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Q Research General #9466 Romania Romania Romania Edition Anonymous 12/17/2019 (Tue) 05:13:38 [Preview] No. 42560
Welcome To Q Anon Research Operations

We hold these truths to be self-evident.
- All men are created equal.
- All men are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights.
- That among these rights are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are Hacktivist who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank meme warefare. We do battle in the sphere of operations and ideas. We neither need, nor condone the use of force. All illegal content reported. Not Liable.


https://youtube.com/watch?v=KVeDKuHPDK8 [Embed]

Q: The Basics - An Introduction to Q and the Great Awakening

God bless you and keep you from harm, this day and forever.


“A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn
a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort
the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new
problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly.
Specialization is for insects.” -Robert A. Heinlein

* Letters https://pastebin.com/zX0ZTKf2
-To My Family https://pastebin.com/WiGSu4mD
-To Patriots https://pastebin.com/0ieWe4t9
-Q Clearance Patriot https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/229860764
-A Prayer https://pastebin.com/3K3twDnQ
-A Prayer https://pastebin.com/DnH74iaK

505 ERROR Bunker >> https://freenode.net/#qanonresearch

* Access
Clear: https://endchan.net | https://endchan.org | https://endchan.xyz
TOR v2: https://endchan5doxvprs5.onion | https://s6424n4x4bsmqs27.onion
TOR v3: https://enxx3byspwsdo446jujc52ucy2pf5urdbhqw3kbsfhlfjwmbpj5smdad.onion

* Report Illegal Content on Endchan >>10952 >>10957 >>10959 >>10960
* FAQ >>10458 >>10468 >>10970

Anonymous 12/17/2019 (Tue) 05:14:07 [Preview] No.42561 del

*NChan Indexing https://qresear.ch
Q Anon Research [Q Operations]

Nchan QAnonr Research TRIPCODES (In the name field enter #YourUserName)
>>18016 What is a tripcode?

SITEOWNER tbd [SnakeDude] (AWOL)
SUPERADMIN tbd [@OdiliTime] (dev/sysadmin)
ADMIN tbd [Balrog] (chief hotpocket, owner of endchan.xyz domain)
SECURITY tbd [Uguu] provides help with DDoS mitigation and runs our frontend
HOST tbd [Miao] (provides our hardware hosting at no cost)
BOARDOWNER ##qnktnX [citizen o7] Profile: >>21875

#i/91V8 >>34180
#jQQLKu >>33698

*Board Volunteers
BV0 #jIFGUa [weaponized autism] Profile: >>32290

BAKER0 #sGrv/I [angry gerbil] Profile >>32289
BAKER1 #JVih97 [rolling home]
BAKER2 #wC2utB [barkeep baker] Profile: >>21071

Awakening >>19890 https://archive.is/BMb7d | >>13478 https://archive.is/MwyS Locked
Memes >>960 https://archive.is/70E93
Notables >>75 https://archive.is/qqjlZ
Documents >>5829 https://archive.is/Z2Z6U
Social >>15186 https://archive.is/dZ1aO
War Room >>21400 https://archive.is/Jr6Ml
0 Deltas >>11725
Baker Babes >>18978
California >>20486 https://archive.is/XB934
DisneyGate >>35481
Learn to Bake >>21146 >>22833
Gematria >>20867
Pepe >>19031
Qproofs >>1980
Symbols >>4289 https://archive.is/nkrkR

PLAYERS [* = Focus] https://pastebin.com/xPM3snNY
*[ Adam Shiff >>18339 ] https://archive.is/PxPzM
[ Hillary Clinton >>25290 ]
*[ Joe Biden >>14854 ] https://archive.is/dN0qZ
[ Lindsey Graham >>22160 ] https://archive.is/WoyGW
*[ Lucis Trust >>27561 ]
[ CurseM >>27906 ]
[ Mitt Romney >>22283 ]
*[ Nancy Pelosi >>16673 ] https://archive.is/csClW
*[ Romania >>25339 ]
[ Turkey >>16810 ]
*[ Ukraine >>18390 ]

Anonymous 12/17/2019 (Tue) 05:14:23 [Preview] No.42562 del


*PCOMMS https://pastebin.com/NMmQF2U9
Two sets of two synonyms or three mentions of a term = significant.
re: repeated 3x = signal (NOT noise)
Check the timestamps on the posts and tweets capitalization on his Twitter
41 - George H. W. Bush
43 - George W. Bush
0 deltas tweets = comms open
look for spoopy drop, thundercat arrival and or 0delta QnA
Also, check the timestamp on the last one vs the first one, and think mirror.
During homophones, hand signals will give you the coded (and correct, but unexpected) word to hear. Eyes open.

>>23599 >>23609 >>23611 >>23612 >>23635 >>23599 >>23609 >>23611 >>23612 >>23635 >>25395 >>25395
>>32201 Reminder RTFM

RCOMMS [Rudolph Giuliani]
>>23921 >>23927 >>23594 >>23279 >>25962
>>32260 RCOMMS Ukrainian docs showing 'collusion'

LCOMMS [Lou Dobbs]
>>32318 Lou Comms MiniBun IG Durham Senior Obama Justice Dept

Trump Accomplishments after 2 Yrs in Office https://mega.nz/#F!C49DHYIa!jOxYHczFjauTrdWWb9VUqw

*Presidential Accomplishment
MAGA https://mega.nz/#F!cFESCQjK!vX36HNEzFXSu8IfTQenQ_w
>>24444 >>24469 >>24616 >>25585 >>25621 >>25684 >>25687 >>25807 >>25427 >>33140
Abortion >>33141
Israel >>33141
Judges >>33152
Kavenough >>33153
Iran Sanctions >>33179
USMCA >>33192
Tarriffs >>33207
NK >>33243
Job Growth >>33287
ObamaCare >>33299 >>33887
Vets >>33303
Tax Cuts >>33310
VoterId >>33322 >>33900 >>33902 >>33907 >>33910 >>33913 >>33917 >>33921
African Unemployement >>33330
Police >>33381

*Speech Notes
19/11/06 [MARK] Judicial Confirmations https://pastebin.com/ZqFVUEh2
19 kentucky https://pastebin.com/a2P932ai

Speech That Won Election - https://youtube.com/watch?v=zvrWvGJkfuU [Embed]
Hillary Roast - https://youtube.com/watch?v=Bmvxx_YbDsM [Embed]
4th July 19 - https://youtube.com/watch?v=lE3rNWYvkRg [Embed]
MAGA Rally in NC - https://youtube.com/watch?v=5ODi8wTgoqs [Embed] (That ending tho)
9/11 Interview - https://youtube.com/watch?v=V4ZfXOil1pk [Embed]
Buckingham Palace - https://youtube.com/watch?v=oO-FT0q34tg [Embed]

*B-BUT TRUMP hasn't done anything!

*TRUMP 4EVA 6/21/19
ARCHIVED LINKS https://pastebin.com/ynXV6CHT
SCHEDULE/WH Public Pool: https://publicpool.kinja.com/

Anonymous 12/17/2019 (Tue) 05:14:40 [Preview] No.42563 del

The best would be to watch whats being discussed on the board in relation to what HOT TOPICS are in the news.

Start by asking yourself regarding the Vote what are the 5 W's
Who: Eddie Rispone
What: Voting
Where: Louisiana
When: Live atm
Why: To elect an official
>Post this info in the thread with a picture and a link to the source that gave you the information
>If its Really important information, you may also want to archive.is online and post that link also
>allow review and brainstorming for more ideas... moist likely next logical step would be who is he running against.

Get Everyone at ONCE and HIT 'Them' With Everything You Got! THINK PICARD MANUEVER! [POST STORM - THE WAVE]
[1] MEME MEME and MEME some MOAR! Stay Focused on Current HOTTOPICS
[2] Pick 2-3 hashes from the target area htps://www.trendolizer.com Hijack them to get your #hash out.
[3] Post @ 10-11Am | 12-3Pm | 6-9Pm EST
[4] Always Post meme or Cap
[5] Use .@them to respond to all their following.
[6] Remember to be Quirky in your posts.
[7] RT other's tweets
[8] ReTweet LASERFAST. Use https://tweetdeck.com
[9] Information WarFare https://archive.is/E0oJm
>Them: Twitter Facebook Instagram...
>Example Meme Tiers 1 2 3 >>33829 (ex. T-3 Meme >>33830)

*Operating Procedures >>23258 >>22435
*What is the Narrative Softpill >>25924
*Sample Personal 'MadHatter' Timeline Tweet >>25390
*Sample Dems are Evil Notables Post & call for Patriots >>35464

1. Make Aware Dems Are Evil: Standard SlowPill Procedure Stage1&2 >>21070 | Stage3 >>21380
2. Make Awake You are Devine: The Great Awakening >>18142

Commenting Raid >>24255
Beat the Narrative >>24327
What is Information Warfare >>24172
Cloak a Q anon Research with a Potus Tweet >>24337
Anti March RedPill Strategy >>25302


Q's Hashtags

https://hashtags.org https://pastebin.com/bFsuyT4V
#Romania #Ukraine #biden #pelosi #schiff
#donothingdemocrats #whistleblower #secretmeetings #ukrainecall #whereshunter
#BringThemHome #BringSoldiersHome #WeWantThemBack #TimeToComeHome #WeLoveOurSoldiers

#QAnon Hashtag ON EVERY twat/reply/quote/post: This is how newbies & normies can find our twats'

* Sealed Indictments
-Sealed Indictment Master – https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kVQwX9l9HJ5F76x05ic_YnU_Z5yiVS96LbzAOP66EzA/edit#gid=1525422677
-Sealed Indictment Master Files Backup – https://drive.google.com/open?id=1iBS4WgngH8u8-wAqhehRIWCVBQKD8-5Y
-Searchable Indictment Map w/dockets, links & more – https://bad-boys.us/

* Resignations https://www.resignation.info | https://qresear.ch


Anonymous 12/17/2019 (Tue) 05:16:00 [Preview] No.42564 del
* POTUS' Tweet Archive: http://trumptwitterarchive.com
* Deleted Trump Tweets: https://factba.se/topic/deleted-tweets
* Notables Aggregator: https://wearethene.ws
* Twitter Video Downloader: https://twittervideodownloader.com/
* Youtube Downloader https://ytmp3.cc/
* Video Pastebin https://videobin.org/
* Download url vids https://9xbuddy.com/sites/openload
* https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/archiver-menu/?src=search class="quoteLink" href="/qanonresearch/res/8607.html#8946">>>8946 (archiver)
* https://threadreaderapp.com
* http://trumptwitterarchive.com
* Twitter Trends https://www.trendolizer.com
* News Paper Snippet https://www.fodey.com/generators/newspaper/snippet.asp
* Trends Map https://www.trendsmap.com
* Top Trending Hashes https://trends24.in/united-states/
* Meme generator https://imgflip.com
Search Engine https://swisscows.com https://yippy.com
>>25135 Tools for anons
Are You Banned https://shadowban.eu/
search ex. [site:qanon.news shiff]
People Search https://www.truepeoplesearch.com/
>>15810 Dough: https://pastebin.com/xY6LcKJa | https://pastebin.com/raw/Nb12HyuB
More Tools > https://pastebin.com/u7P7a6hv

*Other Known Boards
https://08ch.net (Decentralized)
https://8kun.net | https://oxwugzccvk3dk6tj.onion | http://jthnx5wyvjvzsxtu.onion
https://freenode.net/#qanonresearch (enter a nick/no password)

[A]labama q sessions
[U]burisma bidenson
[R]omania bidenson
[M]saved for last

Anonymous 12/17/2019 (Tue) 05:16:16 [Preview] No.42565 del
>>15186 https://endchan.net/qanonresearch/res/15186.html

Review Warroom for current tools and services and advisory.
(You) Play the part of Mad Hatter when Awakening "Them".
Use .@them to reply to all their followings. https://www.themuse.com/advice/mystery-dot-the-best-kept-secret-on-twitter
Them List: https://pastebin.com/jknaAkg5
Moar Social advice >>15186 && https://pastebin.com/5p5X8MJ4

Biden >>14854 | Clinton >>25290 | Memes >>960 | Notables >>75 | Pelosi >>16673 | Shiff >>18339 | Symbols >>4289

#HunterBiden >>24579 >>24881 >>24934
#AdamSchiff (Eric Ciaramella) >>33183 >>25314 >>24666 >>24732 >>24792 >>24614 >>35675
>>35686 >>35696 >>35698 >>35703 >>35708 >>35713
#VoterID (DanielCameron) >>33869 >>33864 >>33900 >>33902 >>33907 >>33910
#GreatAwakening >>25761 >>25764 >>25781
#HillaryClinton >>24471 >>24595 >>24619 >>24624 >>24701 >>24708 >>24709 >>24712 >>24719 >>24723 >>24731 >>25916
African Amerc >>24005 >>24174
CNN >>25218 vid
Dems >>23744 >>23775 >>24330 >>24171 >>24328
Barr >>23676
Bolton >>24673
Mother Jones >>24160
Obama >>24443 >>24752 >>25912 >>25913
Pedovores >>24845
Q >>25584 >>25631 >>25840 >>25885
Rice >>24611 >>24671
Soros Alex >>24605 >>24609
Traffickers >>24811 >>25362
Pizzagate >>25604 >>25609 >>25633 >>25627 >>25736 >>25752 >25434 >>25632
Misc >>24479 >>25717

2019-Jul https://mega.nz/#F!6xkHmYrZ!wxAJLCRIW3EQO3TpyHf1BA
2019-Jun https://mega.nz/#F!K89jwQgB!ij-qXn6rnqv2ZozlXIWiFg
Epstein Drone Photos https://mega.nz/#F!DwNkwAZQ!xa6JLeW9_632P0yw3MhlNw

Anonymous 12/17/2019 (Tue) 05:16:35 [Preview] No.42566 del
*How it Flows
>BO manages dough and all the BV's
>BV manages board and all the bakers
>BAKERS eyes on potus tweets for thread ideas and keep anons focused with reminders
>DIGGERS gather intel based on bakers thread and POTUS Tweets
>SCAPPERS keep dough updated with previous LB Main Notables and Memes list
>MINIBUNS gather and post towards end of thread or next thead
>NOTETAKER gather notable posts and per thread focus
>MEMERS build memes on gathered info of the focus
>SOCIAL fires memes based on current thread memes using Social Infowarrior thread and Warroom section
>BV posts minibuns/notables/memes to respected threads for normies and newcomers to get to speed.
>ARCHIVE maintain archives
>LURKERS watch our back and catalog for shill attacks
>OPTICS eyes on focus group 24/7S

*This place is not for people who need blow-by-blow direction.
But if you really want some, here are concrete suggestions
- compile notables for any bread--that's SUPER useful
- get sauce for tweets
- do caps for article links
- search on 'dig' or 'digg' and go do diggs anons have called for and report back.

Newbs Read Positions Here: https://pastebin.com/MUqNrY5m
-opticsanon >>22246
-twitteranon >>22353
-planefag >>35227

*Moderation Manual

*Formatting Instructions

*Learn To Bake
Ghost Bake >>25536
Simple >>22843 >>21146 https://pastebin.com/r5BQDBTF
Advanced https://pastebin.com/waNBgamW
>>21200 Baking Tips, Tricks & Traps
>>19659 RE how you know bakers are legit if no tripcodes.

How To Collect Notables >>24512
How to Take Notable Notes >>24523
Note Procedures >>24373 >>24512

Anonymous 12/17/2019 (Tue) 05:17:00 [Preview] No.42567 del
POTUS https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump @realDonaldTrump
RUDOLPH https://twitter.com/RudyGiuliani @RudyGiuliani
SEANHANNITY https://twitter.com/SeanHannity @SeanHannity
JUDEGEJEANINE https://twitter.com/JudgeJeanine @JudgeJeanine
SARAHCARTER https://twitter.com/SaraCarterDC @SaraCarterDC
LOUDOBBS https://twitter.com/LouDobbs @LouDobbs
TUCKERCARLSON https://twitter.com/TuckerCarlson @TuckerCarlson
@Family - Potus Flotus DonaldJTrumpJr EricTrump IvankaTrump
@Media - IngrahamAngle dbongino MorningsMaria FoxBusiness⁩ SundayFutures⁩ FoxNews⁩
@Military - https://pastebin.com/0JVakGS9
@FBI - https://pastebin.com/N04DMase
@Civilian - https://pastebin.com/N9mkxyBU @danielcameronag

*Media - https://pastebin.com/Fh0ZFt8Z

>>36226 watching the stars..
>>36258 Bilderberg Group
>>36282 Q = Alice
>>36347 Utopian communities formed in the 19'th century
>>36467 How to build a ' wind up toy shooter

Christine Pelosi Kauffman >>36435
Alexandra Pelosi Vos >>36447
Oct 11 article Reid's sons/Pelosi/Biden >>36468
Paul Kaufman-Soap Opera connections >>36485
Prowa(Pelosi son in law family) cult and silver oneida >>36262, >>36269
Ukraine/PaulPelosi >>36487
federal budget and money-dispensing process >>36221 >>36222 >>36223
History timeline on Eric Ciaramella. >>36217 >>36222 >>36223
Biden Ukraine Rosemont Seneca >>36106 >>36107 >>36109 >>36113 >>36138
QQ >>35941 >>35989 >>36001 >>36002 >>36003 >>36029 >>36047 >>36048
Follow The Family >>36002 >>36003 >>36004 >>36007
RG Destroys Schiffs First Witness >>35905 >>35910 >>35950 >>36006 >>36078 >>36195
Californi Attorney General Xavier Becerra >>35871 >35872 >>35877 >>35883 >>35887 >>35895 >>35898 >>35937 >>36019 >>36031 >>36078 >>36195
Dynacorp Pstain >>35850 >>35851 >>35852 >>35854 >>35855 >>35856
Saturn >>33947 >>34623 >>34636 >>35035
Lou Dobbs Comms MiniBun >>32318
EGO JUPITER SOUL >>32119 >>32120
Project Veritas >>31399
Finders >>25389 >>25386 >>25324
compares 8chan & endchan | Discussion continues (heated but ultimately resolved >>25212 >>25214
marshall island | general valley | barr subpoenas | getty fam >minibun >>20035
Potus Tweet Analysis >>16890
HARPA dig mini-bun >>16610
RALLEY >>15875
minibun history and origin of our National Anthem >>15356
Christopher Zullo Bun >>15478
Mini-bun on targeted persons regarding UKRAINE: >>11077
Bidens, General (may have overlap Ukraine/Romania) >>14139
Biden Gen | Biden/romainia | Biden/ukraine | Edward Szofer >>14190
DJT Minneapolis rally bun: >>14814

*BOARD VOLUNTEER NOTES https://pastebin.com/pFLKY8L5
BO - Update Dough.
BV - [PIN] current Baker's Bread.
BV - [Lock] Last Baker's Bread.
Bakers - Use Tripcodes Baking.
Baker - Eyes on POTUS TWITTER.

formated some shit
orderred and organized moar
need to load mega
need moar memes on variety of subjects

Anonymous 12/17/2019 (Tue) 05:17:19 [Preview] No.42568 del

Master Archives
*MasterArchivist —————— https://qarchives.ga | https://qarchives.000webhostapp.com | https://masterarchivist.github.io/qarchives/
*Supplement to MasterArchivist
- main spreadsheet, 2nd tab (labeled) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1M2AzhZKh2PjL7L7GVPN42Em0hZXKWMdhGnj59ZQ3YcQ/
*Germanarchiveanon —————— https://mega.nz/#F!LPZxEIYJ!N5JwCNoxOxOtAoErKdUgvwa
*8ch Notable Archives https://pastebin.com/2f1897vD
*Offsite Archive - https://qanon.news/archives

Information Warfare Archives/Articles
Information Warfare I: http://archive.is/http://8ch.net/qresearch/res/5240137.html
ARCHIVE: https://archive.is/E0oJm (newest)
ZIP FILE: https://archive.is/download/E0oJm.zip
Information Warfare II: http://8ch.net/qrb/res/22979.html
ARCHIVE: https://archive.fo/jTJWj
ZIP FILE: https://archive.fo/download/jTJWj.zip

Archive ONLINE: https://pastebin.com/8M0A8v8X
>>15883 Archive Tools and services

#9450 https://archive.is/NNFxs
#9449 https://archive.is/iwBvP
#9448 https://archive.is/Go6rf
#9447 https://archive.is/4fPTz
#9446 https://archive.is/H3dAE

Archive OFFLINE [Downloads]: https://pastebin.com/xCdx9zK7
Qmap https://mega.nz/#!74cwVIZD!K4FsXHkBQ-hlnhzPRnBs6nWMUAWsKS7Ny2PjD4v0Vgw
adam-shiff https://mega.nz/#!fh8DQAwB!eiBFuaf9zqJ0Hx-PyKN6hlZi91VtqYc-9jYxIY1VqqE
awakening https://mega.nz/#!j0tRkaAZ!6Kzu5Zqa8MgxlWjHv6XrhmK_sAyYKLIfXgCvNrkQb1Q
california https://mega.nz/#!Oh9REITJ!ukLGbtUAhTgX6myypY340IkCVQ7p9oEoMzkukGScioQ
joe-biden https://mega.nz/#!Ol9FzCAA!-e6k-yjzqmMBAr6vJfC2W-BCMsiI4l7qKgJfZ7Zyxrs
memes https://mega.nz/#!K9l10KLB!Mu92YvK_ZjZ1F9XaNHhpMLP254O9Awn2ZJBuzXxVKSI
nancy pelosi https://mega.nz/#!as8lxYbD!ntbrXfqcvxE6VUmZsP5EWX6xem0uckERnvo6oxq8xm4
notables1-1 https://mega.nz/#!v0lDhSKA!LD5g9qAyY_MYhAhqbWkm_N1oXEfCtavRfVKBRGirIsY
0deltas https://mega.nz/#!igszxAAL!_yqhDSyiF7_gp78BiBVIDnvBASvq4y8zjINATtZ08ug
P Listening https://mega.nz/#!P5sxHQDb!9YOa3-tmqxMtB3GlYfCBiOvh7BHFZ2aCLZ6sjtCWnCM
Social https://mega.nz/#!HkkxQQiB!il6j38-VnwKfL3HNndfywF3JnRYAYL8Msh7vxfl0Ge8
symbolism https://mega.nz/#!P41BzAzS!o3PtzY07QopJw4pTCUYTez8gMgVdBgXuTwOXqAWy4jQ
turkey https://mega.nz/#!f0lXVa4Z!LgZVbEgNIoGNJtFPlfA6zmKXix1kw6JsZgL7d1s5nVE
ukraine https://mega.nz/#!yw8xSY4D!R7TfJkTweLLURiBCVAIVbNHw8X0kaScMHyThPaIa6lg
warroom https://mega.nz/#!SsshxCSC!rbCMoVuLAV29bMpvxH_r6EVW15TXC4vuhVjeQ4uWypk
#9437 https://mega.nz/#!q0E12IyJ!xTcnfUQy6895cYzBsslGCSftC6rQ1ilFJGFMxoq7F0I
#9436 https://mega.nz/#!T5EhTSrL!zLfIC1Rt0aHaQSps_0YVX3AF67iST6SEi3cG35g6onA
#9435 https://mega.nz/#!Ckc1ESRB!GbF3wMTj_c9AMLcI3-jhmvzeKXl_XbFWYYB2P6p2sF4
#9434 https://mega.nz/#!m5MxxSSB!VGj31VgOY1ggJ2QuG6UcS2-ARcH0oo9uq79YUbOr7r0
#9433 https://mega.nz/#!O0U3nAAQ!BN78egiy2r_NCbsAQ6rEWi1KLCx1OlNr6pKPPyEisw4
MOAR ARCHIVES: https://pastebin.com/4myHuYL7

https://archive.today https://archive.org https://archive.is

Anonymous 12/17/2019 (Tue) 05:17:43 [Preview] No.42569 del
Task Board

Mark Zaid
Biden Romania
Hillary Emails
Soros Biden
UN Lucis
Pelosi california
Romney mormon

Eric CIArammella Ukraine Whistleblower
Mark Zaid Pedo Lawyer

CA VoterId DanielCamerron
DC WhistleBlower EricCiaramella
DC PedoLawyer MarkZaid
DC Mormon Mittromney
DC SecreMeetings Schiff





-VoterId >>33869

Anonymous 12/17/2019 (Tue) 05:18:16 [Preview] No.42570 del
Global Announcements

Are not endorsements.

**** Collected Notables
>Notables Incomming

Anonymous 12/17/2019 (Tue) 05:19:39 [Preview] No.42571 del
(328.00 B 125x83 romania.png)

Anonymous 12/17/2019 (Tue) 05:19:59 [Preview] No.42572 del

Election rigging has been covered nicely here:

U.S. & Global Elections Rigging by Soros - The CIA - The British Empire = Roths - Proof!


