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You will learn to lick it, and never forget her name.

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NEET General #804 - Genius Edition NEET 02/18/2024 (Sun) 13:22 [Preview] No. 817507
Would you NEETs consider yourselves to be one of history's greatest minds?
How well do you acquit yourself on Twitter Spaces?

Old thread: >>816538

NEET 02/18/2024 (Sun) 13:35 [Preview] No.817508 del
(40.70 KB 615x768 tADbiVyCcdBQzZl9.jpeg)
Very nice Pepe ;-) o7

Have a blessed day and week NEET Bros!

NEET 02/18/2024 (Sun) 18:11 [Preview] No.817515 del
2 men enter
3 men leave

NEET 02/18/2024 (Sun) 20:58 [Preview] No.817522 del

NEET 02/18/2024 (Sun) 22:11 [Preview] No.817540 del
Thanks o7

NEET 02/18/2024 (Sun) 22:11 [Preview] No.817541 del

NEET 02/18/2024 (Sun) 22:23 [Preview] No.817545 del
Nuro was alright, once.

NEET 02/18/2024 (Sun) 22:28 [Preview] No.817550 del
turns out, amazon is pretty pricey.

NEET 02/18/2024 (Sun) 22:48 [Preview] No.817556 del
Convenience of speed at a cost. Always best to shop around and wait for their sale days to bulk buy.

NEET 02/18/2024 (Sun) 22:50 [Preview] No.817557 del
Something arrived. What is it?

NEET 02/18/2024 (Sun) 22:53 [Preview] No.817558 del
>10 hrs ago

NEET 02/18/2024 (Sun) 22:55 [Preview] No.817559 del
Does it smell of spars?

NEET 02/18/2024 (Sun) 22:57 [Preview] No.817560 del
Gook woman?

NEET 02/18/2024 (Sun) 22:59 [Preview] No.817561 del
Good guess! How'd you know?

NEET 02/18/2024 (Sun) 23:01 [Preview] No.817562 del
(74.72 KB 960x960 depressed.jpg)
>tfw you don't feel like doing anything

NEET 02/18/2024 (Sun) 23:02 [Preview] No.817563 del
(164.17 KB 1280x960 img_ 4392.jpg)
Weber i took this infrared thermometer apart because it needed batteries and now it wont work. The lcd display isnt soldered in its just sitting on some contacts. What is the fuck? I cant afford another one off amazon.

NEET 02/18/2024 (Sun) 23:04 [Preview] No.817564 del
Shouldn't have taken it apart.

NEET 02/18/2024 (Sun) 23:05 [Preview] No.817565 del
i just changed the batteries and it wouldnt turn on, fugg.

NEET 02/18/2024 (Sun) 23:06 [Preview] No.817566 del
Hole mark on top. Cheeky woman wanted more air.

NEET 02/18/2024 (Sun) 23:12 [Preview] No.817567 del
I posted about how I saw a meteor /fireball last night and noone commented.
It was over Elizabeth and one of the most incredible things I've seen.
Looked like paper being burnt with a lighter, where the lighter is behind it (the sky).
I think it might've been a satellite but I'm not sure where to ask. Most links are for US shit.

NEET 02/18/2024 (Sun) 23:16 [Preview] No.817568 del
its going in the bin I cant fix it easily, Its just a waste of time at this point and I have two other thermometers but they are not as good. FUgg

NEET 02/18/2024 (Sun) 23:26 [Preview] No.817569 del
>over Elizabeth and one of the most incredible things I've seen.
You could feel that it special and attracted by all the culture.

>Looked like paper being burnt with a lighter
It whizzed by.

NEET 02/18/2024 (Sun) 23:27 [Preview] No.817570 del
Goddam why can't this hassle happen to someone else? FML

NEET 02/18/2024 (Sun) 23:40 [Preview] No.817571 del
(189.37 KB 1024x862 sweet.jpg)
Its all rigged with winners like cruisey and nuro at the top and the rest of us work for them.

NEET 02/18/2024 (Sun) 23:50 [Preview] No.817572 del
It was like a giants explosion

NEET 02/18/2024 (Sun) 23:50 [Preview] No.817573 del
It’s an office chair !
Image won’t upload

NEET 02/18/2024 (Sun) 23:57 [Preview] No.817574 del
Hapi has a chunky body with big man tiddies.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 00:04 [Preview] No.817575 del
I saw Cruisey helping hisself to the free coffee in the Volvo dealership in Parkside, once.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 00:08 [Preview] No.817576 del
(47.15 KB 568x702 wakanda forever.jpg)

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 00:09 [Preview] No.817578 del
What were you doing in a Volvo dealership? Can you really afford a Volvo?

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 00:10 [Preview] No.817579 del
I'm sorry, I was asleep.
You didn't make it sound as good as it was.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 00:12 [Preview] No.817580 del
Very nice. Very fancy.

Where are the arm rests?

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 00:14 [Preview] No.817581 del
Yeah nah i was having a geez waiting for the lights in my hilux, looking thru the dealership window at the faggots buying hybrid normie movers and this one non-white slim jim stuck out cos he was wearing a shirt no tie buttoned up the neck and yellow ray ban aviators. It was cruisey and he was slurping from a keep cup with a handle and he put thing on the roof of a fagmobile and a shoulders the sales chud with a neck twice his size immediately came up to him, and crusey like grabs the cup off the roof. It was kek and cringe at the same time.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 00:14 [Preview] No.817582 del
Sky clogger.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 00:15 [Preview] No.817583 del
Fancy chair NEET.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 00:15 [Preview] No.817584 del
Sounds like Cruisey.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 00:21 [Preview] No.817585 del
>he was slurping from a keep cup with a handle
What type of coffee?

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 00:23 [Preview] No.817586 del
Dealership grade

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 00:27 [Preview] No.817587 del
You are a good NEET. o7

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 00:37 [Preview] No.817588 del
I have received three texts from people asking about a car for sale on gumtree. And now some woman just phoned asking about it.
Someone has used my phone number on their ad.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 00:39 [Preview] No.817589 del
Sorry mate, thought you wouldn't mind. Could you write down the offer amounts and contact numbers for me? Thanks.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 00:45 [Preview] No.817590 del
I don’t like them so I didn’t put them on. I like to fold my leg and sit on it.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 00:46 [Preview] No.817591 del
>tfw no NEET secretary

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 00:46 [Preview] No.817592 del
Could it be some sort of scam?

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 00:47 [Preview] No.817593 del
>fold my leg and sit on it.
Skellie privilege.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 00:50 [Preview] No.817594 del
Probably wrong number more likely if they aren't asking for personal information.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 00:52 [Preview] No.817595 del
Macciato latte with pumpkin spice

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 00:52 [Preview] No.817596 del
I’m 90kg. Also I found this sick praying mantis

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 00:55 [Preview] No.817597 del
Accidentally put a second mint in my gob so wiped it off and sat it on a clean bit of the red bin. One of the flies loves it. Greedy little cunt. That fresh zing of the new blue side.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 00:55 [Preview] No.817598 del
That is a nice mantis.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 00:56 [Preview] No.817599 del
That is low BMI for ausneets.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 00:56 [Preview] No.817600 del
A run of bad luck on the chinaman can fell even the mightiest of bossmen

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 00:56 [Preview] No.817601 del
A fucking fireball

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 00:58 [Preview] No.817602 del
>That fresh zing of the new blue side.
He craves it!

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 01:00 [Preview] No.817603 del
>yellow ray ban aviators. It was cruisey
Chortled, killer
>put thing on the roof of a fagmobile

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 01:01 [Preview] No.817604 del
They should make parcel delivery drivers have air conditioned vans and trucks.
On hot days sometimes you will get a parcel that feels like it has been given two minutes in the Mike Lando with no paper towels.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 01:01 [Preview] No.817605 del
Tell them to meet you at Dans in 45 minutes.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 01:06 [Preview] No.817606 del
For $30 something an hour I'd employ monks mum to do it and she could pay him cash in hand for his time. $15 ph is what he's worth, with access to the Pepsi fridge fill up at own expense reoccurring fantasies where we discuss nsw staff turnover and how much monk is fucking up on the printer when he scans documents in upside down.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 01:14 [Preview] No.817607 del
Another call about that fucking car.
I asked this one to message the guy and tell him he has the wrong phone number on his ad.
Hopefully he changes it. But if it is some sort of scam ad maybe he won't care.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 01:43 [Preview] No.817608 del
Volvos aren't ghay. They're pretty good cars and I look cool in them.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 01:46 [Preview] No.817609 del
I would not mind having a volvo.
I like the old style ones that have a bit of a weird shape.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 01:57 [Preview] No.817610 del
(74.10 KB 1200x1200 vovo.jpg)
wouldn't mind having a vovo

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 01:58 [Preview] No.817611 del
Why would you get a volvo when you could have saab instead?

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 02:07 [Preview] No.817612 del
Good Afternoon NEETs

You guys now got me onto the pepper pies. There is no returning from this flavoutown.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 02:09 [Preview] No.817613 del
Isn't it difficult to get parts for them in Australia?

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 02:09 [Preview] No.817614 del
>Thinking about getting a pepper pie for lunch now that all the alpha neets are into them.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 02:15 [Preview] No.817615 del
everyone looks cool in them that's why they're volvos

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 02:16 [Preview] No.817616 del
Good afternoon Based One.
German bakery pepper pie?

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 02:17 [Preview] No.817617 del
European cars are expensive to service and repair.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 02:17 [Preview] No.817618 del
The fancy pepper pies have green whole peppercorns in them.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 02:18 [Preview] No.817619 del
SAAB doesn't have a sports version of the hybrid convertible SUV. Why shouldn't I have some of the trappings of success? I'm a smart guy and I work hard, I'm popular with the herders.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 02:19 [Preview] No.817620 del
I had that happen once.
If it's consumable or valuable item provide some feedback.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 02:19 [Preview] No.817621 del
One star racist google review?

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 02:20 [Preview] No.817622 del
>I'm popular with the herders
They gossip about you behind your back.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 02:22 [Preview] No.817623 del
(198.42 KB 2048x1409 ali-g.webp)
yellow sunglasses give any man that touch of elegance

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 02:27 [Preview] No.817624 del
garn drive around bakeries until I find a pepper pie, you neets want me to pick you up anything?

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 02:27 [Preview] No.817625 del
A kit-kat pie and a sausage roll please (no sauce).

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 02:27 [Preview] No.817626 del
It was from Amazon and they provided the feedback back to the courier.
They also refused to bring it to the door and I had to tell them to bring it closer like they were going to dump it near a sidewalk and leave.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 02:28 [Preview] No.817627 del
Nuro took me to see Flavortown but it was just downtown Sodiumville with MSG's and hot sauce everywhere you looked, once

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 02:29 [Preview] No.817628 del
Matching high heels would be better.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 02:29 [Preview] No.817629 del
Carrying your own package to the front door would be good exercise for you neet.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 02:30 [Preview] No.817630 del
Maybe we can get cruisey to watch ali g with us sometime instead of woody allen. Jewish comedians are pretty much interchangeable.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 02:30 [Preview] No.817631 del
Grass clippings?

