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(103.10 KB 892x494 1581642522.jpg)
Co󠠭ro󠠭navirus thread Bernd 02/24/2020 (Mon) 02:42:47 [Preview] No. 34603 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
May as well make o󠠭ne here since the servers o󠠭n vierkanal get shutdo󠠭wn so󠠭metimes
Latest develo󠠭pments have included:
>150 infected in Italy
>200 infected in Wo󠠭rst Ko󠠭rea, so󠠭me cultists fro󠠭m there (20) went to󠠭 Israel and spread it there
>100 in Iran, mo󠠭re abrupt cases o󠠭f death there (aro󠠭und 20)
In o󠠭ther news, China claims everything go󠠭es dandy, but things may be different. Russia as always is managing things better clo󠠭sing the chinese bo󠠭rder and raiding the chinese that are living there.
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Bernd 04/05/2020 (Sun) 18:37:10 [Preview] No.35664 del
After the 'do you want me to coof on you, george?' bit, I wondered if anyone had tried it yet.

>A MAN claiming to have contracted coronavirus threatened to cough on Police during a bizarre attack on staff at a shop in Dublin.

>A man has been jailed for 24 weeks after coughing and sneezing towards police officers while drunkenly flouting lockdown rules.

>Criminals continue to use coronavirus as a weapon against police after four thugs are jailed for spitting, coughing or sneezing on officers during lockdown

Bernd 04/05/2020 (Sun) 19:51:26 [Preview] No.35667 del
(140.85 KB 1579x657 mapa.png)
Haven't heard if there's been a change in testing or counting but the daily increase shot up by a lot. The spread is comprehensive, the hinterland won't be spared.

Bernd 04/06/2020 (Mon) 20:30:49 [Preview] No.35692 del
Bolsonaro nearly sacked Health Minister Mandetta but backed down.

Bernd Board volunteer 04/06/2020 (Mon) 20:51:56 [Preview] No.35693 del
And that Russian guy in England is very ill.

In other news:
>8 strain and thousands of mutations
On the Hungary we have several strains.

Bernd 04/06/2020 (Mon) 20:53:54 [Preview] No.35694 del
Haha, forgot I logged in to remove spam from the premises.

Anyway some 460 000 Chinese firm went out of business in the past couple of months.

(56.52 KB 750x415 1ygw8iist8u31.jpg)
(98.36 KB 640x927 the sultan.jpg)
(122.41 KB 1024x512 laughing erdo.jpg)
(27.83 KB 720x566 erdo and baba.jpg)
Syria thread - Erdoğan edition Bernd 10/24/2019 (Thu) 01:43:41 [Preview] No. 30865 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Erdogan has met Putin and ironed out the partition of northeastern Syria. He gets to keep everything he conquered and the rest stays with Assad. YPG retreats from a 30km strip along the border, leaving the bulk of Kurdish-populated areas. Russo-Turkish patrols guard the safe zone. The deal shows two things:
By inviting Assad the SDF have completely relinquished their sovereignty. This was why they were so relutanct to receive aid during Olive Branch. As long as Erdogan maintains good relations with Assad and Putin, YPG will no longer bother him. If, however, relations sour then he can even expect a repeat of the 90s, when Hafez sheltered Ocalan and allowed PKK to use Syria as its base of operations.
The deal was discussed with Putin, not Assad. It's also clear who calls the shots.

For locals conquered by Peace Spring, the problem is not Turkey itself but its Syrian rebel puppets, who are thugs and mistreat the population, as has already been the case in Afrin. For the war as a whole, peace is now closer. Once Idlib is sorted out, a simple deal with Turkey can grant Assad the whole country except for al-Tanf.
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Bernd 03/19/2020 (Thu) 17:19:09 [Preview] No.35290 del
(49.52 KB 1316x1152 bushgrafd.png)
Sounds counterproductive. Dogs biting the hand of the master usually ends worse for the dog. Now Erdogan can look away but what will happen if it repeats?

Bernd 03/19/2020 (Thu) 17:47:31 [Preview] No.35295 del
He could use this as a pretext for disarming or subjugating rebels disloyal to him, consolidating his control of Idlib. But he hasn't done so despite having the opportunity for years so he might let it pass.

