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I am the Spaniard that bought the carving knife.
Where should I begin to learn carving skills?

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Films, tv-shows and related media

The previous thread is at 499 posts, on the brink of autosage. So I open up a new one, because I have a thing to discuss as well with Bernd. But first thing first.

Finally I wanna watch these in their entirety, a series of Japanese films from the 70s The Yakuza Papers or Battles Without Honor And Humanity - which is also the title of the very first one.
I think the first five (what I'm planning on consuming) cover one full story, based on an OG yak's memoirs, published in a newspaper first. Then they made another three in the 70s, all standalone, and three more, two of them in this millennia.
They are in a certain subgenre of yakuza movies, which were fresh breeze at that time with their more realistic narrative and breakup with the "honorable samurai" romanticism of the previous era. They are also filmed in a documentary style, with handheld shaky cameras, and sometimes they even timestamp certain events as the movie plays - as far as I can tell based on the first one which I seen (but will rewatch).

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How do we increase traffic to kc

So. How can we increase the number of users? There must be alot of bernds wandering in the desert looking for a home. Is there any way to reach them?

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Why were the ottomans so successful?

This is something that isn't logical to me. From what i've read, the ottomans was a bunch of nomads invading anatolia, tamerlane defeated them soundly, they managed to take Constantinople and then became the big threat to christianity. How did they do it? How could they raise so much men, hundreds of thousands, time and time again?

Doesn't really make any sense to me.

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Health thread nr1

So I didnt know where to post this excellent video about aluminium so I thought I just make a thread. About health.

Its a very easy video to watch/listen to because he says pictures and its being translated to french so it goes slower. He has researched about aluminium in 30 years so he is not a noob. [Embed]

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Tech Thread

Newest Edition, with less Ghork.

First thing first:
That dude of the Primitive Technology channel and all his copycats have a great advantage: access to unlimited supply of bamboo. Unlimited to their objectives. That stuff is great, tuff as shit, light as feather, can be used to many purpose with little modification and not too much work.

I also read most of this:
I think technology and it's use are running forward and lawmakers lag behind. Those who spent any time in the past two decades on the internet have a giant heap of data about them. I think Bernd posted a video about a security eggsbert, I think he works kind of a private investigator many time cooperating with officials and he said in that video anonymizing data worth nothing it can be de-anonymized with ease, and both companies and govt agencies do.
Now this law was passed at 2016. This year the EU countries have to start implementing it. Who knows how long it takes until it finishes. The whole stuff is kinda vague (it can be modified when necessary tho), and I don't know for example how the EU can force a foreign company to do whatever? There are sanctions but what jurisdiction the EU has over a US based firm for example Facebook and how the EU will force the sanctions onto for example said company?

R: 423 / I: 175 / P: 1

Vidya Thread

Since the previous reached bump limit.

Played some moar Atom RPG. I don't really have any coherent text drafted but some impressions, moments and such.

This game is depressing. It's like they extracted all the misery of the Soviet Union, ground it, added a hint mutants and monsters, then crammed it into one misery-sausage. Ofc there are funny lines and situations in there, always when you least expect. And you never expect them because the whole thing is so depressing.
NPC interactions are animated nicely. Heart warming meeting of father and daughter. Then they started to gossip about me.

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Since the previous thread is autosäging, here's the new one.

This little faggot is making covers for all kinds of popular music. [Embed]

Previously Venezuelaball posted some songs of a sludge metal band, Acid Bath. Managed to put my hands on some of their songs. Here's a couple I liked.

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Regions of your country and the jist of who the people there are

I'm just going to keep things as simple as possible here: summarise regions from your country or what you think of them with an image. No need to use any wojaks or other should-be dead memes if constructing an image for this.

R: 327 / I: 174 / P: 1

Syria thread - Erdoğan edition

Erdogan has met Putin and ironed out the partition of northeastern Syria. He gets to keep everything he conquered and the rest stays with Assad. YPG retreats from a 30km strip along the border, leaving the bulk of Kurdish-populated areas. Russo-Turkish patrols guard the safe zone. The deal shows two things:
By inviting Assad the SDF have completely relinquished their sovereignty. This was why they were so relutanct to receive aid during Olive Branch. As long as Erdogan maintains good relations with Assad and Putin, YPG will no longer bother him. If, however, relations sour then he can even expect a repeat of the 90s, when Hafez sheltered Ocalan and allowed PKK to use Syria as its base of operations.
The deal was discussed with Putin, not Assad. It's also clear who calls the shots.

For locals conquered by Peace Spring, the problem is not Turkey itself but its Syrian rebel puppets, who are thugs and mistreat the population, as has already been the case in Afrin. For the war as a whole, peace is now closer. Once Idlib is sorted out, a simple deal with Turkey can grant Assad the whole country except for al-Tanf.

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Movies that suits the proper Bernd

Watching this excellent movie whilst sipping on some exotic fanta [Embed]

R: 44 / I: 6 / P: 2

womyn threda

Let's talk women. What type do you find attractive? Are you desperate to make a mix race baby? Do you need a clever girl or thot who takes it up the chuff?

R: 166 / I: 81 / P: 2

15th of November - Republic Day

Today we celebrate and glorify Pedro II's overthrow in a military coup 129 years ago, marking our transformation into a banana republic. The strongman who led the coup is even in every 25 cent coin.
As typical, Temer spoke about the virtues and strength of liberal democracy even though the Braganza were more liberally democratic than the following regimes.

R: 13 / I: 1 / P: 2

S-argie needs help!let's write a book

I need some help publishing, and distributing,my book.
I want to first distribute it trough the deep web to coat it into an area of mystery and legend.
how do I upload it to the deep web?
Once that's done,I want to sell the kindle on amazon;how do I make it be seen,among so many other titles?
the book will be called"the book of True Skill",and is a self-help guide promoting cold water therapy,fasting,nofap, a Regimen of excercises,among other things. it's meant to be agressive,blunt,and life-changing.
im still researching and trying to interview people for it.

R: 453 / I: 147 / P: 2

Blogspot thred

The boiling meat burned itself
I'm not happy of the results. Now the house smells like shit and the meat will be given to the dogs.
Good thing is, when going to the meatshop to buy steaks (because the thing that was boiling got its water evaporated), my complete overboard thinking on the ruined meal allowed me to talk to a nice looking girl.
But still, the meat is completely ruined. My mother was supposed to eat that.
Talk here about ocurrances in your life, good, bad and memetic

R: 72 / I: 4 / P: 2

How did the catholic church happen

How did it go from Jesus to catholicism based in Rome and a pope as the head of the church?

R: 6 / I: 12 / P: 2


Again Franz seidenschwarz, do illegal stuff and nobody stopped him

R: 63 / I: 23 / P: 2

I think the Irish are good people.

Let's have a pro-Ireland thread /kc/.

Say something nice about Ireland. Share some nice stories about visiting or meeting Irish people. Share Irish recipes ITT if you want

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 2

Stufe 1: Zorn
>verbringt seine ganze Zeit auf /pol/
> komplette rassistische
>hasst Schwarze Menschen
>einsam und nachtragend
>hasst das Leben und findet Bedeutung durch die Verbindung zur rassenidentität

Stufe 2: Schade
>Entfremdung Laufwerke /pol/ anon tiefer in die isolation und porno-sucht
> Tabus werden attraktiv
> Dschungelfieber spam beginnt eine Wirkung zu haben
> beginne Aufbocken zu interracial WMBF porno
>Schande, sich von den anti-weißen Perversionen Laufwerk, die /int/ anon tiefer in shitposting und isolation

Stufe 3: Geben In
>in der Einsamkeit, geilheit, und Pure Langeweile /pol/ anon Haken mit einem Schwarzen Mädchen
>aber schüchtern und nervös ist, der moment seiner whitoid dick betritt, schwarze Mund, die /pol/ anon ist süchtig
> Monate oder Jahre porno und Fetischismus richten sich aus, um alles zu machen - das Stöhnen der Schwarzen Frau, Ihre schweren, thicc Oberschenkel, die Anons blasse hand Ohrfeigen ebony ass-bekräftigen die Anon Fetische und senden so viel Freude in seine racemixer Gehirn, dass es kein zurück

Stufe 4: Hingabe
> / pol / anon beginnt mit interracial hook ups bei Zunehmender Häufigkeit
>verliert allmählich das Interesse an/ pol / shitposting
>mehr körperbewusst, beginnt für einen besseren Körper zu arbeiten
>beginnt öfter auszugehen und baut einen sozialen Kreis auf

Phase 5: Glück
>Komplett Geist gebrochen durch SCHWARZE QVEENS
>nicht einmal die weiße und asiatische Frauen attraktiv mehr
>Familie und Freunde alle überrascht über den Wandel von rassistischen Verlierer Produktives Mitglied der Gesellschaft
>jetzt glücklich verheiratet mit einer Schwarzen Frau
>nicht mehr entfremdet, jetzt extrovertiert und gesellig
>hat Kreis von weiblichen schwarzen Freunden(von denen einige seine exes), die er hängt mit und hilft Ihnen, weiße Freunde
> Pläne auf seine Frau zu Imprägnieren und viele süße Karamell-Babys zu machen
> Ansichten rassistisch / pol/ anon mit einer Mischung aus Mitleid und Besänftigung, verwendet imageboards nur um Dschungel-fever-threads zu posten
>vielen Dank Black booty täglich wechselnde ihn von einem zornigen, beleidigten Einzelgänger in jemand mit einem vollen Spektrum der menschlichen Emotionen

R: 71 / I: 153 / P: 2

BONG thread

It was a long time ago when this thread was alive, and decided finally to upload the whole thing again. Let's start with the template and the original for historical purposes: it was created by a French Bernd in the late summer of 2016, then I'll dump the whole thin in alphabetical order.