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 02:31 [Preview] No.817632 del
I dragged it in.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 02:35 [Preview] No.817633 del
Angry again. I looked at reddit and got triggered by their stupidity. I need to stop going on the internet except for here.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 02:36 [Preview] No.817634 del
yeah, it was the last pie they had left on friday, so i said whatever. Ate on saturday and it was a taste sensation had another one thismorning.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 02:39 [Preview] No.817635 del
Pepper pies are a gateway drug.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 02:42 [Preview] No.817636 del
Gross and old.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 02:43 [Preview] No.817637 del
His culinary taste is akin to that of an American nigger.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 02:47 [Preview] No.817638 del
There is absolutely nothing wrong with putting a bakery pie in the fridge and micowaving it for brekkie the next day. FACT !

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 02:49 [Preview] No.817639 del
(764.16 KB 1536x2048 IMG_5514.jpeg)
>hot sauce

I have been smashing this lately. You can get it from woolies. Give it a go.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 02:51 [Preview] No.817640 del
What's it like rubbed into your penis? Asking for a mate.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 02:54 [Preview] No.817641 del
You might have to wait till Thursday for an answer.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 02:54 [Preview] No.817642 del
Can I put pepper on a normal pie and fit in?

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 02:55 [Preview] No.817643 del
I'm more of a Renault man.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 02:56 [Preview] No.817644 del
At the commune heat rub, chillis and hot sauces will be banned to help prevent penis injuries to the neets.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 02:56 [Preview] No.817645 del
The dictator was pretty good

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 02:57 [Preview] No.817646 del
Typing up a story.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 02:57 [Preview] No.817647 del
(455.16 KB 480x396 no.gif)

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 02:58 [Preview] No.817648 del
Erotic story?

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 02:58 [Preview] No.817649 del
Might have a touch of my penis.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 02:59 [Preview] No.817650 del
There have been a couple of occasions where Motherbat has gotten me a pie on her travels and come home with it and been all "they didn't have any [expletive] pepper pies, just cut the lid off and sprinkle pepper in there".

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 03:00 [Preview] No.817651 del
Wash your hands afterwards please.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 03:00 [Preview] No.817652 del
Ball chutney is what you're looking for

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 03:02 [Preview] No.817653 del
You are the expert.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 03:02 [Preview] No.817654 del
vile goyslop
Tiffin would be ashamed of you.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 03:05 [Preview] No.817655 del
(600.33 KB 750x1000 IMG_5029.png)
COPE and SEETHJE you hovellyfe bitx

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 03:05 [Preview] No.817656 del

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 03:06 [Preview] No.817657 del
Yeah i heard it wasnt actually made in byron bay.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 03:06 [Preview] No.817658 del
Women will never understand

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 03:08 [Preview] No.817659 del
I am looking forward to it.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 03:08 [Preview] No.817660 del
I don't understand why webby felt the need to protect us from motherbat's expletive.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 03:09 [Preview] No.817661 del
She should not use unladlylike language. Very coarse.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 03:11 [Preview] No.817662 del
That's disgusting. Soggy pies are gross.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 03:11 [Preview] No.817663 del
Ok, paid all my bills, woe'd and mentally exhausted and broke, but at least I'm no longer in debt.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 03:12 [Preview] No.817664 del
it's usually just bloody

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 03:12 [Preview] No.817665 del
Keegz has low standards.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 03:13 [Preview] No.817666 del
Going to drop a monstrous explosive shit. Gas masks on standby, neets.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 03:14 [Preview] No.817667 del
All those years living in Lizbef had an effect on her.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 03:14 [Preview] No.817668 del
I do the same thing.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 03:14 [Preview] No.817669 del
(241.24 KB 959x936 toilet.jpg)
>Gas masks
Oh, we're going to enjoy this one.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 03:16 [Preview] No.817670 del
Nigga i am sleeping in on the weekend and aint fucking driving anywhere to get a goddamn pepper pie ! FFS.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 03:17 [Preview] No.817671 del
(198.40 KB 817x480 1695186744415549.png)

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 03:18 [Preview] No.817672 del
Microwaved pies are fine.
I used to load up the dinner plate with four at a time. Ten minutes on high if frozen. Four minutes if fresh.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 03:25 [Preview] No.817673 del
How many paper towels?

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 03:26 [Preview] No.817674 del

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 03:27 [Preview] No.817675 del
(1.47 MB 1686x1121 sa.png)

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 03:32 [Preview] No.817676 del
>four at a time
I want you to be my chef at the neet compound

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 03:55 [Preview] No.817677 del
Microwaved pies are only acceptable if you are eating the woolies trash that are camel snouts and filler. Actually nice pies should not be microwaved.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 03:56 [Preview] No.817678 del
Wrong flag. Sorry.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 03:56 [Preview] No.817679 del
(98.52 KB 1200x1200 pepper.jpg)
What do neets think of this? 10 minutes in the microwave with some paper towels?

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 03:56 [Preview] No.817680 del
Its okay to mike a frozen pie and then finish it off in the turbo.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 03:58 [Preview] No.817681 del
please to tell me how many minutes in the tandoor?

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 03:58 [Preview] No.817682 del
Yeah, but that isn't what we are talking about.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 03:59 [Preview] No.817683 del
Out of feed. Woe.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 04:00 [Preview] No.817684 del

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 04:00 [Preview] No.817685 del
Motherbat put the box of apricot weetbix bites, a 175g bag of chicken chips, two scorched peanut bars, and a box of pepper jatz in with my stuff this morning.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 04:03 [Preview] No.817686 del
Sounds good.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 04:07 [Preview] No.817687 del
Anyone got an air fryer?

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 04:08 [Preview] No.817688 del
I miss the egg and bacon pies aldi used to sell.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 04:09 [Preview] No.817689 del
They are the same price as the Mrs Mac's ones.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 04:10 [Preview] No.817690 del

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 04:10 [Preview] No.817691 del
(25.20 KB 300x300 god_boy_box.jpg)
a good morning tea

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 04:12 [Preview] No.817692 del
Cruisey has but he doesn't clean it.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 04:15 [Preview] No.817693 del
You can tell a lot about a man from how he treats his air fryer. I bet he never cleans his penis either.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 04:15 [Preview] No.817694 del
Are they good? I heard they can cook oven food faster

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 04:15 [Preview] No.817695 del
I need to buy some mulk and block cheese tomorrow

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 04:15 [Preview] No.817696 del
5 minutes vs 20 minutes to warm up
and about 75% of the cooking time

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 04:16 [Preview] No.817697 del
For some things, yeah they are pretty good. A big part of why they got big imo is that yanks rarely have actual ovens.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 04:16 [Preview] No.817698 del
They're self cleaning devices

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 04:16 [Preview] No.817699 del
That is a good Pepe.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 04:16 [Preview] No.817700 del
Capacity tends to suck in an air fryer though

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 04:16 [Preview] No.817701 del
What do you think happens to the oil and fat and crumbs and stuff?

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 04:17 [Preview] No.817702 del
What oil and crumbs?

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 04:18 [Preview] No.817703 del
You're in for a surprise at some point

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 04:18 [Preview] No.817704 del
The big eight litre ones can fit a whole chicken or pork roast.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 04:19 [Preview] No.817705 del
Stroadniggers crumbs

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 04:19 [Preview] No.817706 del
Don't you use that to fry bread with?

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 04:19 [Preview] No.817707 del
Mine is only good for about 3 tendies side by side without touching.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 04:24 [Preview] No.817708 del
so long as the balls don't touch

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 04:30 [Preview] No.817709 del
Time for an upgrade.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 04:38 [Preview] No.817710 del
the smart move is to put the bakery pie in the freezer and then mike it and then turbo it.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 04:40 [Preview] No.817711 del

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 04:41 [Preview] No.817712 del

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 04:45 [Preview] No.817713 del
Wigging out hard.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 04:50 [Preview] No.817714 del
You're making a spectacle of yourself.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 04:51 [Preview] No.817715 del
shamefur dispray

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 05:01 [Preview] No.817716 del
I hate how nasty the people on whirlpool are. I don't have an account so they aren't being nasty to me but there seems to be lots of snobby people that look down on people that make slight mistakes or are just unlucky.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 05:03 [Preview] No.817717 del
I think Joslin was banned from there or she should join.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 05:06 [Preview] No.817718 del
Got banned.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 05:08 [Preview] No.817719 del
I clicked on a thread out of curiosity and someone who got a psych degree but failed to make it into masters to become a clinical psychologist was asking for career advice. The people replying were saying they should give up on life and just work for mcdonald's or boasting about their high GPAs in their social science/psych degrees. They seem like a bunch of retards.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 05:13 [Preview] No.817720 del
They are a bunch of retards.
Lying retards too.
Read enough threads and you'll see they all claim to earn $200k+ a year, drive the fanciest cars, above average height, dick size, etc etc

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 05:15 [Preview] No.817721 del
Gonna write a horror movie about a compound of neets in the bush being hunted by a half man/half possum monster. Trying to decide who should be the final neet surviving.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 05:16 [Preview] No.817722 del
Joslin_McCormick2 one day

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 05:21 [Preview] No.817723 del
I want one of the cast to be wearing workout tight shorts and eating a leg of ham off the bone.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 05:29 [Preview] No.817724 del
sweaty benis

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 05:33 [Preview] No.817725 del
That sounds like good sport, actually.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 05:33 [Preview] No.817726 del
daddy's medicine arrived

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 05:34 [Preview] No.817727 del
> eating a leg of ham off the bone
I could do that bit.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 05:35 [Preview] No.817728 del
no, you're being cast as the ham

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 05:38 [Preview] No.817729 del

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 05:38 [Preview] No.817730 del
10 pack of hard solo

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 05:55 [Preview] No.817733 del
(877.21 KB 860x771 1583220815503.png)
Not sure how to articulate how I feel but it isn't good.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 06:00 [Preview] No.817734 del
Perhaps you only have a bit of wind, get one of the other NEETs to burp you and see if that makes you feel better.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 06:04 [Preview] No.817735 del
Thats not real medicine.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 06:04 [Preview] No.817736 del
And you're the bone

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 06:06 [Preview] No.817737 del
Ready for me to get inside you?

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 06:08 [Preview] No.817738 del
It would be the retarded neet that never spoke for the whole thing. Like in that Cube movie.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 06:09 [Preview] No.817739 del
What's the collective noun for whirlpool users?

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 06:10 [Preview] No.817740 del
Bro is just like... be cool neet

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 06:10 [Preview] No.817741 del
a retirement home?

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 06:10 [Preview] No.817742 del
Do you have BEANS?

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 06:15 [Preview] No.817743 del
when you get paid just buy like 30 bucks of pasta and you'll never run out

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 06:25 [Preview] No.817744 del
you still need a jar of sauce or tinned tomatos or something

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 06:26 [Preview] No.817745 del
I used to make a low carb red pasta sauce and zip seal bag individual serves and freeze it.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 06:29 [Preview] No.817746 del
Just raw dog it. Better than starving. I still starve anyway so it's not like I should be giving advice.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 06:32 [Preview] No.817747 del
>I still starve anyway
Go to a food bank or charity like the NEETs who used their Cenno for goon or choof instead.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 06:41 [Preview] No.817748 del
We need a goon bank, and a free choof charity for families in need.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 06:42 [Preview] No.817749 del
UMM PTY LTD could play an important role.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 06:50 [Preview] No.817750 del
We need one of the smart ones to become and OT to give fake inflated budgets to neets and then rip off ndis through UMM PTY

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 06:51 [Preview] No.817751 del
had a afghan kebab toasted roll thingo

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 06:53 [Preview] No.817752 del
(864.64 KB 888x836 F5bXqG8b0AADfek.png)
Feel a lot better this afternoon. A ham roll with lots of salad with two bits of fruit for lunch and a brisk 45 minute walk has healed me for now.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 06:53 [Preview] No.817753 del
do we have two airbed neets now?