Anonymous 12/17/2019 (Tue) 05:24:59 [Preview] No.42574 del
(937.71 KB 1158x1168 expose-cnn.png)
(59.65 KB 480x542 8daddc3b41b4c1fa.jpg)
(244.51 KB 1200x1200 0f41032683d563a8.jpg)
(112.66 KB 720x720 1576454333432.jpg)


Anonymous 12/17/2019 (Tue) 05:27:59 [Preview] No.42575 del
>Eric CIArammella Ukraine Whistleblower

CIAramella - Fake Whistleblower Basis of Coup X Trump - Exposed!!


Anonymous 12/17/2019 (Tue) 05:30:30 [Preview] No.42576 del



Anonymous 12/17/2019 (Tue) 05:33:59 [Preview] No.42577 del
The Sorry Soros Shifty Schiff SCIF Attack Upon We The People Exposed!


Anonymous 12/17/2019 (Tue) 05:37:55 [Preview] No.42578 del
>DC Mormon Mittromney

The Mitt Romney - SES Deep State - Shadow Government RICO Crimes Exposed!


Anonymous 12/17/2019 (Tue) 05:40:45 [Preview] No.42579 del

The Trump - Ukraine Presidential Phone Call Cracked!


Anonymous 12/17/2019 (Tue) 05:44:25 [Preview] No.42580 del

The B.S. FAKE Trump Impeachment Explained!


Anonymous 12/17/2019 (Tue) 05:53:53 [Preview] No.42581 del
(1.02 MB 800x570 6 million jobs.png)

Anonymous 12/17/2019 (Tue) 14:16:58 [Preview] No.42584 del

Hey Kek, what´s up?

Anonymous 12/17/2019 (Tue) 14:18:00 [Preview] No.42585 del

Potus listens to source X weapon´s grade Intel.

Anonymous 12/17/2019 (Tue) 16:33:22 [Preview] No.42586 del
Good Morning Dayshift o/

SourceX quite shitting up the bread, ur spamming now. ty

Anonymous 12/17/2019 (Tue) 17:19:27 [Preview] No.42587 del


Glaring shill who does not like to see the truth.

Anonymous 12/17/2019 (Tue) 17:39:03 [Preview] No.42592 del
X game?
10 year limit on info.
Extra Points highlight 2010-2016.
8 min timer.

Anonymous 12/17/2019 (Tue) 17:44:33 [Preview] No.42593 del
(78.83 KB 430x389 Barr Story.png)
Weren't you planning Op on Wed b4 Q drop, kek

Anonymous 12/17/2019 (Tue) 17:52:13 [Preview] No.42594 del

Barr needs to be exposed also:

Barr - Horowitz - Wray SES Deep State Operatives Protect The Swamp! Exposed!


The Two-Tiered Shadow Justice System Exposed!


So Quantum Packets told you to "trust SESsions" and what did that lead to? SESsions was fired by Trump! So guess who failed? Another mega fail!

Anonymous 12/17/2019 (Tue) 18:10:17 [Preview] No.42595 del
Long meetings held within a SCIF [unusual] usually indicate something 'highly important' was discussed [planned]?'
'What does WRAY know and when will he release to the PUBLIC?'
'Think WRAY (yesterday).
Think [RR] (today).'
>SESsions was fired by Trump! So guess who failed? Another mega fail!
Try harder.

Anonymous 12/17/2019 (Tue) 18:11:02 [Preview] No.42596 del

Anonymous 12/17/2019 (Tue) 18:16:32 [Preview] No.42597 del

All SES members, all protect the SES Deep State clan.
>Long meetings held within a SCIF [unusual] usually indicate something 'highly important' was discussed [planned]?'
Yes, of course, to protect their own SES swamp!
>'What does WRAY know and when will he release to the PUBLIC?'
Wray is an SES deep state agent also and do not expect any justice from these SES shills. Rather, more cover-ups.
>'Think WRAY (yesterday).
Yesterday Wray slow-footed the Enron case, slow-walked Congress and refused to provide info, sat on the HC e-mails and today colludes with other SES members to create The Shadow Justice System.
>Think [RR] (today).'
Rod Rosenstein signed the FISA abuse letters and his wife Lisa is a lawyer to protect and defend the crimes of the Shadow Gov.
SESsions was fired by Trump! So guess who failed? Another mega fail!
>Try harder.

Try harder! FAIL!

Barr - Horowitz - Wray SES Deep State Operatives Protect The Swamp! Exposed!


The Two-Tiered Shadow Justice System Exposed!





Anonymous 12/17/2019 (Tue) 18:17:19 [Preview] No.42598 del
>X game?
>10 year limit on info.
>Extra Points highlight 2010-2016.
>8 min timer.

What is all that about dude?

Anonymous 12/17/2019 (Tue) 18:23:30 [Preview] No.42599 del
X = fake AF

Anonymous 12/17/2019 (Tue) 18:31:08 [Preview] No.42600 del


Gaslighting paid shill foff.

Anonymous 12/17/2019 (Tue) 21:29:02 [Preview] No.42601 del
'Congresswoman Kay @GrangerCampaign has worked hard for Texas and been a strong supporter of our #MAGA Agenda. She’s strong on #2A and Securing our Border and is 100% pro-life. Kay has my Complete and Total Endorsement!'

Anonymous 12/17/2019 (Tue) 21:32:46 [Preview] No.42602 del
(232.25 KB 800x390 Storming the Beach.png)

Anonymous 12/17/2019 (Tue) 21:33:56 [Preview] No.42603 del
Catalog of key posts exposing the NWO cabal Venetian Black Nobility Crown Banking Cartel.

Anonymous 12/17/2019 (Tue) 21:35:36 [Preview] No.42604 del
This is part II of the catalog, with more posts exposing the NWO CIA cabal of the Black Nobility Crown banking cartel, which needs to be exposed.

Anonymous 12/17/2019 (Tue) 21:37:58 [Preview] No.42605 del

You will find all of these posts listed in the images below:



Anonymous 12/17/2019 (Tue) 21:39:44 [Preview] No.42606 del
'#BREAKING a scathing letter from FISC Will Force FBI to Face its Actions that led to Major Abuse and violations in the Carter Page FISA application...
'FBI...Misled FISC' Secret Court Demands Answers From FBI By Jan. 10 https://saraacarter.com/fbi-misled-fisc-secret-court-demands-answers-from-fbi-by-jan-10/?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=social-pug via @SaraCarterDC'

Anonymous 12/17/2019 (Tue) 21:40:31 [Preview] No.42607 del

All of the links with further details found here below. The NWO can use shills to attack the truth, attempt to silence our voice, but in the end the truth shall out!


Links all found here:


Anonymous 12/17/2019 (Tue) 21:41:51 [Preview] No.42608 del

The FISA courts have already condemned the FBI for abuse before but nothing happened. I wonder if they lack the teeth to do anything...

Anonymous 12/17/2019 (Tue) 21:44:31 [Preview] No.42609 del

Some of the links can be found here:


Anonymous 12/17/2019 (Tue) 21:47:07 [Preview] No.42610 del
'Proud 2support the Natl Defense Authorization Act which includes a well deserved pay raise for the men & women who serve in our armed forces After yrs of decline under previous admin the U.S. military is rebuilt & stronger than ever'

Anonymous 12/17/2019 (Tue) 22:11:31 [Preview] No.42611 del

Is it not the NDAA that has targeted Americans or allowed the MSM to carry-out propaganda...something like that?


The links can be found here also:


Anonymous 12/17/2019 (Tue) 22:19:46 [Preview] No.42612 del

Anonymous 12/17/2019 (Tue) 22:23:06 [Preview] No.42613 del
(325.87 KB 665x1234 obama propaganda.jpg)

Anonymous 12/17/2019 (Tue) 22:41:15 [Preview] No.42614 del

See? The NDAA is an Obama OP and is being renewed! Same for other things like NAFTA, now the same as USMCA! And so nothing really has changed....

Anonymous 12/17/2019 (Tue) 22:47:03 [Preview] No.42615 del

Many of the links can still be found here:


(They are messing with your mind and trying to prevent you from discovering the truth).

Now you know.

Anonymous 12/17/2019 (Tue) 23:02:23 [Preview] No.42616 del
Please see the attached PDF file for full details.

Anonymous 12/17/2019 (Tue) 23:07:42 [Preview] No.42617 del
'The Democrats/enviros in Congress fight to stop domestic mining. But they buy electric cars, computers and phones which need cobalt. They are directly responsible for 40,000 African children working in cobalt mines. Cobalt is byproduct of copper mines.'

Anonymous 12/17/2019 (Tue) 23:12:57 [Preview] No.42618 del

There are criminals in both the Democrt & Republican party. The current gov is illegit. Got links to show you this.

Anonymous 12/17/2019 (Tue) 23:16:47 [Preview] No.42619 del
Additional relevant links in PDF file format:


(Download with virus-free, block-chain tech, no cookies).

Anonymous 12/18/2019 (Wed) 00:25:11 [Preview] No.42620 del
so saving this pic anon. <3

Anonymous 12/18/2019 (Wed) 00:26:54 [Preview] No.42621 del
well we have tripled in the last few days

10-30 pepes on the board atm.

must be the OP. or Sourcex has several connections going on kek.



Are You Ready?

Anonymous 12/18/2019 (Wed) 00:28:28 [Preview] No.42622 del
TY Nam... Strace command worked perfectly o7

>shout out to mi Edge fam <3
>Who dont love living on the Edge

]$ Sudo Pacman -Syu TheEdge

Anonymous 12/18/2019 (Wed) 00:51:26 [Preview] No.42623 del

This link and article is the keystone:


Anonymous 12/18/2019 (Wed) 01:02:54 [Preview] No.42624 del
Archive everything. Latest version after the board attack:


Anonymous 12/18/2019 (Wed) 02:25:09 [Preview] No.42626 del
(421.15 KB 688x1033 expose-cnn1.png)

Q exposed as a fraud once and for all! Anonymous 12/18/2019 (Wed) 02:28:19 [Preview] No.42627 del

The Q larp and lies I have just exposed big time here:


Once again, the source of the sauce has won!

Anonymous 12/18/2019 (Wed) 02:29:59 [Preview] No.42628 del

Anonymous 12/18/2019 (Wed) 02:30:32 [Preview] No.42629 del
great now get to work.
romania papad energy levant cypress

Anonymous 12/18/2019 (Wed) 02:31:24 [Preview] No.42630 del

This post is key:


That is fake and Q is proven to not know what he is talking about in this post. This because there were no FISA warrants on Flynn, Papodoupolus, Manafort because they were already being spied upon. In fact, Flynn was long ago under surveillance before these incidents with Trump. More fake posts by the fake larper Q exposed!


Fine, who cares you and your Q-tards have just been proven by me to be fraudsters!

Anonymous 12/18/2019 (Wed) 02:33:52 [Preview] No.42631 del

OK, good but if we post this research here, it will only be promoting a larp and a fraud as I have just proven Q to be a fraud. So this needs to be posted someplace focused on my legit research and not on this fake Q larp which in one shot I just have demonstrated to be a complete fraud and a lie.

Anonymous 12/18/2019 (Wed) 02:36:18 [Preview] No.42632 del


This post is key:


That is fake and Q is proven to not know what he is talking about in this post. This because there were no FISA warrants on Flynn, Papodoupolus, Manafort because they were already being spied upon. In fact, Flynn was long ago under surveillance before these incidents with Trump. More fake posts by the fake larper Q exposed!

Anonymous 12/18/2019 (Wed) 02:36:53 [Preview] No.42633 del

Anonymous 12/18/2019 (Wed) 02:38:59 [Preview] No.42634 del
shills, i jus hide'em kek

Anonymous 12/18/2019 (Wed) 02:42:10 [Preview] No.42635 del
Don´t want a short link?

Ok, here it goes:

https: //web.archive.org/web/20191218021706/https://endchan.net/.media/5c1cd60aa468146f8a89c342cc6dfff9-applicationpdf.pdf

https: //partiko.app/@motherlibertynow/shadow-government-and-deep-state-operatives-banning-mother-liberty-exposed

Anonymous 12/18/2019 (Wed) 02:42:53 [Preview] No.42636 del
>shills, i jus hide'em kek.

When the fraud is proven, they call others shills.

Anonymous 12/18/2019 (Wed) 02:45:27 [Preview] No.42637 del

(You need to remove the space after the https: to view the links.)

Anonymous 12/18/2019 (Wed) 02:50:27 [Preview] No.42638 del
(435.22 KB 839x598 Knowingly.png)
EndChan has eyez on.
Otherwise, why the shills?
Nice work the few.

Anonymous 12/18/2019 (Wed) 02:53:14 [Preview] No.42639 del

Anonymous 12/18/2019 (Wed) 02:58:49 [Preview] No.42640 del
>EndChan has eyez on.
>Otherwise, why the shills?
>Nice work the few

What you think are shills are actually average people just like me who get paid not one penny yet as David is able to slay your fake Q Goliath!

That is God´s will!

Anonymous 12/18/2019 (Wed) 03:48:14 [Preview] No.42641 del

FISA Court Judge Rips FBI: Your Deceptive Behavior ‘Calls Into Question’ All the Warrants Against Carter Page



Anonymous 12/18/2019 (Wed) 04:01:51 [Preview] No.42642 del
well pepes are aware or triggered to fight. lets see how tomorrow goes.

#ExposeCNN https://twitter.com/search?q=%23ExposeCNN
ExposeCNN https://twitter.com/search?q=ExposeCNN

Anonymous 12/18/2019 (Wed) 04:43:48 [Preview] No.42643 del
Good luck, i will be firing o7

Anonymous 12/18/2019 (Wed) 04:44:31 [Preview] No.42644 del
>So, if Comey & the top people in the FBI were dirty cops and cheated on the FISA Court, wouldn’t all of these phony cases have to be overturned or dismissed? - Trump
Papa, Flynn, _

Anonymous 12/18/2019 (Wed) 13:08:54 [Preview] No.42645 del
(937.71 KB 1158x1168 expose-cnn.png)
(421.15 KB 688x1033 expose-cnn1.png)
(112.66 KB 720x720 1576454333432.jpg)
(59.65 KB 480x542 8daddc3b41b4c1fa.jpg)
(195.00 KB 719x960 1576454350314.jpg)


>#ExposeCNN https://imgur.com/a/UwtQJIu
>#ExposeCNN https://imgur.com/a/UwtQJIu
>#ExposeCNN https://imgur.com/a/UwtQJIu
>#ExposeCNN https://imgur.com/a/UwtQJIu


This is not a Drill!
We Need you to Meme the Hella out of CNN and awakening their Base, as well as Dem followers.

>All Anons Requested to Watch the Hearings and Meme da hell out of CNN. Time for the Fake Media to get a dose of Reality.

Anonymous 12/18/2019 (Wed) 15:07:26 [Preview] No.42648 del
Seems like we have a good start today o7

#ExposeCNN is a GO!!!


Larp proven, exposed Anonymous 12/18/2019 (Wed) 15:27:45 [Preview] No.42649 del

You missed this post:


Which refers to this Q post:


''That is fake and Q is proven to not know what he is talking about in this

post. This because there were no FISA warrants on Flynn, Papodoupolus,

Manafort because they were already being spied upon. In fact, Flynn was

long ago under surveillance before these incidents with Trump. More fake

posts by the fake larper Q exposed!''

In fact, the OIG report was initiated because of the Nunes FISA abuse

report which required Horowitz to open the investigation into the FISA

abuse of Carter Page. So this document "Q" quotes refers to the FISA abuse

by the FBI on Carter Page only! Yet fake "Q" then refers to FISA abuse on

Flynn when there were no FISA requests to spy on Flynn, as I noted above!

Thus, in one shot "Q" has been exposed as a fraud! Q claims there were

Flynn FISA warrant applications when there were none! Q fraud and hoax,

larp exposed!

Groundwork laid for the prosecution of "Q" anon & Patriot Soap Box & Larp Teams Anonymous 12/18/2019 (Wed) 15:53:16 [Preview] No.42650 del

In one shot, Q-Source-X proves “Q” anon is a lie, a hoax, a fraud, fake and defrauding the public with disinformation, lies, misleading people! So Source-X has not only proven “Q” anon to be a fraudulent operation, but now has laid grounds for the prosecution of “Q” for lying to the American people, defrauding the American people, pretending to associated with POTUS, which is criminal impersonation, defrauding people of money via the “Patriot Soap Box”, defrauding Q-Source-X by stealing his one million dollar reward, paid to Pamphlet Anon at the Patriot Soap Box. Pamphlet and his board at Q-Research on 8-chan claimed they had posted the information which Q-Source-X posted and then claimed a one million dollar reward for information and research they had not posted, thus defrauding Q-Source-X of the one million dollar reward. Further, these people who work for this so called Patriot Soap Box are ex criminals and carry secret FBI informant guns. Nemo is an ex convict. Pamphlet an informant carrying a gun. Others are anti-Trump and pretend to be pro Trump. Others never voted and run the scam. Pamphlet uses his father´s basement and company to do the mass promotion of fake Q on Youtube. They use the one million reward they stole from Q-Source-X to do mass social media campaigns on Twitter and Reddit as well, hiring an army of trolls and people they recruit on boards, Reddit. They push out the fake Q memes, #Qsent me hashtags and convince an army of duped patriots and Trump supporters that they are “saving the planet”, that there will be mass arrests, that there are mass sealed indictments. All of this is a lie, a larp, a hoax. In one post and in one shot, Q-Source-X has proven the Q anon fraud, lie. All those supposed sealed indictments are nothing but procedural documents and Anti-School on Youtube did a great expose on this a full year ago. And now these scammers and larpers, after being take-down two months ago, re-surfaced recently on the Internet and new Q discussion boards have been created. Former duped followers and researchers were conscripted again to continue where they left off, being convinced that this new “Q” poster is legit and that he is part of the Trump administration, taking-down the cabal. This is a crime. It is a disinformation war. This war is being waged upon the American people by the Deep State SES and their rogue Intel agents who have hired this “Patriot Soap Box” and their criminal group to do their work for them, telling all to trust bad SES actors such as SESsions, Huber, Wray, all swamp creatures protecting the SES swamp. This has been well covered in this post here on Steemit: https: //partiko.app/@motherlibertynow/shadow-government-and-deep-state-operatives-banning-mother-liberty-exposed (Remove the space after the https: to view the post). As you can see and as I have explained, these SES swamp creatures are operatives of The Shadow Government and run a Shadow Justice System where Deep State SES members involved in the Cross-Fire Hurricane crimes are targeted and exonerated while the Patriots are targeted and prosecuted by Weissmann and the angry Democrats, by Mueller corrupt Star Chamber judges such as Amy Berman Jackson, by the SES 500 corrupt attorneys. In the meantime, the wife of Rosenstein Lisa Barsoomian protects the Shadow Government in their crimes. Rosenstein also needs to go to jail as he signed the fake FISA applications, among others. But because of the Shadow Government tactics of stalling justice, target and exonerate, none of them will go to jail. See the other posts, including the most recent one on Steemit exposing this entire fraud. Now you know the truth. X.

Anonymous 12/18/2019 (Wed) 17:11:31 [Preview] No.42651 del
'In the end here, nothing happened. We don’t approach anything like the egregious conduct that should be necessary before a President should be removed from office. I believe that a President can’t be removed from office if there is no reasonable possibility that the Senate..'

Anonymous 12/18/2019 (Wed) 17:15:54 [Preview] No.42652 del
'....won’t convict and remove the President - Then the House should not be Impeaching the President in the first place. If this is the new standard, every President from here on out is impeachable.” Andy McCarthy @FoxNews So well stated. Thank you!'

Anonymous 12/18/2019 (Wed) 17:34:03 [Preview] No.42653 del
What a day to be alive \o/ woohoo

Anonymous 12/18/2019 (Wed) 17:36:19 [Preview] No.42654 del
(2.79 MB 1393x2321 Coincidence.png)
(630.46 KB 800x622 CIA comms.png)
(232.25 KB 800x390 Storming the Beach.png)
(598.34 KB 801x716 Jermey Fleming.png)

Anonymous 12/18/2019 (Wed) 17:41:28 [Preview] No.42655 del

Anonymous 12/18/2019 (Wed) 17:56:58 [Preview] No.42656 del
'Today’s impeachment vote is going to be a lot of things, but today is not about:


Anonymous 12/18/2019 (Wed) 17:59:35 [Preview] No.42657 del

All your research is invalid since it is premised upon false assumptions being pushed by a lying Q. The fact you ignore the facts proves you also are pushing lies and hoaxes:


You ignore the facts which prove your hoax, proving all who ignore this to be a part of the scam.

Anonymous 12/18/2019 (Wed) 18:21:33 [Preview] No.42658 del

Basis for legal action against this "Q" fraud and all of you pushing it has been laid:


Any web sites hosting the lies, or banning those who expose the lies are also complicit in these crimes and are subject to being legally and criminally prosecuted as well!

Anonymous 12/18/2019 (Wed) 18:43:20 [Preview] No.42659 del
'1yr ago 2day the Senate overwhelmingly passed First Step Act 87-12 The bipartisan crim justice reform is 1st in a generation I worked on this for yrs & @realDonaldTrump
support helped pull much needed reforms & programs 2 give ppl another bite at the apple across the finish line'

Anonymous 12/18/2019 (Wed) 18:44:14 [Preview] No.42660 del

Democrats rejected a motion to vote on impeachment by manual, roll-call vote

They don't want to be on camera when they vote to overturn the votes of 63 million Americans

They don't want their names to be immediately associated with their votes



Anonymous 12/18/2019 (Wed) 19:47:38 [Preview] No.42661 del
(112.06 KB 500x437 Voter ID.jpg)
Fox and Frens talking about VoterID.
starts at 12:32

Anonymous 12/18/2019 (Wed) 20:00:54 [Preview] No.42662 del

Anonymous 12/18/2019 (Wed) 20:11:17 [Preview] No.42663 del
(499.40 KB 580x669 screenshot.png)

Please help and Share and comment on CNN

Reply to thier posts and start with .@CNN
USE: #ExposeCNN in your words

Hijack Hashes


>reminder only shill will leave a negative comment

Anonymous 12/18/2019 (Wed) 20:47:52 [Preview] No.42666 del
(494.59 KB 590x640 screenshot.png)

Anonymous 12/18/2019 (Wed) 20:48:47 [Preview] No.42667 del
(364.59 KB 614x775 screenshot.png)

Anonymous 12/18/2019 (Wed) 20:50:19 [Preview] No.42668 del

Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 00:38:02 [Preview] No.42670 del
(64.46 KB 780x438 DoItQ.jpg)
New Mega drop here:



Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 00:43:59 [Preview] No.42671 del
>>reminder only shill will leave a negative comment

We all agree to expose CNN. Just because people leave negative comments exposing things does not mean they are a shill. That is stupid.

Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 01:10:42 [Preview] No.42672 del
Thank You Anons.
Thank You Anons.
Thank You Anons.
Thank You Anons.

Wonderful Day of #ExposeCNN

This has weakened the Media.
Not a lot, but enough to allow Phase ll.

Twitter Social Cannons Be On StandBy.
>Think California

Time and Objective (TBA)

Again, Thank You Patriots.
Bless all Anons.
GFU Shills

-o7 War Room

Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 01:19:31 [Preview] No.42673 del
Thank You Anons for all that you Do.
God Speed and Protection.
Till The End my frenz o7

>Phase ll - [VoterID] TBA

Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 01:21:13 [Preview] No.42674 del
leaving a neg comment on mi post means u are shill.

>u confused?

Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 01:25:58 [Preview] No.42675 del
leaving a neg comment on mi post means u are shill.

u confused?

Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 01:29:57 [Preview] No.42676 del
>GFU Shills

Glowing clown CIA disinfo agent auto-exposes self.

Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 02:18:04 [Preview] No.42677 del

The correct link referred to is here:

The Two-tiered Justice System Exposed


No virus guarantee. You cannot use that as an excuse not to view the link.

Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 02:50:53 [Preview] No.42678 del
(51.61 KB 600x338 WhoIsQ.jpg)
Evidence of Who Fake Q really Is. Clowns Involvement Exposed!

https: //busy.org/@motherlibertynow/evidence-of-who-fake-q-really-is

(To view the link, remove the space after the http:)

Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 14:56:23 [Preview] No.42679 del
An error occurred.
Sorry, the page you are looking for is currently unavailable.
Please try again later.

If you are the system administrator of this resource then you should check the error log for details.

Faithfully yours, nginx.


Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 14:59:46 [Preview] No.42680 del
Qresearch on 8kun has been taken down.

Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 15:02:35 [Preview] No.42681 del

Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 15:16:12 [Preview] No.42682 del
"Never forget, never forgive"

They disrupt one meeting house, we'll find another. Remember these people and make sure "they won't be able to walk down the street".

Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 15:24:40 [Preview] No.42684 del


Dr. Larry Brilliant, president of the Skoll Global Threats Fund, said: "In addition to announcing our first
grants, I am pleased to welcome Eric Nonacs as our Vice President, Alliances and Partnerships. It is
fitting that our first executive hire should have the role of building networks of donors, experts, and
activists to fight these global threats -- as no single organization alone can do enough to prevent or
mitigate these catastrophic risks. We must all be in this together, and Eric's ability to forge focused,
results-oriented partnerships, as he demonstrated at the William J. Clinton Foundation and other
organizations, will be a critical asset for our new organization."
Brilliant, who was formerly Google VP and Executive Director of Google.org, said the organization plans
to work on five issue areas: climate change, pandemics, water scarcity, nuclear weapons proliferation,
and conflict in the Middle East. The initial 3 to 5 year budget for grants, advocacy and administration is
$100 million. "But more important than money is the unique 'toolkit' of media, financial and
philanthropic assets that Jeff Skoll has put together to work on global threats," Brilliant said.

Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 15:26:15 [Preview] No.42685 del
well the cabal is dumb as fuck because this chan is the ideal place to post this (why they took the site down i couldn't get the post through.) they are attacking this place right now too will upload video sepratley
>>7559558 (lb)
>>7559588 (lb)
>>7559599 (lb)

a nickname from when i posted on /pol/ because i was keen on the masonic deception openly on 8chan since ~2015. Aware of it since ~2011 in a real way. Often pissed everyone pointing out symbolism before it was believed beyond extreme psyops that the muh jew shills are trying to uphold to this day.

Alright guys the UkRAINe scandal while deep is also symbolical. They sayin the president acted careless by advocating RAIN as in the exposure of freemasonry or rather satanic elements embedded inside of freemasonry. i will let the video explain what the mn might mean aswell as the pinned tweet as to potus in the way of the cabal and me. PAIN. And the dancing woman. I fucking dance sometimes to show the masons they can gaslight but im still light on my feet. Only doing this because Q made the thank you post after i had posted it. SO i am doing it again at the risk of muh anon credibility these people are staring at me live right now (hence the camera angles in the dink dance vid its where they are in my room i think i have all but the one behind me blocked.) the cabal im only hiding from patriots Not doxing myself but this is what it means. I made it clear in the make it rain thread to blame me not potus i am the one making it rain. That is why you will see that guy saying "rain next thread because (insert bo baker insult here)". That is why the scoreboard shill says and uses nigga please memes all the damn time i said not a thing because I am anon. Its not namefagging if they call you a clockfag a clocknigger The media harasses me just like potus. In ways only i or initiates can recognize. The Q drop about planned narratives being orchestrated across platforms. People will fight it with famefag namefag etc. I am not that n-word name i am anon i have gone out of my way to not ever explain this. The president might need some of the blame taken off of him because all this is because he is trying to dismantle the secret society mafia hellworld we are living in.

bottom of page.
>Hey MN, if you could write the plot line of a game what would it be?

Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 15:49:16 [Preview] No.42686 del
>"Never forget, never forgive"
>They disrupt one meeting house, we'll find another. Remember these people and make sure "they won't be able to walk down the street"

That is what we say to you. We never forget, we never forget. Anonymous patriots once again are taking-down the Q larp. You find a new house and we will also take it down. You continue this on this site, it will be taken-down also. You were warned yesterday and are warned again today. Now comes the pain. There can only be one.


The Delta 0 is easy to explain. The dark cabal control Twitter so they can see when Potus tweets and then 0 póst to as to create a fake connection. We see your every move. We know who you are. You can run but you cannot hide.

The original official doc says Comey not Corney. That is another fake Q lie. You have been warned.

>The president might need some of the blame taken off of him because all this is because he is trying to dismantle the secret society mafia hellworld we are living in.

You are not making it rain. There can only be one. And Trump taking down the cabal is a hegelian dialectic being run by the Khazarian mafia. You have been duped.


They have listened to our request. The larp take-down has begun once again. Welcome to the show. You were warned.

Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 15:51:02 [Preview] No.42687 del
(637.56 KB 465x713 Eric Nonacs.PNG)
"Strengthening Organizational Capacity

Not a hell of a lot on this guy. He's CFR and CGI, clearly a black hat. Any documentary evidence of his participation in the coup? Need two open/accepted sources for inclusion.

Session Features: Snacks Available

Limited personnel and organizational capacity can significantly reduce the ability of CGI U participants to carry out their commitments and bring them to scale. This session will introduce strategies for managing and building a staff, as well as recruiting, organizing, and retaining an engaged volunteer team. In addition, students will learn how to expand their reach and impact by identifying and securing partnerships with a wide range of campus and community partners.
Eric Nonacs, Principal, Golden State"




Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 15:55:58 [Preview] No.42688 del
(63.34 KB 1190x456 Begone Satan.jpg)
> There can only be one.
That you, Satan?

Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 16:09:20 [Preview] No.42690 del
>They have listened to our request. The larp take-down has begun once again. Welcome to the show. You were warned.

guess that didn't work out so well
but now they know
so enjoy the show

Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 16:12:31 [Preview] No.42691 del

No, that was dark hat Obama. You are on the wrong side. Come to the light! There can only be one. Take no fake imitations from Lucifer. Accept the fact that there is only one Destroyer of the NWO!

Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 16:13:38 [Preview] No.42692 del

It is an ongoing battle. Dark against light. We shall succeed in defeating your Darth Vader forces of evil. There can only be one!

Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 16:19:33 [Preview] No.42693 del
(31.62 KB 200x212 sweating.png)
>tfw called obama a spook thinking he was some kind of clown.
>he may have seen it as racist
>accidentally found the moloch picture on instagram.

Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 16:19:35 [Preview] No.42694 del

Don´t listen to the horror show. They are duped patriots who believe they are taking-down the cabal but are just fooling themselves.


SESsions is an SES deep state member and a do nothing..there goes fake Q again telling you to "trust SESsions, trust Wray, trust Huber"...these people are sick! There can only be one!

Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 16:52:25 [Preview] No.42695 del
right now i want to say even as evil as obama may be. Can obama fight the cabal? I certainly hope so. or at least cease this mockery very frighting to be quite honest. Literal illuminati people are bugging out over this crap. I dont know much he is right i may just be fooling myself. But maybe the q team is so on it that just stop posting man you can be the magical black man im a whiteboy i aint pretending to be black obama just on a racial level i feel obliged to say that. My goal has always been as a saftey precaution to be anonymous. So I did not say "hey that is not right saying the n word". That on /pol/ was not only not a priority but had i said that it would have been laughed off and doubled down on. but memetically freemasonry must be destroyed. And if you think about it you helped destroy it. I think if he cooperates with whatever team america force is out there he can save a lot of hardship on everyone and himself. And when they say the truth must be controlled. Maybe obama is too big of a name to unveil as a satanist. Or maybe he can be candid about it and that can spark a golden age in humanity. Just thinking out loud. no idea what is going on there is so many layers over my head.

Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 16:57:32 [Preview] No.42696 del
>>tfw called obama a spook thinking he was some kind of clown.
>>he may have seen it as racist
>>accidentally found the moloch picture on instagram.

There are no dark hats here. Only us Patriots taking down the NWO, exposing the Clown C-I-A and helping to restore the Republic. There can be no imitations. There can only be ONE.

>Strengthening Organizational Capacity

Obama was about "strengthening the SES". The SES is the heart and core of the Deep State. So Obama needs to be impeached and the SES needs to be shut-down!

There can only be one.

>Skoll Global Threats Fund,

These so called Global Threat Funds and anti war groups are actually C-I-A Soros operations designed to further war. Just as The British Integrity Initiative and The Democracy Integrity project. Fiona Hill is a member. These are the same people guilty of crimes in Ukraine and now the ones attempting to take-down Potus.

Just in case you missed it


There can only be one. The source of the sauce.


Obama, HC, Soros all C-I-A agents. That is The Shadow Gov. The SES in turn in the heart of the Deep State. There are dark hats pretending to be white hats. Be careful who you follow. RDS a limited hang-out controlled op?

Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 17:05:55 [Preview] No.42697 del
what in the total fuck is going on today?

Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 17:32:27 [Preview] No.42698 del
(16.07 KB 609x159 3731.PNG)
New Q Drop

Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 12/19/19 (Thu) 12:27:056e512c (1) No.7560746>>7560753 >>7560754 >>7560755 >>7560756 >>7560757 >>7560762 >>7560763


Puppet following orders.

Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 17:36:32 [Preview] No.42699 del
California Democrats

CA-02: Jared Huffman
CA-03: John Garamendi
CA-05: Mike Thompson
CA-06: Doris Matsui
CA-07: Ami Bera
CA-09: Jerry McNerney
CA-10: Josh Harder
CA-11: Mark DeSaulnier
CA-12: Nancy Pelosi (Speaker of the House)[57]
CA-13: Barbara Lee
CA-14: Jackie Speier
CA-15: Eric Swalwell
CA-16: Jim Costa
CA-17: Ro Khanna
CA-18: Anna Eshoo
CA-19: Zoe Lofgren
CA-20: Jimmy Panetta
CA-21: TJ Cox
CA-24: Salud Carbajal
CA-25: Vacant (since October 27, 2019)
CA-26: Julia Brownley
CA-27: Judy Chu
CA-28: Adam Schiff
CA-29: Tony Cardenas
CA-30: Brad Sherman
CA-31: Pete Aguilar
CA-32: Grace Napolitano
CA-33: Ted Lieu
CA-34: Jimmy Gomez
CA-35: Norma Torres
CA-36: Raul Ruiz
CA-37: Karen Bass
CA-38: Linda Sánchez
CA-39: Gil Cisneros
CA-40: Lucille Roybal-Allard
CA-41: Mark Takano
CA-43: Maxine Waters
CA-44: Nanette Barragán
CA-45: Katie Porter
CA-46: Lou Correa
CA-47: Alan Lowenthal
CA-48: Harley Rouda
CA-49: Mike Levin
CA-51: Juan Vargas
CA-52: Scott Peters
CA-53: Susan Davis

Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 17:41:10 [Preview] No.42700 del
(238.97 KB 509x926 3732.PNG)
New Q Drop

Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 12/19/19 (Thu) 12:36:176e512c (2) No.7560892


Directly after a +?
Sometimes after a long day one needs a little pick-me-up.

Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 17:51:14 [Preview] No.42701 del
(88.72 KB 508x664 3733.PNG)
New Q Drop

Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 12/19/19 (Thu) 12:43:596e512c (3) No.7561019>>7561029 >>7561035 >>7561036 >>7561040 >>7561041


Nothing is happening.

Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 17:58:30 [Preview] No.42702 del
(24.61 KB 514x435 3734.PNG)
New Q Drop

Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 6e512c No.7561132📁
Dec 19 2019 12:50:14 (EST)
Anonymous ID: 050eda No.7561023📁
Dec 19 2019 12:44:18 (EST)
Backchannels are important.
Know your history and you will know why.

Makes me think of this. Sum of all fears. There are more good people in the world than there are bad.
Also, think 'White Squal' re: Cuban M Crisis/JFK.
Do comms only go to Anons?
Bigger than you can imagine.
Expand you're thinking.

Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 18:04:48 [Preview] No.42703 del
(18.66 KB 516x359 3735.PNG)
(15.75 KB 511x344 3736.PNG)
Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 6e512c No.7561162📁
Dec 19 2019 12:51:55 (EST)
Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 6e512c No.7561132📁
Dec 19 2019 12:50:14 (EST)
Also, think 'White Squal' re: Cuban M Crisis/JFK.
Do comms only go to Anons?
Bigger than you can imagine.
Expand you're thinking.
On the move.

Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 18:07:57 [Preview] No.42704 del
'Dems called it an emergency. They had to rush the impeachment through Congress.

Now AFTER a sham impeachment process, they’re going to wait to send the actual Articles to the Senate?

They don’t take the Constitution seriously. This is all about attacking the President.'

Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 18:09:58 [Preview] No.42705 del
Notable Dems are Niggers!

Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 18:11:58 [Preview] No.42706 del
(8.09 KB 511x119 3737.PNG)
New Q Drop

Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 6e512c No.7561326📁
Dec 19 2019 12:59:27 (EST)

Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 18:12:50 [Preview] No.42707 del
What is dem plan?
What is R plan?
What is Q plan?
No one knows Q+ plan, kek.
dem plan, slow impeachment in Senate
'Attempts to slow/block the inevitable [Justice] will fail.'
'The Senate must be unrestricted to conduct 'other' important business.
If [D]s knew Senate would not vote to convict - why proceed?
How long does a typical Senate impeachment trial take?'
So what should Anons do?
What is the countermove?

Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 18:22:31 [Preview] No.42708 del
(36.07 KB 476x679 Cali doing do bad.png)

Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 18:32:31 [Preview] No.42709 del
(791.74 KB 1246x898 Epoch Times 12192019.png)
(pic related)
Are dems 'afraid', yes, kek
Are dems afraid to send articles or is there some other reasons she's holding back articles? >>42707

Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 19:00:31 [Preview] No.42710 del
Watch an attempted assassination of the Saudi crown prince in Riyadh 🤯https://twitter.com/45HarisonHarold/status/1207720083545608193

Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 19:24:40 [Preview] No.42711 del
Leader of Drug Trafficking Organization Convicted of International Drug Trafficking Conspiracy=


Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 19:30:04 [Preview] No.42712 del
Cyprus arrests 3 employees of Israeli firm in ‘spy van’ probe


Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 19:57:37 [Preview] No.42713 del
Former NSA Tech Chief Says Mueller Report Was Based On CIA-Fabricated "Evidence"


Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 20:03:56 [Preview] No.42714 del
Some people might be thinking "wtf obama is at the center of this shit". I wanted to clear up the racial aspect and then imagined this source x stuff as a man pleading for his freedom etc and i felt sorry for the guy. Illuminati player trying to get through to some random anon its fucking sad guys. But America is NOT FOR SALE ANYMORE. Thanks to POTUS.

Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 20:05:22 [Preview] No.42716 del
(52.11 KB 590x451 gfgdgfd.png)
(81.73 KB 470x560 boom.png)

Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 20:13:30 [Preview] No.42717 del
Awesome number for 39K +

How will tonight’s vote in Congress to impeach President
affect your vote for president in the 2020 election?


Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 20:22:59 [Preview] No.42718 del
also the jersey shooting (mlk blvd)
the ups incident in fla (what can brown do for you ups slogan)
black hawk down incident in MN
All might had to do with the rain. Much like the ukRAINe. Or the post i made saying to blame me not potus in the make it rain thread.they went on a spree after december fifth when the #pizzatattoos hashtag was being posted in the make it rain bread.

Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 21:38:24 [Preview] No.42719 del

Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 21:48:37 [Preview] No.42720 del
Notable cyprus

Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 21:49:48 [Preview] No.42721 del
ty anon, jsut warming up o7

Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 21:54:07 [Preview] No.42722 del
How did it all begin?
is there a begin?
is there an end?

GOD where are YOU? Inside? Dimensional?

A Planet is not GOD! idgaf

what turned angels to men? atom?
Is god returning or is it a Planet? jupiter?

can i get a screen shot of our current glaxay planetary orbit scheme o/

Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 22:26:12 [Preview] No.42723 del
#VoterID (DanielCameron) >>33869 >>33864 >>33900 >>33902 >>33907 >>33910

Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 22:31:58 [Preview] No.42728 del


November 23, 2018 BY STEVEN AHLE

The numbers just don’t add up. The main election for California voters was, of course, the race for governor. Not only that, but Republican John Cox (who ran a putrid race) beat Newsome in Orange County despite wide margins of victory in the two traditional Democratic districts. Yet, in the House races, Democrats beat Republicans by about 186,000 votes and there were more votes for reps than for governor – by 299,931. There is no way that makes sense, especially considering how hardcore Republican Orange County has always been. For those numbers to be right, 3 out of every 10 voters in Orange County would have had to skip voting for governor. Does that make sense?
Orange County, a traditionally conservative enclave in Southern California turned all blue after Democrats found tens of thousands of votes post election day.

Just two years ago in 2016, only 2 Congressional districts in Orange County voted blue–now just two years later every single district voted blue.

Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 22:32:49 [Preview] No.42729 del
getting hella comments

We need to get a citizen referendum passed in each state mandating paper ballots be used, with citizen observers elected by a public record lottery process, and mandating a cleanup of voter rolls by cross referencing against both death records and the list of aborted fetuses that were given birth certificates but not death certificates, and against lists of illegals who were recorded as being in the state in any law enforcement records, and mandating voter ID.


Just check out what happened to Orange Co. It's who counts the votes...

There is also vote fraud on the input side. I have personally seen elections stolen when huge numbers of provisional ballots overwhelmed the system. Same day registration + unverified provisional ballots is something to watch. You don't need to rig machines with this method. It also works fine with paper ballots.


democrats have developed the entire election process here (i'm in CA) to be a fraud-projection device to eliminate the possibility of defeat by conservatives. There are only a few districts with truly conservative reps in congress. I'm blessed to live in one of them (district 4 - Tom McClintock).

Massive voter fraud is the only explanation. It needs to stop.

Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 22:35:21 [Preview] No.42731 del
Voter fraud affects all U.S. states. See this post exposing this:

https: //busy.org/@motherlibertynow/u-s-and-global-elections-rigging-by-soros-the-cia-the-british-empire-roths-proof

(To view the post, remove the space after the https: and paste the link in your browser).

I have another post I created on how Soros - the CIA rig the elections via a central AI. I believe it may be connected to the Google AI Manhattan Project.

The CIA also via CrowdStrike took control of the digital keys to the Internet and this is how they rig the elections as well. This is how they are able to view all traffic on the Internet.


take this post with a grain of salt anons and dont click nothing.

Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 22:41:19 [Preview] No.42732 del
Voter Id
Memes >>42723 >>42724 >>42725 >>42726 >>42727
Orange County Fraud >>42728
California Demand VoterID >>42729
Who to Follow and a MEME >>42730
Source X 2 cents >>42731

Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 22:44:48 [Preview] No.42733 del
I think once she sends the articles, she has nailed their coffin closed.

Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 22:54:58 [Preview] No.42734 del
Think timing.
Does Nancy want it sooner or later?
Which does she win/lose? >>42707
Once you know what she wants, what power do Anons have?

Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 23:00:45 [Preview] No.42736 del
>Once you know what she wants
not to be hung.

Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 23:21:50 [Preview] No.42737 del
hmmm what does she want???

california, san francisco, money???

Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 00:44:49 [Preview] No.42738 del
(13.24 KB 512x175 3738A.PNG)
(13.15 KB 511x170 3738B.PNG)
New Q Drop A & B

Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 2c6a4a No.7563273
Dec 19 2019 16:04:18 (EST)
Important to read and understand.
Something BIG is coming.

Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 01:10:31 [Preview] No.42739 del
(167.20 KB 421x323 mad.png)
(95.67 KB 297x270 ssssssssssss.png)
(11.92 KB 294x171 indexfd.jpg)
wait a second

Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 01:19:30 [Preview] No.42740 del
Missing surveillance footage of Jeffrey Epstein’s jail-cell suicide attempt has been found: prosecutors

Now they find it.

The missing footage of the outside of Jeffrey Epstein’s cell at Manhattan’s Metropolitan Correctional Center during his suicide attempt reappeared Thursday — a day after prosecutors said it hadn’t been preserved.


Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 01:28:24 [Preview] No.42741 del
In my view it is not a glitch but, for plausible deniability, looks like one.

For how long has Q been saying wait and see if they can hot a zero delta? This has been built up to!

We have 3 types of zero Delta:

Post to Post
Tweet to Tweet
and Post to tweet or vice versa.

Post to post was the last to be achieved - by these "glitches".


Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 01:44:41 [Preview] No.42742 del
'The Senate must be unrestricted to conduct 'other' important business.
If [D]s knew Senate would not vote to convict - why proceed?
How long does a typical Senate impeachment trial take?
Can the Senate conduct 'other' business during this time?

Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 01:49:24 [Preview] No.42743 del
Senate unrestricted or no moves against ds ('other' business).
D's proceed because it's not about successful conviction.
Instead, it seems to be about tying up Senate, so Senate can't work on 'other' business.
Typical Senate impeachment; impeachment not typical, but I'm sure takes longer, not shorter (ties up Senate = no 'other' business)
'Can the Senate conduct 'other' business during this time?
During impeachment, Senate can't work on ds take down.
Thus, all Nancy wants is time.
If correct, what is countermove?

Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 01:52:14 [Preview] No.42744 del
she may be waiting for the duham report

Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 02:00:54 [Preview] No.42745 del
push the durham release date o/

Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 02:01:34 [Preview] No.42746 del
>So what should Anons do?
countermove: force her to push the articles o/

Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 02:06:35 [Preview] No.42747 del
let all the democrats know she has stalled once again and needs to push the articles, or drop the issue.

am i close o/

Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 02:08:33 [Preview] No.42748 del
yup, but that will be the last thing she does.
What would force?

Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 02:11:43 [Preview] No.42749 del
(129.74 KB 297x270 nancy-stalls-again.png)

Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 02:13:10 [Preview] No.42750 del
the democrats would force

Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 02:17:19 [Preview] No.42751 del
the 4 would force.

Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 02:20:28 [Preview] No.42752 del
impeach them for falsely impeaching the President?
this would be my fav move.
Dems and R's: 'To beat Nancy, finish Senate impeachment speedily'
Then 'other' Senate work done.
What will 'other' work reveal?
Goodbye Dems and fake news.

Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 02:20:58 [Preview] No.42753 del
Is it treason to falsely impeach the President?

Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 02:22:18 [Preview] No.42754 del
Is it treason to waste millions of tax payer money on false reports re Mueller.
If Mueller dirrty...Corney

Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 02:32:23 [Preview] No.42755 del
tis treason

Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 02:33:26 [Preview] No.42756 del
Bump reqst


call to anons to force pelosi to push articles

Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 02:39:58 [Preview] No.42757 del
(336.25 KB 566x720 screenshot.png)


Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 03:01:33 [Preview] No.42758 del
The Fabian Society, the Third Way and modern British thought


Pray Devoutly, Hammer Stoutly

Do we know someone who is appropriating this hammer imagery? Part of The Plan.

The Fabians were elitists. They had scant regard for servants, factory workers or the poor. Their plan was to control these people through societal measures and programmes, such as eugenics. The goal, as in General Fabius’s strategy, was to break people down bit by bit and engineer their behaviour without them being conscious of it. They called this societal plan the Third Way. If that sounds familiar, it is because former Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair used it in the 1990s. People found this term quite novel, but it was simply Fabianism.

Others have documented how the Fabians in Canada, were instrumental in creating the USA's Deep State.




Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 03:08:50 [Preview] No.42759 del
Hey anons, this video is key:


Do not miss it. It will save you a ton of time.

Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 03:11:31 [Preview] No.42760 del
>take this post with a grain of salt anons and dont click nothing.

Shills caught editing posts!

Take this post seriously anons and now you see how they attempt to control you! They tell you which posts to follow, who to listen to and not! They believe you are stupid and do not have a brain! They are trying to manipulate you! Do not fall for the lies!

Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 03:14:30 [Preview] No.42761 del

The editing of this post only proves fraud, extortion, mind control, an attempt to control the narrative, to manipulate patriots, to tell you what to think. It proves the complicity of those doing this in all of this fraud which is taking place. Any site owners participating in this fraud are subject to having their sites black listed on Cloudflare and subsequent prosecution by competent authorities. Do not let them control your thinking anons!

Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 03:18:43 [Preview] No.42762 del
In fact, some time ago, the board owners explained that they do not have the ability to edit posts. They even scalded anyone who suggested it at the time. Now it is being done right in front of your eyes! This means that it must be the very site owner doing this if board owners cannot edit posts! So this means the site itself is pushing censorship, editing of posts, attempting to control the narrative, attempting to brain wash, manipulate and control anons. They want to tell you what to think and are afraid that you will discover the truth! Do not listen to them anons, use your brains that God gave you for heaven´s sake!

Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 03:25:55 [Preview] No.42763 del
The evidence of this MK-Ultra Mind Control attempt, fraud, censorship, attempt to control patriot anons, tell you what to think, to control you and prevent you from discovering the truth has been saved to web page wayback machine, as evidence of the fraud just in case this is needed for the upcoming lawsuits against those perpetrating this fraud on the Internet and related sites. You have all been served.

Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 03:29:14 [Preview] No.42764 del
Further evidence of the fraud is being posted all over the Internet as well, so that the authorities can take proper action.

https: //busy.org/@motherlibertynow/evidence-for-and-call-to-indict-q-anon-for-fraud-upon-america (remove the space after the https: to view the link). This is the information they do not want you to view, but it is too late, the cat is out of the bag and this is all being recorded. We know who you are and you will be held accountable for your crimes).

Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 03:29:35 [Preview] No.42765 del
'“What’s been revealed is a Country in better shape than it’s been in decades. Working men and women in the Country are the beneficiaries of a President who’s doing exactly what he said he was going to do, that is to restore prosperity for all Americans.” @LouDobbs Thank you Lou!'

Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 03:34:50 [Preview] No.42766 del
Well well what do we have here

Google, Facebook, Neuralink Sued

for Weaponized AI Tech Transfer, Complicity to Genocide in China and Endangering Humanity with Misuse of AI


17. Writing Code and Having Algorithms that influenced liberals and conservatives to exponentially increase their hate for each other via their bio-metric systems and emotions while attached to smart phones, IoT’s, apps, digital media, Google, Facebook and other interconnected platforms.

Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 03:36:04 [Preview] No.42767 del
LOL should change your text sometime

Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 03:38:48 [Preview] No.42768 del

All of social media and much more was all stolen by the government - stolen from Leader Technologies who created the source code. So the assets of the FANG need to be all seized as well as the owners. They all then need to be prosecuted.

See also this bitchute video which has been saved also to the wayback machine, along with this thread, to preserve the truth for future generations:

https: //web.archive.org/web/20190330063747/https://www.bitchute.com/video/jpwTlEVNomNj/ (remove the space to view video).

Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 03:39:20 [Preview] No.42769 del

Nothing to change, it is all perfect.

Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 03:46:51 [Preview] No.42770 del
>Well well what do we have here
>Google, Facebook, Neuralink Sued
>for Weaponized AI Tech Transfer, Complicity to Genocide in China and Endangering Humanity with Misuse of AI
>17. Writing Code and Having Algorithms that influenced liberals and conservatives to exponentially increase their hate for each other via their bio-metric systems and emotions while attached to smart phones, IoT’s, apps, digital media, Google, Facebook and other interconnected platforms.

Thanks, saved this to the wayback machine as well:

https: //web.archive.org/save/https://theaiorganization.com/google-facebook-neuralink-sued-for-weaponized-ai-tech-transfer-complicity-to-genocide-in-china-and-endangering-humanity-with-misuse-of-ai/

Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 03:49:59 [Preview] No.42772 del

Research also The Pilgrims Society. They control the media, everything.

Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 03:51:22 [Preview] No.42773 del
As suggested to him by X since two weeks ago, Trump will take it to the Supreme court and follow X advice. The Supreme case will rule there was not crime as defined in the Constitution and thus no basis for impeachment. The Dems lost big time! Boom!

Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 03:56:59 [Preview] No.42774 del
Willing to be the corrupt D-party already has a plan to impeach/remove Pence too. No way they will allow anyone but Nancy to rule the roost.


Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 04:03:58 [Preview] No.42775 del

The plan is for Nancy speaker to assume the Presidency once they impeach both Trump and Pence...then Nancy appoints Hillary as speaker of the House...Nancy then steps down...and by default then Hillary becomes President. This is the Demonrat plan. Spread it far and wide. x

Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 04:24:54 [Preview] No.42776 del

Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 05:15:55 [Preview] No.42777 del
Pretend impeachment happens in 1 day tomorrow.

What would start up again the next day? ('other' biz)

Pretend impeachment doesn't happen until Nov 1st 2020.

Would the Senate have enough time to finish 'other' biz?

The time itself is the tool/weapon.

Short, we win; long, advantage them.

How to make it short?

Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 05:22:58 [Preview] No.42778 del
(439.93 KB 694x563 nancy-your-fired.jpg)

Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 05:24:39 [Preview] No.42779 del
'How long does a typical Senate impeachment trial take?

Can the Senate conduct 'other' business during this time?


What 'value' might this have for [D]s?'

Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 05:25:44 [Preview] No.42780 del
Enjoy t
Enjoy th
Enjoy the
Enjoy the
Enjoy the s
Enjoy the sh
Enjoy the sho
Enjoy the show
Enjoy the show!
¡ʍoɥs ǝɥʇ ʎoɾuƎ
¡ʍoɥs ǝɥʇ ʎoɾu
¡ʍoɥs ǝɥʇ ʎoɾ
¡ʍoɥs ǝɥʇ ʎo
¡ʍoɥs ǝɥʇ ʎ
¡ʍoɥs ǝɥʇ
¡ʍoɥs ǝɥʇ
¡ʍoɥs ǝɥ
¡ʍoɥs ǝ

Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 05:26:42 [Preview] No.42781 del
(441.25 KB 694x563 nancy-your-fired.jpg)
kek gramarfag where are ya?

##qnktnX 12/20/2019 (Fri) 05:29:36 [Preview] No.42782 del

Wait till i delete yur shit for spamming mi board

Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 05:31:35 [Preview] No.42783 del
#DoNothingDemocrats #NoGoNancy #ImpeachmentArticles

Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 05:44:50 [Preview] No.42784 del
(149.44 KB 528x627 screenshot.jpg)

Social Fire

Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 05:50:30 [Preview] No.42785 del

Another good one, if you want to share with the twitter #DoNothingDemocrats and push them to get the #ImpeachmentArticles going. What is Pelosi waiting for? Why is she waiting, Durham? What happens if she doesn't push the articles, Fired? What is the Charge for Attempting to Remove a Duly Elected President, Treason? I hope You Are Ready, You are going to need lots of Popcorn. Please Share This message and get the dems to push the articles. if senate locked on impeachment, they cant prosecute durhams DS... Push the Articles Nance. Thank you.


Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 05:56:26 [Preview] No.42786 del
Bmp Reqst Please

Push Nance to Send Articles

Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 05:59:53 [Preview] No.42787 del

Nice snipe baker.

Careful with those.

So earlier convo…

DURHAM seems to have the widest scope now.

HUBER is still doing something.

We def expect a report/indictments from DURHAM.

Maybe from HUBER, too.

Maybe even others.

And it seems clear the 470 ppl working for these guys is code for the 470th Military Intelligence Brigade.

Somewhere, someone is holding a big ass hammer.

Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 07:41:19 [Preview] No.42788 del
(172.97 KB 1242x949 9991.jpg)
sure is

Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 13:33:11 [Preview] No.42789 del
Check-out these links anons:


Key video for you anons. You need to see it as it will save you a ton of time:


Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 13:45:53 [Preview] No.42790 del

As suggested to Potus since two weeks ago by Source X, he will take it to The Supreme Court, following again the x advice, as always. There is no constitutional basis for impeachment. It will fail.


The Zero Delta is easy to explain. As the dark cabal control and run Twitter, they can insert AI scripts into Twitter to push-out posts using the AI to make inferences with a zero delta. The Intel agencies are experts in this. The Trump post can shadow post and wait to show-up online while they rig the zero delta. Easily explained and they have been doing this all along. You have been duped.


See the attached image and wake-up - be duped no longer. The same ones running the SES coup are the ones running the Q larp, pushing disinfo, attempting to get you to trust SES coup plotters! Larp exposed!

Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 14:17:07 [Preview] No.42791 del
>EndChan has eyez on.
>Otherwise, why the shills?
>Nice work the few.

The reason the Republicans in Congress who do not want Trump to call in witnesses is because many Republicans also are involved in crimes in Ukraine and other crimes. You tell only half of the story. There are no shills here, only patriots exposing the truth. Learn.

Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 17:55:43 [Preview] No.42793 del

Read that then tell me why I want Senator Grahamnisty running this show?

Do you and Q really expect him to shoot his own foot off?

I don't.

Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 18:21:40 [Preview] No.42795 del
YouTube Deletes Viral Yuri Bezmenov Lecture On Communist Subversion For 'Hate Speech'

Google-owned YouTube has deleted Soviet defector Yuri Bezmenov's viral lecture on the process of subversion for "hate speech."

The move came just days after YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki unveiled a new subversive "harassment policy" which bans "malicious insults" against "public officials" who are members of a "protected" class.

Last I saw it, Bezmenov's lecture had well over a million views.

It went viral on Reddit just around two weeks ago (many leftists enraptured by the new Red Scare misinterpret the video as an indictment of modern-day Russia rather than the communist subversives who've taken over our institutions and compromised our ruling elite).


Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 18:23:29 [Preview] No.42796 del
TUCKER: Hunter Biden Was Paid $100k by Same Credit Card Company Joe Biden Helped in Senate

When Hunter Biden graduated from law school, he accepted what Tucker Carlson calls a “lucrative management job” with MBNA, a Delaware based credit card company. Despite the fact that Hunter stopped any work, he still collected more that $100,000 per year from 2001 -2005 for doing very little, if anything at all.


Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 18:49:48 [Preview] No.42797 del
(241.26 KB 1328x922 676.jfif)
Think Now

Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 19:15:06 [Preview] No.42798 del
(585.32 KB 640x493 255.png)
(217.24 KB 491x399 257.png)
(429.41 KB 998x448 253.png)
(585.98 KB 598x406 252.png)
here more

Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 19:40:18 [Preview] No.42799 del
(940.24 KB 900x648 678.jfif)
Ready For THIS ?
Qmap T-11407

Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 19:40:23 [Preview] No.42800 del
#DoNothingDemocrats #SendTheArticles
#DoNothingDemocrats #SendTheArticles
#DoNothingDemocrats #SendTheArticles
#DoNothingDemocrats #SendTheArticles

Anons Be Advised, Pelosi has stalled the Durham Report.
We Must get her to Push the Articles.
We cannot afford to have the Senate Locked on impeachment, when the durham report is released. SHE MUST PUSH THE ARTICLES NOW!!!

>All Anons On Deck. We MEME this Weekend.

Target: Democrats, The 4, Nadler, Schiff, Pelosi and all their followers.
She is trying to buy Time and we can not allow that.


Hijack #IMPOTUS for the moment.

This is not a Drill. Meme da hell out of them until she pushes the articles.
For God and Country!


Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 19:42:18 [Preview] No.42801 del
Bmp Rqst

pressure nance to send the articles

Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 19:51:17 [Preview] No.42802 del
(304.12 KB 1086x420 nancy-stalls-againa.png)

Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 20:11:17 [Preview] No.42803 del
I have hit 8kun, gab, and the patriots on twitter.


so the word is out to meme this weekend


tfw a president wants an impeachment kek.

>nb4 durham

Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 20:21:40 [Preview] No.42804 del

Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 20:58:25 [Preview] No.42805 del
FISA Court Judge Rosemary Collyer will step down b/c of "Health Issues" at the end of the year.

Chief Justice Roberts has tapped Judge James Boasberg to take over that role.

New document declassified:


Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 21:29:19 [Preview] No.42807 del
notable. who else bout to step down?

Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 21:33:25 [Preview] No.42808 del
rogers led the nsa during obama, im sure he knows a lot and had much to say. also Admiral o7

Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 21:41:18 [Preview] No.42809 del

info passed.

call to meme nance as well

Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 21:45:28 [Preview] No.42810 del
You need to understand any idiot browsing qresearch for more than a week will just see it as spam. I deleted your stuff from my board the same way i deleted an orgonite thread. Just clutters my board up. And i was passively mentioning Q in that thread.Then sourcex pops up like masonicrc and the thread is meant for examples of occultism in say masonic guestures in media (though that is another thread). Its ok if people even go back and forth off topic and just the fact that it was deleted i am not censoring it because I LINKED TO YOUR BOARD AND maybe i should say think for yourselves. But it is not censoring because i can DELETE MY ENTIRE BOARD and you would cheer. I dont even care if you post but i see these links and its literally like a pop up ad as in the way it looks. Also the main thing is i was trying to say how i belived in Q i said its real and this is somehow a huge problem. Now we are still talking about it and this is why they say don't respond to what we think are shills.

Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 21:48:43 [Preview] No.42811 del
if its edited you have a thing at the bottom of the post like the 8kun disclaimer. So you can always tell if a BO edited a post

Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 21:50:10 [Preview] No.42812 del

both of ya fags just need to stfu.
nobody edited a post.

anon reposted from LB and added his own words. so stfu or go meme, we are tired of the spam and bs here. ty and have a nice day faggots o/

##qnktnX 12/20/2019 (Fri) 21:51:27 [Preview] No.42813 del
Posts Can Not Be Edited!
Either they are Posted or Deleted.

>carry on -o7

Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 21:57:52 [Preview] No.42814 del
You know what. This guy is not used to the chans. I was simply sick of the back and forth and i did delete like 23 posts of just me and him fighting about how i think q is real and him just saying he is the real source x. I woke up saw he was probably exited posting his stuff and i just deleted it until the post that he originally responded to. That is censorship but im not completley sorry because of how he is literally trying to distort this board. I thought he understood Q talk best goes here so it was a fast decision but the same way you would delete a fake email of the prince of nigeria offering you money that scam. I cant say its a scam this guy is litigious but come on now.

Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 22:01:15 [Preview] No.42815 del
>best goes here
best to talk about q here and /qrbunker/ endchan wise. But clearly 8kun is main and technically only Q board along with others on 8kun liek /patriotsfight/.

one of the interpretations of the backchannel drop is this board and /qrbunker/ maybe this chan. backCHANnel

Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 22:05:29 [Preview] No.42816 del
on my board >>>/horror/. NOT THIS BOARD IM NOT THE BO HERE Im done talking about it. Sorry for that but he defiantly even if a shill had a reason to feel slighted i just deleted what i thought was a bot basically.

Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 22:26:20 [Preview] No.42817 del
(445.25 KB 1150x687 force-the-articles.png)

Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 22:28:03 [Preview] No.42819 del
Can we get someone to start hitting FB o/

Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 23:10:30 [Preview] No.42821 del
(224.67 KB 511x584 683.png)
(441.42 KB 1328x721 681.png)
(53.11 KB 986x589 682.png)
Just Awesome
Trump Has Engraved Envelopes Hand Delivered To Democrats On Capitol Hill — With His F*** You Letter To Pelosi Inside!

We all know President Trump is a master troll, but he topped himself this time.

The White House on Wednesday dispatched some staffers to head up the Capitol. They brought with them beautiful cards with hand-drawn calligraphy on them. They looked like Christmas cards.

But inside the envelopes addressed to lawmakers were copies of President Trump’s brutal letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

“True story: there is a White House staffer going around the Senate delivering to each office, as a package, the incoherent, scathing Pelosi letter AND … wait for it … a giant 16×12 White House Christmas card (along with, implausibly, a second smaller Christmas card). What a day,” Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) wrote on Twitter.

The White House staffers made sure they had one for Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, too. She wrote on Twitter: “They’re coming into the House, too. (No Christmas card here – but no coal, either).”


Anonymous 12/21/2019 (Sat) 01:28:17 [Preview] No.42823 del

Of course a post was edited.

This one:


See the bottom of the post: The following sentence was added and not in the original post:

''take this post with a grain of salt anons and dont click nothing.

Only the site owner or a site moderator of the entire site could have done that..probably the same guy going around deleting posts that he does not agree with. This proves complicity of the site itself with attempting to control what you think and believe.

The horror guy not even worth responding to. He is dumb. Exposes Masonry but does not realize Q is run by Masons. The supports lies and attacks the source of the sauce. Outright dumb.

Anonymous 12/21/2019 (Sat) 01:37:05 [Preview] No.42824 del

I just explained that someone edited a post and demonstrated where. Someone is trying to control what you think and view.


So more evidence it was not a board owner who did it then. In fact, posts on our other board were edited as well.


Rogers was forced to resign I believe. And he resigned exactly when the new Q larp began on 8-chan Q Research. The larp being run by Pamphlet anon and his team. This happened simultaneously as another thread and board was deleted by the clowns and by Amazon. On that other discussion board, Trump, Stephen Miller and Source X were chatting for around a month...Trump even posted a thread bragging about how he was the biggest troll around...he even asked me where I was from....to comment on why they were attacking his businesses and more..people even suggested I go work for him...X The Source of The Sauce.

Anonymous 12/21/2019 (Sat) 01:43:21 [Preview] No.42825 del
After Simpson/Steele pal Dan Jones showed up in Horowitz footnote, his Soros-funded The Democracy Integrity Project stops distributing daily TDIP briefings to journos. "Beginning in 2020, our brief will be distributed by our affiliated nonprofit, Advance Democracy Inc."

Trump-Russia 2.0: Dossier-Tied Firm "TDIP," Founded by ex-FBI analyst Dan Jones, Pitching Journalists Daily on 'Collusion'




Anonymous 12/21/2019 (Sat) 01:52:34 [Preview] No.42826 del

See my post on Rogers here:


Both Collyer and Roberts are part of the scam. Roberts appointed all 12 Fisa judges. As Nunes has said, the Fisa courts need to be shut-down. Roberts was also involved in the theft of the patent design from Leader Technologies. Many Federal judges also involved. The corruption runs deep.


Trump should take advantage of this time as the Dems do nothing and challenge the entire damn thing in the Supreme Court before all the judges...and that Ginsberg...may have died long ago..no evidence of life?

See my post on this here:



Lindsey Graham involved also in Ukraine crimes. Reason why he and others in the Senate want a speedy trial -so their mis-deeds will not be exposed..

As I noted here:



Good point.

And do not miss this video here:



Both the British Integrity Initiative and the Democracy Integrity Project are connected to the coup attempt. It is CIA - British run. I did articles on these two organizations months ago on the Mother Liberty blog.


This is typical of the Trump I was chatting with on the other board as noted here:


He even created a post bragging about how he was the greatest troll.... and nobody will tell you about this..and this proves Q lies when he claims "no communications outside this board". A flat lie. Proves Q is a larp, a lie, a faker and why we need to prosecute, as noted here:

https: //busy.org/@motherlibertynow/evidence-for-and-call-to-indict-q-anon-for-fraud-upon-america

Remove the space after the https: to view the link.


He stepped down as the Q larp began, as I noted in my post.


Q is the last to trust when it comes to Rogers since they started their lying larp as Rogers had to retire, most likely forced to... the entire thing is a charade...they are confusing you with the facts and not telling you the entire story and the full truth. Only Source X can explain it all in terms of these events and most people are clueless.

Anonymous 12/21/2019 (Sat) 02:51:23 [Preview] No.42827 del
>our board
our convo.i edited one post on my board. after deleting Then deleted the edit and instead of editing just leaving out the part where i got mad enough to say i didnt want to post on my own board anymore because of your fucking shit. so you can always tell if a post is edited. Furthermore. You can not delete and re create posts to edit in the middle because of post numbers and timestamps. so maybe posts where edited on your board >>>/aaanwopros/ but not mine and not on here without a signature at the bottom of the post saying "last edited by (Board Owner username) (time and date)"

You can post on my board. But about the subjects of the board and not swaying everything to your truth of source x. That is what your space is for. i know it seems mad but you can only corroberate your truth and i will only hurt your point as i personally do not belive it right now.

Anonymous 12/21/2019 (Sat) 02:59:36 [Preview] No.42828 del
unless source x is jesuitanon then in that case i dont even blame that guy he is an autist.

Anonymous 12/21/2019 (Sat) 03:05:44 [Preview] No.42829 del
i dont think it is that guy because source x uses the phrase "octogon templars" and jesuitanon goes into how the black nobility run it all via a thousand different things you never heard of. So if source x has posted there wait a second source x might be GLP. Ok glp you don't start that shit. I let you go on and on never reading a fucking word and the second i see this source x shit i get mad. Because Q has done a lot for me personally to help me put myself back together after the cabal has engaged in mental terrorism psyops against me to try and drive me out of my mind. TRYING TO DRIVE ME CRAZY TO DISTRACT ME FROM Q WHO IS DROPPING CRUMBS I MIGHT UNDERSTAND. SO THAT IS WHY I DELETE IT. I GOT TO BELIEVE IN IT AND DO NOT NEED THIS SHIT FUCKING UP MY BOARD. SO GLP THIS IS OUT OF LINE. OUT OF LINE

Anonymous 12/21/2019 (Sat) 03:06:21 [Preview] No.42830 del
i dont think it is that guy because source x uses the phrase "octogon templars" and jesuitanon goes into how the black nobility run it all via a thousand different things you never heard of. So if source x has posted there wait a second source x might be GLP. Ok glp you don't start that shit. I let you go on and on never reading a fucking word and the second i see this source x shit i get mad. Because Q has done a lot for me personally to help me put myself back together after the cabal has engaged in mental terrorism psyops against me to try and drive me out of my mind. TRYING TO DRIVE ME CRAZY TO DISTRACT ME FROM Q WHO IS DROPPING CRUMBS I MIGHT UNDERSTAND. SO THAT IS WHY I DELETE IT. I GOT TO BELIEVE IN IT AND DO NOT NEED THIS SHIT FUCKING UP MY BOARD. SO GLP THIS IS OUT OF LINE. OUT OF LINE

Anonymous 12/21/2019 (Sat) 03:11:06 [Preview] No.42831 del

Source-X is neither Jesuit nor GLP.

Anonymous 12/21/2019 (Sat) 03:11:44 [Preview] No.42832 del
Sorry for doublepost. But i noticed glp mentioning my board on /pol/ i cant even bring myself to read it i like the guy but i just don't connect with what he is saying. I don't understand him.So this source x stuff you can post as glp but keep source x to >>>/aaanwopros/ and maybe even here because your fucking up comms and trying to drag me into it. I like glp. I don't like source x. Hope that clears it up.

Anonymous 12/21/2019 (Sat) 03:13:31 [Preview] No.42833 del
ok well then your insaneposter because insaneposter posted something like that. I fucking love insaneposter. BECAUSE IT WAS FUN. Just post as anon keep the src-x stuff to aaanwopros i cant tell you to stop posting here but come on your hogging the thread.

Anonymous 12/21/2019 (Sat) 03:14:24 [Preview] No.42834 del

There is a group that calls itself MJ12 that are writing all the Q plan. So there is evidence that MJ12 is behind the Q op and possibly even behind CICADA 3301. I got some new research going on this. And no, Source-X is not GLP. If people are in a systemic cult bubble and they get ticked-off when someone upsets their bubble, that is a syndrome of their mind being controlled. It´s like, don´t confuse me with the facts. That is what BO and others are experiencing.

Anonymous 12/21/2019 (Sat) 03:15:52 [Preview] No.42835 del
ok this guy is just a free thinker. You just see it differently. That is cool sorry for deleting your shit im done with the convo.

Anonymous 12/21/2019 (Sat) 03:18:38 [Preview] No.42836 del
one more thing. This is akin to calling Q a cult. We are taught to think for ourselves. But its like a scavenger hunt and you are saying the clues to the scavenger hunt is fake and to stop the scavenger hunt. WORK ON THE SCAVENGER HUNT YOU STUPID CUNT.

Anonymous 12/21/2019 (Sat) 03:26:50 [Preview] No.42837 del

Source-X created The Storm, The Plan to Save The Word, The Plan to Restore The Republic, The Solution for North Korea, decoded the PKI keys, predicted the Q terrorism and the manner in which it occurred six months before the event, chatted with Potus and Miller on another board, is the creator of the terms Shifty Schiff and many others, has always been right in all predictions and thus is the source of the sauce. Thus, I will not participate in what I have evidence to prove is a larp and a lie. Again, you are in a systemic cult bubble and I am not able to help you. You have just been too brainwashed. Sorry to inform you of this but this is the truth.

Anonymous 12/21/2019 (Sat) 03:28:00 [Preview] No.42838 del
I am a Star Child. I am The Destroyer of the NWO. I make things happen. I helped get Trump elected. I have a gift to download info from the universe. I see the future. I created The Storm. I am more then you will know. X

Anonymous 12/21/2019 (Sat) 03:30:16 [Preview] No.42839 del
That board you refer to has been rendered useless for reasons I will not specify. And yes, a post here was edited without showing a trace of the editing, just a message at the bottom that was not from the person posting it. So only the owner of the site could have done that. So all are wrong. And in fact it appears bowners can edit posts, but don´t know how it is done. But this is not what happened in the case I refer to. You can clearly see the edited post. It has all been explained.

Anonymous 12/21/2019 (Sat) 03:32:10 [Preview] No.42840 del
I responded to your comments in my last post. A post was edited with no such traces you refer to. And that board you refer to has been rendered useless by the same people most likely. We are not able to post anywhere without the clowns interfering, attacking. Even our wayback posts got deleted from the wayback machine..all the images and PDF files...the tentacles of the Shadow Gov. go deep.

Anonymous 12/21/2019 (Sat) 03:34:27 [Preview] No.42841 del

All I ask is that you have an open mind. Do not keep your head in the sand. Look at the evidence. Listen to what I have to say and present. Don´t approach me with anger, hatred, pre-conceived notions. I cannot help those in the epistemic cult bubble but I can help those with an open mind, willing to explore as a child. For I am a Star Child.

Anonymous 12/21/2019 (Sat) 03:38:57 [Preview] No.42842 del

I don´t like 4 chan. I don´t like sites that don´t respect privacy. I never post on GLP. I prefer to keep low profile. I am here only to help and have many gifts. That is why God allowed me to create The Storm. It was stolen from me. Now the planet and the U.S. are losing the option of restoring the Republic, because all are going in the wrong direction. It is a spiritual battle. Man has chosen the way of darkness. Those in the light will listen. Those not will not listen.

Anonymous 12/21/2019 (Sat) 03:46:23 [Preview] No.42843 del

This post above explains clearly how the post was edited without leaving a trace of the editing...no time stamp, nothing...just the added message at the bottom that was not there in the original post...so it could not have been a bo...

Anonymous 12/21/2019 (Sat) 03:47:46 [Preview] No.42844 del

Thank you for the 2 cents. I hope it makes sense.

Anonymous 12/21/2019 (Sat) 03:53:38 [Preview] No.42845 del

If you use a board to push only one point of view and exclude others from proving that point of view is incorrect and not allowing them to speak, you are poisoning the minds of your board members and thus involved in a crime. You are not allowing them to discover the truth.

