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Q Research General #9459 DIG_MEME_PRAY [ALL3] Edition Anonymous 11/14/2019 (Thu) 21:57:36 [Preview] No. 36593
Welcome To Q Anon Research

We hold these truths to be self-evident.
- All men are created equal.
- All men are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights.
- That among these rights are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need, nor condone the use of force in our work here. All illegal content reported. Not Liable.


https://youtube.com/watch?v=KVeDKuHPDK8 [Embed]

Q: The Basics - An Introduction to Q and the Great Awakening

God bless you and keep you from harm, this day and forever.


“A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn
a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort
the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new
problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly.
Specialization is for insects.” -Robert A. Heinlein

* Letters https://pastebin.com/zX0ZTKf2
-To My Family https://pastebin.com/WiGSu4mD
-To Patriots https://pastebin.com/0ieWe4t9
-Q Clearance Patriot https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/229860764
-A Prayer https://pastebin.com/3K3twDnQ
-A Prayer https://pastebin.com/DnH74iaK

505 ERROR Bunker >> https://freenode.net/#qanonresearch
404 Error Bunker >>8

* Access
Clear: https://endchan.net | https://endchan.org | https://endchan.xyz
TOR v2: https://endchan5doxvprs5.onion | https://s6424n4x4bsmqs27.onion
TOR v3: https://enxx3byspwsdo446jujc52ucy2pf5urdbhqw3kbsfhlfjwmbpj5smdad.onion

* Report Illegal Content on Endchan >>10952 >>10957 >>10959 >>10960
* FAQ >>10458 >>10468 >>10970

#sGrv/I 11/14/2019 (Thu) 21:58:31 [Preview] No.36594 del

*NChan Indexing https://qresear.ch
Q Anon Research [Q Operations]

Nchan QAnonr Research TRIPCODES (In the name field enter #YourUserName)
>>18016 What is a tripcode?

SITEOWNER tbd [SnakeDude] (AWOL)
SUPERADMIN tbd [@OdiliTime] (dev/sysadmin)
ADMIN tbd [Balrog] (chief hotpocket, owner of endchan.xyz domain)
SECURITY tbd [Uguu] provides help with DDoS mitigation and runs our frontend
HOST tbd [Miao] (provides our hardware hosting at no cost)
BOARDOWNER ##qnktnX [citizen o7] Profile: >>21875

#i/91V8 >>34180
#jQQLKu >>33698

*Board Volunteers
BV0 #jIFGUa [weaponized autism] Profile: >>32290

BAKER0 #sGrv/I [angry gerbil] Profile >>32289
BAKER1 #JVih97 [rolling home]
BAKER2 #wC2utB [barkeep baker] Profile: >>21071

Awakening >>19890 https://archive.is/BMb7d | >>13478 https://archive.is/MwyS Locked
Memes >>960 https://archive.is/70E93
Notables >>75 https://archive.is/qqjlZ
Documents >>5829 https://archive.is/Z2Z6U
Social >>15186 https://archive.is/dZ1aO
War Room >>21400 https://archive.is/Jr6Ml
0 Deltas >>11725
Baker Babes >>18978
California >>20486 https://archive.is/XB934
DisneyGate >>35481
Learn to Bake >>21146 >>22833
Gematria >>20867
Pepe >>19031
Qproofs >>1980
Symbols >>4289 https://archive.is/nkrkR

PLAYERS [* = Focus] https://pastebin.com/xPM3snNY
*[ Adam Shiff >>18339 ] https://archive.is/PxPzM
[ Hillary Clinton >>25290 ]
*[ Joe Biden >>14854 ] https://archive.is/dN0qZ
[ Lindsey Graham >>22160 ] https://archive.is/WoyGW
*[ Lucis Trust >>27561 ]
[ CurseM >>27906 ]
[ Mitt Romney >>22283 ]
*[ Nancy Pelosi >>16673 ] https://archive.is/csClW
*[ Romania >>25339 ]
[ Turkey >>16810 ]
*[ Ukraine >>18390 ]

#sGrv/I 11/14/2019 (Thu) 21:58:48 [Preview] No.36595 del


*PCOMMS https://pastebin.com/NMmQF2U9
Two sets of two synonyms or three mentions of a term = significant.
re: repeated 3x = signal (NOT noise)
Check the timestamps on the posts and tweets capitalization on his Twitter
41 - George H. W. Bush
43 - George W. Bush
0 deltas tweets = comms open
look for spoopy drop, thundercat arrival and or 0delta QnA
Also, check the timestamp on the last one vs the first one, and think mirror.
During homophones, hand signals will give you the coded (and correct, but unexpected) word to hear. Eyes open.

>>23599 >>23609 >>23611 >>23612 >>23635 >>23599 >>23609 >>23611 >>23612 >>23635 >>25395 >>25395
>>32201 Reminder RTFM

RCOMMS [Rudolph Giuliani]
>>23921 >>23927 >>23594 >>23279 >>25962
>>32260 RCOMMS Ukrainian docs showing 'collusion'

LCOMMS [Lou Dobbs]
>>32318 Lou Comms MiniBun IG Durham Senior Obama Justice Dept

Trump Accomplishments after 2 Yrs in Office https://mega.nz/#F!C49DHYIa!jOxYHczFjauTrdWWb9VUqw

*Presidential Accomplishment
MAGA https://mega.nz/#F!cFESCQjK!vX36HNEzFXSu8IfTQenQ_w
>>24444 >>24469 >>24616 >>25585 >>25621 >>25684 >>25687 >>25807 >>25427 >>33140
Abortion >>33141
Israel >>33141
Judges >>33152
Kavenough >>33153
Iran Sanctions >>33179
USMCA >>33192
Tarriffs >>33207
NK >>33243
Job Growth >>33287
ObamaCare >>33299 >>33887
Vets >>33303
Tax Cuts >>33310
VoterId >>33322 >>33900 >>33902 >>33907 >>33910 >>33913 >>33917 >>33921
African Unemployement >>33330
Police >>33381

*Speech Notes
19/11/06 [MARK] Judicial Confirmations https://pastebin.com/ZqFVUEh2
19 kentucky https://pastebin.com/a2P932ai

Speech That Won Election - https://youtube.com/watch?v=zvrWvGJkfuU [Embed]
Hillary Roast - https://youtube.com/watch?v=Bmvxx_YbDsM [Embed]
4th July 19 - https://youtube.com/watch?v=lE3rNWYvkRg [Embed]
MAGA Rally in NC - https://youtube.com/watch?v=5ODi8wTgoqs [Embed] (That ending tho)
9/11 Interview - https://youtube.com/watch?v=V4ZfXOil1pk [Embed]
Buckingham Palace - https://youtube.com/watch?v=oO-FT0q34tg [Embed]

*B-BUT TRUMP hasn't done anything!

*TRUMP 4EVA 6/21/19
ARCHIVED LINKS https://pastebin.com/ynXV6CHT
SCHEDULE/WH Public Pool: https://publicpool.kinja.com/

#sGrv/I 11/14/2019 (Thu) 21:59:04 [Preview] No.36596 del
Last Known Post - Sat Nov 02 2019 5:25:13 Estrn
Rig For Red and 93 Days Dark Q Proof

Q 8ch.net/8kun.net Tripcode !!mG7VJxZNCI

Q Proofs
Website dedicated to Q Proofs -- https://QProofs.com | https://QAnonProofs.com
Book of Q Proofs —– https://mega.nz/#F!afISyCoY!6N1lY_fcYFOz4OQpT82p2w
Book of Q Proofs —– https://bookofqproofs.wordpress.com/
8chan Q Proofs Threads —- Proofs of Q's Validity >>4004099 (LINK WORKS 8CHAN ONLY)
Shared folder of some Q "proofs" -- https://mega.nz/#F!bvR2lCJB!OOP1-Dxp58XnrI7c8VSm9Q!36xGUL6Y

QPosts Archives
* QMap & Mirrors PDF:
MEGA: https://mega.nz/#!cjZQRAaL!aTvYqIifJmSRQYUB5h4LmOJgjqNut2DOAYHFmYOV1fQ
MEDIAFIRE: https://www.mediafire.com/file/ux6qfl2m40vbaah/Q_Anon_-_The_Storm_-_X.VI.pdf/file
SCRIBD: https://www.scribd.com/document/408371553/Q-Anon-The-Storm-X-VI?secret_password=m2IeU6xGZ7OtQhl7vvyg

* QPosts Archive - Players in the Game/ Analytics on Q posts & More.
https://qanon.app | https://qanon.pub | https://qntmpkts.keybase.pub | https://qmap.pub | https://qanon.news | https://qposts.online

* Q Raw Text Dumps: https://pastebin.com/3YwyKxJE | https://pastebin.com/6SuUFk2t | https://pastebin.com/iteQ8xAt

* Spreadsheet and Resources QPosts Q&A and all images backup:

* Q Happenings Calendar
Submit an event here - https://teamup.com/ks8x4ixptej432xt2a
Main Calendar URL —- https://dark-to-light.org/calendar/

* Q and (You)
(this area for articles and such related to Q)
*Awakening >>18142
Q Code of Ethics >>15355

#Q #QAnon #TheGreatAwakening #YouAreDivine #QResearch #QanonResearch #TheEndChan

* Expanded Q Text Drops: https://pastebin.com/dfWVpBbY
* QMap Zip: https://enigma-q.com/qmap.zip
* Spreadsheet Timestamps/Deltas: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1OqTR0hPipmL9NE4u_JAzBiWXov3YYOIZIw6nPe3t4wo/
* Memo & OIG Report Links: https://otherch.net/qresearch/res/426641.html#427188
* Original, full-size images Q has posted: https://postimg.cc/gallery/29wdmgyze/
* The Letter Q Thread 2 & Archive of Letter Q Graphics: https://mega.nz/#F!7T5wwYRI!9WfTfCYc2vNIzEyyLnw0tw

*How to make Q-related boards more effective sources of info via better content and presentation
would take a book
but have been working on this as digger, mostly done via example, e.g.:
- include details (authors/dates)
- cite relevant qresear.ch refs
- call out fake research (phony stats, msm material, fake studies)
- tie text to graphics ("see cap 1")
- call out main ideas with bold, etc.
- encourage descriptions in noms

#sGrv/I 11/14/2019 (Thu) 21:59:19 [Preview] No.36597 del

The best would be to watch whats being discussed on the board in relation to what HOT TOPICS are in the news.

Start by asking yourself regarding the Vote what are the 5 W's
Who: Eddie Rispone
What: Voting
Where: Louisiana
When: Live atm
Why: To elect an official
>Post this info in the thread with a picture and a link to the source that gave you the information
>If its Really important information, you may also want to archive.is online and post that link also
>allow review and brainstorming for more ideas... moist likely next logical step would be who is he running against.

Get Everyone at ONCE and HIT 'Them' With Everything You Got! THINK PICARD MANUEVER! [POST STORM - THE WAVE]
[1] MEME MEME and MEME some MOAR! Stay Focused on Current HOTTOPICS
[2] Pick 2-3 hashes from the target area htps://www.trendolizer.com Hijack them to get your #hash out.
[3] Post @ 10-11Am | 12-3Pm | 6-9Pm EST
[4] Always Post meme or Cap
[5] Use .@them to respond to all their following.
[6] Remember to be Quirky in your posts.
[7] RT other's tweets
[8] ReTweet LASERFAST. Use https://tweetdeck.com
[9] Information WarFare https://archive.is/E0oJm
>Them: Twitter Facebook Instagram...
>Example Meme Tiers 1 2 3 >>33829 (ex. T-3 Meme >>33830)

*Operating Procedures >>23258 >>22435
*What is the Narrative Softpill >>25924
*Sample Personal 'MadHatter' Timeline Tweet >>25390
*Sample Dems are Evil Notables Post & call for Patriots >>35464

1. Make Aware Dems Are Evil: Standard SlowPill Procedure Stage1&2 >>21070 | Stage3 >>21380
2. Make Awake You are Devine: The Great Awakening >>18142

Commenting Raid >>24255
Beat the Narrative >>24327
What is Information Warfare >>24172
Cloak a Q anon Research with a Potus Tweet >>24337
Anti March RedPill Strategy >>25302


Q's Hashtags

https://hashtags.org https://pastebin.com/bFsuyT4V
#Romania #Ukraine #biden #pelosi #schiff
#donothingdemocrats #whistleblower #secretmeetings #ukrainecall #whereshunter
#BringThemHome #BringSoldiersHome #WeWantThemBack #TimeToComeHome #WeLoveOurSoldiers

#QAnon Hashtag ON EVERY twat/reply/quote/post: This is how newbies & normies can find our twats'

* Sealed Indictments
-Sealed Indictment Master – https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kVQwX9l9HJ5F76x05ic_YnU_Z5yiVS96LbzAOP66EzA/edit#gid=1525422677
-Sealed Indictment Master Files Backup – https://drive.google.com/open?id=1iBS4WgngH8u8-wAqhehRIWCVBQKD8-5Y
-Searchable Indictment Map w/dockets, links & more – https://bad-boys.us/

* Resignations https://www.resignation.info | https://qresear.ch


#sGrv/I 11/14/2019 (Thu) 21:59:40 [Preview] No.36598 del
* POTUS' Tweet Archive: http://trumptwitterarchive.com
* Deleted Trump Tweets: https://factba.se/topic/deleted-tweets
* Notables Aggregator: https://wearethene.ws
* Twitter Video Downloader: https://twittervideodownloader.com/
* Youtube Downloader https://ytmp3.cc/
* Video Pastebin https://videobin.org/
* Download url vids https://9xbuddy.com/sites/openload
* https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/archiver-menu/?src=search class="quoteLink" href="/qanonresearch/res/8607.html#8946">>>8946 (archiver)
* https://threadreaderapp.com
* http://trumptwitterarchive.com
* Twitter Trends https://www.trendolizer.com
* News Paper Snippet https://www.fodey.com/generators/newspaper/snippet.asp
* Trends Map https://www.trendsmap.com
* Top Trending Hashes https://trends24.in/united-states/
* Meme generator https://imgflip.com
Search Engine https://swisscows.com https://yippy.com
>>25135 Tools for anons
Are You Banned https://shadowban.eu/
search ex. [site:qanon.news shiff]
People Search https://www.truepeoplesearch.com/
>>15810 Dough: https://pastebin.com/xY6LcKJa | https://pastebin.com/raw/Nb12HyuB
More Tools > https://pastebin.com/u7P7a6hv

*Other Known Boards
https://08ch.net (Decentralized)
https://8kun.net | https://oxwugzccvk3dk6tj.onion | http://jthnx5wyvjvzsxtu.onion
https://freenode.net/#qanonresearch (enter a nick/no password)

[A]labama easton biden
[U]burisma bidenson
[R]omainia bidenson
[U]n lucispublishing bidenson?
[M]isissippi wallace biden

#sGrv/I 11/14/2019 (Thu) 21:59:56 [Preview] No.36599 del
>>15186 https://endchan.net/qanonresearch/res/15186.html

Review Warroom for current tools and services and advisory.
(You) Play the part of Mad Hatter when Awakening "Them".
Use .@them to reply to all their followings. https://www.themuse.com/advice/mystery-dot-the-best-kept-secret-on-twitter
Them List: https://pastebin.com/jknaAkg5
Moar Social advice >>15186 && https://pastebin.com/5p5X8MJ4

Biden >>14854 | Clinton >>25290 | Memes >>960 | Notables >>75 | Pelosi >>16673 | Shiff >>18339 | Symbols >>4289

#HunterBiden >>24579 >>24881 >>24934
#AdamSchiff (Eric Ciaramella) >>33183 >>25314 >>24666 >>24732 >>24792 >>24614 >>35675
>>35686 >>35696 >>35698 >>35703 >>35708 >>35713
#VoterID (DanielCameron) >>33869 >>33864 >>33900 >>33902 >>33907 >>33910
#GreatAwakening >>25761 >>25764 >>25781
#HillaryClinton >>24471 >>24595 >>24619 >>24624 >>24701 >>24708 >>24709 >>24712 >>24719 >>24723 >>24731 >>25916
African Amerc >>24005 >>24174
CNN >>25218 vid
Dems >>23744 >>23775 >>24330 >>24171 >>24328
Barr >>23676
Bolton >>24673
Mother Jones >>24160
Obama >>24443 >>24752 >>25912 >>25913
Pedovores >>24845
Q >>25584 >>25631 >>25840 >>25885
Rice >>24611 >>24671
Soros Alex >>24605 >>24609
Traffickers >>24811 >>25362
Pizzagate >>25604 >>25609 >>25633 >>25627 >>25736 >>25752 >25434 >>25632
Misc >>24479 >>25717

2019-Jul https://mega.nz/#F!6xkHmYrZ!wxAJLCRIW3EQO3TpyHf1BA
2019-Jun https://mega.nz/#F!K89jwQgB!ij-qXn6rnqv2ZozlXIWiFg
Epstein Drone Photos https://mega.nz/#F!DwNkwAZQ!xa6JLeW9_632P0yw3MhlNw

#sGrv/I 11/14/2019 (Thu) 22:00:12 [Preview] No.36600 del
*How it Flows
>BO manages dough and all the BV's
>BV manages board and all the bakers
>BAKERS eyes on potus tweets for thread ideas and keep anons focused with reminders
>DIGGERS gather intel based on bakers thread and POTUS Tweets
>SCAPPERS keep dough updated with previous LB Main Notables and Memes list
>MINIBUNS gather and post towards end of thread or next thead
>NOTETAKER gather notable posts and per thread focus
>MEMERS build memes on gathered info of the focus
>SOCIAL fires memes based on current thread memes using Social Infowarrior thread and Warroom section
>BV posts minibuns/notables/memes to respected threads for normies and newcomers to get to speed.
>ARCHIVE maintain archives
>LURKERS watch our back and catalog for shill attacks
>OPTICS eyes on focus group 24/7S

*This place is not for people who need blow-by-blow direction.
But if you really want some, here are concrete suggestions
- compile notables for any bread--that's SUPER useful
- get sauce for tweets
- do caps for article links
- search on 'dig' or 'digg' and go do diggs anons have called for and report back.

Newbs Read Positions Here: https://pastebin.com/MUqNrY5m
-opticsanon >>22246
-twitteranon >>22353
-planefag >>35227

*Moderation Manual

*Formatting Instructions

*Learn To Bake
Ghost Bake >>25536
Simple >>22843 >>21146 https://pastebin.com/r5BQDBTF
Advanced https://pastebin.com/waNBgamW
>>21200 Baking Tips, Tricks & Traps
>>19659 RE how you know bakers are legit if no tripcodes.

How To Collect Notables >>24512
How to Take Notable Notes >>24523
Note Procedures >>24373 >>24512

#sGrv/I 11/14/2019 (Thu) 22:00:29 [Preview] No.36601 del




-VoterId >>33869


TIP: For #Flippening, make a post on r/The_Donald . Create a new account if you don't have one.
Much bigger army there all hours of the day except late night shift to early graveyard ( 2:30am - 6:30am ).