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 06:56 [Preview] No.817754 del
Good to hear.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 06:57 [Preview] No.817755 del
I wish NEETs would not post random photos like that without giving any context.
I don't think that is his bed but you can't be sure.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 07:00 [Preview] No.817756 del
just two neets sharing the one air bed

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 07:00 [Preview] No.817757 del
The parcel postie did not leave my package as he was authorised to do. The tracking says it was not suitable to do so.
It is fair enough - I live in a bad home area and it would have been visible and accessible from the street - but I was home at the time and he never knocks loudly enough for me to hear. People do not understand that their knock has to be able to be heard throughout the house. A little tap is not enough.
I had to drive to the ghetto post office to collect it.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 07:01 [Preview] No.817758 del
I would love to have a bedroom that clean

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 07:06 [Preview] No.817759 del

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 07:13 [Preview] No.817760 del
Another failed turbo

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 07:15 [Preview] No.817761 del
Cruisey has not mentioned a rub and tug for a while.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 07:21 [Preview] No.817762 del
He has had so many it has been worn off.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 07:23 [Preview] No.817763 del
The crum is gone but the oil stain remains?

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 07:24 [Preview] No.817764 del
Just abandon it, the postie is judging your absent mindedness.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 07:27 [Preview] No.817765 del
(172.68 KB 1200x711 based party.jpg)
Hey Shibs. I didnt see you at this rally, what gives?

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 07:37 [Preview] No.817766 del
Thats him on the left.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 07:37 [Preview] No.817767 del

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 07:37 [Preview] No.817768 del

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 07:38 [Preview] No.817769 del
that old guy on the left is me

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 07:42 [Preview] No.817770 del
Monk lives in even more dire circumstances I think. The shame shed.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 07:46 [Preview] No.817771 del
>The shame shed
He'll ride away on the wagon today.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 07:49 [Preview] No.817772 del
(4.04 MB 1276x1152 1708321627022303.png)
ohnonononononononononono !

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 07:50 [Preview] No.817773 del
So nuro and this other mystery neet both live on air beds without sheets?

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 07:51 [Preview] No.817774 del
I have a real mattress now.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 07:54 [Preview] No.817775 del
I too have a real bed now.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 07:56 [Preview] No.817776 del
>no money for petrol
<affords house on his own
Ummmmm, no.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 07:57 [Preview] No.817777 del
You love her!

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 07:58 [Preview] No.817778 del
(2.02 MB 2733x4100 1682198900501467.jpg)

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 07:59 [Preview] No.817779 del
(784.04 KB 2318x2988 1708284267844984.jpg)
(380.92 KB 1536x2048 1708310781803698.jpg)

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 07:59 [Preview] No.817780 del
>Food and living expenses are not an eligible reason to get an Urgent Payment.
Farken dogs

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 08:00 [Preview] No.817781 del
Do they cover medicine?

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 08:06 [Preview] No.817782 del
For our gooners, yes.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 08:07 [Preview] No.817783 del
(165.29 KB 1175x1660 GGYmconaUAADUux.jpeg)
Gonna take a naltrexone and board the wagon

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 08:08 [Preview] No.817784 del
Based 👑

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 08:10 [Preview] No.817785 del

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 08:11 [Preview] No.817786 del
Thanks Olive

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 08:11 [Preview] No.817787 del
bum bum

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 08:11 [Preview] No.817788 del
Is nuro a plonker or a gooner?

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 08:12 [Preview] No.817789 del
Good luck.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 08:13 [Preview] No.817790 del
He's a shit on toast.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 08:17 [Preview] No.817791 del
I believe in monk.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 08:19 [Preview] No.817793 del
(28.43 KB 600x375 1675369975365.jpg)
fucking wut ?

fucking wut ?

fucking wut ?

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 08:20 [Preview] No.817794 del

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 08:23 [Preview] No.817795 del
https://youtube.com/watch?v=Yq2jJLswL8I [Embed]

The smoke clears out and he's been awakened
He said this life could be mine for the takin'
She needs a drink so she starts shakin'
And played the victim 'til his heart starts breakin'
No real tears 'cause she don't mean it
This landscape used to be so scenic
And he could make it out if he could dream it
Risin' up from the ash, he's a phoenix

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 08:23 [Preview] No.817796 del
(53.68 KB 657x527 1708322645065949.jpg)
David Irving is really sick :(

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 08:25 [Preview] No.817797 del
He reminds me of Meatloaf with his appearance. He always seemed like a nice bloke but his death is inevitable. I hope his wife is alright. Those fucking kikes were harassing them after their daughter committed suicide.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 08:28 [Preview] No.817798 del
Oh yeah
Feel that opiate like sensation in my knees
Smiling for no reason

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 08:29 [Preview] No.817799 del
Does this living space have venetians?

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 08:30 [Preview] No.817800 del
Mental illness.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 08:34 [Preview] No.817801 del
He's fine.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 08:41 [Preview] No.817802 del
You're fine ;)

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 08:43 [Preview] No.817803 del

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 08:44 [Preview] No.817804 del
Just mowed the biodiversity out of the front lawn. Even mowed the power cable to pieces. Quite unhappy.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 08:47 [Preview] No.817805 del
>Quite unhappy.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 08:53 [Preview] No.817807 del
Sounds shocking.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 08:56 [Preview] No.817808 del
Going to go to Coles.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 08:57 [Preview] No.817809 del
One packet of lawn seeds thanks.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 08:57 [Preview] No.817810 del

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 09:00 [Preview] No.817812 del
New power cable?
Sorry, your request is too small. You must be a skellie.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 09:03 [Preview] No.817813 del
The guy on the left

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 09:03 [Preview] No.817814 del
Shockingly bantered.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 09:04 [Preview] No.817815 del

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 09:09 [Preview] No.817816 del

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 09:12 [Preview] No.817817 del

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 09:15 [Preview] No.817818 del

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 09:17 [Preview] No.817819 del
All these (you)s for a throwaway bit of banter.
All my serious comedic attempts get nothing.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 09:20 [Preview] No.817820 del
googly eggs

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 09:26 [Preview] No.817822 del

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 09:28 [Preview] No.817823 del
Neighbour is blasting music in his garage, took a break to watch a youtube video about welding.
So loud I can hear it from across the street

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 09:28 [Preview] No.817824 del
Good night Pidge. xx

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 09:29 [Preview] No.817825 del
Blast him with reggaeton.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 09:29 [Preview] No.817826 del
>blasting music
Good songs?

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 09:33 [Preview] No.817827 del
>Even mowed the power cable to pieces
A thorough job, neet

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 09:35 [Preview] No.817828 del
have to do a deed, but don't have any energy

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 09:38 [Preview] No.817829 del
Hire a Pajeet on Fiver.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 09:38 [Preview] No.817830 del
American country music. Awful

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 09:40 [Preview] No.817831 del
If Pidge hadn't gone to bed he would post his country music favourite again.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 09:41 [Preview] No.817832 del
I'd want to hire a pajeet to do my social interaction for me. Except I don't want to have to interact with him, so I'd have to hire another pajeet to interact with him, except...recursion crisis.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 09:50 [Preview] No.817833 del
I'm amazed at how fast some people on discord are. It often takes me years to get around to replying to people.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 09:55 [Preview] No.817834 del
Watched an hour long thing about a lemon man in adventure time but I've never really seen the show. It's all a lot deeper than I thought.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 09:57 [Preview] No.817835 del

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 09:58 [Preview] No.817836 del

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 10:05 [Preview] No.817837 del
You can make anything seem deep if you try hard enough.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 10:07 [Preview] No.817838 del
lyk ur ars

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 10:07 [Preview] No.817839 del
Some say thee is more to Cruisey than just what you see on the surface.
I am sceptical.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 10:07 [Preview] No.817840 del
How I interpret this is we should skin him and see what we find.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 10:07 [Preview] No.817841 del
the yellow aviators are enough for me

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 10:16 [Preview] No.817842 del
some bad home outside is making banging noises

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 10:18 [Preview] No.817843 del
Lock the doors.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 10:21 [Preview] No.817844 del
I have paused my Mushoku Tensei watching for now. I watched the first 23 episodes.
From here none of the remaining epsiodes are dubbed into English and none of them scores over 8.3/10 on imdb.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 10:26 [Preview] No.817845 del
Why did you even start it then, you weeb baboon?

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 10:40 [Preview] No.817846 del
Thee is more to cruisey than others

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 10:57 [Preview] No.817847 del
Gotta lose weight. Really.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 11:09 [Preview] No.817848 del
I don't mean to disappoint youse but I caved and bought cigarettes today after saying I would give up the other day.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 11:13 [Preview] No.817849 del
Thank you. I had hoped.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 11:13 [Preview] No.817850 del
NEET I still believe in you. Chuck these ones out and start again.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 11:13 [Preview] No.817851 del
why don't you just take up vaping like the zoomers

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 11:16 [Preview] No.817852 del
Importing vapes got banned and they're just as bad.
Thankyou. Smoke wagon tomorrow.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 11:49 [Preview] No.817853 del
I can get by just using the feel of how the paper passes over my arse.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 11:50 [Preview] No.817854 del
Play some TayTay even louder.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 11:54 [Preview] No.817855 del
https://youtube.com/watch?v=1XB2peAKwOA [Embed]
This song is a pretty good example of the worst of the American country music before the later rap-country stuff. The whole song is about getting a cucked and the resultant cultural cringe.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 11:55 [Preview] No.817856 del
Fuck neets, a giant dust bunny got picked up by the movement of the fan and landed on me. Fucking thing took ten years off my life. I thought I was being attacked by some spider or something.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 11:56 [Preview] No.817857 del
Real NEETs are so constipated they don't wipe shit - only blood.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 12:12 [Preview] No.817858 del
Any NEET approved leak proof containers for food?

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 12:16 [Preview] No.817859 del
>inb4 tiffin

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 12:17 [Preview] No.817860 del
Stainless steel is the only thing that won't poison you with plastics.
Maybe a silicone lid or seal is safe but I can't guarantee that.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 12:22 [Preview] No.817861 del
I'm going to use a plastic one and troon out.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 12:26 [Preview] No.817862 del
You would look good NEET.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 13:46 [Preview] No.817863 del
I am on the ChrisFix videos again.
Every time I get my car serviced this happens.
Fantasies of fixing up cars and selling them at a profit.
It is still enjoyable to watch his videos though. He makes it all look so easy. He has a good attitude. Nice young man.

Watching this one: https://youtube.com/watch?v=uYRckB_g10I [Embed]

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 15:25 [Preview] No.817864 del
He's a smart arse nogooder filling your head with ideas

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 19:18 [Preview] No.817865 del
Good morning NEETs.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 20:05 [Preview] No.817866 del

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 20:05 [Preview] No.817867 del
smoke detector went off at 04:19 this mording

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 20:12 [Preview] No.817868 del
sorry NEET, i'm not used to your toaster, why do you have it at max setting anyway?

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 20:34 [Preview] No.817869 del
Do you think the origin of the smoke was underneath the floorboards?