Anonymous 12/21/2019 (Sat) 05:39:50 [Preview] No.42846 del
'Iowa man sentenced to 16 years for setting #LGBTQ flag on fire'

Anonymous 12/21/2019 (Sat) 05:40:20 [Preview] No.42847 del
'Broke all time Stock Market Record again today. 135 times since my 2016 Election Win. Thank you!'

Anonymous 12/21/2019 (Sat) 05:42:26 [Preview] No.42848 del

Anonymous 12/21/2019 (Sat) 05:51:26 [Preview] No.42849 del

Anonymous 12/21/2019 (Sat) 05:53:58 [Preview] No.42850 del
George Soros Under Urgent Investigation, Allegedly Funnelled MILLIONS To Anti-Brexit Activity


Anonymous 12/21/2019 (Sat) 05:58:05 [Preview] No.42852 del

Anonymous 12/21/2019 (Sat) 07:10:33 [Preview] No.42853 del
(57.40 KB 382x679 696.jpg)
(55.03 KB 382x679 695.jpg)
(49.21 KB 383x680 694.jpg)
(51.06 KB 382x679 693.jpg)
Are you ready for this
Well well look who else had
Ham Radio Licenses for special communication
beside Ohrm

Universal Licensing System

Commercial Operator License - PG0610826 - WEINER, ANTHONY J

Amateur License - KD2CID - Bronfman, Eben M

Amateur License - KF6PFO - PODESTA, MARY P

Commercial Operator License - MPGB031270 - AWAN, KHALID A

Anonymous 12/21/2019 (Sat) 07:26:59 [Preview] No.42854 del
Federal Judge Completely Rejects DOJ Argument – Orders ‘Archey Declarations’ (Descriptions of Comey Memos) Released…


He seems pretty pissed at the FBI

Anonymous 12/21/2019 (Sat) 08:04:25 [Preview] No.42855 del

Anonymous 12/21/2019 (Sat) 14:04:36 [Preview] No.42858 del

I have replied to this here, explaining the wireless situation and Soros being under investigation:


Soros is a CIA agent of regime change. They are the ones running the coup to remove Trump. The organizations they run which are supposedly anti-war actually promote war. Fiona Hill works for one of them. They are behind the crimes in Ukraine. Many Congress people involved. This is why Lindsey Graham and Mitch do not want witnesses to testify in Congress.

The Democracy Integrity Project and The British Integrity Initiative are behind the Fusion GPS fake Steel Dossie. It was an Obama - CIA coup. The same people now covering-up the crimes of Biden. They rig the elections in all U.S. states.


Serious? So now The Shadow Justice System is running LGBTQ as a divide and conquer movement in an attempt to sabotage the Republic. They use lawfare weaponized SES judges to conduct the attack upon America.

Obviously the fake whistle-blower report is a CIA - Intelligence community operation. The IC IG is part of the coup. There are people in the Senate also part of the coup. So it will be dangerous for the trial to go to the Senate. This is why Trump needs to take it to the Supreme court now and have them rule that there is no legal Constitutional basis for impeachment. Pelosi is stalling sending it to the Senate as she knows Trump wants a fair trial. She is using the stall as bait to get Trump not to file in the Supreme Court. The Dems know that once it goes to a full vote before The Supreme Court, they will rule there is no constitutional basis for impeachment. So the stall is a psyop. They will then wait until all Congress people are away for Christmas, as done during the Federal Reserve Act, and then via a minority impeach Trump in the Senate. They will then impeach Pence using similar dirty tactics. Pelosi then becomes President. Then Pelosi appoints Hillary as speaker of the House. Pelosi then steps down and Hillary becomes President. In order to avoid all of this, Trump needs to act quickly now and take this to The Supreme Court, before the DemonRats seize control of the U.S. Presidency! X


The Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project is a CIA - Soros fake justice controlling system where instead of fighting organized crime, they were promoting it, in order to get prosecutors in Ukraine fired. This so Britain, the CIA, the banking cartel can control Ukraine, the oil and use USAID money to foment tension between Ukraine and Russia. They do not want a strong Ukraine - Russia - Germany alliance. In order to take-down the NWO, we need to promote this.

Anonymous 12/21/2019 (Sat) 14:22:21 [Preview] No.42859 del
are u a dumbass. copy pasta ya dumb fuck. YOU CANT EDIT A POST HERE FAGGOTS. STFU

##qnktnX 12/21/2019 (Sat) 14:30:09 [Preview] No.42860 del
But i tell ya what SourceX im about to delete all ur shit for spamming my thread and sowing division. this is your LAST WARNING!

Anonymous 12/21/2019 (Sat) 14:32:52 [Preview] No.42861 del

The framers of The Constitution and of the original Republic never intended for impeachment to be a mere political process. Proven crimes of treason as defined in the Constitution must take place. When a Shadow Justice System has taken-over the House and has elements planted in the Senate to take-down a president based upon false accusations in a CIA coup, the only recourse is for a president to invoke the full Supreme Court vote. The Supreme Court is fully able to rule whether a high crime as defined in The Constitution took place or not. Once it rules no high crime took place, it can then hand it´s decision over to the Senate for a vote. The Senate will then have to state Trump is innocent, even if there are traitors in the Senate or people being black-mailed by the CIA to rule against Trump, as is the case now. Unless Trump and We The People act quickly, Pelosi and the Demonrats will spring this impeachment upon a compromised Senate during the Christmas recess and impeach Trump while all are away on Christmas brake! They will also used Congress people who are being black-mailed via Ukraine crimes to get them to flip on Trump! Time is of the essence anons! Spread this far and wide and help save the Trump presidency while we can!


Anonymous 12/21/2019 (Sat) 14:34:24 [Preview] No.42862 del

You will be blocking us from saving the Trump presidency if you do so. All of this has been archived just in case you attack us and prevent us from telling the truth. You will be complicit in the coup to remove Trump if you do so.

Anonymous 12/21/2019 (Sat) 14:37:21 [Preview] No.42863 del
All of this has been archived on the wayback machine here as evidence of an attempt to prevent us from saving the Trump presidency and possible complicity in the coup:


This is evidence also of Mk-ultra mind control, attempt to prevent people from knowing the truth and an attempt to control the mind of anons. You will be held accountable for your actions and added to the upcoming lawsuit against you for these actions. You have been served!

Anonymous 12/21/2019 (Sat) 15:26:23 [Preview] No.42864 del
do i look like igaf what you have to say at this point. again LAST WARNING.

if you sow more division and contempt on this board i will go through every thread and delete EVERYTHING YOU EVER POSTED.


Anonymous 12/21/2019 (Sat) 15:28:14 [Preview] No.42865 del
Now STFU and meme the Dems so they push the Articles

or dig on romania and find us stuff on the DS and our Politicians Biden.romany.heinz.pelosi.schummer.schiff

Anonymous 12/21/2019 (Sat) 15:50:01 [Preview] No.42866 del
Again, here you go:


Either you help us stop this coup or you will be held to be a part of it. Are you working for the restoration of the Republic or against it? Will you only help those running the coup by not sharing the info I have posted?

If the Dems púsh the articles, Trump will be impeached! You have not ready one single thing I have posted! The only solution will be for Trump to take it to the Supreme court now! You are completely insane! And this is way more important then any research on Romania! I am posting this all over the Internet and am dying to see you attack me further as this will only proof that you are complicit in this coup attempt and are helping rogue agents dupe the masses. Either you join the effort to restore the Republic or you will be found to be part of the destruction of the Republic. The choice is yours.

Anonymous 12/21/2019 (Sat) 16:47:39 [Preview] No.42867 del
'Hoaxes the media’s pushed in 2019:

1) Covington
2) Russia collusion
3) Jussie Smollett
4) Trump dossier
5) This —>

Anonymous 12/21/2019 (Sat) 16:51:28 [Preview] No.42868 del
'The RNC outraised the DNC big again last month:

RNC 20.6M
DNC 8.1M

RNC 214.6M
DNC 83.6M

Cash on Hand
RNC 63.2M
DNC 8.4M

DNC 6.5M

Somehow the DNC has less cash on hand than it did at the start of the year.

The RNC has $40M more.'
>Somehow the DNC has less cash on hand than it did at the start of the year.

Anonymous 12/21/2019 (Sat) 16:52:38 [Preview] No.42869 del

Anonymous 12/21/2019 (Sat) 16:56:31 [Preview] No.42870 del

Anonymous 12/21/2019 (Sat) 17:17:40 [Preview] No.42871 del
Think back channel
think 'White Squal' re: Cuban M Crisis/JFK. …

> Expand you're thinking.

Expand the " 're " after Squal … Expand Cuban M … Mark Cuban. What do I do with the word Mark?

It's my (or me) thinking I should expand, so I put Mark where "think" is and then I get Mark White's "qual" regarding the Cuban Missile Crisis and JFK.

Perhaps Mark White is qualified to set up backchannels because of the role he played during the Cuban Missile Crisis when he was "a specialist in US foreign relations".


His book about the Cuban Missile Crisis was the first to detail the events from both the American and the Soviet perspectives:


Professor Mark White might be one of the silent heroes of both the Kennedy and Trump administrations.

Anonymous 12/21/2019 (Sat) 17:18:59 [Preview] No.42872 del
'The House impeachment vote was:'
30 min left

Anonymous 12/21/2019 (Sat) 18:04:05 [Preview] No.42873 del
Above the law ??????


Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro Announces Charges Against State Rep. Movita Johnson-Harrell

Attorney General Josh Shapiro announced the charges against Movita Johnson-Harrell, which include perjury, tampering with public records and theft.

Anonymous 12/21/2019 (Sat) 20:50:58 [Preview] No.42874 del
Dear Anons. Please Take a moment to Spam Twitter Democrats and their followers, so that we can get this impeachment over with and start the durham report.

>again please meme pelosi and the dems especially the four and everyones followers to get pelosi to push the Articles.



We must not have the senate locked on the impeachment when the Durham Report comes out.



also any new democrats.

Anonymous 12/21/2019 (Sat) 21:10:48 [Preview] No.42876 del
(451.94 KB 569x762 pelosi-fire.png)
(454.86 KB 575x753 schiff-fire.png)
(452.08 KB 575x750 nadler-fire.png)




Anonymous 12/21/2019 (Sat) 21:27:49 [Preview] No.42877 del

How the dems plan to impeach Trump in the Senate exposed.

Please see this urgent warning attached in PDF format anons.

Please help get the word out before it is too late!

This will be THE END OF THE TRUMP PRESIDENCY UNLESS WE GET THE WORD OUT NOW! The PDF file explains how we can stop it!

Anonymous 12/21/2019 (Sat) 21:31:04 [Preview] No.42878 del

This post above is key. If Trump does not act now and take this to The Supreme Court, he will be impeached. Wake-up and smell the coffee anons. We do not need to push-out tweets asking for Pelosi to submit it to the Senate! We need for Trump to wake-up and go to The Supreme Court before it is too late!

Anonymous 12/21/2019 (Sat) 21:33:02 [Preview] No.42879 del
>The framers of The Constitution and of the original Republic never intended for impeachment to be a mere political process.

^^^^^^ This.

Another thing - Quantum Packets - I know who you are. YOU FAILED!

Anonymous 12/22/2019 (Sun) 01:19:41 [Preview] No.42880 del

Anonymous 12/22/2019 (Sun) 05:07:04 [Preview] No.42881 del
> George Soros Under Urgent Investigation, Allegedly Funnelled MILLIONS To Anti-Brexit Activity

Prison Planet caught him funding al-Shabaab in 2011. https://archive.is/QwB5o "Open Society" is in the list.

He also had some kind of relationship with Qatar that led to Wadah Khanfar gaining a board seat on the International Crisis Group.

If the pdf attachment goes through, that's Soros and SDS running a project to oppose fighting al-Qaeda.

Anonymous 12/22/2019 (Sun) 10:15:28 [Preview] No.42882 del
Our lovely prez puts down some good bantz.

Anonymous 12/22/2019 (Sun) 16:59:41 [Preview] No.42883 del
much better x. now what do you have on romania cypress EU biden soros papad energy levant.

Anonymous 12/22/2019 (Sun) 17:36:39 [Preview] No.42884 del
(306.25 KB 1135x656 peach-please.png)

Attention, this is not a drill. Anons are Called to Meme Pelosi and the Dems until they push the articles. This is not a game, they are buying time for the Durham Report. We can not allow that time. In the Short Run We Win, Time lets them get away. Again Call To Meme Pelosi and Dems and Their Followers until the Articles are Pushed to the Senate.



also any new democrats.

-o7 FGNC

Anonymous 12/22/2019 (Sun) 17:56:51 [Preview] No.42885 del
(432.41 KB 1478x1109 0befa5098ced0ec4.jpeg)
(70.96 KB 694x520 03d2ec0bd05e368c.jpg)
(72.19 KB 499x494 9a6dabbf1c83ad94.jpg)
Very Nice Ammo

Anonymous 12/22/2019 (Sun) 20:04:00 [Preview] No.42889 del
think the Meme message is starting to get in.

Dig Meme Pray

Anonymous 12/22/2019 (Sun) 20:24:01 [Preview] No.42890 del
#KAG2020 #KeepAmericaGreat #TRUMP2020 #KAG #DrainTheSwamp #StopTheCoup

Anonymous 12/22/2019 (Sun) 21:47:59 [Preview] No.42891 del
'Think logically.
Why was winning the House majority the primary goal for them?
To this point, what chamber is currently directing the DOJ/FBI investigations?
To this point, what chamber do they feel most threatened by?
While the focus was on the House for them (due to above), our underlying focus was adding PRO_POTUS members to the Senate and safely securing a PRO_MAJORITY.
While we had a senate majority on paper, in reality, we never did, nor could we count on bringing investigations to that body until it was safely in our full control.
Moves & countermoves. '

Anonymous 12/22/2019 (Sun) 23:40:25 [Preview] No.42892 del
(329.33 KB 593x609 impeachment3.png)
(330.17 KB 586x596 impeachment2.png)
(329.28 KB 596x599 impeachment1.png)
Think logically.
Why was winning the House majority the primary goal for them?
Make the Laws

To this point, what chamber is currently directing the DOJ/FBI investigations?

To this point, what chamber do they feel most threatened by?

While the focus was on the House for them (due to above), our underlying focus was adding PRO_POTUS members to the Senate and safely securing a PRO_MAJORITY.




While we had a senate majority on paper, in reality, we never did, nor could we count on bringing investigations to that body until it was safely in our full control.

Moves & countermoves. '


Memers are gettting fired up. soon they will be memening more. i used the suprise attack advantage today to bring awareness of how they are lacking in the memen dept. now i will begin to slowly show them how to meme to twitter

Anonymous 12/22/2019 (Sun) 23:41:19 [Preview] No.42893 del
wwas the manin reason to control the House maj to make sure anyone besides hilary was impeached?

Anonymous 12/22/2019 (Sun) 23:55:16 [Preview] No.42894 del
so can the supreme court take over the impeachment? more or less take control from nancy?

Anonymous 12/22/2019 (Sun) 23:55:49 [Preview] No.42895 del
In the Beginning was GOD

then what happened?

Anonymous 12/22/2019 (Sun) 23:57:30 [Preview] No.42896 del
in the begging the bible states 3 entities
God, created heavens and earth
Darkness, resided over the face of deep
Spirit, resided over the waters

are we the spirit of GOD?
GOD has a Spirit?

Anonymous 12/23/2019 (Mon) 00:00:34 [Preview] No.42898 del
(17.67 KB 512x225 3740.PNG)
New Q Drop

Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 05fbcd No.7592211📁
Dec 22 2019 18:09:09 (EST)
Something BIG is coming.
Do people really think this can happen with no consequences?
NOBODY is above the law [not anymore].

Anonymous 12/23/2019 (Mon) 00:00:59 [Preview] No.42899 del
did we divinely arrive, or was it through evolution?

what brought us from angels to man?
is saturn a messenger for god?

WWG1WGA but what about those already past?

how do you know we are reincarnated?

Anonymous 12/23/2019 (Mon) 00:01:23 [Preview] No.42900 del
o7 ty anon

Anonymous 12/23/2019 (Mon) 00:05:55 [Preview] No.42901 del
Orion is the Key?

Anonymous 12/23/2019 (Mon) 00:08:08 [Preview] No.42902 del
(38.26 KB 510x496 3741.PNG)
New Q Drop

Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 503cfa No.7592347📁
Dec 22 2019 18:22:26 (EST)
Why are the [2] articles being held by Pelosi?
Will holding actually impact the decision of the Senate?
Will holding actually provide a better scenario [public opinion] to [D]s?
Will holding actually 'sway' select Senators to change their vote?
When blackmail and threats no longer work…….
Why are the [2] articles being held by Pelosi?
What happens when the articles of impeachment are sent from the House to the Senate?
Can the Senate conduct 'other' business during this time?
What 'value' might exist by holding the articles?
How long do Senate impeachment trials normally take?
What statements have been made re: timing?
Think 'fast-tracking'.
What statements have been made by Chairman Graham re: Senate FISA hearing(s) & witnesses?

Anonymous 12/23/2019 (Mon) 00:17:35 [Preview] No.42903 del
(25.36 KB 511x314 3742.PNG)
New Q Drop

Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 503cfa No.7592981📁
Dec 22 2019 19:06:24 (EST)
How do you introduce the TRUTH about what happened to the PUBLIC?
What 'value' might exist by attempting to BLOCK 'PUBLIC' testimony/hearings?
Would educating the public through the Senate prior to Barr/Durham/Huber release(s) be important?
Narratives are created and pushed to prevent the public from discovering the TRUTH.

Anonymous 12/23/2019 (Mon) 00:48:17 [Preview] No.42904 del
(8.04 KB 511x119 3743.PNG)
New Q Drop

Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: bc2e37 No.7593340📁
Dec 22 2019 19:33:44 (EST)

Anonymous 12/23/2019 (Mon) 01:00:23 [Preview] No.42905 del
(120.21 KB 400x291 187_rep.jpg)

Anonymous 12/23/2019 (Mon) 01:01:47 [Preview] No.42906 del
(264.03 KB 515x463 3744.PNG)
New Q Drop

Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: bc2e37 No.7593358📁
Dec 22 2019 19:34:41 (EST)

Anonymous 12/23/2019 (Mon) 01:06:32 [Preview] No.42907 del
(274.55 KB 1125x1500 Photo-Jan-27-7-45-12-PM.jpg)

Anonymous 12/23/2019 (Mon) 01:19:43 [Preview] No.42908 del
(233.33 KB 515x461 3745.PNG)
New Q Drop

Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 14c696 No.7593781📁
Dec 22 2019 20:04:01 (EST)

Anonymous 12/23/2019 (Mon) 01:32:30 [Preview] No.42909 del
(8.18 KB 513x119 3746.PNG)
New Q Drop

Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 14c696 No.7593873
Dec 22 2019 20:10:30 (EST)

Anonymous 12/23/2019 (Mon) 01:35:10 [Preview] No.42910 del
(300.75 KB 511x630 3747.PNG)
WOW head up fag
New Q Drop

Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 14c696 No.7593909
Dec 22 2019 20:11:42 (EST)
Anonymous ID: e5f79c No.7593851
Dec 22 2019 20:09:15 (EST)

Toying with the enemy!

Don't get smug.

Anonymous 12/23/2019 (Mon) 01:49:13 [Preview] No.42911 del
(71.42 KB 891x237 699.PNG)
If it is about the break, why not Christmas Break?

Anonymous 12/23/2019 (Mon) 02:06:15 [Preview] No.42912 del
hmm weird site

Anonymous 12/23/2019 (Mon) 02:13:38 [Preview] No.42913 del
This is beyond incompetence. This is willful and knowing obstruction of justice and abetting in criminal fraud and abuse of civil rights.

I hope that they sue her and other involved FISC judges for all the damn money they have.


Anonymous 12/23/2019 (Mon) 03:14:40 [Preview] No.42914 del
Next week should be interdasting

Anonymous 12/23/2019 (Mon) 03:15:59 [Preview] No.42915 del
Goberment for District of DC???

berry interdasting ty anon

Anonymous 12/23/2019 (Mon) 04:28:59 [Preview] No.42916 del
Feds Arrest, Indict Top Democrat – He Faces Over 500 YEARS In Prison

December 20, 2019

Richard Sollars, the mayor of Taylor, Michigan, was arraigned Thursday in U.S. District Court in Detroit on seven counts of bribery, one count of conspiring to commit bribery and 18 counts of wire fraud.

Each count is punishable by as much as 20 years in prison and by fines of as much as $250,000.



Anonymous 12/23/2019 (Mon) 07:01:18 [Preview] No.42917 del
(773.33 KB 1058x1091 the wives.png)
(1.24 MB 1531x2743 download-8.png)
(48.30 KB 640x399 marlene s. schiff.png)
Are you faggos still digging on Schiff-Soros? Turns out her mother and uncle,
Paul Sandler, are interesting people. If you follow AP's finders and Maxwell digs,
then you would not be alone with a sense that this Marlene and Paul may have crossed
their paths. Lots of threads to pull on this one.

>Melissa Schiff Soros
>Marlene S. Schiff
>Paul Sandler

>Following college he was drafted into the Army, went through Officer
>Candidate School and served with the 101st Airmobile Division, Pathfinder
>Group, as a Lieutenant in Vietnam from Aug. 1969 to Aug. of 1970. He then
>served with the 10th Special Forces Group for his last six months of service.
>He was awarded the Bronze Star and four Air Medals for Missions performed.
>Upon exiting the military, in 1971, Paul co-founded Transceiver East, Inc. in
>Manhattan with his sister Marlene Schiff. Paul was President and COO.
>Transceiver was an International Facimile Machine Network specializing in
>service to the transportation industry. It operated in nine Northeastern states
>and six eastern Canadian Provinces. Paul sold the company to a public transportation
>service provider, Comdata, Inc. in 1989.
>He also co-founded Permits USA, Inc. and Permits Canada, Inc. He then worked as a
>Vice President of Sales for Comdata, Inc., acting as liaison and public relations officer
>to government offices. In 1991, Paul started Voice-Tel of Ariz. and Calif. He was responsible
>for the financial development, strategic planning and implementation of voicemail systems
>throughout N.M., Ariz. and the Los Angeles area. He began with 837 subscribers in Ariz. and
>grew to approximately 25,000 subscribers on 14 sites.
>From 1998 to 2002, Paul became an investor & principle in numerous other businesses:
> WorldWide Express in Scottsdale, Personal Fitness Partners, Inc & Consultis of New Jersey,
>Inc; and an information technology company.
>Paul retired in 2002, but continued to develop two properties in Aspen, Colo.

Anonymous 12/23/2019 (Mon) 09:29:23 [Preview] No.42918 del
(122.98 KB 401x847 q329.png)

Anonymous 12/23/2019 (Mon) 13:52:46 [Preview] No.42919 del
thanks anon, no i been working on the Impeach potus plan. yeah i sd it right. kek.

Anonymous 12/23/2019 (Mon) 16:59:49 [Preview] No.42922 del
'Ask yourself, why do Dems want to flood the US w illegal immigrants?'
Ask your Followers this question.

Anonymous 12/23/2019 (Mon) 17:00:15 [Preview] No.42923 del
'Your voice and your vote matters.'
Meme this.

Anonymous 12/23/2019 (Mon) 17:10:08 [Preview] No.42924 del

Anonymous 12/23/2019 (Mon) 17:32:09 [Preview] No.42926 del
'My CREATES Act is now law Iowans want Rx prices lowered &our bipartisan CREATES helps get generics on market faster Some pharmaceutical cos use anticompetitive practices 2 block access 2 affordable generics this bill stops that abuse +helps consumers + saves taxpayers $3.7B'
Grassely and 2's, watch for them.
Some kind of comms, not sure what.
However, it's important the People know Grassley and Q are working together, so support Grassley.
Support witnessed makes opponents worrisome.
Make them worry all night.
Most importantly, the support must be seen by the World.
It's good to support in our hearts, but right now we need to show it in our memes, twts, words, towns, etc.
Once 'witnessed', the spiders shudder.
The move removed.

Anonymous 12/23/2019 (Mon) 17:40:38 [Preview] No.42927 del

Anonymous 12/23/2019 (Mon) 17:55:01 [Preview] No.42928 del
Can you hear that sound?

Anonymous 12/23/2019 (Mon) 18:31:01 [Preview] No.42929 del
(50.47 KB 611x391 3748.PNG)
New Q Drop

Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 723a57 No.7599136
Dec 23 2019 11:28:05 (EST)


Important to read and understand.
Why do [D]s want to flood the US w/ illegal immigrants?
This is not another [4] year election.
Our democracy is at stake.
Do not mistake this backchannel [tool] as a means to be complacent.
Fight! Fight! Fight!
Your voice and your vote matters.