R: 43 / I: 12 / P: 3

Preppers Thread: It's totally fucking fucked mate



In light of the coronavirus and the obvious economic disruption and panic it is causing I make this emergency meeting of Bernds to discuss prepping.

Topics of discussion:
1) How to meet grl in quarantine
2) How to grow and prepare food in dystopian nightmare
3) How to protect yourself from niggers

R: 219 / I: 295 / P: 3

Tank thread reup. So.

Today I had to bury the 6th dead bird this year. Not even this year, this summer! I would say I never ever buried this much but frankly before this I had to do this only twice in my whole life. I dunno what's going on with them.
It would be easier to just dump them into the dumpster but frankly I rather spend some energy and give them an ok final rest.
During digging I came across a very interesting archaeological findings: this tank on picrels. It wasn't mine and not any of my pals owned such or even played around that spot in our childhood so I suppose one of my family members owned this there are some possibilities.
What Bernd think what type of tank is this? I think it has the Sherman looks.

Also this can be a general vehicle/weapons thread as well.

R: 6 / I: 4 / P: 3


Merry Nine Eleven, Bernd!

R: 38 / I: 12 / P: 3

Are the French even European/western?

They behave like Asians.
>used to have elongated skulls
>build stuff not for any practical reason
>hate working
>eats frogs

R: 20 / I: 4 / P: 3

I will probably move to eastern europe very soon for personal reasons, what is the best country to migrate to in this region?

R: 126 / I: 93 / P: 3

/kc/ humour thread

Cause I didn't find one

R: 79 / I: 8 / P: 3


Venezuela coup has begun!

6 hours ago Reuters made an exclusive on Blackwater going around advocating for a 5000 PMC force to beat Maduro.

And now this is happening:

El PAIS live stream [Embed]

R: 423 / I: 184 / P: 3


Old one reached pmub limit.

Btw old. Instead of some news here's some olds, a bunch of photos found by a dumpster in BP - they were digitalized and uploaded to Fortepan ( I already mentioned in previous news threads.

R: 105 / I: 23 / P: 3

Environmentalism and natives

I'll play advocatus diaboli.

Human life matters far more than biomass and forest coverage statistics. Non-human life is less valuable than ours and is under our administration; it is ours to use for the betterment of our species. Of course, as responsible stewards it is our duty to make use of it carefully so future generations won't be deprived by overuse. And as sensitive stewards we can appreciate the beauty of nature and recognize that some non-human life can feel pain, and adjust our rule over nature accordingly. But the life of some common tree is not worth more than the life of a human; it is not even worth the same.

You can cut down thousands and thousands of square km of virgin Amazon land and you'll still have enough untouched rainforest for every purpose you can think of. The new open spaces have housed wave after wave of settlers adding up to a population in the millions with major urban centers housing international airports and industry. Further south, the acidic soil of the central South American savannah was defeated and its neverending empty flatlands were turned into a global-level breadbasket with several neatly planned cities, a victory of willpower and reason over vacuum.
If not for deforestation, most of those settlers would now live in overcrowded eastern slums. Is that really a better way of life than living as a pioneer in a plot of deforested land? Millions of Europeans left their overcrowded continent to build something new on the other side of the Atlantic for similar reasons, and the conquest of the Amazon repeats this on a smaller scale.

And then there's the problem of national sovereignty. Would you feel comfortable with a sparsely populated porous border thousands of km long with several unstable states? That's what the northern border is. FARC guerillas have crossed into Brazilian territory before. Only a populated Amazon guarantees a safe border.

"It's all greed", you might say. It is true that greed is not the ideal driving impulse for the conquest of virgin land, and sadly it's a driving force. But the economic use of conquered land is not evil per se. It is easy to think so in a Scandinavian country where further economic growth brings little improvement to collective and individual well-being. But that does not mean material prosperity is unrelated to happiness. It just has diminishing returns. As an undeveloped state we are still at a point where economic expansion can have social/imaterial benefits. And within a globalized economy, exporting raw materials and the services and industrial goods produced within the cleared space contributes to overall prosperity, allows other undeveloped states to have their own improvements and, through trade, creates relations of interdependency which bring countries closer together and contribute to global peace.

R: 127 / I: 18 / P: 3

well i fuckin tried tbh

so im prolly preaching to the choir here, but kohl has been completely and totally overrun by pedos. i have reason to suspect that it is being done purposefully, either as a way to disrupt /int/, entrap unproxied/naive bernds who cant into clearing their cache, and plant CP in their temporary files, and/or to use /int/ as a wall of noise, and bernds themselves, as a way to distract from their own exchanging of such content. im leaning towards the last one tbh hence why the offer of simply making a new board dedicated to such content. i think these bernds with nothing to hide, and no threat model nor intention of viewing such degeneracy, are at risk. i believe this is being cultivated purposefully so as to surround their gaggle of degenerates with low-hanging fruit who may be stupid enough to accidentally click on something, or unaware that when viewing a page with a bunch of thumbnails of child models, all those thumbnails get downloaded by your browser.

i gave a reasonable list of demands that i feel are not too extreme, and limit no ones free speech other than the (((freedom))) to endanger naive bernds and plant CP on their computers unknowingly and even gave a provision where proxies/tor are not to be banned, but it was not enough. the mods are 100% complicit in it, and allow it, and worse, encourage it. they feel that pedoposting improves the quality of the board via keeping keins and ledditors out. they feel that removing suggestively posed, scantily clad children pics means turning the joint into a reddit-tier hugbox but again, i suspect their motives are more that of self preservation, as even the most unaware of bernds has heard that kohl is run by pedos. this, even though such (((innocent))) content like candydoll webms is certainly enough for some bernd in a more conservative cunt to be fucked over hard and have his life ruined if found in his cache

ive been quietly harboring suspicions of this sort of activity for a while, but have been biting my tongue so as to not cause another mass exodus over nothing. but this is not nothing. these fucks are doing this intentionally and at this point, im certain of it. in the past few days, i heard enough other bernds exclaim similar theories about how kohl is nothing more than a fed honeypot even that dergeneral was forced to 86 the old kc serb in order to cause an exodus to a more thoroughly controlled new site, or that the owners have been co-opted/blackmailed into setting one up, and also that the use of a, now fast-moving, /int/ is being used to cover for their smut dealings.

even when asking the mods to be transparent and make a clear definitive statement on their personal moderative tendencies on such content, and to post this warning on /int/ and warn these naive bernds of the risk they face by posting there, ive been met with deflectionary responses, and weak-ass limp-dicked argumentative tactics to which i am utterly immune, as well as a distinct lack of action. they want this, and it couldnt be more clear. but worse, they want the deception. as such, i suspect foul play of some sort
idk, im really worried about the safety of the dozens of bernds who post there on a daily basis without proxy, and without clearing their caches constantly. i love all you guys a whole lot and id hate to see anyones lives get fuckt because some random pedonigger had to bump his shitty thread full of candydoll webms and pics of naked preteens to the first page, and some poor sap who didnt know any better refreshed the first page while it happened. ive seen this tactic used on other imageboards countless times and against countless communities, and with all the commotion, i felt the need to speak up about it.

R: 503 / I: 384 / P: 4

Mewsic Thread


R: 115 / I: 16 / P: 4

Read the bible

This is a thread to promote unity and love between christians to show our undying passion for God. I suggest building up your knowledge of the bible to protect yourself from the satanic outside world who want to corrupt all that is good.

R: 45 / I: 3 / P: 4

80 years war

Someone explain the 80 years war to me. It doesnt make any sense at all. Was it all about money for the spanish since the dutch provinces were so wealthy? [Embed]

Sieges for 3 years is crazy.

R: 96 / I: 33 / P: 4

if you upvote my thread good blessings and loving girlfriend will come to you

if you like my thread on facebook you will experience 5 months of good luck =)

it'll come to you ==))

R: 210 / I: 57 / P: 4

Board spelunking

ITT: we explore small boards to find cool stuff and for curiosity's sake and then report on our findings.

My search area consists of non-porn 8chan boards with a poster count in the 10-100 range, but other boards are also welcome.

How do conversations proceed? Which memes are appreciated? Is any OC produced? What kinds of threads are made? What are the board's collective opinions on its subject matter? What is its relationship to other boards? What is the userbase's ideology and outlook? How is the moderation? These are some of the questions that can be answered.

I'll start with /doomer/. At 80 posters it's second on the list, just behind /ausneets/ with 84. The subject matter and the name are one and the same.

Most threads belong in one of three categories:

-Aesthetics threads on topics such as somber art, music and architecture. Art thread had this peculiar picture. The first page houses a good thread on brutalism, though it got derailed into a conversation about women. Even the board's CSS has this feeling.
-Sincere expressions of how posters are nihilistic, feel they've fucked up in life and dislike the people around them. Often start with greentext personal experiences. Drugs and family relations are common themes.
-Venting against society at large.

There's a lot of hate against people, but not much between individual posters. Ideologies span the whole ecosystem of online radicalism, with anarchists, fascists, primitivists and the like.

I'll post more findings later.

