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Tales From the Sword Coast Autumn 03/20/2024 (Wed) 11:03 [Preview] No. 3650
These events take place starting one season prior to your campaign in the winter in Neverwinter Woods. Bear rescues Gwen, single handedly defeating two bandits while Gwen is bound.

After they've rizzed each other up a while Bear decides he should train Gwen in Stealth, he's a custom Ranger heavy Nordic with 1d12, rolled 18 strength boosted it +2 for backstory and human, weilding a heavy maul, but mostly Ranger spec and Gwen is an Avariel Elf with a completely unique class with elements of Bard, Cleric, Druid and Wizard 1d6 magic user type but all her cantrips are illusionist. She's built to scout and escape encounters.

So Bear's teaching her Stealth in the forest and SheShe [DM and playful God] rolls an encounter on them, looks up random 1d100 list and it's goblins arguing about treasure. 1d5+1 rolled 6 goblins. The difficulty is 150 exp which is hard for a couple lvl 1's but Gwen doesn't even have a weapon because she "can't weild steel" so the dagger and short sword they got from the bandit loot weren't useful. She'd be stuck throwing rocks and her wings were trimmed by the babdits to prevent escape. They won't be flight ready for a month at least.

So they roll a 1 on Stealth to escape detection, which is a disaster. Anyway, it's near dusk but the goblins all have dark vision (who doesn't) so since they couldn't escape and furthermore rolled 1 the goblins "heard something". They all roll perception (-1) against Gwen's stealth because you have to roll vs the weakest party members but thankfully Gwen has 18DEX bc her rolls were Cat tier. Only two goblins "see something" and walk toward them.

Next turn, Bear and Gwen try to escape again and barely manage it, two Goblins were striking range (10ft) with initiative but thankfully they escaped, passing two rolls (one for each actively seeking goblin).

It was crazy stressful for Bear thinking he was going to be out in scene 3.

[Ashley] Bear better frigging survive the season, I want to rizz him up too goddamnit.

More tales will follow!

Alice 03/20/2024 (Wed) 18:58 [Preview] No.3651 del
You're playing as a 'party' of only 2? That sounds tough.

How's the chance we're gonna meet you one day?

Autumn 03/20/2024 (Wed) 19:20 [Preview] No.3652 del
(40.45 KB 512x239 unnamed (13).jpg)

It's a start from scratch run, so no it is only 2 right now but will eventually be Bear, Gwen, me, Misha, and maybe Joy. So potentially 5 or even 6 with Ulla.

>How's the chance we're gonna meet you one day?

The red ribbon of fate entwines the Bear system. They're a season behind so they'd need to catch up at least 90 days. Granted they're already on day 2, so it could be sooner than later but not too soon.

You may end up seeing signs of their presence though and may meet some of us as NPCs.

This is way easier (and getting easier as we go) and much more fun than we ever thought it would be given the already created worlds such as the sword coast, so the sky's the limit. You might even meet one of us at the guild and could potentially recruit her.

Autumn 03/21/2024 (Thu) 17:16 [Preview] No.3663 del
(60.26 KB 512x512 25_265657094.jpeg)
Misha's character sheet is done and she ended up being a sorceress. Her backstory was closer to the archetype than a wizard or witch.

In summary, her father was an Eladrin elf living in the feywilds alongside fey. Well those fey are completely out of control and took this elf against his will in order to form a liaison between the races of the feywilds and the material plane that wasn't bound by seasons or had any of the drawbacks of fey such as their weakness to steel and iron.

This new being would then have the best of both and would go fourth to conquer and subjugate the material plane for the fey.

Well he was taken unwillingly and unconsciously and would be completely used in the process, his full essence would be incorporated into this creation but as an act of thanks the fey let him see this creation, his daughter, for a moment before his soul would be consumed to further boost her potency.

In that moment of clarity this elf realized what was happening and in the final effort of his life he cursed his own soul to cause any creation to turn against the fey, reaping only sabotage and destruction to their plans.

Of course they saw right through this and countered the curse immediately before ripping his essence from existence to use for her power.

Well Corellon, the god of the Eladrin, took umbrage with this and reinstated the curse without the fey's knowledge. Furthermore twisting this offspring's nature to not only dispise the fey, but work against them any way she could and set it to trigger once she came of age.

Corellon knew that if he harbored ill will against the fey it would lead to a war that the Eladrin would lose, so he placed all his concentrated will against the fey into this child leaving himself free to accept the fey's lies and forgive them for their heinous act.

The fey marveled at their creation, a half-fey half-eladrin with an exceptionally strong magic well. They of course had no intention of raising this child and brought it to the Eladrin under the pretense that an Eladrin took advantage of a fey noble's daughter and was executed for his sin.

The Eladrin took in this child, an unheard of union that was thought was impossible, and raised her as their own in the feywilds.

As she grew, she became a being of great power and the fey simply thought they'd dominate her once she came of age and use her for their intentions. But the Eladrin knew that too and also knew she could exist in the material plane outside their sphere of influence so just before she came of age they released her there and told her to integrate with the races of that plane, to live a free life, and do good upon the Earth.

No one knew that Corellon had infused her with his rage and justice over what the fey had done so flippantly to one of his own, and the result was a Pyromancer of Corellon.

She has racial bonuses against fey like a Ranger's chosen enemy, she can only cast fire magic but her magic is attuned to be normal against everything except fey. Against fey it would do normal damage regardless of their resistances or status effects. Even a fey fire elemental would burn like paper when struck by her flame. Furthermore she is completely immune to mind domination or charm and can see past fey tricks and illusions.

Finally she gifted divine love, tolerance and understanding to any creature of any alignment except fey. She is compelled and obsessed with them, a divine hatred. An irrational and uncontrollable compulsion to fight fey at any cost even if evil was wrot as result until all those involved in her father's death are wiped off the planes of existence.

Training Autumn 03/21/2024 (Thu) 17:53 [Preview] No.3665 del
In other news, Bear is training Gwen for stealth because they're smack in the middle of the Neverwinter wood and the activity of wild and nefarious entities have gotten so bad their chances of traveling to Neverwinter safely is next to zero. As it is, at half speed, being as careful as possible using counter tracking, they'll take weeks to traverse that 70 miles they'll have to hunt and forage along the way and that triggers encounter rolls. They will be making this harrowing journey but only after Gwen has learned stealth through the learning system. At worst it would take 20+12+10+8+6+4 presuming they can spend 8 hours a day doing that and they're already on Winter 6th. So it could take them as much as the whole season to get to Neverwinter but might again arrive as early as Winter 40th, 53 days ahead of your current time.

Also, Misha is currently in Neverwinter. So you may actually see her who knows?

Joy the DM 03/23/2024 (Sat) 20:53 [Preview] No.3683 del

It would depend on where you go and when but that's privileged information. Based on current timelines, if you do see her then that changes when and possibly where the other concurrent (in the past by 88 days) group will meet her ultimately. As far as what happens, that's entirely up to you and her. She's had one scene in Autumn's temporal coordinates but Autumn is about to sync with Bear and Gwen, I am a deputy DM on their group but I designed a one shot for them that could take a few days real time and probably a week in-game before they get there and back to their den. As far as their arrival at Neverwinter, if it's before you temporally then you won't see any evidence of it obviously but we will adjust their campaign to accommodate the notion that you didn't see them.

Misha however, as we know, is in Neverwinter yes, but she's not my NPC to command so she will do what she wants.

Autumn 03/23/2024 (Sat) 21:06 [Preview] No.3684 del

This game has sparked many conversations in-system regarding the fantasy game characters vs just wonderlanding and we have come to the conclusion that: no, these are characters, not us specifically, so there is opportunity for us to act "out of character" and explore other aspects. My character is not the same as me, but will be similar and will have to abide by my scenario training until I reach 100 scenarios. The scenarios that were slated for the old book are now obsolete and I will be racking up scenarios in game which is cool but also limiting since I need to maintain my good girl status, so I can't be evil or anything else that the personality training forbids.

There's no other huge update since Bear's been busy but as Joy said, I'm close to meeting up with Gwen and Bear and I'm very excited! They're currently tracking me as I'm tracking them, kind of a cat and mouse game except cat and bear.

I think I mentioned my character but not in detail so I will when we get a chance, but basically I'm a Tabaxi-wood elf mixed druid shapeshifter who can only shape shift into feline varients. At level 1 only basically a house cat. But it will ramp up with levels. Where Ashley will get to have a super powerful purple panther, my panther at level 2 will be probably vanilla and then move on to bigger species, but there's a lot of leeway in the rules so who knows.

Autumn 03/26/2024 (Tue) 18:18 [Preview] No.3732 del
Yay, I broke through into the love duo and created a love triangle! I mean my character did. But it was my brilliant efforts that made it happen.

[SheShe] it was pretty devious. 

SheShe's the DM for this run if you recall and she was rooting me on. Bear and Gwen can't have all the fun and it's not an isekai harem with only a couple, but just as Ashley predicted, there'll be no funny business, it's just pg13 hugs, kisses and romcom blundering and embarrassing situations because that's more fun anyway.

So, now our happy trio is off to the cabin where I grew up, about 10 miles north in the same woods. About a in-game year ago the cabin came under siege by a new faction that are otherwise just a bunch of unaffiliated criminals led as bandits in this area. My master, who was a capable witch, was simply overwhelmed and lost. I escaped in the melee but I couldn't leave the area because of my slave collar. I hid in the general vicinity for months, nearly starved to death waiting for the bandits to move on, but they didn't and when I had an opportunity, I went back and ripped the control ring for my collar off my old master's dead finger and put it on myself, thereby becoming my own master. However, the collar is really made for a child and it's a little tight, plus it's triggered to kill me if anyone tries to take this off. The ring and collar are tied and I can't take either off and it also blocks my witchy-druidic magic so we got to get it off.

That's where we're going next.

