791714 del
She knew this would happen. Make Bill drive bot to bats.
Then you can have a sdtout and a pud.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 22:58 [Preview] No.791715 del
I'm trying to modify the custom.css to get a snowflake effect. Is there some way of adding html to the page?

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 23:00 [Preview] No.791716 del
Bat is upside down in the boot with the esky.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 23:02 [Preview] No.791717 del
When is that best A time?

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 23:04 [Preview] No.791718 del

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 23:04 [Preview] No.791719 del
Get the footy streams on.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 23:05 [Preview] No.791720 del
Boxing Day cricket on the womboflix

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 23:08 [Preview] No.791721 del
Doesn't sound very comfortable.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 23:10 [Preview] No.791722 del
Please say Merry Christmas to Bat from me.
Hope she has a lovely day tomorrow and she sits back and lets sisbot and family so the work.
She deserves to take it easy.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 23:18 [Preview] No.791723 del
I am fairly certian the css is loaded last after the page is rendered. You could do something to create a small effect like select NEET for each post and trying some animation I think.

I would find any board or site using a similar css and steal it.

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 23:24 [Preview] No.791724 del

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 23:27 [Preview] No.791725 del
Like this when selecting the NEET name

Just don't make it too visually intensive otherwise it gets annoying
The above is demo code from

NEET 12/23/2023 (Sat) 23:27 [Preview] No.791726 del
*tag or whatever it is.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 00:06 [Preview] No.791727 del

more snowflakes

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 00:07 [Preview] No.791728 del
Ok, here's the custom christmas css, if someone can please add it

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 00:13 [Preview] No.791729 del
Might need to decrease the size of the image. It's a bit big at the moment.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 00:15 [Preview] No.791731 del
It looks ok on my screen - how much smaller do you want it?

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 00:17 [Preview] No.791732 del
I do not know, I might play around with it later. At the moment it takes up half my screen. I would say between 40 to 60% reduction in size would make it blend it better with the page. But saying that it takes away from the Christmas tree if it was smaller. I will wait for other opinions.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 00:18 [Preview] No.791733 del
For some reason the snowflakes are now black. They were white when I tested them locally.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 00:18 [Preview] No.791734 del

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 00:18 [Preview] No.791735 del
Make them brown for NK.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 00:22 [Preview] No.791736 del
Goon o'clock?

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 00:22 [Preview] No.791737 del
It's not letting me change the layout, I don't want to look at a negress all day.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 00:23 [Preview] No.791739 del
I'm dreaming of a poo Christmas

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 00:24 [Preview] No.791740 del
The fabled Christmas Dan!
Okay. I will. For you.
Bit concerned that I only have a little choof and less than 1/2 a litre of bourbon left.
Should be right.
Is Dan's open on Boxing Day?

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 00:25 [Preview] No.791741 del
>Is Dan's open on Boxing Day?

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 00:26 [Preview] No.791742 del

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 00:27 [Preview] No.791743 del
(703.90 KB custom.txt)
I've updated it to make it similar in size to the original

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 00:27 [Preview] No.791744 del
Sorry it depends. Mine is.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 00:29 [Preview] No.791745 del
Is lizbef dans open?

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 00:30 [Preview] No.791746 del
Shit, I was going to make the mouse pointer into a candy cane. Oh well, it can be for next year.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 00:31 [Preview] No.791747 del
I'm telling cruisey you said that

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 00:31 [Preview] No.791748 del
I don't think it has worked for some reason.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 00:39 [Preview] No.791749 del
(709.54 KB custom.txt)
Shrank the tree a little bit more, fixed the snowflake and made the mouse cursor into a candy cane.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 00:39 [Preview] No.791750 del
I took care of it using the browser's developer tool thingo like an elite hacksaw, but thanks anyway. The original NK may be gone but that's a fair price to pay to not see a negro all day.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 00:45 [Preview] No.791751 del
I just position the quick reply window over the negress

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 00:51 [Preview] No.791752 del
Jesus what happened to the front end

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 00:52 [Preview] No.791753 del
Why the fuck are there black dots going down the screen I feel as though I'm having a stroke

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 00:52 [Preview] No.791754 del
Nah nigger I am so out

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 01:00 [Preview] No.791755 del
(102.36 KB 590x346 Much-Poo-Outdoor_1.jpg)
I hope I get lots of poo in my stocking this year.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 01:04 [Preview] No.791756 del
The bo needs to update the theme to the last one I posted: >>791749

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 01:11 [Preview] No.791757 del
Refresh the page, pretty sure the last one didn't have the candy cane mouse icon or did it?

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 01:20 [Preview] No.791758 del
(379.51 KB 750x585 cheers_baby_yoda.png)
Yup, it's working now

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 01:23 [Preview] No.791759 del
She's on the right.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 01:30 [Preview] No.791760 del
That bucket under the tree is making me hungreh, might get some kfc for dindins tonight

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 01:37 [Preview] No.791761 del
Pick up some unleaded for NK, 98 please.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 01:39 [Preview] No.791762 del
(176.15 KB 850x1106 ATTENTION.jpg)
(239.67 KB 830x1149 FELLOW.jpg)
(223.29 KB 841x1013 GOONERS.jpg)

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 01:41 [Preview] No.791763 del
Good post. Essential for our most elite.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 01:44 [Preview] No.791764 del
What does limited trading hours mean?

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 01:45 [Preview] No.791765 del
Open later, closer earlier and not all stores.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 01:45 [Preview] No.791766 del
One of my HS crushes became a lawyer too. Probably not a good idea to stalk those ones.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 01:47 [Preview] No.791767 del
Beyond creepy has a christmas episode: https://youtube.com/watch?v=i-L68ysH6_I [Embed]

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 01:48 [Preview] No.791768 del
One of mine became a co-founder in a successful tech startup, which is particularly galling because I was always better at computer stuff than her.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 01:53 [Preview] No.791769 del
Grab me a bucket as well thanks.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 01:58 [Preview] No.791770 del
CSS looks good.
Drove Motherbat home. Took her to some wog fruit and veg shops and Coles. Spent the last two hours washing the booze glasses. Going to start on the plates and stuff next. She has not said anything negative.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 01:59 [Preview] No.791771 del
thanks mate, I'm glad some neets like it

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 02:02 [Preview] No.791772 del

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 02:03 [Preview] No.791773 del
I read that as pilates.
Thought you were starting the new year's resolution early.
>nothing negative
Is she on new medication?

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 02:15 [Preview] No.791774 del
Hey hey, snow is white. Gg mods

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 02:19 [Preview] No.791775 del
I'm not going to refresh.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 02:26 [Preview] No.791777 del
you're fresh enough

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 02:27 [Preview] No.791778 del
2023 is a great year, thanks.
2024 will be the year of the hole.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 02:33 [Preview] No.791779 del
thanks, the bedding will match my undies

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 02:33 [Preview] No.791780 del
Terrifying experience.
Backtraced cytu.be search queries to populate a list of rooms, zoned it down to geographic areas to find rooms populated by Australians.

Seen some shit neets, we've got bad neibours

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 02:34 [Preview] No.791781 del
Beautiful sheets but its regrettable he thinks only Cruisey wanted to see them.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 02:35 [Preview] No.791782 del
A Christmas delight.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 02:36 [Preview] No.791783 del
Bat will probably ask if he owns an iron

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 02:37 [Preview] No.791784 del
what have you seen neet? Obscene videos invovling possums?