Bernd 03/21/2020 (Sat) 01:21:13 [Preview] No.35332 del
>turks are now getting attacked by the very people whose asses they keep saving

I feel legitimately sorry for the Turkish soldiers in Syria, it must suck being stuck in a desert hellhole and having to take shots from everyone in the region. I'm surprised some Turkish commander didn't just decide to go rogue and firebomb everything in sight.

Bernd 03/21/2020 (Sat) 11:17:21 [Preview] No.35346 del
(353.43 KB 734x849 2020-03-21-idlib.png)
(663.36 KB 1920x909 epidemics.png)
Some activity, very blue.
Live map offers Epidemics map too.

>Turkish commander
He must be very trusted person.

Bernd 04/06/2020 (Mon) 20:29:23 [Preview] No.35691 del
(342.13 KB 2000x2000 109130_LD860211.jpg)
>Al-Hasakah Province – Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: reliable sources have informed SOHR that armed fight erupted between two groups of the Turkish-backed faction “Sultan Murad” in Ras Al-Ain city (Sere Kaniye), north of Al-Hasakah, after a dispute between the two groups over stealing a “washing machine”. The clashes left four militiamen injured. According to SOHR sources, two of the injured fighters were taken to Turkey after sustaining serious injuries.
Business as usual in TFSA territory.

(287.03 KB 800x1067 ifried.jpeg)
Bernd 02/24/2020 (Mon) 06:00:06 [Preview] No. 34605 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
I wanted to make a more serious thread about a very concerning topic regarding kohl and hope that someone can assist me or I can assist them.

I browse kohl's /int/ board sporadically and lurk threads for regular assberger things - plants, bugs, Ukrainian vs Russian threads, etc

I've noticed that every time I go, my browser cache(I use Firefox) gets bigger but I can't get rid of it. It only happens when I visit that site. So I went there a few years ago to see a very innocuous thread about blimps. Nothing really too interesting. After I closed it, my cache increased by 1mb in my computer.

There is no way I can get rid of it. Wanted to ask if bernds also had this issue
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Bernd 03/30/2020 (Mon) 19:34:07 [Preview] No.35560 del
It's don't. On me the Chinese are spying not the Jews.
I rarely lurk /tech/ I don't have tiem.
How do you adjust RAM slots?

Bernd 03/30/2020 (Mon) 20:56:00 [Preview] No.35564 del
If I remember correctly, for Skylake CPUs it was possible to put both RAM slots in different coloured slots, and apparently the ME wouldn't activate because of that.

Bernd 03/31/2020 (Tue) 05:47:36 [Preview] No.35566 del
You mean if the mobo has four slots, than placing a pair of ram sticks in slots with different colors then it will do the thing?
I think the color code is for pairing the channels, sticks can work together efficiently only if they are slotted in A or B channel, but not A and B.

Bernd 04/01/2020 (Wed) 01:09:01 [Preview] No.35591 del
I think so, if it was single channel it still worked anyways. Or just have one RAM slot in the third one?

Bernd 04/06/2020 (Mon) 17:59:10 [Preview] No.35690 del
uMatrix dieded on Palemoon. It is installed but the icon, that I cannot find nowhere.

(320.53 KB 1222x817 amish.jpg)
Bernd 05/09/2019 (Thu) 22:44:54 [Preview] No. 25729 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
>niggers are degenerate
>Americans are degenerate
>t-shirts are degenerate
>blue jeans are degenerate
>wearing short sleeves is degenerate
>technology is degenerate
>science is degenerate
>all art is degenerate (and graven images)
>cosmopolitanism is degenerate
>touching your peepee is degenerate
>dating is fornication and degenerate
>materialism is degenerate
>gnosticism is degenerate
>philosophy is degenerate
>not having 10 children is degenerate
>music is degenerate
>shaving is degenerate

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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Bernd 04/06/2020 (Mon) 14:28:19 [Preview] No.35683 del
Idontuseacar is Swedish though. You can derive that just from typing in "site:cuttingthroughthefog.com idontuseacar" on any search engine and in the first result he posts:
>Nice to see a fellow swede here
>btw tesla smells like a spook to me
Pretty obviously the same grammar as well, and we've specifically talked of Tesla on this very thread as well. So trying to confirm he's Swedish won't do.

Bernd 04/06/2020 (Mon) 16:26:21 [Preview] No.35686 del
I see.
Can registered users send private messages to each other?

Bernd 04/06/2020 (Mon) 16:41:47 [Preview] No.35687 del
It's Wordpress, so I guess? Then again, it appears he's a guest user there.