Anonymous 12/23/2019 (Mon) 18:37:52 [Preview] No.42930 del
(37.70 KB 611x324 3749.PNG)
New Q Drop

Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: b6d605 No.7599338
Dec 23 2019 11:48:57 (EST)
https://youtube.com/watch?v=OB_l9wb0dz0 [Embed]
Watch and listen carefully.
[D]s threaten and cull 'independently elected' officials to fall-in-line [follow orders] or face being ousted?
Who controls the [D] party?
Who really controls the [D] party?
Threat: If a major political party can be [controlled] does that represent a clear and present danger to the United States of America?

Anonymous 12/23/2019 (Mon) 18:55:08 [Preview] No.42931 del
(42.72 KB 610x368 3750.PNG)
New Q Drop

Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: b6d605 No.7599466
Dec 23 2019 11:58:17 (EST)
Why are [D]s attempting to block the counting of 'illegal' immigrants?
2 + 2 = 4
What is the total number of illegal immigrants currently in the US?
What is the 'real' total number of illegal immigrants currently in the US?
By flooding coastal States controlled by [D]s does this 'pull' votes out of the Heartland?
At what point will your voice and your vote become null and void?

Anonymous 12/23/2019 (Mon) 19:00:54 [Preview] No.42932 del
(14.68 KB 611x156 3751.PNG)
New Q Drop

Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 2d5f83 No.7600081
Dec 23 2019 12:51:37 (EST)

Anonymous 12/23/2019 (Mon) 19:06:02 [Preview] No.42933 del
(443.44 KB 610x724 3752.PNG)
Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 2d5f83 No.7600194
Dec 23 2019 12:58:52 (EST)
Anonymous ID: d80bc9 No.7600180
Dec 23 2019 12:57:43 (EST)
Let Mr. Nunes know he is very welcome.
It gets very wild in here at times but the real Qresearch gets done despite all the BS going on around us.

Keep up the good fight, Anons.

Anonymous 12/23/2019 (Mon) 19:10:47 [Preview] No.42934 del
Love Q drops.
Would you say we are over the target around here?

Anonymous 12/23/2019 (Mon) 19:12:43 [Preview] No.42935 del
(13.69 KB 609x135 3753.PNG)
New Q Drop

Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 2d5f83 No.7600322
Dec 23 2019 13:05:40 (EST)

Anonymous 12/23/2019 (Mon) 19:13:16 [Preview] No.42936 del
'Officials Warn Of #Measles Cases At Five US Airports 'Capable of Quickly Producing Epidemics''
wash hands, stay out of public places, encourage others to do the same, for now

Anonymous 12/23/2019 (Mon) 20:03:35 [Preview] No.42937 del
Senate shall have the “sole power” of impeachment = U.S. Constitution, Art. I, Sec. 3, Clause 6
tanks Ingraham

Anonymous 12/23/2019 (Mon) 20:43:27 [Preview] No.42938 del
'Lying @washingtonpost
. Wrote absolutely false editorial about hubby and me. @RudyGiuliani
had nothing to do with our being hired to represent Dimitry Firtash. Rudy never asked any of our clients to get dirt on @JoeBiden. WP lies to protect Biden’s corruption. #maga2020'

Anonymous 12/23/2019 (Mon) 23:30:54 [Preview] No.42939 del
(8.30 KB 225x225 index.jpg)
yes ask them Good Questions
Why do dems dont want a wall
why do dems want sanctuary cities
why do dems want ICE dismantled


irl and workfagging atm

gooing to start the pelosi impeachment call to meme again shortly.

>AI reproducing... now thats notable.

lawfags o/ cant the supreme court intervene on this impeachment?

Anonymous 12/23/2019 (Mon) 23:40:54 [Preview] No.42940 del
gotta love the gab.
those boys talk kek

Lawfag, here. It depends on what you mean. The Senate runs the whole "trial" and has their own say in how it runs. When the President is being impeached, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court presides over the trial. So, for the Trump impeachment, the Senate will be running it while Chief Justice Roberts watches over it.

Anonymous 12/23/2019 (Mon) 23:43:38 [Preview] No.42941 del
oops forgot mi question to them

Does anyone know law well? I ran across something about the Supreme court can also take over the impeachment, or something to this affect. just trying to come up with ideas to help move this thing along and get pelosi to submit the articles. Does anyone know anything on the above matter?

Anonymous 12/23/2019 (Mon) 23:45:01 [Preview] No.42942 del
what happens if pelosi does not push the articles

It goes nowhere. It's like if the police have a warrant for a search but chooses not to search.

Anonymous 12/23/2019 (Mon) 23:45:29 [Preview] No.42943 del
Nothing... at least current Senate rules suggest that's what happens. The Senate would need to change their rules in order for them to proceed. I don't know if they can do that by simple majority, or if a rule change requires more than a simple majority.

Anonymous 12/23/2019 (Mon) 23:48:46 [Preview] No.42944 del

Massive shaming from anons🤣🤣🤣

Anonymous 12/23/2019 (Mon) 23:57:28 [Preview] No.42945 del
Why would we want it to move along? They painted themselves into a corner with a weak case That would be like rescuing them from their own folly Let them hold on to them forever for all we care Now whos the next Judge we're confirming ?

Anonymous 12/23/2019 (Mon) 23:58:47 [Preview] No.42946 del

Anonymous 12/24/2019 (Tue) 00:05:18 [Preview] No.42947 del
I know Trump wants a trial but the senate doesnt have to If he does go to a trial a lot of this stuff will be dragged in They can call any witness they want including biden & zero & once on the stand who knows where the questions go? So either way we win

Anonymous 12/24/2019 (Tue) 00:51:53 [Preview] No.42949 del
Rubini dropping YUGE bombs!


Stefan Halper - of SPYGATE fame - and longtime CIA asset, was involved in the

Assassination Attempt of President Reagan, in March 1981

on behalf of then Vice President George H. W. Bush

Anonymous 12/24/2019 (Tue) 00:59:45 [Preview] No.42950 del
Both Obama And Biden Under Formal Investigation For Corruption In Ukraine According To Paul Sperry

Paul Sperry, investigative reporter declared that at least three Senate committees are formally looking into Obama-Biden-Ukrainian collusion to blow Donald Trump’s chances to win the 2016 presidential election.


Anonymous 12/24/2019 (Tue) 01:09:04 [Preview] No.42951 del
7-minute Fox Business clip on JW lawsuits regarding the Deap State Leaker

Fitton calls on Senate to probe 'deep state' attack on Trump

1,920 views•Dec 23, 2019

Judicial Watch president and author Tom Fitton discusses how he would approach President Trump's impeachment if he was 'the Senate.'

https://youtube.com/watch?v=lR0I4E1QAKY [Embed]

Anonymous 12/24/2019 (Tue) 02:00:24 [Preview] No.42952 del
Recycled game plan from ghwb

“The FBI Informant Who Monitored the Trump Campaign, Stefan Halper, Oversaw a CIA Spying Operation in the 1980 Presidential Election”


Anonymous 12/24/2019 (Tue) 05:32:06 [Preview] No.42954 del
'The Senate must be unrestricted to conduct 'other' important business.
If [D]s knew Senate would not vote to convict - why proceed?
How long does a typical Senate impeachment trial take?
Can the Senate conduct 'other' business during this time?
What 'value' might this have for [D]s?'

Anonymous 12/24/2019 (Tue) 05:38:12 [Preview] No.42955 del

Anonymous 12/24/2019 (Tue) 05:39:14 [Preview] No.42956 del
whoa, nice1, tanks

Anonymous 12/24/2019 (Tue) 06:02:30 [Preview] No.42959 del
'Democratic Double-Dip:

Lawmakers raise possibility Trump could be impeached again amid fight over McGahn testimony'

Anonymous 12/24/2019 (Tue) 06:31:48 [Preview] No.42960 del
'The new [not Matt] Drudge, seems so Q team…ish'''

“We recognize that some ‘media’ outlets won’t acknowledge proven facts and won’t do their own time consuming and costly investigate work if the facts don’t fit their narrative,” he wrote. “This is simply a part of our media landscape today.”


Anonymous 12/24/2019 (Tue) 06:52:22 [Preview] No.42961 del
Here are the 4chan breads that anons built while pizzagate was breaking.

There’s A LOT of information contained in these threads. Most of it is now common knowledge to anons, but there are bits and pieces in here that will help glue the picture together.

Plus, it’s cool to go back and read through what eventually ended up being the gnarliest and darkest dig in human history.

Promise it will be worth your time.




Anonymous 12/24/2019 (Tue) 17:31:23 [Preview] No.42962 del

Paul Pelosi Jr. travelled to Kiev, Ukraine in July 2017 in his capacity as executive director of the Corporate Governance Initiative, a position that he accepted months earlier in February 2017. Pelosi Jr. said that he was in Ukraine to discuss a youth soccer partnership with the government, then led by former Ukraine president Petro Poroshenko.

The American Mirror, which flagged Pelosi Jr.’s appearance in 2017, preserved a clip of Pelosi Jr. on the Ukrainian station following the video’s removal from YouTube.

Pelosi Jr. let slip that he was working in Ukraine with a group called the “World Sports Alliance.”

“Today we’re here to talk about soccer,” Paul Pelosi Jr. said in his television interview in Ukraine. “We recently got an endorsement from the World Sports Alliance and we’ve spoken with the Ukraine government about collaboration for soccer for young people. Ukraine has a great history in soccer and we hope to share in that tradition going forward.”

The World Sports Alliance is a front group run by Paul Pelosi Jr.’s good friend Asa Saint Clair, who served as president of the Alliance. Asa Saint Clair now faces 20 years in prison for allegedly running a fraudulent cryptocurrency scheme through the World Sports Alliance. Records reveal that Pelosi Jr. and Asa Saint Clair were directly working with one another during the period of Saint Clair’s alleged criminality.

Asa Saint Clair announced his endorsement of Paul Pelosi Jr.’s Corporate Governance Initiative several months before Pelosi Jr.’s Ukraine trip. A press release dated December 27, 2016 announced Saint Clair’s endorsement of Pelosi Jr.’s company, stating:

“When asked how he became aware of the Corporate Governance Initiative, Mr. St. Clair went on to say “Paul Pelosi Jr is a longtime associate, both business and personal, and when I saw him taking a stance on something my organization deems to be a corner stone of our prosperity, I reached out to him to learn more…

…Nevertheless, without the trust of the public itself, society will break down. That is what is going on in places our company is trying to affect change like Syria, Venezuela and even India tonight and is asymptomatic in the USA as well. Without the establishment of proper corporate governance while working with our member nations, our mission to support the World Sports Alliance IGO cannot even exists let alone succeed…”

LONG article with many links/vids, found here:


Anonymous 12/24/2019 (Tue) 17:56:36 [Preview] No.42963 del
(231.64 KB 800x600 Nancy and other biz.png)
whoa, ty

Anonymous 12/24/2019 (Tue) 18:43:21 [Preview] No.42965 del
Yikes! CNN Analyst on Pelosi and her Latest Impeachment Stunt: “I Think She’s Grasping Here” (VIDEO)

CNN legal analyst Paul Callan ripped Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Monday for her bizarre display following the Democrat Party’s slapdash impeachment vote last week.

Pelosi then told reporters she’s not turning over the articles of impeachment to the US Senate where they will be quickly dismissed.

CNN analyst Paul Callan today said Pelosi was “grasping” by her unconstitutional conduct.

Paul Callan: I think she’s grasping here because the Republicans hold all the cards in the senate. The Constitution says that the trial of impeachment is solely in the discretion of the Senate.

Even CNN is having trouble understanding Nancy’s latest stunt.


Anonymous 12/24/2019 (Tue) 19:00:38 [Preview] No.42966 del
wow ty anon. was thinking we needed to dig more on him and cousins?

Anonymous 12/24/2019 (Tue) 19:08:50 [Preview] No.42968 del

Anonymous 12/24/2019 (Tue) 19:09:13 [Preview] No.42969 del

The Cult of Saturn was a group led by Frank Webster who through the vessel of Gwyn D Earl found a hells mouth on the internet and brought about change on a global scale.
One of their more well-known online platforms was Worlds 3D or Worlds.com. In that 'game' the cult raised to more prominence and interacted with lots of ghosts in machines there.
The one famous user known as the Nexialist who still goes on there is the only one left who you can easily find that will speak but he won't waste his time to people who aren't earnest seekers.

Anonymous 12/24/2019 (Tue) 19:10:35 [Preview] No.42970 del
Where is Hunter?

Anonymous 12/24/2019 (Tue) 19:58:28 [Preview] No.42971 del
IN the beggining God Created the Heavens and the earth and darkness hovered over the face of the deep and the spirit of god hovered over the face of the waters.

thus in the begining we have GOD, Darkness and Spirit of God?

we have heaven, earth, the deep and the waters.

is darkness an entity... what was there before the darkness?

God has a Spirit?

Anonymous 12/24/2019 (Tue) 20:45:49 [Preview] No.42972 del
'Lil Joey Mifsud is not sleeping with the fishes. More to come.'

Anonymous 12/24/2019 (Tue) 21:31:56 [Preview] No.42973 del

Senior U.S. District Judge Rosemary Collyer, Presiding Judge of the U.S. Foreign Surveillance Court, on April 26, 2017, ordered U.S. intelligence agencies to destroy evidence of illegal domestic surveillance collected on and before March 17, 2017, the exact date on which “The American Report” published the first full-length report revealing John Brennan and James Clapper’s use of “THE HAMMER” to wiretap Donald Trump.

Nearly two weeks earlier, on March 4, 2017, The American Report became the first and only media organization to connect President Trump’s March 4, 2017 tweet accusing President Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower to secretly-recorded audio from the Whistleblower Tapes revealing that Brennan and Clapper wiretapped Donald Trump.

The American Report immediately responded to President Trump’s tweet via a March 4, 2017 American Report tweet, in an attempt to confirm to the President that he was under surveillance.

Robert Mueller provided FBI computers for “THE HAMMER,” an illegal domestic surveillance system operated from a secret CIA facility by President Obama’s intelligence officials Brennan and Clapper to spy on Supreme Court justices and Donald Trump for “blackmail” and “leverage,” according to CIA/FBI/NSA contractor-turned-whistleblower Dennis Montgomery.

On February 3, 2009, THE HAMMER went live, under the direction of Brennan and Clapper, says Montgomery.

Brennan, Clapper, and Mueller set up “THE HAMMER” in Fort Washington, Maryland, close to the Obama White House, and used the system to unlawfully spy on Trump and Trump’s businesses, family members, and political associates, asserts Montgomery.

The American Report published an exclusive exposé titled “Whistleblower Tapes: Trump Wiretapped “A Zillion Times” By ‘The Hammer,’ Brennan’s and Clapper’s Secret Computer System” on Friday, March 17, 2017.

That same afternoon, March 17, 2017, as Members of Congress were leaving Washington for St. Patrick’s Day weekend, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), Ranking Member on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, held a classified briefing about President Trump’s claim that President Obama wiretapped Trump Tower.

Two days later, on March 19, 2017, Four Star Navy Admiral James A. “Ace” Lyons and Air Force Three Star General Thomas McInerney brought The American Report’s exposé on Dennis Montgomery and “THE HAMMER” to America’s radio airwaves during the broadcast of Operation Freedom with Dr. Dave Janda on WAAM 1600.

That same evening, March 19, 2017, FBI counterintelligence official Peter Strzok and FBI attorney Lisa Page exchanged a text message that specifically mentioned Montgomery and Montgomery’s attorney Larry Klayman.

The following morning, March 20, 2017, FBI Director Comey launched the hoax Trump Russian collusion investigation and lied before Congress by claiming that the FBI had no information confirming President Trump’s claim that President Obama wiretapped Trump Tower. Montgomery, in fact, provided Comey’s FBI with 47 hard drives of evidence that, according to Montgomery, proves that Brennan and Clapper used THE HAMMER to wiretap Trump.

a description of the installation of the [REDACTED] by [REDACTED] personnel on an FBI system including:


Anonymous 12/24/2019 (Tue) 22:17:30 [Preview] No.42974 del
Christmas Eve to All #Patriots

ty warroom for helping to motivate the troops. and seen how it was done. ty o7

Does anyone have the twitter comments for impeachment from pelosi.schiff aoc and the 4. Im thinking use their words against them.

How to tell christians and muslims they are all worshiping saturn o/

how to tell people they are Angels o/
Is our time up when we reach the great attractor?
Are we setting things up for our next reincarnation?
will i remember you anons when i do?

prayers /\ and blessings to all these stormy days.

#WWG1WGA -o7

Anonymous 12/24/2019 (Tue) 22:25:36 [Preview] No.42975 del
Hunter Biden bought LA home — 99.5% under value?

Turns out he got that Hollywood Hills place for a song - $14,000.

It pays to be a Biden.

Hunter Biden, former vice president Joe Biden’s son, bought his Los Angeles home earlier this year at a deep, deep discount, Ann Coulter says.

The columnist posted a screenshot of the Zillow listing for Biden’s LA house, which is estimated to be worth nearly $2.5 million.


But the site states the house sold for just $14,000 in June.

That’s a 99.5 percent discount!

The three-bedroom, three-bathroom home “sits at the end of a private gated drive and includes a pool.”

Biden is in the midst of a paternity claim from an Arkansas woman who recently proved her baby is his.

Fox Business reports:

The mother of Hunter Biden’s child says the son of former vice president and Democratic presidential contender Joe Biden is refusing to answer any questions pertaining to his “basic” lifestyle and finances as the hearing in their tumultuous paternity case approaches, court papers show.

Lunden Roberts and the younger Biden are embroiled in a bitter court battle in Arkansas surrounding their 16-month-old baby, whom Roberts has argued he should support, according to court records and multiple reports.

Court documents claim Biden “has provided no support for this child for over a year. The Court should not let the defendant continue to avoid his natural and legal duty to support his child by failing to provide basic information about his income, finances, and lifestyle.”

Biden was paid as much as $50,000 a month for work on the Burisma Holdings board, according to the New York Times.


Anonymous 12/24/2019 (Tue) 22:30:38 [Preview] No.42976 del


Ayala Chen


Thread: Portals, keystone, doorway, the choice to know will be yours #QAnon

Thread by @lightof1000suns: Thread: Portals, keystone, doorway, the choice to know will be yours…

Thread by @lightof1000suns: Thread: Portals, keystone, doorway, the choice to know will be yours #QAnon In the video, the fireplace (through tal) is red and the golden gate BRIDGE appears at the end…


Anonymous 12/24/2019 (Tue) 22:41:19 [Preview] No.42977 del
No end to it
24 indicted in massive child sex sting 'Operation Interception'

The sting took place during a five-day period around the Super Bowl earlier this year in Atlanta


#i/91V8 12/25/2019 (Wed) 00:42:18 [Preview] No.42978 del
(100.86 KB 689x422 ThankYouFlynn.jpg)
Have a Merry Christmas, everybody!

(and happy birthday to a very special patriot!)

Anonymous 12/25/2019 (Wed) 05:01:23 [Preview] No.42981 del
What the hell is up with dust? these bodies are from dust.

consciousness, where does that come from?
does it follow after death?
will i be me after death?
and who am i???
just what the hell...

world between worlds, worlds3d?

Anonymous 12/25/2019 (Wed) 05:02:56 [Preview] No.42982 del

Anonymous 12/25/2019 (Wed) 07:09:26 [Preview] No.42983 del

Anonymous 12/25/2019 (Wed) 07:20:42 [Preview] No.42984 del
Noice find, Anon...gonna read this now.

Anonymous 12/25/2019 (Wed) 16:02:55 [Preview] No.42987 del
(62.11 KB 1000x1250 santa-soldier.jpg)

Anonymous 12/25/2019 (Wed) 17:20:48 [Preview] No.42988 del
Article ties a lot of Q themes and characters together.

"One of the key players in the Iran-Contra affair was Saudi arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi, uncle of the slain Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi. One lesser known fact about Adnan Khashoggi is that, at the time of his Iran-Contra dealings, he was working for the Israeli Mossad, according to former Mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky."

"One of Epstein’s clients after leaving Bear Stearns, per Ward’s sources, was the CIA/Mossad-linked Khashoggi at the very time that Khashoggi was involved in Iran-Contra, an operation involving both U.S. and Israeli intelligence. British journalist Nigel Rosser reported in January 2001 in the Evening Standard that Epstein had claimed that he was also working for the CIA during this same time period."

"Though Epstein denied past connections to the CIA at the time Rosser’s article was published, it is worth mentioning that Robert Maxwell — father of Ghislaine Maxwell and long-time Mossad operative — also vehemently denied his now well-documented links to Israeli intelligence until his death. Furthermore, as will be shown later in this article, Epstein and his only known billionaire “client,” Leslie Wexner, would later forge a business relationship with the CIA front company Southern Air Transport and play a major role in the airline’s relocation to Columbus, Ohio in the mid-1990s. During that period, two prominent Ohio officials believed that both Epstein and Wexner were working with the CIA, according to Ohio-based journalist Bob Fitrakis.

Past claims and evidence of Epstein’s involvement with the CIA, coupled with his time as a “shadowy” financial fixer for double-asset Khashoggi, strongly suggest that, whatever Epstein was doing for Khashoggi during this time, it likely involved BCCI. According to “The BCCI Affair” report, Khashoggi “acted as the middleman for five Iranian arms deals for the United States, financing a number of them through BCCI” and “served as the ‘banker’ for arms shipments as the undercover scheme developed.”

"As was noted in Part II of this series, Mitchell was a “friend” of disgraced Washington lobbyist Craig Spence, according to Spence before his fall from grace. Spence, for much of the 1980s, ran a sexual blackmail operation in D.C. involving underage boys and had taken some of those “call boys” on midnight tours of the White House that he said had been arranged by then-National Security Adviser Donald Gregg. Spence, after his trafficking and exploitation of minors was exposed, died under mysterious circumstances. His death was quickly labeled a suicide, not unlike Jeffrey Epstein’s."


Anonymous 12/25/2019 (Wed) 17:32:23 [Preview] No.42989 del
D-CATS system was authorized for another 3 months in June 2018…..

look at Q post

#1595 - 2018-06-27 05:10:09 (UTC+1)

Desperate agencies do stupid things.

Dead cat bounce.

You may have the site but we have the source.


Panic is good.

Panic is right.

July 2018 - the month the world discovered the TRUTH.

Conspiracy no more.

Time to FEED.



Dead cat bounce has to do with de-commissioning Naval IG's Whistleblower case management system known as


Anonymous 12/25/2019 (Wed) 22:13:18 [Preview] No.42991 del
(655.05 KB 2560x2560 9996 - Copy.jpg)
Any chance off a connection
the recent earthquakes off rough Vancouver area with Harry & Megan? They're XMAS vacationing in the general vicinity.


Anonymous 12/25/2019 (Wed) 23:19:33 [Preview] No.42992 del
'Nunes Must Ask FBI's Comey About Montgomery Mass Surveillance Case'
March 2017

Anonymous 12/25/2019 (Wed) 23:25:56 [Preview] No.42993 del
whoa, nice1, ty

Anonymous 12/25/2019 (Wed) 23:56:08 [Preview] No.42994 del
"WTF Is Going On In Downtown LA?": Army War Drills Continue Across Los Angeles

Profile picture for user Tyler Durden

by Tyler Durden

Fri, 02/08/2019 - 22:05

Having started on Monday, the US Army continues its war drills across the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area through Saturday with the goal of enhancing Army Special Forces skills by "operating in urban environments", Army Special Operations Command said in a statement.

Residents around Los Angeles may hear sounds associated with the field training exercise, including helicopters and weapon simulations, according to the statement.

"The local terrain and training facilities in Los Angeles provide the Army with unique locations and simulates urban environments the service members may encounter when deployed overseas," the Army told CBS.

Downtown Los Angeles residents were shocked Monday night when a fleet of Boeing A/MH-6M Little Bird and Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters swooped in around them.

👀WTF is going on in downtown Los Angeles??? 👀 Multiple military helicopters landing on the street!!!#QAnon pic.twitter.com/jlUmBkfPRb

— Uche (@ThatsUche) February 7, 2019

A commercial parking lot across the street from the Regal Cinemas L.A. LIVE 14, at 1000 W Olympic Blvd, was the epicenter of some intense war simulations Tuesday night.

MILITARY EXERCISE: The U.S. Army is conducting military training in the greater Los Angeles and Long Beach areas tonight until Feb. 9. Downtown LA residents are reporting seeing helicopters and hearing explosions. @MizSkellington pic.twitter.com/8Mmgn2FdTK

— CBS Los Angeles (@CBSLA) February 5, 2019


Anonymous 12/26/2019 (Thu) 01:45:41 [Preview] No.42995 del
24 hours after Kevin Spacey made this video about killing someone who does something you don't like with kindness, it was reported another of his accusers dies.


Anonymous 12/26/2019 (Thu) 02:32:19 [Preview] No.42996 del
(16.06 KB 734x123 707.png)
Something big coming
Get ready

Anonymous 12/26/2019 (Thu) 02:42:15 [Preview] No.42997 del
(1.10 MB 2048x1465 708.jpeg)
Awesome love this one

The boats used by Washington and his men were called Durham boats!