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 02:41 [Preview] No.791785 del

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 02:42 [Preview] No.791786 del

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 02:42 [Preview] No.791787 del
We finna send them filthy Pakis packin'!

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 02:48 [Preview] No.791788 del
All Olive wants for Christmas is to be a real woman.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 02:49 [Preview] No.791789 del

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 02:50 [Preview] No.791790 del
Uncalled for.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 02:51 [Preview] No.791791 del
You might be gay

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 02:53 [Preview] No.791792 del
Having a cheeky ten pack of hard solo while she’s unpacking and rearranging things.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 02:53 [Preview] No.791793 del
(19.91 KB 661x256 NK you boong.png)

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 02:56 [Preview] No.791794 del
Do you guys mind if I steal your CSS?

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 03:00 [Preview] No.791795 del
(71.37 KB 694x550 cheers-pepe.jpg)
>a cheeky ten pack of hard solo
You sir are an elite gooner, living the finest of lives.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 03:04 [Preview] No.791796 del
Where are you going to use it?

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 03:04 [Preview] No.791797 del
You can do whatever you want. I didn't make it.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 03:05 [Preview] No.791798 del
go for it

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 03:11 [Preview] No.791799 del
You've seen them too, fuck

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 03:19 [Preview] No.791800 del
Cleaning up the house. Two steps forwards one step back as I find half finished jobs. Woe

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 03:23 [Preview] No.791802 del
One more unto the breach, O NEET.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 03:28 [Preview] No.791803 del

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 03:30 [Preview] No.791804 del
Finally pulled that bit of shrapnel out of my leg, thought I got it all the first time but apparently there was a bit still stuck after two weeks. Betadine and coffee neets.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 03:33 [Preview] No.791805 del
I want to try it out on aggie2

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 03:35 [Preview] No.791806 del
Is IGA open today?

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 03:36 [Preview] No.791807 del
how'd it get there? alien implant?

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 03:37 [Preview] No.791808 del

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 03:41 [Preview] No.791809 del
If you want the snowflake effects you'll have to add a post to the thread with a snowflake: ❅ surrounded by autism tags, with [/autism] after the snowflake and [autism] in front of the snowflake

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 03:49 [Preview] No.791810 del
Alien implant

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 03:51 [Preview] No.791811 del
I played around with it a bit and just put the autism flakes in the board message, that seemed to work. Thank you, though, I like this CSS a lot.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 03:58 [Preview] No.791812 del
Plan for today is to get gooned and watched Man on Fire again

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 04:04 [Preview] No.791813 del
Think I fixed the dishwasher, turns out it needed some special salt shit in the bottom. Cleaned up cat vomit, did washing, swept outside, getting shit done

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 04:07 [Preview] No.791814 del
happy to help out, agatha2 is like a brother board

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 04:07 [Preview] No.791815 del
Imagine browsing other boards 🤣

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 04:10 [Preview] No.791816 del
Yes. IGA is open today for abuse but your posts will be deleted.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 04:12 [Preview] No.791817 del
How is Tabatha these days?

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 04:14 [Preview] No.791818 del
I still cringe at that neat here, who somehow thinks that browsing 4chan is somehow equivalent to browsing Reddit.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 04:18 [Preview] No.791819 del
turn 30 in a month

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 04:19 [Preview] No.791820 del
Very nice.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 04:38 [Preview] No.791821 del
We should celebrate

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 04:46 [Preview] No.791822 del
Can’t wait to unwrap the gf that NEET got me tomorrow

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 04:48 [Preview] No.791823 del
I'd say some other neets have already peeked at her, maybe even taken her out of the box to play with.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 04:50 [Preview] No.791824 del
Emily Feld is only for Weber.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 04:50 [Preview] No.791825 del
I saw Possum picking up the parcels and shaking them after everyone had gone to bed last night.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 04:51 [Preview] No.791826 del
Will she still be alive if she's wrapped under the tree?

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 04:52 [Preview] No.791827 del
Is like to think we learned a few things after the Russian girls were shipped to us a few years back

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 04:53 [Preview] No.791828 del
Natalia had a peg leg and a bad attitude

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 05:07 [Preview] No.791829 del
It's ok, she just needs a bit of soap, some sticky tape, and does anyone know a good disinfectant for boong semen?

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 05:29 [Preview] No.791830 del
I refreshed
Looks good, lots of pressies

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 05:30 [Preview] No.791831 del
Only for the good NEETs.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 05:31 [Preview] No.791832 del
We should've gotten more books on self improvement than just bronze age mindset. Neets could do with some self-help.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 05:31 [Preview] No.791833 del
I am off for a borderline over-the-limit cruise. In search of goon I roam the lands. Wherever the last bottleshop is open, I will find it

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 05:31 [Preview] No.791834 del

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 05:33 [Preview] No.791835 del
I refreshed. Big kek at the CSS. Well done.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 05:33 [Preview] No.791836 del
I thought his was Anna

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 05:34 [Preview] No.791837 del
Monk? No!

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 05:41 [Preview] No.791838 del
(8.90 KB 154x67 daney.jpg)

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 05:51 [Preview] No.791839 del
I bet monk hasn't even started reading Bronze Age Mindset

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 05:53 [Preview] No.791840 del

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 05:54 [Preview] No.791841 del
15 acquired. Good vibes at the local shops.

I haven't.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 05:54 [Preview] No.791842 del
God I hope this NEET rolls his car into a lightpole.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 05:55 [Preview] No.791843 del
Will you start tomorrow?

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 05:55 [Preview] No.791844 del
No. I'm starting my new life on Boxing Day.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 05:56 [Preview] No.791845 del
Is the weather fucking Chrissy up for any other NEETs ?

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 05:56 [Preview] No.791846 del
Getting the last bit of boonging out of your system?

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 05:58 [Preview] No.791847 del
Just learnt that Phoebe Cates, who is in tonight's movie, was a half chink/half jewess mix.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 05:59 [Preview] No.791848 del
You need to boong big to get the boong out. All those guys who fell off the wagon, their mistake was not having a big enough last big binge.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 06:00 [Preview] No.791849 del
Si, este es el ultimo trago. En serio esta vez

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 06:00 [Preview] No.791850 del

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 06:08 [Preview] No.791851 del
Hopefully the scene with the old gook man doesn't make me sick like it did for that NEET once.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 06:11 [Preview] No.791852 del
We all need to get drunk first before watching the movie.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 06:12 [Preview] No.791853 del
I might after din dins (pies - plain and pepper)

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 06:13 [Preview] No.791854 del
(109.67 KB 665x1145 smooth.png)
Garn the local shops to grab some booze for tonight's movie. You neets want any? My shout. And merry christmas!

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 06:15 [Preview] No.791855 del
Festivities at fatherbots begin at 11am tomorrow.
Too early.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 06:16 [Preview] No.791856 del
Carton VB longnecks please.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 06:20 [Preview] No.791857 del
Enjoy your day neet.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 06:21 [Preview] No.791858 del
Why isn't there a ballpoint pen under the tree?