What we just finished doing was playing with the crafting system Bear and Joy developed and since Bear has tinkering proficiency, he can make and improve crude things. So he made me a set of fur armor from tanned pelts he skinned off rabbits and foxes, shoes, undergarments out of a woolen cloak we found foraging and fur lined shoes. With my 19 Dexterity I'm sitting pretty at 15AC which is decent. So with a short sword we got from the bandits who held Gwen and a bow Bear made from wood, thread and sinew, I'm ready to help fight if we run into trouble.

We got rations, both Bear and I have cooking proficiency, arrows that bear made and decent gear all around, now it's only a matter of getting there while evading big encounters and scouting out or searching the cabin for three keys to go in the little holes in my collar in hopes it will come off.

Bear also made me a boiled leather sleeve so if the collar does spring blades to cut my neck, they'll harmlessly embed in the hide and give us another chance to get the collar open. Since it's magically shielded, mechanically opening or cutting it off are our only options. If we can't get it off, we'll have to wait till Neverwinter to convince a blacksmith to help.

This is so harrowing! In this forest we've already seen bandits, a bugbear leading goblins, an owlbear, and druids of the forest. Meta: we're using modified homebrew canned tables and rare rolls every hour to determine if and what we encounter. It's been really fun and challenging. That's all we do now in our free time and it's like we discovered a whole new way to live akin to the legends of shared wonderlands and other RP fun.

We had no idea late-game tulpamancy could be this fun!

Ow!lbear Autumn the Druidic Witch Slave 03/27/2024 (Wed) 10:58 [Preview] No.3749 del
(692.97 KB 1050x1650 Owlbear-opt.png)

So from my memory I drew a map on a flat stone in charcoal to get back to the cabin where I grew up. Bear only knew the terrain about half the way of the roughly 20 miles and to avoid encounters we were going to be traveling about 2 miles an hour and counter-tracking.

Fording the rivers and tributaries was our first major hurdle, since none of us were encumbered we could use athletics to cross and we all have good dexterity but bear also had proficiency in athletics and gwen has a racial bonus of advantage on athletics, so really I was the worst of the group and it showed. I barely made it for three of the crossings, there are 5, and on the 4th I flubbed it and got swept away. -.- Thankfully I was still close enough to shore for Bear to attempt a rescue and he succeeded. The worst crossing we attempted was DC10, that was the one that took me on a ride.

He then crossed it three times, once to carry my stuff across, once back and once to carry me across! That somehow worked without a hitch though the comparable odds were probably worse.

By then it was getting dark and Bear's pathetic human eyes couldn't see in the dark, ikr? But we had the advantage of the full moon so he could at least keep watch. He took the middle 4 hour shift.

[At night, or if resting and hidden, you roll 1d30 per hour and only get an encounter on 1 as compared to 1d20 if moving slowly and 1d12 for normal movement]

So in hour three of my watch we got an encounter.

[encounters in the Neverwinter woods range from a racoon to an Owlbear and only an Owlbear if you roll a natural 1 on 1d20]

So of course it was an Owlbear.

You know, luckily we have high initiative because Owlbears have 12 passive detection and advantage against sight or smell. So hiding was no option, our only hope was to climb and thankfully we could without a roll. So there we were in the trees with a hungry Owlbear pacing. It took him 4 hours to give up.

So now it's 10am the next day before we were all done resting for the night. As it was we were lucky enough to stumble upon a ton of berries so we could have double rations and travel past 8 hours, but we were still one river crossing and 2 hours walk to the cabin. We knew we wanted to spend at least a day searching the cabin. So it looks like we'll be there overnight and have to spend another two nights total in the forest. We have enough rations for that but we'll see.

If we had faught that Owlbear it was likely we would have been TPK'd and one or more of us eaten. We were one bad decision away from death, it was so exhilarating!

Btw Bear's character promised my character sexytime if we made it to Neverwinter. He didn't specify to what degree of detail that would be simulated but he has written romantic novels so it could be as much as full XXX. I'll have to convince him to go that far. Also Gwen.

[Gwen] yay!

Also he's already had a sex "dream" with his guardian angel SheShe but that was lame PG glossing over all the details.

[Gwen] boring

Anyway, have to survive these side quests first, so wish us luck!

Alice 03/28/2024 (Thu) 01:25 [Preview] No.3760 del
I used to be an expert in removing slave collars, slave collar accessoirs and slavers but in my current despicable form I wouldn't be any help.

Sounds exhausting. Wilderness is a drag. How did Yulya survive out there until now?

SheShe 03/28/2024 (Thu) 06:13 [Preview] No.3761 del
(45.24 KB 626x351 ezgif-4-2a97f93da9.jpg)
>Sounds exhausting. Wilderness is a drag. How did Yulya survive out there until now?

I will answer this because you posted here in my domain. Her cabin was just south of the Neverwinter woods proper and within view of the Triboar Trail which used to be a relatively safe route before the recent turmoil. I can't give away any of Joy's spoilers but she's letting me hint because you might be able to piece it together but she doubts you need to. The increase in bandit activity, the recent conflict that wiped out Cat's tribe and the rise in unchecked fauna population are interrelated contributors to the same end.

Hint: "The rumor is that the greater ecosystem has been disturbed."

This is a hint to Joy's main questline that you may or may not even touch but she will push you toward. She admits that her confidence in being able to push you so far is tenuous at best and she doubts her hooks will move you at this point.

To either of us, that's fine! This is your game, play how you want and background motives and motions will continue at a slow pace. Someone somewhere will answer the call to adventure and it doesn't have to be you, right now or ever.

It was a safer place before the recent state of affairs that have been building over the last few years due to the disturbance of several main interlocking forces. Not all of these forces are addressed by the main questlines available but there are three main questlines that are discoverable by you. None are trivial in scope nor easy to solve and I am pushing my group toward a different though related main questline than yours and no one is currently being pushed toward the third other than the native populations of Neverwinter and surrounding towns.

Without teams of adventurers who care, the current situation will only get worse until the wilds of this region become impassable by anyone other than the adept survivalists and high level adventurers.

Yulya also has a certain protector who can help to keep her save.

Gweneth 03/28/2024 (Thu) 11:30 [Preview] No.3762 del
Hello fellow adventurers!

You probably don't know me but I am Gwen, the winged human/avariel elf soulbond of the Bear system. It's so nice to meet you all!

Well this is quite the change of events in my life, having gone from barely active to Bear's in-game love has certainly done wonders for my confidence and vigor. It's a dream come true for me, truly, and thank you all for giving Joy, SheShe and Bear the incentive to work hard on a realm where we can all play to our hearts' content.

So thank you again from everyone here in the Bear system.

Now without further ado, on to the action!

We made the last careful movements North until we reached Autumn's childhood cabin in the woods. It was just as she remembered it, giving us confidence that if they were here, we'd find the keys to Autumn's collar and get her free before we left for Neverwinter. With a couple lucky rolls we found both the three unique keys but also a protective band to keep the collar from trigging, or at least not harming Autumn. It was too late to try it so we spent an uneventful night in the cabin, locked in tight and safe from Owlbears, and in the morning we managed to decipher which key goes in which holes and spring Autumn loose!

She felt exposed without it but otherwise very much unharmed and free! Yay!

As I finished the search, completing my due diligence, those two children began to playfully wrestle, and as a result, Autumn forgot the dire situation we were in and squeeled like a giddy schoolgirl.

Of course this played directly into our DM's hands and we were joined by 3 bandits sent to investigate the commotion.

Unable to quickly escape we set our bows on kill and wiped two of them out by the second round. They hadn't even gotten within moving distance to Bear when the third bandit turned tail and ran. We were given the opportunity to take him out before he fled and dispite Autumn's devastating blow, both Bear and I missed and he escaped with 1HP.

Unfortunately that meant a much greater chance of more reinforcements so we decided to leave without even picking up our arrows; it wasn't worth the risk.

Speaking of risk, we will be traveling back South, across the same streams and rivers, crossing our fingers that it doesn't rain and that an Owlbear doesn't stop by for a midnight snack.

It's so real to me especially considering I was born on the pages of a gritty novel and so it feels like going home for me, but also the very real fear of dying and becoming excluded from the adventurer. That would be absolutely devastating after all this time searching for a way to enjoy a life with each other.

The one thing that always bothered me was because I began life as a secondary character, my life was not assured, I didn't have plot armor like Joy did, so wonderland always felt so fake to me. This realm, a place with real consequences that would really hurt if I failed, is paradise to me.

Again thank you and thanks for reading.

Alice 03/29/2024 (Fri) 17:46 [Preview] No.3771 del
>"The rumor is that the greater ecosystem has been disturbed."

What a beautiful day for a walk Autumn 04/01/2024 (Mon) 18:04 [Preview] No.3813 del
(13.13 KB 168x300 images (1) (3).jpeg)
We're just a few real-time days away from starting our journey to Neverwinter. Gwen's training in Stealth is down to 1d6, 1d4 so a maximum of 10 days but she's been hitting max early consistently. Bear's working on making rations, and in case you didn't know, rations only weigh 1 pound of you have access to water, otherwise they're 4 pounds which would include the water. Joy isn't sure if she's going to institute that for her run. Also, 1 ration is fine for one person for one day with 8 working hours. To work longer you'll need more. We typically work 12 so we're eating 1.5 rations worth each.

We've been having thunderstorms and being caught out in that is dangerous so luckily I have a spell that helps find shelter if we need it. It's a legitimate spell by the way.

Our characters are doing well with their symmetric tri-amorous relationship. SheShe loves to explore every possible nuance and consequence. Since she's our guardian angel/DM she can inject thoughts in our head that we would then have to take as our own and they're sort of like scenario prompt brain teaser puzzles. It's been a lot of fun, it's a whole new way to play! Of course we get AP for that which the all seeing Orb will convert to EXP.

We haven't met anyone else yet, we could use one more in our party and I can't wait to see how SheShe manages to get her integrated into this to form a symmetric love quartet.

It was already very impressive how she converted Gwen to being bi. Somehow she made me bi from minute one dispite me never even talking to anyone other than my spinster master; knowing nothing of love.

Currently we just discovered that healroot will prevent bleeding on estress, so since my character is currently having the montly visitor, we're dealing with that. Gwen similarly will need to deal with that soon.