Anonymous 12/26/2019 (Thu) 15:42:57 [Preview] No.42999 del
NOTABLE ty anon

Anonymous 12/26/2019 (Thu) 15:44:09 [Preview] No.43000 del
wow sounds like they are getting warmed up

Anonymous 12/26/2019 (Thu) 15:45:05 [Preview] No.43001 del
I was born ready kek o7

but yes also been getting ready for the past few months.

think im ready, but who knows.

Anonymous 12/26/2019 (Thu) 15:45:34 [Preview] No.43002 del
what are the odds?

Anonymous 12/26/2019 (Thu) 16:16:45 [Preview] No.43003 del
(146.67 KB 605x845 donothingdemocrats.png)
Pelosi's best move might be to keep impeachment in her pocket and not send it to the Senate

For the moment, she's waiting, using the Christmas break to give her caucus members a chance to take soundings in their districts


Anons We can not allow Pelosi the chance for more time. This is a call for Meme Warfare.
Gather any and all memes you may have regarding the #impeachmenthoax and the #DoNothingDemocrats and target the Democrats and their followers. This is a call to force Nancy to Push the Articles.

Hijack the Current Trending Hashes
#BoxingDay Currently trending at #️1 with 224K tweets
#ThursdayThoughts Currently trending at #️2 with 32K tweets

Drop The Hash

Why is Nancy not pushing the Articles?
Why is Nancy Really not pushing the Articles?
Who is Leading the Impeachment?
Who is Really Leading the Impeachment?
What does the Durham Report Contain? Indictments?
Does the Senate have the Sole Authority to try the Impeachment?
Why would House Democrats push the Impeachment if they know the senate will Dismiss?

Q Operations

Anonymous 12/26/2019 (Thu) 16:17:47 [Preview] No.43004 del
mi latest attack vector.
more personal level -o7

lets see how this goes on kun.

Anonymous 12/26/2019 (Thu) 16:54:09 [Preview] No.43005 del

Anonymous 12/26/2019 (Thu) 17:24:10 [Preview] No.43006 del
Vaccine FAIL: “Whooping cough outbreak closes Texas school despite 100-percent vaccination rate: officials”

Published: December 24, 2019

Despite a 100% vaccination rate, a Texas school closes early for winter break due to a whooping cough outbreak. Clearly the vaccine is failing to work as advertised.

If ever there was convincing proof that vaccination does not equate to bona fide immunity, it is at St. Theresa Catholic School in Texas…

Reported by FoxNews.com on Dec. 19th, the school experienced an outbreak of whooping cough, causing them to close their doors and start their winter break early.

On Dec. 4th, St. Theresa Catholic School in Memorial Park, reported its first case to the Texas Department of State Health Services. Since then, the outbreak has continued to escalate — and not because of the abuse of religious and medical exemptions, and so-called “anti-vaxxer” parents.

According to the FoxNews report, the school vaccine uptake rate was at 100%:

“Officials with the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston said that 100 percent of students who attend St. Theresa Catholic School are vaccinated against the illness.”

This was confirmed by the following statement to parents sent by the school:

n response to this incident, Children’s Health Defense (CHD) posted an article titled, “Pertussis: Vaccine Failure, Not Failure to Vaccinate,” explaining how despite propaganda to the contrary, it is clearly not conscientious objectors to vaccination driving outbreaks like these (i.e. so-called “anti-vaxxers”), but a failing pertussis vaccine.

In fact, according to CHD’s article the vaccine itself may be driving increased risk for whooping cough:

“Studies show that by five years after completion of the DTaP series, children were up to 15 times more likely to acquire pertussis compared to the first year after the series.”

There are plenty of additional examples in the published literature of vaccination failure in highly vaccinated populations. View 30+ studies on the topic here.


Anonymous 12/26/2019 (Thu) 17:29:00 [Preview] No.43007 del
Notable Anons ty

Anonymous 12/26/2019 (Thu) 18:50:41 [Preview] No.43009 del
check this work out. i put this together to the best of my current knowledge to help pepes understand

any input would be greatly appreciated

still so many questions for the /x/ fam

but here is the work



Anonymous 12/26/2019 (Thu) 21:56:38 [Preview] No.43010 del
(267.38 KB 844x825 334.png)
is it a countdown,
theres another tweet with 3 dots

Anonymous 12/26/2019 (Thu) 23:57:52 [Preview] No.43011 del
yep usmca is a bad deal for us
only benefits globalists
america 1st
then we help others
lot of bad stuff in the usmca
dont listen to the shills pushing it

Anonymous 12/27/2019 (Fri) 01:42:19 [Preview] No.43012 del
(226.53 KB 1144x766 USMCA Trump Support.png)

Anonymous 12/27/2019 (Fri) 05:46:17 [Preview] No.43013 del
Canadian TV lops President Trump's 10-second cameo from 'Home Alone 2'

By Theresa Braine, New York Daily News 14 mins ago

President Trump has been cut in Canada.

C https://www.msn.com/en-us/tv/news/canadian-tv-lops-president-trumps-10-second-cameo-from-home-alone-2/ar-BBYmU6anadian viewers are being spared the 10-second cameo by Trump in “Home Alone 2: Lost in New York,” the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has confirmed.


Anonymous 12/27/2019 (Fri) 15:29:13 [Preview] No.43014 del
a bit of response of the imggur layout


Anonymous 12/27/2019 (Fri) 15:42:53 [Preview] No.43015 del
shit twitter wants a number now for account verification that im not a bot.

how to track a pepe o/
get their phone number

Anonymous 12/27/2019 (Fri) 19:26:12 [Preview] No.43016 del
(385.11 KB 1139x797 CIA Romania.png)

Anonymous 12/27/2019 (Fri) 19:57:25 [Preview] No.43017 del
ty anon. trying to setup a vpn with anonops so i can start getting pepes to join us

Anonymous 12/27/2019 (Fri) 20:26:30 [Preview] No.43018 del
No problem, no rush.
What we are supposed to know, we will know.
Meantime, any work removing bad leaders is GOOD work.
Sometimes missions change because it will be moar successful w changes.

Anonymous 12/27/2019 (Fri) 20:28:50 [Preview] No.43019 del
webchat.anonops.com #qoperations is running now
woohoo, now to start brining in some real hacktivist that get shit done. o/

no pentesters needed

#jQQLKu 12/27/2019 (Fri) 23:15:49 [Preview] No.43020 del
Great job, anons!


I apologize for the perceived miss.
Know that every time a pattern is found, whether or not we take the shot, and no matter which shot we do or do not take, and whether or not you hear about it right away... you are still helping the cause.
While we would like to setup a calendar / programme for the show, fighting an enemy with deep roots everywhere makes this impractical. Sometimes we can take it, sometimes it is better to draw-out whomever and whatever they send as a counter.
This is why "future proves past." The setups are all there, but the timing is not so static.

Anyway, keep it up, anons! Let's see that world-renowned thinking and communication in action!!!

Anonymous 12/27/2019 (Fri) 23:27:14 [Preview] No.43021 del
Oh, and that wasn't "it." Just saying, in general. Only 2nd, we're on 3rd now. If you know what that means, you'll probably find it.

Anonymous 12/28/2019 (Sat) 00:07:27 [Preview] No.43022 del
Ok man these guys are tuff
looks like they want a novel to get involved.


still trying tho. room is set and been channel surfing to get more pepes. takes a moment.

on the positive i got them talking about the Great awakening.

they love this link

hope all is going well on your guys end o7

but yeah if ya want to check out the room im here atm

https://webchat.anonops.com #qoperations

Anonymous 12/28/2019 (Sat) 00:10:57 [Preview] No.43023 del
I know we are not alone. I know we are a force to be reckoned with. just a lot of us seem to have forgotten. I am trying to wake the masses to the effort. slowly, but it is working. more interaction.

even one asked if i was with qanon <3

just need more awake pepes for the efforts.


This Weekend is for building the forces. lets see how it all goes :)

FGNC till the END

Anonymous 12/28/2019 (Sat) 00:33:06 [Preview] No.43024 del
(140.10 KB 620x715 3754.PNG)
(28.93 KB 437x383 3754-1.png)
New Q Drop

Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 1ec396 No.7634396📁
Dec 27 2019 16:58:48 (EST)

US Taxpayer > FED Gov't
FED Gov't [HUSSEIN] > Pearson Publishing
Pearson Publishing > [HUSSEIN]
Follow the money.

Anonymous 12/28/2019 (Sat) 00:37:35 [Preview] No.43025 del

Anonymous 12/28/2019 (Sat) 00:42:22 [Preview] No.43027 del
(15.78 KB 613x157 3755.PNG)
New Q Drop

Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: f59e7c No.7634563
Dec 27 2019 17:18:54 (EST)
Do you believe in coincidences?

Anonymous 12/28/2019 (Sat) 00:47:27 [Preview] No.43028 del
ty anon <3

Anonymous 12/28/2019 (Sat) 00:48:10 [Preview] No.43029 del
am being directed to discord. maybe find some pepes there too

Anonymous 12/28/2019 (Sat) 01:01:08 [Preview] No.43030 del
https://youtube.com/watch?v=1jDBhdMMhWM [Embed]

Anonymous 12/28/2019 (Sat) 01:38:10 [Preview] No.43031 del
Anon we are still on for pushing pelosi to submit the articles?

Anonymous 12/28/2019 (Sat) 01:51:49 [Preview] No.43032 del
getting those articles thru asap is a GOOD move
however it can be done, go for it, imo

Anonymous 12/28/2019 (Sat) 01:52:40 [Preview] No.43033 del
Nancy is holding up other biz

Anonymous 12/28/2019 (Sat) 02:19:39 [Preview] No.43034 del
still setting the seed out there
getting better roi on discussions

anon where to find impeachment memes?
Use the mega folder for December.

When it's open, do a search on Impeachment or Pelosi. Anons spend time collecting and tagging memes to make them accessible to everyone who needs them. Instead of having to repost them over and over again on demand.

2019-Dec mega.nz/#F!AIpwHATK!xsXtYkuKay6X2X-EJXMThQ

2019-Nov mega.nz/#F!JYpRmAID!x8SJn3I02qiHSsOhzSaAcQ

Anonymous 12/28/2019 (Sat) 02:47:52 [Preview] No.43036 del
Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi recently disclosed that her husband, Paul Pelosi, bought Salesforce.com stock options in June.

Paul Pelosi, a businessman and investor, paid $150,002 to $350,000 in June for a total of 100 Salesforce (ticker: CRM) call options, according to a regulatory form Speaker Pelosi filed. Specific figures aren’t required for disclosure, only ranges. He bought 20 options on June 14 for $50,001 to $100,000, and bought another 80 options in June 20 for $100,001 to $250,000.

Each option contract Paul Pelosi purchased gives him the right to buy shares of the cloud-computing company for $140 each, and that right expires June 19, 2020. Options contracts are typically for 100 shares each.

Speaker Pelosi’s office and Paul Pelosi didn’t immediately respond to requests for comment.

Paul Pelosi already owned $1 million to $5 million of Salesforce stock at the end of 2018, regulatory records show, and the options purchase is his first transaction in any Salesforce securities this year.

Anonymous 12/28/2019 (Sat) 03:02:01 [Preview] No.43037 del

Anonymous 12/28/2019 (Sat) 03:37:12 [Preview] No.43038 del
SO anons i now know why POTUS wants to go back to the old light bulb.

it all has to do with the Pineal gland and the light we see.

the sun is not our normal light. the glow of saturn was our og light. the new light bulbs are another way y to keep you blind to the reality that is within our reach

could be wrong tho

Anonymous 12/28/2019 (Sat) 03:45:14 [Preview] No.43039 del
Good day today. got the room setup, got anons speaking more then insulting. interaction is up... memes well still working on those pepes. but getting closer to a team of memers.

Blessings to all Patriots and Fam and TY P, Q and R be safe and GOD BLESS



Anonymous 12/28/2019 (Sat) 04:03:41 [Preview] No.43040 del
hmmm current board operations sniped into the 8kun bread...

Anonymous 12/28/2019 (Sat) 04:18:40 [Preview] No.43041 del
(293.16 KB 619x729 3756.PNG)
New Q Drop

Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 812ed1 No.7638149📁
Dec 27 2019 22:58:17 (EST)
Anonymous ID: 985a8e No.7637926📁
Dec 27 2019 22:38:58 (EST)

When will they ask the question?
Something BIG is coming.

Anonymous 12/28/2019 (Sat) 04:25:28 [Preview] No.43042 del
(16.85 KB 620x241 3757.PNG)
New Q Drop

Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 812ed1 No.7638205📁
Dec 27 2019 23:00:46 (EST)
Anonymous ID: e28319 No.7637777📁
Dec 27 2019 22:27:26 (EST)


Anonymous 12/28/2019 (Sat) 04:36:31 [Preview] No.43043 del
(83.50 KB 619x536 3758.PNG)
New Q Drop

Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: a902c6 No.7638553📁
Dec 27 2019 23:26:04 (EST)


They are FIGHTING for their LIVES.
Good people in place.

Anonymous 12/28/2019 (Sat) 04:41:06 [Preview] No.43044 del
nice, im using the current one to try and draw some anons into helping to meme and fight.


ty anon

Anonymous 12/28/2019 (Sat) 05:12:35 [Preview] No.43045 del
John McCain tried to destroy @realDonaldTrump with false accusations of treason

Mainstream(normies) are about to get wind of No-names treason, will they put two and two together about his activities leading up to and coincided with his death.


Anonymous 12/28/2019 (Sat) 05:18:42 [Preview] No.43046 del
(231.06 KB 616x750 3759.PNG)
New Q Drop

Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 12/28/19 (Sat) 00:12:033d379b (1) No.7639247>>7639256 >>7639257 >>7639259


Post drop?

Anonymous 12/28/2019 (Sat) 05:24:36 [Preview] No.43047 del
gotem on pelosi thats for sure


4 Corrupt Families Of California ~ Newsom, Brown, Pelosi & Feinstein

The connections date back at least 80 years, to when Jerry Brown’s father, Pat Brown, ran for San Francisco district attorney, losing in 1939 but winning in 1943, with the help of his close friend and Gavin Newsom’s grandfather, businessman William Newsom. As mayor, Newsom became nationally recognized for ordering the distribution of marriage licenses to same-sex couples. And the shop with the mop sink upstairs, PlumpJack Wines, grew into a line of successful restaurants, hotels, and wineries managed by Newsom’s sister, Hilary. A Times review of campaign finance records identified eight of San Francisco’s best-known families as being among Newsom’s most loyal and long-term contributors. Among those patrons are the Gettys, the Pritzkers and the Fishers, whose families made their respective fortunes in oil, hotels and fashion. They first backed him when he was a restaurateur and winery owner running for a seat on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors in 1998, and have continued their support through the governor’s race. They are not Newsom’s largest donors: The families in total have given about $2 million of the $61 million that donors have contributed to his campaigns and independent committees backing those bids. But they gave while he was a relative unknown, providing crucial support to a political newcomer in the years before his campaign accounts piled high with cash from labor unions, Hollywood honchos, tech billionaires and donors up and down the state. Gavin Newsom is succeeding someone who could be considered his quasi-uncle, since his inauguration continues the decades-long saga of four San Francisco families intertwined by blood, by marriage, by money, by culture and, of course, by politics – the Browns, the Newsoms, the Pelosi's and the Gettys. Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) defeated businessman John Cox (R) in the general election on November 6, 2018, for governor of California. President Donald Trump (R) endorsed Cox and former President Barack Obama (D) endorsed Newsom in the race. The forecasting outlets Ballotpedia covered rated the race either Safe Democratic or Solid Democratic in the month leading up to election day. Fast forward two decades. Gov. Pat Brown’s administration developed Squaw Valley for the 1960s winter Olympics and afterward awarded a concession to operate it to William Newsom and his partner, John Pelosi. The Squaw Valley concession was controversial at the time and created something of a rupture between the two old friends. William Newsom wanted to make significant improvements to the ski complex, including a convention center, but Brown’s Department of Parks and Recreation balked. Newsom and his son, an attorney also named William, held a series of contentious meetings with officials over the issue. An eight-page memo about those 1966 meetings from the department’s director, Fred Jones, buried in the Pat Brown archives, describes the Newsoms as being embittered and the senior Newsom threatening to “hurt the governor politically” as Brown ran for a third term that year against Ronald Reagan. After Newsom retired from the bench in 1995, he became administrator of Gordon Getty’s own trust, telling one interviewer, “I make my living working for Gordon Getty.” The trust provided seed money for the Plump Jack chain of restaurants and wine shops that Newson’s son, Gavin, and Gordon Getty’s son, Billy, developed, the first being in a Squaw Valley hotel. Yet the early hand he received in politics and business continues to form the basis of criticism against him. Newsom’s opponents in the mayor’s race painted him as privileged and out of touch. In the gubernatorial contest, former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and Treasurer John Chiang, both Democrats, are beginning to do the same.

Anonymous 12/28/2019 (Sat) 05:44:38 [Preview] No.43048 del
Pearson selling big stake in Lazard for $647 million

Published: June 24, 1999

LONDON (CBS.MW) – Britain's Pearson PLC, owner of the Financial Times, said Thursday it will sell its interests in three Lazard banking houses to the Lazard Group for a total of $647 million.


Anonymous 12/28/2019 (Sat) 06:23:11 [Preview] No.43049 del
(13.74 KB 618x141 3760.PNG)
New Q Drop

Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 12/28/19 (Sat) 01:17:48fd9547 (1) No.7640038



Anonymous 12/28/2019 (Sat) 15:07:27 [Preview] No.43051 del



Heritage Foundation website - allows you to choose/ click on a state ~


The Heritage Foundation’s Election Fraud Database presents a sampling of proven instances of election fraud from across the country. This database is not an exhaustive or comprehensive list, but is intended to demonstrate the many ways in which fraud is committed. Preventing, deterring, and prosecuting election fraud is essential to protecting the integrity of our voting process.

There is example after example after known foul play after audits showing fraud after whistleblowers speaking of "dead" + "illegals" voting, and photos of buses rolling into voting places…

yet there's brainwashing shit like this:


"Extensive research reveals that fraud is very rare. Yet repeated, false allegations of fraud can make it harder for millions of eligible Americans to participate in elections"

Anonymous 12/28/2019 (Sat) 15:09:15 [Preview] No.43052 del
Google allegedly offered search results during the 2016 election season that manipulated voters in Hillary Clinton's favor, according to researcher Dr. Robert Epstein.


Anonymous 12/28/2019 (Sat) 15:17:20 [Preview] No.43053 del
ty anon, building up the voter fraud campaign while i work on pushing the dems to submit articles.

trying to get some more meme warriors to halp push memes


Anonymous 12/28/2019 (Sat) 15:29:07 [Preview] No.43054 del
Today's Mission if You wish to accept it.

Tim Scott: Pelosi not taking Trump impeachment battle 'seriously': 'The wacky House process is just a joke'

Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., ripped House Democrats for their impeachment process and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for holding on to the articles of impeachment rather than sending them to the Republican-controlled Senate for trial, saying the speaker isn't taking the issue "seriously."


Anons We can not allow Pelosi the chance for more time. This is a call for Meme Warfare. Gather any and all memes you may have regarding the #impeachment and the #DoNothingDemocrats and target the Democrats and their followers. This is a call to force Nancy to Push the Articles.

Hijack the Current Trending Hashes
#SaturdayMorning Currently trending at #️1
#My2019Highlight Currently trending at #️3

Drop The Hash

Why is Nancy not pushing the Articles?
Why is Nancy Really not pushing the Articles?
Who is Leading the Impeachment?
Who is Really Leading the Impeachment?
What does the Durham Report Contain? Indictments?
Does the Senate have the Sole Authority to try the Impeachment?
Why would House Democrats push the Impeachment if they know the senate will Dismiss?

Q Operations

Anonymous 12/28/2019 (Sat) 15:31:44 [Preview] No.43055 del
'Rep. Andy Biggs:

#Impeachment, #BorderCrisis and a #DeepState Lurking in the White House


Anonymous 12/28/2019 (Sat) 16:10:24 [Preview] No.43057 del
(359.74 KB 645x876 screenshot.png)

Anonymous 12/28/2019 (Sat) 17:40:53 [Preview] No.43058 del
(18.23 KB 614x179 3761.PNG)
New Q Drop

Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: d073d4 No.7643055📁
Dec 28 2019 12:20:38 (EST)
PANIC mode.
People awake is their greatest fear.

Anonymous 12/28/2019 (Sat) 17:56:25 [Preview] No.43059 del
(255.95 KB 614x774 3762.PNG)
(95.40 KB 546x596 3763-2.jpg)
New Q Drop

Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: d073d4 No.7643247
Dec 28 2019 12:33:17 (EST)

Haspel made Dir for a specific reason?
Brennan 'tapped' directly for support?
Brennan CLAS SEC DIV > spy_T?
Meeting(s) w/ Durham?
The only way to restore faith is through transparency and accountability.

Anonymous 12/28/2019 (Sat) 18:00:13 [Preview] No.43060 del
(113.39 KB 349x784 3763.PNG)
(95.40 KB 546x596 3763-2.jpg)
(134.05 KB 926x1198 3763-3.jpg)
New Q Drop

Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: d073d4 No.7643289
Dec 28 2019 12:35:25 (EST)
Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: d073d4 No.7643247
Dec 28 2019 12:33:17 (EST)

Haspel made Dir for a specific reason?
Brennan 'tapped' directly for support?
Brennan CLAS SEC DIV > spy_T?
Meeting(s) w/ Durham?
The only way to restore faith is through transparency and accountability.

Geo location 2015-2017?

Anonymous 12/28/2019 (Sat) 18:40:20 [Preview] No.43061 del
(86.97 KB 620x686 3764.PNG)
New Q Drop

Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 2b1500 No.7643842📁
Dec 28 2019 13:23:27 (EST)
DNC server(s).
Did Russia 'break-in' to DNC server(s)?
Why did FBI accept 'indirect' evidence re: DNC server(s) 'hack''break-in' by Crowdstrike [Ukraine]?
Why didn't FBI 'directly' investigate DNC server(s) [in-hand]?
Download speed internal data DL vs remote? [1]
How does one provide content to WL?
>person-to-person [1]
Personal comms [secured] prior to release? [1]
The (Source(s)):
>Feeder [1]
>Recipient [1]
Interning for the DNC can be deadly.
Does Crowdstrike possess 'gov_capablity' to trace 'break-in' route(s)?
Does Crowdstrike possess 'gov_capability' re: foreign intercepts?
Possible to layer/insert code [Crowdstrike] to designate intruder [intended target]?
NSA data_bridge DNC-Crowdstrike [bulk data collection]
Matters of National Security [Highest Levels].
FISA is only the beginning.
The hole is DEEP.

Anonymous 12/28/2019 (Sat) 18:41:20 [Preview] No.43062 del
(615.70 KB 515x884 3765.PNG)
(1.03 MB 1536x2048 3765-2.jpeg)
(72.38 KB 801x479 3765-5.jpg)
New Q Drop

Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 2b1500 No.7643917📁
Dec 28 2019 13:27:33 (EST)
Anonymous ID: 778266 No.7643883📁
Dec 28 2019 13:25:40 (EST)

Future will prove past!


Anonymous 12/28/2019 (Sat) 18:44:34 [Preview] No.43063 del
(1.48 MB 1500x2400 5996280.jpg)
(1.02 MB 2782x1855 5998880.jpg)

Anonymous 12/28/2019 (Sat) 18:49:29 [Preview] No.43064 del
(164.38 KB 520x909 3766.PNG)
New Q Drop

Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 2b1500 No.7643985📁
Dec 28 2019 13:30:29 (EST)
Anonymous ID: b8b53b No.7643939📁
Dec 28 2019 13:28:43 (EST)
Screen Shot 2019-12-28 at 19.28.12.png⬇

orensicator’s first decisive findings, made public in the paper dated July 9, concerned the volume of the supposedly hacked material and what is called the transfer rate—the time a remote hack would require. The metadata established several facts in this regard with granular precision: On the evening of July 5, 2016, 1,976 megabytes of data were downloaded from the DNC’s server. The operation took 87 seconds. This yields a transfer rate of 22.7 megabytes per second.

These statistics are matters of record and essential to disproving the hack theory. No Internet service provider, such as a hacker would have had to use in mid-2016, was capable of downloading data at this speed. Compounding this contradiction, Guccifer claimed to have run his hack from Romania, which, for numerous reasons technically called delivery overheads, would slow down the speed of a hack even further from maximum achievable speeds.



