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>>/yuri/23855 >>23854 Don't use the website often!
>>/qanonresearch/35146 >>35133 ...Not a doubt crosses my mind. Lots going on behind the scenes that isn't reported or under reported.
>>/qanonresearch/35145 >>35136 So the googlers Deep Mind located in China would receive real time data on every US citizen. Every click and easily grap
>>/yuri/23854 >>23853 There's an english option.
>>/qrbunker/1323 >>1316 Added the new crumb Reminder to open big graphics in a new tab.
>>/ausneets/39661 >>39659 Just be happy mate they should be more regular and higher quality from now on... they hinted a lot of shit went on behin
>>/qanonresearch/35144 POTUS says vote for SEAN go vote bitches
>>/qanonresearch/35143 >>35116 IP Address Geo Location In 2016, the company Maxmind moved the default Geo Location for over 600 Million Internet IP a
>>/qrbunker/1322 >>1321 would be comfy_er if Don was sitting on a throne of cabal skulls tbqh.
>>/qanonresearch/35142 >>35134 yeah, I'm not here to explain everything. time will tell, that's for sure.

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