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 06:26 [Preview] No.791860 del
(80.28 KB 960x956 footoshoop'.jpg)
What the fuck is with the cringemas theme? its disgusting.
Tab closed
Have a shit lonely loser christmas hovel troll, BTW.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 06:27 [Preview] No.791861 del
I knew we we're going to get one last Cringemass Miracle on the Eve of Christmas.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 06:33 [Preview] No.791862 del
Not a comfy post

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 06:33 [Preview] No.791863 del
it's between the kfc bucket and the book

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 06:33 [Preview] No.791864 del
Nasty neet

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 06:39 [Preview] No.791865 del
Lol I am retarded

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 06:39 [Preview] No.791866 del
Went halves in a Little Joey’s pidser with Motherbat.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 06:40 [Preview] No.791867 del
Mmmmm sir you are ghey

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 06:41 [Preview] No.791868 del
Hope it's nice.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 06:43 [Preview] No.791869 del
Your image didn't upload.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 06:48 [Preview] No.791870 del
It's garn be hot and steamy all week with temps around teh mid-30's. Imagine life without aircon.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 06:52 [Preview] No.791871 del
Sadly we can't please all neets. Anyway, I'm sure nuro has a christmas party to go to, with lots of qts dressed as slutty santas

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 06:53 [Preview] No.791872 del
Bought some kfc for dindins, as is my custom on christmas eve. Unlike last year service was quick.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 06:56 [Preview] No.791873 del
What'd you get?

Predictions are reasonable in Melbourne. 19 and thunder tomorrow.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 06:57 [Preview] No.791874 del
since when is the hungry bro an admin?

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 07:00 [Preview] No.791875 del
a r*dditor always deserves having his car ruined by a drunk driver

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 07:01 [Preview] No.791876 del
(125.77 KB 1920x1080 gremlins3.jpg)
I'd like to invite all the neets to the Christmas Eve party at womboflix tonight. We'll be watching the horror/comedy Gremlins (1984) - Harry Potter fans may be interested to know that it was written by Chris Columbus, the same guy who directed the first few Harry Potter movies, as well as Home Alone. 1 hour, https://cytu.be/r/womboflix

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 07:02 [Preview] No.791877 del
He works many roles.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 07:02 [Preview] No.791878 del
I've already started drinking.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 07:05 [Preview] No.791879 del
The only Cringemas miracle I want this year if for Monk to be robbed buying coke and for him to get done at an RBT with a high reading a lose his license for a year.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 07:10 [Preview] No.791880 del
HUGE dunder

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 07:11 [Preview] No.791881 del
Monk will rise up in 2024.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 07:12 [Preview] No.791882 del
It was. Then we had choggy drumsticks.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 07:13 [Preview] No.791883 del
You are gay

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 07:14 [Preview] No.791884 del
Year of public transport 2024

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 07:14 [Preview] No.791885 del
My bussy acts like a mogwai when it gets wet

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 07:15 [Preview] No.791886 del

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 07:15 [Preview] No.791887 del

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 07:16 [Preview] No.791888 del
Lowercase b u s s y is broken atm

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 07:16 [Preview] No.791889 del
(169.85 KB 1920x1080 gremlins_santa.jpg)
how furry is it?

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 07:16 [Preview] No.791890 del
Oh it turns into snow

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 07:24 [Preview] No.791891 del
Your BUSSY is broken

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 07:24 [Preview] No.791892 del
Think I might become a wordpress security expert next year

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 07:26 [Preview] No.791893 del
It always became broken.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 07:27 [Preview] No.791894 del
Sounds do-able.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 07:28 [Preview] No.791895 del
amazon has boxing day sales on already

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 07:30 [Preview] No.791896 del
Did another trip to IGA. Dundering hard. Melbourne Bitter long necks.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 07:30 [Preview] No.791897 del
wagon tomorrow?

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 07:31 [Preview] No.791898 del
Which NEET has actually dramatically improved their lives this year ???

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 07:31 [Preview] No.791899 del
They started yesterday or the day before. It also applies to their international stores, which have better prices on some electronics.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 07:31 [Preview] No.791900 del
Yep. My gift to you.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 07:32 [Preview] No.791901 del
I keep looking at the christmas tree, wondering which lucky neet is gonna get all that sniff

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 07:33 [Preview] No.791902 del
Someone else can have it. I want the negress.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 07:33 [Preview] No.791903 del
So does David Jones. Motherbat saw the report on TV and harrumphed.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 07:40 [Preview] No.791904 del
Absolutely flogging down

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 07:41 [Preview] No.791905 del
Brisbane or Victoria?

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 07:43 [Preview] No.791906 del
What are your favourite christmas carols neets?

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 07:45 [Preview] No.791907 del
Good King Weazel

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 07:48 [Preview] No.791908 del
my building's full of pajeets, I'm the last white man standing

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 07:49 [Preview] No.791909 del
sometimes I wish I were living in england, back before the 1950s mass immigration and degeneracy. It'd just be so great to be english.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 07:50 [Preview] No.791910 del
Womboflix is putting on some Christmas carols in the lead up to the movie in 10 minutes.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 07:51 [Preview] No.791911 del
I have six (6) Mr Kipling Cherry & Almond bakewell tarts you may share.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 07:52 [Preview] No.791912 del
(58.28 KB 503x810 doomsday suit.jpeg)

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 07:53 [Preview] No.791913 del
It's okay to be white.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 07:54 [Preview] No.791914 del
I have some shortbread half dipped in chocolate with jam inside. But christmas is the time of giving, so I'm going to give them all to myself.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 07:56 [Preview] No.791915 del
Bussy falling from the sky

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 07:57 [Preview] No.791916 del
Cat is very unwell and tried to run off into the rain. Woe.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 07:59 [Preview] No.791917 del
He probably got invited to a cat christmas party

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 07:59 [Preview] No.791918 del

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 08:01 [Preview] No.791919 del

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 08:01 [Preview] No.791920 del
What type of fucking idiot are you ??? Seriously post war Britain was worse than covid. The whole country was broke they had ration cards for years. You fucking dumb cunt.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 08:01 [Preview] No.791921 del
(2.34 MB 3000x2000 gremlins2.jpg)
Get in here neets, we're watching Gremlins (1984) with Phoebe Cates https://cytu.be/r/womboflix

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 08:01 [Preview] No.791922 del
probably usa cruisey

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 08:02 [Preview] No.791923 del
I can't imagine the smell

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 08:03 [Preview] No.791924 del
The Twelve Days of Boonging.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 08:03 [Preview] No.791925 del
ok, prewar britain then, I'll be like bertie wooster and have a manservant to sort out all my problems

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 08:04 [Preview] No.791926 del
Jane's Addiction on. Feel like getting lost in the woods.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 08:09 [Preview] No.791927 del
Yeah they all seem to have started early.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 08:11 [Preview] No.791928 del
You deserve them neet because you are on Wizzys nice list.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 08:14 [Preview] No.791929 del
Ugh, she has become fully THOTified.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 08:16 [Preview] No.791930 del

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 08:23 [Preview] No.791931 del
Absolute minda

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 08:29 [Preview] No.791932 del
Liked her more back when she was underage?