R: 49 / I: 19 / P: 4

Politics Serious Discussion - Getting out edition

Justice Minister Moro resigned. He is immensely popular and was doing a good job. There have been high-profile arrests and in 2019 the number of murders dropped by 10 thousand compared to the previous year, a decrease of a fifth. This is a result of many factors: in the Northeast cooperation among cartels reduced violence, but the reduction happpened in other states. Legislation wasn't a factor as there was next to no real change in this regard. He retains much prestige despite the scandal with his leaks, eternal hate from the left due to being Lula's nemesis and repeated disempowerment of the anti-corruption struggle by Congress and the Supreme Court.
What caused this was Bolsonaro's elimination of Federal Police director Maurício Valeixo, who had been picked by Moro. In his final address he noted that:
-There was no legitimate reason for this as he had been effective in his post
-This was a violation of the promise Bolsonaro made upon naming him Minister, that he'd have freedom to handle subordinates
-Bolsonaro also intends to replace a subordinate of the director, the Rio de Janeiro superintendent, and possibly other superintendents, which goes against his spirit of giving autonomy to subordinates
-A replacement now would create confusion and harm the Federal Police's functioning
-Bolsonaro personally told him this was a political choice

Why political? He did not say this straight, but what everyone says is that it was to protect Bolsonaro's sons from investigation, and hence why the Rio de Janeiro superintendent is also involved. Their corruption accusations are petty for Brazilian standards but what's bigger are accusations they might be tied to militias. As always Bolsonaro's sons are his priority. This behavior doesn't come out of nowhere as he has few contacts in Brasília, having lived his career in the sidelines, and many reasons to be distrustful. Moro isn't someone he has a reason to distrust but his sons still came first.

R: 176 / I: 313 / P: 4

Outdoors thread

Let's start off with a little game. Guess which countries each photo was taken in.

R: 137 / I: 30 / P: 4

casual talk threda

what's on your mind

R: 35 / I: 57 / P: 4

Virgin vs Chad

It's far from kc specific meme, but I see it here and there and it bugs me that people are missing the point that these supposed to be ironic. These morons just call - both on image or just in written form in their comments - their preference Chad and the opposing side Virgin. Probably they can't even grasp the concept of irony.
>hurr it's funny because of name calling
The core of the joke comes from the swap between the obvious superior and inferior choices. This needs a healthy amount of self-irony, but worth it because in return it emphasizes the banality/absurdity/stupidity/etc of the inferior side by setting it up as if it were the better.
Instead of directly saying "that's stupid", "you are stupid", etc. it plays a jest which alleviates the harm that an insult would cause. I think it's a playful and lighthearted meme with still great potential I can't promise I could produce them on a BONG level, but an OC or two maybe I could squeeze out.
Note: there might be exceptions from the rule above, we'll see.

ITT post Virgin X vs Chad Y pics, requests, images that needs fixing, or your OC, Bernd. For the latter two preferably the captions to add and explanations as well.

Picrels: first two are templates, feel free to use them, last one my first attempt with this meme mayhaps will update it hence I insecurely named it v1.

R: 386 / I: 348 / P: 4

Webm thread

Because old thread is resting in peace

R: 30 / I: 9 / P: 5

Hi Bernd, consider joining this Bernd dedicated board

R: 82 / I: 33 / P: 5

> "He got tazer!"
> Shot him

R: 255 / I: 149 / P: 5

KOHLZINE #12 out

There was no Kohlzine on October because Casey was hidden.
But now we are back, even more autistic than ever and featuring some illustrations by Russian bernd.

We are waiting for your OC and text (any content, really) submissions on our mail:
If KC doesn't die by then, lucky #13 will be our ANNIVERSARY issue, so expect lots of quality content(well it depends on your input too, kinda), KC posters, copypastas and more.



R: 502 / I: 261 / P: 5

Movies, TV Shows

These threads aren't successful but...
... I saw this show, watched twice. Bretty darn good. It's about the lost Franklin expedition to map the Northwestern Passage. Some mystery and supernatural was added but I believe their real story had to be a nightmare as well.
Highly recommended.

R: 68 / I: 20 / P: 5

Grow thread

Is anyone else getting ready for the winter grow? Did anyone else celebrate Harvest? See the harvest moon?

I'll be beginning turning my veg tubs tomorrow, ready to plant out before the equinox.

If any of you have any questions or want advice, ask away.

R: 25 / I: 13 / P: 5

Etymology thread

Post interesting things about etymology

In Turkish the father-in-law or mother-in-law of one's child is called dünür which derives from tengri (like tenger, denger, dengir, tanrı etc) (spelled with nasal n)

krgyz and uygurs call tengri kuday (might be derived persian hüda), they also call co-in-laws kuday.

I always thought it was interesting.

Also the word thor or donar might be derived from tengri

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 5

Self improvement

I could not find a thread to put this video in. So I created a thread. This thread is for self improvement. [Embed]

The video is very good.

R: 205 / I: 210 / P: 5

20rh August State Foundation Day

A year passed and again this day commemorates the foundation of Hungary, this is 1018th birthday. We celebrate this national holiday with listening to politicians mixing irrelevant daily politics into historical events in the morning and watching fireworks in the evening. Budapesterners can witness the procession of state founder Saint Stephen's Holy Dexter. Also all the local communities have their own little celebrations.
This is the third time I make this thread, and I won't post much, maybe I'll post something about what happened today - if anything interesting - later.

R: 36 / I: 48 / P: 5

Gondola thread

Gondola is the last meme that ratified by peoples of ylilauta, bogdanoff brothers, lola&claire and it deserves to be posted more often, after gondola era, memes become more and more obnoxious.

It's one of the most bernd firendly meme imo

R: 323 / I: 143 / P: 5

Cooking Gulyás reup

I saw some Mexican asking for gulyás recipe on Kohl and because I don't really want to start posting there beside the World Cup I decided to reupload the gulyás cooking as the other thread is "File not found" as well. So here's with original text.

Cooking with Bernd: gulyás

I was planning to post a good gulyás cooking since day one but somehow the occasion eluded me until now. I know a Hungarobernd did this on KC main but it was regular "cooking in the kitchen" type of thread and not "over open fire in bogrács" (traditional Hungarian pot).
I couldn't do this live for technical reasons but it will be fine this way too.

Pic #1
Ingredients: meat (little bit over half a kilo, it's pork, not beef), taters (by volume I used about the double of the meat dunno their weight), onions, tomato, paprikas, black pepper in the mill, dried ground paprika in the jar with the red lid, salt in the middle, and the white wax paper on the right covers the salo (fatback).
You can also see my Mora for cutting needs and a bearly visible peace from a wooden spoon behind the meat and the potato, the masterpiece of my carving art, used for stir the food in the bogrács.
The taters are leftovers from winter, wizened but fine for our purpose. Some of the onions and the paprikas are also leftovers I utilized.

Pic #2
The initial setup. Two quarter logs at the sides and a nest in the middle for the fire itself also aligned toward the usual main direction of the wind. The rocks are there for a little draft control. Tripod to hang the bogrács.

Pic #3
Lighted a handful of dry grass, placed in the middle of the nest, then a large handful of dry twigs above, and sticks across the log above all. As these sticks burn in the middle they broke after a while and fall into the nest. The heat from the nest lights up the inside faces of the logs. The heat is very concentrated toward the nest. The cooking is going above the nest, and it really doesn't need much flames. The smoldering logs pumping up lotsa heat, only some sticks are needed to be placed inside the nest time to times. Also when a log burns through, a new can be placed there. I had several prepared.

Pic #4
First I chopped the salo, and dumped into the bogrács. I left it hang quite high because there still were much flames, and I didn't want it to burn fast. Burnt salo isn't a big problem tho if there are just a few chunks of it, even maybe adds to the flavor. Also for the flavor I sliced some skin of the salo into there.

R: 113 / I: 47 / P: 6

Lets have a weather thread

Starting it off with some recent evens [Embed]
Flooding in Nebraska and Iowa, USA (March 15, 2019) [Embed]
Crazy flooding in Shiraz, Iran (March 25, 2019)

Lots of flooding in agricultural states in usa wonder if it will affect the food prices

R: 256 / I: 199 / P: 6


I've already mentioned the book titled On Killing - The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society by Dave Grossman (Lt. Col. of US Army). It gave some food for thought and I'm planning to write some of my speculation.

But what did the author write? Let's summarize.
He starts with the observation that most men has a natural resistance to kill (only 2% of men - those who have "predisposition toward aggressive psychopathic personality" - can go on killing without becoming a nervous wreck). This resistance is so high that even at times that our life is directly threatened (like others shoot at us) still difficult to overcome it. This resistance is the reason why infantry fire was so embarrassingly ineffective in the past 300 years - with the exception of machine guns - despite the fact that infantry weaponry (rifles) are reliable and accurate enough to cause massive losses among the enemy.
The author gives examples and sources, such as a Prussian experiment in the late 18th century, several reports and notices from several authors during 19-20th centuries (American, French, Israeli etc.), and an interesting work by a US Army historian who (and his coworkers) made mass interviews with fighting GIs during and after WWII. Also he cites his own conversation with veterans of WWII and Vietnam.
He gives new ideas on what's really happening on the battlefield. He compliments the widely known fight-or-flight model with two other options: in reality the soldiers can fight, posture, submit or flight. And most soldiers choose the second option.
Then he ponders on what enables killing (I'm gonna write more about this later) and how modern (post-WWII) armies achieve this. Then he compares these methods with the ways of contemporary mass media. His conlcusion is (after pointing out the exponential rise of violent crimes) that mass media has an undesirable effect on society.