Please show <3 and support for our fam. Drop positive memes, articles.. related to them Winning, on their twitter feed.
POTUS TRUMP and Family, VP Pence, Mayor Rudolph, Judge Jeanine Pirro, Judicial Watch, William Barr, Ted Cruz, Judge, Brett Kavanaugh, Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, Sean Hannity, Sara Carter, Tucker Carlson, The 5... and all Patriots <3

#sGrv/I 11/14/2019 (Thu) 22:00:47 [Preview] No.36602 del
POTUS https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump @realDonaldTrump
RUDOLPH https://twitter.com/RudyGiuliani @RudyGiuliani
SEANHANNITY https://twitter.com/SeanHannity @SeanHannity
JUDEGEJEANINE https://twitter.com/JudgeJeanine @JudgeJeanine
SARAHCARTER https://twitter.com/SaraCarterDC @SaraCarterDC
LOUDOBBS https://twitter.com/LouDobbs @LouDobbs
TUCKERCARLSON https://twitter.com/TuckerCarlson @TuckerCarlson
@Family - Potus Flotus DonaldJTrumpJr EricTrump IvankaTrump
@Media - IngrahamAngle dbongino MorningsMaria FoxBusiness⁩ SundayFutures⁩ FoxNews⁩
@Military - https://pastebin.com/0JVakGS9
@FBI - https://pastebin.com/N04DMase
@Civilian - https://pastebin.com/N9mkxyBU @danielcameronag

*Media - https://pastebin.com/Fh0ZFt8Z

>>36226 watching the stars..
>>36258 Bilderberg Group
>>36282 Q = Alice
>>36347 Utopian communities formed in the 19'th century
>>36467 How to build a ' wind up toy shooter

Christine Pelosi Kauffman >>36435
Alexandra Pelosi Vos >>36447
Oct 11 article Reid's sons/Pelosi/Biden >>36468
Paul Kaufman-Soap Opera connections >>36485
Prowa(Pelosi son in law family) cult and silver oneida >>36262, >>36269
Ukraine/PaulPelosi >>36487
federal budget and money-dispensing process >>36221 >>36222 >>36223
History timeline on Eric Ciaramella. >>36217 >>36222 >>36223
Biden Ukraine Rosemont Seneca >>36106 >>36107 >>36109 >>36113 >>36138
QQ >>35941 >>35989 >>36001 >>36002 >>36003 >>36029 >>36047 >>36048
Follow The Family >>36002 >>36003 >>36004 >>36007
RG Destroys Schiffs First Witness >>35905 >>35910 >>35950 >>36006 >>36078 >>36195
Californi Attorney General Xavier Becerra >>35871 >35872 >>35877 >>35883 >>35887 >>35895 >>35898 >>35937 >>36019 >>36031 >>36078 >>36195
Dynacorp Pstain >>35850 >>35851 >>35852 >>35854 >>35855 >>35856
Saturn >>33947 >>34623 >>34636 >>35035
Lou Dobbs Comms MiniBun >>32318
EGO JUPITER SOUL >>32119 >>32120
Project Veritas >>31399
Finders >>25389 >>25386 >>25324
compares 8chan & endchan | Discussion continues (heated but ultimately resolved >>25212 >>25214
marshall island | general valley | barr subpoenas | getty fam >minibun >>20035
Potus Tweet Analysis >>16890
HARPA dig mini-bun >>16610
RALLEY >>15875
minibun history and origin of our National Anthem >>15356
Christopher Zullo Bun >>15478
Mini-bun on targeted persons regarding UKRAINE: >>11077
Bidens, General (may have overlap Ukraine/Romania) >>14139
Biden Gen | Biden/romainia | Biden/ukraine | Edward Szofer >>14190
DJT Minneapolis rally bun: >>14814

*BOARD VOLUNTEER NOTES https://pastebin.com/pFLKY8L5
BO - Update Dough.
BV - [PIN] current Baker's Bread.
BV - [Lock] Last Baker's Bread.
Bakers - Use Tripcodes Baking.
Baker - Eyes on POTUS TWITTER.

formated some shit
orderred and organized moar
need to load mega
need moar memes on variety of subjects

#sGrv/I 11/14/2019 (Thu) 22:01:06 [Preview] No.36603 del

Master Archives
*MasterArchivist —————— https://qarchives.ga | https://qarchives.000webhostapp.com | https://masterarchivist.github.io/qarchives/
*Supplement to MasterArchivist
- main spreadsheet, 2nd tab (labeled) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1M2AzhZKh2PjL7L7GVPN42Em0hZXKWMdhGnj59ZQ3YcQ/
*Germanarchiveanon —————— https://mega.nz/#F!LPZxEIYJ!N5JwCNoxOxOtAoErKdUgvwa
*8ch Notable Archives https://pastebin.com/2f1897vD
*Offsite Archive - https://qanon.news/archives

Information Warfare Archives/Articles
Information Warfare I: http://archive.is/http://8ch.net/qresearch/res/5240137.html
ARCHIVE: https://archive.is/E0oJm (newest)
ZIP FILE: https://archive.is/download/E0oJm.zip
Information Warfare II: http://8ch.net/qrb/res/22979.html
ARCHIVE: https://archive.fo/jTJWj
ZIP FILE: https://archive.fo/download/jTJWj.zip

Archive ONLINE: https://pastebin.com/8M0A8v8X
>>15883 Archive Tools and services

#9450 https://archive.is/NNFxs
#9449 https://archive.is/iwBvP
#9448 https://archive.is/Go6rf
#9447 https://archive.is/4fPTz
#9446 https://archive.is/H3dAE

Archive OFFLINE [Downloads]: https://pastebin.com/xCdx9zK7
Qmap https://mega.nz/#!74cwVIZD!K4FsXHkBQ-hlnhzPRnBs6nWMUAWsKS7Ny2PjD4v0Vgw
adam-shiff https://mega.nz/#!fh8DQAwB!eiBFuaf9zqJ0Hx-PyKN6hlZi91VtqYc-9jYxIY1VqqE
awakening https://mega.nz/#!j0tRkaAZ!6Kzu5Zqa8MgxlWjHv6XrhmK_sAyYKLIfXgCvNrkQb1Q
california https://mega.nz/#!Oh9REITJ!ukLGbtUAhTgX6myypY340IkCVQ7p9oEoMzkukGScioQ
joe-biden https://mega.nz/#!Ol9FzCAA!-e6k-yjzqmMBAr6vJfC2W-BCMsiI4l7qKgJfZ7Zyxrs
memes https://mega.nz/#!K9l10KLB!Mu92YvK_ZjZ1F9XaNHhpMLP254O9Awn2ZJBuzXxVKSI
nancy pelosi https://mega.nz/#!as8lxYbD!ntbrXfqcvxE6VUmZsP5EWX6xem0uckERnvo6oxq8xm4
notables1-1 https://mega.nz/#!v0lDhSKA!LD5g9qAyY_MYhAhqbWkm_N1oXEfCtavRfVKBRGirIsY
0deltas https://mega.nz/#!igszxAAL!_yqhDSyiF7_gp78BiBVIDnvBASvq4y8zjINATtZ08ug
P Listening https://mega.nz/#!P5sxHQDb!9YOa3-tmqxMtB3GlYfCBiOvh7BHFZ2aCLZ6sjtCWnCM
Social https://mega.nz/#!HkkxQQiB!il6j38-VnwKfL3HNndfywF3JnRYAYL8Msh7vxfl0Ge8
symbolism https://mega.nz/#!P41BzAzS!o3PtzY07QopJw4pTCUYTez8gMgVdBgXuTwOXqAWy4jQ
turkey https://mega.nz/#!f0lXVa4Z!LgZVbEgNIoGNJtFPlfA6zmKXix1kw6JsZgL7d1s5nVE
ukraine https://mega.nz/#!yw8xSY4D!R7TfJkTweLLURiBCVAIVbNHw8X0kaScMHyThPaIa6lg
warroom https://mega.nz/#!SsshxCSC!rbCMoVuLAV29bMpvxH_r6EVW15TXC4vuhVjeQ4uWypk
#9437 https://mega.nz/#!q0E12IyJ!xTcnfUQy6895cYzBsslGCSftC6rQ1ilFJGFMxoq7F0I
#9436 https://mega.nz/#!T5EhTSrL!zLfIC1Rt0aHaQSps_0YVX3AF67iST6SEi3cG35g6onA
#9435 https://mega.nz/#!Ckc1ESRB!GbF3wMTj_c9AMLcI3-jhmvzeKXl_XbFWYYB2P6p2sF4
#9434 https://mega.nz/#!m5MxxSSB!VGj31VgOY1ggJ2QuG6UcS2-ARcH0oo9uq79YUbOr7r0
#9433 https://mega.nz/#!O0U3nAAQ!BN78egiy2r_NCbsAQ6rEWi1KLCx1OlNr6pKPPyEisw4
MOAR ARCHIVES: https://pastebin.com/4myHuYL7

https://archive.today https://archive.org https://archive.is

#sGrv/I 11/14/2019 (Thu) 22:01:58 [Preview] No.36604 del
Task Board

Mark Zaid
Biden Romania
Hillary Emails
Soros Biden
UN Lucis
Pelosi california
Romney mormon

Eric CIArammella Ukraine Whistleblower
Mark Zaid Pedo Lawyer

CA VoterId DanielCamerron
DC WhistleBlower EricCiaramella
DC PedoLawyer MarkZaid
DC Mormon Mittromney
DC SecreMeetings Schiff

Hashes to Highjack

#sGrv/I 11/14/2019 (Thu) 22:07:28 [Preview] No.36607 del
Global Announcements

Are not endorsements.

>>35789 #9457 Saturn Broke the Cat Edition
>>35811 outside US browser
>>35819, >>35821, >>35822, >>35862 Ciaramello was working at Andom llc?
>>35835, >>35836, >>35837, >>35839 Q was talking to Freddy Brennan.
>>35843 Disney/ ABC leaker
>>35850, >>35851 Dyncorp/ Mil contractors/child trafficking
>>35851, >>35859, >>35852 Eptstein/NM/Plasket
>>35854 Epstein/Maurene Comey/Junkerman/Mossad/Naomi Campbell/Doronin
>>35855 Epstein/Wexner/Laybourne/Schneider
>>35856 Epstein Moar!
>>35858 Pedowood
>>35866 Vet Cybersecurity training !!!!!!!!BAKER!!!!!!!
>>35871, >>35872, >>35877, >>35883, >>35887, >>35895, >>35898, >>35937, >>36019 California Attorney General Xavier Becerra
>>35878 >>35881 Potus twats
>>35896 TASK BOARD
>>35905 Rudy destroys first witness
>>35915, >>35917, >>35920, >>35921, >>35924, >>35925, Potus twats
>>35939 RBG sick per Chief Roberts
>>35941 New Q
>>35945 Q twats
>>35947 Afghan pedo ring abused 500 boys
>>35949, >>35951 Eric Anthony Ciaramella, uses both names!
>>35984 Q utube embed

#sGrv/I 11/14/2019 (Thu) 22:07:45 [Preview] No.36608 del
>>36001 New Q
>>36003, >>36007, >>36039 Q article, litigtion docs
>>36004 Romney/Burisma/CF/Paul Pelosi
>>36010 Second Whistleblower Filed a Complaint with ICIG
>>36013 Task board
>>36014, >>36015 CiaRamElla pics
>>36017 FDA wants to control ur stem cells
>>36029 New Q
>>36033 VETS Health czech it out
>>36061 twat hashes to use
>>36072 Pneumonic black plague
>>36081 Pelosi daughter clerk for Scalia
>>36098 Erdogan on board
>>36101, >>36109, >>36113 Ukraine burisma stanly_morgan rosemont_seneca_boahai devon_archer kerry_family heinz biden poroshenko
>>36112 Kent in Kyiv US embassy
>>36118, >>36121, >>36123 Q3590 read carefully Grassley to Rosenstein
>>36131 Rep Gosar/Area 51 Epstein didn't kill himself twats
>>36132 Nunes on hearings
>>36140, >>36147, >>36149 Potus twats
>>36148 they hide things in their kids names speculation ie biden, pelosi, kerry, romney
>>36156 Q post scrape with trip since shut down

Anonymous 11/14/2019 (Thu) 22:13:15 [Preview] No.36611 del

Anonymous 11/14/2019 (Thu) 22:18:34 [Preview] No.36612 del
Thank you, baker.

Anonymous 11/14/2019 (Thu) 22:19:22 [Preview] No.36613 del

Anonymous 11/14/2019 (Thu) 22:22:47 [Preview] No.36615 del
Christine Pelosi Kauffman >>36435
Alexandra Pelosi Vos >>36447
Oct 11 article Reid's sons/Pelosi/Biden >>36468
Paul Kaufman-Soap Opera connections >>36485
Prowa(Pelosi son in law family) cult and silver oneida >>36262, >>36269
Ukraine/PaulPelosi >>36487
federal budget and money-dispensing process >>36221 >>36222 >>36223
History timeline on Eric Ciaramella. >>36217 >>36222 >>36223
Biden Ukraine Rosemont Seneca >>36106 >>36107 >>36109 >>36113 >>36138
QQ >>35941 >>35989 >>36001 >>36002 >>36003 >>36029 >>36047 >>36048
Follow The Family >>36002 >>36003 >>36004 >>36007
RG Destroys Schiffs First Witness >>35905 >>35910 >>35950 >>36006 >>36078 >>36195
Californi Attorney General Xavier Becerra >>35871 >35872 >>35877 >>35883 >>35887 >>35895 >>35898 >>35937 >>36019 >>36031 >>36078 >>36195
Dynacorp Pstain >>35850 >>35851 >>35852 >>35854 >>35855 >>35856

Anonymous 11/14/2019 (Thu) 22:23:55 [Preview] No.36616 del
(28.48 KB 474x358 peps.jpeg)

Anonymous 11/14/2019 (Thu) 22:31:24 [Preview] No.36618 del

CarMax Aligns Itself With Bloomberg’s Gun Control Groups


Anonymous 11/14/2019 (Thu) 22:34:59 [Preview] No.36620 del
removed from cali
posted to pelosi

pelosi thread updated

Anonymous 11/14/2019 (Thu) 22:38:44 [Preview] No.36622 del
Pelosi Minibun
>>36527 pastebin pelosi son
>>36590 pelosi biden reid son
>>36617 peslosi other daughter
>>36619 nancy prowda
>>36621 jeff prowda

Anonymous 11/14/2019 (Thu) 22:39:41 [Preview] No.36623 del


>Social please pass this minibun on to the limelighs/famefags ty o7

Anonymous 11/14/2019 (Thu) 22:51:30 [Preview] No.36625 del
(43.64 KB 534x499 o7.baker.jpg)
ty banker.... question, why no dough on endchan? Miss our old home but glad for this one.

Anonymous 11/14/2019 (Thu) 22:53:45 [Preview] No.36626 del
>why no dough on endchan
esplain plx

Anonymous 11/14/2019 (Thu) 22:54:01 [Preview] No.36627 del
>maybe you need a therapist for your addiction


Anonymous 11/14/2019 (Thu) 23:06:22 [Preview] No.36629 del

whats going on with GunControlNow?
Memers what else we got?
scrapers what can u pull from the net
Social are ya Firing
Diggers ya getting more intel on this shooting?


Anonymous 11/14/2019 (Thu) 23:06:59 [Preview] No.36630 del
and for the love of god jim, what is going on with 8kun atm?

Anonymous 11/14/2019 (Thu) 23:16:27 [Preview] No.36633 del
ty baker
fresh bread is always noice

notetaker back unless not needed

ridin against the wind
pic for the keks

Anonymous 11/14/2019 (Thu) 23:23:36 [Preview] No.36634 del
Toensing and DiGenova Say Schiff Witness Blocked Them from Interviewing Corruption in Ukraine

https://youtube.com/watch?v=IlbBwqrlmus [Embed]

6 or so minute video about Kent from the hearing yesterday. Kent is the one to look at. Kent was/does cover for Soros in Ukraine.

Anonymous 11/14/2019 (Thu) 23:29:36 [Preview] No.36635 del
(153.25 KB 571x419 screenshot.png)
thanks notetaker, think we good for a the day. beutiful work by the way <3
am a fan o/

for now we are just digging and memeing on the guncontrol so again for the momnent relax and enjoy the show o7


Anonymous 11/14/2019 (Thu) 23:30:06 [Preview] No.36636 del
GENERAL FLYNN GETS JUSTICE: Turkey’s Erdogan Provided President Trump Documents on Terrorist General Flynn Wrote About Connected to Obama and the Clinton Foundation!

in article - ...
Nick Fad🇺🇸
Erdogan flew to the United States with documents for the President and Attorney General William Barr

This is getting good

The failed coup in Turkey was orchestrated by the same elements behind the Yanukovych coup in Ukraine#CIA#USAID


Anonymous 11/14/2019 (Thu) 23:32:37 [Preview] No.36637 del
8chan baker would always post dough. Pastebin used to bake next bread. Wondering why I don't see that here.

Anonymous 11/14/2019 (Thu) 23:48:37 [Preview] No.36638 del
(69.19 KB 530x519 rabbit-hole-x243.jpg)

Anonymous 11/14/2019 (Thu) 23:48:37 [Preview] No.36639 del
(69.19 KB 530x519 rabbit-hole-x243.jpg)

Anonymous 11/14/2019 (Thu) 23:51:11 [Preview] No.36640 del
Nice. Where is the photo of Erdogan with two hands open like 5:5. Did anyone capture it?

Anonymous 11/14/2019 (Thu) 23:55:34 [Preview] No.36641 del
Here's a link to watch, not started yet, GST link

https://youtube.com/watch?v=GElktyROLrs [Embed]

Anonymous 11/14/2019 (Thu) 23:58:57 [Preview] No.36642 del
Digg on HEU [Highly-Enriched Uranium]
The USSR fell in 1991
The Megatons to Megawatts Program rose in 1993

The Megatons to Megawatts Program, successfully completed in December 2013, is the popular name given to the program
which is also called the United States-Russia Highly Enriched Uranium Purchase Agreement. The official name of the program
is the "Agreement between the Government of the Russian Federation and the Government of the United States of America
Concerning the Disposition of Highly-Enriched Uranium Extracted from Nuclear Weapons", dated February 18, 1993.[1] Under
this Agreement Russia agreed to supply the United States with low-enriched uranium (LEU), obtained from high- enriched
uranium (HEU) found to be in excess of Russian defense purposes. The United States agreed to purchase the low enriched uranium fuel.
The Megatons to Megawatts program was initiated in 1993 and successfully completed in December 2013. A total of 500 tonnes
of Russian warhead grade HEU (high enriched uranium, equivalent to 20,008 nuclear warheads) were converted in Russia to nearly
15,000 tonnes tons of LEU (low enriched uranium) and sold to the US for use as fuel in American nuclear power plants. During the
20-year Megatons to Megawatts program, as much as 10 percent of the electricity produced in the United States was generated by
fuel fabricated using LEU from Russian HEU.[6]

During this period, on a comparatively modest basis, the U.S. government has also been converting some of its excess nuclear
warhead HEU into power plant fuel. Efforts have also been undertaken to demonstrate the commercial feasibility of converting
warhead plutonium into fuel to augment nuclear fuel for U.S. power plants.

Nuclear industry sources forecasted high demand trends that would require finding other uranium supply sources after the completion
of the Megatons to Megawatts agreement.[6] In 2011 TENEX and USEC signed a long-term contract (Transitional Supply Agreement – TSA)
for the provision of enrichment services to the United States that could see annual deliveries after 2015 reaching a level of around half
the annual supply volume under the HEU Deal.[7]

Currently, no plans have been announced for new initiatives such as the Megatons to Megawatts program. Numerous issues concerning
nuclear power plants, the financial crisis, the emergence of huge supplies of natural gas and safety have clouded predictions for the future
demand for uranium fuel and nuclear power plants.

A Grand Uranium Bargain | NYT, 1991


Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 00:01:50 [Preview] No.36643 del
Digg on HEU [Highly-Enriched Uranium]
The Senate held a hearing in 2001 to review a "report card" on Russia's HEU, etc.
Who attended this hearing? The usual suspects. Russia's in good hands now!
>Read the back-and-forth of these vultures.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 00:06:48 [Preview] No.36647 del
Digg on HEU [Highly-Enriched Uranium]
>Gorbachev was in office...
Mikhail Gorbachev & The Dissolution of the Soviet Union | 1991
>I have a hunch he is a globalist
Club of Madrid
Green Cross International
Club of Rome
Earth Charter
Gorbachev Foundation, (headquartered in San Francisco)

Glasnost & Perestroika
Gorbachev's original goal of using glasnost and perestroika to reform the Soviet Union while maintaining control by
the Communist Party was not achieved. The policy allowed Soviet citizens to speak out and criticise the Communist
Party and the Soviet system itself. It also inadvertently released long-suppressed national sentiments in the republic
states that wanted to assert their independence; undermining the authority of the Soviet central-government. Both
policies exposed the extremely weak Soviet Economic system when the discipline of the Communist Party was removed.
In December 1991, the Soviet Union was dissolved months after the August failed coup by conservative elements
who were alarmed by the forces unleashed by Gorbachev's reforms.

Dissolution of the Soviet Union
The final round of the Soviet Union's collapse began with a Ukrainian popular referendum on December 1, 1991, in
which 90 percent of voters opted for independence. The secession of Ukraine, the second-most powerful republic,
ended any realistic chance of Gorbachev keeping the Soviet Union together even on a limited scale. The leaders of
the three principal Slavic republics, Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus (formerly Byelorussia), agreed to discuss possible
alternatives to the union.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 00:07:00 [Preview] No.36648 del

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 00:13:04 [Preview] No.36651 del

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 00:15:17 [Preview] No.36652 del
IT’S HAPPENING… BREAKING: President Trump Meets with AG Bill Barr in Oval Office
Then Delays Departure and Calls in Top Aides and Communication Team
President Trump left for his Louisiana campaign rally 45 minutes late.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 00:21:41 [Preview] No.36653 del
Big Dick anon was on pol saying this rally isn't going to be just another circle jerk.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 00:36:34 [Preview] No.36655 del
(141.11 KB 777x398 fpotus.png)

Will Not Back Down.

> Getting ready to land in Louisiana to do Rally with Great Republican @EddieRispone for Governor. He will get your taxes and auto insurance (highest in Country!) way down. Loves our Military & Vets. Will protect your 2nd Amendment. VOTE SATURDAY!

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 00:38:19 [Preview] No.36656 del
Right Side Broadcasting Network
https://youtube.com/watch?v=bEjV4y0clXY [Embed]

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 00:39:18 [Preview] No.36657 del
(534.83 KB 460x1622 q1928.png)
7:28PM ET = 1928 ET


Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 00:41:49 [Preview] No.36658 del
(689.12 KB 686x376 sessions maga.PNG)
(528.16 KB 673x381 sessions potus.PNG)
(600.98 KB 695x366 potus barr sessions.PNG)

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 00:46:21 [Preview] No.36659 del
Senator Baker; "We're All Gonna Die!!!""

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 00:47:16 [Preview] No.36660 del


"At the conclusion of Attorney General Bill Barr’s oval office meeting today with President Trump, the president held a session with the White House communications team prior to a late departure for the Louisiana rally."

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 00:47:32 [Preview] No.36661 del
< 5:5

Maybe interpretation of capital letters in tweet:


GRERG - mirror

LHC LMV WA - mirrored letters removed


MV is mirror of WA

LHC - Large Hadron Collider?

L's mirror

Leaves HC - Hillary Clinton?