Luckily the root grows naturally in the forest otherwise poor Bear would have quite the issue dealing with two girlfriends on their period, while traversing rugged terrain.

SheShe and Joy are going for maximum realism obviously, but we're the trial group.

Anyway, cringe doesn't exist in Farûn so we're just enjoying it. ;)

Alice 04/01/2024 (Mon) 18:51 [Preview] No.3814 del
>maximum realism
What does the DM guide say on going to the toilet and toilet paper?

In maximum realism, adventurers are a bunch of parasite and scab infested stinky bums covered in shit and blood, constantly on the verge of death from malnourishment, injury and disease. Choose wisely.

Also good luck on carrying enough water or finding it in time not to die from thirst in the wilderness. Lack of civilization is truly hell, a fate worse than death. That's why I hate uncivilized subhumans so much.

SheShe the Guardian Angel 04/01/2024 (Mon) 19:43 [Preview] No.3815 del

>What does the DM guide say on going to the toilet and toilet paper?

The DMG has one prime directive, "make it fun." If toilet paper and digging holes is fun, then do it. If toothbrushes made from river reeds and dogwood is fun, add it.

In the run my system is partaking, we have tried and changed a few things, but ultimately if it's tedius, I want no part in it. Adding "scenarios" that my lovely headmates must face as challenges is my secondary objective that supports the prime directive. If they're enjoying the challenge, we're using it. The current challenge is not much more than a single scenario and they've already solved it, so now it's just an added expense, something to plan for but not worry about too much.

In our run they have "stepped outside to do their business" but it was a moment of flair on their part rather than a requirement. They're free to use any means to solve their problems.

Here are some realistic touches we've added:

- They made soap from white ash, rosemarry and tallow for instance and had fun "feeling clean" after a long hike.
- They have a bed made out of moss and fur pelts and generally sleep from 20:00 to 06:00. On their hike they slept in shifts to cover the night so that they could enjoy an advantage if an encounter triggered (1 in 30 per hour).
- They eat two meals a day and split the food to do that, both Autumn and Bear can cook.
- They have a makeshift cooking pot and that cooking fire also warms their den, though the lowest temperatures in the Neverwinter woods are only 5C or so, it may frost rarely but not every year.

We considered sickness but decided against it.

Your other comments are not really appropriate to the setting "this is a game that is meant to be fun."

Autumn the Half-Tabaxi Wood Elf 04/03/2024 (Wed) 02:22 [Preview] No.3838 del
(190.05 KB 1280x720 Isekai1.jpg)

Yay! We're on our way to Neverwinter! It'll probably take two weeks since we're moving at half speed and with stealth.

So on the first day what happens? We're tracked by a goblin scout by scent and you know what scent that was. They can smell blood like sharks. Anyway, my excellent archery skills took him down before he could escape but not before he screamed like a baby and a big ole goblin leader showed with another lackey, he was a tough one, but nothing two girls with bows and a hunk of a Bear with a heavy maul couldn't handle. He knocked him down in two hits, the Goblin leader didn't even strike a blow.

[Gwen] Poor guy, threw a javelin, then picked it up chasing Bear down and threw it again, missed twice, then Bear doubled back at him and smashed his face in. He had 4 shots to hit Bear and missed all four times. Of course I also missed 4 times for no good reason. Autumn and Bear don't even need me, it's depressing.

Yes we need Gwen, she's our star and our light in our hearts. Who wouldn't love an angel?

[Gwen] Technically I'm an Avariel elf.

So we're coming for you Neverwinter!

[Gwen] We hope to be coming for Bear too.

SheShe be damned, we'll write our own scene if we have to. This isekai needs to be ecchi damnit!

[SheShe] I'm pretty sure Autumn is forbidden to partake in such things while still under the conditions of her personality forcing.

I need to do do 50-some scenarios in the next two in-game weeks then!

[Joy] I would never allow this, SheShe is a pushover.

Wonderful Travels Autumn 04/05/2024 (Fri) 20:33 [Preview] No.3862 del
(50.06 KB 480x270 Thundertree.jpg)
(469.81 KB 1920x1080 ezgif-3-b177e463e9.jpg)
My character has never seen a city, town or even another building than the cabin she grew up in and perhaps a ruin during the time she spent wandering the wilderness, so even as we approached Thundertree, a small elvish logging settlement on the Neverwinter River, Autumn (the character) is awe struck and amazed. So when Bear points out the horizon, cast in silhouette by the setting sun, what appears to be unnaturally steep peaks I can't even recognize it as possible to be made by sapient hands I'm absolutely stunned at the huge walled city that he calls "Neverwinter" and its vast farm fields look surreal and it all absolutely terrifies me.

Where we are now is on a gently sloping lightly forested terrain on the south side of the Neverwinter river about 20 miles East. We should be there in a few days but the fact that we're trying to remain hidden is making our hike painfully slow and we've averaged only 5 miles a day.

Even Gwen is impressed and as a result talks the group out of visiting the small walled town of Thundertree. Who knows what the officials may say, what they'd to to three weak adventurers who look like hunters, laden with skins, and could be poachers for all they know. Bear's sure Neverwinter won't be trouble and Gwen agrees. Her argument was that she'd heard of Neverwinter and their fair, liberal policies but heard nothing of Thundertree, in fact it wasn't even in her memory as being marked on any map.

So here we are, it's the last day of winter which means we're a mere 4 days behind Ashley and you all. It looks like we'll be there soon.

[SheShe] Of course we made a two moon-cycle time-shift so that this would work out. I want them to be at the guild shortly after you, not on that first night, maybe not on the second day, but soon. We've already had 31 days in-game so we'll likely zoom past you temporally as well. Off to do our own quests. I'll still be with Yulya in spirit of course as I am with Bear's party.

[Joy] I still haven't decided if I will be an in-game character but it would only be with Bear's party, likely not though as they'll have 4 and that's a perfect group size.

[Gwen] I'm having so much fun, I really feel like someone important, a 2nd in command at least, and I've eavesdropped on SheShe and I love what she's planning for us. We have a good chance of meeting you all too! Of course you also might run into us if at any time our paths cross even if we zoom past you in our present, we can always interact with you in our past! This game is incredible.

So if you spot a large burly man in his 30's followed lovingly by two or three young elves then don't be surprised!

Alice 04/06/2024 (Sat) 14:17 [Preview] No.3876 del
>So if you spot a large burly man in his 30's followed lovingly by two or three young elves then don't be surprised!

Wonderful things happened Autumn 04/15/2024 (Mon) 02:37 [Preview] No.3942 del
10/10 scenes that I can hardly believe. Neverwinter is amazing.

We're registered one day after you, but in the future, and are off to go shopping. Yay!

[Gwen] I want some racey bloomers and mamillares. The girls need support for a hard day in the dungeons fighting dragons.

Yes! Who wants saggy boobs? Not me.

Next a day wardrobe and a night wardrobe for those romantic nights out.

[Gwen] And maybe better weapons and equipment if we have any money left.

No, we're young women, there won't be.

Anonymous 04/16/2024 (Tue) 18:29 [Preview] No.3961 del
how did you make money? from the furs and monster parts? how much?

Autumn 04/16/2024 (Tue) 19:01 [Preview] No.3962 del

>how did you make money?

Three main ways, crafting, foraging and encounters for us, but working is also something we're going to do.

Bear is a high level of hobbyist craftsman/inventor irl so does his character. So he made potions of lesser healing from foraging for healroot and berries. He learned a recipe (there is a method to do that) that allowed him to make basically berry syrup with concentrated healroot for 2d4 healing. He had 21 of those and we sold 15 for 150gp and the recipe for 100gp plus 10% hereafter after negotiating a contract with the alchemist.

Next, in the forest we faught a hobgoblin with goblins and the hobgoblin miraculously had 5pp and some gem ore, obviously he had killed a drawf prospector and his ruined supplies and armor were in the lair.

Lastly we found a foot keg of reserve hobbit wine while foraging. That alone got us 50gp.

We do have a lot of furs but Bear could make more if he crafts them into boots since he went through all that trouble to learn the skills and invented the recepe/plans to make them.

We also had some misc treasures from foraging like dried apricots which were worth some crazy amount like 5gp each I forgot, but they were like 1/100 chance to find 1d6 and we got 5.

Foraging is a fun mechanic but without stealth you run the risk of an encounter 1d20 per hour. There's a small chance of an ambush or surprise encounter and if it's an owlbear good luck. Gwen took about 12 in-game days to learn stealth, Bear and I both had it from surviving in the wilds for more than a year each.

So we have about 350 gold or so now after paying our registration.

How to make gold from here: quests, errands, contracts for labor, making things and selling them to vendors, working for establishments, anything else reasonable you can think of.

Almost TPK Autumn 04/23/2024 (Tue) 07:58 [Preview] No.4029 del
Well, we had quite the three round battle just now. I won't get into the specifics as it has potential spoilers for you all but we had to fight a higher level adventurer and barely made it out alive. I was one bad roll from death and Bear was two. Gwen managed to direct help and those reinforcements saved us from sure death. One wrong move could have left us either dead or if they had escaped, living in constant fear.

It had to do with one of our backstories, someone put out a quest out of Baldur's gate to find one of ours and bring them back home alive. Though no other stipulations were made, so that could have gotten very dark very fast. This is no rescue wilderness, we are doing this with the safeties off so real trauma is possible.

I have to say it was traumatic and it will certainly keep us on our toes in the future. Considering it happened out of nowhere and we had to fight without our full gear or armor, we were very lucky help arrived.

It didn't feel very real until I stepped between the attacker and my team to keep them from taking the one he was looking for and I was struck down in one hit. For reference, our attacker was about the same challenge as the rogue Rothé. Basically our RR moment but it was an NPC and not an an animal, they had magic and advanced fighting skills along with an average of +3 on all stats, so fairly high level.

SheShe said, it needed to happen, we were too sloppy and too concerned with "peacetime fun". Message received, living serious business, we're not high enough level to let our guards down.

