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(4.73 KB 276x183 knuckleyoung.gif)
A Secure Smartphone Knuckle 01/02/2018 (Tue) 03:38:31 [Preview] No. 12129 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Been collecting all I can find on how to make a truly secure cellphone that doesn't leak one's private data daily. Figure it's time to share my findings and collaborate with others for even more insight. Will continue adding as long as this thread remains on topic and doesn't get sidetracked.
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Anonymous 01/02/2018 (Tue) 14:48:38 [Preview] No.12148 del
1) you write like a 13 year-old nigger, though you've made pretty lengthy texts. Get a look at spellckecker highlights sometimes, kay?
2) Your wall of text posesses little to no value. I would consider this post as low effort even for cuckchan or 8ddit. You explain obvious things as you if you see your reader a full retarded normalfag who has no prior knowledge of government surveilance, proprietary and malicious software I'm sure, everyone on end/tech/ is informed enough for this topic to be considered our baseline And if you were to accuse certain government agencies or corporations in spying, please provide direct prooflinks for new users not familiar with this topic to research into.
3) You give no actual instructions on "how to make a truly secure cellphone".
4) There are obvously only two options available: Galaxy S2 with Replicant or any other smartphone with radio chipset physically removed and libre usb wifi adapter attached instead.

Anonymous 01/02/2018 (Tue) 21:01:11 [Preview] No.12149 del
>here's hard proof
>implying you can't change the log
I'm not OP, but I too criticised him on here yesterday, and my post is gone. It can be just a bug, but I don't think so.

I'll just repeat, anyway:
>Only Linux OS's remains as being uncompromised
No. Not even close.
Android is based on linux kernel, but it has many Google proprietary code. Also, vendors requires blob drivers to run on hardware.
And... no, Linux is not the only free system, look more.

OP, you started a thread about "how to make" a secure smartphone, but ended with not actual content. Too much text for no content.
We don't want to be rude, but maybe your text will be more appreciated on 4/g/ than here.
You can't have a personal tracking device (aka smartphones) on your pocket all day and get privacy. You have a geolocalization tool with you everywhere. Even efforts like the Purism, CooperheadOS, PostmarketOS and LineageOS are not the solution to this problem.

Anonymous 01/03/2018 (Wed) 00:23:08 [Preview] No.12151 del
You faggots never fail to amaze me.

betamax Board owner 01/03/2018 (Wed) 02:32:12 [Preview] No.12152 del
>implying you can't change the log
Yes, I can't, no Board Owner nor Board Volunteer can. Anything I do with posts are logged and can't be removed by our side. If anything is done, it would also show up and have a permanent record in the logs. I wasn't here when the bug happened but that's just LynxChan still being buggy after all these years, and you should know that these things can still happen. Some people in /tv/ had some problems around the same time >>>/operate/8056 Perhaps there was an unreported LynxChan update or this might had been a genuine unexplained bug or exploit.

Anonymous 01/03/2018 (Wed) 03:45:22 [Preview] No.12153 del
That photo makes me so angry.

(70.59 KB 312x402 smgl.png)
Wizards Assemble! Anonymous 09/04/2017 (Mon) 10:18:13 [Preview] No. 11021 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Advanced users of GNU/Linux (and I mean advanced), remember to try Source Mage GNU/Linux. True source-based distribution, and (in contrast with Gentoo and Arch) is:
Free from obfuscated and pre-configured code.
Fully committed to GPL, uses only free software (as in freedom) in their main package.
With even the documentation licensed as FDL.
Without 3rd party patches, sensible defaults or masked packages.
Doesn't need obfuscated python libraries, only bash.
No systemd (they've implemented their own init scripts system http://sourcemage.org/Init).
Uses clean dependencies as they came from upstream developers, which by the same provides instant updates.
Can heal broken installs.
Can also use flags.

Do you like Arch Linux's AUR? Do you like Gentoo's portage (or ports-like) package manager? With SMGL's "sorcery" you get all that. Making new spells (package build files) not found in the grimoire (repository of spells) is easy http://sourcemage.org/Spell/Book

Bash hackers welcome! Come and join http://sourcemage.org/

Installing SMGL is easy, here's the simplified process:
>boot a live Ubuntu (or whatever) USB drive

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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Anonymous 12/24/2017 (Sun) 15:00:15 [Preview] No.12058 del
Is there a distro forked off this?

Anonymous 12/28/2017 (Thu) 18:44:31 [Preview] No.12093 del

Anonymous 12/29/2017 (Fri) 00:42:34 [Preview] No.12094 del
holy fucking god damn

Anonymous 12/29/2017 (Fri) 17:47:31 [Preview] No.12106 del
haha, that's not real right...