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 00:58:06 [Preview] No.36663 del
social hijack those steeler gameday tags for the rally o7

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 01:08:55 [Preview] No.36666 del
(232.97 KB 1454x1888 pedoschiffsign.jpg)
From Hollywood, CA

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 01:15:40 [Preview] No.36667 del

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 01:15:45 [Preview] No.36668 del
Good question.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 01:16:38 [Preview] No.36669 del
(242.01 KB 1097x1103 q3595.jpg)
Q drop

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 01:17:12 [Preview] No.36670 del
because the BO is MPD and very young. Probably female also

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 01:21:50 [Preview] No.36671 del
i miss filters

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 01:23:51 [Preview] No.36672 del
‏ @TrueEyeTheSpy

Legal action has been brought against the person running this account.
The state is now accusing him of being a pedophile.
Electronics were seized, and a drugged, coerced narrative was created against his protests.
4:43 PM - 14 Nov 2019


Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 01:24:10 [Preview] No.36673 del
me too

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 01:28:08 [Preview] No.36674 del
(190.77 KB 653x477 CNNSucks.jpg)
Oh no, ETS must disappear again and show up on a new account.
How surprising.

What about the NSA tattoo and Q saving her in a firefight?
Shouldn't that mean.... nah, this makes sense. Sure.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 01:29:14 [Preview] No.36675 del
(298.26 KB 1080x2220 EJYHcgrXsAA-0ZF.jpeg)

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 01:29:29 [Preview] No.36676 del
>He was working on a Project called "Compendium", which documented IP addresses; server locations, file hashes, and a whole host of material that would expose directly where child-pornography was hosted and then relayed through global P2P networks; a giant web of evil.
5 replies 41 retweets 112 likes
Show this thread
EyeTheSpy‏ @TrueEyeTheSpy 42m42 minutes ago
>In the course of this injustice, he has been legally gagged from using electronics and cannot provide information to the public about anything. Effectively silencing this platform and attempting to destroy his life and work in the process.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 01:30:39 [Preview] No.36677 del
pedo filters keep the trannys away

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 01:32:17 [Preview] No.36678 del

so where is Q posting? I didn't see it in this bread

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 01:35:13 [Preview] No.36679 del
(38.77 KB 911x432 q3593and3594.png)
Not on the clearnet.

Not sure why that one is labeled 3954, it is 3595 >>36669

3594 was a "double post" with 3593, and a timestamp differential.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 01:39:58 [Preview] No.36680 del
> Trump makes "OK" sign

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 01:45:24 [Preview] No.36681 del
> "double post"
Wait a minute....

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 01:46:01 [Preview] No.36682 del
> We took down Bush, Clinton, Obama

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 01:46:29 [Preview] No.36683 del
(1.17 MB 823x2701 2019-11-14_3-50-46.png)

2017 profile on US Deputy Chief of Mission in Ukraine George Kent


"Who are you, Mr. Kent?", - media
26 April 2017, Wednesday, 17:50

What do we know about the US Deputy Chief of Mission in Ukraine George Kent, also called a supervisor of anti-corruption agencies in Ukraine? Special Report "Strana.ua"

After a series of high-profile detentions, including top Ukrainian politicians Roman Nasirov and Nikolay Martynenko by the NABU detectives, Ukrainian politicians started saying that the NABU activities are directly supervised and controlled by the US.

As was reported before, Ukrainian political party "People's Front" (Narodnyi Front) names the US Deputy Chief of Mission in Ukraine George Kent as a supervisor of the NABU on behalf of the US government. We decided to look into this.

Who is Mr. Kent?

"Today we’ve beat the system", said ex-deputy Nikolay Martynenko walking confidently down the yard of the Solomenskyi district court of Kiev and not hiding his emotions. Just a few minutes ago, the investigating judge Alexander Bobrovnik rejected appeal of the prosecutors of the Specialized Anti-corruption Prosecutor's Office (SAPO) to detain Martynenko and released him on parole guaranteed by the Ministers and deputies.

Over the last two days, Martynenko’s parole guarantors have been trying to convince the court that the NABU was having a political battle against the former deputy. They also added off-record that the NABU in its so-called anti-corruption struggle is supervised by the American Embassy.

"The group of people overseeing NABU activities use it as a political tool to fight against competitors and cause early parliamentary and presidential elections", Martynenko said. A little later he clarified that he was talking about the "Georgian mafia", which according to him trumps-up Bureau cases (probably he referred to the Deputy Head of the NABU Gizo Uglava, close to Mikhail Saakashvili and former deputy prosecutor David Sakvarelidze).

However, one of the People’s Front deputies, close to the party’s management, mentioned a non-Georgian name of someone who supposedly supervises the NABU. According to him, it is the above-mentioned George Kent.

Mr. Kent has already served in Kiev before as political section’s Deputy Head at the US embassy from 2004 to 2007. In 2014-15, George was the Senior Anti-Corruption Coordinator in the State Department’s European Bureau, leading development and advocacy of anti-corruption messages across Europe and Eurasia (establishment of anti-corruption agencies in Ukraine was his key area of expertise). After that, he returned to Kiev to take a higher position.

Since joining Foreign Service in 1992, he has served on behalf of the US government in Poland, Thailand and Uzbekistan. He has three children and speaks fluently 7 languages: English, Russian (George Kent holds a bachelor's degree in Russian history and literature from Harvard University), Ukrainian, Thai, Polish, German and Italian. He is also an honorary member of the Red Sox Nation fan club of the Boston baseball team.

George Kent's Facebook page has plenty of photos featuring Ukrainian customs, traditions and Ukrainian cuisine. His apartment in Kiev is decorated with traditional Ukrainian embroidered cloths and he shares photos of them with his friends. He also posts pictures and of his clothes with Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar symbols.

His wife Velyda is with him on his FB pictures. In 2016, they celebrated their 20th anniversary. Velida Kitaina was born in Uzbekistan, but has Crimean Tatar roots. Her grandparents were deported from Crimea to the Central Asia in 1944.

Last year for Christmas, his wife made a ginger biscuit in the shape of the Mikhailovskyi Cathedral of Kiev.

This confectionary masterpiece featuring “little green men” caused a stir.

[Go to part 2]

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 01:47:55 [Preview] No.36684 del

[Part 2]

George Kent himself is a frequent guest at Kiev public events. Recently he participated in the opening of a local grocery store, a scientific symposium on health protection, American movies screening, to name a few.

People's Deputy of Ukraine Sergei Leshchenko once posted his photo with George Kent on his Facebook page (when he was still working at the State Department), saying that Mr. Kent was a good friend of Ukraine.

Puppet master

Our source thinks that George Kent is working for the US Intelligence. He is convinced that Kent had a role to play in the Orange Revolution during his first term in Kiev as political section’s Deputy Head.

"Kent supervises the NABU. He brought Storch (Robert Storch, US citizen and candidate for the position of independent auditor at the NABU) to official and unofficial events", admitted the source.

A representative of the anti-corruption NGO, who knows Kent, shared with "Strana.ua" an amusing story about Storch.

"Storch and Kent attended Rada's Anti-corruption Committee hearing to select an independent auditor of the NABU. Talking about the procedure and candidates, Yegor Sobolev (Head of the committee) said that at first nobody applied, so he called the US embassy asking them to suggest a candidate. They recommended Mr. Storch, and after the meeting Mr. Kent politely, but firmly said, "The diplomatic mission did not invite anyone and Storch is a private person". As far as I got it, Yegor missed the mark with this", said the source.

A diplomat who personally knows Kent described him as a "puppet master". "He knows ins and outs of the Ukrainian politics. He gives recommendations to some people and instructions to the others". He is nice to those who follow his advice. At the same time, he is a sociable guy and a good family man", told us the source.

According to him, the position of the Deputy Head of the mission is high enough for the leading Ukrainian politicians to listen to him. "Yovanovitch, for instance, can’t visit Yatsenyuk at the Carnegie center at night (the Carnegie center hosts the office of Arseniy Yatsenyuk's "People's Front" (Narodnyi Front)). And Kent will do it, and they will listen to him", said the source to "Strana.ua".

This makes absolutely no sense to trace it back to the US

However, the anti-corruption community believes that influence of the US embassy and its representative George Kent on Ukrainian politics is overrated.

If the "People's Front" (Narodnyi Front) is referring to the Martynenko case, as far as we know, proceedings against him are still open in three European countries. "This makes absolutely no sense to trace it back to the US", said the Head of the Anti-Corruption action center Vitaly Shabunin.

The Quiet American

"Strana.ua" reported earlier that "People's Front" (Narodnyi Front) deputies think that George Kent acts at his own peril, and doesn’t take instructions from his Washington bosses. And Martynenko’s detention is the result of his initiative, and not the US strategy. Based on this, Kent is a puppet master just like the main character of the famous novel by Graham Greene "The Quiet American."

However, one Ukrainian diplomat, familiar with the work of the US embassy and the State Department doesn’t support this claim. "Naturally, as a person well aware of Ukrainian reality, George Kent can act on his own when it comes to certain tactical issues, but the anti-corruption strategy is approved in the US and is implemented regardless of people behind it. It basically comes down to taking the power and financial flows away from the politicians involved in Ukrainian business, since the way the West sees it, it will reduce corruption levels and, in the long run, pave the way for large transnational corporations, as already happened in Eastern Europe".

[Part 3]

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 01:49:36 [Preview] No.36685 del

[Part 3]

"The U.S.-Ukrainian relations are at a standstill. Ukraine is not on the State Department’s immediate agenda, so any official at the US embassy could deal with some important questions on his own, but the strategy, in any case, has been long defined in Washington. US officials are just following it. It could change under the new Administration, but this has not happened yet", says political analyst Ruslan Bortnik.

"Strana.ua" sent requests for comment to the US Embassy in Kiev and George Kent’s Facebook page and will publish the answer when available.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 01:52:04 [Preview] No.36686 del
(478.36 KB 445x366 [Senator Baker].png)
You will recall, [Baker] is a Bushie

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 01:57:23 [Preview] No.36687 del
creepypasta deja poooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo joos

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 02:00:17 [Preview] No.36688 del

TY, this will help me take a closer look. Men like this don't like being under a microscope.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 02:00:30 [Preview] No.36689 del
(66.02 KB 1208x476 spying.png)
new Q

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 02:01:27 [Preview] No.36690 del
Tucker Carlson is a big-time piece of shit.

Fuck you Tucker.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 02:03:26 [Preview] No.36691 del
(35.72 KB 500x488 Catturd.jpg)
(49.16 KB 624x384 Shit Bag.jpg)
Q-Research moderators are democrats.... Fuck off dirt bags.

Go ban your faggot.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 02:04:23 [Preview] No.36692 del
just went to eyethespy and it's down

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 02:04:29 [Preview] No.36693 del
(1.42 MB 1181x2645 2019-11-14_21-02-08.png)

The acronym NABU = National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine.


Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 02:07:01 [Preview] No.36694 del
(401.16 KB 442x309 [Biden].png)
[Biden], always looking out for you...

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI 11/15/2019 (Fri) 02:09:40 [Preview] No.36695 del
notable deja poo joos

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 02:10:43 [Preview] No.36696 del
so what is the address where Q posts? This site is getting better, I might stay here. I just want to know

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 02:11:45 [Preview] No.36698 del
i remember he linked to a website https://www.eyethespy.org/

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 02:13:01 [Preview] No.36699 del

What do you like about this board?
Honest question.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 02:16:49 [Preview] No.36701 del
(412.47 KB 443x317 [Cutler].png)

[m4xr3sdEfault]****,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) 11/15/2019 (Fri) 02:18:56 [Preview] No.36702 del
Feinstein assassinated Milk

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 02:19:13 [Preview] No.36703 del
Don't sleep

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 02:19:25 [Preview] No.36704 del
'We don’t know if Epstein killed himself but we do know the Democrats are killing themselves with one hoax after another. Check this shiznat out on @TuckerCarlson as we splice and dice and play 4D chess with their one dimensional play. COVFEFE LIVES!'

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 02:20:53 [Preview] No.36705 del
Arrest warrant issued for state Rep. Poncho Nevárez after he was caught on tape dropping envelope with cocaine


Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 02:21:19 [Preview] No.36706 del

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 02:21:41 [Preview] No.36707 del

Today, 14/11/2019, is the first day I finally figured out how to post here. The people immediately started to do some research. It is different, layout. No filter options though!

I like the fact that you asked for my opinion.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 02:23:01 [Preview] No.36708 del
'Key players involved in spying on me and interfering in election for foreign governments: Alexander Downer and Joseph Mifsud, have begun to talk about their involvement with the US investigators over the past 72 hours. Criminal probe out for their bosses. They were errand boys.'

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 02:24:10 [Preview] No.36709 del
'A senior State Department official involved in events connected to the surveillance of the Trump 2016 presidential campaign was directly involved in concocting a plan to have Vice President Joe Biden force the firing of the top prosecutor in Ukraine, by threatening to withhold $1 billion in U.S. loan guarantees, according to the impeachment inquiry testimony of George Kent, a senior State Department official.

State Department Assistant Secretary Victoria Nuland worked with U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt in late 2015 to create a plan to force the firing of Ukrainian Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin, according to Kent. Nuland was also among a network of Obama administration officials involved in the distribution and recirculation of the infamous Steele dossier, the document used by the FBI to secure a maximally intrusive spy warrant to surveil a Trump-campaign associate.'

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 02:24:15 [Preview] No.36710 del

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 02:25:08 [Preview] No.36711 del
'Biden ultimately carried out Nuland’s plan during a visit to Ukraine in December 2015 and has since bragged, on at least two occasions, about forcing Shokin’s firing by threatening to cut off the loan guarantees. At the time Biden exerted pressure on Ukraine, Shokin was investigating Burisma, the Ukrainian gas giant that was paying Biden’s son Hunter Biden to serve on its board of directors. The Ukrainian president asked for Shokin’s resignation two months after Biden’s overture. The Ukrainian Parliament approved the resignation on March 29, 2016.

Nuland’s involvement in the controversy about the Bidens’ dealings in Ukraine may raise new questions about the motivations of the officials involved in the circulation of the Steele dossier, the document which for three years fueled the debunked narrative that then-candidate Donald Trump colluded with Russia in 2016 to influence the 2016 presidential election. Christopher Steele, a former British intelligence officer, compiled the dossier by paying second- and thirdhand sources with ties to the Kremlin. The Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee ultimately funded Steele’s work.'

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 02:26:36 [Preview] No.36712 del
'Calls & meetings:

7/25—Call between @POTUS and Zelensky
7/26—Volker & Taylor meet Zelensky
8/27—John Bolton meets Zelensky
9/1—VP Pence meets Zelensky
9/5—Sens. Johnson & Murphy meet Zelensky

Not one mention of linking dollars to investigation of the Bidens.

9/11—Aid released'

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 02:26:46 [Preview] No.36713 del

Like your honest answer. Group here is more serious though we cut up and meme too. It is different. This is war room central for the twitter war. Hope you meme and twat but if you don't you can learn. Just ask. Welcome aboard. Culture here is a bit diff so hang out and soak it up.

[m4xr3sdEfault]****,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) 11/15/2019 (Fri) 02:31:13 [Preview] No.36714 del
pelosi didn't kill himself

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 02:32:04 [Preview] No.36715 del
Not the person you are replying to.
but you can't build a sandcastle kicking sand. Aside from the id/filter option that we don't really even need enabled. in the beginning we didn't need id's. Only since the shills came.this is a bunker so i appreciate that.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 02:32:24 [Preview] No.36716 del

I'm just a researcher. I'll find stuff and post as much info as I can. With pictures.
I've tried to meme but I'm hopeless! And yes, we are at war. it's great to be here, thank you for the welcome

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 02:33:44 [Preview] No.36717 del

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 02:35:09 [Preview] No.36718 del

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 02:36:15 [Preview] No.36719 del
(406.29 KB 647x677 Amy Robach 20 20_2.png)
(202.01 KB 580x468 Amy Robach 20 20.png)
(492.56 KB 594x730 Amy Robach 3 years.png)
(588.30 KB 800x619 serhiy leshenko.png)

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 02:38:29 [Preview] No.36721 del
I don't know him, he seems ok, a bit of a dick and/or an asshole. Having those strong feelings about a stranger is weird, so unless you've got a personal history, you may want to work that out.

Oh yeah, Pelosi's son's firm was indicted by SEC

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 02:40:47 [Preview] No.36723 del
tanks for link

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 02:40:56 [Preview] No.36724 del
Uranium One Trial
""Megatons dropped at megatons to megawatts trial for uranium one""
November 14th 2019 - George Webb
https://youtube.com/watch?v=UHaLRA7e7H0 [Embed]

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 02:41:41 [Preview] No.36725 del
Atoms for peace

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 02:43:13 [Preview] No.36726 del
>>36705 Poncho Nevarez is the Rep from Eagle Pass, TX it's a border town.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 02:43:17 [Preview] No.36727 del
< Isaac Newton reference

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 02:43:54 [Preview] No.36728 del
< 3x "winning winning winning" again

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 02:57:14 [Preview] No.36729 del

Trump now holds a 7-6 majority in NY district involved in subpoena of tax records

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 03:01:09 [Preview] No.36730 del
I think we are just about there in the public disclosure part of this operation.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 03:01:51 [Preview] No.36731 del
I really like it here. It reminds me of when Q first moved from halfchan to infinite.
Real research and info without all the bullshit shit-posts.
Personally, I would prefer it if Q posted here as 8kun is targeted by higher power than hotwheels.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 03:02:06 [Preview] No.36732 del

Looking like the differences here are the links at the beginning of the post...
#3594 Leads to this music piece on Youtube: Future World Music - Victory Of Life (Volume.11 Preview - early 2011)

Please Read the Description, thank you :D
A preview track Future World Music released 2 days ago on their Facebook page to the public :D. song is a preview from FWM's upcoming album release - "Volume 11", release date unknown yet. Track composed by the one and only - Armen Hambar (owner & main composer of FWM) FWM's video:- http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/v...

Music For Motion Picture Advertising and Video Game Advertising - trailers, tv spots, commercials, promos, featurettes, tv programs.

Song: Victory of Life
Company: Future World Music
Album: Volume 11 (To Be Released)
Composerr: Armen Hambar

Song is a kind of a remix of "Tribute" by FWM from one their very old albums

Future World Music's Facebook page:-
http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/p... (Make sure to become a fan :D)

Images used on video, all images belong to its creators/owners i do not own anythin, all credits go them, images:
Image .1:- http://wall.alphacoders.com/big.php?i...

music used in this video belongs to Future World Music music production company and its composer - Armen Hambar. I do not own anythin in the video, no copyright infringement intended, all music and images belongs to its owners/creators. enjoy :D

#3593 Link: http://www.jthnx5wyvjvzsxtu.onion/qresearch/catalog.html

Result: Hmm. We’re having trouble finding that site.

We can’t connect to the server at www.jthnx5wyvjvzsxtu.onion.

Unable to access either post in bread.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 03:03:14 [Preview] No.36733 del

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 03:04:40 [Preview] No.36734 del
Remember the good old days when
we'd get drops at 1:00 am and there
were actual real happenings, anyone?

Those were the days.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 03:06:52 [Preview] No.36735 del
(417.00 KB 1600x900 152632573548564859.jpg)
Do you remember this?

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 03:08:04 [Preview] No.36736 del
Now everyone is getting their doors
kicked in and made bankrupt for
gatekeeping lawyers $1500 hr protection

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 03:14:55 [Preview] No.36737 del

maybe not looking hard enough?
Dough >>36609

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 03:18:02 [Preview] No.36739 del
IT’S HAPPENING… BREAKING: President Trump Meets with AG Bill Barr in Oval Office – Then Delays Departure and Calls in Top Aides and Communication Team

President Donald Trump met with Attorney General William Barr today in the Oval Office. Reporters snapped photos of Barr and Trump during their animated meeting in the White House. Earlier this week their were rumblings that the Inspector General’s report was going through the final stages before it is released.
Inspector General Horowitz has been working on the report for over a year.

Earlier this week their were rumblings that the Inspector General’s report was going through the final stages before it is released.
Inspector General Horowitz has been working on the report for over a year. Their were reports late in the summer that Prosecutor John Durham’s criminal investigation was delaying the release of the IG report. Washington Examiner reporter Steven Nelson reported on President Trump’s late departure from the White House following his meeting with AG Bill Barr.

President Trump delayed his departure and sat down with Communications Director Stephanie Grisham, Hogan Gidley, Mulvaney and others. President Trump called in Acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney and White House Counsel Pat Cipollone.
IT’S HAPPENING… BREAKING: President Trump Meets with AG Bill Barr in Oval Office – Then Delays Departure and Calls in Top Aides and Communication Team
Jim Hoft by Jim Hoft November 14, 2019 1103 Comments

6.6KShare 549Tweet Email

President Donald Trump met with Attorney General William Barr today in the Oval Office.

Reporters snapped photos of Barr and Trump during their animated meeting in the White House.

Earlier this week their were rumblings that the Inspector General’s report was going through the final stages before it is released.
Inspector General Horowitz has been working on the report for over a year.

Read more

Their were reports late in the summer that Prosecutor John Durham’s criminal investigation was delaying the release of the IG report.

Washington Examiner reporter Steven Nelson reported on President Trump’s late departure from the White House following his meeting with AG Bill Barr.

President Trump delayed his departure and sat down with Communications Director Stephanie Grisham, Hogan Gidley, Mulvaney and others.

