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(124.69 KB 1200x1165 where.jpg)
where da cheese pizza at? Anonymous 10/20/2020 (Tue) 05:18:05 [Preview] No. 30234 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
not a glownigger btw
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Anonymous 12/23/2020 (Wed) 00:29:02 [Preview] No.30953 del
Imagine being this new

Anonymous 12/24/2020 (Thu) 00:26:27 [Preview] No.30965 del
(2.61 KB 140x140 proxy-image.jpeg)
>this new ".pet" extension
The fuck are you doing?

Anonymous 12/24/2020 (Thu) 00:32:40 [Preview] No.30967 del
You mean kids abusing themselves? There are so many videos of 10yo kids recording themselves masturbating that not even the biggest CP sites can keep up tbh. CP is the future.

Anonymous 02/08/2021 (Mon) 05:21:36 [Preview] No.32027 del

Anonymous 02/08/2021 (Mon) 06:43:23 [Preview] No.32034 del
(1.66 KB 128x128 tem3.png)
>glowposters are actually facebook users

Cuban boy nudes dump Anonymous 02/08/2021 (Mon) 05:11:59 [Preview] No. 32023 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
I'm trying to get more

(68.17 KB 1176x581 Untitled.png)
Anonymous 02/07/2021 (Sun) 16:58:41 [Preview] No. 31975 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
i got a dump of MENSA member messages

havent read thru them all myself yet

have a look and share anything funny u find

not pulling a a scam or anythin, just hoping for a good laugh. uploaded at fxzwyhhh dot mipropia, com, also would be nice if someone can rehost in case its pulled down

Anonymous 02/07/2021 (Sun) 17:00:55 [Preview] No.31977 del
ok dump zip rehosted at anonfiles com slash T70a54Gbp4

dont let it disappear

Anonymous 02/07/2021 (Sun) 17:24:09 [Preview] No.31978 del
List of message subjects:

25.html Between Administrator and SirussTestRegio...: Test Communicationni
27.html Between Administrator and SirussTestRegio...: Another Test Again
28.html Between admin and SirussTestRegio...: Thread Test
29.html Between Administrator and SirussTestRegio...: Thread Test
33.html Between David_Sergeant and Maurice_Oldham: New website testing
37.html Between Maurice_Oldham and Neil_Chisman: The new website
41.html: just testing the messaging
42.html Between Neil_Chisman and David_Denholm: just testing the messaging
44.html Between Eugene_Hopkinson and Michael_Byrne: test
45.html Between Eugene_Hopkinson and Catriona_Quin: test
60.html Between you and Ann_Rootkin: Test
64.html Between you and Neil_Matthews: Test
67.html Between Ann_Rootkin and Susan_Lambert: website
69.html Between Joanna_Sidebottom and Wccp: Ban
71.html Between Bobby_Raikhy and Ann_Clarkson: Party in the park

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Are you a nigger? Anonymous 11/28/2020 (Sat) 19:02:48 [Preview] No. 30561 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Simple question. Answer it.
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Anonymous 12/01/2020 (Tue) 12:46:35 [Preview] No.30604 del

Anonymous 12/05/2020 (Sat) 05:31:58 [Preview] No.30682 del
(43.52 KB 300x482 0_Gq0vv2E9VnX7FkmM.jpg)
Glad I'm not some damned nigger, let me tell ya, boys.

Anonymous 12/05/2020 (Sat) 18:05:38 [Preview] No.30698 del
>Are you a nigger?
Punchclock nigger here. Not at the moment, no.

Anonymous 02/07/2021 (Sun) 04:29:16 [Preview] No.31944 del
u r nigger OP

Anonymous 02/07/2021 (Sun) 05:55:24 [Preview] No.31948 del
(93.08 KB 346x930 lol_jk_witeboi.jpg)
Not me. Just hangin' and bein' not-black and sheeit.

Anonymous 02/07/2021 (Sun) 05:35:22 [Preview] No. 31946 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Her man, you don't know me, you don't know what I'm capable of doing to get to her, I know that you get into the boards, son of a bitch, you're playing with fire, you bastard, what the hell is wrong with you, I know it was a mistake, it wasn't the way to look for her I have no other way I know that she is scared that she knows that I am not going to hurt her otherwise I want to speak to her I want to tell her who I am I am a person who knew her I want to tell her many things I am sheltering like the hulk damm her not to be scared of me

Anonymous 02/07/2021 (Sun) 03:47:17 [Preview] No. 31941 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
much wow
such onion

Anonymous 02/07/2021 (Sun) 03:48:17 [Preview] No.31942 del
(44.28 KB 640x480 doge.jpeg)

(362.35 KB 1920x1080 mpv-shot0030.jpg)
Anonymous 02/07/2021 (Sun) 03:36:37 [Preview] No. 31940 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Oh beautiful, for spacious skies
For amber waves of grain
For purple mountain majesties
Above the fruited plain

Oh hermosa, por cielos espaciosos
Para ondas ambarinas de grano
Para las majestades de la montaña púrpura
Sobre la llanura frutal


(211.15 KB 1116x1468 Cyber Attack.jpeg)
How Foreigners Stole The Election From Trump Anonymous 02/06/2021 (Sat) 23:06:31 [Preview] No. 31920 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Absolute Proof .zip 926 MB

How the election was stolen from Trump by China.