What interesting for me is this resistance, and the enabling part. These things are actually give an entirely new way of looking warfare, and how and why battles were won.
For example the part officers (the demanding authority to kill) play in the enabling. When people (professional historians, history pros and other armchair generals) comparing the Hellenic phalanx with Roman manipulus and why the latter was more successful they compare everything but the officers. In the phalanx he's only one among those who stand in line and do the poking with pikes, but a Roman officer is one outside the formation and pressuring the soldiers to kill. It makes a huge difference if someone shouting in your ears "stab! stab! stab!" and generally pressuring you to kill. Especially if this one person is an exemplary one, a veteran whose skill in killing surpasses all the others in that particular unit. However noone talks about this because noone thinks about it.

I'll continue this sometimes, maybe only next weekend, we'll see. If you wish to read the book you can probably find it on libgen.

R: 118 / I: 35 / P: 6

Literature thread

I think we had one of these long ago, before the ameriball slide.

I have been looking into ancient literature recently and have a list of two but was hoping Bernd could help bulk up my list:
Epic of Gilgamesh

R: 6 / I: 2 / P: 6

In 1917 they say right, the, the great Pandemic, eh, certainly was, eh. A terrible thing where they lost anywhere from fifty to a hundred million people. Probably ended the second world war.

R: 4 / I: 1 / P: 6

What is the best mustard?

And why is it dijon?

R: 49 / I: 20 / P: 6

Why late roman army didn't reintroduce the phalanxes, I think the immobile part of army; limitanei, feodorati could use the formation. Well if they couldn't what was the reason?

Why were they using spears but not phalanx sarissas? Is it because of 'barbarian' influences?

R: 51 / I: 11 / P: 6


I want to have a thread about Communitarianism.

What is Communitarianism?


Monopolistic-Crony CAPITALISM-Corporatism-Mercantilism



Judaic-Talmudic COMMUNISM-Cultural Marxism-Kabbalism




Its the word most people have never heard, but it affects our lives the most. It's global to local which means its implemented locally but on a global level.

Two things that are key to communitarianism is

1. Technological slavery

2. Depopulation

R: 33 / I: 8 / P: 6

Obscure ethnic groups

R: 14 / I: 2 / P: 6

Sabrina Carpenter leaks thread

anyone know if there are any nudes or sex vids leaks of Sabrina Carpenter out there?

R: 23 / I: 0 / P: 6

R: 9 / I: 6 / P: 7

This place feels so cozy and gives me old kc feels.

R: 73 / I: 28 / P: 7

Shitty Maps Thread - Islamic World Edition

Where we left off in the previous thread, Danebernd's finding:

R: 105 / I: 30 / P: 7

I've checked the catalog couldnt find any good youtube channel threads(delet if there is any)

share, shill and subscribe

These are about old guns about and stuff, which include muzzle loading ones as well.

R: 30 / I: 7 / P: 7

Omnicidism and Similar Ideas

(1/2) I believe in Omnicidism (A similar, but distinct idea is Efilism which is against creating any life, but it can lead to Omnicidism which is why I have mentioned it) which is a moral philosophy where the most ethical course of action is the instant and painless annihilation of all life in the universe with no chance of it coming back. Of course, this is impossible for now but I am arguing it as a thought experiment, not as a pragmatic idea.

I will introduce why I believe in this by starting off with my definition of suffering. Suffering is any negative experience experienced by a sentient being. It is bad because it is everything that is bad. Suffering is good only when it prevents future suffering. Otherwise, nobody enjoys suffering because it is not suffering if it is enjoyed.

Adding onto this point, I would like to introduce Negative Utilitarianism. In this ideology, not creating suffering is valued above creating happiness/pleasure. Hard Negative Utilitarianism is a concept where not creating suffering is the only thing that matters. This relates because omnicidism is against all procreation because all procreation creates suffering. The fact that most people report being happy is irrelevant because we only need to focus on not creating suffering. You are not unethical if you do not give resources to the homeless, but you are if you decide to take resources away from them. Taking someone's life is unethical, but not creating life is not unethical. The logical conclusion of this is to prevent all life from being born, and to prevent all life from being born you must kill all life so that it does not reproduce.

On that note, you may be thinking "According to your philosophy, wouldn't murder be ethical? Shouldn't everyone kill themselves then?" to which I say no to both. Murder is unethical because it inflicts grief-related suffering on those who care about the person who was murdered. Suicide also follows, being a net negative. However, this can lead to unfortunate implications to those unloved. For example, if we kill the homeless, then people would be more stressed about becoming homeless.

Another argument is that procreation is gambling with someone's life without their consent. If you forced someone to go into a room where they would have a 90% chance of winning a large sum of money but 10% chance of getting cancer, most people would be understandably upset at you gambling with their life like that. Why would life be any different? When you give life to someone, you're risking an innocent person developing suicidal depression, being kidnapped and tortured, getting an incurable disease and much more. They may still think that their life was worth living, but why would that make it okay to let someone else suffer as much as they did?

Non-existent people cannot miss or want pleasure. By bringing someone into existence, they become a slave to their instincts, fears, and desires. Wanting to live does not mean life is good, much like wanting to drink does not mean alcoholism is good.

My final argument is that life is generally a negative sum game. It may not look like it for humans, but it is very probable that most animals suffer more in their life than not. If you want a demonstration of this, compare the suffering of an animal being eaten to the pleasure an animal gets from eating it. The suffering is much greater. Not only this, but imagine being a prey animal. Mortal terror is a very common occurrence for these.

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 7

i actually meant 'elevated' in a bad sense (or rather its just turned out to be bad, as a whole), also i meant elevated solely by technology (usually as a side effect because theres also misuse of tech)

elevated technically, they life actually didn't improve

its always funny to look at barbarians stuck in 12th century but with modern trains or planes

it was probably better for everyone before it happened, and i think theres no status-quo here, the BS we have now will likely go away (better if before the date, this is why we need drumpf)

R: 421 / I: 48 / P: 7

>niggers are degenerate
>Americans are degenerate
>t-shirts are degenerate
>blue jeans are degenerate
>wearing short sleeves is degenerate
>technology is degenerate
>science is degenerate
>all art is degenerate (and graven images)
>cosmopolitanism is degenerate
>touching your peepee is degenerate
>dating is fornication and degenerate
>materialism is degenerate
>gnosticism is degenerate
>philosophy is degenerate
>not having 10 children is degenerate
>music is degenerate
>shaving is degenerate
>Muslims are heretics
>Papists are heretics
>Jews are demons

R: 36 / I: 9 / P: 7

Markets/Economy thread

The oil price right now is in the negative holy shit.

R: 7 / I: 6 / P: 7

I just realised something... something spooky as fuck.

You know how sumo is derived from some ancient rituals? How it was performed in shrines, to appease the kami, to ensure prosperity? It was only later professionalised, and is now performed on a national level by salaried wrestlers, but there are still many religious elements, from how the ring is consecrated by a priest before each tournament, yokozuna entering the ring with that big white rope around his belt, to wrestlers actually throwing salt into the ring before each bout as a means of consecration. It is a deeply religious ritual, somehow performed to appease the kami for the entire nation of Japan. Kinda like how the ancient Olympic Games were performed on temple grounds, and were a form of vitalist worship of Greek gods.

You know when's the last time sumo wasn't performed as scheduled? March 2011. The March of the earthquake and tsunami that rekt Japan. But guess what? The tournament was cancelled a month before. Because of some match-fixing scandal. Yep, that's right. And the earthquake happened 2 days before the tournament was scheduled.

The earthquake happened because the sumo ritual wasn't performed. Because the kami weren't appeased. They were pissed and caused the earthquake as a warning.

R: 92 / I: 82 / P: 7


If all the pictures and posts of a week are gone for good, why worry? Maybe, real worry is other imageboards' decline and that Odilitime manages things better?

Pls post your worries. I mean worry bears. For real worries the blog thread still usable.

R: 80 / I: 21 / P: 7

Name some idiomatic expressions from your language, give a literal translation and explain their meaning.

Cutucando onça com vara curta: "Poking a jaguar with a short stick". A reckless act.

Encher linguiça: "Filling sausages". Meaningless filler speech. Comparable to "padding out" or "beating around the bush".

Lei para inglês ver: "A law for Englishmen to see". In a strict sense this is the Feijó Law of November 7th 1831. It banned the slave trade but went completely unenforced, as it was passed only to appease Britain, which was pressuring the government to cease the import of Africans. Thus, at the time the law was said to be just for Englishmen to see, and the expression now applies to anything used only to maintain appearences. Comparable to "Potemkin village".

Tirar o cavalo da chuva: "Removing one's horse from the rain". A reference to 19th century etiquette: visitors left their horses exposed to the elements, expecting to leave quickly, but their hosts could offer to take their horses off the rain and leave them sheltered so they could spend more time. By some poorly understood semantic shift, this invitation came to mean giving up: you take your horse off the rain if you abandon some pretension.

A vaca foi pro brejo: "The cow went to the bog". A situation greatly worsened.

Dar nome aos bois: "Naming the oxen". Denouncing those involved in something, typically negative, or saying something important.

Boi de piranha: "Piranha ox". Sacrificing something of lesser value to save something greater, allegedly from cattle barges throwing away an older bovine into piranha-infested waters to save the rest. For that we have a more easily understood expression, dar os dedos para não perder as mãos ("giving away the fingers to save the hands").