President Trump called in Acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney and White House Counsel Pat Cipollone. President Trump and Pat Cipollone entered the private study to talk.
IT’S HAPPENING… BREAKING: President Trump Meets with AG Bill Barr in Oval Office – Then Delays Departure and Calls in Top Aides and Communication Team
Jim Hoft by Jim Hoft November 14, 2019 1103 Comments

6.6KShare 549Tweet Email

President Donald Trump met with Attorney General William Barr today in the Oval Office.

Reporters snapped photos of Barr and Trump during their animated meeting in the White House.

Earlier this week their were rumblings that the Inspector General’s report was going through the final stages before it is released.
Inspector General Horowitz has been working on the report for over a year.

Read more

Their were reports late in the summer that Prosecutor John Durham’s criminal investigation was delaying the release of the IG report.

Washington Examiner reporter Steven Nelson reported on President Trump’s late departure from the White House following his meeting with AG Bill Barr.

President Trump delayed his departure and sat down with Communications Director Stephanie Grisham, Hogan Gidley, Mulvaney and others.

President Trump called in Acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney and White House Counsel Pat Cipollone.

President Trump and Pat Cipollone entered the private study to talk.

President Trump left for his Louisiana campaign rally 45 minutes late.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 03:18:43 [Preview] No.36740 del

well i sd q but that will work kek o7

>carry onsoldiers
location location location 4lulz

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 03:21:25 [Preview] No.36742 del
ENDchan Rules
Double Post Confirms Message.

is he watching us?

[m4xr3sdEfault]****,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) 11/15/2019 (Fri) 03:25:37 [Preview] No.36743 del
delusions of grandeur is a symptom of tranywhoreing and kys suferers

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 03:25:54 [Preview] No.36744 del
its ok, give it ur best
also collect and use our memes, thats what i do.
thank god for meme posters kek
and scrappers pulling in shit.

also just cap the notables. the work as well

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 03:27:38 [Preview] No.36745 del

I mean seriously if u need ammo just pick it up off the floor here its ebeware kek

dint say u had to make memes.
he said u must meme.
but it does help if u can make them.
especially with new crumbs of the puzzle that arrive with no meme in sight

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 03:27:57 [Preview] No.36746 del
Schiff looks like a Dr Seusse animal with the upper lip. Not sure if anyone memed that yet lel.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 03:28:36 [Preview] No.36747 del
ig q posted here we be shut down quicker than u could say turn the lights on... js

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 03:29:22 [Preview] No.36748 del
yeah but if u look really hard they happen continuously now

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 03:30:17 [Preview] No.36749 del
He has posted here. Almost positive. Not with the trip of course.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 03:32:37 [Preview] No.36750 del
I was just gonna say that. Q is posting at night and there is lots of happenings.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 03:33:00 [Preview] No.36751 del
'Unusual restrictions' spook witnesses in DOJ inspector general investigation into alleged FISA abuses

With the public release of a Justice Department watchdog report on alleged Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act abuses forthcoming, witnesses are said to be nervous about the final product. People interviewed about the FBI's actions during the Russia investigation are concerned the report will portray their words inaccurately and feel as though they are being put in a defenseless position because of "unusual restrictions," according to the Washington Post.

Inspector General Michael Horowitz has invited witnesses and their lawyers to review relevant portions of a draft report, allowing them the opportunity to offer input and objections. But these comments can only be conveyed verbally, not in writing as is the norm, leaving witnesses without the ability to develop a paper trail should they want to contest anything they view as inaccurate or misleading in the final report. Witnesses are being asked to view these sections in a secure area and sign nondisclosure agreements. They have also been told they are not allowed to remove any notes taken during this process. A representative for Horowitz's office declined to comment. The long-awaited report is eagerly anticipated by President Trump's GOP allies, who assert Horowitz's findings will show top Justice Department and FBI officials misled the FISA court by using an unverified dossier compiled by British ex-spy Christopher Steele to obtain warrants to electronically monitor onetime Trump campaign adviser Carter Page. Democrats, as well as current and former FBI officials, dismissed allegations of wrongdoing and have raised concerns that information about U.S. intelligence gathering could be weaponized to discredit special counsel Robert Mueller.

The investigation was completed in September. Horowitz provided an update to Congress on Oct. 24, saying a classification review by the DOJ and the FBI was "nearing completion." With reports putting a public release at about Thanksgiving, Attorney General William Barr told reporters on Wednesday that it was his understanding the release of the report was "imminent." Horowitz's findings could be useful for U.S. Attorney John Durham, who is scrutinizing the origins of the Trump-Russia investigation and examining the conduct of the Justice Department, the FBI, and the Intelligence Community. Last month, Durham shifted his administrative review to a criminal inquiry that gives his team the power to impanel a grand jury and hand down indictments.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 03:36:26 [Preview] No.36752 del
someone dropped a print out list of DJT twats, anyone know where I can get that?

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 03:43:56 [Preview] No.36753 del
Shit must be happening.
Enemy doing their shit.
It feels like it’s coming to something.

When Q gone due to 8 being down, ETS was a surrogate voice for me.

(((Them))) taking him and site down is another manifestation of how real all if this is.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 03:47:20 [Preview] No.36754 del
God family country
vote Saturday not Bel Edwards/ WE WANT EDDIE RISPONE GOVERNOR
1M Barksdale B52
radical left Democrats media (the 4)
Russia hoax
Witch Hunt Mueller
Witch Hunt and Peck
do nothing dems Nancy Pelosi,
Ukraine damage impeachment narrative
the US Ambassador did not leak to biden?
Where's Hunter ?
Bush Clinton Obama
Adam Schiff 9 LSU football
Republicans have stuck together often
Let's get it ENDed.
The church (You) is energized.
Ukraine hunter China Joe Air Force to
Wall Street,
67 - 68
401K cut in half
Pelosi Schumer
Mississippi great,
Kentucky great 19 points 19 minutes
1000 votes
energy Under Siege
the 4 are pushing impeachment
politicians work for media
ten billion and LNG from DIG

Part 1

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 03:48:21 [Preview] No.36755 del

pushed largest tax hike Bel Edwards
wage for the car insurance. Lawyer Bel Edwards
allow illegals to take all your security Bel Edwards
highest murdering Bel Edwards
Governor released criminals
one Sanctuary cities
second highest car insurance big
what are the positive accomplishments for Rispone?

John Kennedy was his whole ticket especially Senators 1000 votes
1,000% for Eddie.
We heard it through the grapevine
MEME last in economy and jobs.
We got Farms and gas
vote Saturday RISPONE
Thursday night Trump [V]alley one hour mark
Energy taxes North Dakota.
Number one producer.
No Beto, Texas. He lives there.
156 282 judges plus two Supreme Court judges.
Usmca Pelosi
took our money sent to middleeast.
I am President of the US !World
who are the governor's sponsors?
MS-13 1000 know John Bel Edwards

Part 11

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 03:48:45 [Preview] No.36756 del
(645.48 KB 680x454 Rudy Giuliani.png)
Giuliani being investigated for possible campaign finance and lobbying violations

Federal prosecutors are investigating Rudy Giuliani, President Trump’s personal lawyer, for possible campaign finance violations and failure to register as a foreign agent. Three U.S. officials confirmed the substance of the investigation to Bloomberg. Giuliani could also be under scrutiny for possible violations of laws against bribing foreign officials or conspiracy. An official said Giuliani’s activities have sparked counterintelligence concerns but he likely wouldn’t face criminal charges related to that.

Giuliani has been a central figure in the impeachment proceedings, which seek to determine if Trump abused his power by pressuring the Ukrainian government to investigate his political rival, Joe Biden. Giuliani aided in the effort to get Ukraine to investigate Biden and his son, Hunter, as well as the origins of the Russia investigation. The former New York City mayor is under investigation by the U.S. attorney’s office in Manhattan. Two of his associates, Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, were arrested last month on charges on illegal campaign contributions. Trump has thus far shown no signs of distancing himself from his lawyer. Last month, he told reporters Giuliani is a “good man.” Giuliani told the Guardian that Trump is “a very loyal guy” when discussing whether he is nervous that Trump would pin the blame on him for the Ukraine controversy.


https://twitter.com/trueeyethespy?lang=en Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 03:49:58 [Preview] No.36759 del

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 03:56:41 [Preview] No.36760 del
There's Been an Active Probe Into Clinton Foundation by Huber, Horowitz & Military Intel
6 Dec 2018 - 4:56:20 PM
Feds Received Whistleblower Evidence in 2017 Alleging Clinton Foundation Wrongdoing
6 Dec 2018 - 4:41:11 PM
Read carefully.
Why is "The Clinton Foundation" back in the news?
When did POTUS make the statement "Calm Before the Storm?"
When was HUBER activated by SESSIONS?
Who was/is assigned to HUBER?
What was leaked today (on purpose?)?
HUBER to testify re: Clinton Foundation?
HUBER to reveal 'active' probe actively underway into organization?
OIG to release report #2 [overview indicating many 'potentially criminal referrals' made]?
"We do not discuss active/ongoing DOJ / FBI investigations."

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 03:56:50 [Preview] No.36761 del
You could ask over in /qrbunker/. They might have someone who has it.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 03:56:57 [Preview] No.36762 del


hijack louisiana hashes





Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 03:58:15 [Preview] No.36763 del
and for the love of god can someone please get on 8kun and get them pointed in the right direction...
fags kek

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 03:58:54 [Preview] No.36764 del
Warroom what do u suggest in louiisanna to hijack?

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 04:02:50 [Preview] No.36765 del

trump twitter archive
got it

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 04:02:52 [Preview] No.36766 del
(88.60 KB 680x510 EJMW9dIWwAAq_MR.jpg)
(82.96 KB 680x680 EJW9KRYXYAElASr.jpg)
(117.23 KB 1080x1080 EJWspAyWsAE5OtC.jpg)
(187.00 KB 1080x1080 EJYPd53WoAIQhzt.jpg)
(85.25 KB 680x680 EJYZcIlWkAEa7Vo.jpg)
woohoo \o/

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 04:04:43 [Preview] No.36767 del
Kek out loud! Saved.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 04:08:22 [Preview] No.36769 del
i tried to scrape his tweets here it is. .json saved as a .txt file

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 04:22:23 [Preview] No.36771 del
did it again it scraped more posts so i am not doing right but better than nothing.

[m4xr3sdEfault]****,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) 11/15/2019 (Fri) 04:23:21 [Preview] No.36772 del
goo deja poo joo new

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 04:28:45 [Preview] No.36774 del
(50.92 KB 499x556 Diggin it.jpg)
(76.66 KB 500x707 s-l1000.jpg)

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 04:45:57 [Preview] No.36777 del
...just to take the digits. Nothing more.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 04:50:16 [Preview] No.36778 del
Eric Ciaramella

Not sure if we have this additional information..

Of Interest:

2008 — EC majored in Russian and East European Studies at Yale University. (He later went to Harvard University and focused on Central Asia, Eastern Europe, and Russia.)

2011 — Ciaramella worked at the World Bank after college, according to a 2011 publication by the international financial institution. World Bank report: “Russia: Reshaping Economic Geography,”

2017 October 5 — An email sent by Ciaramella while he was still assigned to the NSC was cited as a footnote in Robert Mueller’s report on the Trump investigation. The email was titled “(5/10/17 Email, Ciaramella to Kelly et al.),” but details of the email are not included in the redacted report. (John Kelly-this would substantiate Nikki Haley's statements)

Also speaks these languages — English, Ukrainian, Arabic, and Russian


Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 04:58:31 [Preview] No.36779 del
(203.68 KB 720x720 20191114_225752.gif)

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 05:22:39 [Preview] No.36780 del
(33.06 KB 402x343 2019-11-15_0-16-34.png)
(389.94 KB 971x1885 2019-11-15_0-15-31.png)
Q post #3589


Official John Durham biography from DOJ.

Mr. Durham had served as the interim U.S. Attorney since October 28, 2017, after U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions signed an order appointing him to the position. President Donald Trump nominated Mr. Durham to serve as U.S. Attorney on November 1, 2017, and the U.S. Senate confirmed his nomination on February 16, 2018.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 05:25:09 [Preview] No.36781 del
(342.37 KB 1080x1100 20191114_232426.jpg)

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 05:28:39 [Preview] No.36782 del
(208.22 KB 735x565 tlaib.png)

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 05:29:50 [Preview] No.36783 del

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 05:34:26 [Preview] No.36784 del
(68.77 KB 1149x834 chrome_DIfsXPcQcv.png)
bury the needed or they can reflip it. the votes are so small.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 05:34:45 [Preview] No.36785 del

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 05:38:04 [Preview] No.36786 del
>2017 October 5 — An email sent by Ciaramella while he was still assigned to the NSC
Not sure if it's relevant or not, but if memory serves me correctly, I believe Oct. 5th, 2017 is the day POTUS made the statement that: This is the calm before the storm.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 05:38:53 [Preview] No.36787 del
Well heres my digg faggots enjoy

The Great Attractor

chaos/aether = void nothingness - First there was Chaos, then Gaea and Eros (Earth/matter/substance/dirt and Desire)

cronos father of hades pluto - god of the underworld
cronos father of posiedon neptune - god of the sea
chaos father of uranus - he was responsible for the creation of the first life on Earth
uranus father of chronos saturn - god of time
cronos father of zues jupiter - god who controls lightning *plasmaarch.jpg
Zues father of ares mars -
CHAOS father of Gaia earth - she is the immediate parent of Uranus
zues father of aphrodite venus - goddess of Marriage & Birth wife of zues/jupiter
zues father of hermes mercury - goddess of sacrificial flame

ok so we came to this dimension/plane on own free will?
at one point was nothing, then chaos (big bang)
created matter and desire??? funny word.
does this realm only give desire? flesh desire?
and thus the planets started forming
uranus > saturn > jupiter > mars > earth/moon > venus > mercury > sun

so was uranus here before the sun?
were we here before the sun?
why is there not much talk on uranus, but lots on saturn?
why is there not much talk on jupiter, but lots on saturn?
Saturn is light. what was gravity like before jupiter?
we are energy, we can not be destroyed nor created.
the great attractor call all energy.
we are sound energy vibrating. we cross black holes.
is this adams dream?


>Planets and Gods oh my!

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 05:39:30 [Preview] No.36788 del
(143.07 KB 616x400 1573782249214.png)
I'll start a poll right now. Who was worse: Bush or FDR

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 05:41:27 [Preview] No.36789 del
Nice Catch Anon!

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 05:43:35 [Preview] No.36790 del
(1.02 MB 1057x422 RISPONE.png)

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 05:43:47 [Preview] No.36791 del
Yay...my memory is still good for something! I was starting to worry...kek.
Love you fags (no homo)

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 05:44:40 [Preview] No.36792 del
been trying to put anything eric carmella and mark zaid in the schiff thread. u can review to see if its been covered

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 05:46:08 [Preview] No.36793 del
went bush

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 05:46:52 [Preview] No.36794 del
the 4 run the dems
meme it fags ^^^^

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 05:49:55 [Preview] No.36795 del
(175.93 KB 1080x910 20191114_234928.jpg)

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 05:51:53 [Preview] No.36796 del
Pain Coming Soon to Those Who Doubted Jeff Sessions & John Huber
30 Nov 2018 - 7:29:50 PM
Someone Leaked Story about Prosecutor Huber Meeting with Clinton Foundation Whistleblower
30 Nov 2018 - 7:27:58 PM
To the person who leaked Huber > [Clinton Foundation] Whistleblower' DO NOT reveal more.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 05:56:09 [Preview] No.36797 del
no im

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 05:58:00 [Preview] No.36798 del
proxy updating in 1...2..3...
think its auto give it a moment
systemctl start switch.service

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 05:59:00 [Preview] No.36799 del

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 05:59:40 [Preview] No.36800 del
qrb repost

Fucking 4chan, luv ya, I guess I could be homo

>AUS, IT, UK co-op DOJ (Barr, Durham, CLAS 1-4)
Australia, Italy, and the UK cooperated with the DOJ, AG Barr, and US Attorney Durham about the FISA/Spygate investigation and the "CLAS 1-4" documents (see Q #2501)
There was human intelligence, signal intelligence, and other forms of spying and subversion.
>Non_FVEY official chan [US senior person(s) req given sensitive nature of 'target' re: presidential nominee(s) - POTUS + Cruz [CLAS 1-4]]
There were channels of communication between Five Eye officials about the spying on Trump AND Ted Cruz.
>Who gave the order(s)?
Obama, Brennan, Comey, Clapper, and others.
>Who signed?
Many signed the FISA warrants, open sourced now due to Horowitz.
>Papered per normal NATSEC?
Yes, there's a paper trial which is being investigated.
>Comms to/from F + Domestic?
There are records of communications to and from Foreign and Domestic officials.
>F2F 1-4 US person(s) initiate scope memo.
There was a face to face meeting with 1 to 4 US persons to establish the Mueller scope memo.
>US AMB 1 & 2 NSA unmask req.
>NSA > US AMB 1 & 2 > AUS, IT, UK
>[special order per DIR [CLAS 1-9] AUTH unmask per US AMB]
There were two US ambassadors that requested unmasking information from the FISA spying so others didn't have to, and there's a paper trial which is being investigated.
>C_A domestic assist w/ rogue FBI to avoid US law [non_op domestic]?
The CIA (Brennan) helped the FBI (Strzok, Comey, Page, etc) to spy on the Trump campaign and others (signal intelligence).
>C_A HUMINT domestic placement > T campaign [1-3 jumps primary target], T WH spy_insertion NATSEC C, personal advisor(s), cabinet?
They used spies also (human intelligence) within the campaign (Halper).
>C_A organized under DNI?
>2010 - 2017 [Clapper] [bulk]
Clapper was a dirty faggot.
>2017 - 2019 [Coats] [sleeper/prevent [black op] release of incriminating docs]
Coats was a bitch.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 06:02:14 [Preview] No.36801 del
(298.88 KB 1963x834 15bed142f0750010.jpeg)

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 06:02:50 [Preview] No.36802 del
(274.44 KB 1080x1006 20191115_000147.jpg)
<those errors start stacking at speed... dont they.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 06:03:45 [Preview] No.36803 del
...Speculating that in the ancient heavens, Uranus was close to Earth, until Saturn overthrew the planet god. Saturn remained a stationary 'sun' until Jupiter (as the myth goes) was prophesised to overthrow Saturn, as it (Saturn) had done originally to Uranus.
With a closer, different solar system alignment in the archaic skies, It leads one to ponder the effects of frequencies generated by the planets (thus astroLOGY was born?) and it's effect upon the development of humanity's mental capacities. Add a possible 'gravity' difference due to the planets closer to Earth and biological development may be effected as well. Lots of Electric Universe ideas.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 06:06:52 [Preview] No.36804 del
(293.43 KB 1336x890 end-chan-host.jpg)
Doxanon Here, BO, I have found a picture of our Gracious Endchan Party Host. <^>

Be advised image is not suitable for all audiences kek fag

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 06:14:12 [Preview] No.36805 del
Sara A. Carter
‏Verified account @SaraCarterDC


.@SenRonJohnson will subpoena:

- Joe + Hunter Biden
- Adam Schiff
- The Whistleblower

via @WSAU #BenArmstrong


Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 06:15:38 [Preview] No.36806 del
(11.71 KB 439x259 TheGame.png)
I dunno, grvl...
I've been doing a lot more reading and trying to keep more in the right mindset, but I feel like I don't know a fucking thing, man.
I've tried to help you guys and walk you along the same path. I mean, we're clearly getting somewhere because the shills were undeniably not here before I started, at least not like they are now.

I think you should watch this, grvl:
https://youtube.com/watch?v=S5TSm2mWlbo [Embed]

A lot of what I've said is found in this video, but I think Max explains some things I can't.
As much as I want to be wrong right now, for whatever reason, I think I was activated a few years ago and over the last couple of weeks, things have really fucking started to hone in on the proper perspective.

>Learn to play the game.
I have a feeling Q knows.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 06:24:37 [Preview] No.36807 del
(162.06 KB 610x282 infinity.png)
.@SenRonJohnson will subpoena:

- Joe + Hunter Biden
- Adam Schiff
- The Whistleblower

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 06:26:57 [Preview] No.36809 del
In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God
word = earth
god = uranus

First there was Chaos, then Gaea and Eros
gaea = god = uranus
eros = word = earth

am i missing something...
if our bible is based on planetary gods, then i think i kinda been shamed.

we are energy, we have always existed. we can not be destroyed, we can not be created. we can only change.

ok so that is this shard/plane/realm/dimension...

i believe we are multi dimensional, anon possibly stated back a few.

energy had to be created idgaf.
but from where....
my spirit with a soul from where?

wouldnt i want to be in freuqency with uranus since him and gea/earth created our flesh bodies.

again wehre did the spirit and soul come from???


Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 06:28:20 [Preview] No.36810 del
(1.20 MB 210x210 20191115_002701.gif)
>> 36804

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 06:30:11 [Preview] No.36811 del
(1.10 MB 638x750 RISPONE2.png)

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 06:30:47 [Preview] No.36812 del
(584.05 KB 942x634 idiot2.png)

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 06:32:16 [Preview] No.36813 del
(369.99 KB 1517x1011 20191114_235437.jpg)
(371.01 KB 1468x1018 20191114_235546.jpg)
(406.66 KB 2095x1019 20191114_235723.jpg)
(580.60 KB 2105x1024 20191114_235906.jpg)

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 06:33:10 [Preview] No.36814 del
(439.58 KB 609x900 20190929-DSC_0010.jpg)
(465.85 KB 706x900 20190929-DSC_0007.jpg)

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 06:33:13 [Preview] No.36815 del
(559.82 KB 1998x1039 20191115_000603.jpg)
(479.50 KB 2106x996 20191115_000317.jpg)
(434.97 KB 2113x894 20191115_000122.jpg)
Blast from the past anons

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 06:34:26 [Preview] No.36816 del

God breathed life into Adam, gave him His spirit and the freedom to develop a soul, free choice, soul is on you, spirit is a gift

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 06:34:56 [Preview] No.36817 del
(405.48 KB 1400x1314 WWG1WGA.jpg)
Long time ago...