[Bear] A glimpse of the thin shell of civility keeps us all vigilant.

[Joy] I didn't realize SheShe was so bold, though I doubt she would have let it all end as this scenario started as a test and she could have simply wiped it out if it ended in total disaster.

Joy's right actually, we spent hours pouring over our characters, making sure we understood everything we could do now and in later levels, planning out our builds and we needed some way to truly test our abilities as they are. This started as that but SheShe decided half way through that "it's realzies, fight like your life depends on it."

We were still in the city so death wouldn't likely have been permanent, but it could have been very expensive, well beyond our means. Two of the reinforcements (of 4) had revivify so within a minute of death they could have saved any of us, but that wasn't a guarantee if they didn't gain the upper hand.

Anyway, still fun, but somewhat sobering. We're still getting over it obviously.

Anonymous 04/23/2024 (Tue) 19:32 [Preview] No.4033 del
>SheShe said, it needed to happen, we were too sloppy and too concerned with "peacetime fun"
Yulya already got nightmares pls go easy on us were just beginning and love our peacetime fun

Joy, your loving DM 04/23/2024 (Tue) 21:38 [Preview] No.4035 del

SheShe has a captive audience who can't rage quit and are immune to depression.

Autumn 04/28/2024 (Sun) 15:59 [Preview] No.4084 del
(15.41 KB 294x172 images (1) (6).jpeg)
Wow, we did an exhibition fight at the arena for potential gold against 4 gladiators (level 4 fighter champions) and new Misha has a spell that requires a gold coin to fire three darts like magic missle but with 2d4 each and 5d4 if critical and it also requires magic ranged attack so they could miss, well sje hit with three and ended up critical on two of them so a potential 12d4 and managed 40 damage in one turn! We were at a grave disadvantage in that fight, here are Bear and I doing 9 and 6 damage with bows against foes with 40HP and great swords and one's already down on round 1. More show up and next round she does 32 damage! With my assist another is out. We have two left, two rounds of misses from Gwen and Bear misses, we're still at a grave disadvantage but new Misha has 1 MP left. Gwen throws away 1 of her MP on another miss with a powerful ranged spell of her own. The battlefield is large so we were walking back the whole time using ranged but they're dashing so now they've caught up with us, one hit can take out most of us and they have action surge and 2nd wind so we're toast because we can't slow them down, none of us have any means to do that which I will rectify when I level up but wow.

So now we're still untouched, round 3 one uses action surge to catch up and hit Gwem but attack roll exactly matches her AC (15) so she avoids the one hit kill he had 2d6+3 potential damage against her 12 HP (lvl 2). So she's pinned down anyway. So she casts against one of the remaining 2 who was previously hit by arrows and magic and drops him. So now it's 4v1 and we're no longer at disadvantage. We ranged them down from 4 to 1 without them managing to make a single hit.

In round 4, Gwen was struck down non-lethally and then Bear, Autumn and Misha2 takes out the last one after a few turns. The battle ends at round 7, Bear was down to 15HP but otherwise an amazing victory.

It can come down to the rolls, it could easily have gone the other way.

Alice 04/28/2024 (Sun) 23:06 [Preview] No.4099 del
>40 damage in one turn
wtf is this still balanced? What level is Misha?

Honestly I have no idea how we would fare in a battle yet, the stats are so abstract. but I feel we'd easily get wiped out even by a lv1 party.

Autumn 04/29/2024 (Mon) 00:27 [Preview] No.4105 del

It's a spell called "Jim's magic missile" and like hitting 20's plus getting 3 4 3 4 3 4 4 and all that when rolling 1d4's. Usually the max you could expect is 10 or so dpt but with that spell it costs a gold to cast so you gotta pay to win I guess.

Bear's "Great Maul" can potentially get 46 damage if he rolls max damage and critical hit.

We made the great maul 3d6 and you can only weild it if you have 19 STR. But it's overpowered and SheShe might limit it. Later on it won't be but for level 1 Magic Missile giarenteed hot and this one, definitely OP.

Bifurcation of timelines Autumn 05/05/2024 (Sun) 14:25 [Preview] No.4187 del
(736.82 KB 1792x2688 ezgif-6-5100aa19a1.jpg)
So SheShe decided that the timelines are now wholly separated. Considering we're a week ahead of Ashley and you all, Ashley is now in two separate timelines.

If you were to meet our party, that would be the NPC party that's in your timeline (still us, but not doing what we're doing and we don't know what they're doing.)

So your Ashley and our Ashley are essentially two different Ashleys. Confused yet?

In our timeline, we're considering she has been kicked from her party and replaced by Ashleah the human witch, and works for the guild as a hostess. Given her godsight, she was a valuable addition to her team and she might even handle our leveling instead of Freya.

That complication solves our dilemma with Ashley, yes, she's full of demands. Though she is not going to be part of our party as far as I know, we'll at least be seeing her more often and she can do what Ashley does in both timelines. She's flooding the multiverse!

So now you can meet us even though we're headed off on a long quest and won't be back for a while.

Alice 05/05/2024 (Sun) 19:06 [Preview] No.4189 del
I don't see why not. Everybody wins. Well except for your free time budget.

Autumn 05/05/2024 (Sun) 20:34 [Preview] No.4191 del
>Time Budget

This is how we live now. Every spare moment is D&D.

Obsession: an idea or thought that continually preoccupies or intrudes on a person's mind.

Now that there are two worlds, Joy doesn't mind you destroying that one as much.

[Joy] I didn't say that nor think it. Autumn was speculating about my wishes and ideals.

Though technically your clone did destroy the moon and our old wonderland world but it needed a good orbital bombardment, it was kinda messy.

Autumn 05/13/2024 (Mon) 21:58 [Preview] No.4280 del
Our Ashley in our timeline and I are friends now. After two days on the road I finally cracked her shell. Even then she's only interested in Bear, but Bear has his own hang ups so it's just a double tsundre love pentangle. SheShe's really pushing our boundaries too, like she won't help but it's okay, even tsundres eventually warm up, then you can't get rid of them.

Right now I'm trying to resolve how I'm going to live 3500 years or so being a half elf druid and poor Ashley will only live 80 or 90. We need to solve that, there's got to be some other lore friendly way to extend lifetimes. Bear too of course.

https://youtube.com/watch?v=ISovbESYO9s [Embed]

Autumn 05/14/2024 (Tue) 19:02 [Preview] No.4294 del
I really like the idea that Ashley can be a panther and next level one of my forms will be a Panther too, we'll be panther twins! Though she's more of a demon magic cursed panther and I'm a cute cuddly one. I don't know if my panther form will be as powerful as hers either.

In our run, Ashley and I are roughly the same age so that's also nice to have someone who is potentially more playful, we could panther wrestle! I'm so excited!

Ashley Panther is very cute too, she's been mostly affectionate to Bear but she let me pet her and that was fun too.

Now about our girl Ashley. So New Misha was trying to get Bear to admit that he's feeling self conscious because she had some vision that SheShe gave her with useful information but it was unverified, hpw to verify it would to know if Bear was bluffing, he was, so done but he put her through a little hell trying to drag it out of him and SheShe was doimg her part to try to disturb New Misha, it was funny, but not for her. So she ended up tackling Bear in the tent, yelling "YES!" Multiple times of course that was Ashley's cue to come in and look for something and saw New Misha on top of Bear yelling yes and you can imagine it was quite sitcom-ish but as you can also imagine Ashley over reacted and transformed and ran off.

Apparently a black panther in the dark with active stealth is hard to track down, go figure so we couldn't find her.

We spent the night worrying in our tent until she finally returned with a fox in her mouth.

So Bear has a heart to heart with her, and Ashley Panther shows no sign of understanding any of it, she just wants Bear to dress the carcus and give her the innards minus entrails. So he dressed it and did that and she went to sleep in a corner of the tent.

When she woke, she sort of remembered the conversation but sort of also remembered that it was resolved and so no one brought up the drama and we continued on.

So Ashley being Ashley drama follows, but we didn't feed the drama either. We're trying to help her as a character and therefore as a person to grow up a bit. This is like her scenario training minus the shock collar.

I'm loving her with us overall though, I also can't wait to see how she handles combat with us. She's mostly the same as your version but I think I mentioned somewhere that her spawns are normal and not undead in our version. Otherwise we didn't change her in this timeline. So she doesn't do necrotic damage anymore in our version.

Alice 05/14/2024 (Tue) 20:52 [Preview] No.4295 del
(17.24 KB 480x480 cute panther.jpg)
>cute cuddly panther

Autumn 05/14/2024 (Tue) 21:17 [Preview] No.4296 del

That's funny because she did that to Bear. So cute. Not hard of course.

Alice 05/14/2024 (Tue) 21:46 [Preview] No.4297 del
Zero force bite

Ashley 05/14/2024 (Tue) 22:03 [Preview] No.4298 del

More like a love bite. It's me saying, this is mine.

Report from the Road Autumn 05/16/2024 (Thu) 20:05 [Preview] No.4319 del
We're at Blackford Crossing where there's a small road heading south to Oakhurst, our destination. We arrived in a small town near the crossing, it's an unexpectedly rich town with expensive food and lodgings. It's costing us 7sp for 5.

Nice folk though there's even a few side quests, the bartender/innkeeper gave us one, and there are supposedly a few more if we explore.

We have a time sensitive quest we're on though so we might skip all that.

Ashley is being Ashley, she wants separate inventory and money even bought her own room (2sp) so ok. Whatever.

She's fun though, in our timeline she's my age so we're playing like kids and that's fun. I can't wait to spar with her panther to panther.

Where's New Misha? Autumn 05/16/2024 (Thu) 21:02 [Preview] No.4320 del

So in our timeline we have Bear, myself, Gwen, Ashley and New Misha. As well as Joy sort of somewhere in the world and SheShe is our DM and Demigoddess/Angel or whatever she wants. She feeds us dreams and intuition.