Queimar a rosca: "Burning the donut". Homosex. Bolsonaro famously replied this to a homosexual on Twitter.

Terminar em pizza: "Ending up in pizza". A problem which gets left unresolved and remains in status quo, often in the context of crime and impunity. Used a lot in political corruption scandals. Supposedly in the 60s a football team celebrated a deal ending internal troubles by eating pizza together.

R: 56 / I: 118 / P: 8

I got the sudden idea to look up an old Hungarian science-fiction magazine, the Galaktika. I remember seeing some when I was a kid. It was published from 1972 to 1995, then restarted in 2004. They have a website now too, but after a quick look-see I have no good opinion on that for now.
Anyway I wanna browse old ones, I haven't seen on the site any, but Wikipee linked an archived ftp server with the first five issue. Maybe I'll find more. I hope, coz I won't be able to post here much otherwise.
I thought if I find something interesting, I write a little, make screenshots, post pictures from them. Or just look up Boros Zoltán's and Szikszai Gábor's works, they made great many illustrations for the magazine throughout the years. Curiously their website has a "Gallery" option, but I found an empty page there.

R: 70 / I: 7 / P: 8

The rise of satanism

This thread is the discussion of the rise of satanism/occultism and the worship of lucifer I am a non denominational christian and read the scripture but firstly the best way I believe for people to believe the scriptures is to genuinely read them so if you want to genuinely read the bible go over to this site.

Now for the genuine meet of this discussion. If you haven't noticed there has been a substantial rise in satanism in these last decades. For instance the music industry is full of satanic symbolism and abuse but even going as far as to promote people such as alister crowley. A couple of examples.
Ariana Grande
Lady Gaga
Ellie Goulding
Katy Perry
Miley Cyrus
If you dig deeper you will practically find everything is infested with this bullshit. Example has it ever wondered to anyone what magic is pushed in the mainstream is a good thing? When in the bible it directly says that witchcraft leads you directly to hell?
Revelation 21:8
"But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death."

R: 8 / I: 0 / P: 8

>yes I'm well versed in industrial capacity of Ottoman Empire during ww1, how did you know?

R: 186 / I: 43 / P: 8

Reality - the most important subject

Below you will find the extraction from the book of David Deutsch, "The fabric of Reality", which feels very appealing to my taste. What do you think about our ability to comprehend Reality in general, or about the book, if you've read it?

Now I return to the question I posed in the previous chapter, namely whether, if we had only a virtual-reality rendering based on the wrong laws of physics to learn from, we should expect to learn the wrong laws. The first thing to stress is that we *do* have only virtual reality based on the wrong laws to learn from! As I have said, all our external experiences are of virtual reality, generated by our own brains. And since our concepts and theories (whether inborn or learned) are never perfect, all our renderings are indeed inaccurate. That is to say, they give us the experience of an environment that is significantly different from the environment that we are really in. Mirages and other optical illusions are examples of this. Another is that we experience the Earth to be at rest beneath our feet, despite its rapid and complex motion in reality. Another is that we experience a single universe, and a single instance of our own conscious selves at a time, while in reality there are many. But these inaccurate and misleading experiences provide no argument against scientific reasoning. On the contrary, such deficiencies are its very starting-point.

R: 47 / I: 15 / P: 8

Concept of war criminals is meme

Concept of War criminal of ww2 itself is ideology, propaganda ,hypocrisy and world order after ww2 made by UN for the benefit of victor nation of ww2.

The winner writes new laws and new laws say the loser is a criminal.

>wake up from the ideology and propaganda of the after ww2 such as >"war criminals".
>Tell me exactly which country has no "war criminals" ?
>France? Spain? South Korea? USA? UK?Soviet? Russia? Or China?

>why Hitler went down in history as the worst human that ever lived when in the same time period there were at least two big warcriminals Mao and Stalin!. Also the user of atomic bomb, Which were considered to be on the side of the victors.

Also Imperialism and war criminals have unrelated. Korea is also war criminals in Vietnam War.

Allies are nothing but a war criminals

Ideology of post ww2 are Mineralized and ignored the war criminals of allies.
And They exaggerate the war criminals of Japan and Germany
As propaganda
As commarcialisim
As ideology after ww2

This whole world, the information is controlling as the Ideology after ww2

important is not blame other war criminals but important is figure out everyone is war criminals in the world and help each other to against chinese aggression now

Countries that share universal values, freedom, democracy, human rights and the rule of law, gather together to lead the world is what Japan want.

R: 12 / I: 1 / P: 8

Is this common in German-speaking land?
t. muslim

R: 4 / I: 0 / P: 8

can't access this place without a vpn, i hate the idea of blocking sites so much, all it does is just be annoying it won't stop anybody if they really wanna get in

R: 8 / I: 2 / P: 8

At present the world lacks a place for valiant souls. Is this a realm of hell to exile valiant souls to then? So that they must be tormented in meaninglessness, unable to follow the path of the warrior. Or rather is this a world where there are no valiant souls to have a place to begin with?

R: 11 / I: 6 / P: 8

How do we know that they are actually putting the skeletons back together properly? Sometime I wonder.

R: 503 / I: 167 / P: 8

Shitty maps

I've seen a lot of maps like these popping up recently. I'm guessing these come from people who learn European history through Paradox games. This hurts my eyes.
>us wanting to unite with the Swedes, let alone the Dutch and Austrians
>Balkans, let alone the ENTIRE SLAVIC WORLD wanting to unite
>apparently, Istanbul and much of Asia Minor is Greek, yet Königsberg and the rest of Prussia is Slavic
>the Flemish are part of pan Latinism
>Cornwall being that big
>Finns, Estonians, and Hungarians are apparently part of the Indo-European world, but Basques aren't represented in Spain and France
>neither are Caucasians represented in the Caucasus
>Ossetia isn't included as part of the Iranian world
>Evropa, yet the guy who made this map is likely an American who speaks English

R: 156 / I: 66 / P: 9

Catalonia thread

This thread is for the discussion of the riots/strikes/events/etc... that are happening in catalonia right now.

-What happened today (I'll do later a re-cap of what happened before and also what is happening now)
Today I went to the students strike in Barcelona, luckly nothing happened and the cops stayed calm, we walked all together for a kilometer or so and then we ate lunch.
Tomorrow is the general strike so probably that's when I'll be able to post more interesting first-hand news.

-1 and 2: general pics
-3: the police helicopter that was over the strike watching

R: 88 / I: 9 / P: 9


This is a thread about the discussion of monarchy.

R: 154 / I: 54 / P: 9

It was all a Communist plot

Anyone heard this theory?
>the Soviets made the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact to start another war between France and Germany
>the Soviets wouldn't've even joined the war, except Germany was going to lose to Poland (ending the war without weakening the Western powers)
>Operation Barbarossa was a pre-emptive strike; Hitler never had a choice to avoid war with the Soviet Union, only whether to attack or to be attacked
>the Soviets lost a shitload of personnel and materiel to Barbarossa because they had an offensive force on the border, waiting to blitz all of Europe [Embed]

R: 51 / I: 14 / P: 9

Intelligence, genetics and race

Intelligence is not related to genetics, It's not like Im denying the obvious IQ gap between the two races. I just believe that it's much more complex than "this gene good, this gene bad"

A minorty..

R: 305 / I: 86 / P: 9

I'd fuck these 13 year olds so damn hard. What kind of faggot wouldn't want the age of consent lowered to 12?

R: 125 / I: 29 / P: 9

language thread

Are you currently trying to learn a new language?

I want to improve my english and learn russian at the same time.

site related, it's learn russian for Türks, plus there is a few things to learn about russia and soviets.

R: 70 / I: 17 / P: 9

Hover thread

There might be interest on here for some of what I have to share

Like the Hans Coler device and the Schauberger imposive tech

R: 16 / I: 1 / P: 9

Now that I have your attention, how to be an expert tor browser user? What are the ways of reaching out to illegal shit or reliable dark web search engines?

Give your kc brotha an advice

R: 88 / I: 26 / P: 9

Jokes, funny, etc

How many armies -- does it take to change a light bulb?
At least five. The Germans to start it, the French to give up really easily after only trying for a little while, the Italians to make a start, get nowhere, and then try again from the other side, the Americans to turn up late and finish it off and take all the credit, and the Swiss to pretend nothing out of the ordinary is happening....

What happens if a women and two men are marooned on a desert island?
If they are Swedish, the men will marry and ignore the woman....

R: 17 / I: 2 / P: 9

faking my death and disapeparing forever

I am considering faking my own death and disappearing from the human world,becoming either a travelling homeless or a "Nature man"in some forest.
I know this is no easy task,it will take around one year to prepare,but im willing to go trough with it.
so,give me advice and tips.

R: 201 / I: 28 / P: 10

The truth of why Japan and the United States have taken a stand against each other at ww2.

the Origins of anti japan statement , propaganda and cover story.

"Politics of Manchuria china during ww2 was triggered of it."

just everything was politics, business and money matters.
do not be naive goy, war criminals or such things was commercialism for the people and does not relate the fact of this.

Let’s see ...

It was after china-japan war,
Russia sent troops into Manchuria china.

Japan and the United States had such a strong sense of crisis by this act of Russia.

Because Manchuria was seen by USA as a next important geopolitical place after Hawaii and the Philippines was rulled.

and Japan also needed Manchuria as a defense line to protect the mainland from Russia.

The United States and UK decided to support Japan during the Japan-Russia war in Meiji 37.