Anonymous 12/28/2019 (Sat) 19:03:49 [Preview] No.43065 del
His fucking name is Seth Rich

Anonymous 12/28/2019 (Sat) 19:09:11 [Preview] No.43066 del
https://youtube.com/watch?v=-9TyASfZV0c [Embed]

Anonymous 12/28/2019 (Sat) 20:05:26 [Preview] No.43067 del
'Mr. President—Listen to Bill Binney. Russiagate is a Worse Hoax than You Thought'
https://youtube.com/watch?v=-9TyASfZV0c [Embed]
start 31:52
'He (Gucifer2) put data out there for people to look at.
Those 2 files could merge into 1, like shuffeling a deck of cards.
The 2 files were really 1 file, broken in 2.
G2 fabricating evidence.' - summary of Bill Benny

Anonymous 12/28/2019 (Sat) 20:06:28 [Preview] No.43068 del
(291.46 KB 868x1172 714.png)
And just like that… that fag @Jack attacks Qanuck for being tweeted by POTUS..


Anonymous 12/28/2019 (Sat) 20:17:49 [Preview] No.43069 del
(785.69 KB 815x503 meme-harder3.png)
(597.97 KB 815x503 meme-harder2.png)
(641.18 KB 815x503 meme-harder1.png)
(621.96 KB 815x503 meme-harder.png)
Just gonna leaves these here

Anonymous 12/28/2019 (Sat) 20:29:33 [Preview] No.43071 del
saw those, nice job, brilliant

Anonymous 12/28/2019 (Sat) 21:02:28 [Preview] No.43072 del
(455.90 KB 579x597 screenshot.png)
yes i am seeing more memen going on in the thread, warroom has started to kick back in.

#sethrich atm was the suggested strategy and a perfect opportunity to get the fags memen on twitter.

kinda like warmen up for the big game kek

Anonymous 12/28/2019 (Sat) 21:13:31 [Preview] No.43073 del
(8.46 KB 262x192 index.jpg)
kek anon are now offering memes for ammo

Anonymous 12/28/2019 (Sat) 21:16:45 [Preview] No.43074 del
(300.84 KB 517x507 3767.PNG)
New Q Drop

Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: ccdcea No.7645614 📁
Dec 28 2019 16:02:40 (EST) NEW

Easy to understand?

Anonymous 12/28/2019 (Sat) 21:21:02 [Preview] No.43075 del
BREAKING: Hunter Biden is under criminal investigations for money laundering.

He made $156 MILLION dollars!

The Democrats knew @RudyGiuliani and @realdonaldtrump found out.

They impeached the President to disrupt the investigation!

Joe Biden committed PUBLIC CORRUPTION!


Anonymous 12/28/2019 (Sat) 22:00:46 [Preview] No.43077 del
i use to say 'hash doesn't matter'.
After many understand, can make any word/letters trend.

Anonymous 12/28/2019 (Sat) 22:03:57 [Preview] No.43078 del
The trick is getting many to focusFire
Thas why high-jacking hash is easy by comparison.
However, what is the adv of being able to trend any hash?
Also, twtr lurks to make sure it doesn't happen
it is not suppose to happen, but i wonder if Anons can make it happen
if they can, new counters available
'more options on the table'

Anonymous 12/28/2019 (Sat) 22:57:09 [Preview] No.43079 del
Stunning Video Shows Twitter Removing 10K “Likes”, 4K Comments From President Trump’s Tweet About Nancy Pelosi’s Sons Ties To Ukraine

Last night, President Trump tweeted an investigative video produced by OANN (One America News Network). The video revealed a curious trip Nancy Pelosi’s oil executive son Paul took to Ukraine, which included clips from a video showing Speaker Pelosi promoting her son’s oil company.

“Wow Crazy Nancy, what’s going on? This is big stuff!”

Wow Crazy Nancy, what’s going on? This is big stuff! https://t.co/hoHSERKgh9

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) December 28, 2019

We all know that Facebook, Twitter, and Google are in the business of censoring conservatives, but this afternoon, Melissa A. actually caught Twitter on video in the act of removing 10K “likes” (the number on the far-right, that’s shown next to the heart shape) and over 4K comments (on the far left next to the comment bubble) in real-time on President Trump’s tweet about Nancy Pelosi’s son.


Anonymous 12/28/2019 (Sat) 23:06:03 [Preview] No.43080 del
Karena Apple Feng - ex-girlfriend of Paul Pelosi

Twitter - https://twitter.com/applefeng

She's posting some major stuff about CPS and pedos

Anonymous 12/29/2019 (Sun) 00:50:35 [Preview] No.43081 del

Anonymous 12/29/2019 (Sun) 00:53:30 [Preview] No.43082 del
'Why don’t Republicans start playing the same game as globalist Democrats?

How about we start importing hundreds of thousands of Patriotic “refugees” from Hong Kong, Poland, and other Freedom-loving countries and stack them in deep blue districts?

Best part? We’ll do it legally'

Anonymous 12/29/2019 (Sun) 01:17:10 [Preview] No.43083 del

Angela Merkel IS IN THE LEAD!



Anonymous 12/29/2019 (Sun) 01:38:37 [Preview] No.43084 del
(398.60 KB 800x471 Weather picking up.png)

Anonymous 12/29/2019 (Sun) 02:03:53 [Preview] No.43085 del
Man Dies of Norovirus at Restaurant Owned by Member of Congress!

News of the OUTBREAK at Their Location Wasn’t Revealed Until a Month After the Incident!

The Puritan Backroom, a popular Manchester restaurant owned by New Hampshire Democrat Rep. Chris Pappas, issued a statement Friday expressing condolences to the family of a man who contracted the norovirus and died — one of 18 PEOPLE who became ill after visiting the restaurant. However, questions remain as to why the news of the outbreak at their location wasn’t revealed until a month after the incident.

And Rep. Pappas continues to decline repeated requests for comment.


Anonymous 12/29/2019 (Sun) 02:28:43 [Preview] No.43086 del


1. Introduction

2. Timeline - What Happened & When Did It Happen

3. Guccifer2.0's Claims Debunked & Discredited

4. 3rd Party Assessments - Assumptions & Conjecture vs Evidence & Facts

5. Actions, Consequences & Convenience For Anti-Leak Narratives

6. Rushing To Be Russian - The Donkey In A Bear Costume Made A Mistake

7. Language & Text Analysis

8. Recognizing Intent From Deceptions

9. With Motive & Means - Those More Likely Linked to G2 than Russians


Anonymous 12/29/2019 (Sun) 05:03:44 [Preview] No.43087 del
Aligned with story from Qdrop adding to the pile O Sauce. Similar details.

New report claims DNC hack was an inside job — not Russia

A group of former US intelligence officials contend that the hack of the Democratic National Committee’s computers in 2016 was an inside job.

The group, which calls itself the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, or VIPS, said there was an insider leak that occurred thanks to someone with access to a DNC computer.

Their arguments were first reported by the left-wing magazine The Nation, which said that the group claimed to have forensic evidence to back up its contentions.

The handful of ex-CIA and NSA officials also argued there was no evidence that a Romanian hacker identified as Guccifer 2.0 broke into the DNC system and passed embarrassing information about Hillary Clinton to WikiLeaks at the behest of the Russians.

They said the evidence suggests that Guccifer was invented to distract attention from the revelations, and that someone altered Guccifer’s documents to make them look as if they were Russian.

The crux of their argument is that the data taken from the DNC was transferred to a USB stick, meaning that someone would have had to have direct access to the committee’s computers.


Anonymous 12/29/2019 (Sun) 14:29:11 [Preview] No.43088 del
sorry anon, just seen this. usually take sat off for fam and fren time.

Anonymous 12/29/2019 (Sun) 14:43:15 [Preview] No.43090 del

Anonymous 12/29/2019 (Sun) 15:09:28 [Preview] No.43091 del

Anonymous 12/29/2019 (Sun) 15:09:42 [Preview] No.43092 del
on 8kun triggering the anons and the shills atm


others have joined in and even a NC anon has asked for help in voterID

fam is coming together. strong -o7

Anonymous 12/29/2019 (Sun) 15:12:02 [Preview] No.43093 del
https://youtube.com/watch?v=xJUujxYOqr0 [Embed]

Anonymous 12/29/2019 (Sun) 15:36:37 [Preview] No.43095 del

nice that Weiner's District office was a CC on that email.

Was Cheftwan also Carlos Danger?

Anonymous 12/29/2019 (Sun) 15:49:04 [Preview] No.43096 del
Twin brothers who starred in TLC's "My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding" are dead after an apparent joint suicide.

The 32-year-old siblings, Bill and Joe Smith, were found hanging in a tree in Sevenoaks, England … this according to law enforcement


Anonymous 12/29/2019 (Sun) 15:50:42 [Preview] No.43097 del

always the messenger it seems

Anonymous 12/29/2019 (Sun) 16:06:08 [Preview] No.43098 del
Police arrest three of Abu Hamza's sons in London after they 'carried out £1million in fraud with help from a corrupt banking insider'


Anonymous 12/29/2019 (Sun) 17:03:17 [Preview] No.43100 del
(88.90 KB 632x352 718.jpg)
Alex Jones for sissies

Anonymous 12/29/2019 (Sun) 17:05:22 [Preview] No.43101 del
(626.29 KB 1062x1120 719.png)
(750.45 KB 4096x2048 720.jpg)
(133.22 KB 1200x831 9994.jpg)
Q has been implying we are getting closer and closer to POTUS being asked the Q. I do not believe the question will be ‘who is Q’, nor ‘is Q real’. I think it will and should be ‘what is Qanon’? What rather than who prompts the mind to investigate because it is not as reductive as a single ‘who’.

In this spirit, I thought one way we could help Q [force] the question is by forcing the trend, #WhatIsQanon, to get ‘ahead’ of the story like [they] do. So I made a Twitter post asking members of our movement to give their vision of What Is Qanon, with the intent of making a big compilation showcasing how no two see Q exactly the same way. @PrayingMedic, @3Days3Nights, and many other anons have contributed. Would love as many anons as possible to help the build:


Now have your say on it here too

Anonymous 12/29/2019 (Sun) 17:18:20 [Preview] No.43102 del
(8.74 KB 513x143 3768.PNG)
New Q Drop

Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 83ae1d No.7653316 📁
Dec 29 2019 11:48:36 (EST) NEW
No (R) option in CA when registering to vote?
Welcome to the [D] party con.

Anonymous 12/29/2019 (Sun) 17:20:02 [Preview] No.43103 del
Stand By



Voter ID mega.nz/#F!EV4HkQ7A!fxp-5L2RjgKl1D3YK1xGYA


Anonymous 12/29/2019 (Sun) 17:21:56 [Preview] No.43104 del
(162.80 KB 518x624 3769.PNG)
New Q Drop

Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 83ae1d No.7653342 📁
Dec 29 2019 11:50:48 (EST) NEW
Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 83ae1d No.7653316 📁
Dec 29 2019 11:48:36 (EST) NEW
No (R) option in CA when registering to vote?
Welcome to the [D] party con.



Anonymous 12/29/2019 (Sun) 17:30:16 [Preview] No.43105 del
(14.93 KB 517x198 3770.PNG)
New Q Drop

Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 83ae1d No.7653478
Dec 29 2019 12:06:15 (EST) NEW
[D] party election interference?
[D] party corruption?

Anonymous 12/29/2019 (Sun) 17:33:45 [Preview] No.43106 del
nderdasting anon

can u say fraud o/

Anonymous 12/29/2019 (Sun) 17:35:03 [Preview] No.43107 del
>>7653531, >>7653548, >>7653555, >>7653563, >>7653575, >>7653598 GATHER YOR MEMES FOR CALI VOTERID

Anonymous 12/29/2019 (Sun) 17:35:48 [Preview] No.43108 del
(11.29 KB 513x178 3771.PNG)
New Q Drop

Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: aa51d3 No.7653595
Dec 29 2019 12:21:48 (EST) NEW
Do you believe in coincidences?
The TRUTH will be told.

Anonymous 12/29/2019 (Sun) 17:36:27 [Preview] No.43109 del

Primary Elections in California

What is a voter-nominated office?

The Top Two Candidates Open Primary Act, which took effect January 1, 2011, created "voter-nominated" offices. The Top Two Candidates Open Primary Act does not apply to candidates running for U.S. President, county central committees, or local offices.

Most of the offices that were previously known as "partisan" are now known as "voter-nominated" offices. Voter-nominated offices are state constitutional offices, state legislative offices, and U.S. congressional offices. The only "partisan offices" now are the offices of U.S. President and county central committee.

How are primary elections conducted in California?

All candidates for voter-nominated offices are listed on one ballot and only the top two vote-getters in the primary election – regardless of party preference - move on to the general election. Write-in candidates for voter-nominated offices can only run in the primary election. A write-in candidate will only move on to the general election if the candidate is one of the top two vote-getters in the primary election.

Prior to the Top Two Candidates Open Primary Act, the top vote-getter from each qualified political party, as well as any write-in candidate who received a certain percentage of votes, moved on to the general election.

The Top Two Candidates Open Primary Act does not apply to candidates running for U.S. President, county central committee, or local office.

How are presidential primary elections conducted in California?

Qualified political parties in California may hold presidential primaries in one of two ways:

Closed presidential primary - only voters indicating a preference for a party may vote for that party's presidential nominee

Modified-closed presidential primary - the party also allows voters who did not state a party preference to vote for that party's presidential nominee.

Anonymous 12/29/2019 (Sun) 17:36:46 [Preview] No.43110 del
If a qualified political party chooses to hold a modified-closed presidential primary, the party must notify the California Secretary of State no later than the 135th day before Election Day.

Voters who registered to vote without stating a political party preference are known as No Party Preference (NPP) voters. For information on NPP voters voting in a presidential primary election, please see our webpage on No Party Preference Information.

What do party preferences mean when listed with candidates' names on the ballot? What are the qualified political parties and abbreviations of those party names?

The term "party preference" is now used in place of the term "party affiliation." A candidate must indicate his or her preference or lack of preference for a qualified political party. If the candidate has a qualified political party preference that qualified political party will be indicated by the candidate's name on the ballot. If a candidate does not have a qualified political party preference, "Party Preference: None" will be indicated by the candidate's name on the ballot.

Similarly, voters who were previously known as "decline-to-state" voters (because they did not have a party affiliation) are now known as having "no party preference" or known as "NPP" voters.

Abbreviations for the qualified political parties are:

* DEM = Democratic Party

* REP = Republican Party

* AI = American Independent Party

* GRN = Green Party

* LIB = Libertarian Party

* PF = Peace & Freedom Party

If a candidate receives a majority of the vote (50 percent+1) in the primary election, will there still be a general election?

Yes. The top two vote-getters move on to the general election regardless of party preference or whether one candidate receives a majority of all votes cast in the primary election. Only candidates running for State Superintendent of Public Instruction or candidates for voter-nominated offices in special elections can win outright by getting a majority of the vote (50 percent + 1) in the primary election.

If there are only two candidates in the primary election, is a general election required?

Yes. The top two vote-getters move on to the general election regardless of candidate pool size, party preference, or whether one candidate receives the majority of all votes cast in the primary election. Only candidates running for State Superintendent of Public Instruction or candidates for voter-nominated offices in special elections can win outright by getting a majority of the vote (50 percent + 1) in the primary election.

Anonymous 12/29/2019 (Sun) 17:37:09 [Preview] No.43111 del

Sunday 12.29.19

>>7653595 —————————— The TRUTH will be told (Cap: >>7653617 vid)

>>7653478 —————————— [D] party election interference? (Cap: >>7653515)

>>7653342 rt >>7653316 ———–- [Pic_insert_retry]

>>7653316 —————————— Welcome to the [D] party con


>>7653669 Primary Elections in California

>>7653621 More than 500 election clerks in Michigan have not been properly accredited to run the state’s elections, according to a recent audit.

>>7653597 CA election fraud

>>7653531, >>7653548, >>7653555, >>7653563, >>7653575, >>7653598 GATHER YOR MEMES FOR CALI VOTERID

Anonymous 12/29/2019 (Sun) 17:54:38 [Preview] No.43112 del

Anonymous 12/29/2019 (Sun) 17:55:22 [Preview] No.43113 del
(44.40 KB 623x539 3772.PNG)
(321.54 KB 608x539 3772-2.png)
(3.36 MB 1536x2048 3772-3.png)
(3.36 MB 2048x1536 3772-4.png)
New Q Drop

Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: aa51d3 No.7653791 📁
Dec 29 2019 12:39:23 (EST) NEW
Anonymous ID: 7f3f80 No.7653597 📁
Dec 29 2019 12:22:00 (EST) NEW

The point being many (R)s are confused re: must go through additional 'hoops' in order to vote (re: (R) party registration).
% not mailed?
% 'supposedly' lost?
% delayed?
% returned [D] _unchanged?

Anonymous 12/29/2019 (Sun) 18:03:01 [Preview] No.43115 del
(72.49 KB 620x578 3773.PNG)
(113.21 KB 440x843 3773-2.png)
New Q Drop

Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: aa51d3 No.7653873 📁
Dec 29 2019 12:45:14 (EST) NEW

Follow the guide.

Anonymous 12/29/2019 (Sun) 18:15:14 [Preview] No.43116 del
(54.21 KB 615x419 3774.PNG)
New Q Drop

Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: aa51d3 No.7654139 📁
Dec 29 2019 13:06:19 (EST) NEW
If Russia didn't [hack] the DNC (insider breach)…..
& US INTEL supported Russia [breach] claim……
What does that tell you?
[Mueller][impeachment] all meant to 'slowdelayprevent' the exposure [& prosecution] of their crimes.
Will new articles of impeachment be 'continually' drafted in effort to hold as ammunition to prevent Senate hearings re: [D] party corruption?
Moves & countermoves.
The 'silent' war continues.

Anonymous 12/29/2019 (Sun) 18:19:00 [Preview] No.43117 del

Anonymous 12/29/2019 (Sun) 18:54:28 [Preview] No.43118 del
troops are gearing up
we will fire cannons soon


Anonymous 12/29/2019 (Sun) 20:20:09 [Preview] No.43119 del
TERRANT County Texas, church shooting
Brenton TERRANT was NZ shooter

Do you believe in coincidences?
How many coincidences before mathematically impossible?

Anonymous 12/29/2019 (Sun) 21:41:20 [Preview] No.43122 del
Nice1, ty

Anonymous 12/30/2019 (Mon) 04:11:26 [Preview] No.43126 del
I've done numwrous searches including QMAP, but not finding Q's posts wth several movie references I know Iron Eagle, White Squall and Sum of All Fears are three of them. Was another one Executive Action, or Executive Decision?

Anonymous 12/30/2019 (Mon) 04:21:02 [Preview] No.43127 del
(94.47 KB 500x300 721.png)
Can you hear me now

Anonymous 12/30/2019 (Mon) 05:14:30 [Preview] No.43128 del
Welcome to the big leagues Hunter.

"The IRS Placed Lien On Hunter Biden For About $113,000 In Unpaid Taxes From Year He Served On Burisma Board"


Anonymous 12/30/2019 (Mon) 05:18:52 [Preview] No.43129 del
BREAKING Elected officials NYSenator Felder, SEichenstein, Chaim Deutsch,and KalmanYeger are officially asking for Gov Cuomo to declare a Stare of Emergencu so that ny police and NY National Guard can be deployed and protect the visible NY Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods.


Anonymous 12/30/2019 (Mon) 05:34:39 [Preview] No.43130 del
The U.S. military carried out strikes in #Iraq and #Syria against Iran-backed Kataib Hezbollah terrorist group in response to the killing of a U.S. civilian contractor in a rocket attack on an Iraqi military base, officials said.


inner sauce:


Anonymous 12/30/2019 (Mon) 12:16:42 [Preview] No.43131 del
im not really sure what ur refrencing anon, but i think i remember a movie executive action... maybe that was it

Anonymous 12/30/2019 (Mon) 12:17:38 [Preview] No.43132 del

Anonymous 12/30/2019 (Mon) 12:24:50 [Preview] No.43133 del

Anonymous 12/30/2019 (Mon) 13:06:25 [Preview] No.43135 del
[Example CA]
What ‘family’ runs CA?
They are all connected.
The More You Know….

Anonymous 12/30/2019 (Mon) 13:07:21 [Preview] No.43136 del
Dig: Why Did Obama Transfer US Gov't Control of the Internet to a Non-profit California Company?
22 Feb 2019 - 10:38:07 PM
(1) Info
(2) Remove Control from Gov't and provide to CA (who controls CA?)
(3) Significant Risk? Cover? Control?
Why would [HUSSEIN] transfer US Gov't control of the internet to a non-profit CA co?
You are the news now.

Anonymous 12/30/2019 (Mon) 13:07:52 [Preview] No.43137 del
Voter Fraud in California Will Become Public
12 Dec 2018 - 6:10:18 PM
12 Dec 2018 - 6:08:08 PM
Will voter fraud in CA ever be brought to light?
"Watch CA" was deliberate.

Anonymous 12/30/2019 (Mon) 13:08:35 [Preview] No.43138 del
California Officials Blowing Budget on Illegals to Stay in Power and Enrich Big Pharma
31 Aug 2018 - 2:26:59 PM
Nancy Pelosi Seeks New Money Sources in Absence of Federal Funding
31 Aug 2018 - 2:02:17 PM
Does this mean more fires?
Paul & Nancy Pelosi Charitable Foundation.
What about the budget?
Why would CA 'elected' officials knowingly collapse the budget?
Who 'elects' CA officials?https://www.foxbusiness.com/politics/california-dmv-allows-illegals-to-vote-gop-chairman📁
Money to be made?
Why are CA & NY VITAL areas of control?
Think Ports.

Anonymous 12/30/2019 (Mon) 13:08:51 [Preview] No.43139 del
Nancy Pelosi Seeks New Money Sources in Absence of Federal Funding
31 Aug 2018 - 2:02:17 PM
Does this mean more fires?
Paul & Nancy Pelosi Charitable Foundation.

Anonymous 12/30/2019 (Mon) 13:09:38 [Preview] No.43140 del
Dems Opposed to Voter IDs Laws that Would Stop Election Rigging
10 Aug 2018 - 11:40:08 AM

CA/NY notorious voter fraud.
Controlled & Coordinated by Corrupt [+ so-called volunteers] State Officials.
Logical Thinking.

Anonymous 12/30/2019 (Mon) 13:10:02 [Preview] No.43141 del
California Intentionally Lighting Fires to Recoup Lost Federal Funds
30 Jul 2018 - 11:11:43 AM
What happens when CA is in serious debt and lost priority aid from the FED gov due to sanctuary status (illegal)?
Light fires.
Declare State of Emergency and req billions from FED.
Why did POTUS reject in the past?
Sick people!
The more you know.

Anonymous 12/30/2019 (Mon) 13:11:03 [Preview] No.43142 del
California Targeted
9 Apr 2018 - 2:27:40 PM
CA Targeted.
How often does POTUS RT weekly address?
April Showers.

Anonymous 12/30/2019 (Mon) 13:11:20 [Preview] No.43143 del
Eric Holder & California
7 Apr 2018 - 11:32:47 AM
It's Happening (WAR) & April Showers
7 Apr 2018 - 11:30:31 AM
Talking to you, anon.
We always see “It’s Happening” here.
The ‘Tone’.
April showers.
Relevant soon.

Anonymous 12/30/2019 (Mon) 14:31:28 [Preview] No.43144 del

>>7653316 Q 'No (R) option in CA when registering to vote?'

We are HOT for Twitter Cannons OPERATION: #VoterID
VoterID Meme Repo: https://mega.nz/#F!EV4HkQ7A!fxp-5L2RjgKl1D3YK1xGYA

California has become a hotbed for corruption and crime.
4 Families over 3 generations.: Brown Pelosi Newsom Getty
It is 95% Democtratic Controlled with abundent Voter Fraud.
Out mission is to get California Patriot Democrats to Push for California Voter ID.
Nancy Pelosi, Maixine Waters and Adam Schiff seem to be at the forefront of this debakle.
We will target them, as well as their followers and newly elected Democrats in California.

SYNOPSIS: Target California Democrats Sentors, House, Governors and thier followers to implement #VoterID in California.
MEME: VoterID, Corruption, Homelessness, WildFires, Drugs, Crime, SanctuaryCities...
HIJACK: #MondayThoughts | #MondayMotivation | #RuinTheHolidaysIn5Words
PUSH: #VoterID | #CaliforniaVoterId | #DemandVoterID

Newly elected California Democrats and Democrats in California Swing Districts

EXAMPLE TWEET (Direct Reply to maxine waters)
[Tweet] - .@RepMaxineWaters how are you this #MondayMorning? My #MondayThoughts is #VoterID in #California. Can we #DemandVoterID? Any thoughts?
[Meme] - Pic of the Voter Corruption in California Orange County


</EndChan id='qanonresearch'>


Anonymous 12/30/2019 (Mon) 14:32:01 [Preview] No.43145 del
Notable Bump Reqst

Call to Meme VoterID

Anonymous 12/30/2019 (Mon) 15:05:54 [Preview] No.43146 del
(57.60 KB 765x294 demand-voter-ida.png)

Anonymous 12/30/2019 (Mon) 15:23:28 [Preview] No.43148 del
(479.37 KB 584x803 screenshot.png)

Anonymous 12/30/2019 (Mon) 16:13:19 [Preview] No.43149 del