Bernd 04/06/2020 (Mon) 16:45:24 [Preview] No.35688 del
How consistently he uses that site?
What's the plan? Writing a secret message into the message that could slip through the admin?

Bernd 04/06/2020 (Mon) 16:51:47 [Preview] No.35689 del
The plan? Why try to be so conspicuous about this? Just try it in a way that doesn't ruin the image of this board, but "mask it" with other talk.

(189.65 KB 1142x856 magyarszentkorona.jpg)
(185.40 KB 1050x853 szentjobb.jpg)
20rh August State Foundation Day Bernd 08/20/2018 (Mon) 06:19:40 [Preview] No. 18586 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
A year passed and again this day commemorates the foundation of Hungary, this is 1018th birthday. We celebrate this national holiday with listening to politicians mixing irrelevant daily politics into historical events in the morning and watching fireworks in the evening. Budapesterners can witness the procession of state founder Saint Stephen's Holy Dexter. Also all the local communities have their own little celebrations.
This is the third time I make this thread, and I won't post much, maybe I'll post something about what happened today - if anything interesting - later.
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Bernd 03/28/2020 (Sat) 20:24:19 [Preview] No.35516 del
So let's talk briefly about Polish-Hungarian relations, the possible sources the sympathy and friendship between the two nation.
Our history intertwines since the formation of our statehood. In the beginning it was on the level of foreign politics, the Piast and Árpád dynasties strengthened their relation via marriages. Very notable example is our king Saint Ladislaus (ruled: 1077-1095) whose mother was Polish princess. Due to the inner struggles of the House of Árpád, his father prince Béla with his brothers had to fled the country and found safe refuge in the Piast Court, he even led an army of theirs against Pomerania.
Back then the Hungarian dynastic politics had four chief partners: the HRE (with Bohemia), Poland, Kiev and Byzantium. There were other relations, and webs of marriages, but these were the main ones. With the decline of Byzantium, and the Mongol conquest this reduced to the first two, though important marriages were bargained with powers further to west, which helped the Anjou's onto the throne of Hungary after the House of Árpád died out ont he male line.
The strategical nature of our relation with the Polish Kingdom remained intact. First with Bohemia they created the V3 (Congress of Visegrád) which was an alliance and a commercial agreement between the three rulers. Then Anjou Louis I inherited the Kingdom of Poland, and our states formed a personal union. His daughter, Jadwiga followed on the throne (she was canonized recently, another saint of the Polish-Hungarian relations), and her marriage made possible for the Jagiellonians to acquire the kingship. They become not just important partners for the Hungarian rulers, but gave three kings for us as well, one died tragically on the battlefield of Mohács in the struggle against the Ottomans.

Bernd 03/28/2020 (Sat) 20:27:16 [Preview] No.35517 del
This struggle became a common cause of ours for the coming centuries from the appearance of the Ottomans on the Balkans. With our country torn three after the fall of Buda (1541) the Polish foreign politics dealt with two Hungarian states, the Kingdom with the Habsburgs, and the Principality of Transylvania with her changing ruling families. The relation of the Princes to the Sublime Porte varied during this era, some were more independent than others, some had better relation with the Habsburgs, some dreamed of winning the Kingdom for themselves. One however was approached by some representatives of the Sejm, they offered Anna Jagellion's hand in marriage to Stephen Báthory, and with her the power over of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. After him, the Princes saw the relations with Poland even more important if it's possible, but more importantly the interactions between the two nations (if I'm allowed to write this term somewhat anachronistically) started to change, from high politics it moved onto lower levels as well.
Gonna continue from here.

Bernd 04/06/2020 (Mon) 01:56:08 [Preview] No.35674 del
>Instead of holding the line in front of the main attacking force of the Emperor, and backing toward the marshalling area, he chose to evade instead and started a march toward north east. While his move weakened the direct defense of the new center of rally it was quite unexpected for the imperial command. They sent a considerable force onto his chase, in case he breaks into Austrian lands, or threatens logistically important settlements and supply lines. Görgey basically stopped the enemy's advance at the region of the Danube just the same.
This sounds foolish at first, why would he retreat from the enemy's main invasion corridor (which I guess, after the Danube was secured, that the next Habsburg target was to cross the Tisza and get to Debrecen) and move away from it to the less relevant highlands? But it seems the Austrians were also dazzled by this foolishness and played along, so they were more foolish. Or maybe they in this case they thought their logistics would not allow a push that far with Komárom still untaken, and/or cared about facing armies more than catching territory. How much more progress could they have made on the main invasion corridor if they had just ignored Görgey? From the map it seems Jablonowski and Csorich could have instead fought in the push o the Tisza. Or maybe moving everyone on this corridor would leave them vulnerable to a a flanking attack by Görgey coming down the highlands.