And they helped japan to have the peace process with Russia because USA wanted the interests of Manchuria,

After the conclusion of the peace treaty between japan and Russia,
American railway king Edward Henry Harman had 100 million yen in financial support and investing to the Dalian railway, which Japan gained from Russia.
And he asked japan to manage it together and business together!
A lot of other American banker and business man was related about this business as well.

Katsura Taro, the prime minister of japan at that time welcomes and accepts Harman's proposal.

However, the foreign minister, Jutaro Komura, who returned home from the UK,
He thought USA will gradually invade japan from Manchuria.
Because he went UK and he knew what will happn after those deals with Anglos. Such as in India.

So japan break the Harman's offer.

the sudden destruction of the deals made HUGE Harman's ANGER.

Since then, Japan and the United States against each other.

R: 29 / I: 24 / P: 10

Strano Shari thread

R: 11 / I: 3 / P: 10

>we wuz magyurts n shiet
Yeah, no.

R: 21 / I: 3 / P: 10

Romanian has always been a romance language

A piece of misinformation frequently heard from Hungarians and their enablers is that "the Romanian language was invented in the 19th century", implying that before the 19th century Romanian was primarily a Slavic language. This is patently false, as I will demonstrate below. First, we have documents written and printed in Romanian from the 1500s, and the language used in them is not much different from the Romanian of today. When read aloud the language in these texts is easily understandable to a modern Romanian speaker, albeit sounding a bit archaic; still, it's slightly closer to modern Romanian than Shakespeare's English is to contemporary English. A snag that Hungarians try to capitalize on is that most of these documents were printed or written using the Romanian Cyrillic alphabet (see [4] for the set of characters) that was popular at the time, rendering them obscure and opaque to the modern reader, though some equally old documents were also printed using Latin characters (examples attached in the annex). Second, we have eyewitness accounts and testimonials from non-Romanian locals, scholars, and foreign travellers who came to Romania in the Middle Ages (such as Francesco della Vale and Antonio Maria del Chiaro) who wrote that Romanian is a romance language, noted some phrases in Romanian, and trace the origin of the Romanians to Roman Dacia.

I will now focus on an old document to demonstrate to you that Romanian was a romance language even in the 1500s. Attached in the first image is the first page from a book, a Homily (Evanghelie cu Învățătură) [1], [2] printed in 1581 in the Brașov workshop of the Romanian deacon Coresi, the first Romanian printer. It is by no means the first written or printed document in Romanian (in fact it was Coresi's last printed work), but it is sufficiently old for our purposes. The text is written in the Romanian Cyrillic alphabet; below is a transliteration of the page into Latin characters published in 1914 by Sextil Pușcariu [3], an eminent Romanian philologist. The transliteration translates the phonemes from Romanian Cyrillic into how they would be represented in modern Romanian orthography (e.g. чє → ce).

Here is the important part: I have indicated in bold all the words in the page that are of Slavic origin. The etymologies for each word were obtained from DEX, the Romanian Explicative Dictionary) [5]. As you can see, only a tiny minority of words are of Slavic origin. Out of 210 total words in the corpus, only 18 (9%) were Slavic, and out of 124 [i]unique[/i] words (meaning repetitions have been removed), only 16 (13%) were slavic. The vast majority are of Latin origin, with a few being Greek.

R: 9 / I: 0 / P: 10

Hello, Berndonen

I kinda lost what was happening after the original kc/int went down. I didn't know where you migrated and just forgot about int and imageboards in general. Today I stumbled upon this place. Can you brink me up to speed as to what was happening? Why did kc go down? What was the story after that? How did you end up here? What percentage of the original poster base survived? What quality change did all this bring to kc/int spirit? Thank you


R: 32 / I: 17 / P: 10

ITT: real, mundane photographs appearing in the news (so newsworthy people) with "kino" value i.e. with enough aesthetic value to look like movie stills or paintings.
I just love these. The silhouettes of these poorly lit men strike and contrast against the background of the dark blue sky and the shining glare of the city far below. At the center lies a mad man, overflowing with spirit, clearly making an inspired speech to his followers, one of which plays a horn in the background. In the second picture the contrast is emphasized further in a clever game of black silhouettes. In the third, once again there are only silhouettes but the background is simpler and the sole lightning is the glare of the leader's cellphone through the fog. It's brilliant.

R: 7 / I: 1 / P: 10

What was his problem?

This man singlehandedly doomed the hyperwar. What gives?

R: 27 / I: 4 / P: 10


>Northern and Eastern Norway are actually mostly ethnically Danish
Is there any evidence of this?

R: 280 / I: 167 / P: 10

Wages of Destruction

As I promised I'll write about this book.
It's quite lengthy but you'll reach the end if you read at your own pace. Most of the book isn't dense for me, an economic layman, with the exception of the parts about trade, which left me confused. I'll write what I manage to understand.
The author wrote it to argue in historiographical debates and make some points, but I read it just to add to my historical knowledge.

I'll write in sections, at most one a day so Bernd doesn't get overwhelmed, and will try to make the sections more thematic rather than just a sythesis of each chapter, as Hitler himself suggests in Mein Kampf for how one should mentally organize knowledge. I want to write about:

-Trade and controls of foreign currency and raw materials
-Budgets and revenue
-Businessmen and workers
-Consumer goods
-The fate of different industries
-General progression from 1933 to 1939

If I give up on writing I hope at least to cover the prewar period. I also hope to write on:
-Armaments priorities until 1940
-Historiography of the battle of France
-Occupied economies and pre-1941 America
-Wartime budgets
-Foreign labor
-Leadup and economic reasoning for Barbarossa
-The Speer miracle
-General progression from 1939 to 1945

But first I must make some notes on the Weimar era.

R: 9 / I: 0 / P: 10

is corona based?

also is this kc nao`???

R: 234 / I: 154 / P: 11

flags not showing up

Basically title, I can see it when I click to [preview] though.

R: 238 / I: 86 / P: 11

koryŏ watch threda

today as I've been reading the best source of PROOFS (I mean, they're funded by a government, they literally can't be biased) I noticed this
>Former South Korean President Park Geun-hye was making plans to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong-un

since koryŏ has been quite busy lately I think it warrants a specific thread

R: 32 / I: 10 / P: 11

Second Best

The Hun will pick you over us, every time.
I envy his love.
I feel like we will never be good enough.
We came back here at the beck and call of the Hun.
We are his play thing.
I thought what we had was special.
Just one of many special things in his life.


R: 492 / I: 162 / P: 11

Politics Serious Discusson - Brexit Edition

Anything politics.

For those who want to qwop-xit from the EU:
This athlete needs matching colors with picrel.

R: 147 / I: 44 / P: 11

I wanted to make a more serious thread about a very concerning topic regarding kohl and hope that someone can assist me or I can assist them.

I browse kohl's /int/ board sporadically and lurk threads for regular assberger things - plants, bugs, Ukrainian vs Russian threads, etc

I've noticed that every time I go, my browser cache(I use Firefox) gets bigger but I can't get rid of it. It only happens when I visit that site. So I went there a few years ago to see a very innocuous thread about blimps. Nothing really too interesting. After I closed it, my cache increased by 1mb in my computer.

There is no way I can get rid of it. Wanted to ask if bernds also had this issue

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I'm curious. How many of you are fellow krautchan exiles? A lot? I'm not sure where Bernd went after it went down. I know a few went to ernstchan.

Polite sage

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mein dichtungs

neue schwur und meine zähne
bleib in glücke nicht bereits
guten morgen, ein minute
ich gegebe düster schwanz

Bisschen leute, lassen zwanzig
mir ergebnis der prüfung
leicht, genau, und mittelstraße
bitte dammerung genug

meine zeite untergangen
mein studieren entlich zu
ich gehore deine sagen
für standarten, für wozu?

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Wall papers thread?
Please post some pleasant wall papers.

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Wearing a suit to a job interview is a big no no here in the Netherlands. The management and HR will mock you.

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Does Probability Exist?

Please, help me. After trying too hard to think, I've come to a conclusion that there is no probability.

Lets start with saying that there are events in the universe we dwell in.

An event could be something along the lines of "two galaxies colliding", "a man lighting a cigarette at 3.14PM on the platform 7 in the Paddington station on the 1st of May 2020", "a quark is observed in an experimental quantum computer by a group of scientists examining whether or not the computer works", and so on. I think you get the picture.

We also know that either the universe is deterministic or it isn't. If the universe oscillates randomly between being deterministic or not, then it isn't deterministic.

If the universe is deterministic, each event either happens or it doesn't. Given sufficient knowledge, it can be known for any future event whether it happens or not. Saying an event is probable is equal to saying "I don't know enough."

If the universe isn't deterministic, each event may or may not happen. There is no fact of the matter for any event until it has happened. Saying an event is probable is just a confused way of saying "I have no idea whether or not a particular event happens, but I'm inclined towards liking the idea of saying something about it anyway and shall now proceed by claiming the event probable with the probability P.”

Either way, an event is not probable. In a deterministic universe it's at least in principle possible to know whether an event happens or not. In a non-deterministic universe it's just anyone's guess whether or not an event happens.

At best probability is then something like "an event seems probable to a person who lacks sufficient knowledge and/or is deluded enough to think his knowledge allows him to make reliable guesses of future events when in fact his guesses will be correct only 50% of the time given a sufficient number of guess-event pairs".

I'm not especially satisfied with my thinking how. What and how did I think wrong?