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 06:35:34 [Preview] No.36818 del
(532.50 KB 1080x850 20191115_003414.jpg)

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 06:35:47 [Preview] No.36819 del
(31.46 KB 480x286 27182_large.jpg)
For instance, I think I really was wrong about Lucifer.

See, Yeshua/Jesus is really Horus, who was born of Osiris and Isis after Osiris repaired his penis.
Max explains the trinity better than I could.
"God" The Father (how lazy are they now?...) and Jesus/Yeshua are really the same exact thing.
>You are your father, anon.
It means a lot more than you think.
Anyway, the mother is always Isis/Ishtar/Venus.

So, let's go over this again:
Earth is the heart of it all - the current battleground - Midgard.
Sol is the creator, the divine, the spark.
Venus is the merger of masculine and feminine, thus giving birth to Jupiter/Zeus/Osiris/Yeshua/Thoth. Saturn/Baal/Molech/Satan opposed him/them.

It's the same story over and over again. It's even as simple as the following: Birth, Betrayal, Death, Birth
The same story has twelve iterations. We've been doing this for 50,000 years. I guess Aquarius leads us to the Great Conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn.
In other words, the ones that watch grew impatient. The battle is won.
Now, we enjoy the show.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 06:39:14 [Preview] No.36820 del
(44.21 MB 1920x1080 TheRiver.mp4)
Sorry, anon. You do NOT have free will.
You will play the game or be consumed by it. All of us are to either pull each other out by the end of the life cycle, or we will all have to fucking play again.

All of us leave or none of us leave.
Like I keep telling you, you're coming with me whether you like it or not.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 06:42:15 [Preview] No.36821 del
funny u ever heard of an earth battery...

i made one.
use some dirt/minerals
add saltwater.
use some copper and zinc
and presto u have a LIVE battery.

Electricity.... is that the Spirit?
uranus was so close to earth in the archaic days the earthwas bombarded with electricity until life developed.

life being a mixture of
energy, matter

ok, but again that is all this realm.

we are multidimensional.
what is the cube? NEXT!
>let go
the great attractor. if it exist, something created it.


and im done

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 06:42:18 [Preview] No.36822 del
(527.02 KB 614x1721 2019-11-15_1-30-03.png)
(314.88 KB 617x1152 2019-11-15_1-30-49.png)
(269.79 KB 623x1057 2019-11-15_1-31-30.png)
(247.53 KB 614x1015 2019-11-15_1-32-08.png)
(1.27 MB 1294x1447 2019-11-15_1-17-21.png)
Joseph Mifsud arises again from the deep and speaks

[Part 1]


Posted in Great Awakening
Nov. 14, 2019, 12:50

Mifsud left an audio message for an Italian Paper on Monday:

>"Today is November 11, 2019, I am Joseph Mifsud, this is my voice ". Thus began the audio in English sent by e-mail tonight to the Adnkronos, in two different files, in which a voice that claims to be that of Joseph Mifsud, the professor at the center of Russiagate , issues a series of statements. "First of all I would like to say that I have absolutely no contact with friends and family and that I have not had contact with friends and family for several months. It has been almost two years now that the whole matter has exploded and been presented to the world media and on the world stage as if I had something to do with matters concerning countries or had I tried to infiltrate it, it is absolutely absurd, in programs, contacts or any other institution in the world, "says the voice. "I have been a man of relationships all my life and this is what I do well. I try to put one group in contact with another (but, ed.) No and I stress no, no one in any service, secret service or intelligence or none of this kind. If I had contact with these I didn't know that that person or person had ties to any institution. And this is extremely important, "says the voice in the audio.

>The rumor that claims to be that of Joseph Mifsud continues: "I categorically denied and denied, as I did in the only two interventions I did, one on La Repubblica and the other when I was called in the initial days, I think it was the first day when this thing came out of the Daily Telegraph in London I never had anything to do (with this story, ed.) I did nothing but, as I always did, put A in contact with B and B in contact with C for purely academic purposes ". "The idea is to have networks (of contacts, ed.). I've always been involved in think tanks, these think tanks are made to make one group talk to another about a certain topic. That's all. It's not my intent. never was, get information to pass from one side to the other. I've never done that, because I've never been in possession of information useful to someone or someone else. " "All I knew were people who came from think tanks. In terms of the institutions I represented in the past, I can assure you both in the UK, in Italy and elsewhere I always tried to ensure that young people had the opportunity to interact with each other. with others and that's all. "

[Go to Part 2]

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 06:44:29 [Preview] No.36823 del
fuck a duck anon. now i read this.... and yeah...
tomorrow. brian hurtz

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 06:44:35 [Preview] No.36824 del

[Part 2]

Nov. 14, 2019, 12:51

"Recently - continues the voice in the audio - I was reliably informed that Link Campus has been accused of implementing issues or being involved with (intelligence, ed) services. I categorically deny it and refuse to accept anything of this like. There was never anything like this. " "Of course - the voice in the audio continues - I have friends and acquaintances from the university, but it is important to say that these represent their interests. So it wasn't me trying to put them in contact with someone else. They never asked me and absolutely never ever tried to do it ". "Every time I met someone, and this has been demonstrated several times, I tried to keep that person or institution in mind, if there was a project or event in which that institution could actually play a part. This that's what I tried to be, I always considered myself a bridge builder, a bridge between one and the other, even for my Catholic faith, of course I have ideas about certain things and so if someone asks me as things will be, what I think will happen, obviously I have an opinion like every other human being in the world ", says the voice in the audio.

The voice in the audio, received from the Adnkronos continues, "so it is very, very clear and I repeat that there was no pressure, just a suggestion from my friends, so I consider them and they have always been friends, because me actually demonstrated during the complete explosion of news around the world, two years ago, to keep a low profile and spend time thinking and reflecting what the events actually said ". "And this is what I did - the voice explains - I kept myself out of the spotlight, I tried to keep myself mentally busy, because this was an extremely difficult time for me, I didn't have any contact, as I said before, with the my family, which is something that someone at my age, I will turn 60 in April, needs to have, contact with my parents and the rest of my family ". "And this is extremely difficult for me - the voice - I lived a very solitary life, with no social interaction, something of which I had no previous experience". The voice repeats, "there has been no one who in any way or form has put pressure on me, except to give me advice about my well-being, because when (this affair, ed.) Happened two years ago I didn't know who to address, I was completely only, I had no other advice except that of my friends, in which I was told that it was better for me to keep a low profile and let go of what I was doing for a while and this is what I did. "

[Go to Part 3]

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 06:44:39 [Preview] No.36825 del


Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 06:45:23 [Preview] No.36826 del
Also, they call it The Creator.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 06:46:11 [Preview] No.36827 del

[Part 3]

Nov. 14, 2019, 12:51

"Unfortunately - the voice in the audio still complains - this period of time has now continued for two years which is more than one can bear. Evidently (in this point the audio is not clear, ed.) I can no longer bear this thing, I didn't work, I didn't do any mental work, I kept away from the news, I didn't even read the news because I tried to keep myself away from everything ". The voice says, "I never, never repeat, been paid by anyone to commit an intrusion into someone else's privacy. I've never been this and I've never tried to put someone in contact with someone else without his permission "I always asked if there was a desire, a request from A to get in touch with B and always asked A and B if they wanted to do it. That's all. It was of interest to me to see that some of these reports produced fruits ". The voice anticipates that, "in a text that I am preparing, and I am preparing a complete text of all my thoughts and the events that I think have taken place, not fake news but true news and real events, again categorically I emphasize with all the my strength and my mind that for example Link Campus had no interest and did not assign me the task of trying to obtain information or intelligence regarding any institution in the world ".

The voice in the audio reiterates that it has never received requests for operations that were not legitimate. "There was never this request. The request was to try to find other institutions with which to network, with universities in terms of experience, student experience and of course more, to create new knowledge and research. This was my role and in that role I tried to do this until the end, "he says. "There has never been any request that goes beyond these boundaries - repeat - It is also important to point out that if someone has an opinion about something, he should not be crucified for his thought, if I can use this word For example, if I think this thing will happen or that there will be that election with this outcome, this would be the sum of a, b, c, d. These might not be done, but my assumptions, friends' advice, and other. This has always been my role. " "I really am at the end - the voice says - I can no longer bear this thing, unfortunately. I apologize to all the people I have damaged or to whom I have created some damage, even if this was done in a truly manner indirect, because I never tried to hurt anyone ".

[Go to Part 4]

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 06:47:25 [Preview] No.36828 del

[Part 4]

Nov. 14, 2019, 12:52

"Again - he continues - I want to stress that I have tried to keep myself away from any issue that could hinder or cause any institution any difficulties. This has been my role for the last two years. Before that, I tried, and I confirm, to creating relationships, which means trying to get a think tank to talk to another think tank, a thought group with another thought group, I've been doing this all my life since I was a boy. was that wherever I was, I tried to bring harmony, I tried to bring a group into contact with a member. Sometimes I succeeded, many times I failed. But I tried, this also comes from my education. who has always tried to bring peace and to bring a group into contact with others, this has always been my role ". Again, the voice emphasizes: "I have never, ever received instructions from anyone, never been forced to do anything by anyone. I have never been paid to do anything by any group. I categorically emphasize again that I have not been with a part against another party or group against another group. It was not my intent and I never did. Of course I have my opinions and I have always shown them very clearly. " "I have always been super diplomatic in what I did - the voice continues - and always kept in touch - in the last two years I have not had contact with anyone important or particular - always tempted to maintain contacts with people to make them meet, to see how I could helping, it was like an experience for me, seeing that I knew people, listening to my voice, my advice, and for example showing my students what the different thoughts were in front of them ".

"It is extremely important, finally, that I be given the opportunity to return to life," says the voice, who still complains that "it was very difficult for me to live like this, without any human contact, without any human experience and I believe that I should be given the opportunity to do so ". Finally, the voice makes an appeal: "It is extremely important that someone, somewhere, decides to let me breathe again. Thank you".

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 06:47:47 [Preview] No.36829 del
(268.40 KB 360x480 20191115_004553.gif)
you should really check more of maynards work.
truths within truths.
dont be certain you hit the gooey center with him at any given depth...

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 06:48:48 [Preview] No.36830 del

nice tunes

I can choose to be nice or mean or evil or docile or full alpha, whatever suits me, social constriction is the facade, the heart and soul wants what it wants, I can work for it, steal it, cheat you for it or ohmmmmm, decide to deny my desires, that is what I meant

Where we going?

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 06:53:26 [Preview] No.36831 del
>Osiris and Isis
uranus = sol = electricity = soul

osiris = saturn
horus = jupiter
isis = venus

jesus = god
jupiter = uranus
2 gas giants from same cloud?
venus caused jupiter to be born?

The Great Attractor
Same Story Over and Over and Over
Birth, Betrayal, Death, Birth, Betrrayal, Death, Birth...
i am a the same elements as earth.

correct, i have always been and will always be.

*again that is this realm/dimensionalshard.

we are multidimensional.
who created the Great Attractor?
Who Created the Matter?
how do i have a conscious?

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 06:54:40 [Preview] No.36832 del
(424.80 KB 415x664 lounge.png)
...The 'soul' is energy, as the human body is basically a battery/vessel. After the destruction of the flesh, that energy has to go somewhere, no longer confined to a human body. Speculating aloud, again.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 06:54:59 [Preview] No.36833 del

interdimensional being?

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 06:56:27 [Preview] No.36834 del
Anon, I've been dropping decodes of Tool for quite some time.
This particular song from Puscifer is much more relevant or important than probably any of you will ever realize. That doesn't really mean I haven't spent some time with APC spells.

I suppose they're wanting to call it a higher vibration.
Duality has 3D locked down. Assuming Max has the right frame and has delivered it sufficiently enough, we still have a little issue in 4D. Still, once we meet the archangels again, we'll know we're in the right place.
Like he said, some of us came here to help. Our time will not be wasted.

Ultimately, you return to the spark, Sol. That happens either way. For right now, dawn the armor like you were instructed (defend yourself from the "evil" spirits wanting to corrupt you). Just because the war is won doesn't mean we don't have to read our scripts or play our parts.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 06:57:29 [Preview] No.36835 del
the great attractor = the creator

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 06:58:48 [Preview] No.36836 del

Yeah, that's it, lifeforce
Energy, our spirit returns to the source, joins the cosmos, whatever you were taught to believe or came upon, lifeforce I agree with

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 07:02:06 [Preview] No.36837 del

No matter how we fight here the end will come and it promises to be ugly but God wins in the end, just because I think I win in the end doesn't mean I'm not fighting, I'm here for a reason, heaven help us all

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 07:07:01 [Preview] No.36838 del
(516.31 KB 646x798 the-cross.png)
(3.08 KB 224x225 index.jpg)
see that mark on saturn?
why did we send a probe to the sun?
where did arthur go?
what is the glastenbury tor portal
who am i talking too with the temple os

are the planets here designed to be our version of God in heaven

God here is uranus and wife is gaea that created man

is this the reality in the heaven shard?

are there archangels coming to fight a war?

is hell just a static electricty plasma blast from jupiter?


Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 07:08:05 [Preview] No.36839 del
Yes. They erected Baal and they want to conjure him after they destroy Jerusalem. They're doing this old ass (like many thousands of years old, maybe millions) LARP. What a bunch of faggots...

This is hard to explain without having a first hand perspective.
Think of it like you are here but not formed, like you can perceive but not interact as easily as you can now.
Again, you are not your body and just because your body holds you here when you're "alive" doesn't mean that when you're not you aren't here any more.
The "after-life" isn't sunshine, rainbows, 72 virgins and all you can eat buffet. No, we will keep returning until this is fucking finished.
This is the same reason you can't just an-hero and expect to hang out with god and your grandma. You have shit to do. Fucking figure it out.

Osiris isn't Saturn. Saturn is Set, who Osiris was murdered by, his brother.

>2 gas giants...
If I answered those two questions, then we'd both just be spit-balling here.

This is indeed a "simulation", but when you think of it in the Elon Musk, some sweaty guy programmed this, sort of mentality, you just aren't grasping even the barest of foundations. This is a game we all chose. Many aspects of the spark decided to "feel". Many are here to respect continuity and stop others from staying here and iterating the war/peace cycle for as long as they please.
Gah, I shouldn't keep trying to explain parts like this. The words that I have just aren't adequate, I don't think. I'm sorry...

yes, this is a beneficial perspective to have

Well... all of us were technically taught the same thing, just with different words. There's only so many stories, anon...

Boy, are you in for a rude awakening, accomplishing the same frame you entered this whole thing with.
You MUST break out of the muh book mentality. Yeshua's words were monumentally important, sure, but that doesn't mean they weren't fucked with endlessly.
Please, you must understand they're just farming your energy. Their molds clearly don't fit. Look at us, wandering around like the confused bags of carbon we are. None of us fit here. None of us can truly capture what is going on because we're not native. We don't belong here, not like this.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 07:10:33 [Preview] No.36840 del
Who exactly am i Praying too
The great atractor
a multidimensional being?

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 07:11:23 [Preview] No.36841 del
North Korea calls Joe Biden a "rabid dog' that 'must be beaten to death"

Joe Biden "had the temerity to dare slander the dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK", said North Korea's KCNA news agency.

SEOUL (AFP) - North Korea has launched a visceral diatribe against United States Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, calling the former vice-president a "rabid dog" - while also borrowing the terminology of President Donald Trump.

Pyongyang is renowned for its vitriol, but the verbal deluge was unusually ferocious even by its own standards.

Mr Biden "had the temerity to dare slander the dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK", the North's official KCNA news agency said late on Thursday (Nov 14), referring to the country by its official name.

"Rabid dogs like Biden can hurt lots of people if they are allowed to run about," it went on. "They must be beaten to death with a stick. Doing so will be beneficial for the US also," it added.

Moar here:

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 07:12:28 [Preview] No.36842 del
(175.40 KB 1280x1264 king-crimson-court-of.jpg)

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 07:13:44 [Preview] No.36843 del
most of us are the archangels, anon.
everyone that's ever been here, in this realm, is here now.

Arthur showed he ascended by being burried with a leaden cross beneath him. It showed he was able to "level up" and ascend. His story is important.
Many aspects exist in the digital realm. You speak to who you intend to speak to using those types of "programs".

some of these questions don't seem to have a whole lot of thought going in to them.
Remember, anon, I'm just like you. I'm just a wandering anon who's searching for the truth. Maybe I tapped something I should have and maybe I just got lucky. Alternatively, I could have very well been tapped myself and activated. I'd love to have that confirmed for me, but I doubt it works like that...
I'm learning just like you. I'm not here to play 20 questions. I'm here often enough that you don't need to come up with whatever comes to your brain. Think. I'm being told literally the same. Learn with me.

You're praying to you, anon...
You're convening with yourself. You're really meditating, people just changed the words.
We can all do magick, decalcifying just helps.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 07:14:36 [Preview] No.36844 del

As a free spirit I will transcend time and space, I will be part of all time and space, all at once, that is my understanding, not roads made of gold and no hunger, I will never be alone, I will be part of the one and that's everything, that is how I understand it

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 07:14:49 [Preview] No.36845 del
>we will keep returning until this is fucking finished

adam > jesus > tesla


>until this is fucking finished
what is finished. the great attractor sucks us in and shreads us out?

wehre is god and grandma?

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 07:18:54 [Preview] No.36846 del
>You're praying to you, anon
anon if this is the great awakening, theres gonna be some problems. js

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 07:22:15 [Preview] No.36847 del
Still pretty vague, but decent frame, anon.

When we compare Thoth, Prometheus, Buddhas and Tesla, we need to understand we're speaking in the Jungian sense. These are archetypes.
Tesla figured out how to do extraordinary things. Ask yourself why we only know about him by going to weird places on the internet, something that is fear mongered endlessly in our cultures, all of them.
Yes, we all reincarnate. Again, anyone and everyone that's ever been on this planet that is or was like us is currently here now in one form or another. We're talking the battle for the heart of this realm - Earth. All are here to watch the fireworks, feel the rhythm, to witness the beauty, to awaken the unenlightened, to fathom the power, to corrupt out of convenience and so much more.

These times are Biblical, but you all hardly seem to realize what that truly means.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 07:23:15 [Preview] No.36848 del
I'm not denying there is a creator, I'm telling you the Kingdom of God is within you.
Now, remember who else told you that.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 07:24:36 [Preview] No.36849 del
Child sex predator arrests rise by 18% to 3,771 in fiscal 2019

Federal officials arrested 3,771 sexual predators they say targeted more than 1,066 children across the country during the past fiscal year, according to data released late Thursday. The Homeland Security Investigations, or HSI, section of Immigration and Customs Enforcement opened 4,224 cases into child exploitation concerns in the United States and overseas from Oct. 1, 2018, through Sept. 30. “HSI is committed to eradicating individuals from our communities who seek to prey on children,” Eben Roberts, acting special agent in charge of the HSI Seattle field office, said in a statement. “HSI’s agents, in cooperation with our law enforcement partners, work tirelessly to find and bring to justice individuals who commit these heinous crimes. Moreover, we are dedicated to rescuing from harm’s way our most precious population – our children – and those who seek to harm them should consider this a warning.”

ICE is comprised of two entities: HSI and Enforcement and Removal Operations, or ERO. While ERO targets immigration-related violations, HSI is a general investigatory agency not limited to immigrants. A sample list of convicted child predators from the Pacific Northwest shows those taken in as a result of the operation had committed a variety of offenses, including torturing children and possession of child pornography.

In one case last October, Ty Lee Treddenbarger of Washington state pleaded guilty to charges related to taking pictures while he molested underage boys. Treddenbarger is the former coach of a youth bowling team in South King County who drugged the boys before molesting them. In another instance, Yazmani Gomez-Sandoval of Idaho was arrested for possessing child pornography. During the investigation, Gomez-Sandoval admitted to sexually abusing four young children while he was in Mexico between 2003 and 2006. In 2003, ICE launched Operation Predator, an international initiative to find, investigate, and go after people who have targeted children. The project has grown from a small operation in Northern Virginia to a multiregional operation across the country.


Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 07:25:38 [Preview] No.36850 del
I must depart, frens.
Take this:
https://youtube.com/watch?v=6H4UstMrzvE [Embed]

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 07:28:38 [Preview] No.36851 del
o7 ty sir

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 07:29:00 [Preview] No.36852 del
>When the lovers turned in to thunder
>...then came the breakthrough
>Then came THE STORM

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 07:30:21 [Preview] No.36853 del
meditating helps me tap into the kingdom of god within me.

gotcha fren

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 07:47:13 [Preview] No.36854 del
Fluoride, commonly found in most municipal water as well as pesticides, accumulates in the pineal more than any other part of the body.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 07:48:02 [Preview] No.36855 del
Simply put, when our pineal gland is calcified, we’re out of balance with nature, impeding proper biological functioning.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 07:48:26 [Preview] No.36856 del
Light exposure to our eyes mainly determines how much melatonin the pineal synthesizes and secretes.