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 08:38 [Preview] No.791933 del
Big poo
Coming out of your bum
Big poo
Gonna be lots of fun

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 08:39 [Preview] No.791934 del
Minda is an SA word and there is no rain here.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 08:45 [Preview] No.791935 del
Hate christmas so much
Modernity poisoned my mother and caused a divorce

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 08:51 [Preview] No.791936 del
Cat is bleeding everywhere, situation deteriorating, woe

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 08:54 [Preview] No.791937 del
Oh shit. What happened?

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 08:58 [Preview] No.791938 del
I hope kot is alright.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 09:00 [Preview] No.791940 del
bleeding from here?

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 09:00 [Preview] No.791941 del
where even

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 09:03 [Preview] No.791942 del
What? Fuck off

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 09:08 [Preview] No.791943 del
I hope kot is okay.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 09:09 [Preview] No.791944 del
Was the css done by Ashley?

All along.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 09:11 [Preview] No.791945 del
who's ashley?

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 09:13 [Preview] No.791946 del
Nate Diaz Army

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 09:13 [Preview] No.791947 del

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 09:15 [Preview] No.791948 del
That website would be enhanced by fire.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 09:43 [Preview] No.791949 del
(67.50 KB 1000x773 GCGj8Kka4AARXqi.jpeg)
Pier Hotel, Sydney 1910

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 10:04 [Preview] No.791950 del

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 10:06 [Preview] No.791951 del
Good night.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 10:17 [Preview] No.791952 del
(184.83 KB 947x934 ducks.jpg)
goodnight frens

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 10:33 [Preview] No.791953 del
Thinking about Webers pronunciation of 'castle'

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 10:34 [Preview] No.791954 del
Monk spilt bong water on the unicorn sheets once.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 10:35 [Preview] No.791955 del
I bet he says it like hassle even though he knows it's wrong.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 10:35 [Preview] No.791956 del
Refuses to accept the la di da in castle.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 10:40 [Preview] No.791957 del

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 10:40 [Preview] No.791958 del
(141.15 KB 933x1280 GB8OvWwagAAC_8Y.jpeg)

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 10:41 [Preview] No.791959 del
perconf on bifddirs

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 10:42 [Preview] No.791960 del
Zero Dark Thirty is an odd Christmas Eve film to put on the telly

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 10:51 [Preview] No.791961 del
Went to the gym but the fucking thing is shut.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 11:13 [Preview] No.791962 del
Great fillum

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 11:25 [Preview] No.791963 del
Cat is never well, but has been spazming, drooling and now bleeding from the mouth. I suspect dental issues but probably manyb issues. I've been informed that cat is actually 20 years old.
This is why I must look after cat.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 11:29 [Preview] No.791964 del
Good ones?

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 11:53 [Preview] No.791965 del
>this year ???
>you ???
Come on monk.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 11:59 [Preview] No.791966 del
(122.71 KB 1179x865 GCGOXM-bwAAUBbI.jpeg)
I am gooning

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 12:04 [Preview] No.791968 del
Oh fuck me I'm going to run out of food. I way overstocked on grog though.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 12:10 [Preview] No.791969 del
I'm not ghey

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 12:19 [Preview] No.791970 del
Hungry. No food.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 12:22 [Preview] No.791971 del
>the emperor's casshole

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 12:22 [Preview] No.791972 del
some day I'm gonna lead a better life than this

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 12:24 [Preview] No.791973 del

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 12:29 [Preview] No.791974 del
...but not this day!

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 12:38 [Preview] No.791975 del
Chamomile tea 🤤

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 12:41 [Preview] No.791976 del
almost rapemas

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 12:48 [Preview] No.791977 del
Reindeer Rape.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 12:51 [Preview] No.791978 del
Christmas group wank?

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 12:52 [Preview] No.791979 del
Lots of AI on the porn sites now
HTTP was a mistake

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 12:57 [Preview] No.791980 del
I'll spike webby's drink and rape Emily.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 12:57 [Preview] No.791981 del
https://youtube.com/watch?v=WzwyCuPCU4s [Embed]

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 13:02 [Preview] No.791982 del
(23.27 KB 607x105 based.png)

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 13:09 [Preview] No.791983 del
Finna put the corned beef and pork chops with the occasional ghost experience

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 13:11 [Preview] No.791984 del

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 13:11 [Preview] No.791985 del

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 13:11 [Preview] No.791986 del

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 13:11 [Preview] No.791987 del
(51.68 KB 646x665 3N3ruvbgC58uWWre.jpeg)

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 13:15 [Preview] No.791988 del
Get raped by a pack of AIDSniggers

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 13:16 [Preview] No.791989 del

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 13:17 [Preview] No.791990 del
It is not yet Christmas in South Australia.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 13:19 [Preview] No.791991 del
Not until tomorrow morning.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 13:29 [Preview] No.791992 del
Still no food. Might die.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 13:33 [Preview] No.791993 del
Merry Christmas NEETs.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 13:35 [Preview] No.791994 del
Blessed Christmas fellas.

Is it now?

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 13:35 [Preview] No.791995 del
Merry Christmas everyone. 🎄

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 13:36 [Preview] No.791996 del
Santa still has an hour and a half before he gets raped.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 13:37 [Preview] No.791997 del
Oh well.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 13:41 [Preview] No.791998 del
*starts sitting by the tree and reading BAP*

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 13:53 [Preview] No.791999 del
I'm gonna do a big racism at christmas lunch

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 17:00 [Preview] No.792001 del
Furious aboriginal fisting

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 17:59 [Preview] No.792002 del
(35.49 KB 509x509 1702592420947628.jpg)
merry christmas neets

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 18:45 [Preview] No.792003 del
Good morning NEETs.

Merry Christmas.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 18:45 [Preview] No.792004 del
Merry Christmas.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 18:47 [Preview] No.792005 del

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 18:55 [Preview] No.792007 del
Snowflakes is a nice touch

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 19:04 [Preview] No.792008 del
(53.09 KB 375x360 sad_santa_pepe.png)
morning neets, and merry christmas

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 19:08 [Preview] No.792009 del
Good morning NEET. Merry Christmas.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 19:24 [Preview] No.792010 del
mording merry christmas

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 19:56 [Preview] No.792011 del
Is it too early to open presents NEETs ?

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 19:56 [Preview] No.792012 del
If it's not to you it's not to me.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 19:58 [Preview] No.792013 del
I don't have any presents this year, but that's ok

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 20:00 [Preview] No.792014 del
Motherbat and Sweetie gave me some presents even though we explicitly agreed no presents.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 20:15 [Preview] No.792015 del
Forgot to buy mondster yesterday :(

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 20:16 [Preview] No.792016 del
(24.06 KB 485x303 images (13).png)
I always make sure to call lifeline on christmas day to thank them for all their hard work and dedication in helping me achieve an orgasm.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 20:18 [Preview] No.792017 del
Monks getting a big fat lump of coal.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 20:19 [Preview] No.792018 del
Each day is a present.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 20:19 [Preview] No.792019 del
I got everyone nice presents to make up for previous years of being a deadbeat NEET.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 20:19 [Preview] No.792020 del
That's good manners, NEET.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 20:20 [Preview] No.792021 del
You're a good boy.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 20:21 [Preview] No.792022 del
Good morning NEET. Merry Christmas.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 20:22 [Preview] No.792023 del
Lucky NEET.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 20:22 [Preview] No.792024 del
Will it keep him warm in the winter?