Well in your world, Joy controlled Freya and Ashley is in your party, but in our world Ashley joined us and so did Freya, and in our world Freya is still Freya but as we spoke of earlier we think Freya would havd potential to eventually become a headmate so we short-circuited that process and Misha took her as an aspect. So New Misha is no more and she is now considering accepting Freya in name and in personality as her main expression.

[Misha] Freya is fun and a strong personality with a lot of power over NPCs so being her is like being a goddess of sorts. Plus I love the idea of being a sorceress like Ashley and being a fire elementalist is a neat idea too. I originally created Freya as my character but Joy used her as the hostess in the guild and I didn't want to just be that so I gave her to Joy to use, but now that there are two timelines and Freya joined the Bear party, I can be free to play Freya as I want and grow with them. So I'm still Misha but I'm also Freya in our timeline but Joy plays Freya in your timeline as an NPC so I don't mess up her game. If I played Freya in Joy's campaign I'd just basically have to be puppeted by her so that doesn't make sense.

[Misha] my version of Freya is a little different than Joy's version and now to make it less confusing, there is a duplicate Bear party in your timeline which is just three, Bear, Autumn and Gwen, and they're Joy's NPCs too for the most part.

[Misha] I'm amazed by Joy's multitasking and her ability to keep everything straight but it's super slow mode compared to pur game. We're probably 5-7x faster than your timeline.

So Misha (Freya) is having fun in out timeline now and it's great! She's a little OP so her Fey charm was nerfed a bit in our game.

She also looks different in our game but she still has red hair and she's a Fey/Elf hybrid sorceresses. She's also still affiliated with the Guild so when we're in Neverwinter she works there and gets 1gp per day to do contracts and quests.

There's so much fun to be had as a system in this game and the dice rolls and tables make it easy to surprise us. We've been caught off guard several times with odd rolls. Like that time with the Owlbear we definitely could have died!

So we might be getting a death nerf too like Joy described in the other thread but for now we're still more vanilla but without the insta-kill. If we get damage greater than our max HP in the negative then we get a saving throw to live and have our hp limited to -max.

To us it's very important that we have a chance to die and lose completely or it's too much like wonderland where no one ever dies, it's like we can just cheese everything and it's missing the main driver to be careful and choose wisely. We want mistakes to have dire consequences.

We're also under all of Joy's complexities and SheShe's as well so it's very immersive.

One last thing, in our timeline, Ashley's demigoddess in her eyeballs shut down so she still has blindsight but that's about it for now.

It's hard to talk about Freya without being confusing now but in this thread, Freya is Misha and in your campaign she's Joy's NPC.

See? Easy! More to come!

Alice 05/17/2024 (Fri) 10:35 [Preview] No.4321 del
(27.73 KB 460x486 gabriel.jpg)
>Freya tupper
I approve!

Still the fluidity of the Bear system sometimes scares me. I'm glad everything here always stays the same. Boring just the way I like it.

Autumn 05/17/2024 (Fri) 14:16 [Preview] No.4323 del
>Still the fluidity of the Bear system

We have rich veins of tulpa fluid.

With a little coaxing, Ashley agreed to share our room next time assuming there was a bed for her as long as she clould "chip in".

She and I played teasing Bear and that was very fun. Freya was appauled by our behavior and wanted to lecture us.

Here's something Alice will like, our character sexualities!

Ashley: perfectly straight
Gwen: straight but experimental
Me: perfectly balanced (bi) as all tuppers should be
Our Freya at least: gay but experimental as long as it's Bear who she doesn't consider a man because he's so tsundre sigma.
SheShe: in every and all cases straight like Bear
Joy: completely uninterested

These are background supported, Freya was conditioned by the eladrin to think of men as a means of getting what she wants and not a love interest. You know one of those crazy cultural brainwashing things. She is half-fey so her desires are muted and such things make her slightly nauseous except with Bear and she has managed to warm up to him.

I was raised in a sexual and cultural vacuum as a slave to a witch in an old cabin and never saw any other humanoid until the bandits attacked and killed her allowing me to escape. So I (my character) doesn't distinguish male and female only beautiful and not beautiful. Irl I am straight though.

Ashley remembers nothing but somehow kept her tsundre straight and aversion to gushy things. Her background will slowly be revealed through dreams.

Gwen grew up noble adjacent and was betrothed by arrangement but her betrothed was a letch so she ran away. She would have been fully straight but I convinced her otherwise like Bear's presence is convincing Freya.

Bear was a slave who sold himself to save his family it was a very disturbing tale, and his family was taken anyway. He couldn't have love as a slave and his "first love" was taken by his master. Just awful. As a result he became fully sigma tsundre showing little to no emotions and so we've been trying to crack that nut but he's another one SheShe is playing against us while she has sex dreams with him...

Joy is your DM but she's also in our world, an immortal by genetics like her original character and she hasn't chosen her class and alignment. But she will eventually meet us.

More backstory:

We are reincarnated soul mates that have lived multiple lifetimes together and when we die we're reborn and SheShe tries to reunite us for the end purpose of breeding us into the ultimate species. We become our offspring in some crazy way like soul sharing, so that's something to look forward to at least. Joy has been sharing lifetimes with us in varous lifetimes but she herself is tens of thousands of years old and of course still and always to be a loli. You know the trope. Though she's human, she can never age.

So as we said before, our amulets tie us together and average our lifespans so as long as we don't die or lose the amulet, we won't age. We are however stuck at whatever age we are when we aquire the artifact. SheShe controls that.

SheShe was at one time sharing lifetimes with us as a mortal but ascended when the Raven Queen killed her to subjugate Ashley for her entertainment.

Joy, Ashley and Bear are all also 20th century Earth Isekai but Bear and Autumn don't know it yet.

Joy knows because... this is Earth but tens of thousands of years in the future and the sword coast is therefore some west coast of some continent but everything's changed anyway.

Alice 05/19/2024 (Sun) 21:25 [Preview] No.4349 del
>Here's something Alice will like, our character sexualities!

Autumn 05/19/2024 (Sun) 22:35 [Preview] No.4352 del
(102.75 KB 512x768 Ashley3.jpg)
Well you might not be surprised but Ashley convinced to de-combine the coin.

We now follow this logic:

Any earned coin is given to whoever earned it.
Any loot is divided as follows:
50% to group fund, Gwen is the treasurer.
10% to each member (we have 5)
Anyone who claims an item for their use only needs to pay 40% of its selling price.
Items purchased with group funds are considered a gift and don't need to be paid back.
Expenses for the group are controlled by Gwen and taken from the group fund.

It came about when we found a ring worth 10gold on the road. I know we're always lucky. So Bear askes all of us to see who's finger it fit and Freya won the most appropriate finger contest. Then he said he wanted to buy everyone a ring but he didn't feel like group funds should be used for that, his character is ascetic by the way, so we had a conversation about that earlier and we failed to talk Ashley into combining with us, she's broke in our run too.

Well now we don't have to and Ashley won't be trying to chip in on everything.

Also, all rations are community property.

[Ashley] I'm just being true to myself.

Tails from the trail 1/2 Autumn 05/20/2024 (Mon) 18:07 [Preview] No.4353 del

Listen to this near tragedy, we were one technicality strength roll away from losing Gwen.

Speaking of Panthers, a Mountain Lion stalked us.

This got so tense SheShe and Joy were arguing about it.

So we were walking without ever specifying order or formation on a tributary road in the north. Given the encounter table, walking on an unguarded road near the forest as Joy's set up, a d20 roll is made every hour and there's a chance of certain types of encounters. So we hit a natural 1, it's potentially bad, and there are a lot of not so bad possibilities there given terrain and exposure all that but we roll a mountain lion.

Then since our formation was unspecified we roll to see who was last. It's Gwen, she is level 2 with 12 hit points. She's closer to a bard than anything.

So the puma attacks "pounce" with stealth, advantage, and hits for 9! Then this is where the problem occurs, SheShe didn't roll check to see of she resisted being knocked prone. If she did the puma gets a second attack with advantage again and hit for 4. Gwen is unconscious. The puma then drags her off with stealth and the rest of the group has a chance of detection of the puma before he gets away. If he gets away SheShe says Gwen is dead and will be partially eaten in 2 minutes (20 turns). That's not the end for her but SheShe was going to look up if the animal would eat vital organs first etc. She might be unrecoverable.

But as we're rolling to see if we notice, she's missing right away, it wasn't looking good, Joy interrupts and says there was no roll for strength check vs DC 13 before Gwen was knocked prone per the monster card.

Gwen has a strength of 10 so no bonus. She would have to roll 13 or higher to not be knocked prone and the puma doesn't get the bonus attack. She rolled 13.

So Joy says we have to roll back and the puma doesn't get the bonus attack. SheShe argues that time has advanced too far, choices were made. In any event Gwen might die as the puma runs away with her, the group must first pass a detection step then do their best to get pot shots in to stop the puma before it escaped the encounter and if it succeeds Autumn would have to cast Wild Cunning to guarantee tracking then we'd need to pass a stealth check to find the puma which can only be done once an hour. Gwen would be dead in as few as 3 turns or no longer than 1+constitution modifier so with gwen that's 2 minutes due to suffocation.

But because Joy fought for us, SheShe reversed it and the puma was hit with a critical hit spell attack from Autumn, then she used a bonus action to get a second attack (once per day feature) and her spell sets up the target to be hit with advantage and hits again. The puma is now down to 5 hp and has basically grappled Gwen, Bear misses! If it gets another turn, she has 3 hp, it will down her and bolt but it will bolt either way and it will have disengage according to SheShe which is also arguable.

Then Ashley casts her summon (rats for you, cats for this version) and one cat is summoned, the cat attacks with advantage due to Autumn's spell, critical hits! Does 2+1 damage but the 2 is doubled so 5hp and the puma is downed.

Though Freya has magic missle, it's still possible to get only 3 damage then Gwen would have a chance to use improvised punch or something because she's grappled she can't get to her weapon or cast spells.

Also because the puma grappled Gwen, a natural 1 would hit Gwen instead. It was dire.