We produce less melatonin in daylight hours and increase secretion during the night.


Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 07:48:56 [Preview] No.36857 del
How does the pineal transmit information to the rest of the body about the time of day and season?

As part of the endocrine system, the pineal synthesizes and secretes a hormone called melatonin directly into the bloodstream

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 07:49:17 [Preview] No.36858 del

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 07:52:09 [Preview] No.36859 del
dont drink rain water, its not flourided... ahhh now i get it.

pesticieds have flouride too

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 07:53:50 [Preview] No.36860 del
Just make sure to take iodine unless you have a thyroid issue

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 09:16:55 [Preview] No.36862 del
Dayumm...I picked the wrong night to quit huffing glue; you guise are into some deep shit tonight, I see.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 09:28:43 [Preview] No.36863 del
When she dance the world is much more beautifull

A dance is a danke(thanks)thinke!!

https://youtube.com/watch?v=grHOcHIhXr8 [Embed]

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 09:28:48 [Preview] No.36864 del
Is there anything current on the indictments? Where is that information now?

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 09:38:02 [Preview] No.36865 del
To whom are you speaking, Anon?

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 09:51:32 [Preview] No.36866 del
Does it matter? There used to be a board in the catalog where those doing the research would post. I don't see that now.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 09:57:47 [Preview] No.36867 del
Sorry, fren. I've been in and out of the room for the last 8 hours or so (moar out than in...and I've been absent from the board for over a week and a half-mind/body/soul needed a break from everything) so I'm not only not up to speed on what's going on tonight, but also clueless as to the whereabouts of the missing board you speak of.
I've just been reading the last few hours of conversation...Anons have clearly been wading in deep water this evening, not a lot said re: indictments though.
Good luck to you.

Fake News from 2017 Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 10:01:36 [Preview] No.36868 del
Pope Francis told me that he was very concerned about the summit of the "G20". "I fear that there are very dangerous alliances between powers that have a distorted view of the world: America and Russia, China and North Korea, Putin and Assad in the Syrian war".


Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 10:06:40 [Preview] No.36869 del
I noticed that you're having problems with the TLDs. For qresearch, I suppose you could admit your genesis and put it on a .mil. I wondered if you would get kicked off a .ru, but I think that would blow too many minds. (Oh, look! They're colluding!) But no, we can't have that.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 10:37:40 [Preview] No.36870 del
The way he opens his eyes when looking front, showing the white at the top, reminds me of a cokehead.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 10:39:25 [Preview] No.36871 del
I'm serious when I say I'm not entirely sure he's human...wtf is wrong with him??

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 10:39:34 [Preview] No.36872 del
This site lags a bit, but keeps good track of POTUS' twats.


Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 10:47:05 [Preview] No.36873 del
I must depart for now, frens.
I hope you all get some rest and, if you dream, have peaceful dreams.
God bless, all.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 10:52:09 [Preview] No.36874 del
2 Kings 17:38-39

Do not forget the covenant I have made with you, and do not worship other gods.
Rather, worship the LORD your God; it is he who will deliver you from the hand of all your enemies.”

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 10:56:16 [Preview] No.36875 del
(76.14 KB 640x1136 Indictments Trump.jpg)

The indictments will not leak. Nothing from Huber/Durham/Horowitz has leaked except one interview with Clinton Foundation official.

You will know when libs are running screaming in the streets trying to understand why MSM lied.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 11:56:01 [Preview] No.36876 del
Is today THE day?

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 12:16:19 [Preview] No.36877 del

Well, well, well… Look at the Luciferian Left shills getting exposed. It takes a victim of CIA child trafficking to untangle the web of CIA shills employed to cover up the Tuscon Arizona child trafficking operation for the Clinton Foundation, John McCain Foundation, and Tuscon Mayor Jonathan Rothschild (of the world ruling Luciferian dynasty) who are the ultimate benefactors of child trafficking which the CIA coordinates as a single, integrated world operation. An estimated 10,000 kidnapped children were being trafficked per year between the USA and the satanic MS-13 cartel in South America, via land routes owned by Native Americans, corrupt ranch owners or renters (like KYLE CUTRELL), and Cemex cement, before a bunch of volunteer welfare workers stumbled upon a child sex trafficking holding camp near Tuscon, AZ.

Let’s take a look at the CIA child trafficking shills that have been outed recently, no doubt thanks to the public’s prayer efforts:

1. Gabe Hoffman

Woah, this was a goody. We uncovered spectacular evidence that Gabe Hoffman and his lame ‘An Open Secret’ child abuse film are shitty CIA fronts. In 2015, Gabe Hoffman threatened to sue one of the victims for outing Hoffman and his film as a fake. Here’s the lawyer’s letter in all it’s glory:

Sorry, as I pause to crack a beer…

Hoffman is associated with the following sewer rat:

2. Craig Sawyer

In mid-2017, outspoken SRA victim David Shurter outed Craig Sawyer as a fraud, after seeing Sawyer appear with fraudster Russ Dizdar on fraudster Doug Hagmann’s CIA front conspiracy show. Shurter outed Sawyer for asking the public to send him cheques to finance the multi-millionaire’s CIA front V4CR. In response, Sawyer did a Gabe Hoffman and threatened to sue Shurter for slander using the donated funds.

Here are David Shurter’s articles from mid-2017 concerning Craig Sawyer:

This is Craig Sawyer’s original wikipedia entry which he has since edited to hide his connection to notorious child traffickers Hillary Clinton and John McCain.

“After his military career, Sawyer has run specialized teams to provide security to politicians and dignitaries including Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Donald Rumsfeld, and John Negroponte.”

This explains why Craig Sawyer covered up the Clinton / McCain / Rothschild child trafficking route in Tuscon, AZ.

Craig Sawyer’s original wikipedia entry said: “Sawyer is also a local motocross racer and local Las Vegas champion. He was also selected by Maxim as “Maximum Warrior.” That’s interesting coz, despite his $20 million empire, Craig Sewer hasn’t rescued a single child – BUT, he pumped public donations into – NASCAR!


Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 12:31:02 [Preview] No.36878 del
Bar bouncing fake pope Bubba Spanich wants to save his best people from the USA. Of course, the Pope is a disgusting being no one would want oto emulate, whereas Christ left us a clear pattern to follow. Beatin jews with whips at the temple.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 12:42:32 [Preview] No.36879 del
(29.63 KB 881x238 Whew.jpg)
Error: You are temporarily blocked...

[AntifungalLeafBread] 11/15/17

>Lurked moar...

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 12:50:03 [Preview] No.36880 del
Special place in hell for pedovores who openly pretend to fight pedophilia.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 12:54:30 [Preview] No.36881 del
Every child hep organization anon has looked at - especially the huge ones like "children's Defense Fund" all have phony 'here to help' messages.
CDF is supported by the biggest names in Pedowood and DC.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 12:56:03 [Preview] No.36882 del



Children's Defense Fund is the largest active, satanist pedovore organization with nationwide grooming/recruiting operations ongoing (6/12/2019) under multiple program names such as; "Freedom Schools," "Beat the Odds" "Faith based programs" and many others.


Search the Q research archive for the vast load of data on Children's Defense Fund and their Pedowood/Clinton Foundation connections.


High functioning psychopathic pedovores, the "biggest names in Hollywood" among them, formed the sham charity back in the 1970s to provide continuous access to children and vulnerable youth under charitable cover or pretext.

The pedovore's phony Children's Defense Fund solicits tax free charitable donations but their activities are largely funded by Federal and State tx dollars. Fund raising and political lobbying are carried out by an ever-changing cavalcade of Pedowood satanists, the biggest and brightest stars, the most powerful studio bosses.

The satanic predators running our new and entertainment industry use sham charities, foundations and museums to support a whole range of criminal activities. Children's Defense Fund is used for money laundering, drug trafficking in addition to providing a secure supply of child victims for ritual sexual activities and human sacrifice.


One of the biggest charities enjoying broad support in the Entertainment Industry is "Children's Defense Fund" a charade operated by popular and beloved show business figures and political celebrities to access children the sham charity pretends to protect. "Children's Defense Fund" is a vehicle for satanist pedovore predation and other criminal activity.

Children's Defense Fund is a worldwide, satanist pedovore child trafficking and money laundering scam operation. CDF has
branches in Africa, Asia and the ME, and runs multiple programs in impoverished, minority communities throughout the US.

Search all Q research archives here:


Do not let these baby sit:


Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 13:05:37 [Preview] No.36883 del
Drugging children = the other child abuse crime.
( Just as Disney owns ABC, and ignored Epstine , so too do all MSM make big money for drug advertising, they will never report honestly about these evil drugs that CAUSE violent behavior like school shootings)

Paxil Linked to Suicide, Autism and Birth DefectsSimilar to other SSRI drugs, Paxil carries side effects that range from irritating (drowsiness) to problematic (sexual dysfunction) to severe (suicidal thoughts and birth defects).

Although GSK refused to admit any wrongdoing in the civil settlement, the company was ordered to be monitored by government officials for five years. And while the penalties were the largest ever levied, critics contended they were still not enough to deter pharmaceutical companies from unlawful behavior.Between the late 1990s and mid-2000s — the period covered by the settlement — GSK sold $10.4 billion worth of Avandia, $5.9 billion worth of Wellbutrin and $11.6 billion worth of Paxil, so the $3 billion settlement was less than 15 percent of revenues for the three drugs.


Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 13:16:54 [Preview] No.36884 del

Who Owns Big Pharma?
Well, the better question is: Who does Big Pharma own?

Big Pharma contributes heavily to the annual budget of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Big Pharma does this through application fees (user fees) for its new products.Experts say the industry contributes about two thirds of the FDA’s budget.Big Pharma also uses its profits and an army of 1,378 paid lobbyists to spread its influence on Capitol Hill.Big Pharma Spending
For every $1 spent on “basic research,” Big Pharma spends $19 on promotions and advertising.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 13:21:33 [Preview] No.36885 del
Another example of D's pushing their own crimes onto POTUS now.
This shit was going on during Obutma's admin, not Trump's.
Trump admin violated federal law when it allowed 3D gun files online, judge says

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 14:13:43 [Preview] No.36887 del
I hadn't looked at this site for some time. Western Rifle Shooter's Association. Seems they have caught on to a lot since I last visited!

Memes you might enjoy too.

My noting is not necessarily an endorsement.


Back to lurking for me ...

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 14:38:20 [Preview] No.36888 del

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 14:38:42 [Preview] No.36889 del

ty anon
neat site
grabbed a meme
also a thought provoking comment

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 14:51:30 [Preview] No.36890 del
(1.44 MB 4032x3024 Service.jpg)

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 14:51:40 [Preview] No.36891 del
(787.90 KB 828x659 schitt.png)

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 15:05:13 [Preview] No.36892 del
I wonder how much money she got during her tenure as ambassador of Ukraine.
She is corrupt.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 15:11:58 [Preview] No.36894 del
(49.55 KB 692x889 First-call-1.jpg)
(71.87 KB 692x892 First-call-2.jpg)
(38.48 KB 692x884 First-call-3.jpg)

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI 11/15/2019 (Fri) 15:47:38 [Preview] No.36899 del
(1.00 MB 1051x701 BQNP0413.png)
(17.03 KB 250x376 BTQM8427.jpg)
(28.48 KB 400x400 CBHW7967.jpg)

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 15:50:54 [Preview] No.36901 del
(80.12 KB 591x624 sq-meaning.png)
(160.80 KB 1087x807 sq.png)
(126.66 KB 987x689 pa.png)
(93.91 KB 1058x583 sq-pa.png)
God Bless you, Day Shift. (you) do amazing work. Keep it up.
Maybe someanon will find below to be a fun distraction.

This anon some speculation on 8ch months ago but can't find it
now but using certain characters in q posts (all) as bookends
reveal what looks like a nested structure - depends
on what you use:

"killbox" - [,]
> https://anonfile.com/ofP4N4A1nd/square_txt

parenthesis - (,)

combo - [ or (, ] or )

Note: in attached output the nesting level is line over line. Some
lines contain matching pairs but may go into deeper levels. My
javascript skills are not sufficient to show this but the attached
demostrate the concept.

implications, if true:

* nesting implies dimensionality+ (4D or more?)
* dimensionality implies a MATRIX+ topology (non-linerarity)
* implies timelines (and changing/adding based on plan adapting needs)
* implies many decodes are lower dimension PROJECTION+
* possible explaination to Q clock model
* others
+(Note I am talking in hard math terms not esoteric fagging.)

There may be more than one way or a more correct way to tease
this out. I am willing to bet there are many ways to do this.
For example determining nest is simple about - see an opening,
go to next level (push) see a closing go back a level (pop). More
sophisticated parsing/compiling techniques could prove useful
but focusing on simpler less powerful forms of expression migh
be better. Don't want us busy beavers wasting cycles when occam
is our friend. That is if this tickles any anon's pickle. Or taco.

May God Bless You All.

we love our faggot goy white meat [m4xr3sdEfault]****,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) 11/15/2019 (Fri) 15:53:12 [Preview] No.36902 del
(26.35 KB 390x293 BVLX8318.jpg)
https://youtube.com/watch?v=78vdEJgFsn8 [Embed]

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 15:53:40 [Preview] No.36903 del
I think Nancy Pelosi's son in law Michael Kenneally might also have a business in Ukraine. He is listed on this global corporation called BS & B Safety Systems.



Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 15:53:59 [Preview] No.36904 del
That's actually the fucking thing of it.
They're all the same gods...
It's like I said before, there's only so many stories.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 15:57:17 [Preview] No.36905 del
(138.09 KB 926x1200 First-call-1.jpg)
(196.96 KB 935x1200 First-call-2.jpg)
(117.54 KB 1141x1014 First-call-3.jpg)
Better version of those 3 pages.

[m4xr3sdEfault]****,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) 11/15/2019 (Fri) 16:00:26 [Preview] No.36906 del
(1.15 MB 1920x1080 ACXA5875.png)
we must fullfill dianetics prophecy with giant bilbos to outerspace for lucky cucks

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 16:03:45 [Preview] No.36907 del
(1.81 MB 1080x1327 Screenshot..~3.png)
Nikki Haley is one of India's most sexy women.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 16:06:21 [Preview] No.36909 del
Juan Toilet Bowl Williams is America's bitch.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 16:06:34 [Preview] No.36910 del
Avoid the virus
no not click 'im

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 16:19:22 [Preview] No.36915 del

and of course NO i would'nt d4ll
btw is the only Schubert piece i don't like.

https://youtube.com/watch?v=NF9DrUXowBo [Embed]

[m4xr3sdEfault]****,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) 11/15/2019 (Fri) 16:21:28 [Preview] No.36916 del
(113.24 KB 600x612 ACDX3193.jpg)
i love you natalie portman

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 16:25:00 [Preview] No.36917 del
TDS at Doctor's Office

was waiting in lobby for my appointment, with about a dozen other patients, the impeachment hearing was on the tv, the woman ambassador was saying how rudy guliani went after her, so I said, "holy shit, they are going after the 9/11 mayor;" a woman patient started screaming, "guliani fought with the fire fighters," and some other things I couldn't make out, I then asked her did she like deblasio, she yelled "no," so most of the other patients I noticed seemed to be smiling at me, one with thumbs up, I put my arms up and started chanting "Trump, Trump" then said doesn't the President have a right to fire an ambassador? then a man commented they need to ask her about the biden corruption, etc. it was interesting, to say the least...

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 16:30:22 [Preview] No.36921 del
(29.84 KB 500x418 3g07n8_1.jpg)
Trump Impeachment hearing is very exciting.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 16:33:21 [Preview] No.36925 del
Smooth translation of idiomatic language

Would like to hear why Dear Leader doesn't like Biden

Interesting that US is written as ally

All good.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 16:37:38 [Preview] No.36928 del

[m4xr3sdEfault]****,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) 11/15/2019 (Fri) 16:38:20 [Preview] No.36929 del
(291.62 KB 1024x1536 IMG_2434.JPG)
oh great now angelina is all jealous and cray cray

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 16:40:07 [Preview] No.36931 del
(46.90 KB 435x352 derp.png)

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 16:42:39 [Preview] No.36934 del
20 year old memes....edgy

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 16:47:06 [Preview] No.36938 del
Clinton's have never hurt anyone that didn't deserve it.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 16:48:38 [Preview] No.36940 del
(93.68 KB 331x360 downlike.png)
I like Derp memes a lot.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 16:53:48 [Preview] No.36943 del
(1.10 MB 638x750 RISPONE2.png)
(1.10 MB 638x750 RISPONE2.png)
(1.05 MB 638x750 RISPON3.png)

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 17:00:05 [Preview] No.36947 del

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 17:17:25 [Preview] No.36954 del
(137.43 KB 1042x616 soros-a.PNG)
(148.38 KB 1041x695 soros-b.PNG)
(52.87 KB 573x715 soros-c.PNG)
(62.17 KB 651x637 soros-d.PNG)
Assorted Soros documents from The State Dept.


Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 17:17:46 [Preview] No.36955 del
(61.68 KB 647x589 soros-e.PNG)
(124.00 KB 843x662 soros-f.PNG)
(37.73 KB 650x429 soros-g.PNG)

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 17:22:53 [Preview] No.36956 del
(1.39 MB 480x343 SCHIFFpopWEASEL.gif)

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 17:35:30 [Preview] No.36960 del

funny, gawd his eyes are creepy!

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 17:41:18 [Preview] No.36961 del
Does anyone think God invented Sabbath so non joos would have 24 hrs of no shills in QResearch? Five more hours of nonsence.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 17:47:16 [Preview] No.36962 del
pretty funny

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 17:48:49 [Preview] No.36964 del
Nancy Pelosi, Tom Steyer’s Hedge Fund, and a Billion Taxpayer Dollars August 12, 2014

Top House Dem exempted light rail project benefitting mega-donor from cost-effectiveness regulations, then secured federal subsidies.

A top House Democrat to whom billionaire liberal Tom Steyer has donated campaign funds steered more than a billion dollars to an infrastructure project that benefitted his hedge fund. That hedge fund, Farallon Capital Management, bought up large plots of real estate in San Francisco’s burgeoning Mission Bay neighborhood in 2004. The area is now booming and Farallon has sold most of its property there. Steyer, who founded and led Farallon until late 2012, has used his fortune to elect Democratic senators and governors. He has pledged to spend $50 million of his own money in 2014 and to raise another $50 million.

Among the beneficiaries of his political largesse is House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.). ""We want to support Nancy as much as we can,"' Steyer said in an interview last year. Pelosi, who did not respond to requests for comment, has also supported Steyer, though with less fanfare.

Over the past decade, she has steered federal subsidies to a light rail project designed to stimulate commercial and residential growth in Mission Bay. Experts say the project swelled real estate values in the area. "From a decrepit and seemingly abandoned old rail yard 15 years ago, Mission Bay has sprouted into San Francisco’s fastest-growing neighborhood," the San Francisco Business Times reported last year.

One of the beneficiaries has been Farallon, which bought two million square feet of Mission Bay commercial real estate space and a handful of residential properties in a $343 million deal in 2004. "This is a world-class asset," said Richard Fried, at the time a managing member at Farallon. "We see it every day. When we had the chance to buy, we jumped at it." Farallon created two entities for the project. FOCIL-MB bought the land and development rights, and Mission Bay Development Group handled the construction and development. Costs associated with the latter were reimbursed by the city of San Francisco under a public-private partnership agreement. The San Francisco Redevelopment Agency reimbursed Farallon using funds raised through bond sales financed by tax hikes in the city.


San Francisco Leads the Way
Porkmistress Pelosi Jan 3 2007
Pelosi Announces Department of Transportation Funding for Central Subway Jul 15, 2008
Earmarks Search Results
Thomas Steyer Donor Lookup 1991-present

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 17:52:11 [Preview] No.36966 del
Key = Info, Stone = Force
5 Dec 2017 - 2:01:30 PM
Key - unlocks the door of all doors (info)
Stone - the force / strength capable of yielding power to act on info

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 17:56:19 [Preview] No.36969 del
(88.60 KB 680x510 EJMW9dIWwAAq_MR.jpg)
(117.23 KB 1080x1080 EJWspAyWsAE5OtC.jpg)
(82.96 KB 680x680 EJW9KRYXYAElASr.jpg)
(187.00 KB 1080x1080 EJYPd53WoAIQhzt.jpg)
(85.25 KB 680x680 EJYZcIlWkAEa7Vo.jpg)
Ok Warriors we got Impeachment hearings and a Louisiana Rispone Voter to to narrate.

again memes needed NOW!
pushed largest tax hike Bel Edwards
wage for the car insurance. Lawyer Bel Edwards
allow illegals to take all your security Bel Edwards
highest murdering Bel Edwards
Governor released criminals
one Sanctuary cities
second highest car insurance big
what are the positive accomplishments for Rispone?

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 18:00:46 [Preview] No.36970 del
"But I tell you that every careless word that people speak, they shall give an accounting for it in the day of judgment."

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 18:00:53 [Preview] No.36971 del
Specifically noting it will be a landline call. Trying to evade recording?

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 18:10:22 [Preview] No.36972 del

Keeping it out of official documents, to be sure.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 18:12:53 [Preview] No.36973 del
(170.83 KB 1032x573 biden-evidence-x47.jpg)

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 18:17:01 [Preview] No.36974 del
John Podesta
‏Verified account @johnpodesta

Just about to take off on a long transatlantic flight in a middle coast seat. I think I will just sit back, relax, and enjoy it:


Imagine pretending to support DJT
and then totally ignoring Roger Stone, biggest story happening right now.