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 20:45 [Preview] No.817871 del
I have those photo electric smoke alarms which are mandated by the real estate cunts. They go off randomly so they live in the cupboard in a plastic bag and only come out during inspections. The alarms, not the real estate cunts, that is.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 20:56 [Preview] No.817872 del
(851.41 KB 540x540 policeman.webm)

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 21:06 [Preview] No.817873 del
>The alarms, not the real estate cunts, that is.
Why not both?

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 21:28 [Preview] No.817874 del
woe'd and JUSTed this morning neets, not gonna make it

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 21:34 [Preview] No.817875 del
Ordered $75 worth of food from Woolworths.
Signed up to their $15 a month free delivery trial so I got free delivery. I will cancel that just before the 30 trial period expires.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 21:35 [Preview] No.817876 del
I did, but then that other NEET said he was using my toaster.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 21:42 [Preview] No.817877 del
I doubt you will out-jew the woolies jew, but good luck

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 21:44 [Preview] No.817878 del
Thank you, NEET. I will try my best but you are probably correct.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 21:51 [Preview] No.817879 del
> $15 a month free delivery

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 21:54 [Preview] No.817880 del
might have a cheeky little game of hitman, I just need some adrenaline to get me going

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 21:55 [Preview] No.817881 del
In the second example he was supposed to have the alloy head skimmed with a mill, because despite what he said there will almost certainly be some warpage and that gasket will fail again.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 21:55 [Preview] No.817882 del
Kill a few extra for me please.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 21:56 [Preview] No.817883 del
It's $15 a time otherwise. So for a housewife, that would be one paid weekly delivery and three free ones each month.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 21:58 [Preview] No.817884 del
Sounds do-able.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 21:59 [Preview] No.817885 del
He also then proceeds to mig weld the floor pan without mentioning to disconnect the battery.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 22:01 [Preview] No.817886 del
(134.14 KB 1024x1024 1708295021843736.jpg)

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 22:04 [Preview] No.817887 del
Set a calendar alarm

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 22:04 [Preview] No.817888 del
I don't entirely get it but I like the Pepe.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 22:06 [Preview] No.817889 del
That's a very flexible definition of free.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 22:08 [Preview] No.817890 del
Well I guess she could put that $15 in the pokies right?

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 22:12 [Preview] No.817891 del
The system could earn a lot more out.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 22:20 [Preview] No.817892 del
Or a vpn or a zinger burger.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 22:28 [Preview] No.817893 del
Zinger burgers are bland now.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 22:30 [Preview] No.817894 del
So are vpns.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 22:31 [Preview] No.817895 del
I raw dog the Internet.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 22:33 [Preview] No.817896 del
and your connection cable has become a major spreader of viruses and malware

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 22:35 [Preview] No.817897 del
So that's how I got the mong virus.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 22:38 [Preview] No.817898 del
need a poo but cant until the dhl delivery driver and the woolworths pajeet have been

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 22:40 [Preview] No.817899 del
Do it out on the footpath and if pajeet turns up invite him to join you.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 22:40 [Preview] No.817900 del
That would be awful. Pajeet will have no Chux.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 22:42 [Preview] No.817901 del
>Feels like 14.7 °C
Might have to get the trackies out.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 22:43 [Preview] No.817902 del
(120.83 KB 1600x1206 pumping_iron6.jpg)
Still no action from the back section this morning neets. I'm jammed up.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 22:44 [Preview] No.817903 del
here we have an unusual 28.2 feels like 23.2

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 22:45 [Preview] No.817904 del
(11.52 KB 612x408 itsTime.jpeg)

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 22:46 [Preview] No.817905 del
(179.83 KB 1024x1024 1708301265767534.jpg)

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 22:48 [Preview] No.817906 del

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 23:03 [Preview] No.817908 del
(597.65 KB 1125x823 IMG_5119.png)
Good Morning NEETs

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 23:04 [Preview] No.817909 del
(100.46 KB 1024x512 IMG-2145.JPG)

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 23:31 [Preview] No.817910 del
Pepe and Frens.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 23:44 [Preview] No.817912 del
Good morning NEETs.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 23:55 [Preview] No.817913 del
we need to make a sonic the hedgehog style game with pepe and wojak and his mates

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 23:56 [Preview] No.817914 del
Construction workers fixing up the communal laundry building here. Now I can't wash my clothes and I bet the yard is gonna be full of asbestos dust.

NEET 02/19/2024 (Mon) 23:59 [Preview] No.817915 del
Everything will be better once they're done. It won't be long.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 00:00 [Preview] No.817916 del
(433.86 KB 399x651 quelle surprise.png)

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 00:01 [Preview] No.817917 del

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 00:03 [Preview] No.817918 del
do you think webby's house got properly fixed or did he only show us the good parts and he's ashamed to show us the parts that bill is still working on after all these years?

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 00:06 [Preview] No.817919 del
>all these years
last year you mean

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 00:26 [Preview] No.817920 del
(4.56 MB 4000x3000 20240220_103635.jpg)
Webbyland has some nice furniture available for the commune.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 00:27 [Preview] No.817921 del
Might head to a laundromat and do my washing. You neets need anything done?

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 00:29 [Preview] No.817922 del
(2.98 MB 4000x3000 20240220_103109.jpg)
One (1) ride on the Lizbef choo choo, please.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 00:35 [Preview] No.817923 del
Good morning NEET.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 00:36 [Preview] No.817924 del
schnitty pack from the carvery for lunch
and a mondster

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 00:37 [Preview] No.817925 del
There was a Sega Rally arcade machine there in 1994 or 1995. Played it a few times.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 00:38 [Preview] No.817926 del
Two extra large winter weight dooners.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 00:39 [Preview] No.817927 del
If you could bring me back a pillow case full of scabies that would be great thanks.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 00:40 [Preview] No.817928 del
>Two extra large winter weight dooners.
My exact body type.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 00:47 [Preview] No.817929 del
What if I exceed the weight limit?

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 00:47 [Preview] No.817930 del
You look good NEET.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 00:48 [Preview] No.817931 del
Where did your interest in Corvettes come from?

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 00:50 [Preview] No.817932 del
This NEET thinks he's a talk show host.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 00:51 [Preview] No.817933 del
I dunno. I always liked the 80s version. There was a groundskeeper at school who had a red C3 he would drive in occasionally too.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 01:47 [Preview] No.817934 del

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 01:52 [Preview] No.817935 del
He is being held against a wall and wanked off against his will.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 01:56 [Preview] No.817936 del
No one is powerful enough to do that.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 01:57 [Preview] No.817937 del
Webby's resistance is feigned.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 01:57 [Preview] No.817938 del

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 02:00 [Preview] No.817939 del

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 02:06 [Preview] No.817940 del
The DHL guy has been and the Woolworths Pajeet is due between 1 and 2 PM, so I am hurrying to pump out this clogger.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 02:09 [Preview] No.817941 del
Those deliveries tend to run a bit late but you might be unlucky.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 02:10 [Preview] No.817942 del
I am going to break it off in two minutes and schedule part two for when he has gone.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 02:14 [Preview] No.817943 del
Smart. It will ease the burden on state infrastructure.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 02:14 [Preview] No.817944 del
Quick Chux Cleanse

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 02:21 [Preview] No.817945 del
Done and done

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 02:22 [Preview] No.817946 del
Woolworths saw fit to substitute Tip Top for the Buttercup hotdog buns I had purchased.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 02:25 [Preview] No.817947 del
Seems reasonable.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 02:27 [Preview] No.817948 del
https://youtube.com/watch?v=XkVkiR10GYs [Embed]

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 02:29 [Preview] No.817949 del
(1.91 MB 576x1024 QMjkz9_6.mp4)

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 02:33 [Preview] No.817950 del
Handsome fella.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 02:33 [Preview] No.817951 del
Yes. They were about 50 cents more expensive, which is why I didn’t choose them originally

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 02:33 [Preview] No.817952 del
the woe continues into the afternoon. When will it end?

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 02:37 [Preview] No.817953 del
I am glad Yor is back. I love her so much it's unreal.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 02:37 [Preview] No.817954 del
Body like a fridge, face like a freezer door.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 02:37 [Preview] No.817955 del
I hope she shows some more of those black underdoos

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 02:38 [Preview] No.817956 del
You are mental

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 02:39 [Preview] No.817957 del
You're mentally ill.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 02:40 [Preview] No.817958 del
Woolworths Pajeet supposedly set off with my order, but seems to be doing laps of Lizbef Centre. Probably collecting goyslop orders for people.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 02:41 [Preview] No.817959 del
Doing the needful.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 02:41 [Preview] No.817960 del
My cold items had better still be cold when he gets here.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 02:42 [Preview] No.817961 del
It wouldn't surprise me if the bastards do that sort of thing on the side.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 02:43 [Preview] No.817962 del
It looks like he has stopped at McDolans.
Might phone up and do a racism.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 02:56 [Preview] No.817963 del
Was oppenheimer a good moofie or not?

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 03:05 [Preview] No.817964 del
No. Terrible.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 03:07 [Preview] No.817965 del
It was good. I am glad i just torrented it so i could skip through the commie bullshit and sex scenes.

I can see why it was hyped up but now its largely irellevant

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 03:14 [Preview] No.817966 del
The thing is it's been a lousy decade for films, so even an average movie like this can still win a lot of awards.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 03:19 [Preview] No.817967 del
Big racism?

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 03:36 [Preview] No.817969 del
The Criticakl Drinkster said Mrs Webber or whatever was good overnight

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 03:37 [Preview] No.817970 del
I think that may have been sarcasm

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 03:43 [Preview] No.817971 del
Oh. I only skipped through it. He also said Sydney Sweetie doesn't get her spider girl undies on or something.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 03:53 [Preview] No.817972 del
Webby and Olive should do a duet of Dueling Banjos, where he plays his part on the banjo and she does her part as fanny farts.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 03:54 [Preview] No.817973 del
I would watch those two fellas play.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 03:55 [Preview] No.817974 del
The Critical Drinker looks weird. I think there might be something wrong with his face that he tries to hide with a beard.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 03:57 [Preview] No.817975 del

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 03:57 [Preview] No.817976 del
he has a very pointy jaw front on

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 04:08 [Preview] No.817977 del
(124.88 KB 1200x940 drinker2.jpg)
Extremely chad by nerd movie fan standards

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 04:10 [Preview] No.817978 del
Did we discuss the Navy news yet?
>In a bold move to fortify its maritime defenses, Australia has unveiled a comprehensive plan to more than double the size of its navy's surface fleet through a staggering $54 billion investment. This ambitious initiative will see the acquisition of 11 new general-purpose frigates and six 'optionally crewed' ships, marking a significant shift in the nation's naval strategy.
Where the fuck are they gonna find these sailors?

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 04:13 [Preview] No.817979 del
we need 54 billion of new housing, not ships that aren't going to stop planes full of chinese immigrants flooding into the country with the full blessing of our government

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 04:15 [Preview] No.817980 del
We should just invest in drones. Swarms of them controlled from underground bunkers.
All manufactured here in underground facilities. Cheap and simple and in huge numbers. Hundreds of thousands.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 04:18 [Preview] No.817981 del
What are they actually meant to be used for? Helping more boats full of refugees to get here?