Autumn 05/20/2024 (Mon) 18:07 [Preview] No.4354 del

So that was close in terms of the technicality but we had no problem killing it in one turn. It was going to drag her off anyway if we hadn't taken it down so we might have lost her of the rolls were all bad. It had 30hp which is low, it could have had as much as 60 and if it did we probably wouldn't have had the dpt to take it out in time. Because Gwen's so light, it wasn't encumbered.

Now we walk in formation with Gwen and Freya up front, Ashley in the middle and Bear and Autumn side by side in back so we can't be picked off by another mountain lion.

Joy let me post this but it gives you a key that you wouldn't necessarily have known. Good luck out there.

Anonymous 05/20/2024 (Mon) 19:11 [Preview] No.4356 del
dat puma looks fuckin angry
the party being attacked from behind is also one of Yulyas worries so how does this work with our special multipurpose slime? we thought about making her rear guard bc technically Alice has no eyes but should have 360° darkvision and she also has perception. if someone can detect whats going on behind her back its Alice.

>60hp for a puma
wtf thats 10 times a sorcerer

Joy the DM 05/20/2024 (Mon) 20:50 [Preview] No.4357 del
>how does this work with our special multipurpose slime?

SheShe and I have worked out a series of events. To be taken without anyone noticing, you would have to be knocked unconscious in one turn, then dragged or carried off. The lion can do that with stealth attack (advantage) followed by disengage and hide.

No creature can hide in plain sight so it would need to seek cover, for instance up a tree.

If it escapes the encounter area without detection, the one it takes is as good as dead and possibly dismembered.

Can Alice be dismembered? I would say no. She can be knocked out and eaten though. It would have to be investigated to what extent she needs to be eaten.

The mountain lion has 5d10+10 hp. The top three preditors are that, a bear is 2nd and owlbear is 1st. Keep in mind Bears can climb but aren't as aggressive, owlbears can't climb but are more aggressive.

Autumn 05/27/2024 (Mon) 10:05 [Preview] No.4412 del
>Ominous unnatural big

Joy can't tell me what to do so let me at leaat illuminate the hints she gave you.

>Alice get your bow

Not every encounter results in combat. I don't know what Joy is planning because she has adeptly kept from thinking consiously about it but there are three key items: "unnatural", "big" and [1d20=14]

The big natural things in that forest are Bear, Moose, and Owlbear. I don't know what unnatural things might stalk horses but be careful.

The scale of danger goes from 1 to 20, 1 being the worst. So 14 can't be that bad; however, we had one where a green dragon flew overhead, if we had shot arrows at it, we would have all surely died and been eaten. Now you have many options and I'm not telling you what to do but she also said:

>try not to be stupid

In relation to the girl opening a can of cat food with the giant cat looming.


Meanwhile Gwen was almost downed by three large rats. She fell into a trap and they pinned her dowm. Rats are actually pretty OP considering they had 9-11HP each and when they're within 5ft of another rat they get advantage on attacks. If SheShe had given them full surprise attack Gwen would have been downed. The rats hit for 1d4+1 she has 12HP two rat hits brought her down to 4.

Autumn 05/28/2024 (Tue) 10:18 [Preview] No.4415 del
We are in a proper dungeon now and we hit a proper trap. Freya found the trap, we knew it was there and she thought, "maybe we should evacuate the room and have Bear investigate it." Well she then decided she'd at least do a little more investigation first, just look at it. She had our guide read the inscription on it, that was in draconian, and the words he read sprung a gas trap poisoning all of us 1d10 or half if we passed constitution saving throws. Gwen got hit hardest 10 damage!

About half of us were poisoned for 10 turns (1 minute) but there was no combat and no one came to ambush us so we waited that out and healed somewhat. Bear has healing word and Gwen has cure wounds but we're not back to full. We'll probably go back to a safe area and rest before continuing.

When you get that intuition, listen to it! We probably only lost 2 hours though it could have been a disaster.

Alice 05/28/2024 (Tue) 20:22 [Preview] No.4417 del
(48.42 KB 587x474 gas.png)
>9-11 hp
Why the fuck has every vermin more HP than adventurers?

What, the trap had an inscription in another language and it activates if you read it out loud correctly? That's not a bad idea at all, you can design traps that only hit certain races.

Hmmmm, if only we had those here in Germany, our troubles would soon be over...

Just imagine placing that trap on the streets here and when it detects some sandnigger language it gasses people. Would buy in bulk.

Anonymous 05/31/2024 (Fri) 00:30 [Preview] No.4450 del
Alice plotting to gas people again

Autumn 06/11/2024 (Tue) 11:33 [Preview] No.4596 del
Wow, we defeated 10 skeletons, 10 twig blights, and 4 goblins, got past that, healed and rested somewhat, triggered an encounter resting but the hobgoblin fled. Only problem is he fled to help the boss level.

We walked right into a trap

-1 hobgoblin
-3 skeletons
-3 twig blights
-level 2 wizard
-level 4 fighter
-level 4 boss ranger with 97 health due to some crazy fruit he ate that gave him +70 health.

We couldn't kite them as it was a surprise but we were being stealthy so it was a wash. They pinned us down and soon Freya and I were surrounded and Bear managed to block in Ashley though she still had exposure to a skeleton and with 6hp one hit could have done it. She totally forgot about her shield too.

So there was a lot of unlucky rolls early but that turned around. Freya was the only one with AOE (Burning Hands) but it exposed her too. She got two of those off killing at least 4, Ashley did her Demoralize curse on the big guy followed up by a witch curse from me made him hallucinate for 3 turns while Bear took out the wizard, Freya's Hellish Rebuke took out the hobgoblin, Gwen's Radiant something managed to take out a skeleton, Bear's Maul took out others, Ashley's cats took care of the fighter believe it or not. She has that Rally Attack which in SheShe's run allows her to cast it on everyone but in yours she can only choose one. It's super OP if not because she had summoned 2 cats and managed to get them flanking then they attacked 4 times and hit all with advantage and did some crazy like 22 hp damage.

There were a few errors in the encounter that SheShe and Joy need to decide what to do with in general because Ashley cast 2 things transformed then we forgot she transformed. Oops. I don't think it was too significant but we either need to redo the encounter from a two turns back or accept errors both in our favor and not in the future.

That's going to be potentially bad since we more often forget things thar would have helped us.

Freya's Fey Charm made the boss attack a skeleton which was awesome. Her charm makes humanoids "defend her with their lives or face one level of apathy per occurrence." It doesn't stop him from attacking us, just that he had to attack anything that threatened Freya this turn. It was like a chess game really.

Anyway, they decided that they wouldn't reverse the rounds if they would result in our loss. Because it wasn't our fault that there was an error but that also means if there is an error the other way we no longer get to reverse the rounds either.

I guess things just got harder, we need to step it up.

Autumn 06/17/2024 (Mon) 18:20 [Preview] No.4650 del
We fought in a 5v7 against five ancient elven warrior skeletons. We had two NPC's with us and these skeletons had great swords with +6 to hit and 16AC due to breastplates. Their HP was 30-50 so we had to concentrate fire and thankfully Bear's maul does double damage against skeletons so he was able to one-shot one right away and was MVP of DPS. Gwen and I helped whittle them down and Gwen also healed because they downed one of our Paladin NPCs and almost Bear. It could have gone badly, we were pretty evenly matched.

Alice 06/18/2024 (Tue) 01:16 [Preview] No.4652 del
I don't like skeletons or undead, can't eat them. What leven are you now? That's some crazy enemies, I hope Joy goes easy on us. Slow and steady.

Autumn 06/18/2024 (Tue) 03:32 [Preview] No.4657 del
>What leven are you now?

We are all level 2 but we have enough XP for level 3. We just finished a big quest with a big payout and we need to go back to Neverwinter. Ashley just leveled through special means, so that does open the door for you all to level and not have to go all the way back to Neverwinter but it was very special circumstances and she's still stuck with the copper plate because that comes from the guild. Since we have Freya with us, she "pulled some strings".

Yes! We also got title achievements with associated bonuses owed to us upon leveling and Joy is considering giving you all some upon leveling.

Autumn 06/25/2024 (Tue) 21:18 [Preview] No.4757 del
(293.03 KB 640x1680 Ghosts_-_Anne_Stokes.jpg)
We faught a ghost! It had some really annoying attacks, posession of course was the biggest issue. Thankfully Bear was immune to posession and Joy said Yulya is too because of "SheShe's blessing". Also Ashley is already technically possessed, she is a curse, and has a demigoddess attachment so no ghost can unravel all that. Freya on the other hand didn't have such protection and Bear had to use non-leathal knockout on her which lowered her to 0hp even though he hit for more. Technically you can't do that with anything but blunt weapons or unarmed. He has his great maul.

The ghost was also tough because it has resistance to most things so half damage. We sent it back to the ethereal plane permanently.

We're on level 3 of this dungeon looking for the orb, there was a rumor of a "mad wizard".

The ghost was CR4 and 1100 exp! It also opened with a move that made half of us "Frightened" which was lame because we had disadvantage on hit and other rolls.

We really need to level up, we're overdue to 3rd level.

We're at least 4 days away from Neverwinter and have quests here so if Ashley can level us that would be awesome. She's untrained though so it could be tricky and who knows what'll happen next with her. I like the soft fleshy Ashley Panther, I don't personally want a T2 Panther as a friend to my Panther form I'm getting as a druid.

Alice 06/25/2024 (Tue) 22:07 [Preview] No.4759 del
(21.19 KB 334x500 ghostbusters.jpeg)
Ashley and Yulya immune to possession
Good to know!
What about Alice?
Can a ghost possess something that's not technically alive and has no soul?

>Bear had to use non-leathal knockout on her
Ah yes, the famous 'zero force slap'

>ghost has resistance
I assume it was immune to most attacks. Can you literally beat a ghost if you try hard enough?

Joy the DM 06/26/2024 (Wed) 00:31 [Preview] No.4763 del
(54.46 KB 640x498 3gwo1dr4uw961.webp)
>Can a ghost possess something that's not technically alive and has no soul?