Anonymous 04/13/2018 (Fri) 08:10:43 [Preview] No.12614 del
It needs a proper installer. Only having chroot and outdated ISOs does not inspire confidence.

(137.80 KB 862x591 1514417359001.png)
Anonymous 12/27/2017 (Wed) 23:54:36 [Preview] No. 12086 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Where the fuck did technology go so wrong ?

Anonymous 12/28/2017 (Thu) 00:46:00 [Preview] No.12087 del
And no I'm talking about recent technology. I'm not looking for some Kaczynski type answer.

Anonymous 12/28/2017 (Thu) 01:33:06 [Preview] No.12088 del
Define "wrong".

The typical individual wants a simple to use and light electronic device to quickly and efficiently access their entertainment, which could be observing videos uploaded onto Youtube, conversing with other individuals on Facebook, Etcetera. Why is it that hand-held "phones" have been selling much more rapidly than laptops and desktops have been?

Anonymous 12/28/2017 (Thu) 03:14:16 [Preview] No.12090 del
(1.43 MB 3390x1920 nausicaa.jpg)
They want to make money and people are dumb and consumerist. That's a great explanation about the idiocracy in contemporary society.
And I'm not talking about jews or being against capitalism at all. I'm saying that facebook and other platforms are optimized for low cognitive load, so that any other stimuli for selling products have more convertion rate. Not just explicit ads, since today they control your news feed in a way that you don't perceive someone is trying to sell you things.
That's why they track people everywhere, they want to 'optimize' their target public to the maximum, based on behavioral analysis.
Of course, government uses it as a tool too, but most of the shit today, like the crazy widespread of dangerous ECMAScript's support on mainstream browsers and GPS turned on by default on the PTD (personal tracking device), it's all about this: money.

So, if you ask "where" it went wrong, I would probably say that humanity itself is the wrongness and the fight for self-affirmation and to feel more and more acepted and the 'special snowflake', posting pictures of their bodies on instagram, that is the real problem.
Second, I would say the urge to do things as fast as someone can, so someone can profit on it. People don't want to do the 'right' because they say it takes too much effort. They just want to go home watch netflix on his "smart TV", take his dosage of SSRI's, eat the crappy food industry makes full of carbohydrates and try to show his life is good on instagram, so he can feel less bad and continue to ignore all the bad things that is happening everywhere around.

If computing and was created to be 'right' it would be designed thinking more on essential aspects of a system (such as safety, security, reliability, etc) instead of just trying to reduce the power usage with bad and unknown microcode, lauching a new "module" to the ISA that promisses better L2 caching and then selling it for twice more money, as Apple and Sumsung/Qualcomm is doing today.

But, guess what? These people make a lot of money and the admin on imageboards can't even pay the fucking VPS.
Maybe we are too innocent and idealist for all this madness.

[sorry for grammar, I haven't proof read].

Anonymous 12/29/2017 (Fri) 01:33:54 [Preview] No.12097 del
(41.81 KB 550x490 piano.jpg)
They just wanna play piano dudes.

(33.02 KB 400x276 1.jpg)
Anonymous 12/27/2017 (Wed) 03:39:18 [Preview] No. 12075 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
>Sorting through some books and organizing other random shit
>Laptop is closed and should be on sleep mode
>Come back after a few minutes
>Fucking CPU (Core 2 DuoTM) at 227 DEGREES FAHRENHEIT for over ten minutes based on usage history
>Fan isn't turning on
>Somehow still able to navigate through the OS and normally turn off computer
>Turn computer back on and fan is working perfectly fine

What the fuck, I'm surprised how hardy this damn laptop is.
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Anonymous 12/27/2017 (Wed) 14:05:51 [Preview] No.12079 del
Yes you should. Ideally every 3 years. It doesn't matter if it's a laptop or desktop, you need conductivity for the heat sink on your CPU and GPU. I would guess it's only because the nm spacing is so high on your c2d that it didn't fry. IIRC the old p4 chips can also withstand very high heat. I would guess it's not been a problem until now because you don't put your laptop under stress or leave it on for extended periods. While you're at it I would dust your vents to prevent air flow blockage also.

Anonymous 12/27/2017 (Wed) 19:26:04 [Preview] No.12080 del
I should have also stated that reaching the heatsink to apply new thermal paste is a major pain in the ass when it comes to Thinkpads (If you don't already know, you need to remove the entire motherboard. This applies to the X60 and X200 laptops I have, I have no idea if this applies to other models...).
>Would guess it's not been a problem until now because you don't put your laptop under stress or leave it on for extended periods.
It was most likely a software-related problem, the fan didn't turn on at the time, but works perfectly, but my Thinkpad has been the subject of a strange problem recently, the laptop AC adapter connection turns off and on like a linear "beeping" and a clearly audible high pitched whine emanates from the motherboard, specifically below the CPU where there is an abundance of capacitors...
>While you're at it I would dust your vents to prevent air flow blockage also.
It gets done daily, the keyboard requires a total of four screws to be removed, and fastest measured time I have gotten it done was in eight seconds.