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 04:43 [Preview] No.817982 del
I feel like it won't be long until anti-drone weapons are cheap and plentiful.
Eventually weapons tech is gonna advance far enough to where we just end up back with melee weapons

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 04:49 [Preview] No.817983 del
(743.94 KB 352x438 UGJNIoAriz2W9ZZX.mp4)
Apparently this was somebody who hurt children.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 04:51 [Preview] No.817984 del
(67.09 KB 510x680 this one.jpg)
niggers can't do anything right

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 05:09 [Preview] No.817986 del
No, just messaged Motherbat asking her i she knew. Anything serious they get driven or choppered to Flinders anyway.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 05:11 [Preview] No.817987 del
>Kilt-wearing pervert is arrested after going into antique stores and shoving items up his rectum before placing them 'back on the shelf for display'

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 05:14 [Preview] No.817988 del
I thought I was the only one who did that

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 05:19 [Preview] No.817989 del
>hoping nuro's beach shot will break me out of this black despair

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 05:21 [Preview] No.817990 del
You should form a club and have outings and visit all the second hand shops.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 05:23 [Preview] No.817991 del
Just opened my pack of mini Crunchies, only having one because that is the appropiate serving size.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 05:24 [Preview] No.817992 del
You'll sneak another before 5pm

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 05:26 [Preview] No.817993 del
Most bearded men have some sort of major flaw they are trying to hide.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 05:26 [Preview] No.817994 del
Get some Guzman y Gomez instead with extra seed oil.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 05:28 [Preview] No.817995 del
(110.72 KB 1920x784 CreepShot.jpg)
Not Nuro but I hope this will help neet.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 05:28 [Preview] No.817996 del

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 05:28 [Preview] No.817997 del
Based. He needs to goyslop in his diet to avoid overdosing on all the Basedness from his Alex Jones pills.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 05:29 [Preview] No.817998 del

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 05:31 [Preview] No.817999 del
(you) look awful. You're wasting away.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 05:33 [Preview] No.818000 del
I could smell paint before - there's a tradie spray painting the fence across the road. He's not bothering to wear a mask.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 05:39 [Preview] No.818001 del
Painters are fucking idiots in this regard.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 05:45 [Preview] No.818002 del
Planet of the apes, show a nigger a line trimmer and all he sees is a whip.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 05:46 [Preview] No.818003 del
Based. I love niggers.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 05:48 [Preview] No.818004 del
(822.15 KB 600x600 Trev.png)

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 05:54 [Preview] No.818005 del
Spent the day larping as a plasterer helping my uncle out
Got a free toasty for brekkaky

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 05:54 [Preview] No.818006 del
Ham and cheese?

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 05:55 [Preview] No.818007 del

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 05:57 [Preview] No.818008 del
I also love women, especially trannies.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 05:58 [Preview] No.818009 del
might need to order some more medicine
6.5 standos doesn't even feel like anything

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 05:59 [Preview] No.818010 del
And tomat
Breddy good but not sliced in half

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 06:01 [Preview] No.818012 del
(822.15 KB 600x600 Trev.png)

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 06:03 [Preview] No.818013 del
using kinoki tonight

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 06:04 [Preview] No.818014 del
Did he make it himself?

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 06:05 [Preview] No.818015 del

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 06:06 [Preview] No.818016 del
i wonder if becoming a mormon will get me a wife

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 06:06 [Preview] No.818017 del
Is it a good trade to get into?

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 06:07 [Preview] No.818018 del
probably, but not for any of us

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 06:15 [Preview] No.818019 del
I dunno, its hard. All trades seem hard, except maybe sparkies

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 06:17 [Preview] No.818020 del
Plenty of work to be done fixing that crack in weber's wall.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 06:18 [Preview] No.818021 del
If bill couldn't do it properly, what hope does a mere neet have?

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 06:19 [Preview] No.818022 del
Chux it!

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 06:19 [Preview] No.818023 del
It will be a fulltime job fixing all the NEETs cracks in the commune.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 06:20 [Preview] No.818024 del
Big week this week

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 06:20 [Preview] No.818025 del
>except maybe sparkies
Ever crawled around in a roof on a 40 degree day?

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 06:20 [Preview] No.818026 del
How many wanks?

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 06:20 [Preview] No.818027 del
I like Weber's crack the way it is.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 06:21 [Preview] No.818028 del
That's a stop-work order.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 06:21 [Preview] No.818029 del
It must be filled at all costs

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 06:21 [Preview] No.818030 del
One or two last night and this morning.
More importantly, my Hoselink fittings are coming. And a bucket hat.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 06:22 [Preview] No.818031 del
>bucket hat
Very stylish.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 06:23 [Preview] No.818032 del
>AusPost are currently experiencing delays due to COVID-19 which may impact your delivery.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 06:24 [Preview] No.818033 del
AusPost best post!

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 06:24 [Preview] No.818034 del
Falling asleep.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 06:27 [Preview] No.818035 del
Weber was mistaken for Lothrop Stoddard once.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 06:28 [Preview] No.818036 del

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 06:28 [Preview] No.818037 del
there's a name I haven't heard in a very long time

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 06:29 [Preview] No.818038 del
(1.35 MB 2232x564 IMG_5520.jpeg)

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 06:29 [Preview] No.818039 del
Don't hire staff, make sure you're understaffed and when people are on leave or sick there is no one to replace them. Then blame covid.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 06:30 [Preview] No.818040 del
(66.85 KB 800x450 Ben_kenobi.webp)

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 06:30 [Preview] No.818041 del

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 06:31 [Preview] No.818042 del
this will only make neets depressed because they aren't there and they aren't nuro

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 06:32 [Preview] No.818043 del
>and they aren't nuro
<if only you knew how good things really were

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 06:32 [Preview] No.818044 del
It makes me angry. Fucking weird beach with corners.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 06:37 [Preview] No.818045 del
It’s also called Dickies beach ;)

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 06:40 [Preview] No.818046 del
Remember when nuro boasted of having access to "real time AI video rendering" and what he meant was the tiktok app to put a poo on his head and make a love song for Lord Stanners?

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 06:41 [Preview] No.818047 del
Dog shit beach.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 06:41 [Preview] No.818048 del
forgot the fucking margarine when I did the shopping

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 06:42 [Preview] No.818049 del
I don't remember that and you shouldn't either.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 06:43 [Preview] No.818050 del
Better off that way. Get some butter instead.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 06:43 [Preview] No.818051 del
The Flora?

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 06:43 [Preview] No.818052 del
I wish I didn't remember so much. I have an oddly good memory and I just feel it up with shit.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 06:46 [Preview] No.818053 del
Have you been snooping in my fridge previously?

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 06:49 [Preview] No.818054 del
You knew you were in a bad home when the big tub of generic brand cheapo margarine came out of the fridge.
Spread two inches thick on the cheapo supermarket sandwich bread.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 06:50 [Preview] No.818055 del
I get a notification every time the light comes on (far too often by the way).

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 06:50 [Preview] No.818056 del
We often ran out of it so I'd just put sauce on bread and take that to school.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 06:52 [Preview] No.818057 del
which metal gear game is worth playing?

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 06:52 [Preview] No.818058 del
What type of Flora margarine did I have before I ran out?

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 06:52 [Preview] No.818059 del
I used to have gravy sandwiches when I was a kid

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 06:53 [Preview] No.818060 del
The buttery.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 06:54 [Preview] No.818061 del
Wrong. It was the ProActiv Buttery.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 06:59 [Preview] No.818062 del
I knew you had your cholesterol under control!

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 07:00 [Preview] No.818063 del
thunder is dundering

That's how they turn kids into trannies

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 07:01 [Preview] No.818064 del
I think you're confusing transfats and transfags

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 07:03 [Preview] No.818065 del
(5.11 MB 4032x3024 IMG_5523.jpeg)

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 07:03 [Preview] No.818066 del
Spoon the guy lying down.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 07:04 [Preview] No.818067 del
Back on the prepper videos, I find them very comfy

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 07:05 [Preview] No.818068 del
Weber has an entire bunker filled with Chux

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 07:06 [Preview] No.818069 del
I'm watching Tyler Oliviera

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 07:07 [Preview] No.818070 del

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 07:09 [Preview] No.818071 del
Does he just prey on poor people areas? Isn't that depressing to watch?

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 07:11 [Preview] No.818072 del
Why are your tyres bald?

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 07:12 [Preview] No.818073 del
The bike is outfitted for drag racing

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 07:15 [Preview] No.818074 del
Like RuPaul?

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 07:16 [Preview] No.818075 del
Is he making fun of the homeless?

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 07:21 [Preview] No.818076 del
That's Lithuania. It's in the Baldtics.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 07:24 [Preview] No.818078 del
Why not fren if fren shaped?

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 07:25 [Preview] No.818079 del
lol good one

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 07:26 [Preview] No.818080 del
more like bald dicks am I rite

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 07:32 [Preview] No.818081 del
Africa-tier name, IQ and flag.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 07:36 [Preview] No.818082 del
made my bowl of slop

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 07:36 [Preview] No.818083 del

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 07:37 [Preview] No.818084 del
For sure.

Seen some hot hos posted from that country throughout the years.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 07:38 [Preview] No.818085 del

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 07:38 [Preview] No.818086 del
balts are just slavs in denial

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 07:40 [Preview] No.818087 del
that's a river in egypt

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 07:40 [Preview] No.818088 del
we should become wildmen

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 07:40 [Preview] No.818089 del

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 07:40 [Preview] No.818090 del
poorly bantered

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 07:43 [Preview] No.818091 del
Looks like the SAHPA Tossing season runs May through October.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 07:43 [Preview] No.818092 del
weber put a bomb collar on me once

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 07:44 [Preview] No.818093 del
you liked it, you little tramp

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 07:52 [Preview] No.818094 del
(207.55 KB 1500x1491 s-l1600.jpg)
What is your opinion of bucket hats?
Also do they do pigeon racing in Hungary?

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 07:52 [Preview] No.818095 del
flied lice

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 07:57 [Preview] No.818096 del
suspect I've found tiffin's youtube channel https://youtube.com/watch?v=aMQ-naE7fUY [Embed]

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 07:59 [Preview] No.818097 del
King Cobra is going to be a dad!

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 08:00 [Preview] No.818098 del

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 08:01 [Preview] No.818099 del

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 08:01 [Preview] No.818100 del
Do they hold water?
I'm sure some do, I have never heard of any. I guess those who breed postal pigeons (or whatever they are called in English) have their own homebrew races.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 08:02 [Preview] No.818101 del
Does he explain how he'll evade:
Thermal imaging
Search parties approaching from all 4 sides?
The powers that be setting the fucking bush on fire to kill you or flush you out?
If not, he's larping.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 08:02 [Preview] No.818102 del
I think they use gypsies instead.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 08:03 [Preview] No.818103 del
i was happy with that bowl of slop

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 08:04 [Preview] No.818104 del
That's good, NEET.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 08:04 [Preview] No.818105 del
The real tiffin can escape all

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 08:05 [Preview] No.818107 del
Goddamn he's noisy as fuck. I mean I realise he's recording himself, but decent glownigger parabolics will pick that up.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 08:05 [Preview] No.818108 del
the real tiffin has already escaped this reality

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 08:06 [Preview] No.818109 del
The foretold Chosen One.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 08:07 [Preview] No.818110 del

I love the way Police and Media will never see copypasta for what it is.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 08:09 [Preview] No.818111 del
Even if they did they would choose to ignore it so they can continue infringing on what few civil liberties we have left.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 08:10 [Preview] No.818112 del
True dat.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 08:10 [Preview] No.818113 del
He escaped when it wasn't possible.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 08:11 [Preview] No.818114 del

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 08:22 [Preview] No.818115 del
Well bantered.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 08:23 [Preview] No.818116 del
https://youtube.com/watch?v=QjbTKY9lgsc [Embed]

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 08:27 [Preview] No.818117 del
Old-school Dexter's mom rubber kitchen glove texture

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 08:29 [Preview] No.818118 del
16 hours after 6pm?