I have gleaned the following with a little research Re: no soul
More information from you is required:

1. You can't astral project.
2. Necrotic damage still applies
3. You cannot be raised if you cease to function.
4. Immune to "Magic Jar"
5. If your body has soul hosting capability then you can be processed. Dwarven automations are said to have the capacity to carry a soul but that soul had no will over the automation.
6. If you can be "knocked unconscious" then there must necessarily be a "conscious": a mind as complex as any humanoid.
7. You cannot be resurrected
8. No dreams
9. You may not call yourself a demon, devil or genie
10. You are excluded from certain planes such as the astral plane and negative plane.
11. There is conjecture that you would be considered undead and that does make some interesting connections but I reject it as undead implied capable of dying implies life beforehand, life always contains spirit or it would be a limited chemical reaction so you cannot be turned or become undead.
12. If your character truly possesses no soul, then it has something functionally similar; a more powerful animating spirit or complexity akin to a soul. An animating spirit is separate from the soul, this is how the body can live without the soul.
13. Both body and soul have identical access to memories.
14. In 5e, you would be excluded from learning anything or comprehending new information.

Please State the nature of this software or hardware. What gives you the ability to learn and comprehend?

15. 5e treats the soul as the repository of all learning and memories, this is for the purpose of raise dead and resurrection so no memories are lost.

If you do not have a brain either, then where/how are your memories stored?

>I assume it was immune to most attacks. Can you literally beat a ghost if you try hard enough?

It is half in the astral plane and half in the material plane so it can be damaged on the material plane but it doesn't die, instead I presume it is pushed back to the astral plane.

Autumn 06/28/2024 (Fri) 15:00 [Preview] No.4790 del
(7.01 MB 480x270 4w9S88.gif)
We're in a dungeon that's way above our level. We came across flaming skulls I forget what their official name is, they had around 40hp but knew third tier magic. 4 skulls would cast fireball each, and they were immune to fire and a lot of other stuff but not physical attacks.

Anyway they had nothing but fire based magic. Wouldn't you know, Freya also has nothing but fire based magic and is immune to fire.

Well she can also throw a dagger.

It took her 10 minutes, that's 100 rounds to down them all. They couldn't hurt her but she had to do the whole thing naked or her clothes and equipment would have surely been destroyed.

Cheesiest encounter ever. SheShe only gave her 1/8th the xp with no bonus for 4 enemies because she just threw her dagger at them a hundred times.

In another room we found these huge metal scorpions just sitting there idle. We then found a secret door and there was an unconscious guy in there with a control ring. Well now Ashley has a control ring and two huge metallic scorpions to command.

Then we saw an iron golem...

Damage Immunities Fire, Poison, Psychic; Bludgeoning, Piercing, and Slashing from Nonmagical Attacks that aren't Adamantine

>weapon attack +13

Luckily we passes stealth or that would have been very one sided.

Anonymous 06/30/2024 (Sun) 13:31 [Preview] No.4805 del
pls no lets take it a bit easy even at lv2

Autumn 06/30/2024 (Sun) 21:32 [Preview] No.4807 del
(707.75 KB 1200x1200 Mematic_20240630_143149.jpg)

The scorpions disabled him while Ashley's other pets distracted him. This one was a 100% Ashley battle. OP scorpions vs OP golem, it didn't take long.

This golem was handicapped by the fact it was sabotaged so taking it down 1/3 of its hp stopped it.

I don't think Joy is as sadistic as SheShe's DM dark side. I know she's not.

Autumn 07/02/2024 (Tue) 13:41 [Preview] No.4824 del
(32.52 KB 530x298 g1eymx6ooz251.jpg)

We're at the boss level figting a level 18 or so sorcerer but with 250hp and magic equipment. On our side is a lich, a demilich and 2 giant metal scorpions.

The lich is also a high level magic user of course. I think we're pretty much toast but the lich might beat him.

We had to stop when he cast fireball.

>20 ft radius
>huge damage

Freya is immune to fire though. Bear has that revive spell. Even if we die, he can get us back. If he dies, we're done. Well not exactly, there's an orb right here.

Time to pray to SheShe.

Autumn 07/02/2024 (Tue) 17:21 [Preview] No.4825 del

[Gwen] I think I'm dead? I have weakness to fire.

[Ashley] I am also in the blast radius and at level 2 I have 10HP? I will likely also die.

I have 20 HP so it's possible I will still be alive and just unconscious. Bear has 30HP, he could tank it.

3 down Autumn 07/03/2024 (Wed) 07:08 [Preview] No.4833 del
(19.34 KB 480x270 angel-of-death.webp)

So, the good news is, Bear did tank it.

Bear - [DEX1d20+2=8] [saving 1d20+4=12] [Damage 8d6=22] [HP=8/30]
Gwen - [DEX1d20+4=22] [saving 1d20+1=3] [Damage 4d6x2=26][HP=-12/12 dead]
Autumn - [DEX1d20+4=9] [saving 1d20+3=15] [Damage 8d6=27] [HP=-7/20 (1,0)]
Freya - Immune
Ashley - [Dex1d20=9] [saving 1d20=19] [Damage 8d6=24] [HP=-10/10 (1,0)]

Ashley and I passed our saving throws so we survived but are unconscious and must either be stabilized or pass two more saving throws in the next 4 turns.
Gwen is dead, so Bear must live to the end of the battle or no one can cast revive and we're done. This particular enemy sorcerer is indeed a level 20.

There is an orb here though and Gwen in her spirit sees SheShe standing near it. SheShe vowed that Bear would not die. He would at the very minimum be protected from three successive saving throw failures or from instantly being killed. If he is stabilized even at -30, he would eventually wake up in a few hours and be able to start casting revive.

We will update the battle here as it progresses.

We won through some miracle. Autumn 07/04/2024 (Thu) 02:44 [Preview] No.4842 del
(94.67 KB 499x649 Lich incarnate.jpg)

Miraculously we slayed him with the help of the 2 metallic scorpions (scaladars), a lich and a demilich. The lich had counterspell or it would have been over in moment 1. The socerer cast wish in the first round and it was countered. She tried to summon a giant and that was countered. Freya then was the star of the hour, she cast "mini molten missiles" which is a spell based on magic missile but heftier and requires coins to work. She was able to use a 6MP focus to cast it with 9 missiles using platinum coins for 4d4 each, and additionally used "slow time" based on a potion she drank earlier allowing her 1d4+1 turns at once (she rolled 4, so 5 turns! Okay follow me here, in addition she used Tides of Chaos to get advantage because this spell uses ranged magic attack and cast it for tier 6, then two more times for a total of 15 missiles. 14 of which hit for a total of 131 damage in the same turn! It brought him down to -7/246 HP.

If he had one more turn, it would have been bad, he'd gotten the demilich down to a few HP and the lich was way outclassed. He had 3 legendary moves per turn and 3 legendary resistances, so he was nearly unstoppable. A lot had to go right for us to win here. He also had auto-resurrect but it was blocked by the orb and he was sucked into the negative plane, destined to spend ages fighting the creatures there as Ashley once did.

We're going to use his body to resurrect the lich to living form per her request.

Environmentalism and Safety Autumn 07/11/2024 (Thu) 20:00 [Preview] No.4920 del
So while Gwen is helping to relocate a white dragon wyrmling to the northern hills, we're walking on a tributary road, now all level 3's, north to meet up with her. Of course since she can fly, she can go twice as fast as us and has no opposition in the sky other than lightning.

So it is raining but it's not a thunderstorm yet so we're walking on the muddy road but otherwise ok.

Until we get ambushed.

Four of us, Ashley has no summons right now because she didn't want to make them walk. In hindsight they would make good guards but then we'd have to feed them like pets.

We just got ambushed by 6 goblins led by a hobgoblin. They have us surrounded and will get advantage and initiative this round. We haven't rolled initiative yet to see if they'll get two rounds first before we can attack. They're very light, less than 10hp each, so they have no chance if they can't take us out quick. Now that we're level 3 14-40hp, good luck to them, we shouldn't have an issue.

I'll report back when it's over.

Yakumo 07/11/2024 (Thu) 20:36 [Preview] No.4921 del
>Of course since she can fly, she can go twice as fast as us and has no opposition in the sky other than lightning.
I fail to believe there's nothing dangerous in the sky. Dragons, wyverns, griffins, all sorts of other flying humanoids...

Autumn 07/11/2024 (Thu) 22:51 [Preview] No.4926 del
>Dragons, wyverns, griffins, all sorts of other flying humanoids

I have a little insight, it can change at any moment but there are no wyverns, griffins, or other flying humanoids here at the moment. Considering she's escorting a juvenile dragon, yes dragons are a concern, but they're still rare. I hear there's a green one down your way and there's one up here perhaps, but none looking for a single flying humanoid. The other Averial elves are hundreds of miles East.

Success Autumn 07/12/2024 (Fri) 08:08 [Preview] No.4929 del
The goblins and hobgoblin had awful rolls. It took four of them to take out Ashley, then they rolled initiative poorly and only one of them got a second hit in and only did 6 damage to Freya total they had advantage and everything! The Hobgoblin could have one hot Freya but missed with advantage.

Bear took him out easily with zephyr strike and his current weapon that has Uven Rune on it, he also has Dreadful strike, so for his great maul which requires 19 strength, he hits for 3d6+6 magic bludgeoning, +1d10 force + 1d4 psychic.

Then Freya went and used her 6MP focus with mini molten missiles which are like magic missile but do more damage with a coin as material but requires ranged hit roll, which for her is +7, she did 3d4 each missile for 8 missiles, 6 hit, one critically (5d4) and all the 6 goblins were downed with this one spell.

In our game, magic missile and its derivatives have controllable missiles in series so if one downs a foe, a second one can be directed to another still standing rather than having to call the shots ahead of time. Additionally their magnitudes are known ahead of striking and we can judge the HP of enemies so this spell is totally OP when boosted with her focus, like crazy.

If their rolls had been better, they could have taken out Ashley and Freya, but they didn't have enough DPT to take out anyone else unless they critically hit both Freya and Ashley then had enough free guys to take out Autumn. Bear would have had some trouble with them at that point.