>3. constitutional monarchy without the Habsburgs, fuck them;
And which other noble house could take the throne?

>The most recent version of the speculation is, that after he fell into Russian captivity the Tsar threatened the Emperor, that they will bring Görgey to Russia as a badge of their triumph if they don't give him amnesty
This Russian favoritism is really intriguing. He couldn't provide any aid to the Tsar while living in Klagenfurt, maybe return to Hungary to fight the Habsburgs again if another revolution were to happen at a time Russia were hostile to Austria, but that would be an unlikely combination of events and out of mind in a time the Kaiser and Tsar were friendly. Was it just respect from his earlier negotiations to fold to Russia?

Bernd 04/06/2020 (Mon) 15:57:43 [Preview] No.35684 del
(899.73 KB 776x880 Hunyadi.jpg)
(543.66 KB 2502x3520 Horthy_1943.jpg)
>northern by-pass
I will look into his memoirs about this. But.
I know there were considerable amount of reinforcement in the Highlands, and maybe even supplies. The towns were traditionally rich (originally Saxon - liek Zipsers - and Swabian settlers founded mining towns) and important industrial centers. At first Görgey wanted to break the siege of Lipótvár which was held by 1500 patriot against Simunich's 5000 men, from there they could have reached Pozsony easily (earlier the seat of the Diet, due to it's closeness to Vienna), or move to either Komárom or Győr, all three cases would landed them behind the imperials and on their supply lines.
The imperals also could hope for some popular support in the Highlands (or Upper Hungary), among the tót part of the Northern Hungarians those who speak Czech funny a priest named Hurban recruited irregular force against the Revolution this movement was way less considerable than today the Slavic nationalists of Northern Hungary try to imply, the main body of the tóts sided with the Hungarian revolutionary government.
So Görgey had to be kept in check. Windisch-Grätz sent a force from his troops, which made his army weaker. He also wanted to concentrate more units onto the Great Plain, most notably Schlick's, but at that moment when Görgey left, Simunich's too. I read that the imperial high command didn't have reliable intel nor about the strength of our forces neither their exact location this made W-G cautious (maybe even confused).

>And which other noble house could take the throne?
I dunno if they had any plans on that, or who wanted to elect whom. In practice Kossuth became governor and weren't much talk about coronation.
Our kingdom without a king can work fine. The Holy Crown is the embodiment of the kingship, and the source of royal power. During the middle ages a tradition formed which is now called Holy Crown Doctrine (I'm not aware an official translation of the name, it contains/contained both customary and written law) which treats the Crown basically both as an abstract idea (with notions such as the will of the people) and as a legal person (such as the owner of the crown lands - this part can be familiar). From 1446 in the absence of a king (during interregnums for example) a governor (gubernator) gets elected and rules instead the king, the legal basis and the practice of this rule was regulated on ad hoc basis, there weren't explicit guidelines for that I think, but generally were under the supervision of the Diet/legislation (as the will of the people and the will of the Crown).
The kingless kingdom works as a republic with a "civilian" at the helm. In case of Kossuth, he was called a governor-president - which probably made many peeps twitchy, projecting a republican turn. Anyway keeping the kingdom in our case is a question of tradition and the continuation of a thousand year old legitimacy.
As a nice touch, the Prime Minister of the first "responsible" government as they called it responsible to the Parliament not the king took an oath to the Holy Crown. They took it seriously.
Picrels: first and last governors.

Bernd 04/06/2020 (Mon) 16:04:56 [Preview] No.35685 del
>This Russian favoritism is really intriguing.
I dunno what the Russian leaders had seen in keeping him around. Sure it quickened the end of the war and spared many life on all sides, but was that important to them? Some prestige, the capitulation meant, for the Tzar, but was that much? Well Haynau fumed about it at least, maybe the Russian generals enjoyed rubbing it in or something. Did they respected him? We have no insight into their thought process, no written source historians now about.