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 20:23 [Preview] No.792025 del
What are you doing tomorrow, Big Fella?

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 20:25 [Preview] No.792026 del
Gonna try a bit of sleeping, I guess. Nothing extraordinary.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 20:28 [Preview] No.792027 del
someday I'm gonna do that, but not today

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 20:28 [Preview] No.792028 del
I think I asked last year, but you guys don't do turkey and ham for Xmas do you?

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 20:30 [Preview] No.792029 del
Was asked from me couple days ago, or last week or something. Not the ham, but what's the menu.
No, no ham a Turkey. Well if anyone wants that why not.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 20:38 [Preview] No.792030 del
Thanks NEET.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 20:41 [Preview] No.792031 del
You can use a christmas stocking as a cumsock but any presents deposited into the stocking will smell like cum especially when the stocking starts turning yellow.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 20:43 [Preview] No.792032 del
garn have some crossaints with ham and cheese for breakkie, you neets want any?

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 20:45 [Preview] No.792033 del
Merry Christmas valued customers.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 20:46 [Preview] No.792034 del
No I'm gonna go look through peoples windows and watch them eat breakfast.
If I like the family I'll come back and watch them eat dinner.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 20:49 [Preview] No.792035 del
What types of meals/families are you on the look out for?

Did you enjoy your pen?

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 20:55 [Preview] No.792036 del
The chocolates were nice.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 21:02 [Preview] No.792037 del
One of the snowflakes is sus

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 21:04 [Preview] No.792038 del
(22.60 KB 300x300 FEXlF.jpg)

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 21:04 [Preview] No.792039 del
(535.19 KB 591x631 basedseppo.png)

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 21:05 [Preview] No.792040 del
True cruiser.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 21:13 [Preview] No.792041 del

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 21:19 [Preview] No.792042 del
merry rapemas to you too

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 21:35 [Preview] No.792043 del
Trying to remember what I got for christmas when I was 10 years old. Can't. This is disturbing.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 21:37 [Preview] No.792044 del
Doing a Christmas clogger

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 21:40 [Preview] No.792045 del

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 21:41 [Preview] No.792046 del

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 21:41 [Preview] No.792047 del
I left one under the tree for santa

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 21:41 [Preview] No.792048 del

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 21:41 [Preview] No.792049 del
How do you do rainbow text

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 21:41 [Preview] No.792050 del
I want cruisey to take his negress sex toy from under the tree so I don't have to keep looking at her

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 21:42 [Preview] No.792051 del

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 21:45 [Preview] No.792052 del
Thanks NEET!

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 21:49 [Preview] No.792053 del
(29.95 KB 474x266 christmas2.jpeg)
Thanks Dan.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 21:50 [Preview] No.792054 del
You should have saved some for later.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 21:52 [Preview] No.792055 del
(70.64 KB 700x467 christmas4.jpeg)
Thanks NEET.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 21:57 [Preview] No.792056 del
The day drinking will probably start around midday.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 21:57 [Preview] No.792057 del
big clogger
waiting for my clacker to go back to normal

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 22:00 [Preview] No.792058 del
>waiting for my clacker to go back to normal
A true secret tunnel.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 22:02 [Preview] No.792059 del
haven't cleaned my kitchen for days, can't believe santa didn't do it last night, almost stopped believing in the guy

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 22:04 [Preview] No.792060 del
I spent about 4 hours washing dishes yesterday (with Motherbat drying them). Still have all of the cutlery to do.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 22:05 [Preview] No.792061 del
>(with Motherbat drying them).
She is a saint.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 22:24 [Preview] No.792062 del
I bet sweetie didn't do a thing to help out

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 22:26 [Preview] No.792063 del
Sweetie is at holiday camp with the other doggos

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 22:27 [Preview] No.792064 del
I hope she is enjoying herself.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 22:31 [Preview] No.792065 del
I hope so too. I worry about her being cold.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 22:35 [Preview] No.792066 del
One of you fingered the negresses box

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 22:36 [Preview] No.792067 del
What did you get?

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 22:36 [Preview] No.792068 del
Guess again.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 22:37 [Preview] No.792069 del
I look for upper middle class families that buys all the traditional christmas foods and desserts and I prefer the wife to be blonde and in reasonable shape.
The family dog must be plump and agreeable.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 22:39 [Preview] No.792070 del
You got molestation

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 22:40 [Preview] No.792071 del
(481.46 KB 1080x1425 image.jpg)
He didn't clean my kitchen either

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 22:41 [Preview] No.792072 del
(2.87 MB 4032x3024 IMG-2021.jpg)
Sweetie gave me a bottle of Teusner 'The Dog Strangler' mataro, some chocolate covered snakes, some peanut brittle, and some Turkish delight.
Motherbat gave me a bracelet and $500.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 22:49 [Preview] No.792073 del

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 22:50 [Preview] No.792074 del
(524.58 KB 720x1280 kQwoGrjGdniSB-9A.mp4)
>student violates teacher in the most unbelievable way

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 22:50 [Preview] No.792075 del
I wish she wouldn't keep giving me money.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 22:51 [Preview] No.792076 del
Might re-read the books I got for christmas as a kid

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 22:56 [Preview] No.792077 del
Nuro is spending christmas in a toilet (his room).

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 23:05 [Preview] No.792078 del
Well lubed chain
Looks snazzy

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 23:08 [Preview] No.792079 del
very nice.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 23:18 [Preview] No.792080 del
(2.75 MB 576x734 A4Q-6tiyJjp0OUrX.mp4)

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 23:22 [Preview] No.792081 del
I might have that bucket of kfc under the tree for morning tea. Hope you neets don't mind.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 23:22 [Preview] No.792082 del
You can have one (1) piece. Don't spoil your lunch.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 23:32 [Preview] No.792083 del
I'm trying to find the fish but I can't see it.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 23:34 [Preview] No.792084 del
I hope monk is onto the ban evasion today.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 23:36 [Preview] No.792085 del
it's between the white girl and the bucket of kfc

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 23:37 [Preview] No.792086 del
I'm sure monk has nothing better to do all day than ban people you don't like

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 23:38 [Preview] No.792087 del
He's on the phone to his two Mummybots at the moment.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 23:55 [Preview] No.792088 del
> two Mummybots
What a time to be alive.

NEET 12/24/2023 (Sun) 23:59 [Preview] No.792089 del
Just watched Kevin Spacey interview with Tucker.
Need to wait for Nuro to get up before embarrassing myself pretending to understand the satire.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 00:01 [Preview] No.792090 del
The silver fox has a side gig as a political advisor to tucker

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 00:13 [Preview] No.792091 del
(145.88 KB 255x249 urm.png)

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 00:19 [Preview] No.792092 del
Aye, you too!

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 00:25 [Preview] No.792093 del
Second coffee.
Might need a goon.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 00:27 [Preview] No.792094 del
Can't be fucked going to christmas lunch with my family today, might just call them and make some excuses

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 00:28 [Preview] No.792095 del
I need to call them in an hour. Even that seems too hard.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 00:29 [Preview] No.792096 del
Can't be fucked calling to make excused for not going to lunch. Might just send a text.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 00:29 [Preview] No.792097 del

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 00:34 [Preview] No.792098 del
Is KFC open?