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 08:33 [Preview] No.818119 del

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 08:41 [Preview] No.818120 del
god damn it man! there are lives on the line and we need an answer now!

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 08:47 [Preview] No.818121 del
huuuuuge dunder

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 08:47 [Preview] No.818122 del
tiffo isn't going to give away all his secrets on the first video - he needs to save some for the patreon members only stuff

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 08:48 [Preview] No.818123 del
Flash >>817920

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 08:49 [Preview] No.818124 del
How is the Mean Girls remake?

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 08:49 [Preview] No.818125 del
The first Cashies was right behind you.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 08:50 [Preview] No.818126 del
haram, we do not speak of such things

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 08:50 [Preview] No.818127 del
He needs it

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 08:51 [Preview] No.818128 del

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 08:51 [Preview] No.818129 del
Don't get sour or no sugar zooper doopers they're shit. Also an old guy in a game said we might be getting a new draft in australia. What are the chances of us getting drafted if that comes up?

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 08:52 [Preview] No.818130 del
Virtually zero. The population is too strongly against it.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 08:54 [Preview] No.818131 del
I went and smelled it after Davo posted the picture.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 08:54 [Preview] No.818132 del
I doubt the government would be desperate enough to conscript the likes of us, we're safe.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 08:56 [Preview] No.818133 del
They won't draft over 40 executives like me. And if they were stupid enough to send military police door to door, there would be more than a few killed I suspect.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 08:57 [Preview] No.818134 del
Feels like a Pippa kind of night to me, I have the tropical mango candle lit for a romantic night of dissociation.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 08:57 [Preview] No.818135 del
Cool. That's a long way. I doubt many will make it.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 08:57 [Preview] No.818136 del
the last thing a government wants to do is hand disenfranchised members of society an automatic weapon

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 08:59 [Preview] No.818137 del
(161.41 KB 1024x768 kmeetup.jpg)
>we might be getting a new draft in australia
a lifetime of sitting in front of the screen playing first person shooters is finally gonna pay off

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 09:00 [Preview] No.818138 del
Weber's arse has four on the tree.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 09:01 [Preview] No.818139 del
A draft would be good I reckon.
All jeets would go home

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 09:02 [Preview] No.818140 del
they'd also have to draft all of the trannies, homos, and other special interest groups who didn't have citizenship elsewhere

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 09:03 [Preview] No.818141 del

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 09:03 [Preview] No.818142 del
And horse abusers.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 09:04 [Preview] No.818143 del
If you can't trust rumours you hear from some old guy in a game what can you trust?

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 09:05 [Preview] No.818144 del
and people who give grapes to dogs

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 09:09 [Preview] No.818146 del
Are the name brand cans of tuna from woolies and coles edible or should I get the john west stuff?

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 09:10 [Preview] No.818147 del
Yeah the generic stuff in brine or springwater is real tuna.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 09:12 [Preview] No.818148 del
They all come from the same Thai factories.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 09:15 [Preview] No.818150 del
Sounds beautiful.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 09:16 [Preview] No.818151 del
might make some tuna sloppa tomorrow - 90 cent pasta, a can of tuna, and some greek yogurt and cheese to make it creamy

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 09:19 [Preview] No.818152 del
tuna, rice and steamed veggies is a go-to meal for me

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 09:22 [Preview] No.818153 del
Rosemary drownies.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 09:24 [Preview] No.818154 del
I wish I liked Tuna.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 09:26 [Preview] No.818155 del

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 09:27 [Preview] No.818156 del
Garn pluck your plumage. xx

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 09:28 [Preview] No.818157 del
https://youtube.com/watch?v=Vy1jKIfXEsk [Embed]

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 09:28 [Preview] No.818158 del

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 09:32 [Preview] No.818159 del
I need that Jehovah's Witnussy

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 09:34 [Preview] No.818160 del

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 09:36 [Preview] No.818161 del

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 09:37 [Preview] No.818162 del
(439.34 KB 2600x1901 1674481591701754.jpg)

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 09:38 [Preview] No.818163 del
How did you make pink text?

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 09:39 [Preview] No.818164 del
(you) are a retard.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 09:40 [Preview] No.818165 del
Good night Pidge. xx

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 09:40 [Preview] No.818166 del

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 09:40 [Preview] No.818167 del
(2.27 MB 640x620 1701993129537186.gif)

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 09:41 [Preview] No.818168 del
I need Olussy.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 09:42 [Preview] No.818169 del
Have a squiz at the help page m80. It is on the bar at the top.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 09:43 [Preview] No.818170 del
It is just a vent where the fridge gets regassed.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 09:45 [Preview] No.818171 del
Maybe this fridge talk is coming from an exec and it is his way of saying he is attracted to her?

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 09:46 [Preview] No.818172 del
Thankyou. I've been on here for years and never looked at that.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 09:46 [Preview] No.818173 del
Sorry about the nastyNEET, he's not a true Pippa fan.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 09:47 [Preview] No.818174 del
purple Is anime watcher neet here?

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 09:47 [Preview] No.818175 del
(2.59 MB 4000x3000 Pippa.jpg)

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 09:48 [Preview] No.818176 del
There's several of us

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 09:48 [Preview] No.818177 del
Pippa is a coal burner.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 09:48 [Preview] No.818178 del
Ah fuck. let me try again.
purple Is anime watcher neet here?

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 09:48 [Preview] No.818179 del
Pippa isn't real.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 09:48 [Preview] No.818180 del
Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End is quite good. And shangri la frontier is okay.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 09:49 [Preview] No.818181 del
I refuse to watch anime post 2010.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 09:51 [Preview] No.818182 del
Good evening chat

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 09:51 [Preview] No.818183 del
i only watched akira because some cunt gave me the dvd and some of that blue eyes samurai shit we showed on womgboflix

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 09:51 [Preview] No.818184 del
Yeah, always were. Some neets just get upset about anime.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 09:53 [Preview] No.818185 del
(91.23 KB 900x900 2ab677_11103618.jpg)
I HATE ANIME!!!!!!!!!!

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 09:54 [Preview] No.818186 del
You could watch ninja scroll. It's good and I think it came out in the 90's

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 09:54 [Preview] No.818187 del
(411.33 KB 688x695 mule.png)
The Coffeyville Daily Journal, Kansas, December 4, 1896

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 09:55 [Preview] No.818188 del

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 09:56 [Preview] No.818189 del
Thank you, I will look into them.

Now that I am finished with Jobless Reincarnation for now I was thinking of making Jujutsu Kaisen my next try.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 09:58 [Preview] No.818190 del
stopping to watch pippa while evading yowies in the forest will get you killed

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 09:59 [Preview] No.818191 del
Jujutsu Kaisen Is good. I read the manga up to date after watching the anime. If you ever run out of good anime just ask and i'll post more.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 10:01 [Preview] No.818192 del
I don't like ones with "cute anime girls" in them. I prefer masculine themes.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 10:01 [Preview] No.818193 del
>Jujutsu Kaisen

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 10:04 [Preview] No.818194 del
>masculine themes

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 10:04 [Preview] No.818195 del
I like harem animes.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 10:04 [Preview] No.818196 del

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 10:06 [Preview] No.818197 del
(166.79 KB 1080x1080 3835455657085040962.jpg)
(115.61 KB 1080x1080 3835455657085040963.jpg)
(146.50 KB 1080x1080 3835455657085040964.jpg)

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 10:06 [Preview] No.818198 del
kek haven't seen shiggy diggy in years

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 10:08 [Preview] No.818199 del
Does anyone know computers? Are these good parts?

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 10:08 [Preview] No.818200 del
Still laughing about this:
https://youtube.com/watch?v=6DDC3pWbxIE [Embed]

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 10:08 [Preview] No.818201 del
You go to steal her panties and they turn out to be tradie brand mens.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 10:09 [Preview] No.818202 del
She is a practical woman.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 10:09 [Preview] No.818203 del

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 10:09 [Preview] No.818204 del
If they're good enough for Webby...

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 10:11 [Preview] No.818205 del
(175.29 KB 2000x1331 MFU-15051r.jpg)
(22.22 KB 920x1021 3978295.webp)

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 10:12 [Preview] No.818206 del
I sinned again, 14 wanks this month with a couple of those days being multiple wank days. Still doing better than consistently having multiple wanks a day but God is only going to give me so long to improve myself. Going to need to start cutting out the internet for longer periods of time.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 10:12 [Preview] No.818207 del
going to watch tele

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 10:13 [Preview] No.818208 del
IKTFN. I was meant to give up porn this year and we are nearly a sixth of the way through the year and I've made no progress.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 10:13 [Preview] No.818209 del
free to air?

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 10:15 [Preview] No.818210 del
If I can move away from wanking to porn then that will help.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 10:16 [Preview] No.818211 del
Need food, can't afford anything good. Woe.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 10:17 [Preview] No.818212 del
You living the cenno fortnight to fortnight NEET life?

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 10:19 [Preview] No.818213 del
Wanking is not a sin. There is nothing wrong with it.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 10:21 [Preview] No.818214 del

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 10:21 [Preview] No.818215 del
I've been found out.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 10:22 [Preview] No.818216 del
Gevalt! We will reconvene in the tunnels.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 10:23 [Preview] No.818217 del
oy vey I'm too fat to fit.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 10:25 [Preview] No.818218 del
It's probably belongs to Pride. One is too much occupied by oneself.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 10:26 [Preview] No.818219 del
Watching Maurie Fields on hey hey it's Saturday

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 10:27 [Preview] No.818220 del
I watched him for years and never laughed once.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 10:29 [Preview] No.818221 del
I will concede that mirror wanks are sinful.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 10:30 [Preview] No.818222 del
Only spilling the divine spark is a sin

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 10:30 [Preview] No.818223 del
NK said he wanks to his distorted reflection in the kettle and pretends it is of a woman. Is this sinful?

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 10:32 [Preview] No.818224 del
He reminds me of my grandpa. He used to put accents on in jokes about seppos and poms

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 10:32 [Preview] No.818225 del
Who cares Christianity is a spook

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 10:52 [Preview] No.818226 del
Another day wasted without anything productive being done. I need to do better.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 10:54 [Preview] No.818227 del
You need to accept that you will not do better. And that is okay.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 10:55 [Preview] No.818228 del
Acceptance can fuck off. I'm going to do better tomorrow.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 11:05 [Preview] No.818229 del
Good luck NEET.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 11:08 [Preview] No.818230 del
Am retarted

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 11:10 [Preview] No.818231 del
Kinoki on feet

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 11:11 [Preview] No.818232 del
>tfw no schizo gf

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 11:12 [Preview] No.818233 del
Suicide is always an option

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 11:15 [Preview] No.818234 del
Every night I pray that I don't wake up

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 11:16 [Preview] No.818235 del
Please go back to /leftypol/.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 11:22 [Preview] No.818236 del
I think he meant to say that christianity is a 2 thousand year old jewish psy-op, but made a typo.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 11:25 [Preview] No.818237 del
What did you do?