(108.76 KB 600x666 1536373846692.png)
Jokes, funny, etc Bernd 04/06/2019 (Sat) 14:43:04 [Preview] No. 24428 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
How many armies -- does it take to change a light bulb?
At least five. The Germans to start it, the French to give up really easily after only trying for a little while, the Italians to make a start, get nowhere, and then try again from the other side, the Americans to turn up late and finish it off and take all the credit, and the Swiss to pretend nothing out of the ordinary is happening....

What happens if a women and two men are marooned on a desert island?
If they are Swedish, the men will marry and ignore the woman....
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Bernd 10/22/2019 (Tue) 05:15:38 [Preview] No.30783 del
(51.17 KB 570x427 A alagút 206.jpg)
(157.33 KB 450x652 alagút.jpg)
(56.47 KB 570x427 B alagút 218.jpg)
>that soap is my grandpa

>bridge in the Sahara
Amateurs. Try tunnels in the plains.

Bernd 04/04/2020 (Sat) 10:47:11 [Preview] No.35647 del
Old Chinese proverb says:

"Those who says that one man can't change the world, didn't try to eat an undercooked bat".

Bernd 04/05/2020 (Sun) 18:13:06 [Preview] No.35662 del
Wisdom of bat falcon.

Bernd 04/05/2020 (Sun) 19:54:20 [Preview] No.35668 del
(11.18 KB 281x320 view.php.jpg)
Why did the hardworking manager completely fail in his new job as an auto parts salesman?
He was tireless.

Bernd 04/06/2020 (Mon) 05:51:51 [Preview] No.35678 del
Who runs in front of a car gets tired.
I read this on a Kung Fu-ce memegenerator meme in 2009.

(212.99 KB 1200x589 fwo_204330.jpg)
15th of November - Republic Day Bernd 11/16/2018 (Fri) 01:56:56 [Preview] No. 20613 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Today we celebrate and glorify Pedro II's overthrow in a military coup 129 years ago, marking our transformation into a banana republic. The strongman who led the coup is even in every 25 cent coin.
As typical, Temer spoke about the virtues and strength of liberal democracy even though the Braganza were more liberally democratic than the following regimes.
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Bernd 04/01/2020 (Wed) 04:54:43 [Preview] No.35595 del
Olímpio had previously been relevant in the 30s, when he was part of the Integralist intelligence service. By forging a communist insurrection plot - the Cohen Plan - in 1937 he gave Vargas a pretext to suspend the next year's elections and create an authoritarian Constitution. In 1938 Integralists and other groups would then try to overthrow Vargas, fail and get repressed. Olímpio and other Integralists were rehabilitated and he fought in Europe in the 40s.

Bernd 04/01/2020 (Wed) 18:21:54 [Preview] No.35601 del
>Brazilian order of battle
Sounds interesting. I wonder what's behind the lack of info. The changes the Hungarian army went through the 20th century is very well documented.
Those Roman numbers sounds like military districts or corps. Or military districts that convert into corps in case of mobilization. Armies traditionally signaled by Arabic numbers, similar to divisions.
>legalist and rebel
What was the ideological split? Since it's Cold War era I can guess.
>There's a lot of reading to do, I'll look into it place by place and try to draft a map of the situation with what I find.
So continuation is expected?
Btw, you showed interest in my Görgey writing, I'm not sure you noticed I completed the whole thing a while ago.

Bernd 04/06/2020 (Mon) 00:07:53 [Preview] No.35669 del
>Sounds interesting. I wonder what's behind the lack of info
The information is out there, buried in some library with no way to access from Libgen or Google Books. There's just not enough interest. Usually a comprehensive description of a past hierarchy is only compiled in case of a formal war, which hasn't been the case since the 1860s. In peacetime fragmented information about the hierarchy shows up when scholars dig up the military's history, but I've found few information in those cases as civilian and military historians are mostly concentrated in either the social and political context or the development of doctrine and commanders' biographies.
>Those Roman numbers sounds like military districts or corps. Or military districts that convert into corps in case of mobilization. Armies traditionally signaled by Arabic numbers, similar to divisions.
The sources I've found call them by Roman numbers.