But "muh truth to powa".

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 18:18:33 [Preview] No.36975 del
Guilty on all counts: Roger Stone, longtime Trump confidant, convicted of lying, obstruction, and intimidation

Roger Stone, the longtime Republican operative, flamboyant dirty trickster, and Trump ally, lied to Congress, obstructed an investigation, and intimidated a witness, a jury found Friday. He was found guilty on five separate counts of lying to the House Intelligence Committee in addition to two more charges of obstructing a congressional investigation and intimidating a witness following a two-week trial that centered on the actions taken by the self-identified "dirty trickster" and GOP agent provocateur during the 2016 election and beyond. Stone, 67, now faces up to 50 years in prison, a maximum of 20 alone for the most serious charge. Judge Amy Berman Jackson, who has presided over the case since January, will hand down Stone's sentence in February.

The jury found Stone repeatedly misrepresented and concealed his 2016 attempt at collaborating with WikiLeaks and founder Julian Assange to obtain dirt on then-candidate Hillary Clinton and stolen emails when speaking with Trump-Russia investigators from the House Intelligence Committee in a spin-off case from special counsel Robert Mueller’s two-year investigation. The charges against Stone included one count he “corruptly influenced, obstructed, and impeded” the congressional investigation and another that he attempted to “corruptly persuade” Credico’s congressional testimony. Stone also faced five counts of making “materially false, fictions, and fraudulent statements” to Congress.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 18:19:31 [Preview] No.36976 del
(198.10 KB 600x423 goatpost.jpg)
Check out this Voat post listing everyone who says it's wrong and racist to mention Soros's influence, and help dig!


Frances Langum at Crooks and Liars
Josh Marshall of Talking Points Memo
David Brennan of Newsweek
Justin Baragona of the Daily Beast
Jonathan Greenblatt of the Anti-Defamation League
Emily Mayer of IfNotNow
Halie Soifer of the Jewish Democratic Council of America
Reed Richardson of Mediaite
Igor Derysh of Salon
Aiden Pink of The Forward

https://voat.co/v/QRV/3517556 Add to this list!


https://archive.is/QwB5o Soros's Open Society Institute aligned with Al Qaeda front organizations to stop an investigation into Al Shabaab operating in Somalia
https://archive.is/PWz97 Under the new Countering Violent Extremism program resulting from Soros's interference, Obama's feds allowed Al Shabaab to steal hundreds of millions of dollars from taxpayers and send it to Somalia because they were ONLY allowed to investigate "white supremacists" and not Muslims, never Muslims

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 18:20:14 [Preview] No.36977 del
John, there's a hold on your passport. No misunderstanding. GITMO.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 18:21:08 [Preview] No.36978 del
Amy Berman Jackson for GITMO

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 18:26:50 [Preview] No.36979 del
(314.76 KB 996x1078 NO-EDWARDS.jpg)
Go Social use this please
#Vote #EddieRispone

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 18:29:40 [Preview] No.36980 del
make a good graph/map
We could clip salient quotes and key them to names which you click to discover what a bought out seditious asshole that particular person is. (in their own words)

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 18:30:47 [Preview] No.36981 del

Well past due and she can take all of her swamp cohorts with her too.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 18:31:52 [Preview] No.36982 del
Hit this john bel edwards comment. no replies atm


Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 18:36:58 [Preview] No.36983 del
Shouldn't be allowed alone around children.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 18:40:07 [Preview] No.36984 del
What is happening is that they no indictments are coming and they want to sell a narrative that is only political revenge.
A two year investigation having been happening, including one by military intelligence, destroys that narrative.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 18:51:28 [Preview] No.36985 del
Soros, Clintonista's and other members of "The Club"
To: press@clintonfoundation.org
Date: 2015-09-27 23:28
Subject: Clinton Foundation News & Guidance 9/27/15
President Clinton and Chelsea Clinton will be joined by leaders such Newly re-elected Prime Minister
Tsipras of Greece; His Majesty King Abdullah II ibn Al Hussein of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan;
Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, President, Republic of Liberia; Petro Poroshenko, President of Ukraine; Matteo
Renzi, Prime Minister of the Italian Republic; Sir Richard Branson, Founder, Virgin Group and Virgin
Unite; Ursula Burns, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Xerox Corporation; John Chambers, Executive
Chairman of the Board, Cisco; Bill Gates, Co-chair and Trustee, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; Anita
Goel, Chairman and CEO, Nanobiosym Diagnostics; Elizabeth Holmes, Founder and CEO, Theranos;
Michel Liès,Group CEO, Swiss Reinsurance Company; Jack Ma, Executive Chairman, Alibaba Group;
John McFarlane, Chairman, Barclays; Carolyn Miles, President and CEO, Save the Children; Jacqueline
Novogratz, Founder and CEO, Acumen; Art Peck, Chief Executive Officer, Gap Inc.; Paul Polman, Chief
Executive Officer, Unilever; Sheikha Lubna bint Khalid Al Qasimi, Minister of Foreign Trade, United Arab
Emirates; Megan Smith, Chief Technology Officer of the United States; George Soros,Founder and
Chairman, Soros Fund Management and Open Society Foundations; and Jim Yong Kim, President,
World Bank Group, Charlize Theron, Neil Degrasse Tyson among the 1000 participants.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 18:52:26 [Preview] No.36987 del
Soros digg
To: nmerrill@hrcoffice.com
Date: 2015-02-14 16:16
Subject: 2.14.15 HRC Clips
Billionaire financier George Soros, a prominent Democratic donor, has been among the
major backers of Brock’s organizations. He’s also donated $25,000 to Ready for Hillary
but has not contributed to Priorities since it was reorganized to back Clinton. Michael
Vachon, Soros’ political adviser, warned against reading too much into that. Soros will
“enthusiastically support Hillary Clinton,” he said. “To what degree he will be involved
in independent expenditures is not something he has yet considered,” Vachon said, adding
that Soros has spent the last year focused “almost exclusively” on the crisis in Ukraine.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 18:56:10 [Preview] No.36988 del
i dont think we can put that on the list anon. lol

but yeah dont let him around the kids most likely either.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 18:57:57 [Preview] No.36989 del
(106.89 KB 1046x526 FIRE-TORPEDOS.jpg)


Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 19:00:13 [Preview] No.36990 del

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 19:01:03 [Preview] No.36991 del

Scotland the Brave.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 19:01:41 [Preview] No.36992 del
is 8kun running, can one of ya get them on board with todays topics and meme plan

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 19:07:43 [Preview] No.36993 del
(1.05 MB 638x572 0688.png)

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 19:11:55 [Preview] No.36994 del
(29.08 KB 458x354 Qdrop3596.jpg)
...Didn't see it posted.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 19:27:19 [Preview] No.36995 del
an amazing night

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 19:36:08 [Preview] No.36996 del

Q article

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 19:38:35 [Preview] No.36997 del
No tables
>>36613 Pastebins for Pelosi and Prowda
>>36622 Pelosi fam pastebins
>>36642, >>36647
Call to digg HEU highly enriched uranium
>>36643, >>36644, >>36645, >>36646, >>36694 DOE NonProliferation docs
>>36649 Pstain brother said didn't kill himself
>>36650 Weissman now analyst for MSNBC
>>36652, >>36739 Potus meets with Barr before Rally "It's Happening!"
>>36655 Potus twat Will Protect your 2nd Ammendment
>>36669 QQQQQQQ
>>36683, >>36684, >>36685 George Kent diggz/Ukraine
>>36686 Baker a Bushie/nonprolif docs
>>36694 Biden nonprolif docs
>>36701 Cutler nonprolif docs
>>36705, >>36726 arrest warrant Rep Nevarez/cocaine
>>36718 Trump UK transcript
>>36724 megatons to megawatts/ U1
>>36729 Trump now holds a 7-6 majority in NY district
>>36751 'Unusual restrictions' spook witnesses in DOJ inspector general investigation
>>36754, >>36755 LA rally notes
>>36756 Giuliani being investigated
>>36762 Task Board Meme till Saturday!
>>36775 Kirk twat:Tlaib under investigation
>>36780 on Durham
>>36789 NBC twat, calm before the storm!
>>36800 4chan Q decode
>>36805 Sara Carter twat, subpeonas for Bidens,Schiff, WB
>>36822, >>36824, >>36827, >>36828 neorevolt on Mifsud
>>36825 26 kids found behind false wall
>>36841, >>36925 NK calls Biden a rabid dog
>>36849 Child sex predator arrests rise by 18% to 3,771 in fiscal 2019
>>36861, >>36868 Pope says US must be ruled by World Gov't ASAP
>>36877, >>36880 CIA shills employed to cover up the Tuscon Arizona child trafficking, Gabe Hoffman, Craig Sawyer
>>36882 childrens defense fund (front)
>>36885 Trump admin violated federal law when it allowed 3D gun files online, judge says
>>36894, >>36905 @@@@New Trump-Ukraine phone transcript@@@@@@
>>36954, >>36955 Soros/State Dept docs
>>36964 Pelosi/Steyer hedgefund
>>36975 Guilty on all counts: Roger Stone
>>36985, >>36987 2015 wiki emails Soros/Clinton "The Club", moar diggz
>>36994 QQQQQQQ
>>36996 Q article "trap" verb

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 19:42:09 [Preview] No.36998 del
I'm torturing myself with the second hearing.

I feel sorry for this Ambassador.
I believe she is an unwitting sacrificial lamb.
My premise: She has a person in her office who was specifically tasked with handling the Hunter Biden - Burisma issue. It was the Ambassador's job to work around this person let this person do the interventions.
The ambassador knew that this person existed, and that is all she knew, other than rudimentary information.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 19:43:07 [Preview] No.36999 del
McCain's 70th Bday bash with Russian tycoon...

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 19:45:20 [Preview] No.37000 del
It is also my theory: She won't be there if the Dems didn't have something on her

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 19:45:54 [Preview] No.37001 del
Logical thinking

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 19:47:42 [Preview] No.37002 del
He also funds 'Mother Jones' a socialist (totalitarian) magazine that has a caricature of DJT every week with a headline Orange Man Mad, or clever variant.

If you image search Mother Jones magazine covers D J Trump is the cover most of the time. Soros.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 19:48:04 [Preview] No.37003 del
I wondn't have ever believed it but now I do.

We, us anons, are the greatest army on the planet. We are going to bring the world into the light. It is so fkking exciting. Fighting for the people of the world. To rid evil from this planet.

I love this board

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 19:48:16 [Preview] No.37004 del

nice trips

you are on to something
my guess would be pact with the devil states you take the fall if you fail, they all got sloppy, she wasn't supposed to lose!

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 19:48:47 [Preview] No.37005 del
"Traps are gay" - 4chan

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 19:53:04 [Preview] No.37007 del
I was there too, very epic indeed.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 19:54:21 [Preview] No.37008 del


Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 20:00:42 [Preview] No.37012 del
Not mine...like it!

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 20:01:07 [Preview] No.37013 del
Soros funded.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 20:02:43 [Preview] No.37014 del
(92.53 KB 1072x329 TwitDat5m.JPG)

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 20:02:44 [Preview] No.37015 del

like it too
ty anon


Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 20:03:57 [Preview] No.37016 del
What a time to be alive

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 20:08:52 [Preview] No.37017 del

Grilling of diplomat on alleged Ukraine election meddling flushes out DNC operative

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 20:11:37 [Preview] No.37018 del
Trapped with no way to escape.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 20:11:44 [Preview] No.37019 del
(14.64 KB 412x250 q390.png)
(1.42 MB 1134x1912 soros-fund.png)

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 20:12:23 [Preview] No.37020 del
(41.71 KB 549x314 Patriots willing.jpg)
Not mine.
Christmas, 2017.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 20:14:06 [Preview] No.37021 del

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 20:15:02 [Preview] No.37022 del
(129.87 KB 800x503 Bill Cooper RIP.jpg)

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 20:15:58 [Preview] No.37023 del
(120.28 KB 800x800 Sessions 2.jpg)
Trust Sessions!

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 20:17:02 [Preview] No.37024 del
(105.78 KB 768x869 McCain traitor ISIS.jpg)

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 20:17:05 [Preview] No.37025 del
Both connected to Alex Jones, who is connected to Mossad/CIA.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 20:19:11 [Preview] No.37026 del
Why I'm here.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 20:20:30 [Preview] No.37027 del
(83.76 KB 500x622 Memes away.jpg)
Team meme.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 20:21:34 [Preview] No.37029 del

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 20:25:29 [Preview] No.37031 del
(206.76 KB 1248x1052 tarp.jpg)

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 20:27:24 [Preview] No.37032 del


Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 20:29:55 [Preview] No.37033 del
Planets and Gods
>>36787 chaos/aether = void nothingness = Father of Gaea and Eros
>>36803 Uranus was close to Earth, until Saturn overthrew the planet god
>>36806 I think you should watch this (astral traveling?) https://youtube.com/watch?v=S5TSm2mWlbo [Embed]
>>36809 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God
>>36816 God breathed life into Adam, gave him His spirit and the freedom to develop a soul
>>36819 Jesus is really Horus (Jupiter) born of Osiris (Saturn) and Isis (Venus)
>>36820 All of us leave or none of us leave (WWG1WGA) or Play Again [reincarnate]
>>36821 ever heard of an earth battery (vessel)
>>36826 Also, they call it The Creator. (The Great Attractor?)
>>36829 check more of maynards work (Maynard Adams - Southern Philosopher)
>>36831 uranus = sol = electricity = soul? we are multidimensional.
>>36832 The 'soul' is energy, as the human body is basically a battery/vessel
>>36833 moloch?
>>36834 I've been dropping decodes of Tool >>36829
>>36834 I suppose they're wanting to call it a higher vibration. >>36830 (Ultimately, you return to the spark, Sol.)
>>36835 the great attractor = the creator
>>36836 Yeah, that's it, lifeforce
>>36837 God wins in the end[chan]
>>36838 see that mark on saturn? what is the Glastonbury [Tor] portal?
>>36839 They erected Baal and they want to conjure him after they destroy Jerusalem >>36833
>>36839 This is hard to explain without having a first hand perspective. >>36832
>>36839 Osiris isn't Saturn. Saturn is Set, who Osiris was murdered by, his brother. >>36831
>>36839 yes, this is a beneficial perspective to have >>36835
>>36839 There's only so many stories, anon >>36836
>>36839 'they' are just farming your energy >>36837
>>36840 Who exactly am i Praying too
>>36843 most of us are the archangels, anon. >>36838
>>36843 You're praying to you, anon... >>36840
>>36844 As a free spirit I will transcend time and space
>>36845 we will keep returning until this is fucking finished
>>36846 anon if this is the great awakening, theres gonna be some problems. js
>>36847 Still pretty vague, but decent frame, anon. >>36844
>>36847 When we compare Thoth, Prometheus, Buddhas and Tesla, we need to understand we're speaking in the Jungian sense. These are archetypes >>36845
>>36848 I'm not denying there is a creator, I'm telling you the Kingdom of God is within you
>>36850 I must depart, frens. Take this: https://youtube.com/watch?v=6H4UstMrzvE [Embed]
>>36852 When the lovers turned in to thunder (venus uranus) = jupiter the STORM? FALSE LIGHT?
>>36853 meditating helps me tap into the kingdom of god within me
>>36854 Fluoride, commonly found in most municipal water as well as pesticides, accumulates in the pineal
>>36855 when our pineal gland is calcified, we’re out of balance with nature
>>36856 Light exposure to our eyes mainly determines how much melatonin the pineal synthesizes and secretes. (jupiter now here does that affect the light we get now?)
>>36857 How does the pineal transmit information to the rest of the body about the time of day and season?
>>36858 Pineal (cap)
>>36860 Just make sure to take iodine unless you have a thyroid issue
>>36862 Dayumm...I picked the wrong night to quit huffing glue;
>>36873 I hope you all get some rest and, if you dream, have peaceful dreams
>>36874 Do not forget the covenant I have made with you, and do not worship other gods.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 20:32:17 [Preview] No.37036 del

mini bun noted and much appreciated!

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 20:37:04 [Preview] No.37037 del
>Good times, good times...

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 20:42:01 [Preview] No.37038 del
Potus twitter list

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 20:49:14 [Preview] No.37039 del

GO Social Push this shit
#Impeachmenthearings #EddieRispone
Lets take down a DS and Put /our/ guy there <3 RISPONE woohoo \o/



Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 20:57:18 [Preview] No.37046 del
(539.15 KB 850x755 DC.png)
(445.52 KB 927x685 louisiana.png)
(82.69 KB 700x552 tophashes.png)
what are the top hashes atm to hijack in
DC impeachmenthearing
LOUISIANA eddierispone

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 21:01:11 [Preview] No.37048 del
>>37026 Me too. We have to protect these little ones.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 21:01:38 [Preview] No.37049 del
shills kek

get em all on these 2 issues
1. Impeachment Hearings
2. Eddie Rispone

>call for help, get all the boards we can.

Warroom how goes our efforts
Optics seeing any comms about our efforts on the grape vine?

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 21:03:15 [Preview] No.37050 del
#metoo o/

and to meet Q kek

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 21:07:26 [Preview] No.37051 del
(290.89 KB 1056x1551 5d829e25a9444c20.jpg)
Moar Saturn - Pineal Gland

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 21:07:28 [Preview] No.37052 del
(1.40 MB 500x281 1493340724316.gif)

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 21:09:52 [Preview] No.37053 del
is Ralph Abraham
still a problem?

is he on the ticket?

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 21:10:07 [Preview] No.37054 del

the girls are back!

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 21:11:19 [Preview] No.37055 del
(165.69 KB 1130x733 screenshot.png)

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 21:24:35 [Preview] No.37057 del
How do you read that anon ? I see it as that USA want to be transparent and Arab dude does not

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 21:30:52 [Preview] No.37058 del
easy now... read the words. I want it done too, but... read the words

Jeffrey Epstein To Be Exhumed!

.... there are calls to exhume his body ...

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 21:35:27 [Preview] No.37059 del
(393.53 KB 926x711 louisiana.png)

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 21:36:41 [Preview] No.37061 del

He's not on the ballot, just Rispone and the Dim

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 21:37:13 [Preview] No.37062 del

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 21:40:34 [Preview] No.37063 del
(33.44 KB 968x681 charles-manson-0.jpg)

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 21:40:43 [Preview] No.37064 del
I wasn't asking about leaks. But some anons were doing counts of them. I still see counts posted various places. Where is the count research being done?

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 21:43:06 [Preview] No.37065 del
Ah, yes! That's what I was looking for. Thank you!

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 21:45:58 [Preview] No.37066 del


The poll showed that
45.5 Rispone
45 Edwards
9 undecided.

The poll of 600 likely voters was conducted between November 12 and November 13 and has a four percent margin of error.


Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 21:47:00 [Preview] No.37067 del
God, is that you?

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 21:51:51 [Preview] No.37068 del
#Viva Las Vegas

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 21:57:09 [Preview] No.37070 del
I look forward to the full story of that odd, first of the odd, night shifts.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 21:59:43 [Preview] No.37071 del

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 22:02:55 [Preview] No.37072 del






>and now i will spread the word o7

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 22:04:21 [Preview] No.37073 del

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 22:07:53 [Preview] No.37074 del

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 22:12:51 [Preview] No.37075 del
[Biden] & Ukraine
To: dncpress@gmail.com
Date: 2016-05-13 17:51
Subject: Readout of Vice President Biden’s Call with Ukranian Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman

Office of the Vice President
May 13, 2016


*Readout of Vice President Bidens Call with Ukranian Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman*

The Vice President spoke today with Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman. The Vice President commended
Prime Minister Groysman on beginning his term by taking bold steps on reform, and the Prime Minister pledged to
maintain reform momentum, with a focus on anti-corruption measures and fulfillment of Ukraine's reform commitments
to the IMF. The leaders also condemned the continued aggression by combined Russian/separatist forces against Ukraine,
and agreed on the critical importance of accelerating progress on Minsk implementation by all sides.‎


[m4xr3sdEfault]****,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) 11/15/2019 (Fri) 22:12:51 [Preview] No.37076 del
https://youtube.com/watch?v=3_Jt_g10Jug [Embed]

[m4xr3sdEfault]****,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) 11/15/2019 (Fri) 22:14:04 [Preview] No.37077 del

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI 11/15/2019 (Fri) 22:16:12 [Preview] No.37078 del
https://youtube.com/watch?v=zzyDkrNLpv0 [Embed]

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 22:20:46 [Preview] No.37079 del

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 22:21:47 [Preview] No.37080 del

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 22:26:00 [Preview] No.37081 del



Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 22:28:07 [Preview] No.37082 del
Flightline/Nellis/Red Flag

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 22:29:45 [Preview] No.37083 del
(221.35 KB 499x539 larazcas.jpg)

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 22:31:38 [Preview] No.37084 del



=NO #Edwards NO =
=YES #Rispone YES=

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 22:32:38 [Preview] No.37085 del

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 22:35:25 [Preview] No.37086 del
(39.63 KB 615x321 louisiana.png)
Down to the Wire Men. Get Those Memes Out!