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Co󠠭ro󠠭navirus thread

May as well make o󠠭ne here since the servers o󠠭n vierkanal get shutdo󠠭wn so󠠭metimes
Latest develo󠠭pments have included:
>150 infected in Italy
>200 infected in Wo󠠭rst Ko󠠭rea, so󠠭me cultists fro󠠭m there (20) went to󠠭 Israel and spread it there
>100 in Iran, mo󠠭re abrupt cases o󠠭f death there (aro󠠭und 20)
In o󠠭ther news, China claims everything go󠠭es dandy, but things may be different. Russia as always is managing things better clo󠠭sing the chinese bo󠠭rder and raiding the chinese that are living there.

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China thread

I'm not an expert on China at all, so half of statements here are assumptions, but I'll try to start.

First the official story about how China became economic powerhouse and pretended to world leadership.

After Mao period with hardcore stalinism and local craziness like Cultural Revolution with destruction of everything or killing sparrows because they are pests, China was in pretty bad economical condition. Government even had no proper statistics about economics, local government official were corrupted and selfish as always, there were food shortage and overall goods deficit - typical for planned economies.

Deng Xiaoping and his political group took control of Communist party, replacing old Mao faction, and started to do economic reforms, program called "reforms and openness". First they took agricultural sector. In 1978-1984 government replaced communes and brigades in agriculture with formally private plots of lands for families and local collectives.

In all parts of economics there was process of decentralization, local management got more freedom, private-like enterprises were allowed in some form. There still was a planned process with mix of fixed and market prices, different types of control from state and other thing, but overall economy moved from planned socialism to state capitalism. Foreign investment was supported, free economic zones were created.

Economy became more market in 1990, when system slowly transformed from plan-market mix to market with heavy government control, without noticeable plan part. Even typical capitalist traits are emerged, like income inequality and liquidation of inefficient, but important factories (that is always a heavy hit to local population).

Yet growth was tremendous. China transformed from mostly agrarian state with ruined economy to industrial and scientific leader. While in 80-90s it was just an outsourcing that was loved by everyone by cheap labor and low bureaucratic restrictions, now it is independent and self-sufficient country that actually competes with "old leaders" even in innovation. And even considering income inequality and some social problems, average Chinese now lives much better than in past. It is hard to compare average numbers like GDP per capita or wage, because China is too large, but there are plenty of places where average wage is already about 1000$. Different sources say that population already have income comparable with EU periphery.

Actually, it would be better to see someone with Chinese background to discuss this, because China is pretty "closed" to outsiders, but has large amount of historical materials and cultural things that we don't know.

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ITT we post threads

Can be from any imageboard.

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>Our so-called leaders prostituted us to the east, destroyed our culture, our economies, our honour... Our blood has been spilled on our soil; my blood, on their hands. They are the invaders. All Sino-Russian and Mossad forces shall leave Britain immediately, or suffer the consequences.
t. Vlad Kemal Anderson, leader of the English Ultranationalists.

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On the culture of endchan's /kc/

Good day,

I think we all know what happened to Kohl by now. As by now I'm lost, without a place to call home. But I see this place has potential so I'm thinking to become active here.

I really don't want to be intrusive tho so I thought it would be appropriate to ask for the customs, memes and culture in general that you have in here since I saw some comments saying this wasn't like kohl.

Anyway, thanks for your attention.

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Let's post something more substantial, we're gonna read about a crime for Christmas.
The crime is the murder of duke Béla, ruler of Macsó and Bosnia, at that time (13th century) parts of the Kingdom of Hungary.

The idea was given by an article in this blog:
The historical background was presented very awfully so that's my own work as in I read some secondary sources and wrote the text below but for the stuff about the bones I used this article exclusively, I got most of the pictures from there too. At the end the author notes this article was based on another in an archaeological magazine.

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Let us create a language thus we can protect what we say from outsiders.

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Role Playing Games

I want to begin a new series about a Hungarian pen and paper role playing game I've already mentioned in other thread(s). It's called M.A.G.U.S. - Kalandorok Krónikái (Chronicles of Adventurers) and I wish to guide you through it's history, world and maybe even rules. Frankly I'm not well prepared and most likely not the best person for the job, but, well, I'm the only one here and this is the best it's gonna get.
IRL talking with a real M.A.G.U.S. fan about M.A.G.U.S. is a real herculean challange as they can be extremely assburgerish about insignificant details, they can cite some careless comment from an obscure magazine's unknown article anytime and consider it rock solid canon they can base their opinion. It's worse to play it with an experienced fanatic as they are capable arguing to the point of the knife with the Kalandmester or Mesélő (Adventure Master or Tale Teller/Story-Teller, the DM, it's KM from no on) even if everyone knows the First Rule: the KM is always right.

Of course any other rpg can be discussed here, but I'd like to keep this thread for pnp or tabletop rpgs, crpgs should go into the Vidya thread.

>1st pic
This is the Első Törvénykönyv (First Code of Law or Rulebook, from now on ETK). It was published in 1997 for the first time.
>2nd pic
The Nagy Zöld (Big Green). Well this is the real first rulebook, published in 1993. The rules were written for a few years (I saw some parts in a mag from 1991) still it was full of errors, fuck ups and inconsistencies some of them haunt even in current year and will haunt probably forever. Never read it btw.
>3rd pic
Második Törvénykönyv (Second Code of Law) published in 1995 so even this predates the ETK... This one... I don't think it is more than some shitty addendum, even the foreword states every rule in this book is optional.
>4th pic
The continent of Ynev. I've no idea how to pronounce it so I call it Inev. The world itself is called Satriale... no, Satralis it has two other continents noone cares about only some vague shit were written about them and are unplayable by default. I think the ETK not even mentions the planet or operates on the supposition that Ynev is the name of the world. In following posts you will meet names very typical fantasy worlds. Lots of them were borrowed from IRL or other fantasy resources so prepare some familiar sounding stuff.

Oh I forgot. It's just a typical medieval fantasy world, with elves, dwarves and orcs. Luckily I don't know anything about gay-ass halflings.

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Christ is risen!

I was looking for some cool resurrection paintings but typing Easter into google gives you only bunnies and eggs lol. I was looking for two speciffic paintings but I couldn't find them unfortunately.

I wish Bernd happy easter and God's blessing because this is what we need most in this time.

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Flag tests.

Just testing flags. Endchan staff only! Please, no posting in here, thanks.

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So, is this board as shitty as KohlC?

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Recovered men who had coronavirus but only showed mild symptoms show 50% testosterone reduction, clinical hypogonadism

>The percentage of non-severe cases (mild and common type) included in this study is 88% (72/81)
>Theoretically, any cells expressing ACE2 may be susceptible to SARS-CoV-2 infection. According to the online database The Human
Protein Atlas portal, testes shows the highest expression level of ACE2 protein and
mRNA in the body.Based on scRNA-seq profiling of human testes, Wang ZP et al.
also reported that ACE2 is predominantly enriched in spermatogonia, Leydig and
Sertoli cells.All the findings suggest the potential risk of male gonad to be vulnerable
to SARS-CoV-2 attack.

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What do you think of the Rusyn people?
Personally my favorite Rusyns are the Lemkos because some think they descend from White Croats
share interesting rusyn facts

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Joe biden had a senile moment earlier today and promised everyone black gfs during a speech

Would you gf a black woman?

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Let's share great websites. I'll start: for news

R: 8 / I: 3 / P: 13

Hello friends. Can I sit here?

R: 3 / I: 0 / P: 13

Meanwhile the Irish fighting the virus as they usually do

R: 62 / I: 11 / P: 13

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Weird Arab-German false cognates

Has anybody noticed how some German names are similar to Arab names? For example, Haider is both a German/Austrian name (see Jorg Haider) and an Arab word for lion. There's Jamal and then there's the German town named Jamel.
Romance languages have even more "false" cognates with Arabic that are very similar.

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Santa Claus - the story

The year is 1883. Karl Marx had just faked his own death, and escaped to Russia, where he met a young Vladimir Lenin in St. Petersburg, who was inspired by his work. He instructed him to overthrow the Romanov family and wanted a north pole Gulag as a reward. So he along with Leon Trotsky and Joseph Stalin had overthrown the Romanovs, killed them, and had established the USSR, beginning construction of Marx's Gulag, and sent political prisoners to the camp. These people were short and starved, and had pointy ears, and were insultingly called "elves" by Marx, and were all making these toys to be distributed every Christmas. Marx disguised himself as Nicholas of Myra, and using the intelligence service that later became the KGB, he spied on all capitalists and dissidents in Russia and neighbouring countries. In particular, he engaged in a massive piracy in the 1950s above to destroy capitalist industries, now toys were given out by Santa Claus instead of by the toy companies.
After spying on every Christian house in the western world, he would break in in his sleigh, eat the food of his victims, and leave suspiscious gifts below the tree. Eventually people will stop believing in him and thus not think much of him as a threat, leading them to later on even become atheists, and communists. Exactly going by the plan. Santa wears red because of communism. There's a star above the Christmas pine tree to represent the star of communism. Santa is Marx, and he's still alive. Why? Because only the good die young.
How do we stop him? Poison your milk and cookies, try shooting him in the middle of the night, more riskier we can try tracking down his gulag and then assassinating him there.