>What was the ideological split? Since it's Cold War era I can guess.
Some factors were unique to the military. It already had a tradition of insubordination as insubordination was what had brought the Republic into existence in the first place. The existing (Fourth) Republic by then was also brought about by a military-civilian movement which toppled Vargas. Attempts at military interference in politics, with civilian backing, continued through the 50s. Then in 1961 there was once again an institutional crisis. The elected President, Jânio Quadros, published a cryptic resignation letter in a bungled move to return to power with popular support. Nobody moved in his favor. Though backed by the right, he was more of a meme President than anything and doesn't fit neatly into the ongoing power struggle. The real problem was a peculiarity in the existing electoral system: the offices of President and Vice-President were elected separately. Jânio's VP was a leftist of the more confrontational kind and would now step in. A military-civilian movement to prevent his accession to power was thwarted by a strong civilian reaction and, within the military, by widespread legalism (Mourão Filho himself and other 1964 rebels were legalists in 1961), specially among sergeants. The crisis was resolved by transitioning to a parliamentary system which emptied Jango's power.

This crisis had a lasting impact in the military. Sergeants and sailors had become politicized in Jango's favor. Hierarchy was giving way to anarchy.
Some units lived in a kind of double command. Hundreds of officers withstood embarrassing situations. In a unit at the Vila Militar there were sergeants who disregarded timetables and held private depots. One of them threatened the "reactionary sirs": "the instrument of labor of military men is the rifle". Another, elected a Deputy, spoke of the "hanging of those responsible for the tyranny of economic powers". In 1963 leftist general Osvino Ferreira Alves, the foremost "general of the people", celebrated his birthday with a party attended by eight hundred sub-lieutenants and sergeants. Sailors used the ships' transmission network to communicate their slogans, and, at least once, opened the Admiralty Council's safe to copy minutes from a secret meeting.
(Elio Gaspari, A Ditadura Envergonhada)

Bernd 04/06/2020 (Mon) 00:08:21 [Preview] No.35670 del
This had backing from above:
His (Osvino's) association received 8 million Cr$ from the Presidency's Chief of Staff, of which five had to be given to a group of sergeants in São Paulo. This anarchy was protected by a few officers loyal to the government and tolerated by many others fearful of clashing with the "apparatus" [Jango's control of the higher echelons, this is an important point for later] and thus, risk the liquidation of their career.
The final days of March were the nadir. First came the Sailors' Revolt on the 25th. The Minister of the Navy ordered the arrest of 12 graduates who had made an Association of Sailors and Marines into a trade union-like organization with communist ties. In reaction sergeants, corporals and sailors headed by Corporal Anselmo barricaded themselves at the HQ of a communist-tied trade union and demanded freedom for the twelve. They were joined by civilian activists and declared their wider political positions. 23 soldiers sent in repression joined the mutiny. After negotiations the protesters were arrested in Army, not Navy quarters and then freed, which they did in triumph, cheering with two leftist admirals.
Then on the 30th he spoke to thousands of sergeants at the Automobile Club in Rio de Janeiro. His subordinates had pleaded him not to speak, but he did. His action was deemed an escalation of the crisis in the military, and his words, politically explosive as he asked his audience to back his radical reforms. A friend had chosen for him the most moderate of three possible texts for his speech; its writer was in fact Luís Carlos Prestes, head of the Communist Party.
Officers worried about military anarchy saw the past days as the last straw, and now believed the President was attacking the Armed Forces as an institution; this was fundamental in their decision to rebel.
On the other hand legalists were also motivated by the feeling that they still owed loyalty to the President as their formal superior. This had been important in previous crises but could not determine fate now. Many more were indecisive and stayed legalist until switching sides when they saw where the wind was blowing.
There was also an ideological factor concentrated in the military, a tradition of Positivist authoritarianism which had already played out in 1889 and Vargas' time. Positivism was also in the roots of Varguism which was part of the legalist political base. But many of the rebels had themselves previously fought for Vargas.

>So continuation is expected?
Yes, I'll casually read into this subject.

Bernd 04/06/2020 (Mon) 02:13:36 [Preview] No.35675 del
Now that I look at it, the 1930 Revolution is a richer military topic. It lasted a couple weeks and was a multi-front civil war with the rebels taking large swathes of territory from the legalists, but right before a major battle was to take place a coup within the legalist side interrupted fighting and handed power to the rebels. The death toll was probably still very low, but not as much as the 1964 revolution which left only 7 dead, all of them civilians.
However it's even harder to find information on actual military movements in 1930.
There's also 1932, but that was lopsided with only a single state being in rebellion. Way earlier there's the Rio Grande do Sul independence war which lasted ten years and had the separatists invade and declare a republic in another state, build a navy and enlist Garibaldi to their side.