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 22:36:38 [Preview] No.37087 del

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 22:39:25 [Preview] No.37088 del
For Gods sakes Jim wehre is 8kun???

will someone post to 8kun if its live
is voat still beiong a bunch of q dig fags. its time to get EVERYONE TO MEME.
That Means (You) too. kek

are ya hitting the chan and getting those fags to meme twitter with us?
someone doet plx!

For Our Children!

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 22:41:11 [Preview] No.37089 del

>and its time to GO!

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 22:44:13 [Preview] No.37090 del
(34.49 KB 926x336 painter.png)
(150.31 KB 606x698 painter-a.png)
Swamp scum.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 22:44:13 [Preview] No.37091 del
(1.36 MB 1200x799 Trump and Generals.png)
(74.42 KB 752x500 Trump to Hillary.jpg)
(103.14 KB 633x499 TrumpTweetsYes.jpg)
(56.60 KB 620x349 DemocratsLostMinds.jpg)
(188.54 KB 492x369 PatriotBinneyHighest.png)

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 22:44:23 [Preview] No.37092 del
(264.95 KB 903x401 louisiana-hash.png)
what do we attack on southern louisiana

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 22:44:31 [Preview] No.37093 del
Notables pt1

>>36613 Pastebins for Pelosi and Prowda
>>36622 Pelosi fam pastebins
>>36642, >>36647
Call to digg HEU highly enriched uranium
>>36643, >>36644, >>36645, >>36646, >>36694 DOE NonProliferation docs
>>36649 Pstain brother said didn't kill himself
>>36650 Weissman now analyst for MSNBC
>>36652, >>36739 Potus meets with Barr before Rally "It's Happening!"
>>36655 Potus twat Will Protect your 2nd Ammendment
>>36669 QQQQQQQ
>>36683, >>36684, >>36685 George Kent diggz/Ukraine
>>36686 Baker a Bushie/nonprolif docs
>>36694 Biden nonprolif docs
>>36701 Cutler nonprolif docs
>>36705, >>36726 arrest warrant Rep Nevarez/cocaine
>>36718 Trump UK transcript
>>36724 megatons to megawatts/ U1
>>36729 Trump now holds a 7-6 majority in NY district
>>36751 'Unusual restrictions' spook witnesses in DOJ inspector general investigation
>>36754, >>36755 LA rally notes
>>36756 Giuliani being investigated
>>36762 Task Board Meme till Saturday!
>>36775 Kirk twat:Tlaib under investigation
>>36780 on Durham
>>36789 NBC twat, calm before the storm!
>>36800 4chan Q decode
>>36805 Sara Carter twat, subpeonas for Bidens,Schiff, WB
>>36822, >>36824, >>36827, >>36828 neorevolt on Mifsud
>>36825 26 kids found behind false wall
>>36841, >>36925 NK calls Biden a rabid dog
>>36849 Child sex predator arrests rise by 18% to 3,771 in fiscal 2019
>>36861, >>36868 Pope says US must be ruled by World Gov't ASAP
>>36877, >>36880 CIA shills employed to cover up the Tuscon Arizona child trafficking, Gabe Hoffman, Craig Sawyer
>>36882 childrens defense fund (front)
>>36885 Trump admin violated federal law when it allowed 3D gun files online, judge says
>>36894, >>36905 @@@@New Trump-Ukraine phone transcript@@@@@@
>>36954, >>36955 Soros/State Dept docs
>>36964 Pelosi/Steyer hedgefund
>>36975 Guilty on all counts: Roger Stone
>>36985, >>36987 2015 wiki emails Soros/Clinton "The Club", moar diggz

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 22:46:05 [Preview] No.37094 del
Notables pt2

>>36994 QQQQQQQ
>>36996 Q article "trap" verb
>>37017 DNC operative flushed out
>>37017 DNC operative flushed out
>>37019 QQQQQQ with article
>>37028 QQQQQ
>>37030 Q articles
>>37033 Planets and Gods minibun
>>37038 Potus twitter list
>>37039 Endchan memes! Fire!
>>37041 Sealed Indictment Master @@@@@@ Baker, for the dough?@@@@
>>37046 War Room Task Board!
>>37075 Bidens Call with Ukranian Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman
>>37086 LA down to the wire! Close polls!
>>37087 info graphics czech em out!

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 22:47:28 [Preview] No.37095 del
> >>37017 DNC operative flushed out
> >>37017 DNC operative flushed out

doppelganger? KEK!

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 22:48:28 [Preview] No.37096 del

That man needs some anon love!

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 22:48:35 [Preview] No.37097 del
also comment to the people on the list

#impeachment hearing

Pic a name go comment with 2-3 hijacked hashes above and end[chan] with
#Louiana #EddieRispone

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 22:49:53 [Preview] No.37098 del

Agenda 21's wet dream is to have a carbon tax. These agents are everywhere.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 22:49:59 [Preview] No.37099 del

ty anon

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 22:53:39 [Preview] No.37100 del

and jsut FUCK THE WORLD kek

Hello dears @ab84, @life_ofci, @adamschefter, @elisestefanik

hope all is well. with #myles #garrett and the #helmet
#testimony for the #Ambassador #Rudolph and the visitor #yovanovitch

Are ya voting for #EddieRispone for #Louisiana #Governor

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 22:54:00 [Preview] No.37101 del
Thx for setting it straight.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 22:54:06 [Preview] No.37102 del
Posting Daily Beast story with Playbook headline. Article posted yesterday.

>The attacks frequently invoke George Soros, the right-wing bogeyman and Fox News fixation. And they appear tailor-made to Trump’s idiosyncratic sensibilities, focusing on issues and controversies that tend to grab the attention of right-wing media—and, by extension, the president himself. The strategies also bear the hallmarks of the surreptitious campaign to undermine U.S. diplomats in Ukraine by people close to the president, chiefly his personal attorney Rudy Giuliani.


Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 22:56:48 [Preview] No.37103 del
(47.11 KB 510x680 Trump and friends.jpg)
(51.42 KB 630x630 Weaponized autism.jpg)
(539.50 KB 2740x1824 Where are children.png)
(36.96 KB 450x338 Laser Pointer.jpg)

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 23:01:45 [Preview] No.37104 del
Sample Multi hash @ Posting on twitter to effectively target your market and get your message out.
Target Market: Southern Louisiana via Twitter hashes and trends

watch how i use all the main hashes and people in my message, posted to my own timeline.
careful what hashes u use and who u comment too, dont want ban.
remember be quirky.
Hello dears @ab84, @life_ofci, @adamschefter, @elisestefanik hope all goes well with #myles, #garrett and the #helmet #testimony for the #Ambassador #Rudolph and the visitor #yovanovitch

BTW are ya voting for #EddieRispone for #Louisiana #Governor

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 23:07:59 [Preview] No.37106 del

Once a month - depending where the moon is in our sun sign - we all make a seed type thing around our solar plexus chakra area. This can go up passing through the upper chakras to our brain and into our pineal and pituitary gland region or it can go down through our lower chakras and used up on other things and wasted. This is where we get Heaven - head and Hell - heel from ..it's fascinating stuff isn't it

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 23:12:45 [Preview] No.37107 del
(14.38 KB 300x283 DOXX.jpg)
i am starting to derive a doxx for them or an MO

First Find something Big or False
It can be in the News

Big False >Impeachment Hoax
then (You) should then see the following actions


CA on Fire
Some DS thrown under the bus. Carter?


Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 23:13:45 [Preview] No.37108 del
It's called "spying"...

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 23:14:17 [Preview] No.37109 del
WE = 1

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 23:14:28 [Preview] No.37110 del
(1.60 MB 887x631 [FORTY].png)
(1.69 MB 934x633 [FIVE].png)

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 23:15:57 [Preview] No.37111 del
>Rudy Giuliani.

their next target

BILL BARR going to burn it all down



Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 23:18:01 [Preview] No.37112 del

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 23:22:48 [Preview] No.37113 del
Sultans of Swing
Long version

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 23:25:19 [Preview] No.37114 del
(134.64 KB 874x548 current-vote.png)
+1.4 Edwards if im reading this right


Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 23:26:19 [Preview] No.37115 del

nice tunes!

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 23:37:01 [Preview] No.37116 del
(91.88 MB 1280x720 POTUSandMelania.mp4)
Larry King, 2005

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 23:42:14 [Preview] No.37117 del
Hello anons, tired of trying to find you guys on the kun...I fried my last computer trying to find you all after Aug. deplatforming....I am just really discouraged today...this shitshow and constant drama attacking us and POTUS, knowing the truth but frustrated at the extent the other side goes to...there is no shame or decency anymore....rant over...thanks for being here and hopefully kun will be up soon.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 23:48:37 [Preview] No.37118 del
(915.57 KB 1069x698 Qsurvivor.png)

Glad you're here. Rest, relax, dig meme pray! Adversaries are playing their parts, MI and DJT have made monkeys of them! Enjoy the show! Got popcorn?

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 23:48:57 [Preview] No.37119 del

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 23:51:43 [Preview] No.37121 del

Awesome op night! Buried the pepe holding the window open meme!

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 23:52:05 [Preview] No.37122 del
(134.64 KB 874x548 current-vote.png)

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 23:53:07 [Preview] No.37123 del
(175.85 KB 1000x1000 1565980571931.png)
(306.84 KB 656x1041 pepecomfy1.jpg)
Get comfy anon


Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 23:58:02 [Preview] No.37124 del
Five star ride-a-long, eh?!

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 23:58:25 [Preview] No.37125 del
egomaniac zero content posts
like the rah fucking up this board
does not listen

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 23:59:53 [Preview] No.37126 del

Anonymous 11/16/2019 (Sat) 00:07:48 [Preview] No.37127 del
(177.40 KB 1136x872 eye_bee_symbolism_3.jpg)
(111.52 KB 800x1061 vogue_italia_one_eye.jpg)
(322.71 KB 900x1066 flower_eyes_2.jpg)

Anonymous 11/16/2019 (Sat) 00:10:48 [Preview] No.37128 del
"Edward Peter Buck"
Edward Bernard Peter Buck (born Buckmelter, August 24, 1954) is an American businessman, LGBTQ political activist and Democratic political fundraiser. A former model and actor, he made a significant amount of money running and selling the data service company Gopher Courier. He became involved in politics after the election of Evan Mecham as Governor of Arizona in 1986; Buck, an Arizona native, led the effort to recall him from office due to Mecham's perceived racism and corruption, which ended in Mecham's impeachment by the Arizona Senate in 1988 on the basis of various charges, including misusing government funds, before a recall election could occur. The experience led Buck to change his party affiliation from Republican to Democrat, and he has since donated heavily to Democratic politicians. In 2007, he ran an unsuccessful campaign for the city council of West Hollywood, California.

Two African-American men have been discovered dead in Buck's West Hollywood home since 2017 due to drug overdoses. Several reports indicated that Buck had a history of bringing African-American men to his house, where he would reportedly inject them with crystal methamphetamine for sexual gratification. In January 2019, a coalition of 50 civil rights organizations called for law enforcement to investigate the matter. On September 17, 2019, Buck was arrested and charged with three counts of battery causing serious injury, administering methamphetamine and maintaining a drug house.

Ed Buck was born as Edward Bernard Peter Buckmelter on August 24 or 25, 1954, in Steubenville, Ohio.[1][2] He grew up in Phoenix, Arizona, where he was educated at North High School and graduated from Phoenix College.[1][2]

Buck began his career as a fashion model in Europe,[2][3] where he also acted in television commercials and two movies.[1] He worked for a friend's company, Rapid Information Services, before buying it out of bankruptcy for US$250,000 and renaming it Gopher Courier. Buck became a millionaire upon selling it after five years.[2]

Buck led the campaign to impeach Arizona Republican Governor Evan Mecham in 1987 by founding the "Mecham Watchdog Committee".[1][3][4] He announced the campaign on December 21, 1986, before Mecham had even been sworn in,[5] and was the "leader" of a protest on the day of Mecham's inauguration.[6] In particular, Buck highlighted Mecham's "opposition to a King holiday, his proposal for voluntary drug testing and his plan to reduce the state police force by up to 300 officers".[7] Buck distributed bumper stickers that read "Mecham for Ex-Governor", and Arizona Attorney General Robert K. Corbin ruled that state employees were allowed to use them on their cars.[4] The anti-Mecham campaign "made Buck a household name in Arizona" according to The Arizona Republic.[3] In retaliation, Buck was attacked by Julian Sanders, the chairman of Arizonans for Traditional Family Values, over his homosexuality.[8][9] Buck switched his registration from Republican to Democrat because of homophobia in 1988.[2]

After moving to West Hollywood, California, Buck ran unsuccessfully for city council in 2007.[2] He formerly served on the steering committee of the Stonewall Democratic Club.[2][10][11] He has donated "nearly $30,000" to Democratic candidates like Hillary Clinton, Ted Lieu, Pete Aguilar, Adam B. Schiff, and Raja Krishnamoorthi as well as the Getting Things Done PAC.[2][12]


Anonymous 11/16/2019 (Sat) 00:11:45 [Preview] No.37129 del

Bigly! Anyone got that meme? I can't get to it for some reason!

Anonymous 11/16/2019 (Sat) 00:14:47 [Preview] No.37130 del
Does anyone have a full explanation of what we are seeing. I know the car seemed to be a diplomat status, and soon after we got a photo of a white car and a billboard from the car next to it on the highway. I cant remember if it was connected we just thought so at the time.

The window was blown open by an explosive, possibly delivered thru the motorcyclist, who recently i gathered is or may be ‘l love China drivers’ Diane.

I was there but am still waiting the for the puzzle pieces to be in order.

Anonymous 11/16/2019 (Sat) 00:23:26 [Preview] No.37131 del
>>37128 I'd be willing to bet Ed Buck's courier business was running cocaine for the Keating five. I was in Phoenix back then. Cocaine was everywhere.

Anonymous 11/16/2019 (Sat) 00:28:37 [Preview] No.37132 del
Triumph of the Will (1935) - (Documentary, History, War) Only for Historian faq's

Anonymous 11/16/2019 (Sat) 00:37:07 [Preview] No.37133 del

window was opened before so it wouldn't explode with use of flash bang, I think it was called

Anonymous 11/16/2019 (Sat) 00:46:45 [Preview] No.37134 del
(3.02 MB 1111x2160 Q_2018-02-07_20-35.png)
Final Guest Arrived

Anonymous 11/16/2019 (Sat) 00:48:38 [Preview] No.37135 del
(4.05 MB 1111x3314 Q_2018-02-07_20-36.png)
2 minutes_g

Anonymous 11/16/2019 (Sat) 00:49:43 [Preview] No.37136 del
(2.05 MB 1111x1908 Q_2018-02-07_20-45.png)

Anonymous 11/16/2019 (Sat) 00:52:55 [Preview] No.37137 del
Tracking [Snowden]...what a ride!

Hong Kong?

Anonymous 11/16/2019 (Sat) 00:55:01 [Preview] No.37138 del
Comb your hair

That was a street scene in a congested area, but we did look at windows.

Anonymous 11/16/2019 (Sat) 00:56:13 [Preview] No.37139 del
(1003.89 KB 1111x1724 Q_2018-02-07_20-50_20-55.png)
Critical thinking.

Anonymous 11/16/2019 (Sat) 00:56:34 [Preview] No.37140 del
he was tracked twice
wasn't Tillerson tracked there also?

Anonymous 11/16/2019 (Sat) 00:58:19 [Preview] No.37141 del

remember all the antennas on the rooftop?

Anonymous 11/16/2019 (Sat) 01:00:35 [Preview] No.37142 del
Hunters become the hunted.

Anonymous 11/16/2019 (Sat) 01:03:11 [Preview] No.37143 del
This occurred on one of my first overnites with Anons. Been here ever since though Well not here but endchan, but with Qresearch. You knw what l mean. Comfy with frens tonight.

Noticing the protrusion took a long time. Camera, Right?

Anonymous 11/16/2019 (Sat) 01:07:10 [Preview] No.37144 del
People asked for arrests.

Anonymous 11/16/2019 (Sat) 01:12:07 [Preview] No.37145 del
Potus twats

One was this poll
Dims are watching poll #'s, if his popularity wavers they'll push impeach vote, won't ever get to Senate, especially with these poll #'s

Anonymous 11/16/2019 (Sat) 01:15:41 [Preview] No.37147 del
(158.36 KB 928x335 1526245753684679345.jpg)
Schiff is pretty meme-able

Anonymous 11/16/2019 (Sat) 01:29:20 [Preview] No.37148 del

Forgotten how crazy people got when Q came on, said some off the wall stuff, still fun times, always

Anonymous 11/16/2019 (Sat) 01:34:33 [Preview] No.37149 del
This was a hoot!!!

Anonymous 11/16/2019 (Sat) 01:38:29 [Preview] No.37151 del
Rachel was awesome.
Hope we see more of her
Dismantling pedovore lies.

Anonymous 11/16/2019 (Sat) 01:38:54 [Preview] No.37152 del
Anons ages, 18-80!!!
Good times, good times...

Anonymous 11/16/2019 (Sat) 01:39:26 [Preview] No.37153 del
Mitch knocked it outta the park!

Anonymous 11/16/2019 (Sat) 01:39:44 [Preview] No.37154 del
Wow l missed the guy in black was a Kenyan. In my defense there was a time when the threads spun by like lightning.

Anonymous 11/16/2019 (Sat) 01:41:19 [Preview] No.37155 del
Yeah, piss in a bottle!
Didn't wanna miss a thing.

Anonymous 11/16/2019 (Sat) 01:54:47 [Preview] No.37156 del
Don’t even go to sleep.

Anonymous 11/16/2019 (Sat) 01:57:44 [Preview] No.37157 del

Anonymous 11/16/2019 (Sat) 01:59:39 [Preview] No.37158 del

That's great!

Anonymous 11/16/2019 (Sat) 02:02:23 [Preview] No.37159 del
Can't recall their names...
Wanna see what became of 'em.

Anonymous 11/16/2019 (Sat) 02:03:49 [Preview] No.37160 del
(3.81 MB 3001x2001 P052514PS-0416 (2).jpg)
Here ya go.

Anonymous 11/16/2019 (Sat) 02:06:21 [Preview] No.37161 del
Most Say Media Working With Democrats to Impeach Trump

Most voters don’t expect fair play from the media when it comes to news coverage of the Democrats’ impeachment attempt. Fifty-three percent (53%) of Likely U.S. Voters think most reporters are trying to help impeach President Trump when they write or talk about the impeachment effort. The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that just 32% believe most reporters are simply interested in reporting the news in an unbiased manner. Eight percent (8%) say most are trying to block Trump’s impeachment. Seventy-six percent (76%) of Republicans and a plurality (48%) of voters not affiliated with either major political party say most reporters are trying to help impeach Trump, a view shared by only 36% of Democrats'''.

Eighty-six percent (86%) of all voters say they have closely followed news reports about House Democrats’ efforts to impeach the president, with 54% who have been following Very Closely. Among voters who have been following impeachment news Very Closely, 58% think most reporters are trying to help impeach Trump; 34% say they are simply interested in reporting the news in an unbiased manner.


Anonymous 11/16/2019 (Sat) 02:06:51 [Preview] No.37162 del
Durbin's staff see snakes...

Anonymous 11/16/2019 (Sat) 02:11:52 [Preview] No.37163 del
Bookmarked breads in the early years.

Chan's were a new frontier!

Anonymous 11/16/2019 (Sat) 02:13:53 [Preview] No.37164 del
Democrats delaying USMCA has 'cost the economy billions of dollars': Wilbur Ross

Passing USMCA would be the 'singular accomplishment of this Congress'

Wilbur Ross says it's time for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to bring the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement to a vote. “I think there’s no question that if she puts it on the floor it will be overwhelmingly voted – when or if she is willing to put it on the floor,” Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross told FOX Business’ Maria Bartiromo on “Mornings with Maria.” He added that passing USMCA would be the “singular accomplishment of this Congress.” Ross said USMCA is “much better” on key issues than any trade deal in the history of the country, and that the delay has “cost the economy billions of dollars.”

The USMCA, which overhauls the Clinton-era North American Free Trade Agreement, commonly known as NAFTA, requires 75 percent of automobile components be manufactured in the United States, Canada and Mexico in order to avoid tariffs, and that 40 to 45 percent of automobile parts be made by workers who earn at least $16 an hour by 2023. The commerce secretary’s comments come after Pelosi told reporters on Thursday that she’d “like to see” the trade deal get done this year so long as the issue of minimum wage enforcement is solved. Time is running out for Congress to pass the trade deal before the end of the year. Only 14 days are left in the Congressional session, and election-year politics might complicate its passage in 2020. “It’s time to get serious,” Ross concluded. “It’s time to pay attention to something that really helps everyday Americans instead of having these silly hearings,” he added, referring to a Congressional impeachment inquiry. House Democrats are investigating a whistleblower's claim that President Trump tried to coerce the Ukrainian government into digging up dirt on potential 2020 Democratic rival Joe Biden.


Anonymous 11/16/2019 (Sat) 02:19:34 [Preview] No.37165 del
(1.44 MB 1853x1566 20191022-DSC_0003.jpg)
(265.66 KB 850x614 20190831-DSC_0145.jpg)
(181.32 KB 850x567 20190831-DSC_0143.jpg)
Signs in and around Searchlight, NV.

Anonymous 11/16/2019 (Sat) 02:26:49 [Preview] No.37168 del
(28.54 KB 709x539 1573867170323.png)
Go Jim, go.

Anonymous 11/16/2019 (Sat) 02:34:32 [Preview] No.37170 del