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making an imageboard

nothing works yet, tho i already made an /int/ imageboard in the past (in about 150 lines of code) and it worked

here you can try it

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Operation Titus

Apparently, the Hohenstaufens still exist, and are now living in England.
This got me thinking. Can we find the descendants of ancient royal families and see how they're doing now? For example, there was already the Tamara research, and not only was there a New England in Crimea, but the daughter of Harold Godwinson married into the Rurikids, and that there are plenty of Anglo-Saxon settlements all over Siberia. Can we possibly track down the House of Wessex in Russia today?

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What's it like being Ukrainian?

R: 51 / I: 148 / P: 14

>Hindus made this
How is it impossible to carve structures like this nowadays? Is time literally going faster now?

R: 18 / I: 6 / P: 14

>look up Astolfo
>look up Nero Claudius
>look up Prinz Eugen
<gets the traps instead of the actual historical figures because this is what fetishists get a boner for
The bomb was a mistake.

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corinth thread

While everyone remembers athens, sparta and thebes people usually forget the resident punching bag of ancient greece corinth. Corinth basically had to deal with three bigger powers than it and got fucked over.

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>These millimeter-wide "xenobots" can move toward a target, perhaps pick up a payload (like a medicine that needs to be carried to a specific place inside a patient) -- and heal themselves after being cut.

>"These are novel living machines," says Joshua Bongard, a computer scientist and robotics expert at the University of Vermont who co-led the new research. "They're neither a traditional robot nor a known species of animal. It's a new class of artifact: a living, programmable organism."

Very interesting, much could be done with this, I think it could be more important than nano robots.

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What do you think about national-anarchism? I posted this on /pol/ but they just think it is kikery.

>National-anarchism is a radical anti-capitalist and anti-Marxist, right-wing ideology.[1][2] National-anarchists advocate a post-capitalist stateless society in which homogeneous communities of different ethnic or racial groups would be free to develop separately in their own tribal communes, named "national autonomous zones", that are politically meritocratic, economically mutualistic, ecologically sustainable, and socially and culturally traditional.
>The conservative revolutionary concept of the anarch, as articulated by German philosopher Ernst Jünger, is central to national-anarchism.[1] National-anarchists stress that the "artificial nationalism" of the nation-State, which they oppose, must be distinguished from the "natural nationalism" of the people ("volk"), which they believe, in its more consistent expressions is a legitimate rejection of both foreign domination (imperialism) and internal domination (statism). National-anarchists see modernity, liberalism, materialism, consumerism, immigration, multiracialism, multiculturalism and globalization as the primary causes of the social decline of nations and cultural identity.[1] They propose a strategic and ideological alliance of ethnic and racial nationalists and separatists around the world (especially in the Global South), neo-Eurasianists in Russia, Islamists in Muslim-majority countries and anti-Zionists everywhere to resist the New World Order—globalization viewed as an instrument of Jewish-dominated international banking and American imperialism—that is inevitably leading to global economic collapse and ecological collapse.[1][6]
>National-anarchism echoes most anarchist schools of thought by expressing a desire to reorganize human relationships, with an emphasis on replacing the hierarchical structures of the state and capitalism with local community decision-making. However, national-anarchists stress the restoration of the "Natural Order" and aim towards a decentralized social order where each new tribe builds and maintains a permanent autonomous zone for a self-sufficient commune, which is politically meritocratic, economically mutualistic, ecologically sustainable, and socially and culturally traditional.[1]
>Asserting the right to difference, national-anarchists publicly advocate a model of society in which communities that wish to practice racial, ethnic, religious and/or sexual separatism are able to peacefully coexist alongside mixed or integrated communities without requiring force.[13] They claim that "national autonomous zones" (NAZs) could exist with their own rules for permanent residence without the strict ethnic divisions and violence advocated by other forms of "blood and soil" ethnic nationalism.[13] Some leading national-anarchists, however, have stated in the past that they originally conceived the idea of establishing whites-only NAZs, which have seceded from the state's economy, — no-go areas for unwelcomed ethnic groups and state authorities — as an insurrectionary strategy to foment civil disorder and racial tensions as an essential prelude to racial civil war and the collapse of the capitalist system.[1][2]
>In terms of cultural and religious views, many national-anarchists are influenced by the radical traditionalism and spiritual racism of Julius Evola, who calls for a "revolt against the modern world".[2] Thus, they have a pessimistic vision of modern Western culture yet optimistically believe that the "decline of the West" will pave the way for its materialism to be expunged and replaced by the idealism of primordial tradition.[1] Although some national-anarchists adhere to a form of Identity Christianity, most reject Christianity because they believe it to be a Semitic religion that usurped the "Aryan" legacy of Mithraism as the historically dominant religion and moral system of the West.[1] They therefore embrace a spiritual anarchism based on different forms of neopaganism, occultism and ethnic mysticism, especially No

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Where were you when you realised that Greenland is actually green, and that the idea that people are miserable there, and that it's covered in ice is just a psyop to keep you from settling it? That's why Trump tried buying it, for more real-estate. [Embed]
There's no better time to book a trip to Asgard than now.

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ITT: post interesting sattelite images and what's notable about them.

These are shots from Rondônia state, where human settlement is strikingly clear. Highways -most notably, the BR-364 flowing SE to NE- and their evenly spaced perpendicular side roads flow deep into the jungle, with deforestation, cattle herding, agriculture and urbanization (roughly in this order) following suite. This leaves a light green (mostly composed of pasture) grid dotted with gray points where lines meet, overlaid on a dark green matrix. Few other places have so many clear, sharp edges that can be easily seen from extreme heights.

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The United Hoax of America

One day, the king of Aragon, Fernando II, had reconquered the peninsula, marrying the queen of Castile, disposing of his mere puppet Boabdil, and reaffirming the Aragonese claim of the emperor of Spain. To consolidate Spanish power, he married his child to the Austrian Habsburgs to gain control of the Holy Roman Empire, and thus become the most powerful country in Europe. He sought to use this position to both pressure the Ottoman empire, to conquer the rest of the Islamic world including India, and to reach the far east. For power, this was his goal, but he was quite bored of dealing with all of this strategic stuff. Even worse, he lost all forms of entertainment. Fernando sent away his old jesters, and was practically doing nothing his whole life... ...until he received a Genoese merchant, crypto-jew and sailor by the name of Christopher Columbus. He knew of the history of the Phoenicians and how they used maritime law plus their position in foreign courts to dominate the known world, and like the near eastern emperors of old, he knew many Lombards, but this fellow was special. Due to theories he learnt from Proto-Web 1.0 (i.e. the printing press) he suggested to the king of Portugal that since the earth was round, he could reach India by going west. The king of Portugal thought this was bullshit, and so said begone, so Columbus went to Fernando's court instead. After he and the queen issued an edict expelling the jews from the peninsula (despite their jewish blood), he decided that this one felt a little special, and decided to keep him as a new jester.
<You do you, Colon, sail the ocean blue west and find us India!

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<<Why does Korea insist that the Japanese never apologised nor compensated for their actions, even to this day,
And How much all of the money japan has compensated Korea until now?>>
Because ton of monies are involving in this issue.

>>At 2018 again the Korean government decided to force Japan to pay $24 billion with the money coming from the 245 Japanese companies operating in Korea. Korea tries to force this as compensation for WW2

The only reason? Money.
Korea have never stopped asking for compensation, even until now.

>in the Japan-Korea Basic Treaty , japan paid The total amount of 800 million dollars [currently converted 4,500 billion yen] to south korea.The total amount of 800 million dollars is 2.3 times the Korean national budget at the time.

>And Japan's private assets in Korea amount to 5.3 billion dollars (1.98 trillion yen, about 15 trillion yen now converted) was given for free.

>And Infrastructure improvement introduced in Korea by Japan 【60 trillion yen】was given for free.

>So the Total compensation payments at 1965 were 79.5 trillion yen
and 1994
The Asian Women's Fund
a total of ¥4.8 billion ($40 million) was provided by the Government of Japan.
And 2015 ,
the Japan-korea agreements made over comfort women.
"Japan paid 1 billion yen again in 2015."
>Also, how often we apologize for war criminals…
>We can see Japanese government apologists so often, and the government of Japan itself never denied the existence of Japanese war criminals of the past.

>That’s not a very good look for South Korea, who only seem to be thinking of the money.

R: 43 / I: 24 / P: 15

Last day of the year, and the decade, if that matters.
Will be a quite night for me, will be around maybe to 6 or 8 pm (UTC) for Bernd if he wants to share a word.
Why we feel these holidays as if they were something different than any other day of the year. Not even Easter feels like it, or national holidays. Childhood conditioning? Or is it the lack of sunlight? Btw it's shining great now, so I'll take a little walk soon.

R: 12 / I: 3 / P: 15

Invitation to Endchan's Fourth Christmas Special!

Discussion thread:


R: 10 / I: 1 / P: 15

the return of schizo argie!

Gentleman! At long last,we meet again!
The suicide hotline argie,the scourge of drug dealers,the former femdom addict,it is I!

R: 48 / I: 25 / P: 15

Jolly Christmas!

We lacked in such thread.

No snow. Getting used to it but everything looks awful and dull.

R: 7 / I: 6 / P: 15

Ever thought about catfishing on Grindr to serially kill off degenerates and pedos?

R: 20 / I: 4 / P: 15

Is it just me, or is this recreated footage of Wilhelm I being coronated in the Palace of Mirrors (shown in an American propaganda video) way too close to the actual thing? There are some differences, sure, but the people look nearly exactly the same. This is before video was able to be recorded. Did some Allied military propaganda group really manage to recreate the scene to its very last picture before 1945?