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 11:26 [Preview] No.818238 del
Posted on /ausneets/.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 11:40 [Preview] No.818239 del
odour problem?

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 11:48 [Preview] No.818240 del
gotten onto the military ration review videos

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 11:48 [Preview] No.818241 del
There are snakes in the film I'm watching and they are making it hard to watch. I hate snakes.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 11:57 [Preview] No.818242 del

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 11:58 [Preview] No.818243 del
Snakes on a plane?

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 11:59 [Preview] No.818244 del
No, Prisoners (2013).

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 12:01 [Preview] No.818245 del
8.1/10 on imdb. A good rating.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 12:02 [Preview] No.818246 del
nah, this guy's called readiness rations

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 12:02 [Preview] No.818247 del
Does he eat them out of an autism tray?

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 12:04 [Preview] No.818248 del
Why do autists like those trays?

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 12:16 [Preview] No.818249 del
Its their autism.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 12:16 [Preview] No.818250 del
goodnight neets

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 12:23 [Preview] No.818251 del

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 12:24 [Preview] No.818252 del
Good night.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 12:25 [Preview] No.818253 del

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 12:28 [Preview] No.818254 del
need to call grannybot soon

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 12:29 [Preview] No.818255 del
Send her a text. Three emojis.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 12:37 [Preview] No.818256 del
Lewd ones?

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 12:38 [Preview] No.818257 del
No, but one of them the poop one.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 12:43 [Preview] No.818258 del
Goodnight nootlings.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 12:44 [Preview] No.818259 del
Good night.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 13:03 [Preview] No.818260 del
The asteroid into Pegasus is interesting but on the other side of the world.
The star on the right of the south pole is the Phoenix. Between that and the southern cross is the pole. I sometimes stare directly into it. The north has Polaris to centre from.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 13:46 [Preview] No.818261 del
>I sometimes stare directly into it
Do you feel any of its energy transfer to you?

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 13:47 [Preview] No.818262 del
I am off to bed. Good night NEETs.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 13:50 [Preview] No.818263 del
I'm playing with things untested. All the astrological lore is based off the northern hemisphere and how the constellations appear to them.
A new faith for the south.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 14:16 [Preview] No.818264 del
>tfw still too caffeinated to sleep

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 14:46 [Preview] No.818265 del
>tfw still

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 17:42 [Preview] No.818266 del
Awake. Tired eyes.
Black instant in front of me. Still too hot to drink.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 18:12 [Preview] No.818267 del
Sleep tight.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 18:30 [Preview] No.818268 del
On my second black instant.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 18:38 [Preview] No.818269 del
Good morning NEET.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 18:41 [Preview] No.818270 del
(20.45 KB 450x450 1708400683699404.jpg)
Good morning.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 18:51 [Preview] No.818271 del
I put "tng" into the imdb search bar. First result was Star Trek The Next Generation. Well done imdb.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 19:47 [Preview] No.818272 del
morning neetbros

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 19:55 [Preview] No.818273 del
Good morning.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 19:55 [Preview] No.818274 del
Thinking about an early morning Woolies run.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 19:57 [Preview] No.818275 del
I need a can of tuna, a 90 cent packet of twirly pasta, some greek yogurt and a little bottle of lemon juice thanks

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 19:58 [Preview] No.818276 del
I am sorry but I can not risk being seen with such low class ingredients.
90c pasta - they'll think I'm povo.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 20:27 [Preview] No.818277 del
mini weetbix and a glass of orange juice for breakkayie
will take my can of mondster to the whizzers

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 20:29 [Preview] No.818278 del
Good morning.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 20:31 [Preview] No.818279 del
teenage nutent ginger turdles

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 20:52 [Preview] No.818280 del
>Cuyahoga County officials investigating the case listed Karter's cause of death as an as intraoral shotgun wound - meaning she placed the shotgun inside her mouth before operating the weapon

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 20:54 [Preview] No.818281 del
Media seems to have completely abandoned the rules they used to have around reporting suicides and methods.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 20:56 [Preview] No.818282 del
The Lost Last Oral Scene.
Rest in peace, sweet princess.

There were rules?

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 21:03 [Preview] No.818283 del
>There were rules?
There is a self-enforced code of conduct the mainstream media has around these things.
Usually in the case of suicides they would just say they took their own life and leave some phone numbers at the bottom of the article for depression and suicide prevention. Often they wouldn't even say suicide, it was just implied by the numbers at the bottom of the page.
It is only very recently where they have started reporting on actual methodology used.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 21:13 [Preview] No.818284 del
I see. I did not know that.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 21:26 [Preview] No.818286 del
Daily mail outs based in the UK so doesn't follow Australian media guidelines, that's why daily mail reporting looks so different.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 21:40 [Preview] No.818287 del
Need to go out and exercise and do some shopping, but can't leave the house until I've had some action from the back section.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 22:17 [Preview] No.818289 del
Back from Woolies. Taylor Swift was on the speakers.
The self checkout made me call the attendant twice to approve my bananas and then mangoes.
It was the bad home Woolies where they play a message in-between the Taylor Swift saying if you are violent you will be asked to leave.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 22:27 [Preview] No.818290 del
(1.33 MB 1024x1024 1708442759637194.png)

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 22:27 [Preview] No.818291 del
(10.42 KB 166x255 daneg.jpeg)
>Woolies where they play a message in-between the Taylor Swift saying if you are violent you will be asked to leave.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 22:30 [Preview] No.818292 del
Morning Based One. That Pepe looks primed to be the star of an upcoming Kino themed thread.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 22:35 [Preview] No.818293 del

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 22:42 [Preview] No.818296 del
Showered. Drove to the whizzers. Having a white mondster.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 22:43 [Preview] No.818297 del
have a good day.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 22:50 [Preview] No.818298 del
Thank you. I have to visit the other place after lunch where the very pretty receptionist thinks I am special.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 22:51 [Preview] No.818299 del
morning mate

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 23:18 [Preview] No.818301 del
That all sounds awful and unhealthy. Please use better ingredients.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 23:19 [Preview] No.818302 del
Not clicking and fuck off with that bullshit.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 23:21 [Preview] No.818303 del
Sad and suicidal, I might run as opposition in the next Russian election.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 23:24 [Preview] No.818304 del
I find it odd how much criticism that the Russians are getting for this considering what has happened with Trump.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 23:25 [Preview] No.818305 del
fried eggs and steamed vegetables for breakaky

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 23:26 [Preview] No.818306 del
I don't have enough information on the Clintons for them to suicide me, so I don't care.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 23:27 [Preview] No.818307 del
All foreign poofter sports needs to be banned.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 23:27 [Preview] No.818308 del
I'd vote for you.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 23:28 [Preview] No.818309 del
What would be about the easiest office job to get into as a man?

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 23:33 [Preview] No.818310 del
A tea lady.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 23:34 [Preview] No.818311 del
Thank you

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 23:43 [Preview] No.818312 del
You will never be a real incel. You have no autism, you have no negative canthal tilt, you have no deep seated emotional resentment. You are a well-adjusted man twisted by irony and memes into a crude mockery of a stone cold virgin.

All the “rejection” you get is two-faced and half-hearted. Behind your back girls love you. Your parents are proud and happy for you, "Stacies” swoon over your masculine appearance behind closed doors.

Women are utterly smitten with you. Thousands of years of evolution have allowed women to sniff out chads with incredible efficiency. Even incels who “pass” look strong and charismatic to a woman. Your deep voice and good sense of humor are a dead giveaway. And even if you manage to earn a little online incel clout, you'll get cancelled the second your DMs get leaked and everybody gets a glimpse of the e-girls thirsting over you.

You will never be depressed. You wrench out a fake "tfw no gf" every single morning and tell yourself it’s going to be miserable, but deep inside you feel the happiness creeping up like a weed, ready to bless you with unshakeable confidence.

Eventually it’ll be too much to bear - you’ll find a girlfriend, marry her, knock her up, and have seven healthy kids together. Your parents will praise you, happy but a little bit sentimental now that their little boy has finally grown up. They’ll spoil the kids with candies and toys, and every acquaintance for the rest of your life will know that you're a fakecel. Eventually you will pass on surrounded by your loved ones. Your body will decay and go back to the dust, and all that will remain of your legacy is a family that misses you dearly.

This is your fate. This is what you chose. There is no turning back.

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 23:49 [Preview] No.818313 del

NEET 02/20/2024 (Tue) 23:50 [Preview] No.818314 del
Going to brush my teeth at least once every day for the rest of the month.

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 00:00 [Preview] No.818315 del

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 00:11 [Preview] No.818317 del
Walked all the way over to the exercise equipment in the park, found it infested with normie, walked all the way back home in disgust. I'm done for the day. At least I tried.

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 00:11 [Preview] No.818318 del
Can't expect much from iPhone users.

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 00:12 [Preview] No.818319 del
Normies do tend to be outside. Good work getting out and about, even for a little.

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 00:13 [Preview] No.818320 del
This image makes me want to smoke

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 00:39 [Preview] No.818321 del
No it doesn't

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 00:55 [Preview] No.818322 del
gonna try the park again, wish me luck

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 00:56 [Preview] No.818323 del
Good luck.

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 01:09 [Preview] No.818324 del
Feel sick. Angry at the lack of direction in my life. Woe.

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 01:30 [Preview] No.818325 del
Don't get angry NEET, do something.

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 01:31 [Preview] No.818326 del
I bought a book this morning on Amazog and it is coming tomorrow. Wew.

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 01:32 [Preview] No.818327 del
Which book?

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 01:34 [Preview] No.818328 del
I don't want to say.

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 01:43 [Preview] No.818329 del
Ok, the park was clear of boomers this time - did my park exercises. Neet fight camp is not over for the day yet, still need to do some deadlifts, some stretches and some walking.

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 01:43 [Preview] No.818330 del
Bronze Age Mindset?

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 01:44 [Preview] No.818331 del
Selective Breeding and the Birth of Philosophy?

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 01:45 [Preview] No.818332 del
back on the military rations reviews, I'm an addict, but they're comfy: https://youtube.com/watch?v=mfY1-xIM_eg [Embed]

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 01:47 [Preview] No.818333 del
That guy came on the screen, said one word and then I closed the tab.

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 01:52 [Preview] No.818334 del
I didn't listen to it but I don't like the look of the guy. Tab closed.

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 01:53 [Preview] No.818335 del
No, a book on the history of languages.

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 01:54 [Preview] No.818336 del
proto-indoeuropean linguistics?

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 01:54 [Preview] No.818337 del
Chariot riding types?

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 01:55 [Preview] No.818338 del
>I don't like the look of the guy
Wearing Cruisey's left over hair gel.

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 01:55 [Preview] No.818339 del
phillistine neets have no appreciation for real culture

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 01:55 [Preview] No.818340 del
Way earlier. I should say the evolution of language, not the history of languages. I would like to learn more about the Aryans/Proto-Indo-Europeans though.

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 01:56 [Preview] No.818341 del
Wearing hair clay. I look good.

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 01:57 [Preview] No.818342 del
gaped and raped

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 01:59 [Preview] No.818343 del
(5.68 KB 275x183 rudy.jpg)

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 02:06 [Preview] No.818344 del
At a pub having beer before the next job. Spilled my mondster on myself at the whizzers. Feeling angry.