Anonymous 12/27/2017 (Wed) 22:14:01 [Preview] No.12082 del
Check your sysctl for acpi controls. OpenBSD may require tunning on this...
Also, as the other anon said, clean the laptop. Over the years it becomes with so many dust that you can't even pass air through it. And the thermal paste, of course (don't need to buy these expensive silver paste, just the simple one will do the job, unless you try overclocking or other dumb shit).

Anonymous 12/27/2017 (Wed) 23:06:17 [Preview] No.12085 del
>don't need to buy these expensive silver paste, just the simple one will do the job
This irks me because there are multiple companies that manufacture and sell thermal pastes and each claims that their "PATENTED TECHNOLOGY SILVER-INFUSED SUPER THERMAL PASTE 3000 GAMER-GRADE" is better than the others on the shelf without giving an ingredient composition list, and you end up needing to rely on experimentation by others to determine which thermal paste is suitable for your application, but then you realize there are multiple variables that go into these tests and that 1 degree difference could have been due to an external factor, and you don't trust the generic paste because that small tag with mandarin written on it makes you suspicious. This same concept applies to other products.
>unless you try overclocking or other dumb shit
Only when I want to run a software application on one of my older computers to escape the analytical botnet and other garbage, the fan always stays on the highest setting when the CPU is overclocked, and my dedicated calculations computer is cooled via refrigeration.

Autistic rant because fuck corporations that don't strive to manufacture products that are the best in the competition for the money.

Anonymous 12/28/2017 (Thu) 03:19:38 [Preview] No.12091 del
C2D processors have built-in throttling, they will decrease everything in order to cool down when reaching junction temps. Unless something is broken, it won't die and turn on fire.

(525.71 KB 1920x1080 xsnow.png)
Desktop Thread - Christmas edition Anonymous 12/23/2017 (Sat) 14:03:28 [Preview] No. 12048 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Merry fucking Christmas.
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Anonymous 12/27/2017 (Wed) 01:58:33 [Preview] No.12072 del
So Google then.

Anonymous 12/27/2017 (Wed) 03:22:13 [Preview] No.12073 del
I agree whole heartedly.
that's actually really interesting dude

Anonymous 12/27/2017 (Wed) 20:30:35 [Preview] No.12081 del
(896.35 KB 1280x800 yo.png)

Anonymous 12/27/2017 (Wed) 22:20:31 [Preview] No.12083 del
Nice. What is that fish thing in the corner?

Anonymous 12/28/2017 (Thu) 02:51:21 [Preview] No.12089 del
its some kind of animating panel that defaults to a fish in lm mate
funny thing is i made two instances of the panel and made them animate in sync and i cant move it so it just sits in the corner now

Art Thread: The Mechanics Of Shape Anonymous 12/22/2017 (Fri) 07:30:19 [Preview] No. 12033 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
I just now realized that wireframes are basically a type of crosshatching, and it struck me as something exceedingly elegant. I would say more but I'm at loss for words (literally, because English has corrupted all its succinct terms for graphical drawing, and most its terms for sculpture), so I'll just leave it there. There's something beautful about how systematic generation of shape functions.

Anonymous 12/22/2017 (Fri) 16:01:17 [Preview] No.12035 del
(118.84 KB 776x489 1.png)
(36.74 KB 338x313 2.jpg)
>2nd pic
That's a quadrilateral mesh, nobody uses those because people suck.

Anonymous 12/27/2017 (Wed) 22:58:29 [Preview] No.12084 del
Would you care to elaborate?

(33.02 KB 400x276 1.jpg)
Anonymous 12/27/2017 (Wed) 03:38:27 [Preview] No. 12074 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
>Sorting through some books and organizing other random shit
>Laptop is closed and should be on sleep mode
>Come back after a few minutes
>Fucking CPU (Core 2 DuoTM) at 227 DEGREES FAHRENHEIT for over ten minutes based on usage history
>Fan isn't turning on
>Somehow still able to navigate through the OS and normally turn off computer
>Turn computer back on and fan is working perfectly fine

What the fuck, I'm surprised how hardy this damn laptop is.

(120.75 KB 800x600 238-1.jpg)
(165.12 KB 1280x1024 6330-1.jpg)
(70.51 KB 640x480 9105-1.jpg)
(177.19 KB 1280x1024 13631-1.jpg)
(155.44 KB 1280x1024 48086-1.jpeg)
Anonymous 10/01/2017 (Sun) 15:38:23 [Preview] No. 11433 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Following a suggestion from a painfully autistic (although well intentioned) user posting on /tech and /operate, this board now has a desktop thread.