(1.76 MB 3264x2448 001.JPG)
(1.67 MB 3264x2448 002.JPG)
(1.65 MB 3264x2448 003.JPG)
(1.70 MB 3264x2448 004.JPG)
Cooking Gulyás reup Bernd 06/28/2018 (Thu) 07:17:27 [Preview] No. 17596 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
I saw some Mexican asking for gulyás recipe on Kohl and because I don't really want to start posting there beside the World Cup I decided to reupload the gulyás cooking as the other thread is "File not found" as well. So here's with original text.

Cooking with Bernd: gulyás

I was planning to post a good gulyás cooking since day one but somehow the occasion eluded me until now. I know a Hungarobernd did this on KC main but it was regular "cooking in the kitchen" type of thread and not "over open fire in bogrács" (traditional Hungarian pot).
I couldn't do this live for technical reasons but it will be fine this way too.

Pic #1
Ingredients: meat (little bit over half a kilo, it's pork, not beef), taters (by volume I used about the double of the meat dunno their weight), onions, tomato, paprikas, black pepper in the mill, dried ground paprika in the jar with the red lid, salt in the middle, and the white wax paper on the right covers the salo (fatback).
You can also see my Mora for cutting needs and a bearly visible peace from a wooden spoon behind the meat and the potato, the masterpiece of my carving art, used for stir the food in the bogrács.
The taters are leftovers from winter, wizened but fine for our purpose. Some of the onions and the paprikas are also leftovers I utilized.

Pic #2
The initial setup. Two quarter logs at the sides and a nest in the middle for the fire itself also aligned toward the usual main direction of the wind. The rocks are there for a little draft control. Tripod to hang the bogrács.

Pic #3
Lighted a handful of dry grass, placed in the middle of the nest, then a large handful of dry twigs above, and sticks across the log above all. As these sticks burn in the middle they broke after a while and fall into the nest. The heat from the nest lights up the inside faces of the logs. The heat is very concentrated toward the nest. The cooking is going above the nest, and it really doesn't need much flames. The smoldering logs pumping up lotsa heat, only some sticks are needed to be placed inside the nest time to times. Also when a log burns through, a new can be placed there. I had several prepared.

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Bernd 04/04/2020 (Sat) 11:00:29 [Preview] No.35648 del
>EU regulations and traditional butchering practices aren't on the same page. EU says animals have to be killed the most quick way possible which deemed the most humane, bleeding out an animal isn't really that.
Kind of. Basically, all animals are bled, you have to otherwise the meat spoils with the blood in it. We stun the animals then slit their necks to bleed them out. Only difference is Jews and Muzzies have to keep the animal awake so it can hear a prayer as it's slaughtered.

>However if animal is killed before the blood let out, it can coagulate and makes the meat taste weird.
I think you are confusing meat taint. It's the hormones left in the meat that makes it taste funny, but that's only with males.

>I'm not sure about this but I heard something that westerners "bleach" the meat because of this, use some chemical to clean it, and as a result makes their meat products taste liek cardboard.
It's ammonia and it's primarily used because slaughter houses are so fucking disgusting and unclean. When you process literally thousands of animals a day it's the only way to keep the meat clean in that environment.

>What other butchering practices out there? How people of old times did who didn't butcher the kosher way?
Basically if you aren't hoping to take away cuts of meat then it doesn't need to be bled, just be like a fucking lion and eat the fucker raw, it's better for you. I once saw a ray mears where he started a huge fire in a pit with a bunch of big stones, killed a few animals with a rock and tossed them in, then covered it over with earth and let the stuff cook in the ground like an oven for a few house. Whole cooked animals.

Bernd 04/05/2020 (Sun) 09:40:38 [Preview] No.35656 del
My knowledge is lacking since the source is my pals grumbling about EU regulations and how they tried to fumble around it. They also aren't those types who would read the fine print.
>but that's only with males.
I heard that related to pigs, the ones aren't castrated taste and might smell funny.
>eat the fucker raw
Not a good idea due to possible parasites. Ofc if one has the knowledge can tell if the animal is healthy or not.
That cooking method is very interesting.

Bernd 04/05/2020 (Sun) 13:02:20 [Preview] No.35658 del
Well, you could just burn or boil to death like Orientals. Tie it up and cook with blow torch.