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 00:34 [Preview] No.792099 del
The joke is that the smell of the fish is from the girls.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 00:35 [Preview] No.792100 del
Make the call

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 00:36 [Preview] No.792101 del
Watching David Attenborough wank off cicadas.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 00:39 [Preview] No.792102 del
Not for me. A bunch of smaller shops are supposedly open but I think that is in error.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 00:40 [Preview] No.792103 del
Medical bracelet ??

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 00:41 [Preview] No.792104 del
A new bedtime stories is out for neets who want a spoopy christmas: https://youtube.com/watch?v=lXfDyveHKXg [Embed]

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 00:44 [Preview] No.792105 del
(24.39 KB 474x470 1645998649650.jpg)
Nuro said last night he will posting pictures of his christmas family dinner.

IGA is day drinking by himself in the hovel, posting here, pretending he is with friends we all hate him

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 00:44 [Preview] No.792106 del
Only queers know the secret to rainbow text.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 00:45 [Preview] No.792107 del
I'll try to hold off until about 2(two).

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 00:45 [Preview] No.792108 del
Carn Monk.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 00:46 [Preview] No.792109 del
I'm glad to see you're thinking of your lover today.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 00:46 [Preview] No.792110 del
> drinking by himself in the hovel, posting here

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 00:46 [Preview] No.792111 del
Dude ffs

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 00:46 [Preview] No.792112 del
Weber was conscripted into being a father figure to me once.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 00:46 [Preview] No.792113 del
I have two sim cards, my parents NBN connection and my mom and dads phones i can hotspot. It would be an act of folly to fuck with nuro on a day like today.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 00:48 [Preview] No.792114 del

Hope to see a pic of you wearing that bracelet. Does it fit?

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 00:49 [Preview] No.792115 del
You are an awful person

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 00:50 [Preview] No.792116 del
Imagine spending time with your family and all you can think about is ways of circumventing a ban. Jesus Christ that is sad.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 00:50 [Preview] No.792117 del
Nothing a big range ban won't fix.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 00:50 [Preview] No.792118 del
might even flag it up today just so show how laughably ineffective site management is

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 00:52 [Preview] No.792119 del
BoardNEET, I know you're global but can you please enforce the board-level rules?

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 00:52 [Preview] No.792120 del
imagine having to range ban Tesltra, Optus, Vodafone and Starlink networks.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 00:53 [Preview] No.792121 del
like this one ? >>645516 >>645517

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 00:58 [Preview] No.792122 del
having some layers of ham and cheese for lunch. To hell with bread

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 00:58 [Preview] No.792123 del

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 01:03 [Preview] No.792124 del
My lights keep flickering.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 01:04 [Preview] No.792125 del
Where is mongk?

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 01:10 [Preview] No.792126 del
Niggers really are a disease

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 01:13 [Preview] No.792127 del
Cruisedog did that to me once.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 01:14 [Preview] No.792128 del
Stick to the Olives m8

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 01:16 [Preview] No.792129 del
High jump practice

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 01:17 [Preview] No.792130 del
Don't think I can hold off any longer.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 01:19 [Preview] No.792131 del
Begone loser

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 01:20 [Preview] No.792132 del

Begone wannabe-seppo loser

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 01:23 [Preview] No.792133 del

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 01:24 [Preview] No.792134 del
(4.01 MB 4032x3024 IMG_5095.jpeg)
Nuro scored some polos nice wine soap undies and some dollars doos

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 01:25 [Preview] No.792135 del
Can't wait for the shitty bike pics around Brisbane CBD/GuzmanYGomez, then finally the 'family dinner' pic (aka just him eating the leftovers at midnight). Kek.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 01:25 [Preview] No.792136 del
>he is all alone on christmas day
>calls me a loser

ha !

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 01:26 [Preview] No.792137 del

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 01:27 [Preview] No.792138 del
>best a goon
I don't know what to say.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 01:28 [Preview] No.792139 del
> guzman y gomez open on christmas
> tonnes of lunch leftovers


NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 01:29 [Preview] No.792140 del
i thnk i will be returning them for XL but blessed dad tries his best

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 01:30 [Preview] No.792141 del
(34.39 KB 433x650 LMAO.jpeg)
>XXL undies

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 01:43 [Preview] No.792142 del
Big cock Nuro demands freedom.
https://youtube.com/watch?v=WLoYFvbR0XY [Embed]

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 01:46 [Preview] No.792143 del

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 01:49 [Preview] No.792144 del
(310.51 KB 1100x962 BrownSnakeCrash.jpg)

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 02:08 [Preview] No.792145 del
Just say based or you'll hurt its fee-fees.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 02:11 [Preview] No.792146 del
>its here all by itself on christmas day

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 02:14 [Preview] No.792147 del
No Christmas this year. Not even a mince pie. Got one present, hand towels. Severely woed

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 02:16 [Preview] No.792148 del
Well one present is one more than me, I'm just siting here alone listening to music.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 02:17 [Preview] No.792149 del
Would you like a hand towel?

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 02:19 [Preview] No.792150 del
Bottle of vino is now in teh fridge

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 02:20 [Preview] No.792151 del
>hand towels

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 02:20 [Preview] No.792152 del
Those fruit mince pies are horrible

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 02:21 [Preview] No.792153 del
Prefer a hand job ackchooally

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 02:22 [Preview] No.792154 del
Don't make me post the slap image

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 02:23 [Preview] No.792155 del
I didn't get anything. But I don't celebrate it so it's okay.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 02:24 [Preview] No.792156 del
Not sure about the new text

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 02:26 [Preview] No.792157 del
That would be nice thankyou.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 02:27 [Preview] No.792158 del
Nah Santa gave you a stocking filled with cope.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 02:51 [Preview] No.792159 del

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 02:52 [Preview] No.792160 del
I love her so much it's unreal.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 02:58 [Preview] No.792161 del
Thanks fella for the Christmas cheer.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 02:58 [Preview] No.792162 del
Based and NEET pilled.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 03:00 [Preview] No.792163 del

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 03:02 [Preview] No.792164 del
I did not go to christmas lunch

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 03:07 [Preview] No.792165 del
(3.30 MB 4032x3024 IMG_5099.jpeg)

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 03:12 [Preview] No.792166 del
You'll starve

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 03:13 [Preview] No.792167 del
(378.70 KB 661x625 Reddit.png)

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 03:15 [Preview] No.792168 del
(2.44 MB 4128x3096 To neet.jpg)
Here you go neet, merry Christmas

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 03:16 [Preview] No.792169 del
I'm cooking some copium Helen for the loner Xmas party 🎊
A kilo of thighs in a punnet of Greek yogurt, a few squirts of lemon juice, a couple of teaspoons of crushed garlic, a big pinch of parsley, a sprinkle of thyme, a few teaspoons of olive oil from the feta jar, a touch of celery salt, and salt.
Letting it sit for a few hours, then going to bake it and probably put it on rice.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 03:17 [Preview] No.792170 del
(3.22 MB 4032x3024 IMG_5102.jpeg)

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 03:20 [Preview] No.792171 del
Lucky NEET.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 03:21 [Preview] No.792172 del

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 03:22 [Preview] No.792173 del
Looks good

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 03:25 [Preview] No.792174 del
>Day-old Colesworth chook

Bon appétit

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 03:29 [Preview] No.792175 del
I bet nasty neets kill chickens on their kitchen floor

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 03:30 [Preview] No.792176 del
Looks awful, I mean that is one really depressing spread. The roast spuds look at least a week old. Is GyG not open today?