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 02:07 [Preview] No.818345 del

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 02:08 [Preview] No.818346 del
I forgot WWWOTW too.

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 02:15 [Preview] No.818347 del
I think ratio review meals are the new history videos. Super comfy for helping an anxious neet relax or helping you fall asleep. Better than lobster pills.

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 02:15 [Preview] No.818348 del
He should learn how to use a compass.

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 02:26 [Preview] No.818349 del
They should have known to give you a sippy cup.

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 02:27 [Preview] No.818350 del
(41.58 KB 560x769 squareshaped.jpg)
He looks like he's on steroids.
As he gets fatter his masculinity becomes even more obvious.

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 02:30 [Preview] No.818352 del
garn shops to get a second tin of tuna for my pasta sloppa, you neets need anything?

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 02:31 [Preview] No.818353 del

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 02:31 [Preview] No.818354 del
That guy you linked to is not comfy. He is gross.

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 02:32 [Preview] No.818355 del
Get me that kit kat block.

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 02:34 [Preview] No.818356 del
(417.17 KB 1080x1090 1708468520406431.png)

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 02:41 [Preview] No.818357 del

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 02:42 [Preview] No.818358 del
tab closed.

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 02:45 [Preview] No.818359 del

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 02:46 [Preview] No.818360 del
Hope you get some customers this time.

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 02:48 [Preview] No.818361 del
Walk an extra half hour for me please.

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 02:53 [Preview] No.818362 del
Not sure what to do with the day.

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 02:54 [Preview] No.818363 del
>go out to buy another can of tuna
>get it home, can opener breaks, have to go out again
FFS why does this stuff always happen to me?

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 02:55 [Preview] No.818364 del
You have angered the NEET gods.

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 02:58 [Preview] No.818365 del
That image makes me want to smoke ryans big cock

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 03:01 [Preview] No.818366 del

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 03:10 [Preview] No.818367 del
>Thank you for applying for the Production worker role we currently have advertised.
>We'd like to give you the opportunity to showcase your application by recording a short 60 second video introduction.

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 03:24 [Preview] No.818368 del
Tell them no. Remind them there's a labor shortage and they either give the job or nothing, no audition.

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 03:28 [Preview] No.818369 del
No-one believes for a second that our boy Based Nuro would have made all those awful posts.

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 04:00 [Preview] No.818370 del
(38.19 KB 277x600 images (42).jpeg)
Thinking about suits. They are the catalyst, the pleb barrier, giving off subtle confidence and affirmation required to tame the environment. Control. Don't let your belt sag. Well fitted, double stitched trouser and jacket sets. Grey tartan, charcoal tweed, hard to see pinstripe. Tight elastic socks. Worn leather oxfords. Watches are gay, not going to do it. Mini wallet attached to phone in jacket chest pocket.

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 04:01 [Preview] No.818371 del
might be norty and have a cool zone

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 04:06 [Preview] No.818372 del
I have a wedding in a few months and don't have a suit. Then I have another wedding at the end of the year. The weightloss has not been going as planned thus far.

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 04:06 [Preview] No.818373 del
>Watches are gay

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 04:07 [Preview] No.818374 del
>Then I have another wedding at the end of the year.
That's bigamy.

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 04:07 [Preview] No.818375 del
This is to see if you are a pajeet or not.

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 04:07 [Preview] No.818376 del
No-one believes for a second that our boy Based Nuro would have posted creepshots of children.

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 04:08 [Preview] No.818377 del
You need to be careful not to become a suit autist. Think of Reviewbrah.

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 04:08 [Preview] No.818378 del
Do they want you to be one or not?

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 04:08 [Preview] No.818379 del
Ryan has a clitoris.

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 04:13 [Preview] No.818380 del
Probably not to be. The jobs jeets get are so shit they just have them walk in and see who stays.

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 04:19 [Preview] No.818381 del
Don't buy the suit until you have a suit size.
what size are you aiming for?
He asked in the politest way possible *

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 04:20 [Preview] No.818382 del
They're impractical if you have your phone

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 04:23 [Preview] No.818383 del
He had terrible taste.
My first professional suit was grey tartan and the next was either an Italian dark green or a sand coloured Australian one.
Iirc my boss said it was Oklahoman, or some cowboy thing.

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 04:23 [Preview] No.818384 del
How big are you? Might be best to rent a suit if you are fluctuating in size.

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 04:23 [Preview] No.818385 del
Watches are much more stylish you bitch. Plus you can check the time without looking as rude.

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 04:23 [Preview] No.818386 del
That was also when I put my earrings back in

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 04:24 [Preview] No.818387 del
fully lunched and stuffed myself, and 7 feedpacks of tuna pasta sloppa in the freezer,

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 04:24 [Preview] No.818388 del
You dumb cunt

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 04:24 [Preview] No.818389 del
An 8 inch one with a head on the end that looks like a doberman with rabies

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 04:24 [Preview] No.818390 del
Lol sorry I meant to reply to the post you were replying to

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 04:25 [Preview] No.818391 del
I have two suits. One is burgendy velvet and the other is purple silk.

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 04:25 [Preview] No.818392 del
They're worn so you can be noticeably rude

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 04:25 [Preview] No.818393 del
Why impractical? Maybe unnecessary but not impractical.

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 04:26 [Preview] No.818394 del
Are you a nigger?

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 04:26 [Preview] No.818395 del

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 04:27 [Preview] No.818396 del
you should hire a good looking male model to go to the wedding and pretend to be you, claiming that any dissimilarities between his and your appearance are due to massive weight loss. Meanwhile, you kick back and binge eat tubs of ice cream.

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 04:27 [Preview] No.818397 del
Cumming in weber's arse.

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 04:28 [Preview] No.818398 del
A nigger pimp, yes. Do you want some neet bussy?

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 04:28 [Preview] No.818399 del
No! Big harrumph!

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 04:29 [Preview] No.818400 del
Sorry weber, I don't have the stamina to last in your tight little hole.

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 04:29 [Preview] No.818401 del
Give me five minutes and a coffee and I'll ready to go again.

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 04:30 [Preview] No.818402 del
Would share a fat roach with you in bunny slippers by the pool with lightning on the horizon.
Imagine a lightning ridge commune. 30k for second hand mining equipment and a lot. There'd already have rooms dug out where the last leaser had dug. Colour TV and a carpet covered in dirt and dog hair. Hydro tomatoes underground in pvc tubes. Digging underground swimming pools following seams in the earth. Loving that 24foot deep living.

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 04:31 [Preview] No.818403 del
How much does each serving cost

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 04:32 [Preview] No.818404 del
I don't know what sizes they are. I just need to lose the gut. Muscle growth is going well but only when I haven't eaten can I get away with the flat stomach. Still looks like a boong gut when I'm full.
My old pants from ~2019 were size 32, doesn't come close to fitting now. Last I checked I was 38.

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 04:32 [Preview] No.818405 del
Probably fuck all if it is just cheap yoghurt, pasta and tuna. Not a bad way to hit your macros I guess.

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 04:33 [Preview] No.818406 del
It's taken me days and I felt like I had only surveyed the first two caverns.

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 04:33 [Preview] No.818407 del
You're not even fat.

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 04:34 [Preview] No.818408 del
Yes he is.

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 04:36 [Preview] No.818409 del
I need Collette Wolfe to overpower me.

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 04:36 [Preview] No.818410 del
he's a well rounded boy on the bulking stage of his hypertrophic cycle

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 04:36 [Preview] No.818411 del
Size 38 for trousers is not fat at all.

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 04:36 [Preview] No.818412 del
concerned about the number of neets here who are forgetting to add 'no homo' to their posts

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 04:36 [Preview] No.818413 del
keegz never gave us any bulge pics from those 4xl undies he got for christmas

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 04:41 [Preview] No.818414 del
I hate that mutant bitch Bella Ramsey. Hideous creature.

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 04:42 [Preview] No.818415 del
https://youtube.com/watch?v=UniYXL1qBDI [Embed]

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 04:45 [Preview] No.818416 del
Into your NEET stick?

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 04:48 [Preview] No.818417 del
https://youtube.com/watch?v=5eSflbxXeoo [Embed]
>Anyone can have a meaningful relationship with someone they love, but do you have the balls to pay for sex with a tranny speedfreak and a one-legged welfare mum
Amazing how the times have changed.

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 04:49 [Preview] No.818418 del
Poof phase.

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 04:50 [Preview] No.818419 del
>looks like a doberman with rabies

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 04:52 [Preview] No.818420 del
https://youtube.com/watch?v=c2haJ1IPGE4 [Embed]
Jesus Christ.

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 04:54 [Preview] No.818421 del
"no homo" has come full circle. Now it makes it gay if you do add it. No homo.

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 04:55 [Preview] No.818422 del
Olive is a woman.

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 04:55 [Preview] No.818423 del

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 04:58 [Preview] No.818424 del

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 04:58 [Preview] No.818425 del
He dresses up as one.

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 04:59 [Preview] No.818426 del
Children get bored.

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 05:16 [Preview] No.818427 del

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 05:29 [Preview] No.818428 del
The only thing unhinged is the fridge door on that tranny.

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 05:35 [Preview] No.818429 del
Went to supermarket. Got 1kg mince and a packet of rice. Hopefully it lasts until Saturdays dole payment.
Traffic was mental. Asians everywhere. Dirty busker with an eftpos machine. Trolleys in the carpark. Cars double parked. Replacement busses for the train. Oppressive heat. Ugly tattooed women everywhere.

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 05:46 [Preview] No.818430 del
I know those feels NEET. Filth everywhere. Human garbage.
And in the back of your mind the thought that we are not all that we should be either.

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 05:47 [Preview] No.818431 del
if you didn't waste all your money on goon you'd be able to afford nice things, like tuna and pasta sloppa

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 05:51 [Preview] No.818432 del
Disdain for plebs.

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 05:56 [Preview] No.818433 del
(303.49 KB 1024x1024 neet.jpg)
Has this been posted here? I lose track.

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 06:01 [Preview] No.818434 del
Many such cases of woe.

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 06:03 [Preview] No.818435 del
Growth spurt.

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 06:03 [Preview] No.818436 del
What was the good brand of USB cables to buy from aliexpress?

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 06:07 [Preview] No.818437 del
That was a good article. I read it this morning.

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 06:08 [Preview] No.818438 del
ugreen goes okay. Not the cheapest but get the job done. Could be better designed to last longer.

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 06:08 [Preview] No.818439 del
I will look into it. Thank you.

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 06:15 [Preview] No.818440 del
I better watch out for keegz then.

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 06:17 [Preview] No.818441 del

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 06:19 [Preview] No.818442 del
Poorly bantered.

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 06:20 [Preview] No.818443 del
I thought it was moderately amusing.

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 06:21 [Preview] No.818444 del
might assemble my own bug out bag

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 06:24 [Preview] No.818445 del
Still haven't put together my emergency kit after that rectal catastrophe. Totally forgot. Was on my to-do list at one point

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 06:25 [Preview] No.818446 del
It'll be on tomorrow's list. No need to worry.

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 06:25 [Preview] No.818447 del
That reminds me I need to put my bug chasing bag in the car.

NEET 02/21/2024 (Wed) 06:25 [Previe