Anonymous 02/06/2021 (Sat) 23:45:00 [Preview] No.31923 del
This is good too

https://youtube.com/watch?v=93yhVbtec2I [Embed]

Anonymous 02/07/2021 (Sun) 00:12:06 [Preview] No.31930 del
>download this random zip file from the internet

I don't think that's a good idea

Anonymous 02/07/2021 (Sun) 03:11:54 [Preview] No.31939 del
(78.57 KB 814x885 Eis3bIXWsAI26CU.jpeg)
it's mediafire anon, they're very reputable

(25.14 KB 500x500 download.jpeg)
Anonymous 02/05/2021 (Fri) 19:47:59 [Preview] No. 31720 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
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Anonymous 02/06/2021 (Sat) 17:00:56 [Preview] No.31865 del

https://youtube.com/watch?v=TDMwjT4e3XM [Embed]

Anonymous 02/06/2021 (Sat) 17:09:26 [Preview] No.31866 del
You b shits werent here you are noobshit groms
B is a shitboard, random my ass, its gravity well of garbage.
I did Q memes with relish as it was kikes doing Q but probably uber patriot self viewing kikes, so, if it gets that antichristian land called the mid east blown to ass, then its worth it. Hail Q destroyer of Talmudic forces.

Anonymous 02/06/2021 (Sat) 18:23:35 [Preview] No.31885 del
(64.24 KB 900x506 non fancy burg.jpg)
(13.58 KB 381x254 fancy burg.jpg)
(51.33 KB 1280x720 burg spurd.jpg)

Anonymous 02/07/2021 (Sun) 00:09:20 [Preview] No.31928 del
ahhhhhhhhhh that's so gross!!!! How can you eat that man?????


Anonymous 02/07/2021 (Sun) 01:01:59 [Preview] No.31932 del
looks like normal american food to me..

(105.80 KB 411x455 1482895022408.jpg)
Anonymous 02/03/2021 (Wed) 22:54:15 [Preview] No. 31629 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
fill me in about fluoride
my teeth are all fucked up (years of neglect & genetics), im trying to turn a newleaf of dental hygiene, so im thinkin of getting the strong stuff
i know theres plenty of talk about fluoride, a lot of bullshit & a lot of real shit, but with my fucked up teeth, i'm gonna have to take the hit
so tell me, /b/, is this gonna be a hard hit or a soft one?
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Anonymous 02/04/2021 (Thu) 05:38:18 [Preview] No.31636 del
>my teeth are all fucked up (years of neglect & genetics)

You should really go to a good dentist at this point OP. Else your teeth will get beyound fucked

Anonymous 02/04/2021 (Thu) 06:02:02 [Preview] No.31638 del
(76.13 KB 642x637 24978735466.jpg)
i wrote OP after coming back from the dentist, almost all my teeth need to be worked on in some way, gotta get wizdoms extracted too
i have bad overcrowding (always have), so getting gunk out of my teeth is hard, my teeth used to cut floss
my teeth are still sifting right now too, they just fucked me out of a implant, so i now i just have a piece of titanium & someone else's bone in my skull for no god damned reason (pretty demoralizing to be honest)
i got one of those free mini toothpaste tubes from the dentist, and i bought "crest gum care" mouthwash
i also accidentally got the wrong toothpaste i wanted from the store just now, they didn't have much there so i just grabbed it so now i regret it
theres god damn nothing for toothpaste for some reason, i don't know why they're all out of toothpaste

Anonymous 02/05/2021 (Fri) 03:51:38 [Preview] No.31677 del
You sound really fucked up dude

Anonymous 02/05/2021 (Fri) 17:00:08 [Preview] No.31708 del
its the results of the modern society.. its all about competing against others which means that there will be people who fall out of the system. it is very hard to find genuinely nice people in this world where money is everything to most people

Anonymous 02/05/2021 (Fri) 17:23:24 [Preview] No.31712 del
I've been getting migraines lately, I think it's because I've switched to bottled water. Going to go back to tap.