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 03:32 [Preview] No.792177 del
Sounds like a winner. Enjoy your feast NEET.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 03:33 [Preview] No.792178 del
That comes the next day >>>/ck/319

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 03:36 [Preview] No.792179 del
Nuros Christmas spread looks comfy, I don't even have anything. No Christmas pies, no sweet biscuits, no milk, no meat, nothing. It's my own fault for forgetting to buy things but don't hate on nuros Christmas lunch

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 03:38 [Preview] No.792180 del
Dickriders should be banned.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 03:38 [Preview] No.792181 del
Good feed.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 03:39 [Preview] No.792182 del
For both of them?

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 03:41 [Preview] No.792183 del
There's only one.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 03:43 [Preview] No.792184 del
Is this just love >>791816

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 03:43 [Preview] No.792185 del
It is nice of the church to run the soup kitchen on Christmas.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 03:44 [Preview] No.792186 del
There is only one dickrider and he only rides nuro.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 03:44 [Preview] No.792187 del
(166.00 KB 724x1164 KEK.jpg)

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 03:46 [Preview] No.792188 del
(19.14 KB 619x320 laughing.jpg)

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 03:51 [Preview] No.792189 del
>2024, year of no standards
>1L of Bombay Sapphire, carton of Cooper's stout, carton of James Squire cider
I'm not going to make it. Going to delay the wagon until February.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 03:52 [Preview] No.792190 del
(3.91 MB 4032x3024 IMG_5105.jpeg)
Thank you it was delicious. Time to go for a ride.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 03:53 [Preview] No.792191 del
Isn't that a 20c coin?

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 03:53 [Preview] No.792192 del
Fuck off nuro.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 03:53 [Preview] No.792193 del
Sounds so-able.
You can get that last bit of boonging out of your system. Fresh and ready for February 2024.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 03:58 [Preview] No.792194 del
I think you mean to enforce the board rules. If nuro isn't dealt with there is no incentive for me to obey the rules either.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 03:58 [Preview] No.792195 del

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 03:58 [Preview] No.792196 del
God this thread is awful. I'll be back next year. Bye noots.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 04:01 [Preview] No.792197 del
The board rules you want enforced.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 04:08 [Preview] No.792198 del
CoolZone activated

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 04:10 [Preview] No.792199 del
OP mentioned it was a fiver.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 04:12 [Preview] No.792200 del
That shirt looks pretty baggy

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 04:13 [Preview] No.792201 del
Where's your roast taters?

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 04:15 [Preview] No.792202 del

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 04:15 [Preview] No.792203 del
I'll ease into dry July

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 04:18 [Preview] No.792204 del
Smart. Long term planning.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 04:24 [Preview] No.792205 del
(838.67 KB 480x264 pepechrissie.mp4)

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 04:26 [Preview] No.792206 del

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 04:58 [Preview] No.792207 del
Meat looks like a dog chewed it up and spat it all back out. Quality meal m8...

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 04:59 [Preview] No.792208 del
Pull your head in.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 05:10 [Preview] No.792209 del
I'm not a turtle.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 05:12 [Preview] No.792210 del
Are you real?

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 05:20 [Preview] No.792211 del
I get the distinct impression that nuro has christmas mogged a number of neets.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 05:29 [Preview] No.792212 del
https://youtube.com/watch?v=iC9q8qNO2sY [Embed]

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 05:32 [Preview] No.792213 del
(186.20 KB 1080x1080 pepchr.jpg)

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 05:43 [Preview] No.792214 del
Finally home. Having a hard solo.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 05:44 [Preview] No.792215 del
Welcome back.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 05:46 [Preview] No.792216 del
watching true crime videos on christmas

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 05:50 [Preview] No.792217 del
Good video.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 05:52 [Preview] No.792218 del
(2.44 MB 4032x3024 IMG-2029.jpg)
Bill gave me some kind of beer inhaler thing

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 05:57 [Preview] No.792219 del
(2.85 MB 3088x3088 Done.jpg)
Fried spring rolls. Didn't have much in the fridge but it panned out ok in the end.
Made way too many, food coma.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 05:57 [Preview] No.792220 del
Looks like some weird sex toy.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 05:58 [Preview] No.792221 del
Looks like something that belongs in an emergency department.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 05:59 [Preview] No.792222 del
(74.42 KB 1200x678 cra2.jpg)
Merry Christmas

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 05:59 [Preview] No.792223 del
you need to give him some meth, help him finish the damn house

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 06:00 [Preview] No.792224 del
Fucked if I know what goes where.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 06:02 [Preview] No.792225 del
It's it to preasurize a bottle so the drink doesn't go flat? Or is it to pour the beer so it foams?

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 06:02 [Preview] No.792226 del
Nice feed.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 06:03 [Preview] No.792228 del
I think you do >>792227 and turn it upside down and it basically rams the entire contents down your gullet in double time

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 06:05 [Preview] No.792229 del
Now I'm even more confused https://youtube.com/watch?v=8kHIQNyu8KQ [Embed]

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 06:12 [Preview] No.792230 del
Interesting dip with the whole coriander seed and is that fresh mint?

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 06:13 [Preview] No.792231 del
Did any neets besides webby and nuro get pressies?

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 06:16 [Preview] No.792232 del
One for each of the good NEETs.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 06:20 [Preview] No.792233 del
Where do you stick it?

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 06:20 [Preview] No.792234 del
Thanks NEETs.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 06:21 [Preview] No.792235 del
Nicely fried. I like those noodles in the springies

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 06:21 [Preview] No.792236 del
Start slow

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 06:22 [Preview] No.792237 del
what are these?

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 06:22 [Preview] No.792238 del
Bills a fucking smackhead.
He's given you a bong.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 06:23 [Preview] No.792239 del
>5 good neets
you're an optimist

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 06:23 [Preview] No.792240 del
Chicken thighs that have been soaking in >>792169

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 06:24 [Preview] No.792241 del
Fifty buckaroos from mother.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 06:25 [Preview] No.792242 del

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 06:25 [Preview] No.792243 del
Was the microwave even plugged in?