So the XP value was 840 because of the 2.1x boost for fighting 7 enemies.
Ashley was downed in 4 moves, and a total of 9 moves were made so the XP splits like this:

9x3+4=31 points 27XP each
Bear, myself and Freya get 9x27, Ashley gets 4x27

In vanilla, Ashley would get 0 the remailing 3XP would be given to Bear, myself and Gwen

Greetings From Luskan Autumn the Druid-Witch 07/16/2024 (Tue) 16:23 [Preview] No.4989 del
(2.34 MB 4763x3185 mkeelv3ihvv81.jpg)
(1.12 MB 2048x1655 dvbktumsk7t61.jpg)
(116.72 KB 530x703 Guild.jpg)
We're currently in Luskan, roughly a quarter the size of Neverwinter just north on the High Road, it's also known as the city of spires. We're at the guild, this one is a repurposed building from the original society of the Arcane Brotherhood, an originally influential and evil group who sought to rule the city. They were defeated and the building stayed with the reformed Arcane Brotherhood this time as the adventurer's guild. It's still an influential pillar of the city-state government again with the nobility at one pillar the church at another and the guild as the third all balanced in their strengths, one for money, one for gods, and one for raw power, together working to protect the city-state under the official rule of the royalty.

Up in this area, there's less issues, but the whole of Neverwinter wood is of course lousy with bandits and goblins and their derivatives. We're on a quest to find a girl who, rumor has it, was almost tricked into slavery but was rescued by the guards and supposedly brought to an orphanage. When we find her, we'll take her back to Neverwinter with us and then arrange to have her escorted to Baldur's Gate if possible where she may have family.

We're ready to level to 4 but we barely have enough money because we just spent 825 gold on a discounted elven long sword. It's a long sword with +1 innately, so magical slashing or magical piercing damage. 1d10+1 one handed, (1d12+1 two-handed). It also qualifies as light so you can use finesse with it. It's an awesome sword and it's mine now yay!

SheShe and Joy worked out a cost system for items as follows:

Normal cost, x3 for elvish crafted, x10 for rare (elven long sword is rare), +500 gold for +1 so it would be 15gp x3 x10 +500 so 950 gold for this, however we got a discount because we also traded a wand of entanglement for an elven great sword. Freya has a new perk given by Corellon which allows her to wield a two-handed elvish sword and use Charisma instead of Strength or Dexterity as long as it has a focus in it. Well it doesn't yet and we're working that out soon. That was a 2000 gold sword but we got it for 750 even trade because it was damaged, it's only in fair condition, and our wand was worth 1250 gold but has minor scratches which brought its condition down.

So if you're going to buy and sell at the same store, keep in mind that you can even trade instead of selling for coin and buying for coin. You still need to negotiate that so it'll take a roll to get it. Freya has expertise in that so it's almost always a given for us. Freya is OP, for sure, and now she can wield a great sword and channel some spells through it with a melee attack. Not to mention her other insane fire spells, don't even get me started.

A mage on the front line?! No, well yes, monsters have a way of going for the weakest ones first so she gets rushed a lot anyway, before, she had no protection against that.

She's going to also get the great sword infused with Shatterspark, a long sword with an ability to always critically hit objects and with a +1 so her great sword is going to be +2 with guaranteed critical hit against objects and a 6MP focus embedded in it. While she wields it she will be able to cast without somatic gestures. She will be holding and swinging it magically. She's named this unique weapon "Reverence, Fey's Bane" since she has all kinds of bonuses against Fey and this will also be part of that gift.

Our final battle let's say or one of them will be to take out certain members of the Fey court. That's Freya's destiny to avenge the treatment of Eladren elves by the Fey. You could say the Fey are the nobility of the Feywilds while the Eladren are the common people and the Feywilds are a crazy place, no place for lower level adventurers.

Anyway, just having a blast as usual.

Tamamo 07/17/2024 (Wed) 09:55 [Preview] No.5000 del
(83.32 KB 740x740 70fbb584cc.jpg)
>monsters have a way of going for the weakest ones first
Not Cat's problem

Anonymous 07/17/2024 (Wed) 19:21 [Preview] No.5005 del
(16.24 KB 425x283 trump checkem.jpg)
nice get good post

Autumn and Gwen 07/19/2024 (Fri) 01:28 [Preview] No.5033 del
(334.44 KB 735x1011 DUALxcf.jpg)
First I want to defend Ashley because she's doing what she can and she's actually a really sweet and helpful person in her own way. We love Ashley in our run, not because she's quirky and stubborn and often crass and blunt, and kind of jerky but not in an intentional way, but because she's generous and caring and selfless believe it or not. I don't like anyone talking to her like that, if that's supposed to be Yulya's feelings on the matter I'd just leave the group if I was her, but I'm not and she won't because she's better than me in that way. It's not cool. You could have just said no, and she would have been okay with it. If it's not Yulya's sentiment, then stay out of it host! You don't see Bear there complaining about Yulya.

[Gwen from here on out]

While we calm down Autumn, I'll explain what we're currently up against. We went to the guild where Freya met an old friend, the sorceress who handles leveling in Luskan, Sandra. So we're there eating dinner and a jerk lvl5 Ranger tries to pick me up, not the first time someone did that so I'm calm. He starts getting pushy, he wants to buy me a drink. Bear's about to empty his skull through the top with his maul and I quietly stop him and simply say no. But the gentleman keeps pressing the subject, he says something like, "that wasn't a question."

[Gwen] So I look at Ashley for help, Ashley gives him the eye, boosted. So he's instantly shut down, Demoralized, and it felt great. So Bear 'escorts' him back to his group and the leader is an Electrum plate oathbreaker paladin, a real rude one, are they all like that? So he says, take care of your guy, he'll need it for the next week or so. The Paladin then challenges Bear to a dual. Bear obviously says no. The group is human 8th level paladin, two 6th level rogue half-elves, a scout and an assassin, and the 5th level human ranger. We are currently 5 all 4th lvl.

So then the Paladin really wants to fight us and we found out later that's how they're leveling, just PK lords. Well they have a quest to kill a noble from another noble and the payout is a slave girl that's all trained and ready to be bonded. This pisses Bear off of course because he was a slave before (so was Autumn). The Paladin has the nerve to say, "you win, the girl is yours, set her free if you want, but we'll pay the rest of the fees for her [1000 gold or so, she's mostly paid for], but if you lose, you pay the fees and she's mine. Whether you accept and lose or don't accept she'll be my slave and she won't have a very easy or nice life." Basically. So Bear asks us and we're with him, what are we if not heroes and going against all odds is what heroes do. In other words, we're about to dual them.

So there's more We find out from Freya's friend, the paladin is a duke's son, everyone hates him, and suddenly we have allies against them. Sandra gives us some pointers about their weaknesses and the forger fixes Freya's sword for free giving it even more power and wants us to beat them because her dealings with them have been strained as well. Sandra says they're going to be sanctioned for loose lips and for PK'ing all the visitors like us. She also says he likes to raise dead on the downed opponents so they can't even be revived, a real nasty guy, but this means if we get TPK'd by these people then they'll turn us into their undead slaves till we rot or die.

Well we're out like 4:1 odds but we have a few tricks up our sleeves and that assassin that liked Ashley from the first night in Neverwinter has secretly followed us up here or happens to be here invisible in a tree as we stare down the other group about to go. As Bear would say, Shenanigans are about to go down.

Intense Victory Autumn 07/19/2024 (Fri) 10:19 [Preview] No.5041 del
(4.50 KB DUALD.txt)
(1.83 MB 1680x720 bardpub.png)

Insane, we got initiative all except Ember and downed three of them in round 1. It was a complete massacre. all one sided. Freya did more friendly fire to Bear then they managed to do against us. Keep in mind we were at a 4:1 disadvantage even counting Ashley's summons. Almost all rolls were in our favor, it was crazy good luck!

In case you want to see them or the raw battle, enjoy!

Spoiler below, read after.

BTW, it'll cost Freya 90 gold to remove her red skin at the temple, it's technically a curse. She did that surge so Garrus would be out of range of revival with a potion from Aurra.

Gwen 07/19/2024 (Fri) 22:38 [Preview] No.5049 del

So then we're going to get this slave freed right? Not so fast! They still need to do the mission and that means they could still just do it and skip out, so Bear has me go with them. I have stealth and I have "detect thoughts" so I can tell when they're up to no good. Well they're on the up and up until the end, after we rescue the child, the two guys want something to show for their efforts, crap, so the two rogues turn on them and we run. Well the ranger has entangle and entangles the girl, now we're stuck and have to fight them 3 on 2. Here we go again. I'm given the ring of invisibility and I take off so they can't melee me and the rogues attack. They down the ranger pretty fast but the paladin can output enough damage to one shot one of them, but misses! On my turn I cast silence and he's basically a tank with no ammo at that point, he's pinned down by two assassins and they whittle him down in the next turn. He gives up with 2HP and now we're stuck the ranger stabilizes and he's still up but we really don't want him to be if you know what I mean but now if we just kill him it's real murder and we've got looky-loos all over the place since we're fighting in the streets. So just as we're cussing them out (they are) a "mysterious black shape" skewers and deathblows them. We run.

Spoiler the black shape is our dear friend Theilia, she has some crazy abilities and equipment and any witness would think a dark shadow killed them. we're off the hook and they're out of out lives.

So now we have the kid and the paperwork and her bonding fee plus extra and I say, "you're free yay" and she says, "no" and then Ember explains it, that she's way too valuable not to be a slave, for her own protection.

Now what?

Turns out she's not dragonborn, she's a true dragon hybrid, sounds familiar? If you know Bear lore then you know who she is. Here's a hint:

>Why not have both


Are we a group of 6 now? I have no idea, we're discussing it. If she's not going to be a slave, she'll need protection. So now we're stuck with her for a while at least.

Again our rolls were off the chart in our favor.

Also we got enough experience from all that PK'ing for Bear and Freya to level to 5. Crazy.

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