Show off your desktops, phones, ricing, rigs and stations here.

Anyone posting must also offer advice to others and help the beginners.

To honour the tradition the desktops in this post are all over ten years old.
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Anonymous 12/25/2017 (Mon) 07:06:37 [Preview] No.12061 del

Anonymous Board owner 12/25/2017 (Mon) 11:34:23 [Preview] No.12062 del
Rule 4: No spam or posts without meaningful content.

Anonymous Board owner 12/25/2017 (Mon) 12:05:52 [Preview] No.12063 del
I know there's two desktop threads but the Christmas Edition is okay and can double as a general Christmas thread. This thread can stay as long as there's actual content instead of no effort posting and bumping that serves no real purpose. Bumping is kinda allowed as long as it's not low or no effort posts, though discouraged when abused. Rule 4 had existed prior to me becoming the current BO.

Anonymous 12/26/2017 (Tue) 07:52:22 [Preview] No.12067 del
>Rule 4: No spam or posts without meaningful content.
>posts without meaningful content
The vast majority of posts on /tech/ are in violation of that rule.

Anonymous 12/26/2017 (Tue) 08:03:39 [Preview] No.12069 del
Good thing you're not a mod

Wishlist for hardware that probably doesn't exist Anonymous 11/07/2017 (Tue) 20:47:25 [Preview] No. 11719 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
all I want for christmas is a keyboard like Psion 5 that writes plain ASCII into memory and is easy to import onto other devices.
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Anonymous 12/21/2017 (Thu) 10:47:00 [Preview] No.12026 del
I will say this for apple, whoever designs their boards really takes pride in their work.

Keyboard Cowboy 12/21/2017 (Thu) 10:58:27 [Preview] No.12027 del
(909.49 KB 3251x1829 hitbit.jpg)
An MSX-style deck with modern Intel mobile workstation CPU, Nvidia GPU and Virtual Reality goggles.

Anonymous 12/21/2017 (Thu) 11:04:34 [Preview] No.12028 del
>modern Intel mobile workstation CPU, Nvidia GPU and Virtual Reality goggles
What a horrible way to ruin a nice idea, kys.

Anonymous 12/21/2017 (Thu) 11:16:38 [Preview] No.12029 del
The VR meme is really starting to get to me. Is it really VR or a Wii/Kenect with goggles? You have one guess.

Anonymous 12/21/2017 (Thu) 11:22:43 [Preview] No.12030 del
What else is able to support high-resolution binocular graphics? 45W mobile intels are pretty good and can be compared to non-K desktop i7 line.

Ripping audio from a game? Anonymous 12/16/2017 (Sat) 01:22:00 [Preview] No. 11947 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
I'm thinking of ripping the audio from an executable so I can translate an eroge and then rebuild the visual novel. What tools could I use to capture the audio?
4 posts and 1 image omitted.

Anonymous 12/20/2017 (Wed) 13:10:24 [Preview] No.12010 del
TrID/32 - File Identifier v2.02 - (C) 2003-06 By M.Pontello
Definitions found: 2641

Collecting data from file: C:\test\Succubus_Lolika.exe
34.8% (.EXE) InstallShield setup (43050/17/16)
33.6% (.EXE) Win32 EXE PECompact compressed (generic) (41569/9/9)
11.8% (.EXE) Win32 Executable Delphi generic (14687/80/4)
8.5% (.EXE) Win32 Executable Generic (10527/13/4)
6.1% (.DLL) Win32 Dynamic Link Library (generic) (7600/42/2)

It's not an installshield extractable, there is no cab in there I'm pretty sure. I think it's made using PECompact, looking for something to extract it now. It also seems to have a copy of Locale Emulator stuck in there(I think), that leads me to assume it's been bundled like this for foreigners. I tried finding an original unpacked japanese copy of the game but with no luck. It says it's made by "HUMANBALANCE ltd" but can't find anything. Any more info?

Anonymous 12/20/2017 (Wed) 13:44:51 [Preview] No.12011 del
I think this is the only tool for it, but there is some odd question for signup, no idea what it's encoded in so can't think how to decode.

Anonymous 12/20/2017 (Wed) 14:02:08 [Preview] No.12012 del
Actually scrap all that, just tried a bunch of PEUnpack tools and it's not working. Not sure what to do now.

Anonymous 12/21/2017 (Thu) 01:19:19 [Preview] No.12015 del
Well thanks for giving it a shot. If push comes to shove I can give up on extracting the audio, and always record the tracks manually with some fidelity loss. I think there are only about 21 of them that I would need to record anyway; one full playthrough for each page plus the title.

Anonymous 12/21/2017 (Thu) 03:46:40 [Preview] No.12017 del
The art style looks painfully familiar. Something from a WikiHow article to be honest.