Bernd 04/05/2020 (Sun) 13:29:49 [Preview] No.35659 del
Does that count as "butchering"?

Bernd 04/06/2020 (Mon) 00:38:40 [Preview] No.35672 del
>I heard that related to pigs, the ones aren't castrated taste and might smell funny.

A butcher told me once that if a male cow is older than a year old and not castrated they are worthless for meat because of the testosterone.

(16.76 MB 640x360 german-history.webm)
(3.68 MB 640x360 sumo-waitu-piggu.webm)
(888.64 KB 360x360 cat-wizard.webm)
(4.34 MB 1280x720 isis-agriculture.webm)
Webm thread Bernd 06/26/2018 (Tue) 07:02:33 [Preview] No. 17541 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Because old thread is resting in peace
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Bernd 03/29/2020 (Sun) 22:41:25 [Preview] No.35533 del

Bernd 03/30/2020 (Mon) 05:57:23 [Preview] No.35539 del
Not bad. Performer?

Bernd 03/30/2020 (Mon) 09:04:54 [Preview] No.35541 del
Nancy Danino
End credits theme for the movie Tokyo Eyes (1998)

Another track.

Bernd 03/30/2020 (Mon) 13:09:45 [Preview] No.35545 del
Thanks. Her voice isn't the greatest judging by that one sample but kinda I dunno... gentle in that song. Probably will listen what she can sing.

Too electronic for my taste, btw we have a music thread if you are interested.

Bernd 04/06/2020 (Mon) 00:12:11 [Preview] No.35671 del

(115.23 KB 795x1000 yak-papers-01.jpg)
(48.73 KB 354x500 03.jpg)
(39.67 KB 354x500 05.jpg)
Films, tv-shows and related media Bernd 01/01/2020 (Wed) 18:08:25 [Preview] No. 33703 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
The previous thread is at 499 posts, on the brink of autosage. So I open up a new one, because I have a thing to discuss as well with Bernd. But first thing first.

Finally I wanna watch these in their entirety, a series of Japanese films from the 70s The Yakuza Papers or Battles Without Honor And Humanity - which is also the title of the very first one.
I think the first five (what I'm planning on consuming) cover one full story, based on an OG yak's memoirs, published in a newspaper first. Then they made another three in the 70s, all standalone, and three more, two of them in this millennia.
They are in a certain subgenre of yakuza movies, which were fresh breeze at that time with their more realistic narrative and breakup with the "honorable samurai" romanticism of the previous era. They are also filmed in a documentary style, with handheld shaky cameras, and sometimes they even timestamp certain events as the movie plays - as far as I can tell based on the first one which I seen (but will rewatch).
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Bernd 04/05/2020 (Sun) 14:41:42 [Preview] No.35660 del
(11.20 KB 300x300 yoba music.jpeg)
>Except with the streaming problem for me and especially Dutch mu-tant. Poor dude.

R.I.P in pieces me

Don't know what happened during the stream. Couldn't even stay connected during most of the stream. Hopefully next time things will be better. We also had a really good turn around in headcount this time

Bernd 04/05/2020 (Sun) 18:11:46 [Preview] No.35661 del
Turnout was breddy gud, I concur, even tho a couple of guests were seem to be away.
Asked Odili if the black screen was server related, he says it sounds moar liek encoding problem. I just don't understand why it was ok on Palemoon at first then 15 min in it went black, and why was ok for me on FF and not for you on FF.
I dunno if we can do anything about it.

Bernd 04/05/2020 (Sun) 18:29:24 [Preview] No.35663 del
hah, i must have missed that in toilet break. Mine was also black, I just streamed the video with mpv and synced the time. It definitely wasn't server related as the audio still played. Maybe some sort of encoding issue, not sure how cytube handles things, maybe some sort of bitrate spike? In any case, something rare. I would try a yify rip next time, optimised for streaming.

Bernd 04/05/2020 (Sun) 18:41:28 [Preview] No.35665 del
That was a yify. I just renamed the file. But what's available. Not sure where I can get the Green Elephant (it was promised previously, and now was asked in the discussion thread on operate), it's on youtube with English subtitles, but needs to be logged in to watch. Not sure if can be streamed via hooktube.

Bernd 04/05/2020 (Sun) 18:42:43 [Preview] No.35666 del
Tested. Tried to add but failed.