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 06:27 [Preview] No.792244 del
So apparently he is on the medical marijuana tincture and has a doctor's letter and everything, and that was probably what I could smell in the car the other week.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 06:28 [Preview] No.792245 del

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 06:31 [Preview] No.792246 del
my doctor tried to get me on medical marijuana

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 06:33 [Preview] No.792247 del
10k is not a doctor.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 06:36 [Preview] No.792249 del
He does suffer from migraines, but it's a joke. They're friends with the mother of some other kids that go to their school and she works in the marijuana industry and they've shown me photos of her holding like 20kg bags of buds and stuff. Degenerate industry.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 06:37 [Preview] No.792250 del
we live in degenerate times

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 06:37 [Preview] No.792251 del
He's a naturopath

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 06:38 [Preview] No.792252 del
Degenerate times call for degenerate measures.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 06:38 [Preview] No.792253 del
Hahahahah Fucking Bill.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 06:39 [Preview] No.792254 del

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 06:40 [Preview] No.792255 del
I didn't know this industry is in best a.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 06:41 [Preview] No.792256 del
Thank you.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 06:41 [Preview] No.792257 del
They were going to set up shop in part of the old Holden factory in Lizbef. Don't know if that happened or not.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 06:42 [Preview] No.792258 del
Don't think I was supposed to flip the chicken but the skin was getting a bit dark.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 06:43 [Preview] No.792259 del
She talking shit on my people now?

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 06:44 [Preview] No.792260 del
I heard about that but thought it wasnt a serious thing. Didn't think the laws would allow it.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 06:49 [Preview] No.792261 del
>Didn't think the laws would allow it.
It is possible for a business to be licensed to do all sorts of otherwise illegal things.
You can become a defence weapons inventor if you want and make machine guns and rocket launchers and shit, subject to doing all the paperwork and legal groundwork.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 06:50 [Preview] No.792262 del
>I'm sorry, but these are the signs your Christmas is 'bogan': Supermarket roast chooks, Jatz crackers on a platter, 'snags' and tacky 'fast fashion' presents

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 06:56 [Preview] No.792263 del
1. Serving roast chook straight from a 'bachelor's handbag' for Christmas lunch
2. Shirts off at the Christmas table
3. Trifle made with store-bought jam rolls and port wine flavoured packet jelly
4. A trip to the emergency ward
5. Calling sausages 'snags'
6. Chain-smoking grandpas
7. Budget cheese platters
8. Gifting 'fast fashion' presents
9. Wine from a box
10. Backyard cricket with no shoes on
11. Novelty aprons
12. Tacky decorations

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 07:01 [Preview] No.792264 del
Bad Santa (2003), the story of a drunken santa and a midget and one of the gilmour girls, will be on in 1 hour - https://cytu.be/r/womboflix

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 07:02 [Preview] No.792265 del
(14.92 KB 500x281 bad_santa-0.jpg)
oops, forgot the image

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 07:03 [Preview] No.792266 del
one look at the ausneets christmas tree should make it obvious we are of a different social class to these bogans

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 07:04 [Preview] No.792267 del
THere is nothing wrong with jatz and cubed cheddar or homemade trifle using jam rolls and jelly. Or snag.s.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 07:08 [Preview] No.792268 del
I am unfamiliar with this term 'fast fashion'.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 07:12 [Preview] No.792269 del
Too many nasty neets today, why do they do it?

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 07:13 [Preview] No.792270 del
>There are hundreds of online fashion stores currently replicating recent trends and mass-producing them at a low cost, usually making them in large overseas warehouses and paying their employees very low wages. Highly frowned upon, and yet very popular.
>The upper class amongst us are now embracing sustainable fashion - gifting fine vintage clothing. The bogans amongst us are waiting by the post for their 'three tops for $20' delivery.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 07:14 [Preview] No.792271 del
Wish I'd been raised and trained by a secret clan of master ninjas

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 07:15 [Preview] No.792272 del
It's overrated, NEET.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 07:20 [Preview] No.792273 del
You would have been a great ninja.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 07:20 [Preview] No.792274 del
With rice.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 07:20 [Preview] No.792275 del
They kicked me out when I gained weight and kept making the floorboards squeak.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 07:22 [Preview] No.792276 del
(66.34 KB 1024x768 fat_ninja.jpg)

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 07:23 [Preview] No.792277 del
I look forward to re-learning about the three B's.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 07:24 [Preview] No.792278 del
Enjoy your feed.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 07:26 [Preview] No.792279 del
Probably tasty once you rescue them from that fatty render

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 07:26 [Preview] No.792280 del
He would get a cool chink name like Big yon fat.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 07:27 [Preview] No.792281 del
(2.04 MB 1179x737 b.png)
Merry Christmas NEETs I hope you are all having a good day.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 07:27 [Preview] No.792282 del
Thanks, Holmes. You too.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 07:28 [Preview] No.792283 del
Thanks 10k, you too.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 07:36 [Preview] No.792284 del
I hope Davo had a nice lunch and the drunk driver in the area last night wasn't near their house.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 07:38 [Preview] No.792285 del
Crack is the gift that keeps on giving all year round.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 07:38 [Preview] No.792286 del
Merry Cringemass ya filthy animal

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 07:38 [Preview] No.792287 del
https://youtube.com/watch?v=CWxepj3AZYM [Embed]

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 07:39 [Preview] No.792288 del
possum told me my garlic bread was in another castle once

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 07:40 [Preview] No.792289 del
might start smoking mef to help me be more productive and get a job next year

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 07:41 [Preview] No.792290 del
I just slapped a kid at this barbecue. I hope this action doesn't reverberate throughout the course our lives, forcing us to examine our choices with a critical lens.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 07:42 [Preview] No.792291 del
Slap him again

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 07:44 [Preview] No.792292 del
(104.91 KB 684x643 MOGGED.jpg)

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 07:46 [Preview] No.792293 del
(98.25 KB 839x1022 way of the world.jpg)
Gaol awaits the likes of (You). Make it your new year resolution to set up a commisary account already.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 07:47 [Preview] No.792294 del
I just felt a strange reverberation and I was examining my choices in life with a critical lens when I realised it was just a stuck fart.
Let 'er rip and I feel fine now.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 07:50 [Preview] No.792295 del
(58.28 KB 503x810 doomsday suit.jpeg)

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 07:57 [Preview] No.792296 del
You scumbag you maggot you cheap lousy faggot

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 08:02 [Preview] No.792297 del
(10.24 KB 181x278 bad_santa2.jpeg)
Get in here neets, the movie's starting: https://cytu.be/r/womboflix

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 08:03 [Preview] No.792298 del
Only a few days until the tennis starts.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 08:04 [Preview] No.792299 del
>tfw nobody got me a negress fleshlight for christmas

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 08:08 [Preview] No.792300 del
It's under the tree.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 08:08 [Preview] No.792301 del
You were naughty this year. Only once, but santa never forgets, and he never forgives.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 08:10 [Preview] No.792302 del
Only one(1) day until the cricket starts.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 08:11 [Preview] No.792303 del
Peeeace selllllssss

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 08:13 [Preview] No.792304 del
Just give piss a chance

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 08:18 [Preview] No.792305 del
(358.87 KB 1074x1011 Salvos.jpg)

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 08:19 [Preview] No.792306 del

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 08:19 [Preview] No.792307 del
That lump of coal is not for sexual, NEET.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 08:20 [Preview] No.792308 del

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 08:23 [Preview] No.792309 del
Do you get the whole bottle of goon?

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 08:24 [Preview] No.792310 del
One neet got a cum rag

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 08:26 [Preview] No.792311 del
It was a used cumrag

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 08:27 [Preview] No.792312 del
Usually you use fresh coriander but I had to use seeds, yes it's fresh mint.

NEET 12/25/2023 (Mon) 08:28 [Preview] No.792313 del
Can it be a cumrag if nobody has cum on it yet?